Captain Sabertooth and the Treasure of Lama Rama (2014) - full transcript

The orphan boy Pinky follows the Captain on an exciting and dangerous journey across the big oceans to the kingdom of Lama Rama, hunting for a treasure and the answer to who is Pinky's father.

I was the one who found you.

You were the only survivor.


Longfinger! What's that?

But I'm no baby anymore.
Why can't I go on the raid?

Because we already have a deckhand,
pinky. And we're going to ape island.

The most dangerous island
in the seven seas.

- Be quiet.
- Yeah, yeah.

Looks like we have arrived.

- Atishoo!
- Hush!

Hey, didrik, get down.

We're going in there.

Longfinger, there are
deadly apes in there.

We have a treasure to find,
and you're standing here babbling?

Move on.

I saw that, obviously.

Come on, longfinger.

One, two, three, four, five, six...

Seven, eight, nine, ten.

Wally, wimp...


What's the point
of burying an empty chest?!

- Captain...
- What?

"In lam...
In lama rama, king Rufus reigns."

"In lama rama, king Rufus reigns."

"His palace brims
with gold and jewels."

"His most precious treasure
is the king's Pearl."

This is a map that shows us
the route to lama rama.

Stop him! Pinch his nose!

Stand very, very still.

Nobody make a noise.

Save yourselves, everybody!
We're going to die!

Run! Run!

Apes are afraid of water.
Back to the beach.

Come on, come on.

Help! Mommy!



Are they afraid of water?
Are you little apes afraid of water?

I think we need
a new deckhand, captain.

That hurt! Mommy!

Set course for abra harbour.

Send the raven with a message
that we're on our way.

Write that there will be
an ordeal by fire when we arrive.

And that the winner will be
our new deckhand on our next raid.

Finally we know
the sea route to lama rama.



Up here!

Captain sabertooth is on his way
and needs a new deckhand.

- Uh-uh...
- Is that true?

Yes, there's an ordeal by fire tomorrow
and the winner can go on the next raid.

There's something
you have to help me with first. Come.

Hi, pinky! Longfinger's coming tomorrow.
You have to tidy up.

- I will.
- You're lucky he lets you live there.

I know.

Ok, the ordeals by fire start there,
and you have to run to that edge.

- You can do that easily.
- I need help with something first.

- What?
- I can't swim.

What? You can't swim?

No. “What?

I never had anybody to teach me.

Ok, off with your shoes. “What?

Take your shoes off.

Ok, now what?

- What are you doing?
- That's how dad taught me.

- Get to the edge!
- I can't!

You have to try!

Help me!

- Try to grab the rope!
- I can't!

Look at that moron. Didn't you have
a dad to teach you to swim?

- How's that possible?
- Moron!

Hi, pinky. So, how is everything?

Ready for the ordeal by fire?
Now's your chance.


Er, how...

Get your feet moving, longfinger.


You're going to do well swimming...




Oh... was it you who made that noise?

You want me to set you free?

Did that make you happy?

Maybe you'd like an apple?

Or maybe you'd prefer a banana?

What do fishermen need swords for?


Come, we must tell captain sabertooth.

Not even a hundred furious apes
could stop us.

Finally the world's greatest treasure,
the lama rama treasure, is to be mine

come on...

But first of all,
we need a new deckhand.

Conrad, the mooring line.

- Where do you think you're going?
- Let's have an ordeal by fire!

They're stealing the ship...
They're stealing the ship!

The dark lady!

Bjarn the brave, you lousy traitor!

You swore to serve the king
of the seven seas for eternity!

I will chase you
to the ends of the earth!

You can try to catch me
in my old bucket of a ship, pasty face.

- Pinky!
- Help!

My revenge will be harsh and ruthless.

This is how we bid farewell to losers.

- We'll chase them.
- In brave's old bucket?

Do you think I'll let that codfish
of a Norwegian ruin my bad reputation.

We'll set course for the marmalades.

When those condescending whatnots
spot the dark lady,

they'll throw their gold at us,
because they'll think it's sabertooth.

Smartly now, wenches!

That goes for you too, Conrad.
Get that fat ass of yours moving.

Get everything aboard.
This bucket is sailing in 10 minutes.

Aye, captain.

- Hey! What do you think you're doing?
- I must save pinky.

You're not going to save anyone.

I'll talk to longfinger about that,
my little friend.

Give me that key.
Give me the key, raven!


Let me go, you stupid tub of lard!

- You'll never get away with this!
- I see... a feisty little sprog.

What's your name, sprog?

- What's your name?
- Pinky.

Pinky...! What a name.

Pinky... some years ago
I met a moron from abra harbour

who said he'd named his son pinky.

Was that your father?

