Captive (1986) - full transcript

The daughter of an international tycoon is kidnapped by a trio of abductors who seek to mold her to their lifestyle.

(regal music)

(gong ringing)

(eerie foreboding music)

(explosion booming)

(eerie music)

- This is how a Styrolian does it.


(eerie music)

- Those like myself have no families.

- I just can't believe
you'd hurt someone you love.

- Hold it right there!

(gun firing)

(eerie music)

- Just find him.

Kill him.

- You do anything to my
sister and you're a dead man!

- In history we learned about
the last of the 20th century.

(engines hissing)
(eerie music)


- Repeat readout on holding speed.

- 28 KKM.

- Check.

I'm initiating orders to
advance to warp speed two

in order to monitor turning capabilities.

- [Command] Perfect fly
by 8-98, at full warp two

acknowledge and prepare for
additional flight instructions.

- Affirmative, command.

Advance to warp speed two.

(engines whirring)

This ship is the most
responsive ship I've ever flown.

- Awesome.

- Tell me something, Stanyo,
does it ever bother you

that they only used tubers to test fly?

- Tubers are expendable, you know that.

- At least they give us a
little adventure in our lives.

- Well, Kalif, I still don't like

being considered expendable.

- Activate warp speed.
(eerie mysterious music)

- Approaching warp speed.

- Ignition in five seconds.

- Four, three, two, one, mark.

- Mark, begin sequence one
at 4,000 units per second.

- 4,000.




- Energise.

Begin sequence number two at 8000 units.

- Affirmative, approaching 8000 units.

- Energise.

(engines whirring)

- Warp two in effect and holding.

- Command, this is Styro 8-9-8,

ready to receive additional instructions.

- [Command] 8-9-8, this is Flight Command.

During the next few manoeuvres,

activate relay computer system
for effectiveness readout.

- Affirmative, Command.

Stanyo, activate relay computer.

(buttons clicking)
- Maintain full

warp two speed.

- Full warp two.

(ship whooshing)

- [Command] Bank left.

- That was too close.

- [Command] On my order,
bank right 45 degrees.

- Standing by, Command.

- [Command] Bank right 45 degrees.

Excellent, now I want you to
try a bank 90 degrees right.


- Command, we seem to be having a problem

with this 90-degree manoeuvre.

- [Command] We observed, 8-98.

All right, ease off, ease off.

Directly upon descent,
report to Operations

for debriefing and your new
assignments, Command out.

- New assignment.

How about that?

I think we have graduated.

Command thinks we must be ready

for our first real assignment.

- Yes, well, we'll know soon enough.

I think I can have it arranged

for you to be assigned
to the Delta Territory.

- Guarding the old people's asteroids?

No, thanks.

How about Mars or Earth?

- Earth.

Hm, they have beautiful
fighter ships there.

- Outmanoeuvring an Earth ship.

(suspenseful music)
That's my kind of duty.

(eerie tense music)

- Then the ship refused to
respond to the 90-degree turn.

- [Operations] Your
report appears complete.

The computers will analyse your input.

Your new orders are effective immediately

and are as follows,

Stanyo 12, you will report immediately

to flight command QD for
transport to Mega Vector.

Report to Master Commander Villhelm.

You are now dismissed.

- Yes, sir.

- [Operations] Kalif Seven,
you are hereby assigned

to fly Earth reconnaissance
with Space Major Gropper.

You will command the mission.

No weapons are assigned.

Repeat, no weapons are assigned.

We're interested in obtaining
close-range photographs.

Security informs us that
a new Earth weaponry base

has been established in
the southwest quadrant

of the continental United States.

This mission is vitally
important to Styrolia,

and it will be security classified.

Repeat, security classified.

You will discuss it with no one.

That is all, Kalif
Seven, you are dismissed.

- Did you draw Mega Vector, too?

- No.
- Well?

- My mission is a classified one, Stanyo.

I'm afraid I can't say anything more.

- Classified usually
means an Earth flight.

- I can't.

- I sure wish we were
gonna be flying together.

- So do I, Stanyo.

- So now we fly with the real men.

- Well at least we'll be flying.

Good luck.

- I wish you the same, Kalif.

(suspenseful eerie music)

(eerie serene music)

- Sector three, non-life
bearing craft only.

And sector five clear.


Sector nine clear.

- [Star 80] Star 80 to command, Arina,

my search screens show no
sign of enemy activity.

- [Craft Seven] Patrol craft
seven to Control Centre,

reporting space zone J-19 clear.

Repeat, space zone J-1-9 clear.

This is patrol seven, end report.

- Affirmative, patrol

craft seven.
(sensors pinging)

Space centre confirms a
negative activity in J-19.

Proceed to space zone K-12, repeat,

confirmation of zero activity.

Proceed to next designated
patrol area, Control out.

Patrol craft three, Control Centre ready

to receive transmission, go ahead.

- God I hate working these night shifts.

I get so damn bored.

- Yeah, I wouldn't mind
seeing a little action myself.

- Yeah, speaking of which,
uh, what are you doing

after you get off tonight, Jet?

- Going to bed.

- Uh, you care for a little company?

- Not a chance, one
date with you is enough.

- Hey, I thought we
were pretty compatible.

- Well I'm sure, you figure
you're com and I'm patable.

No thanks.

- (laughs) Strike three.

- Oh yeah?

Well what are you doing
after the shift, hotshot?

- The usual.

- Oh not the laser artillery range again.

Man, you got no class.

- I have to be ready
for anything, you know?

- Yeah, but every night?

- Alert status must be maintained.

There's no room in our forces
for lackadaisical attitudes.

- My draught board didn't seem to mind.

No seriously, look it,

why don't we grab a
couple of alco six packs.

We'll jump in my semigrav
and go into the city.

She's got 18 dirathium power
boosters, she really moves.

- Maybe another time.

- No really, we'll go in
and we'll have a little bite

to eat at the Orbit Room
and then we'll hit a few

pleasure centres on the way back out.

- Sorry, not my cup of tea.

- What's with you, Rodman?

Don't you know how to have any fun?

- There's a war going on.

Some of us take our responsibilities

more seriously than others.

