Capture the Flag (2015) - full transcript

Mike Goldwing, a plucky, determined 12-year old boy, is the son and grandson of NASA astronauts. His grandfather Frank, a once revered, but now forgotten retired astronaut, lives his days isolated from his family after missing out on his big chance to fly to the moon with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin as a part of the Apollo XI mission. When an eccentric billionaire sets an evil plan to fly to the moon, steal the moon's vast mineral resources, and destroy the American flag planted by the Apollo XI team, Mike embarks on a magnificent adventure as a stowaway on the space shuttle. Accompanied by his grandfather, best friends Amy and Marty, and a clever chameleon, Mike blasts off to the moon to capture the flag and reunite his family.

It's a great honour and privilege
for us to be here

representing not only the United States,
but men of peace of all nations.

Hey, Mike, pass it! I'm open!

Over here, buddy!

No way, butterfingers!

Hey! Did you see that?

She looked at me!

Could you guys focus?

You're so basic!

Wake up, Amy!
We have to get the flag back!

Okay. I'll stop her!

Marty, help her!

No problem!
Time to unleash Martyspeed!

Is that a lawnmower?

It was. Now it's just freaking awesome!

Wrong way, dude!

Well done, Amy!

Hey, Amy! Here!

I'm open! Over here!

Amy! It's me, Marty!


Yes! Yes, I got the flag!

Watch out, Marty!

What's up, Goldwing?
Ready to lose again?

Not this time.

Awesome! Now get it to home base!

I'll cut through the pier!

Yes! The Moneyball manoeuvre!
Do it! Do it!

What? Don't listen to the redhead!
It's too dangerous!

Moneyball, here I go.

He's gonna make it!
He's totally gonna make it!

No, he didn't make it.

That was intense!

If you would have pulled off
the Moneyball,

I would have headlined it
in the school blog.

Front page. Guaranteed.

If he nails the Moneyball,

even Super Blondie might
actually notice he exists.

We were right there.

That's the problem, dude!

We're always right there,
when we should be over there.

Bye, losers!

What does that preening fart
have that I don't?

You mean besides good looks, muscles

and three surfing championships
under his belt?

She got you there, buddy.

Bite me.

Hey, Igor! What's up, dude?

Did you miss me, my little Godzilla?

Check out the new
and improved MartyGlasses.

Pretty cool, huh?

No doubt he was dying to see you.

Yeah, Igor can't stand to be
more than two feet away from me.

MartyChute! MartyChute!


Later, guys.
It's my dad's birthday dinner tonight.

And my mom wants my grandpa
to come, too.

Come on, Mike. He's your granddad.

You've obviously
never met that grumpy old fart.

I mean, good luck.

New mission delayed till 2022.

I've been training
and trying on spacesuits

like a fashion model for nothing.

Well, it's your birthday,
so at least let's enjoy the rest of the day.

So, how was the beach today, buddy?
You catch the flag?

I wiped out. Again.

Mike can't surf!

Zip it, twerp!

So you think Grandpa Frank
will finally have dinner with us this time?

Not gonna happen.


I'll wait for you in the car.


Total waste of time.

It's clear where you got
your stubborn streak from.

Three, two, one...


Is that my grandpa?

I'm fine! I'm fine!

He's not coming.

So we don't get cake? Not fair!

Of course we'll get cake, princess.

Cake! Cake! Yippee!

If Grandpa doesn't want to see us,

why do you keep trying?

Because I promised Grandma Rose

that I'd see to it your dad and granddad
would make peace.

And we'd all be a family again.

But if he doesn't want to,
why don't we just leave him alone?

Mike, don't ever forget this.

Grandpa is part of this family.

And family is the most
important thing there is.

So let's never give up trying. Okay?

His grandfather
revolutionised petroleum,

his father was the driving force
behind nuclear energy,

and today Richard Carson lll owns
the greatest energy empire in the world!

That's right, ladies and gentlemen.

Please, give a big welcome
to Richard Carson!


How can they put a joker like him
on prime-time TV?

He sponsors the show, honey.

Looking good, ladies. Looking good!

I love you, Carson!

That's for you, sweetheart!

Mr Carson?

Yeah! Yeah!

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Mr Carson?

Mr Carson, you're going to make
an important announcement today.

Of course!

Let's cut to the chase.

Y'all know that 50%
of the worldwide population

thinks that man
has never been on the Moon?

Come on! Is this guy for real?

Well, yeah, there are all kinds of
conspiracy theories out there.

The Moon. My father's biggest dream.

He offered most
of his fortune to get there.

But NASA never allowed it.

My father, a man who had everything,

died unable to achieve
his biggest dream.

So unfair!

Well, I guess you need
well-trained astronauts

for a mission like that, right?

No! That's what they said!

