Captors (2020) - full transcript

As a victim and survivor of sex trafficking, Alys I. Lashley endures a lonely, desperate, and paranoid existence. Starving, broke...her sleazy landlord begins to demand lurid favors in exchange for rent, but she can only hold him off for so long. Then one day, a lawyer visits and reveals that Alys has been named in a will to inherit a mysterious property. All she must do is travel to the secluded house in the cold dead of winter and claim it in person. Alys revels in her good fortune until she finds a mysterious DVD lying on the floor of the house cellar. Alys places the disc in the player and watches a video recording made by an uncaught serial killer and rapist. He informs Alys that she was lured there. Everything - including the food - is booby-trapped. And he might still be alive.

Return to that night,
ten years ago.

Welcome to Play land.

He's forcing me
downstairs again.

Remember, Alys,
no matter what you experience,

you are absolutely safe.

He's hurting me.

Nothing can harm you.

Now you behave.

Come to the Black Door.

He's pulling me inside the door.

Alys, follow the memory.

I can't.

You really need
to push yourself harder.

Any more hallucinations?

Any more psychotic breaks?

We're stagnating.

I'm trying.

I know.

This isn't a judgment,
it's an observation.

Everyone evolves
at their own pace.

In order for you
to move past the trauma,

you've gotta confront it fully,
fully in the light.

I believe that all
of your missing memories

are behind that door,

and you're not gonna truly know
who you are or who you were,

until you confront it
and go right inside.

Okay, first thing, your patient needs
to apply for what's called a T visa.

- T visa?
- T visa.

They're specifically set aside

for victims of human trafficking
into the United States.

Karen, what did
her police report say?

She has no police reports.

She escaped her captor
ten years ago

and he was never identified.

She has no memories,
no recollection

of really anything at all,
not even her escape.

That's extremely bad, Karen.

To get the T visa she needs to
prove that she's a trafficking victim.

That means real documents,
real police reports.

Without them,
no one knows who she is.

The authorities
will likely, well,

they'll likely just treat her
as a criminal prostitute.

This is a girl
who has been through so much

that I can't believe
she's still alive,

and you're telling me the authorities
are just gonna... just drop her?

I'm sorry, Karen.

Some people
just fall through the cracks.

My lawyer friend can't
help you, and I'm afraid I can't either.

The truth is I wanna keep
counseling you, I really, really do,

but the suicide center
called me.

There's three other women that
are closer to the brink than you are,

and that's just
in the last two weeks.

Can you be strong for me?

Hello, Alys.


Are you having
psychotic breaks, again?

I know you don't have
a lot of money,

but I want you to take these
samples of anti-psychotics, okay.

And I want you to promise me that
you're gonna take them if you need them.

I'll make progress, I promise.


Hey, what's up shorty,
you tryin' to hit this?

Lookin' all sad, girl.
Let me put a smile on your face.

She be trippin'.

I don't have it!

Don't touch me.

- Where's my money, Alys?
- Get the hell out of my room.

Wrong! This is my room, and you
pay for the privilege of breathing in it.

You are six
months late on the rent.

You got a nice snatch.

Why don't you use it?

You know,
if you're very nice to me,

maybe, just maybe
we can make an arrangement.

- You like that idea?
- Mm-mm.

Yeah? Well, we're gonna
discuss this tomorrow

after I throw your shit
out on the street,

and then you and I...

...we're gonna renegotiate.

Hello, Alys.

Close your eyes.

It's not real.

I don't have it, seriously.

All right, well,
thank you, come again soon.

You again.

Look, I already told you,
I can't help you.

- Please.
- No, I'm sorry. We use E-Verify here, all right?

You need a social security number. I can't
have the Feds cracking down on my spot.

Davy Rockets, hello.

Yeah, what's your order?

Look, hey, get outta here.
I already told you.

Sorry, not you.
What'd you need?

You've reached the
voicemail of Dr. Karen Nera.

I may not be able to answer
the phone right now,

but rest assured,
I'm always here for you.

Hey, yo, come here.

Some fancy suits came by
lookin' for you today,

wanted to leave a letter
with the landlord, but I said,

"Hell, nah, his sleazy ass
can't be trusted."

Paid me to hold this for you.

Miss Alys L. Lashley,

you have inherited the home
of your Uncle Silas Visler.

You have 48 hours
to collect the home.

If not claimed within that time,

the home will be turned over
to the bank and sold at auction.

Sincerely, Charles Dusker,
Attorney at Law.

Miss Lashley,
pleasure to meet you.

Charles Dusker.

So, let's get
straight to business.

You've been named in the will

of your recently deceased
Uncle Silas Visler.

You remember him?

I don't know anything
about my family.

My name is not real.

How did you find me?

Mr. Visler instructed
his attorneys

to identify you by name, which is quite
unique after all, and by your appearance.

It seems he was aware of your non
de plume which is all that really matters.

Now, the bottom line is if you're
gonna collect your inheritance,

- you have to show up in person as required by the will.
- To where?

Mr. Visler's hometown in
Auraria, Michigan in two day's time.

