Captive (1991) - full transcript

Paul and Kathy Plunk move away from Phoenix, Arizona, so that their baby daughter may grow up in the healthy Oregon. They buy a small motel in a lonesome mountain region... - it could be idyllic, but their first guests are the wanted criminals Knott and Frost, who are on flight from the police. They need money, so they assault the Plunks, force them to withdraw all their money from the bank. But the nightmare just begins: they take the Plunks and their baby with them as hostages. Their life is worth nothing to the psychopathic criminals.

>> ♪ falling down ♪

♪ Falling down ♪

♪ Falling down ♪

♪ London Bridge ♪

♪ Is falling down ♪

♪ My fair lady ♪

♪ Take the key and lock it... ♪♪

>> ♪ The itsy bitsy spider ♪

♪ Crawled up the waterspout ♪

♪ Down came the rain ♪

♪ And washed the spider out ♪

♪ Out came the sun ♪

♪ And dried up all the rain ♪

♪ And the itsy bitsy spider ♪

♪ Crawled up the spout again ♪♪

>> Up it again!

>> We're gonna go where there's

lots of trees.

>> Mommy, tree.

>> Tree, that's right!

(horn honking)

(birds chirping)

>> Well... dear, sweet Bart.

Come here, I wanna take a look

at you.

Come here, Katie.

Come here.

This is gonna be our new home.

It's called Yachats.

Can you say that?


>> Yachats.

>> Yachats. (laughs)

>> You know, I still can't

believe we're doing this.

>> (sighs)

>> Ah.

Thank God.


>> Ah, Nigel.

Good to see you.

>> I couldn't be more glad to

see you if you were Santa Claus.

No, no, I tell you, I just can't

wait to get out of this place.

>> Really?

>> Well, hello.

>> Hi.

>> Is this the little creature

who was conceived on the


>> Yes, sir.

This is Katie.

Say hi, Katie.


>> Hi.


Can I help you with, uh...

Oh, by the way, escrow says that

the paperwork won't be ready

till next week now.

I'm sorry, but I'm going to have

to disappear before that.

You don't mind, do you?

>> Oh, no.

>> I'll show you the ropes and

everything and, uh, yes, yes.

>> (chuckles)

Oh, honey, isn't it paradise?

>> It will be, with a few coats

of paint, some carpentry, some

plumbing and as long as we--

>> Keep up the payments.

I promise, sweetheart.

It won't be a problem.

(thunder rumbling)

(rain pattering)

>> Need some help, son?

♪♪ (big band music on radio)

>> Yeah, the, um...

alternator's busted.

We need a ride to the next town.

>> Oh, I'm sorry, but we're

headed the other way.

Don't mind giving you and

your friend a ride, though.

>> No, uh...

No, we gotta go north.

>> South's the best we can do.

But look, we just passed a

police cruiser a few miles back.

Maybe you should wait for them.

>> No, we'll go with you guys.

>> radio host: And if you liked

yesterday, you'll love...

>> You boys on holiday?

>> We expect occasional showers

over most of...

>> You might say that.

>> Highs today should reach the

mid-50s with lows tonight in the


(guns click)

>> Only our holiday is in the

other direction.

>> ... with the Fabulous '40s.

♪♪ (big band music playing)

(tires screeching)

>> We got the ocean here.

Got the ocean.

Can you run?

Can you run?

Do you like the water?

You wanna go in the water?

Ooh, the water.

You like the water?

(both laughing)

>> There's those girls.

>> I knew we'd get you back

here, Kathy.

Didn't I say so, my darling?

>> Oh, hi.

How are you?

>> We were hoping you hadn't

changed your minds.

>> Oh, of course not.

>> So where's the big fella?

>> Oh, he's off talking business

with Nigel.

You know.

>> Should be fishing.

There's plenty of time for work

after you officially take over

the place.

>> (laughing) That's true.

Hey, Katie, look who's come to

meet you.

Look who's come to meet you.

This is Uncle Rudy and Auntie


Can you say hi?

>> Hi.

>> Yeah, well, we're having a

party later on today.

There'll be candy and desserts.

Would you like to come, huh?

>> Yes, yes, of course she'd

like to come.

(indistinct chatter)

>> Get up there.

>> Hey, kids.

>> Hey, Paul, you met Marv

and Ed your last trip.

>> Gentlemen.

>> Hi, Paul.

>> Hi, Paul.

>> Now this here's Greg.

>> Hi, Greg.

>> And this is Stu, your

number-one competitor, just the

other side of Yachats.

>> Uh-oh.

>> (laughing)

Actually, we do business a

little differently here.

More cooperation than


>> We're not interested in

cutting each other's throats.

>> Kathy's been like a

granddaughter to me.

She's been coming here ever

since she was so high.

>> How old was I, Hilda?


Oh, and I wanted to stay here


See, my father's job moved us

around a lot.

I just remember screaming that

first summer as we drove away.

>> Right.

>> My kids couldn't stand it.

They all left as soon as they

finished high school.

You know, I don't understand--

>> Puberty blues.

They won't appreciate it till

they're 10 years older.


We moved here the minute I found

out I was pregnant.

We did not want to raise a

family in L.A.

>> That's how we felt about


(overlapping chatter)

>> How you doing, sweetie?