But today I'm going to show the truth.

Today the whole world will know
that the space race was just a big lie!

It's a great honour and privilege
for us to be here

representing not only the United...


Get that bozo outta here!

Come on, untrained chimps
could do a better job!

I said "cut!"

I knew it!

What? That footage was a fake!

Yeah, right!
And how the heck would you know?

What did you say?

Scott, honey. The kids!

Why doesn't NASA go back to the Moon
and prove Carson's just a stupid liar?

I wish we could,

but we don't have
the right rockets any more.

The space race finished years ago.

Wow! Your father would be
very impressed by your discovery.


He meant the world to me.

When he passed on,

I had his ashes melted into this diamond
so that he'd always be with me,

and I swore to do my darnedest
to honour his memory.

So unfair!

But now it's time to end this farce.

I, Richard Carson lll,

will be the first man to set foot
on the Moon!

Look, Daddy! He does have a rocket!


That guy rocks!

This is for you, Dad!

This is nonsense!
How can people believe this farce?

We've already received
thousands of e-mails

claiming the Moon landing was a hoax!

Social media is going nuts over this!

Everybody's already
calling it the Big Lie.

Madam President,
we have to stop this fraud right now!

I was just a child when this happened,

but I remember very clearly
how we landed on the Moon.

Mrs President,
we have an update from Secret Service.

Carson wants to claim
the Moon as his own

before the United Nations.

That's impossible!

We planted the flag
in the name of all mankind!

Yes, but if he gets up there now

and destroys the remains
of all lunar missions,

including the Moon Flag,

the whole world will believe
he really is the first man on the Moon.

Madam President, you just
give me the order and Carson is dust.

Curb your impulses, Admiral.

I want Carson thoroughly vetted.

Meanwhile, we can't
let him change history.

We must do something. Now!



Are you sure this will get us the flag?

I find your lack of faith disturbing.

The Marty Rocket is a blast!

Every time you say that, disaster strikes.

Chill out, Lois Lane.

And let the genius do his job.

So how was dinner with your family?

Grandpa flaked, as usual.

Bummer. What's his problem?

I don't really know.

All I know is that

Grandpa Frank was supposed to be
part of the last mission to the Moon.

But a few days before the launch,
they dropped him.


He never said.

He just cut himself off from everybody.

Until one day, suddenly, he just left.

And my dad never got why.

Since that day, my dad
and grandpa barely ever speak.

My mom always tries to reunite them,
but total stalemate.

Look on the bright side.

I used to be as flat
as a bar of chocolate.

Now I'm pure muffin.

And all because my grandparents
won't stop bringing me candy.

Whatever. It's the way
it's always been with my family.

Hold this!

"Whatever"? Don't talk like that!

You don't know what you're missing.

I've got my grandparents,
my nine brothers and sisters,

my uncles and aunts, my cousins,
my second cousins, my third cousins...

Wow! Are you a family
or a whole country?

Pipe down, you pumpkin head!

Seriously, don't give up.
You should do something.

You don't get it.
There's nothing I can do.

Nothing? All you have
to do is get them to talk.

Sure. Piece of cake.

All right, then let's just drop it. Chicken.

Hey! I am not a chicken!

You're not! You're a super turkey!


See, genius? Disaster.


Scott! Scott!

What's my dad doing here?

Scott! Scott!

- We're going back!
- What?

National priority. President's orders.

What are you talking about, Jack?

Sam! Scott!
We're going back to the Moon!

Sam! Scott!
We're going back to the Moon!

And you're gonna be the commander!

So here's the mission,

get to the Moon before Carson destroys
the flag we planted in '69.

No flag, no proof we were there.

Wow, the Moon!

A Goldwing on the Moon!

Wait. How the heck
are we supposed to get there?

Does the name Saturn V
mean anything to you?

No way! That old piece of junk
at the NASA museum?

Bingo! They're repairing it.

Saturn V, the biggest rocket
mankind has ever built.

Tuned up for the first time in 40 years.

We have to launch in a month.

- A month?
- lmpossible!

Nobody at NASA knows
how to fly that old thing any more.

They're bringing in some
of the old astros to help.

The Apollo vets are gonna train us.

Well, I know one grumpy old astro
who won't show.

You know your dad well.

He's the only one who said no.

Here's your chance, chicken.

Come on, guys. We've got work to do.

Our mission is to get this
to my grandpa now.

Tomorrow the old astros will show up
and he's got to be there.

- So why don't you call him?
- He never answers the phone.

- E-mail him?
- He doesn't have a computer.

Come on, guys! And remember,
failure is not an option.

Why do I always follow you guys?

I should be breaking news,
not breaking and entering.

I'll set my command post here.
Take the walkies.

You go with them, Godzilla.

I never thought
we'd have a second chance.