That's the deadline
before his estate

is sent through the escheat
process. Blah, blah, legalese.

The short version is

there are other potential
heirs to the estate

that certainly will challenge your
inheritance after that deadline.

So, please present yourself to the
executor of the estate before then.

Now, these documents will define
your new responsibilities to the state.

But I have no money
to travel to Michigan.

I'm just the messenger,
Miss Lashley.

We merely received
a small finder's fee.

So, take my advice.

If I were you I'd get going.

Have a safe trip.

All right.

Apply pressure.

Can I come back tomorrow?

I don't know, hon. By law you
can only donate once a week.


Close your eyes.

You can sleep.

Hello, Alys.

I'm here
to claim my uncle's estate.

You're cutting this
awfully close, Miss Lashley.

We better get a move on if we're
gonna get there before sundown.

Telephone service
is disconnected

and there's no
cell service up here.

You'll have to drive
back down into town

to contact anyone.

Your uncle lived pretty much
out in the middle of nowhere.

You two must've been close.

Mr. Visler passed over
all his children

to leave you his estate.

How well did you know my uncle?

Truth be told, he only hired me
about a week before his passing.

Said he was gonna leave it all
to the lady of the stream.

How did my uncle die?

Let's just say,

he went out hunting
a little too far from home.


We're here.

Look familiar to you?

Well, this is it.

There she is.

This is all mine?

To do with as you please.

The utility services
are cut off,

so I wouldn't recommend
staying here

for more than a couple of days,
it being winter and all.

How much is it worth?

Three, maybe 400,000.

But for now...
you and I are finished.

These are for you.

- Okay, thank you.
- Take care.

Hello, Alys.

You're not real.

You're not real.

What's back there?


This is my house.


Is anyone out there?

Take the pills, Alys.


Welcome to Play land.

No. No.

Hello, Alys.

By now you've realized
I'm not your long lost uncle.

Don't blame yourself
for not recognizing the place.

After all,
I brought you here blindfolded.

You were my best purchase
from the auction.

The other girls on that ship were
not worth the investment I made.

You are, sweet Alys.

I stole your innocence
in this very room.


Oh, not you again!

I filmed all the key moments
for posterity.

Feel free to
browse my little video collection.

You were
the only one who got away.

You're probably
wondering right now,

why leave everything
to you in my will?

Maybe I just wanted
to lure you back here.

Like I told you long ago,

I'm the only one
who cares about you.

Now that you've suffered a
few years out in the real world,

you know I speak the truth.

So, enjoy the house again.

I hope you like
the food in particular.

Stocked, especially for you.

I added a special ingredient
to every single item,

an old favorite of yours:


and maybe left
a few treats, as well.

You have nothing to fear.

After all, I'm dead.

Or am I?

It was hard to find you, Alys.

What happened
to your blonde hair?

Close your eyes.

It's okay.

You can sleep.

You're safe.

I have to get out of here.


I'll die if I keep going.

Go away!

Leave me alone.

Alys, close your eyes.

It's not real.

You're safe.

No. I threw it out.

After all, I'm dead.

Or am I?

I threw it out, there's no way.

It was hard to find you, Alys.

What happened
to your blonde hair?

Open wide.
That's a good girl.

What's the matter, good girl?


If you don't eat,
you know what happens, hm?

There you go.

Good girl.

Now swallow.

Take the pills, Alys.

Close your eyes.

You can sleep.

It's your fault.

You know what happens
if you don't eat.

I added a special ingredient
to every single item,

an old favorite of yours:

I need to eat.

After all, I'm dead.

Or am I?

I've been watching you, Alys.

I'm more alive in your soul
than you care to admit.

But on some level,

you know that already.

It always impressed me
how you escaped.

I suppose you hardly
remember that night.

Does the Black Door
still call to you?

Or is it just another precious
detail you've forgotten?

Maybe you realize why
I've given you all that I have.

You are my true heir.

More than my own
flesh and blood.

I love you, Alys.

But my affection has limits.

I brought you back here
to present a choice,

return my love or die.

You can find everything
you need to destroy me,

or rather everything
you think you need,

right here on this property.

I kept all the damning evidence,

every record of every crime
in the closet by the attic.

The question you must
ask yourself is, "Who am I?"

Are you a girl who would
take this evidence to the police?

Go up and do the right thing
if you dare.

The choice is yours again,

as it was back then.

But remember, I'll be watching.

The question you must
ask yourself is, who am I?

You are my true heir,

more than
my own flesh and blood.

Does the Black Door
still call to you?

Does the Black Door
still call to you?

Where's the Black Door?

Good morning, Alys.

Or should I say good afternoon?

That can't be good

for your physical
and mental stability.

You can't avoid my food forever.

Ignoring me won't make me go away.

Take the pills, Alys.

That won't help you.

That's a good girl.

Partake of my bounty.

Eat my tainted food again.

That booze
is a good compromise, huh?

But... I'm coming for you.

Closer with every
passing breath.




I'm closer than you think, Alys.

home, Alys, to the Black Door.

You're not real!


A glade with a stream.

probably wondering right now,

why leave everything
to you in my will?