- And what the hell is
that supposed to mean?

- You guys cut it out.

Now we've got eight
hours to go on this shift

and I'm not gonna spend the time

listening to another of
your stupid arguments.

- I'd hardly call being
supportive of Earth's position

in the Styrolian war stupid.

- Oh, here we go again.

Another tirade on why we should stand up

and cheer for the biggest
military blunder of them all.

- Blunder, we didn't
start the war, they did.

- Oh yeah, well I don't
see the military geniuses

who head operations in
any big hurry to end it.

Hell, it's been over 20 years.

- The enemy's still out there.

- You gotta be kidding, Blake.

There hasn't been a penetration
of Earth's atmosphere

in over five years, what's the point?

- The point is they could launch

a major attack again at any time.

- The only thing I've seen on the screen

in the last six months
is our own patrol craft.

Now don't you understand?

Styrolia is as sick of fighting as we are,

or at least some of us.

- Well I'm not lettin'
them catch me off guard.

I'll be ready for the
fight whenever they are.

- You career soldiers are a real

pain in the--
(alarm beeping)

(eerie tense music)

- What is it?

- Space sentry two's picked something up.

Yeah, you can see it now.


- Read outs indicate
the craft is Styrolian.

- No it's too hard to tell yet.

- Send space sentry two in
for a confirmation check.

(faint beeping)

(sinister music)

- Breen, I'm going to run a weapons test.

- Negative.
- Using that space sentry

as a target.

- Negative, our
instructions state negative.

You may be in charge of the assignment

but I'm in charge of the Zorian.

No weapons fired until I give the command.

- [Breen] Gropper, let
the tuber have his way.

Our turn will come, old timer.

- Breen.
- Hey if there's gonna be

action we'll be in better shape
if we change our position.

Remember, that sentry has alerted

every Earth patrol in the area.

I don't like the idea they
know right where we are.

- So we're in an agreement,
evasive flight plan's mandatory.

- [Breen] Flight plane adjustment .08.

- Mark.

- [Breen] Mark, sequence attitude even.

- Even, and ignite.

(dramatic music)

- [Pilot] Tag one to control,

intruder ID two Styrolian
one-man fighter patrol craft.

- Confirmation complete.

The two space crafts are one man

Styrolian reconnaissance fighters.

- What are they up to, anyway?

- I don't know, they're on the move now.

Send two patrol crafters on Q-73.

Tell 'em it's an interceptor alert.

- And you'll wanna get ahold
of Command Central too,

they'll wanna know about this.

- All right, hey looks like

the night might liven up after all.

- Yeah man, you were right, I'm sorry.

- Don't worry about it, now just get 'em.

- Control Centre calling
patrol craft 19 and 26.

Interceptor alert, emergency.

Proceed to zone Q-73 immediately, repeat,

proceed to zone Q-73 immediately.

- I remember, (chuckles) tuber,

I remember when an entire
armada of fighters and space

cruisers were attacking the Earth colony.

I was commanding a laser
garrison on one of the cruisers.

They threw every ship they had at us.

Nova destroyers, proton bomb launchers,

but they couldn't stop us.

And I personally had six kills.

Let me tell you something
tuber, once on a special patrol,

four kills with my bare hands.

Ah, what a sensation.

Warm human blood flowing,
firing a furnace of emotion.

Oh, tuber, and when you agitate them...

It's a strange planet, Earth.

Feelings never experienced
elsewhere in the galaxy.

(engine whirring)

And no better feeling than to watch

an Earth ship being blasted apart.

But now, where are we now?

The major attacks, they've ceased.

- For good reason.

Our economy was in a state of
collapse after years of war.

- We were annihilating them.

We Styrolians would be rulers

of this entire quadrant of the galaxy.

Now we do nothing.

There's no honour left for
those of us who led the fight.

- There is honour in
having served the fleet

and having obeyed orders, that is all.

The fight, as you call it, exists

not for our own purposes but for Styrolia.

- (sighs) For me,

for veterans like me
the fight will continue

and nothing will stop it, nothing.

- I would hardly refer to
this reconnaissance mission

as continuing the fight.

- True, tuber, but
fleet command allowed me

to make one slight modification
to our flight itinerary.

- Modification?

(eerie tense music)

What modification?

- [Gropper] This, tuber.

(weapon whirring)
(weapon zapping)

- Our mission makes no
mention of any extra armament.

- You don't worry about
the mission, tuber.

You just fly this ship!

(alarm beeping)

- Enemy patrol ships
approaching, two in number.

Sector eight!
(eerie whooshing)

Activate molecular shields.

- [Breen] Star 80 to Zurand, ready!

All systems on manual.

Computer advises attack
approach Z-8-4 optimal.

- Affirmative.

Z-8-4 implementation in effect.

Fire boosters on computer count.

Four, three, two, one, ignite!

(thrusters hissing)
- Reverse thrusters,

they'll have us in range any second,

flight plan adjustment mandatory.

React, react!
(ships whooshing)

Crazy tuber!

Our shields won't protect
us from a head-on blast!

Those Earth ships carry
neutron laser rays.


- Just stay alert to my
command to fire those lasers!

(ships whooshing)
(weapons zapping)

- [Gropper] Now it's my turn.

(weapons zapping)

- I said wait for my command!

- No!

(ship whooshing)
(weapons zapping)

(alarm beeping)

No, they're malfunctioning.

- Overheating due to firing frequency.

- It's not my fault.

- I'm not saying it's your fault.

- It has to be a design flaw.

- Take control of the main guns

and keep them on automatic range.

If they fail, the only thing to blame

will be the ship's computer.

- All right, what's Breen doing?

- He's holding his own.

(ship whooshing)
(suspenseful music)

- [Gropper] We lost contact with 'em.

Where'd they go?

- I can't see them.
- Well, find them!

- The scope'll find them.

There, sector two.

Just give me a minute, we'll
be right back on top of 'em!

- [Breen] Gropper, I'm
right onto 'em, here we go!

(explosion booming)

I got him Gropper, I got him!

- Good, good Breen.

How does it feel?

- [Breen] Ah, like the old days.