At my age,
every chance is a second chance.

Hey, cut the talk, sods.
Let's refresh the basics.

NASA needs us.

Mayday, Marty.

Old fart alert. Activate Godzilla.

Godzilla activated.

Plug your phone into Igor.
I'll be your eyes.

If he wrecks my phone,

that redhead meatball
is gonna be roadkill.

Go, Igor.

All clear.

Go ahead.

Wait, wait, wait!
Old guard coming out of the lobby!

We need to do something here.


- Hey!
- Hey, Trent.

Are you playing with rockets again?

Of course not. We would never...

Now duck and go!

There's a woman
on the front desk on your left.

Marty, fly Igor to the first floor!

Roger that!

Mayday, Marty!
A cleaning lady is on duty.

You see, guys? You really
do need the Martygenius.

Pipe down and do something!

Something's happened.
I can't see anything!

I'm gonna squash that pumpkin head.

Marty, take Igor out of here!

Guys, I can't see!

We're gonna get caught.
Take him out. Now!

Okay. Failure is not an option.

Marty Rocket on!

Hey! You can't be here!

I'm sorry. I'm trying to find my way out.

Okay, come with me, missy.


What are you doing here?

Well, let me tell him. I think it's best.

I know how to handle him
for bad news, Gags. I'll tell him.

I must insist, Gigs. I'm number one.

It should be me.

Dumb piece of manure!

These lunar drills are garbage,
they're worthless!

You're fired! Get out of my sight!

Excuse me, sir.

I just want to thank you
for making me a star on the big screen.

Okay, okay, Jos?. Now, go.

What's going on?

Gigs has something to tell you.


NASA is going back to the Moon.


Why the heck is NASA
going to the Moon now?

Forty years with no mission

and they have to send it
right this second?

Who's the moron
who came up with that bright idea?

It was a direct order from the President.

So the President wants to play.

We'll see if she dares
to interfere with my business

when I reach the Moon and get my toy.

Carson Industries is proud to present
the energy of the future.

The ultimate replacement for oil.

Extremely rare on Earth,

but there's an infinite supply of it
on the Moon.


You mean you're not going there
to honour your father's wish?

Daddy didn't give a rat's ass
about the Moon!

As he always said,

"Nothing's a hitch
if it makes you filthy rich."

And we're standing
in front of 40 years of history.

This day will be remembered
as a historic day.

- Hey, Mike!
- Hey, Joe!

Visiting your dad?

Yeah. Are the vets in?

They are about to arrive. Come on in.


That is epic!

Let's take some pictures
and post them on Facebook.

Total chick magnet.

Hey, can you take a picture of me, Amy?

Or is my awesomeness
too vast to fit in the frame?

Amy, can you stop tweeting
for, like, five seconds?

I'm not tweeting, I'm ignoring you.

Hey, the old guys have arrived!

Ladies and gentlemen,

it's a great pleasure to announce
the veterans of the Apollo missions.

Wow, I thought dinosaurs were extinct.

He didn't come.

Scott, we're assigning trainers.

You're gonna love yours.

Surprise me. Is it Collins?

Aldrin! Tell me it's Aldrin!

Mike, look.


Scott, let me introduce your trainer.

Captain in reserve Frank Goldwing.

What an honour.


Mr Goldwing?

Over here!


The Goldwings! I love family reunions.

Congratulations, man!
Right on the front page!

But this could ruin the plan.

What if they get to the Moon first?


I don't care if you have to
cheat, lie, steal...

Did I mention "cheat"?

Just make sure those Goldwings fail.

Okay. Test flight positive.

Starting lunar landing
simulation sequence.

Careful. It's a difficult manoeuvre.

Copy that.

"Captain." You say,
"Copy that, Captain."

Copy that, Captain.

Man! Look at that!

How did you get in?

Dad got these for us.

We'll talk later. Stay here.

The commander is about to land.


Dad, could you give us a ride?


This is not a toy.

Come on. It's okay, kids.
I'm in command here.

Commander, you're breaking the rules.

Come on, Grandpa, please!

Captain, do you remember
when you gave me a ride on this thing?

It's one of my best memories.

Captain, we're out of fuel.

That's not possible. I checked it myself.

Are you sure?

Of course I am!
Abort the mission! Jump!

No. I can land it.

No, you can't. Not at that speed.

It's safer to land. Hold on!

Come on, come on!

Scott, eject!



I'm gonna die without kissing a girl!

I'm gonna die without kissing a girl!

Well, don't look at me, chicken.

You guys all right?

Yes, Dad.



Igor is not breathing!

He needs mouth to mouth!

What? No way!

Dude, he's fading fast!
Look at his little face.

Yuck. Come on! He's your lizard.

Jeez! I thought my first kiss
would be with a supermodel.