Hey, hey, hey.

>> Right on the line.

>> There, this will help you.

>> Oh, thank you.

>> Mm-hmm.

You winning?

>> I just lost the motel.

Don't worry about it.


>> (laughing)

>> Okay, sweetheart.

>> Okay.

>> Turn it on.


All right.

>> Great.

>> Ah, Rudy.

Good to get away from it all,

isn't it?

>> That's why we retired here.

>> Yeah, well, that's why we're

moving here.

Tucson was turning into bad


Shady characters, very shady


You know, the S&L business

in Tucson was, well, I guess

it's the same everywhere, huh?

>> Well, I'm glad you and Kathy

are here, son.

And I just hope the two of you

make your fortune.

>> Well, Rudy, if I was

interested in a fortune, I'd

still be back in Tucson.

I'd be perfectly happy to make a

reasonable go of it.

Ah, Rudy...

Life doesn't get much better

than this, does it?

>> Good.

Okay, now our north front room

is our best, uh, Mr. Frost.

In fact, my husband and I spent

our honeymoon there.

>> Yeah?

>> Yeah, yeah.

Wisconsin, huh?

What's it like there?

>> It's, uh, it's cold.

It's really cold.

You're not missing much.

>> You and your friend out here

on holiday?

>> Yeah, we're just kind of,

you know, working our way up the


>> Mm.

Well, I think you're all squared


Have a nice day.

Your room is up those outside

stairs and to the very end.

>> Okay.

>> Okay.

Have a good day.

>> The top.

>> (man on TV) Clyde Barrow,

Bonnie Parker,

we've got you surrounded.

Toss out your guns and give it


>> (woman on TV) Never!

>> Bam.

(gunfire on TV)

Bam, bam!

(upbeat banjo music on TV)

>> Hm.

>> To our first customers.


>> Ah.

>> Paul, why the frown?

>> Nothing.

To our first customers.

>> (man on TV) Look out, boys!

The Barrow gang is making a run

for it!

(gunfire on TV)

>> Kathy?

>> Mm-hmm?

>> You gonna be okay?

I mean, I don't really want to

go to this Chamber of Commerce

meeting anyway.

>> Oh, no, I'll be fine.

I just want to write a few

letters once I get Katie down.

Go meet some new people.

>> Okay.

>> Okay?

>> Give me a kiss.

Give me a kiss.

>> Give Daddy a kiss.

>> Bye-bye, see you later.

>> Say good night.

Say night-night.

>> Bye.

>> Night-night.

(door shuts)

Okay, ready to go to bed?

Come on.

(engine starts)

(crickets chirping)

(ding ding)

>> What can I do for you, Mr.


>> Uh, we need some, uh, change

for the pop machine.

>> No problem.

(gun clicks)

>> We'll take all your money.


Ain't got nothing!

>> I told you, this is it.

This is all we--

>> Don't play games with me.

>> This is our first day.

You're our first customers.

>> I think she's telling the

truth, Robert.

Come on, let's get out of here

before he gets back.

>> Where's your checkbook?

(baby crying)

>> My husband has it.

>> What's that?

>> Look, just take all we have

and leave!

>> No, I don't think so.

I think it's time to meet the

rest of your family.

>> Oh, no, please, don't hurt my

family, no!

>> Come on.

(baby crying)

>> Oh, that's a baby, man.

I don't like this, all right?

Come on, let's split.

>> All right, get over there.

>> Come on!

>> Shut up! Sit!

All right, get out there and

watch for her old man.

(baby crying)

Hey! Hey!

>> Hey!

>> (whimpering)

>> That was really stupid.

>> Yeah, yeah.

>> You do that again...

and I'll kill your baby.

>> (panting)

>> Oh! Ow!

Ow, ow, ow!

Ow. Ohh.

>> Frost, you're useless.

You sit down there and you do

not move.

Do it like this.


Give me the kid.

Give me the kid.

>> (sobbing) No, no.

Oh, God, oh, God.

No, no...

Just stay still, Katie.


>> Bingo.

They're loaded.

You lied to me.

>> No.

>> Yeah, no, you did.

You have $109,000 in here.

>> No, we-- we paid out $100,000

on the motel two days ago.

(lamp shatters)

(gun cocks)


No, no, no!

>> R-Robert, Robert.

9,000, it's a lot of money.

If we kill-- if we kill her,

we get nothing.

>> Please.

Oh, God, oh, God, oh, God, no.


(crickets chirping)

>> (whistling)

(continues whistling)


(gun cocks)

Yo, Kathy.

(whistling softly)

Hey, sweetie.

Well, hello, baby.


>> You move, and she's dead.

>> (whispers) Kathy!

>> Don't do anything, Paul.

>> What do you want?

Take anything, just don't hurt

my family.

>> Shut up.

All right.

We're all going to the bank in

the morning.

In the meantime... we're going

to have a little fun.

(electricity buzzing)

>> (sniffles)

>> That's a nice watch.

>> What are you going to do with


>> Hey, what are we gonna do

with them, Robert?

>> What are you, an echo?

>> (scoffs)

>> (sighs)

What are we gonna do with them?

>> (whispering) No.

>> Uh-huh.

>> (gulps)

(gun clicking repeatedly)

>> (snickering)

>> (exhales shakily)

>> Look, I gotta use the john.