Did you see the way that
Earth ship blew when I hit it?

Oh man (laughs).

- Oh my god.

- [Man] Just a second sir, what's wrong.

- The Styrolians, they just
hit one of our interceptors,

it just vanished from the screen.

- Get a confirmation on that.
- I'm trying.

- Yes?

That's right you heard correctly.

Enemy action, looks like we
may have suffered a casualty.

Yes sir, thank you sir.

- It's like I said,
there's not a trace left.

- Any luck?
- Patrol craft 19 and 26,


Control Centre calling
patrol craft 19 and 26!

- [PC-26] This is PC-26 reporting,

we've made contact, repeat,
contact established.

Response is hostile, PC-19 eliminated.

How 'bout some help up here?

- Patrol Craft 26, this is control.

We're doing what we can.

Prepare for sentry
self-destruct in your zone.

- [PC-26] Affirmative and out.

(eerie tense music)
- Breen, 42 degrees, Breen!

(ships whooshing)

(explosion booming)

(solemn music)

- He slammed into a space sentry.

How, how could he have miscalculated?

- He did, he miscalculated.

- Maintain position, patrol
craft 3, maintain position.

Potential enemy activity anticipated

in all Earth space zones, Control out.

- Which of you is Rodman?

- I'm Lieutenant Rodman, sir,

Operations Coordinator for this sector.

- Any further report, Lieutenant?

- We've just scored an enemy kill.

There remains one more intruder but our

interceptor seems to have the upper hand.

- Is there any indication
of Styrolian activity

in any other space zone?

- Negative sir, Ensign
Hamlin is nevertheless

following Fleet command directives

and having all patrol
craft maintain position

in the event of further hostile activity.

- Excellent.

I want a complete status check on this

entire operation in 10 minutes.

(ships whooshing)
(weapons zapping)

- The Earth patrol,
they're right on top of us!

- Affirmative.

(weapons zapping)
- They're moving in behind us.

What're we gonna do?


- Outmanoeuvre them.

(weapons zapping)

- Tuber I,

I'm not sure just how much more pounding

the molecular shields can take.

- The ship is beginning to lose control.

We've got only one alternative.

- Descend to surface.
- Affirmative!

I can put this down with your knowledge

of Earth's terrain, we have
a possibility of survival.

(suspenseful music)

(ships whooshing)

- What's your conclusion?

- Well it's hard to say.

This computer analysis
indicates the remaining

Styrolian fighter has extra armaments,

but there's no indication
that it's been used

for more than just a few seconds.

- PC-26 reported they observed a variation

from the standard Styrolian artillery.

- Well if the extra guns do exist,

there has to be more than one person

aboard that ship to operate it.

- No, not necessarily.

- It looks like the flight was headed

towards the Earth's surface.

- I'll be damned.

The Styrolian is boxing himself in.

- Patrol craft 26 reporting in sir.

- [PC-26] PC-26 calling Control Centre.

- Go ahead PC-26, this is
General Elsiner, we're with you.

- [PC-26] We've got 'em
on the run, General.

Once they're within
surface support's range,

they won't get away.

- Good job Captain, Control out.

Alert surface support.

I want three proton
launchers airborne now.

- Yes, sir.

This is Control, give me ground support.

(crickets chirping)


- Okay, okay, okay, that's enough.

- Oh did I tell you we

had a good day at school!

In history we learned about
the last of the 20th century.

You know, the things Grandpa talks about!

- Goodnight, Cindy.

- Did you know Marissa got
one of those auto-canaries?

It sings, but I love Cleo, you know.

- Goodnight, Cindy.

- I love you, you're a great sister.

- I love you too, honey.

Now go to sleep.

Cindy sure is growing up.

You know, Grandpa even
after all these years

I still find myself missing mom and dad.

I don't know, maybe it's because
this place never changes.

Same furniture, same everything.

The world keeps changing,
but the farm remains

exactly as if mom and dad were still here.

- It was this way when I grew up here.

When my daddy grew up, all the way back

to my great grandfather, Luke Carter.

It's his family's home place,

always has been, always will be.

- Grandpa, I've been
thinking, ever since they died

and we had to raise Jimmy and Cindy and

somebody had to do the housework and,

and look out after everyone and, well--

- Say what you're thinking girl.

- Oh, how do I say it?

I'd like to find someone.

I'd like a home of my own.

- Hm, been wondering when
you'd be bringing this up.

- It's just that night after
night I sit here after the kids

have gone to bed and I
just have these feelings.

- [Grandpa] We feel what we feel.

- But Grandpa, a time
comes when people have to

let go of certain, of
certain ways of living!

Don't you see, the hate
you hold inside you

is going to destroy you!

Do you want the kids to
grow up unhappy like you?

You can't keep protecting
them from this world!

- This modern world of
yours killed my son!

Your daddy, killed your
mama, that's not something

I want for you kids.

- You know, I've discovered something.

I can hold on to the love of mom and dad

without hating this world.

- Maybe you can, but not me.

- No, it's the same for everybody!

Sure there are some that
refuse to let go of their hate,

but that hate eventually consumes them

in the same way it's consuming you!

- Now you listen to me!

I've been on this earth a good deal longer

than you have young woman!

There was a time before when this world

was a good place to live for everyone!

But the politicians, the corporations

decided that what was out there

was more important than
what we had down here.

The results, aside from
a few farms like our own,

which I've done my damnedest to maintain

the way a farm should be, the
world is one long endless war,

grabbing up all the resources,
to keep up with your world!

People don't know the smell
of green grass in the spring.

The feel of cool dirt between their toes.

All they want is the newest,
shiniest, and fastest,

whatever it takes to satisfy them.

- [Woman] That's not the important part.

- Oh it isn't?

What do you think it is that makes

everything work in today's society?

Runs those air surface
cars, runs all the gadgets

in every city around this world?

Dirathium, that's what.

- What's the got to do with it?

- I'll tell you what it has to do with it.

It's Dirathium crystals
that Earth has been

fighting about with those
damn Styrolian monsters

all these years!

You say it has no part in our lives.

I remember the day those Styrolians

came flying across our land,

burning nearly all of it out
with those Dirathium rays.