Are you all right?

Can you move it?

Just back off.

"NASA Moon mission still a go"?

No one defies Richard Carson! No one!

Gags, let's start this already!

Everything's ready, sir.


Go ahead, Gigs.

lmpressive, sir!

Twenty times more powerful
than nuclear energy!

It will be the largest monopoly in history.

Now, Gigs, let's test it as a weapon.

Excuse me, sir.

It will destroy the whole model.

We'll need it for more energy tests.

Who gives a cowpoke?

I do, sir.

I've been building it piece by piece
for the last eight months.

So be happy!
You'll have work for eight months more.

Gigs, fire the weapon!

Okay, sir. But before you...

Gigs, I said fire the weapon!

Works like a charm.

One small problem, sir.

Then fix it.

It's just that

Gags was still inside.

Well, congratulations, Gigs.
You've been promoted!

Now you can build the models
for the rest of the tests.

Honey, you can't keep
carrying on like this.

There'll be other opportunities.

No, there won't.

This was my last chance
and my father ruined it.

Same as always.

Honey, it was an accident.

It doesn't matter now.

No Goldwing will ever
step foot on the Moon.

It's the Goldwings' curse.

I know it's disappointing. I do.

But there are more important things.

You just don't get it!

Going there and capturing the flag
was supposed to be my mission.

Going to the Moon
is every astronaut's dream.

What's more important than that?

Maybe you're the one that doesn't get it.

It's history repeating itself.

My dad will leave home
and become a bitter old hermit,

just like my grandpa.

I can't make my family work.

What are you talking about?

You managed to reunite them
after, like, forever.

Yeah, and now I've made
things a thousand times worse.

I'm such an idiot.

You're a fool!

If you don't stop feeling
sorry for yourself,

I'm just gonna
kick your butt straight to the Moon!

I'd like that! He could moon the Moon.

Amy, you're a genius!

Who is? Her?

My grandpa couldn't go,
my dad can't go, but I can!

I'll go to the Moon!

Yeah, someday.

Not someday. In two weeks.

What are you talking about?

I know it's crazy,
but I could hide in the rocket and...

Man, you really got motivated down pat.

Don't you get it? I can break the curse!

I'll do what my father
and grandpa couldn't,

and everything will finally change!

I'm going to the Moon!

And you guys are gonna help me.
Who is with me?

I am! Marty?

All right, hold on.
Let me get this straight.

You're going to get in
an ancient piece of junk

- and go 30,000 miles an hour?
- Yep.

To a place where
there is no oxygen or gravity?


Where only 12 astronauts
have ever been before?


What the heck,
it's better than studying for Math. I'm in!

Yes! Yes! I'm going to the Moon!

Dude, Moon's that way.

Okay. To sneak into the rocket,
you have to access the launch platform,

but it's a fortress surrounded by the sea
and protected by a metal fence.

I have examined all the options
and I think this one is the best.

Igor! This is not the time
to play Godzilla, okay?

Come with me, Igor.

Guys, let's focus.

Marty, so what's the best option?

Give up, dude. It's impossible to get in.

Don't even bother trying.

Come on! There has to be a way.

Something the three of us can do.

The two of you.

What? You're bailing?
Who is the chicken now?

Listen, if my parents find out,
they'll ground me for life.

They're very serious
about not breaking rules.

I'll be shipped off to military school
like three of my 52 cousins.

Wait. You've got 52 cousins?

52 plus the twin sister of the half-sister
of the sister-in-law of my Uncle Pablo.


I'm truly sorry.

Just ignore him, Amy.

Don't worry. We can handle this.

Well, you'd better think of something,
Michael Goldwing,

because we couldn't even
get in there with a tank.

There is a way.

Hey, what was that?
I think I heard something.

Come on, ever since you saw
Revenge of the Sharkgators,

you're on the edge about everything.

That one wasn't half as scary
as Zombie Piranhas Part lll.

Why do you watch that crap?

Marty, don't make a sound.

Okay, I'll be as stealthy as a ninja.

This way!

That was close!

What was that?

Stupid rocks!

You and your mutant creatures.
Might just be an alligator.

Whatever it was, it's gone.

What the...


I almost had a heart attack!

Over there!

You see? Just an alligator.

Don't you fall again.

I'm trying, but this is full of rocks.

Igor, what's the matter with you?

Can you stop making noise?

Sorry, Igor is freaking out!
He won't let go of me!

Mike, I think we forgot something.

Yeah, to seal your mouth
so you stop shouting!

No, much worse than that.


Igor! Attack and destroy!

Marty fist!

Marty eye poke!

Marty blinding light!

What the hell is going on tonight?

I told you already.
It's the zombie sharkgators.

Would you stop with that, please?

Marty lightsaber!