>> He's gotta use the john.

>> (snickering)

>> I'll bet you do.

(baby crying)

>> ♪ Went up the waterspout ♪

♪ Down came the rain ♪

♪ And washed the spider out ♪

♪ Out came the sun ♪

♪ And dried up all the rain ♪

>> Is she okay?

>> ♪ The itsy bitsy spider ♪

♪ Went up the spout again ♪♪

>> Shut that kid up.

>> Shh.

>> All right, here's the plan.

We're going to Lincoln City.

Does the bank know you're there?


He'll take-- shut up!

Now, if she comes back with the

money and she hasn't done

anything stupid, we'll tie you

up and we'll leave you.

Now, let's go.

Let's go!

>> Yeah, why are we going south?

Lincoln City is north.

>> Don't ask me.

He's the brains.

(tires screeching)

(car door shuts)

>> Are you okay?

Did he hurt you?

>> No... no.

>> Just try to stay calm,


Everything's going to be fine

once we give them the money.

>> We're leaving the pickup


The cops will figure we're going


>> If they lay a hand on you or

Katie, I swear to God, I'll kill


>> I love you, Paul.

>> Now, you drive.

I need time to think.

(singsong) We're back.

(car horn honking)

>> All right, it's 10:00.

You got exactly 40 minutes.

If you're not back, I swear to

God, I'm going to kill your

baby, I'm going to kill your

husband and leave.

You'll be on your own.

>> Hey, lighten up, Robert.

I got it under control.

>> You don't have your shaving

under control.

>> When they come back with the

money, you're going to let us

go, right?

>> If you're a good boy.

All right, it's clear, let's go.

Come on!

(horn blaring)

>> Next, please.

(indistinct chatter)

Just a moment, please.

I need to see some I.D.,

Mrs. Plunk.

>> Right here.

I hope my Arizona driver's

license is okay.

>> Sure.

And a major credit card.

And sign the back.

How would you like it?

Bank check?

>> Cash.


>> My, uh, brother and I are

going to Las Vegas.

>> Just a moment, please.

>> Good, Katie, that's good.

Look what you did.

Look at that.


Yeah, that's the plane.

>> What are you looking at?

>> (mutters) Nothing.

>> What, you want to play?

(baby babbling)


>> (grunting)

Come on.


Oh, well, we don't use this.

This is how we really play.

Any hand will do.

>> (chuckles)

>> 800, 900, and 9,000.

>> Everything seems right.

Thank you.

>> Just a moment, Mrs. Plunk.

Fred...would you escort these

people to their car, please?

>> Thank you.

>> Next, please.

>> (laughing)


That was great.

We were great.

When that hat came up, man, I

thought we were dead.

Thought we were going to have to

blast our way out of there or


Bam, bam, bam, bam!



Oh, now, come on.

Come on.

You were great in there.

We were just like Bonnie and


>> (crying) Please just hurry.



>> No, no, no, divide it in half

and look after Robert's, please.

>> (whispering) God.

>> (sighs)

>> I'm so scared of your friend.

>> Yeah.

He's kind of got that effect on


He's really-- he's really out



>> He won't hurt my family, will


You're so different from him.

How did you get mixed up with


>> We were in the same halfway

house together in Wisconsin.

One day, we just decided we were

gonna boost a car, head out



You know, like Butch and


We've been partying ever since.

Been drinking beer, popping

pills, snorting ice.

>> Butch and Sundance died, you


>> Robert wants to die.

>> Do you?

>> If it's in the cards.

>> It doesn't have to be.

>> (sighs)

>> Please.

Will you help us?

Please, if you help us, then

maybe we can help you.

>> Maybe.

>> Please.

>> I gotta get my head straight.

I'll try.

You're pretty.

>> Could you please just drive a

little faster?



(tires screeching)

(tires screeching)

>> Here.

Hi, sweetie.

What's he-- what's he done to


>> Oh, it's nothing.

It's just a cut.

It's nothing-- are you okay?

>> Yeah.

>> Oh, thank God.

>> Hey, we were just like Bonnie

and Clyde.

We held hands, man.

>> Okay, look, you have your

money now.

You gonna let us go?

>> It's more money than we ever

had, hey, Robert?

>> I'm trying to count here.

>> I'm hungry.

I'm going to get some food.

Do you want something?

For your baby, maybe?

>> Let us go!

>> (chuckling)

>> I'm, uh, I'm running low on

disposable diapers.

>> Okay.

>> (radio newscaster) In other

news, Nevada police are asking

Oregon authorities for their

help in their search for two

suspects wanted in connection

with a terrifying kidnapping

earlier this week involving an

elderly couple driving through

the state on vacation.

The couple...

>> Authorities are stepping up

their search for two men in

their early 20s, one of fair

coloring and medium height, the

other tall, dark, possibly of

Native American descent--

>> What are we gonna do?

>> We're getting out of here,

and they're coming with us.

>> No, you said you'd let us go.

>> Yeah, well, now the situation

calls for a different strategy.

We need hostages.

>> No, you take me and you let

Kathy and Katie go.

>> No!

>> You promised.

>> (chuckles)

>> Hey, Robert, we could get a


Head out to sea.

>> I don't like the sea.