I remember seeing your mama and daddy

out the fields when it happened.

I told myself I'd never
forget, as long as I live,

I'd look on this world is a lost cause.

As for those Styrolians,
well I could kill...

No, enough of that, time for bed.

Four a.m. still comes early.

- Goodnight, Grandpa.

- All the animals are
locked up and watered.

I left Matt and Blaze in
the lower pasture, okay?

- Fine.
- Grandpa gone to bed?

- A few minutes ago.
- Heard you and him arguing,

I'd never heard so many
words out of his mouth.

Is it okay if me and Vicious go out

to the pond for a few minutes?

- Well it is kind of late.
- Oh please,

you just gotta let me!

- Well, what on earth is that?

- It's an atom polarizer, I made the money

selling frog legs to send away for it.

- Does grandpa know about this?

- Are you kidding, he'd skin me alive!

Put these wires in the water
like this and push here,

and zap, any frog within
five metres gets fried!

- Jimmy, how could you do such a thing?

- Oh please, you just gotta let me.

- Well, it's been a while
since we had frog legs.

- Great, come on Vicious
we've got things to do!

Come on Vicious!

- Don't forget to lock up!
- Don't worry.

(crickets chirping)
(frogs croaking)

(tense music)
(weapons zapping)

- It's no use, we'll
just have to cope with

the ship's environmental system as it is.

- A few more revolutions and maybe,

maybe, damn!

You'd think this ship was Earth-made!

- Even if we could make the system work,

the hull of these reconnaissance vessels

were never designed
for this kind of speed.

- And especially in Earth's atmosphere,

but we have no choice.

(engine whirring)

- Put enough distance between
us and the Earth patrol.

We're out of their laser range.

Let's hope we don't burn up.

- Tuber, the hull's gonna separate!

We have to adjust our
flight plan immediately.

- [Kalif] Agreement,
I'll let the ship fall

into Earth's gravitational pull.

(weapons zapping)
(eerie tense music)


- Earth patrols.

- We've lost scanner contact,

they're too close to the ground.

- Any sighting yet, Commander?

- [Commander] Not yet sir,
it's pretty black out here.

We're making a surface sweep based on

last coordinates of (mumbles),

they'll turn up sooner or
later, Surface Support out.

- See if you can raise the patrol craft.

- Patrol craft 26, this
is Control, come in 26.

- [PC-26] This is PC-26, Control.

- Can you give us your position?

- [PC-26] Not a chance,

lost track of my flight plane
when they moved down here.

Can't talk any longer, they
just pulled up behind me.

26 out.

(engines whirring)
(eerie tense music)

- (laughs) You're staying in pursuit?

- I have no choice.

Any attempt to reverse
direction and climb back

would be useless.

- Well they're going to pay,
tuber, they are going to pay.

(ships whooshing)

Pull up tuber, pull up!

- Guidance system is knocked out,

we're forced to stay on manual!

All we can do his run.

- Won't be running too far if you keep

flying at this low altitude.

- I've a slight lead on them.
(tense music)

One last alternative.

- Tell me what you want.

- Supercharge laser batteries!

- No!
- Do it!

(frenetic beeping)

- Batteries charging.
- Good.

- Know what you're gonna have to do?

You're gonna have to completely
reverse flight direction,

if this blast is gonna work.

- Agreement, but I think
I've found just the place...

(ships whooshing)

On command shut down all the
interior and exterior lights.

Computer ready.

- Start firing status.
- On computer ready.

(ships whooshing)
(tense music)

(weapons zapping)

(explosion booming)

(crickets chirping)
(frogs croaking)

- Hear that Vicious, it
sounded like thunder,

but it couldn't have been
thunder, it's a clear night.

Hey there's a big one, okay...

- I got him!

- (mumbles) panels won't respond,
activate emergency power!

- Activated.

(eerie suspenseful music)

- That wasn't thunder,

I could have sworn I--
(explosion booming)

Hey, did you see that?

Come on vicious, let's take a look!

(electricity sizzling)
(engine whirring)

- Gropper!

Gropper, Gropper, we
have to get out of here!



- What happened?

Kalif, what,

what happened?
- The ship's destroyed.

- Destroyed, the ship, is destroyed?

Is it irreparable?
- See for yourself.

(crickets chirping)


- Stuck here on this forsaken
planet Earth, without a ship!


- We'll figure something out.

Now don't move, I'll take care of it.

(spray hissing)

(crickets chirping)

You'll be all right, by
now the Earth Control

must have alerted their ground forces.

- Or else they could
have spotted the crash.

- We're too exposed here.

We should move to a safer place.


(electrical crackling)
(steam hissing)

- [Man] Sensor relays have
indicated radioactivity fallout

in the coastal mountain vicinity.

- What about visual contact?
- PL-59, which was in the

area reported sighting a faint

flash on the horizon, nothing more.

- All right, continue
a surface sweep until

ground search is in the area.

- [PL-58] Yes sir, PL-58 out.

- God dammit!

How the hell'd they get by us?

How'd we lose 'em?

Try reaching the patrol craft again.

- General, you don't understand,

it's not as if he's simply not answering.

When I make the call my indicator level

shows zero response activity.

Now that would only happen if the--

- If the ship had blown up, I know that!

I know that, just try again anyway.

- Yes sir!

(sensors beeping)
- That analysis just confirmed

the nature to fall out,
it correlates exactly

with the dirathium fuel
amounts onboard PC-26.

That flash must have
been the ship exploding.

(tense music)
- All right.

- Captain Warner is on
his way over here now sir,

he's the best search
squadron leader we've got.

He'll find that Styrolian
whether he's dead or alive.

- Come on Vicious, come on.

(Vicious growling)
What is it Vicious,

what is it, boy?

(eerie sinister music)

No, don't shoot, no!

(weapon zapping)

Vicious, Vicious, what
happened, what did you do?

- No!

The earthling may be useful to us.

- Tuber, he can identify us.

He must be terminated.

- He can lead us to that
structure in the distance.

It must be his living
cubical, at least there

we can think of what we're gonna do next.

Besides, we need nutritional supplies.