It's jammed, it's jammed!


I knew you couldn't survive without me,
pumpkin head!

What are you talking about?

I had everything under control.

Get ready, guys! There's the fence!

Okay. Start the fans on three...


- Two!
- Guys!

- One!
- Guys, I don't have any fan!

Come on!

Higher, higher!

Damn double-stuffed chocolate muffins!


I'm stuck!

Wait! We'll get you out of there!

Forget about it!
The patrol boat is coming. Just go!

Thanks, buddy! We owe you one.

Go on without me.

I'll sacrifice myself for the mission.

I'll be fine!

Igor, where are you going?

You traitor lizard! Don't leave me!

Here's your zombie sharkgator.

Mr Carson, could you look over to me?

Mr Carson, can
I please get an interview?

Mr Carson, how does it feel
to be flying to the Moon?

Goodbye, my friends!

History awaits!

Hey, did you check
the cooling systems?

Yeah, she's ready to go.

Hi, Sam, how's it going?

It's good. Everything is under control.

Wait, Mike!

I better go back home
before I'm missed.

Okay, but I just need you
to close the hatch.

The thing is I totally sleepwalked.

Weird, I know. But when I woke up,
I didn't know how to get back and...

Don't be a smartass, kid. All right?

Hey, this is an abuse of power.

I demand to speak to your boss.

No problem. He's right here.


Amy, check this out.

I can't believe we're here.

- Are you all right, son?
- Dad!

What were you doing
in the launch area?

I won't speak
without my attorney present.


Marty, do you copy? We're in.

Marty, I repeat. We're in.


Where's in?

Take a picture when
you get to the Moon, okay?

I'll get it on the front page
of the school paper.


Can I ask what are you two doing?

But, Grandpa!
What are you doing here?

Have you gone crazy?
You need to get out of here. Now!

What the heck did you do?

Operation in progress, sir.

The rocket will launch without crew
and will get lost in the infinite.

Perfect. Bye-bye, Mrs President!

Don't even breathe.

What the...

Engines one and two activated!



All engines running?

What the heck have you kids done?

Can you help us open this, please?

It's no use, the ignition sequence is on.

Mission Control, do you copy?

Frank Goldwing speaking.

We're trapped
in the Apollo command module.

Jeez, what a night!
Any more hijinks and I quit.

Relax, man.

I'm sure there won't be
any more surprises before the launch.

Hold on a second.

Have you seen that, Jack?

That's impossible.

The rocket was set to launch
10 hours from now!

Call Goldwing!

Hey! You! Stop right there!

You can't be here!

- What happened?
- Scott, don't panic, but...

Someone has sabotaged the system.

We can't abort the launch.

It's about your...

Cool, huh?

Scott, wait!

Hey, Mr Gold...


Mission Control here. May I ask
what you're doing in there, Captain?

I was taking care
of a couple of intruders

when the hatch got locked.


Captain, what are you doing?

Frank, who's there?

I found your son and his girlfriend
inside the capsule.

- Girlfriend?
- What? She's not my girlfriend.

- I'm too young to have a boyfriend.
- I don't even have a girlfriend.

I was trying to tell you.

- We're just friends!
- We're just friends!

Stop it! Mike, what are you doing there?

I was trying to break
the Goldwing curse, Dad.

The curse? What curse?
What are you talking about?

There's no time
for pointless discussions.

We've got two options.
We go to the Moon or we eject.

That would destroy the rocket.

Sir, we've been sabotaged.

You won't believe who is behind this.

Stop Carson. Don't let him take off.

To all units.

Stop Richard Carson.
I repeat, stop Richard Carson.

Okay, let's go, Gigs.

One minute for take-off.

Captain, activate eject mechanism!

Dad, please!
We have to break the Goldwing curse!

Captain, activate it now!

Captain? Captain!

Captain, what's going on?

I'm afraid
they've sabotaged that as well.

Then there's only one option.

Let's go the Moon.

The first thing we've agreed on
in 40 years.

Okay, let's start launch protocol.

Give me a go or no go for launch.

- Go!

- Go!

- Go!

Does that mean we're going, Captain?

"Commander." Call me "Commander."

Let's get ready for launch.

- Go!

- Go!

- It's a go!

Go for flight!

No, no, no! I can't stay!

I've gotta go!
My parents are going to kill me.

Amy, it's a
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

You'll be the first woman on the Moon!

Stop the yackety-yak, kids,
and put on your suits.

Everything ready for take-off, sir.

We're leaving, Daddy!

For one rule!

I break one rule in my whole life and I
end up in a rocket heading to the Moon!


Ladies and gentlemen,
we have a mission to accomplish.

Commander Goldwing,
go and get that flag back

before Carson destroys it.

And remember, failure is not an option.

Excuse me? Sir?