I told you, I'm a warrior, like

my fathers, Cochise and



(engine starts)

>> Where we going, Robert?

>> North... Canada.

>> (whistling softly)

(bell dings)

>> Paul?


(ding ding)

Anybody home?

>> Don't you guys ever sleep?

>> Been awake eight days.

Don't you ever shut up?

(baby crying)

>> Could I please feed my


>> Will you shut your kid up?

>> Here, sweetie.

>> No.

>> Look, well, can I just take

her outside for a walk?

She needs air.

>> I-I'll go with her.

>> All right.

I'll stay and play with the


>> Come on, sweetheart.

>> Kids are different, aren't


>> From what?

>> From us.

We're all screwed up.

When you're a kid, nothing makes

sense, you know.

It doesn't matter.

It's like, you're gonna live

forever when you're a kid, you


You know?

>> Would you like to have kids?

>> I got a kid.

>> Where?

>> I don't like to talk about


It makes me sad.


What's your first name?

>> Jeff.

>> How old are you, Jeff?

>> 22.

She's nice.

Were you planning on having more


>> I'd like to have a little boy


>> No, no.

Boys are bad.

I-I'd like a little girl.

>> Sure.

Why not?

(car horn honking)

>> Come on!

Hurry up!

>> I'm gonna sit in back with


You drive.

>> (chuckles)

>> All right.

>> Afternoon.

>> Hey, thanks for coming out.

Name's Rudy Bruger.

Now, this may be nothing, but if

you're running a motel, you

don't all take off and leave it

unattended, right?

Or leave your no vacancy sign on

when you got no guests.

>> Why don't you show me around?

>> Right, come on.

>> You're very tense.

You need more sleep.

>> My neck hurts all the time.

>> Feel better?

>> Yeah.

Yeah, it feels good.

(tires screeching)

No, don't stop.

Don't stop.

(siren blaring)

>> It's the cops, this is it!

Get ready.

(gun cocks)

All right.

We gotta find a place to hole


>> Why don't you give yourselves

up instead of getting us all


>> Why don't you shut up?!

I ain't ending up in jail like


I'm gonna die a free man, so

shut up!

(tires screeching)

(baby crying)

>> It's okay.

>> Shut up!

(crying continues)

Shut up!

Shut up!

>> Don't yell at her, please.

>> You shut up!

And you shut up!

All right, you shut this kid up

or I will, I swear to God.

>> Put the gun away.

You're scaring her.

Thank you.

>> Hey!

>> She can't breathe!

>> Paul!

>> Shut up!

>> Get away from my baby!

Oh, oh, please!

Stop! You bastard! Stop!

>> Leave her alone!

>> You like it, huh?

>> Oh! Oh, stop!

Oh, my God!

(baby crying)

>> Stop it!

Leave her alone!

Stop it!

>> You like it rough? Let's go.

>> (shrieking)

>> How do you like that?

>> Stop! Stop! No!

>> Stop the van!

>> Please, God, stop.

>> Kathy!

Please, don't hurt her!

>> No, stop! No!

No, don't hurt me.

Don't hurt me, please!


(baby crying)

>> Drive!

(tires screeching)

>> (on tape) ♪ London Bridge ♪

♪ Is falling down ♪

♪ Falling down, falling down ♪

♪ London Bridge ♪

♪ Is falling down ♪

♪ My fair lady ♪

♪ Take the key and lock her up ♪

♪ Lock her up... ♪♪

(dog barking in distance)

(crickets chirping)

>> You're the best thing that's

ever happened to me.

>> And you, me.

>> I should never have gone to

that damn meeting.


>> You couldn't have known.

>> No, I didn't like the looks

of them when they checked in.

I should never have left you

alone with them.

>> (sighs)

We're gonna make it through

this, Paul.

We're gonna stay calm...

do whatever they want.

>> (grunts)

>> Do whatever they want.

Whatever it takes for the three

of us to get out of this alive.

>> (man on TV) Clyde Barrow,

Bonnie Parker, we've got you


Toss out your guns and give it


>> (woman on TV) Here's your

answer, copper!

(gunfire on TV)

>> Go get us some beer.

>> Yeah.


(gunfire on TV)

♪♪ (upbeat banjo music on TV)

Ow! Hey!

Hey, take it easy, man.

Take it easy!

>> No.

>> I'll go, I'll go.

What do-- Do you want some food?


>> No.

I'm fasting.

I gotta get purified.

>> Okay.

Do you want some food?

>> No.

>> How about the baby?

>> What are you, a damn


Get the hell out of here.

(car starts)

Come here.

Come here...

Touch it.

I said touch it.

What's this motel called?

>> I didn't notice.

>> The Eagle's Nest.

I'm supposed to be here.

Something is going to happen


What are you staring at?

>> Nothing.

>> What are you staring at?

>> Your hair.

>> What's the matter with my


>> It's... too long.


>> What do you know about my


>> I know you could be handsome

if you...

if you paid more attention.

>> Cut my hair for me.

>> What with?

>> Scissors.

My bag.

Go get 'em.

Go on.

>> The eagle's important to you?

>> It's sacred.

>> Did you grow up on a


>> Why-- why do you care

about this?

Just shut up and cut my hair.

I don't want to talk about this.