- Will you convince the
earthling to cooperate

or he'll be terminated?

- You're Styrolians!

- If you plan on staying
alive, you'll drop that light.

My comrade has very little tolerance.

I mean now!

- Should you further annoy or irritate me

there will be instant termination.

- Do you understand?

- Yes, sir.
- Now lead us out of here.

- [Jim] Yes sir.

(eerie sinister music)
(crickets chirping)

- Shh!


(door clattering)

(weapon zapping)

(door clattering)

Do not be afraid and do
exactly as I tell you.

Get yourself and the young
one into the other room.

(crickets chirping)



- Hold it!

- Grandpa!


(gun firing)


(eerie tense music)

(Kalif groaning)

- How is it?

- I'm all all right.

Don't hurt them Gropper, we need them.

- You, woman!

That cord, bring it, and tie the old one.

(tense music)

- Help, Styrolians, please help us,

please anybody help us, oh (groans).

(woman whimpering)


- No more communication.

(eerie sinister music)

You, put the old one in the chair.

(Grandpa grunting)

- Don't kill him!
- Put the noose

around his neck.


- Don't hurt him!
- Put it, put it

around his neck.

- Please don't hurt him!
- You need motivation.

Now, tighten it.

- Please don't hurt him,
I'll do anything you want.

- Yes, you will.

You, back!

- Don't hurt her!

- Stay back!

Tighten it.

Oh that's not tight enough.


Really tighten it up,

tighten it!
(Grandpa choking)

You're no match for me old one!

Right old one!

- [Cindy] Stop hurting my grandpa!

Stop hurting my grandpa!

- Please don't kill her!

Please don't hurt us!


- If I kill, oh I'd kill all of you,

no witnesses...
- (groans) Gropper!

- How's the arm?

- It's all right.

- You and you, find him a place to rest.

- Untie the boy outside and bring him in.

- [Gropper] When I secure the old man.

Well help him, help him girl!

You in the back help him, help him!

(sensors beeping)

- Captain Martin Warner reporting sir.

- At ease captain, step
over here will 'ya?

Marty, this is the last area that we had

verified contact with our patrol craft.

Commander Copis is keeping a
surface watch but so far he

hasn't turned up anything.

- Have there been any
more computer readings

from the general vicinity?

- There was a slight
detection of seismic movement

shortly after our ship blew up.

- Then possibly, just possibly

the Styrolian crash-landed.

- Possibly, but to create even the

slight ground disturbance that was

picked up would have required
one hell of an impact.

Chances are better that it was caused by

delayed aftershock after PC-26 exploded.

- Have you been able to pinpoint the area

where this seismic activity took place?

- Let me check.

Are you done yet with the cross-indexing

Lieutenant Woodbury?

- Just finished.

The seismic indicators
show that the source of the

ground disturbance is within a hundred

square mile area, about here.

- Then that's where we should begin.

Any further orders general?

- Just find him.

Kill him.

I want this operation wrapped up.

(crickets chirping)
(tense music)

- Well.

How is he?

- Your friend needs help.

What have you done with Jimmy?

- Jimmy, what is Jimmy?

- My brother the boy.

- Boy?

Oh the young thing, he's safe
enough don't worry about him.

You help me with my tuber.

Here, uh...
(Kalif groaning)

Let's see this...

(spray hissing)

What's wrong?

- There's something
burning inside my shoulder!

- Well a high compression microwave

shouldn't have any side effects.

Tell me, what the weapon, the
old man used, what was it?

- A shotgun.
- A shot gun.

And what does it do, what does it do?

What is the explosion, what
does it consist of, what?

- Small metal pellets.

- Small metal...
- Do not use the sprayer

it must raise the
temperature of the pellets!

- Small metal pellets.

Tuber, I cannot heal your shoulder.

Keep away!
- The wound should be cleaned.

- It hurts, let her clean it!

- You don't understand tuber!
- Let her help!

- Help.
- I need some water

and some antiseptic pads.

- [Gropper] Get it, get it!

(eerie sinister music)
(crickets chirping)

(woman whimpering)
(dish clanking)

(woman weeping)


- The pellets should be removed.

I-I've never done this before!

Oh, I'll clean the wound,
keep it from getting infected.

This will sting--
- Wait!

I want to know, what is that?

- Whiskey.

- This, whiskey?

- Whiskey, take it--

- No!

No, you we're going to poison him.

- Why no--
- Yes you were

going to poison him!
- It won't hurt him,

it'll help him!
- Cleaning and bandaging

is enough!

Get on with it, on with it!

I'm going outside to get the boy,

if anything happens to him while I'm gone,

the boy will be terminated.

Do you understand?

- I understand.
- Somehow I knew you would.

(crickets chirping)

Small pellets which become embedded

in its targets, ridiculous.

Now what could I try it on?

Hey where are you going?

- Just want to make sure Cleo is okay.

- Cleo, what's a Cleo?

- It's my pet canary.

- Don't you think Cleo would like to,

(Cleo chirping)
fly about the room?

Enjoy some freedom?

- Well I guess so but Janet told me not to

let her out of her cage.

- And you wouldn't dare disobey
Janet, would she old one?

Do you know what I would
do if someone disobeyed me?


- Don't let them hurt Cleo, Grandpa!

(eerie sinister music)

(gun firing)
(window shattering)

- No!

He killed Cleo!

Janet why?
- What's going on Gropper?

- Gathering intelligence tuber.

Studying the effect of this
rather primitive weapon,

demonstrating a point,
that their weapons are

inefficient, undependable.

Your shoulder's bleeding.

- Get the boy.

- You're undependable.

I want that shoulder repaired!

And that's an order!

Old one, we haven't
finished yet, you and I.

(suspenseful music)
- No, we haven't finished yet.

(crickets chirping)

- Janet?

- Yes dear?

- I miss Cleo.

- I do too honey.

Try to get some rest.

- [Kalif] Is the young one yours?

- My sister.

- Sister?

- Your shoulder needs attention.

- [Kalif] Your sister,

tell me what you feel
about her, I want to know.

- Well naturally I love her very much,

something you wouldn't understand.

- These are feelings
I've never seen before.