Has anyone seen my lizard?


Ignition sequence start.

Ten, nine,

eight, seven, six...

All engines running.

Let's give 'em a great show.


two, one.

And lift-off!

We have lift-off at 10 hours,
23 minutes and 17 seconds.

A grandpa and two kids?

The crew of Saturn V
is just a grandpa and two kids?

Yes, Madam President.
But there is something else.

Go on.

Carson has developed a way
to mine Helium-3 on the Moon.

Helium-3 is the most
powerful energy ever known.

Now, it makes sense.

He cheated the world
and sabotaged our rocket

in order to own the Moon and become
the most powerful man on Earth.

Madam President,
we can still launch some missiles

and hit Carson's rocket.

Stop it, Admiral.

If we don't get the flag first,
we won't be able to prove he's a liar.

We have to get the flag,

and this grandpa and two kids
are our only hope.

It's incredible!




Marty, are you there?

Yeah, Mission Control is here.
Is Igor with you, guys?

Affirmative. We're all good.

Okay. Copy.

The technicians have fixed the system.
We now have control of the flight.

Scott, tell me it's a joke.

Sam, I don't know how it...

Tell me our son is not in that rocket!

Okay, okay. Everything will be all right.

I'm sorry, Mom.

It's all my fault.

Oh, my God. Mike, are you okay?


I'm really, really sorry about all this.

Sweetie, that doesn't matter now.

Just come back safe, you hear me?

I promise.

Mummy, can I have his room?


Hi, Mrs Goldwing.

Please, tell my parents I'm never
going to break any more rules, ever.

I'll tell them, Amy.

Frank, for the love of God,
look after them.

Trust me. I won't let
anything happen to them.

Are you my grandpa?

I'm just a little space cowboy

Sir, I have an update.

The NASA rocket is closing in on us.

What? How is that possible?

Only one answer.

It's being manned.
The sabotage didn't work!

I'm surrounded
by a bunch of space chimps!

Okay, fine.

I'll just have to destroy it myself.

But, sir, you can't do that.

There's two kids and an old man inside.

So what?

Like Daddy always said,

"Nothing's a hitch
if it makes you filthy rich."

I can't believe it!


The Marty Survival Kit.

Like I was supposed
to survive three days on this?

Hey, that's seven tasty morsels per day!

Well, let's try them!

No, wait!

Hey, I bet I catch more than you!

You wish!

Hands off! That's mine!


Last one's mine!

Forget about it!

Just friends.

What was that?

Commander, what's that noise?

Something's attached itself
to the capsule and melting the hull!

You two stay here.

Don't go out there
for any reason, understand?

I'm exiting the capsule.

I repeat, I'm stepping
outside the capsule.

What? Frank, no!

Frank? Frank!

Jeez, I can't tell if he's totally deaf
or the most stubborn man in the world.

It's the second one.


I have to help him.

Put your helmet on. I'm going out.

Wait! What about Igor?


I'm coming, Grandpa!

Damned electrical spider! Go!

- Yeah!
- Right on!

We did it, Grandpa!

You disobeyed my orders.
You could have been killed!

I'm sorry, I just wanted to help.

Never, ever disobey my orders again.

Copy that, Commander.

Okay, we'll do it your way.

Give me an order.

Mike, help me with the bandage.

That's an order.

You saved my life out there.
You were very brave.


No, it's Sam. Scott's asleep.

How are the kids doing?

They're fine. They're out for the count.

They'll be home before you know it.

That's a promise.

Thank you, Frank.


Thanks for not giving up on me.

I appreciate it more than you know.

No, thank your grandson.

For good or for bad, he's in charge.

Frank, enjoy this moment.

Destiny owed you this journey.

Now get some rest. Good night.

I just wanted to
get the family back together.

Commander, why did you leave home?

Better go to sleep.

Are you my grandpa?

Start undocking manoeuvre.
Detach Lunar Module.

Lunar Module detached.

lnitiating Moon landing sequence.

Don't worry.
Your father will save the day.

lnitiating descent.


Commander, you're deviating
from the landing trajectory.

Correct the navigation.

Copy that.

Commander, do you need help?

I'm fine.

Commander, I repeat.
You're flying outside the trajectory.

Let me help you, Grandpa.
I mean, Commander.

Okay. Man your controls.

Slow, no rough moves.

Now it's looking good.

What's happening? Was it me?

It's not you. Alarm 1201.

Hey, I didn't touch anything!

Gentlemen, emergency protocol.

It looks like we have damage
on the onboard computer.

That is why it's so difficult to control.

The computer is guiding us
to the wrong place.

Do you copy?

Roger that, Commander.

You have to deactivate
the assisted guidance control.

That's what we did back in 1969.

But chances are 1 in 700.

Same as I've got with her.