>> I just know that it's

important to you and I...

I was curious.

Where are your parents?

Are they alive?

>> I was...

I was playing in the yard...

and I...

and I heard this screaming.

And then I heard this... crack,

like... a gunshot.

And I went in the house, and my

father was dead.

>> And your mother?

>> Killed him.

My mother shot my father.


Then they took her away, and I

didn't-- never saw her again.

My mother.

>> How old were you?

>> I was a...

I was a little boy.

>> You've had a terrible life.

>> Doesn't matter anymore.

We're all gonna die.

>> It doesn't have to be that


I know we can help you.

We can-- we can help you.

(thunder rumbling)

We could...

we could give you a

job at our motel.

Couldn't we, Paul?

>> Sure, we could always use

some extra help.

>> You'd have to give yourself

up, though.

>> They'd put me in jail.

>> No, no, no, we'd say that

you looked after us.

You didn't hurt us in any way.

(door opens)

>> What's this?

Beauty parlor?

>> No, we were-- we were just

discussing you giving yourselves


Paul and I will help you.

>> No way.

I'm not going back to prison.

What's the matter with you,


>> Nothin'.

All right, enough of this.

That's it, you're all dead.

You're dead, the kid's dead, and

you're dead.

(thunder rumbling)

(baby fussing)

>> (crying)

>> Hey...

Come on, come on.

Hi, I need to talk to your mommy


You go play with your toys.

You told me you didn't like


>> I'm terrified of him.

He's gonna murder us all.

>> Oh, uh, don't worry.

That's just how he talks


>> No.

(crying) No... no, Jeff.

No, don't, please, stop.

(crying) No, no, pl--

No! (whimpering)

No, no!

>> (crying)

>> (sobbing) No!

(thunder rumbling)

>> (muttering) We just have to

kill 'em, that's all.

It's not a big damn deal.

We gotta kill 'em.

>> What?


>> I feel...

I feel sick, man.

I'm coming down real hard, and

I'm thinking that we gotta

lighten our load and just--

and kill everybody.

>> No, no.

Forget it.

She helped us.

You can't kill a baby, man.

>> What's the difference?

It's all the same.

We're all dead.

The cops are out there right

now-- we're going to die anyway.

>> There's no one out there.


Pull yourself together, man.

This stuff is eating you up.

>> (whispering) Leave Kathy and

Katie here.

Take me with you.

>> Why don't you shut up?

Nobody's talking to you.

>> What we should do is get rid

of him.

He's the nuisance.

>> (coughs)

>> No, no, no.

No, Not here.

In the mountains somewhere.


>> All right, stop the car here.

>> Remember, I love you.

>> Just go.

>> Jeff, please don't kill him.


>> Uhh!

Fooled you, heh heh.

Come here.

All right.

Now it's your turn.

(cocks gun)

Shoot him.

Go ahead.

Then you could comfort the

grieving widow.

Blow him away.

Shoot him, Jeffrey.

Shoot him, Jeffrey.

>> (whimpering) No...

>> (whispering) Pull the

trigger, Jeffrey.

Come on, pull the trigger.

Come on.

(hisses) Pull the trigger!

Shoot him.

Shoot him!

Shoot him!

I said shoot him!

Give me that!

>> Run, run!

>> Damn it, he's gone!

You idiot!

What's the matter with you?

Get in there.

Get in there!

>> (crying) Thank you.

Thank you.

>> You've lost it, man.

>> Robert, he's never gonna make


We're a million miles from


Just let him be, Robert.

Just leave him be.

>> Shut up!

Ah, let the bastard freeze.

That's a slow, miserable death



>> We could be something.

You and me.

>> (panting)




(dog barking)

(water running)

(water shuts off)

>> Nervous about your wedding


(birds chirping)

>> Hey!

Hey! Is anybody in there?


>> Who the hell are you?

>> Oh, help me.

Help me.

Please, help me.

(gun cocks)

All right.

>> Get out of here!

>> Look, please.

I've been...

I've been walking all night.

My wife and baby have been


You've got to help me, please.

>> This is Pierce County car


I'm bringing Mr. Plunk into

the Morton substation now.

>> (newscaster on TV) Police are

looking for two men in their

early 20s driving a 1988 blue

Ford van.

The men are armed and dangerous

and are believed to be holding a

woman and child hostage.

These men may also be wanted in

connection with a number of

other alleged--

>> Damn it!

I knew we should have kept

driving-- let's go.

We're out of here.

>> (police radio) Pierce County,

car six, do you copy?

(radio static)

>> This is car six, go ahead.

>> We've spotted a Ford van,

Arizona plate November Romeo

Oscar 584, parked outside the

Eagle's Nest motel.

>> That's it, they were-- that's

where they were holding us.

>> We're on our way.

(siren blaring)

>> Let's go!

All right, I'll take the kid.

>> Sheriff, this is Clark.

We got us some activity here.

Two adult males matching the

description of the suspects

are moving towards the van.

They're accompanied by a woman

and a small child.

Please advise.

>> Well, tell them not to shoot.

That's my wife and baby.

Come on, tell them, tell them!

>> This is car six approaching


Mr. Plunk is concerned about the

safety of his wife and child.

>> No, would you tell them not

to shoot?!