He said he was gonna
leave it all

to the lady of the stream.

It always
impressed me how you escaped.

I suppose you
hardly remember that night.


Alys, your mind doesn't know the
difference between fantasy and reality,

which means
if you imagine happy things,

even if they're false,

your body will think
they're real.

Alys, I love you dearly.

You're such a brave young woman.


I don't have any kids.

I don't have a daughter.

Would you like to be
my daughter?

- Alys, I love you dearly.
- Alys?

Alys, I know why you
don't wanna eat this man's food.

But if you don't, you'll die.

Alys, you need to eat.

Where's the gun?

Oh, no.

No, no.


I know you're in there!
Come out!

No, no!

Alys, you have to eat his food.


He had another house.


Let's go, let's go.

Come on, you need this.

You smell like a horse.
Come on!

Help me!


What's your name?

I thought
I heard your voice earlier...

but I guess it was
just me losing my mind.

I think I was here, too.

You were his last victim
weren't you?

No one found you.

You were just left here.

I died here alone.

I'm sorry.

No one saved me.

I don't know if I can
live anymore for my own sake.

Maybe I can for you.

I promise I'll find your family
and tell them where you are.

I forgive you.

Please, no.

Please, stop!

Please, no, no! Stop!

Stop it, it hurts!

No! Stop it!

Stop it!

Through the Black Door.

Where is it?

Where is the camera?

Alys, it's Imowyn, remember me?

You can't ignore me forever.

My name is Alys I. Lashley.


It was hard to find you, Alys.


Oh! Oh, not you again.

I want the other girl!

I want Imowyn!


What happened
to your blonde hair?

That's a good girl,
good girl, come here.


That's not what happened.

He raped me.

It wasn't me.

You're back again, playmate!

Where are you, you filthy whore?

You're not me, you tricked me!

You hid inside
the Black Door, I know it!

Everything that happened
was your fault!

It was you, not me!
He kidnapped you!

My fault?

No, no, no, your fault.

All your fault.

- Let go of me!
- This is where you belong.

I told you so, Alys.

If only you listened to me

and didn't wear
the slutty clothes and makeup.

Then he would a
found some other girl.


where are you?

Look at me!

Where are you going?

Want me to get you a drink?

Can I trust you?

Of course, silly.

I'd like a brandy.

Hm, hm?

Imowyn, come back! I love you!

Who are you?

- No.
- I've always loved you.

You're supposed to be dead.

Why aren't you dead?

Kill him.

Kill him!

Kill him, now.

How does it make you feel, Alys?

This is our chance.

- Imowyn!
- It's not him!

Kill the monster!

Do it!

You're weak.

You're weak. Do it.

Do it!

It's not him.

Do it!

- It's not him.
- Do it!

Close your eyes.

You again.

I want the other girl.

I want Imowyn!
I want the other girl!

Let go of me!


I won't hurt you.

How'd you get in here?

My father used to
own this place, okay?

Hey, I'm Patrick.

Silas Visler was my father.

You're the girl
that he obsessed about.

I just didn't know how much

until I looked
through his things.

My family didn't understand
why he left you this house.

To kill me.

He's dead now.

Don't be too sure.

He died alone.

Walked out of his house
into the snow

and just kept on walking.

You've seen his body?

I have.

Please have a seat.

I tried to come
and see you before

to discuss my father's
criminal activities.

But you were unreachable.

You broke into my house.

The first time I came here,
you weren't here.

My father gave me an old key.

The second time you chased me
away with a shotgun.

I'm... not feeling well.

Phost told me
that you claimed the property.


Why would you
accept the inheritance

if my father did these
terrible things to you?

Your father
tricked me to get here.

I'm sorry,
I should have realized that.

I know, I look like him,

which isn't
a good thing right now.

Did your family
know about the girls?

How could they not know?

You weren't the only one
who was afraid of my father.

My mother and I
didn't want to know.

I need a ride
back to the bus station.

- I wanna leave.
- Hold on.

Have you decided what
you're gonna do with the house?

If this gets out,
it will destroy my mother.

The police need to be told.

We have businesses here.
We're leaders of the community.

No wonder your father
got away with everything.

I'm prepared to buy you out.

I... I'm gonna offer you

three times the market value
of the house.

That's $1,000,000.

You want me to help you
cover everything up, huh?

He's gone.

What good does it do to destroy
the rest of my family?

Let me help you, okay?

You won't be able
to sell this place

once everyone finds out
what happened here.

- Please!
- Don't touch me.

Listen, the victims' families don't
need to know what happened.

You're just reopening old
wounds. I won't let you hurt us.

I'm gonna tell the police
where the evidence is upstairs.

Dad's closet.


No, don't open it.

Please, don't open it.

And this is your check.

It's a bigger number
than I thought we'd get for it

given the circumstances,

but you were absolved
of everything.

So, that made it easier to
get it on the market, get it sold.

When you're ready to
reinvest that...

Just once around the block

before I bring you back
to your mommy and daddy.

Baby, yes, you are.

Yes, you are.

After all, I'm dead.

Or am I?