- It hurts doesn't it?

- [Kalif] Yes, but I trust you.

(tense music)

- I couldn't let you bleed to death.

- You have much compassion.

I am sorry if any harm has come

to either you or your family.

- That's hard to believe!

You broke into my home,
you pointed a gun at us.

If you feel so badly about
it, why did you do it?

- We're trying to survive
in a strange world.

If Gropper has done anything to harm you

or your family, it is unfortunate.

But in view of what has happened to me,

there was little that could be done.

I am sorry.

- I'm sorry too.

- In our world when one
does harm to another

it is automatically expected that they

will be terminated.

No matter who they may be.

- Do you mean that

(eerie tense music)
if your mother and father

did something wrong
you'd bring harm to them?

- I cannot answer that question.

- Why not?

- I never had a mother or a father.

(poignant music)
- What?

- I was artificially
created in a test tube.

I was raised in a nurturing centre.

I never had a mother or a father.

I have no concept of parents,

or parents and children, or sisters.

Therefore I cannot answer that question.

- So that's why you were
asking me about my sister.

- That is why.

- I just can't believe
you would bring harm

to someone you love.

- Those like me have no families.

We are not permitted to
inter-relate on any level

of Styrolian society.

We are raised in a computerised technology

until mature, then we
become soldiers living

a life of obedience.

I am a tuber, that is all.

- Do you have a name?

- [Kalif] Yes, I have a name.

- What is it?

- Kalif.

- Kalif.

Kalif, I am also a tuber.

- Then how can you, be sisters?

- Often in our world when a man and woman

want a child but can't have one,

because of some physical problem,

a child is created from a test tube.

That child is raised as
though it were their own.

- Why do they love it?


- Because of love!

- Love...

What is this concept, love?


(eerie sinister music)

- Get up!
- Go to hell!

- Hey!

How long, how high can I pull him

before his arms break, huh?

- [Janet] Stop it!


Now, come here, come here!

Now Grandpa, why aren't you laughing?

That's what she called
you isn't it, Grandpa?

Why aren't you laughing?

I want you to laugh, or he dies!

- Gropper let him go!

I said don't hurt them, we may need them!

Come in here, we need
to discuss our plans.

- You stay.

- I still say our best alternative is

to move on at first light.

- No.

We'd be too exposed, it's safer here.

- We're too close to
where the ship exploded.

The Earth Patrol is bound
to check this house.

- [Gropper] It would be to our benefit.

- How can that be?

- [Gropper] They check this
place, we terminate them,

we take their vehicles.

- [Kalif] We have no idea as to how many

troops they'll send.

- It can't be more than four or five.

It's too large an area to search.

- It is worth considering.

- You okay Grandpa?
- Hmm.

Just watch out for yourself son,

I'm real proud at how you handled things.

- They killed Vicious,
the mean guy did it!

- [Janet] Vicious is dead?

- Yeah.
- No talking!

- Stick it!
- In view of your condition,

to move is impossible.

If you die tuber, die like a soldier.

(eerie music)

No conversation, no talking!

I'll explain, don't even think.

- See the gun, there?

- It's unnecessary!

These people may be different from us,

but they don't deserve
this kind of treatment!

- [Gropper] We'll probably
die anyway, tuber,

so why not enjoy ourselves?

- I can't get it without him seeing me.

- [Jim] I'll try kicking
it under the couch.

- You seem to be forgetting
fundamental orders.

A basic tenet for each fleet
commander in flight training

is never to harm one's
adversary unnecessarily,

especially when they're civilians!

Now I don't need to explain to you

why that rule exists, do I?

- I know why tuber, unnecessary harm

to one's enemy, provides
a motivation to retaliate

which may not have existed
before, something like that.


Though I see little to fear in retaliation

from these creatures.

- I suggest we reconsider this
after we've had some rest.

- Tuber I have nothing
further to discuss with you.


I need you, if only to
get off this planet,

so let's take a look at that shoulder.

Not bad, I'll look at it later.

(eerie tense music)

- [Janet] I think he's coming.

- [Jim] Get it later.

- Remember I don't want them harmed!

- Oh yes sir, mighty humanitarian!

No more violence!

What are you doing, hmm?

I thought I told you not to move!

- Stop it he can't breathe!

- I'll stop it,
(Cindy weeping)

only because of you.

(mumbling), live a little longer.

Now we sleep.

You, will leave the room
and take care of my tuber.

And shut that young thing up!

You stay here, you boy on the couch!


- [Cindy] Janet, Janet, I'm scared!

(eerie sinister music)
- Shut up, shut her up!

She bothers me.

(crickets chirping)

(birds chirping)

(rooster crowing)

- Oh I've got to check Grandpa and Jimmy.

- I checked, they're okay.


- (sighs) I have to feed the animals.

Would you...

I mean, do you feel well
enough to go along with me?


- It's sore but, Gropper would
never let you go by yourself.

- Crazy.

You're both so different.

- Yes.

- Cindy you like to come too?

- I'm scared.

- Go back to sleep.

But if you do get up, stay in the room,

and don't make any noise.

- Okay.

- Turn your head I want
to change my clothes.

(enigmatic music)

- Hey, where are you going?
(eerie sinister music)

- The horses have to be watered and

the animals have to be fed.

- Why?
- I'm going with her Gropper.

Besides I need some fresh air,

and we may need their animals.

- [Gropper] Go.


- It feels so good to be
outside, away from him.

- It's so very different here.

Why is part of that mountain so green

and the other part so barren?

- Years ago when the war with
your people was much larger,

a tremendous air battle
took place over those hills.

The hills were seared with laser bombs,

from you attacking Styrolians.

- A few were responsible
for the hurt of so many,

our people as well as yours.

The ones who want it the least are

usually the people who are hurt the most.

- I'm happy that you and
your family were not harmed

by the fighting that took place here.

- My mother and father were killed.

- [Kalif] I've been very confused about

the meaning of parents,
but in the short time

I've been here I've come to learn

that there exists a strong bond

between members of a family unit.

And although I don't completely understand

the significance of it,

I do sense the depth of it.