>> Sheriff, the van is pulling

out, heading north on highway


>> Keep 'em in sight, Clark.

The F.B.I.'s in on this now.

Do not, I repeat, do not close

in until backup units get into


>> We're on 'em now, Sheriff.

>> The cops!

(baby crying)

>> Katie, down, get down.

>> All right, step on it.

(tires screeching)

>> The van's pulled into

Tonquin Park, Sheriff.

I think we spooked them.

>> Okay, Clark, give 'em some


Take a position to cover the

entrance and sit tight.

Back up units are on the way.

(tires screeching)

>> What's the plan?



What's he doing?

Why-- why did he run?

>> Uh, he's, uh, he's abandoning

you, Jeff.

He doesn't care about you.

>> No, no, not Robert.

No, no, Robert's got a plan.

He's got a plan.

>> Sheriff, we can't see a


Request permission to go in

on foot.

>> Negative, Clark.

Hold for backup.

(baby fussing)

>> Jeff, he's not coming back.

Can't you see that?

He's not.

>> What should we do?

What-- what should we do?

>> Give yourself up.

It's the only way.

>> No! I told you!

I am not going back to prison!

Now, come on.

Come with me, all right?

W-W-We'll go into the woods and

we'll get Robert.

Robert is really good in the


He-- he'll get us out of this.

>> No.

Uh, no, no, I can't take Katie

into the woods.

I can't.

Quick, you go-- you go before

the police get here and

somebody gets hurt.


>> Okay.


You-- I'll go find Robert and--

and I'll bring him back, okay?

>> Okay.

>> Wait here.

Wait here.

>> Go... go, go, go.

Come on, go.

Go, go, go.


(engine stalling)

Stay down!

>> Robert, where are you?

>> Shh, shut up!

Shut up!

(engine stalling)

What the hell are you doing


You're supposed to be watching

the woman and the kid.

>> I promised her I would bring

you back.

What are you doing?

>> I'm gonna ambush the cops

from here.

(engine stalling)

You left the keys with her, you


(engine stalling)

>> Uhh! Uhh!

(engine turns over)

No, oh, oh!

(tires screeching)


>> Sheriff, shots have been


>> What's going on?!

Where's she going?

Where's she going?!

Robert, wait!


>> Van's making a run for it,


>> Stay with it, Clark, but

don't do anything to jeopardize

the hostages.

Backup units are almost in

position to intercept.

(siren wailing)

>> Sheriff, it looks like--

>> (indistinct)

>> ... back to highway 12.

>> Now, when we get there, I

want you on the floor and out of

sight, okay?

(tires screeching)

>> Okay, stay down, Katie.

It's okay, baby.

(horn honking)

>> Tighten it up, Clark.

Your backup is closing in.

(sirens blaring)

>> They're moving in, Sheriff.

>> Stay, Katie.

Mommy will be right back.


Oh, God, come on.

Come on, come on.

Answer the damn phone.

(tires screeching)

(sirens blaring)

>> Stand back, ma'am.

Keep your hands sight.

>> No, no, don't shoot!

Don't shoot, my baby's in there!

My baby's in there, stop!

>> That's my wife!

No, no, that's my wife!

Stop, that's my wife!


(baby crying)

>> Oh, are you okay?

Oh, thank God.

(radio static)

>> Sheriff, this is Clark.

We finished our sweep of the


No sign of the suspects.

>> Sheriff, unit two is clear.

>> This is unit five.

Nothing out of the ordinary in

this location.

(crickets chirping)

>> How you doing, pal?

It's time to take a little ride.

>> Just take it easy.

>> That's enough... him.

That's Robert Knott.

I want to personally kill this


>> Oh.

Mr. and Mrs. Plunk,

I'd like you to meet my

associate, Special Agent


>> Hello.

Is there anything I can get for


Mrs. Plunk,

I'm going to have to take

you and your daughter to the

hospital for an examination.

(baby crying)

>> Come here.

>> Mommy...

>> What he did to my wife...


What they both did.


I couldn't do a damn thing.

I wanted to jump them.

I kept looking for the right



I promised Kathy that if either

of them...

laid a finger on her,

I'd kill them.

>> Listen to me, Mr. Plunk.

Anything you might have tried

against those two would have

been fatal.

It would have provoked more

violence in them, and it would

have killed you, and probably

your wife and child too.

>> I didn't even try.

>> It sounds to me like you both

handled the situation incredibly


>> No, I didn't protect my wife

and baby!

Kathy's going to hate me for


(approaching footsteps)

(door closes)

>> Am I pregnant?

>> We'll know more in a few


>> And what about...

the other test?

>> Frost and Knott will be

tested for AIDS as soon as

they're apprehended.

To be safe, though, you should

schedule your own periodic


Kathy, forensics will need your

clothes for tests.

>> Oh.

They can keep them.

It wasn't me doing all those

things, it's...


it's all so disgusting.

>> What do you think you've done

that was so terrible?

>> Well...

the whole thing.

What I did with...


I led him on.

I let him... pretend we were

Bonnie and Clyde.

>> You keep calling him Jeff.

You liked him.

>> No.


>> I'm not accusing you, Kathy.

>> He was different from Knott.

More... human, somehow.

And at first, I...

I wanted him to help us.

And then, as...

as weird as it sounds...