- Was his name Morgan?
- Maybe.

My dad's name was Morgan.
Let go!

But that can't be!
He drowned just after I was born.

He was far from dead when I met him.

You're lying! Where is he?
Where did you last see him?

I can tell you a lot more
about Morgan, your dad...

If you tell me what this is.

What does it say?
What does it say?!

You're useless pirates
if you can't even read a treasure map.


Just tell us what it says.

I refuse! Captain sabertooth
would never forgive me.

Let him walk the plank.
That'll make him talk.

- Come here now! Come here!
- No!

Pinky, pinky...
All alone in the world.

Come on, or would you like
to taste my steel?

- Come on now!
- Do you want to swim with the sharks?

What does the map say?

What does the map say?!

No, no! The treasure map shows
the route to lama rama.

Lama rama?

You're lying.
Lama rama doesn't exist.

We found it on ape island,
in a chest with maga Khan's name on it.

Maga Khan...?

If you're lying, I'll cut your ears of
and serve them to Conrad.

- Me?
- I'm not lying, I swear!

Set course south south-west
for lama rama!

- Can I Chuck him overboard now?
- No, we need someone who can read.

Conrad, tie him up below deck.

If you get up to something,
you'll be shark bait.


You followed me.

Come and help me.
Please, untie me.

Longfinger! Full speed ahead!

These sails are too old. We must
shorten sails if the wind picks up.

We're losing them.

We're not shortening anything!

Get us out of this peasouper!

But how...? It's not possible,..

Bjorn! Frida!
Captain sabertooth in sight!

Can that be?

When we get the dark lady
up to full speed, no one can catch us

There must be a telescope
somewhere in this old bucket.

More speed!

Why is this door locked?

He didn't see that one coming.

- Stowaways.
- No. No, no. It was an accident.

Longfinger, throw these chickens
overboard to get our speed up.

You just try!

Enough... cackling.

Get these wenches out of my sight
and get me a telescope.

What are you doing here?
You can't be here.

- Pinky's my friend and I must save him.
- That's my job, not yours.

You only do what sabertooth tells you.

- You're a very feisty lady, Rosa.
- Thanks. I take that as a compliment.

- Damn hellcat!
- What did you say?

Telescope. I said, telescope...


There it is.

We must cut the sails
and stop the ship.

- You mean mess with those bandits?
- Yes, and you must help me.

- I don't want to be shark bait.
- Should I do it alone then?

Hang on.

You take care of the bandits
and I'll make you a lovely rat stew.

Getting close.

Grab that wretched squirt!
Stop him!

- Stop him!
- I've got hi...

Conrad! Get him!


Get him, Frida!

He's going for the sail!

Get that squirt down!

Now you're done for,
you miserable tadpole.

No, no, no!

You're done for... codfish.

Put down that sword.

Bjarn the brave...


- Hi!
- You alright?

We've damaged all their sails, captain.

Let them drift to the ends of the earth
and fall off the edge.

- Get the speed up now, boys.
- That goes to the galley.

So you think you can
get the better of bjorn the brave?

- Bring out the spare sails.
- They're completely rotten.

Frida! Stretch me!

- Was it you who stopped them?
- Yes.

Crew! We are bound for lama rama!

On our way to the treasure all pirates
dream of getting their hands on.

Today one of you has proved himself
to be a true pirate hero.

It was he who saved the dark lady

from bjgrn the brave
and his band of men.


Tully, good work.

I've never liked
that green rat soup of yours.

Do something.

But today you have proved yourself
to be one of my very best men.

I only did my best, captain.

Those crooks didn't stand a chance
against my rolling pin.

It was pinky who saved the ship.

Next time you address the king
of the seven seas without permission

you and that twig of a seaweed
may well end up as shark bait!

Is that clear?

Longfinger, have those mushrooms
scrub the deck until it shines.

And we'll find a proper deckhand
when we get back.

Set course for lama rama!

- Aren't you going to tell the captain
- Yes, I...

Hey, cheer up.

You're going on a raid to lama rama.
Not bad.

Bjarn the brave said my dad isn't dead.

Bjoern the brave?
What does he know about that?

He said that he'd met him
some years ago.

Pinky, bjgrn the brave is
a crook and a fibber. He's lying.

Why would he lie about that?

Bjarn the brave has obviously given
you hope. And hope can be dangerous.

It can make you blind, and make you
spoil things for yourself and others.

Do you understand?

You've proved that you're going to be
good pirate. Sabertooth will see that.

But you have to promise me that you'll
forget everything to do with your dad.



And one more thing: If we're going
to test these cannons before the storm

we'll have to start now. Come on!

Get a move on, you lousy slackers!

It's time for a raid

then we'll heave up the anchor

row to land when it's midnight