(birds chirping)
(enigmatic music)

- [Janet] We're just as
responsible for the death

and destruction during this war.

No conflict lasts so many
years unless both sides

are unwilling to compromise.

But enough about war, tell me,

what was it like to live on Styrolia?

- As children, a teacher,

companion, sometimes
dictator, sometimes friend,

is a computer.

But mostly the computer is
our standard of how to live.

The only people we ever meet

are the young ones we grow up with.

But then we're taught not
to become attached to them.

(eerie poignant music)
(horses neighing)

- Here we grow as individuals,

learning from each other.

And as we grow closer together,

we become more aware of
each other's feelings.

- I think I'm beginning to understand.

But what of this concept, love?

- Since life began on this
planet people have tried

to explain love, with not much success.

- What's that?
- Oats.

- Oats?
- It's what the horses eat.

- Why don't you use androids or robots

to do these mundane kind of jobs?

- (sighs) The whole point
of living this lifestyle

is to stay in touch with nature!

Come on, let's go feed the chickens.

Okay, you can have more.

(Janet laughing)

(eerie poignant music)

- What a curious animal.

It's fascinating how
they all stay together

in one group like that.

- You know, a couple of
nights ago a mother hen died.

Her brood was adopted by another hen,

and she instinctively began caring

for the motherless
chicks just like her own.


it's the same with people.

You see once there's a sense
of caring between two people,

love begins to grow.

That's what you saw with Cindy and myself.

And that feeling exists
between parent and child.

Whether the child is created naturally,

or through a test tube.

That feeling is love.

(eerie poignant music)

You don't have to say a thing.

(eerie sinister music)

- What are you looking at old one?

Show me!

Oh (chuckles).

That's it.


(poignant music)


That's it.

That damn tuber.

You know something old one, I
didn't think he had it in him.

But wait till my turn comes!


(power humming)

(sensors beeping)
(tense music)

- [SQ-4] Search Quadrant
four calling Control,

Search Quadrant four calling!

- This is Control, Squadron four.

- [SQ-4] Enemy vessel located
at 3,000 feet elevation,

in mountain region 18.
- Any sign of the pilot?

- [SQ-4] Negative.

The escape hatch was open
and the vehicle empty.

Judging from the
condition of the wreckage,

he must have been injured.

He couldn't have gotten too far.

- Consolidate forces
and saturate the area!

- [SQ-4] Well regrouping's
already taking place.

Odds are he's moved to lower ground,

so we'll be concentrating
personnel to the north.

- Fine, just keep us posted.
- Yes sir.

Squadron four out.

- Get our boys over at Security Analysis.

I want a search team on
that site in an hour.

(birds chirping)

- Well I presumed you
took care of the animals.

- For now yes.

- Well that's good.

Now it's my turn.

You stand watch.

Grandpa, I'm going to
check the animals now.

- No Groppa.

- Yes.

- I said no.

- Well all right tuber,
if that's what you want.

(fist thumping)
(eerie sinister music)


Don't worry about him.

I mean, anything you experienced
with a tuber like that,

is nothing compared to what
you're gonna experience with me.

Come here...
- No, oh please don't!

- That's what I like, someone with spirit!

(Janet whimpering)
Spirit, right Grandpa?

I tell you what Grandpa, I'll tell you

all about it when I'm finished!


(clothing ripping)
(Janet whimpering)

- You do anything to my
sister and you're a dead man!

Cindy, Cindy come quick!

- Where's Janet?

What happened to Kalif?

- Never mind, just get
me a knife, scissors,

anything, just get me out of these ropes!

(eerie sinister music)
(Janet screaming)

Hurry just cut it, hurry!

- Dammit cry!

This is how a Styrolian does it!


- Good Jim!

Jim, my ropes, cut me out of 'em!

- No time, I gotta help Janet!

Get him out of his ropes!
- Cindy come on, that's it!


- That was fun...
- No, no, no...

- Yeah, Styrolian style,
that's what I like!

Come on, you're missing the best part!

- Stop!

Keep away from my sister.

Stop now or I'll shoot.

Stop or I'll shoot!

(birds chirping)
(eerie sinister music)


- [Gropper] I'd kill you right here,

but I think grandpa might

enjoy watching.

Hey grandpa, you want
to witness an execution?

- You'll pay, you'll pay!

Now it's my turn!

(gun firing)
(Gropper groaning)

- Since I didn't want to shoot Janet,

I waited until he was away from her.

I distracted him all right!

I almost had him right then and there!

But like I told you the gun didn't work.

Finally he had me pinned
down and was ready

to kill me and--
- Janet, come look!

- [Janet] Just tell me what you see honey.

- There's two guys
sneaking outside the house,

I could see them from the bedroom too.

- She's right, as far as I can see

it's an Earth Tactical Search Unit.

I bet you they found the ship.

- Jim, take Kalif into
Grandpa's bedroom and get

him into a pair of
dungarees and a work shirt.

- Okay, come on.

- Go ahead, it's gonna be all right.

Grandfather, I know we
haven't always agreed with

each other, but, but please, please

don't, don't turn Kalif in, please?

- I'm Captain Warner, I'm
looking for a Styrolian.

We found the remains of
his ship up on the hill.

We assumed he escaped.

Do any of you have any
information about him?

- Yep in fact, Kal over there
had his head busted in by him,

(chuckles), but we took
care of that old boy.

You'll find what's left of him outside

in back of the wood bin.

- Captain we found him behind the house

shot full of holes.

- We want to thank you.
- Oh that's all right just

haul his carcass away from
here, that'll be thanks enough.

Now if you don't mind,

we've had enough excitement
here for one day.

- We'll contact you later if we need to.

- Oh thank you grandpa, thank you.

- Now don't ask me why
I didn't turn him in.

It's very simple.

The love I saw in your
eyes, reminded me of

the look your mama used
to give your daddy.

Besides, I could use an
extra hand here on the farm.


- Yes, I understand Major, thank you.

(eerie tense music)

looks like you were right Lieutenant.

- It was only logical.

- When I heard about the--
- Captain Warner

is calling in!

The Styrolian pilot, they found him.

- This is Elsiner!