I wanted to help him.

It's crazy, it doesn't--

it doesn't make any sense.

>> No, it makes perfect sense.

You did exactly what you had to


>> (scoffs)


But it's the other things I did.

I let him like me.

I mean, Jeff--

Frost didn't hold a gun

to my head.

I didn't... fight enough.

>> You did everything that was

necessary to survive.

You must see that.

These two men had the power of

life and death over all of you.

>> What will Paul think of me?

>> Well, this is a welcome



(locks door)


How do you feel?

>> More tired than I've ever

felt in my life.

>> Well, uh-- oh, there.

I'll put Katie down, and then

I'll get us organized here.


You think the last few days will

hurt her?

>> The doctors say she'll be


She's young.

Probably won't remember, heh.

>> Hmm.

>> We should be so lucky.

Look, I'm too tired to think.

Do you mind if I take a bath?

>> No, of course not.

(knock on door)


Uh, are you okay?

You've been in here forever.

>> I'll be out in a minute.

>> Oh... well, let me get you

a towel.

>> Paul...

I just need some space, okay?

(door closes)

>> (sighs)

>> Jeff, no.

>> Kathy, it's me.

>> I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

(siren blaring)


>> Oh, there's two of 'em now,


What are we gonna do?

>> If they try to stop us, we'll

blow their heads off.

Move it!

>> I am!

>> Take that vest.

>> Here.

>> Thanks.

>> You're just in time, Jordan.

We spotted them on highway 12.

(tires screeching)

>> I think they got a roadblock.

(tires screeching)

>> Run it!

>> I can't!

(tires screeching)

(bird whooping)


>> Hyuh!

>> (gasping)


>> You know, I've been thinking.

I think after breakfast, we

should get out of here.

I'll call Rudy and Hilda, we'll

tell them we're okay and we're

on our way.

(indistinct chatter)

>> Ahem, morning.

>> Ah... any news?

>> It's all over.

>> They're dead?

>> One of them was killed in a

shootout earlier this morning.

>> Great.

>> Which one?

>> They had a couple of hostages

with them, tried to make a run

for it in a stolen tow truck.

>> Who?

>> Frost was killed at the


Knott was shot as well.

We thought he was dead, but

doctors seem to think he's gonna

pull through.

>> Well, you should have

finished the job, damn it.

(silverware clatters on plate)

>> (crying) Excuse me.

>> Kathy...

>> Kathy!


>> (sobbing) As sick as he was,

he was just a dumb kid!

He was just a dumb kid, and I

just kept telling him-- I told

both of them that it didn't have

to end like this.

>> But that's exactly where

their life was headed.

You and your husband are lucky

they didn't take you down with


Jenny Blaker wasn't so lucky.

She and a young man-- a tow

truck driver-- were taken

hostage last night.

She died in the shootout this


>> Oh, no.

>> She was 29 years old.

>> No, no.

>> Married with two small kids.

>> (crying) No, no.


Paul wants us to go back to

Yachats today.

Deborah, I don't know if I can

ever go back there.

He doesn't know what I've been


I mean, he was there and--

and then...

He thinks he knows, but he

can't-- he can't really know.


>> He knows more than you give

him credit for.

You need to be more

understanding about what he's

been through, what he's still

going through.

Just as you are of Jeff Frost.

(birds chirping)

(car door slams)

>> Here they come.

(imitating trumpet fanfare)

>> Ah.

>> Kathy!

Welcome home, darling.

>> Hey, Rudy.

>> Hi, Paul.

>> What's all this?

>> Oh, it's so good to see you.

Hello, Katie.

>> Hi, Kathy.

>> Hello, Paul.

Oh, so good to have you back.

>> Look at this, heh.

It's beautiful.

I-- I love flowers.

>> It's not just from us.

>> It's from the whole town,


Everybody wants to welcome you

back home, and we hope--

>> We want you to stay.

Is there anything I can do to

help you?

In any way?

>> Would you come upstairs with


>> (fussing)


I can't live here.

>> Honey, um...

Yeah, we don't have to

live here.

Maybe we can rent a place


(waves crashing)

(seagulls calling)

>> I'm going to go open the


(seagull squawking)

(static on TV)

>> (inhales and grunts)

(rooster crowing)


>> I didn't hear you get up.

>> I wanted to get an early


I've got a lot to do today.

>> Well, I thought maybe we

could spend some time down near

the water.

Just the two of us.

To talk.

>> Maybe tomorrow.

>> Paul, I really--

>> Not today.

(door shuts)

(waves crashing)

(seagulls chattering)

(drill whirring)

>> What are you doing?

>> Something I should have done

when we first bought this place.

>> Paul, we didn't move here to

live like this.

Have you lost your mind?

>> Yes!

It's not going to happen again,


And this will make sure that

you're safe when I'm not here.

>> Look, I agreed to give this a

try, but this is not the way.

>> Well...

>> Paul, this isn't a zoo.

Can we talk about this?

>> It's not open for discussion,

Kathy, and you're not going to

be working alone till I'm

finished here.

>> Fine.

(dishes clatter)

Here's your lunch.

(waves crashing)

(seagulls chattering)


>> Hi, Katie.

I don't know why you get so


I'm only trying to protect you!