Amy, please, do it.

There should be a button
somewhere that reads "AGC."

Mike, to the left.


Twenty seconds to landing!

They're too fast!


Reduce speed!

Amy, please! The computer is giving
the LEM contradicting orders!

Where are you?

- Ten seconds!
- They'll crash into the ground!


Come on, come on, come on!

Eight, seven,

- six, five, four...
- Amy, please!

- ...three...
- I found it!

Press it, for God's sake!

Mission Control,
this is Tranquillity Base.

The falcon has landed.

You did it great, kids.

Yeah! Yeah!

Okay, recording.

Amy, you're on live broadcast.
The whole world is watching.


Wow, man! For Armstrong
that would be one small step,

but for me it's gonna be...

Yes. Yes!

I'm the first woman on the Moon!

We come back
as we came the first time,

as a beacon of hope for all mankind.

Let's move, kids. We are on a mission.

We're losing communication.

Commander, your antenna is damaged.

Transferring communications
to the lunar rover antenna.

Go and get that flag
and show the world who got there first.

Yeah, rock and roll!

Look! Mike and Amy are on TV!

Faster, Grandpa!

We should be close.

There it is! The flag!


No way!

I knew it.


Now what?

And we're done here.

Gigs, take the minebots to the base.

- Hurry up!
- Okay, sir.

My God!

They're going to destroy all trace
of the Apollo missions!

Amy, look! They're still there!
Film it! Film it!

We've lost the signal.

What's going on?
Commander, do you copy?

Where did it go?

Oh, crap!

Typical. Now they go to commercials.

There's no way of getting
the communication back!

Okay. Transfer communications
to a different antenna.

lmpossible. The rover had
the only available link.

Then we have to find a solution!

We must establish
communication with them!

Hey, do you know
where I can plug this in?

You want to plug a USB connector
into a 1969 computer? Are you kidding?

But I think I can fix the...

Yes. I need to establish a connection

through any of the NASA
guidance systems in the world.

You got that?

Let's go home, sweetie.

You'll be my personal trophy.

He has the flag!

Let's get it back.

Go, Igor. Get the flag.

What the heck?

Disgusting alien!

Go, go, go!

Come on, Igor! This way!

What? That's my flag!

Yeah! We did it!



Watch out!


This isn't over!

Yes, I want a full report

on all the Lunar Module
communication systems. Now!

I don't care if the satellite
needs to be reoriented!

Just do it!

Hey, do you know
where I can find a radio from the '60s?

There's a bunch of old junk
in storage in the basement.


We've lost contact with Earth,
we can't fly this thing

and that whack job
kidnapped my grandpa.

We are hosed!

Hello, my puny preschool punk!

Shut up, Bonehead!

Pay attention, juvenile delinquents.

I'm offering you a deal.

You give me the flag,

and I'll give you back
this grumpy old fart.

No, Mike! Don't come here!


You don't need to answer now.

I'll call you back in

10 seconds.

I love being generous.

No, wait!

It's all over.

No, we can't give up now.

There's nothing else we can do.

Time's up!

We accept your deal.

Good boy! Bring me the flag.

I found it!


All right. I need something
to increase electrical resistance.

Copper, stainless...

Say, could I borrow this?

He's a bad boy.

What the...

What's going on?

I'm getting messages?

Can't be. The antenna is busted.

Seriously. A whole bunch of them!

But that's impossible.

There's nothing here
that could transmit from...


You arrived at your destination.

I couldn't stand it any more!

It's huge!

Adjusting gravity.

Open the hatch.


Now let's get on with this.
Give me the flag.

First, my grandpa.

Sure thing. A deal's a deal.


- Grandpa!
- Mike!

I love family reunions.

How about you, Gigs?

I've never had a family, sir.

Let him go!

Give me that flag
or say goodbye to the old fart!

Okay, stop! I'll give you the flag!

Good boy.

Gigs, free him.

Well, now.
After reunion comes farewell.

Gigs, kill them.

Excuse me, sir?

You are despicable, Mr Carson.

What do you know, pip-squeak?

You think you're a genius,
but we all know

that without your father's millions
you'd never be anything.

How dare you, you little...

Yeah, she's right.
You've inherited everything.

You haven't earned anything!

What do you know
about earning anything?

Do you think all of this
was built all by itself?

Do you mean this factory
or whatever it is?

It's much more than a factory,
you ignoramus.

It's a Helium-3 mine!

The greatest energy source
mankind has ever known.

And it's all mine!

Look at my work!
My father would be proud of me!

Proud of a liar?

You've tricked the world into thinking
that man never walked on the Moon.

Proud of a genius!

Only a genius
could fool the whole world.

Only a genius could achieve
the biggest energy monopoly in history.