I hear you got good news Marty!

- [Marty] That's right general,

we found the alien, he was already dead.

It seems this backwoods farm
family had terminated him.

- What about the other one?

- [Marty] Another one, I, I don't know

what you mean sir.

- Security Analysis just
called in the report from

the crash site, there were
two enemy personnel on board

at the time of the crash.

- [Marty] Well if there
is another one out here,

I'll get him sir.

- I'm sure you will.

Control out.

(waves splashing)
(birds chirping)

(pleasant music)



(birds chirping)
(serene music)

- Earth, so much
different than I expected.

So informal, simple.

- Well, don't judge all of Earth by what

you see here at our ranch.

By most standards ours is judged as

an old-fashioned lifestyle.

- I'm not complaining, I like it.

And the people who live it.

- Well if you went to
one of the big cities

you might change your mind,
the people there all act as if

they're out of some kind
of an assembly line.

- Assembly line?

- Yeah, you know, stamped
from the same cookie cutter.

- Cookie cutter?

- Uh, from the same mould.

- Oh you mean like on Styrolia,
where people are born,

raised and educated on an assembly line.

- Well, I prefer you to most
Earth people I've known.

- And I prefer you.

- Well, let's drink to our preferences.

(serene music)
(birds chirping)

(brooding music)

- The old man's not
here, nor is anyone else.

- Do we wait for them or search the area?

- I say we search.

Captain Warner's report indicated
four persons living here.

An old man, a young adult
female and two children.

The neighbours to the east indicate

that there's an adult male here.

They say he's been here
about a month and a half,

described as about five foot, 11,

maybe thirty years of
age, so what do you think?

- Captain Warner also reported
seeing a male farmhand here.

- Did he check his papers?
- No I don't think so.

- It must be our Styrolian, it all fits.

They found one dead
but intelligence report

indicates that there was two
of 'em, so there's one missing.

- [Man] And suddenly a new
man appears on this ranch.

- Right.

Okay if he's not in the house,
he's certainly in the area.

You check out the house again,

- Okay.
- I'm gonna radio Command.

This is search team Omega calling Command.

Request search team Alpha,
group at vector 79A.

- Lieutenant, look at this.

- Let's go.

(tense music)

- Take it easy Grandpa!
- What is it Grandfather?

What's wrong?
- Federation Patrol security!

- Where?
- At the house.

I just saw them, heard them.

They're looking for you
Kal, they know you're here.

- Oh my god!
- What do we do now?

- I've got to get you away from her son,

the sooner the better.

They're searching the area.

I heard them call up
another team to help them.

I don't know where they are
now or where they're going.

You can't go back to
the house because they

probably have a guard there.

I think you'll have to
head into the countryside.

- What about provisions, weapons?

- We'll make do with what we have.

I'm praying we don't have to use weapons.

- We can't send Kalif off by himself,

he doesn't know the area!

- Listen to me girl,

we have no other choice
now, he can't stay here.

He could be arrested and maybe killed.

How 'bout you Kal, what
do you think, any ideas?

- Are there any civilian air
shuttle bases in this area?

- About five miles east of here.

- If I can get to a ship,
any ship that can fly,

I might stand a chance.

Will you lead me?
- Let's go!

(suspenseful music)
(footsteps clattering)

- [Man] What do you think?

- I think they've been
here just a short time ago.

This way.

(tense music)

(suspenseful music)

- He's out there alone?
- No I don't think so.

Looks to me like the old man was

covering for Styrolians, deliberately,

whether he did it on his own
or was forced to, I don't know.

We're just wasting time,
he's probably not alone.

Alpha Team, you take the low ground,

form a 40 degree sweep
northeast of the ranch.

Gilbert and I will take
the Southwest sector.

Get these things, set up a laser fence,

form a circle around the quadrant.

Hit it.

(tense music)

(eerie suspenseful music)

- Come on, hurry!

(weapons zapping)

- No!

Fire only when you know you can hit him!

I don't want the family hit!

- Yes sir.

- Circle around to the
right and sweep the area,

report in every five minutes.

- Okay.

(tense music)

(suspenseful music)

(weapons zapping)
- Back, back, back!

We gotta keep moving, we're
like sitting ducks out here!

(weapons zapping)

I know what you're trying to do!

But hunting tricks don't change

through the years (chuckles).

Come on we'll go back to
the other way, follow me!

(weapons zapping)
- Oh!

It's all right, keep going!

- Okay!
- I'm all right!

(eerie tense music)

- Hold it, wait!
(energy buzzing)

It's a laser fence!

We're boxed in!

Wait right here, just relax,

I'll see if I can find a way through it!

(tense music)
(energy buzzing)

(energetic relentless music)

- Hey you're running over my friend.

Stand up!

I said stand up!

(suspenseful music)

Put your hands behind you, turn around!

Turn around!

That's it, back up!

- Okay sonny, nice and easy,
let go of the laser gun!

That's it!

Here Kal, take the gun!

All right, down on your
knees, nice and slow.

That's it, give me the rope.

You got it on him?

Okay that's it behind your
back, that's a good boy.

- I'm not gonna kill you.

Your comrades will find you soon,

and when they do I want you
to give them this message.

Do not hurt this Earth family!

what they did for me they did
out of love and gratitude.

If they broke any of your laws,
it was my doing, not theirs.

(weapon zapping)

- And you won't be needing this anymore.

Come on, let's go.

(tense music)

How's the leg?

- I've been hurt worse.

- Well it's gonna slow you down.

Look, I'm gonna use myself as a decoy,

that'll give you the
extra time you'll need.

- I can't let you do
that, you may get shot.

- Don't worry about me
Kal, I can take care

of myself in these parts.

I wish I had all the time to tell you

how much you've come to mean to me son.

- And you to me.


(poignant music)

- I'm going with Kalif!

- No.

Stay with your family.

The children need you.

- But I--
- He's right Janet.

And it's too dangerous out there for you.


Now look, you go on back to the ranch now.

Come on, he'll be back, I know it.

As soon as there's peace
again he'll be back.

Come on, now go on now.


(poignant music)

(eerie foreboding music)

(suspenseful climactic music)