(cracks beer can)

>> I refuse to live like this,


This isn't what our dream was

about, and I don't just mean

those bars.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> There's no intimacy.


Forget intimacy.

We can't even talk about the

weather anymore.

When you're not working yourself

to exhaustion at the motel,

you're-- stalking around here

like-- like Rambo on guard duty.

This isn't the man I fell in

love with.

>> I'm only trying to keep this

family together.

You know what your problem is?

You're too trusting.

>> You used to say that was

something you liked about me.

>> Yeah, well, that was before.

>> Well, I don't care.

I'd rather be that way than

always suspicious, than-- than

living like a-- a prisoner!

That's it, isn't it?

Those bars aren't to keep people

out-- you're trying to keep me


Why don't you just admit it?

>> Why are you making this so

hard for me?

>> And I suppose you think

you're making it easy on me!

>> That's exactly what I'm

trying to do!

>> Well, I think we both need

some help.

>> No, I think we're doing just


>> No, we're not.

>> Well, we will be if you'll

just do what I say!

>> Come back here and talk to

me, damn it!

We don't need to do this alone!


(wood chopping)


>> Just in time.

(water running)

>> Oh, good.

(water shuts off)

Where's Katie?

>> I put her down early.

She was tired from shopping in

Newport this afternoon.

>> What? Damn it, Kathy.

I told you not to go into town


What if--


We've talked about this.

>> You talked.

I listened.

(water running)

How was fishing?

>> (sighs)

>> Didn't work.

I thought I could get away from

things, and all I ended up doing

was snapping at Rudy for no

reason at all.

(cracks a beer)

Kathy, I've decided we shouldn't

be in the motel business.

>> But it's only been six weeks.

>> I know.

>> I thought we were going to

give this a try.

>> No, you're right.

I'm suspicious of everyone who

wants a room.

I jump at my own shadow.

My God, I don't think I'm ever

going to be able to trust anyone


>> Don't you know that I feel

the same way?

I'm scared all the time, I...

I'm scared of everyone who

comes into the motel.

I'm scared to be alone here at


>> Well, that's my point.

What the hell are we doing here?


God, I wish I understood you.

>> Paul, if we can't make a life

for ourselves here, then where?

>> They stole something from me,


They took a big piece of what it

feels like to be a man.

And I wish you could understand

what that does to me.

I can't live with the fear of

letting this family down again.

>> Oh, honey.

You didn't let anybody down.

You were incredibly brave.

You walked through the snow,

all of the--

This isn't about you, is it?

(crying) It's about me.

You can't talk to me, you can't

even look at me because of what

I did.

>> I am in awe of what you did.

You were-- you are-- the

strongest person I have ever


>> I am not so strong.

>> Kathy, listen to me.

It's not too late to start over.


Let's sell out.

>> And go where?

Paul, running won't do it.

If we run, we've let those

monsters ruin our lives.

No... no...

We should stay.


And we should help each other.

And forgive ourselves.

>> That's the hard part.

(crickets chirping)

♪♪ (Paul humming softly)

(indistinct chatter)

>> Good thing that I saw him.

>> You just need to get out of

here, all right?

No, look-- no, no.

I don't wanna say anything more

to you, okay, and I don't want

you to cause any more--

Leave, all right? No!

Look, get out of here.

Get out of here.

Yeah... get out of here!

You gotta be out of your mind!

>> Look, Mr. Plunk, it's my job

to check these things out.

>> Yeah, well, it's my right to

kick you off my property.

>> Paul...

>> So get the hell out of here

and don't come back!

Come on, get out of here!

Get out of here!

>> Paul...

>> Come on, move it, move it!

>> Paul!

Paul, you have got to stop.

You've got to stop attacking


>> I'm not attacking anyone,


>> Well, what was that?

>> That, I'm just doing what

you're always after me to do.

I was just telling somebody

what I felt about them.

>> Well, that guy--

>> "That guy"-- you know who

that guy is?

He's an investigator for Knott's


Get this, they want us to

testify on Knott's behalf.

They actually want us to say

something nice about him at the


>> You're not serious.

>> Oh, yes, I am serious.

You remember when we said to

them that maybe we could give

them a job back here at the


>> Uh-huh.

>> Well, that jerk took us


And now they want us to be

character witnesses for some

psycho because he just didn't

kill us!

>> (giggles)

What are you laughing at?

>> (laughing)

>> What are you laughing at?

>> Oh, God, Paul, it's just...

(laughing) It's just all so


>> What?

>> I mean, no, you have to see

the humor in it.

>> It's not funny, Kathy.

I don't think it's funny.

>> (laughing) Well, no,

I didn't...

No, listen, listen.

"Yes, Your Honor.

Yes, Your Honor, we offered Mr.

Knott a job because we thought

that he'd make a terrific night



>> Right.

>> (laughing) Yeah!

We thought he'd be great with

the guests!

(both laughing)

And that, deep down, he was just

truly misunderstood.

(both laughing)

Oh, God...

Oh, God, it's crazy.

(panting) So crazy.

>> (sighs)

That's the first good laugh

I've had in a long time.

>> Yeah.

>> Well, it's a start, isn't it?

I love you, Kathy.

We're going to make this work

for us.

>> (laughing)

(indistinct chatter)

>> (howls)