I'll sell my energy to the whole planet,

and any country
that doesn't wanna pay for it...

Boom! I'll disintegrate it,

as I'm gonna do right now, with you!

Nothing's a hitch
if it makes you filthy rich.


Cool? What's cool?

You've just given me
the greatest headline I could ever have.

What the heck are you talking about?

Breaking news!

Richard Carson has just admitted
that he's a shameless crook.

Smile! You're on camera!

The whole world is watching.

What's happening?
What's happening here?

Gigs! What's going on, Gigs?

This is Amy Gonz?lez reporting live
from the Moon. Back to Earth.



I always trusted NASA.

See? An old NASA computer,
an 800 GHz Marty Antenna

and a little bit of old junk and voil?,
the brand-new Marty Communicator!

How could they
send a signal to Earth? How?

Now, Igor. Go!

I'm afraid they have their own
portable transmitter.

You let them enter with that machine?

You're fired!

This way!

Don't let them escape. Stop them!

But am I fired or not?


Watch out!



Commander, do you copy?
Do you copy?



Mike! Stop it!

I'm not gonna lose you again!

Stop it! Listen to me!

Mike, my helmet is cracked.
I'm running out of oxygen.

You asked me something,

something I couldn't answer
in the last 40 years.

Why you left home?

A few days before
I was to go to the Moon,

your dad came home from school
with the chicken pox.

You caught it off him and that's why
you couldn't go to the Moon?

Yes. I got the chicken pox,
so they replaced me.

And you blamed Dad? It wasn't his fault!

You're right. It wasn't.

But all I wanted in life
was to go to the Moon,

and when I lost the opportunity,
I felt like a failure.

Unworthy of anything, even my family.

In reality,
I felt bad for blaming little Scott.

I would look at my kid and feel ashamed
of the anger I felt towards him.

And that made me think
I was a bad father.

I felt so bad about it that I thought
they'd be better off without me.

I was wrong.

It was the biggest mistake of my life.

Now, hit it!

Stand aside, Grandpa!

That was a great story.
Why don't we finish it on Earth?

No! Not again!

There you are!
This is the last time you fool me!

Seriously, I hate that thing.

You ruined my plan, my life.

Now you're gonna pay for it!

Hurry up, kids, we gotta run!

We won't get far together.

Grandpa, you're running out of oxygen.
Just get back to the LEM.

Trust me, Grandpa. I've got a plan.

Amy, use this as a surfboard.

But, Mike...

Just go!

You want this, Carson?

So what's the plan?

To get a proper kiss from you
before I die.

What? Watch out!

Let's teach them a lesson, Dad!

The alien strikes back!

I'll turn you into stew!

Marty, we need you!

The understatement of the century!

Activate the Marty Rocket, now!

Are you sure? You know
it's still in the beta testing phase.

Just do it!

Okay, okay! Marty Rocket on!

Full throttle. Now!


Well, this deserves a kiss.

Wait until I tell you my plan.

Hey, guys, what's going on up there?
Am I missing something?

Come on, Daddy.
Let's finish these brats off!

Marty, now slow it down!

More gas! More gas!

Slow down! No, faster!

Would you make up your mind already?

What? I'm a machine?

Mike, where are you going?
Please tell me the plan.

Carson still has his Helium-3 base.

It could mean total disaster
for the whole world!

So what? Destroying it
would be the only way to stop him!

That's the plan.

What? Are you crazy?

Mike, you're not thinking of doing...

You're not gonna do...

The Moneyball!

Just follow my lead, Amy.
Are you with me?

I'm gonna smash you!

I'm gonna crush you!

Hold on to me!

I'm gonna grind you under my wheels!

Mike, do you copy?

Mike, do you copy?

Mike! Do you copy?




Mission accomplished, Grandpa.

Not yet. There is still
something left to do.

In 1969, mankind performed
a great feat.

We flew to the Moon
and planted a flag there

in the name of all humanity.

Today, nearly 50 years later,
we repeat this action

to remind ourselves

that this beautiful natural satellite

does not belong to any one person,
company, or country,

but to all of mankind,

something that future generations
must continue to safeguard.

United, like a family.

DVDRip by cjdijk.


Is this heaven?

Is that you, Dad?

- Mr Carson?
- Gigs?

What are you doing here,
without a helmet?

It turns out I don't need one, sir.

I'm an android. Gags made me.

Gigs, if you can see this,
it means your life is about to go out.

That's right, Gigs, you're an android.

I created you.

You poor little fellow.
You lost your daddy, too.

Yes, you killed him, sir.

Never mind, I forgive you.

You've got me now.

Gigs, can we turn the annoying bot off?

I can't, sir.
It has an infinite Helium-3 battery.

Great. Who's the idiot
who approved that?

It was you, sir.

It was a good idea.