Captain Nova (2021) - full transcript

In 2050, Earth has become a dry and desolate place. Fighter pilot Nova is forced to travel back in time to prevent a devastating environmental disaster, however an unforeseen side-effect of time travel makes Nova young again and she crash lands into 2025 as a twelve-year old. Nobody seems to take her and her mission seriously, except for Nas - a neglected teen who tries to keep this mysterious girl and her little flying robot ADD out of the hands of the secret service. Will Nova and Nas succeed in saving the future world?

Nova, please come inside.
You are running out of oxygen.

Carbon dioxide levels are critical.

Let's go.


-Can you hear me?
-Loud and clear.

-Are you ready?

Oh no! What a bad timing!
The mission must take place now.

-Or it will be too late.
-I was joking.

Joking? To break the tension
because you're nervous?


ADD's Artificial Intelligence
can't recognize irony yet.

Humor must be tough to program.

-Best of luck, Nova.
-Thank you. We'll need it.

-I prefer the laws of probability.
-ADD, that's all you know.

Okay, check.

Go for launch.

1000 meters.

Approaching 10,000 meters.

She looks worse than I expected.

Captain, we are on course.

You'll see a wormhole
any second now.

If only you could see
what I see, Timo.

-Again, this is a secret mission.

Make as little contact as possible
and change as little as you can.

-Focus on your objective.
-Roger that.

Approaching speed of light.

Cabin pressure is okay.

Good luck, Nova.

You got this.

Captain, your link with Mission Control
will soon be lost.

Speed of light achieved.

This is not like the simulation.

ADD, help. I can't hold it.

We must get out.
Change course. Change course.

I need to get help.

Trees, grass, leaves…

This must be a forest.
I see somebody.

A human child.

What year is this?

-What year is it?


Is this an intelligent life-form? Hello?

-Ah, 2025. Thank you so much.

-What are you?
-ADD. Navigator.

-Follow me.
-What? Where?

81 meters northeast from here.

We need your help.


You are slow.

Come quickly.

Landing coordinates and
landing procedure both incorrect.

Landing procedure?

-Nova, wake up.
-What is this?

-What's wrong with her?
-She has stopped moving.

-What happened?
-Bad landing. We crashed.

Can you carry her?

You'd better wait here.
Help is on the way.

No, we have to get out of here!
They must not find her.

Come on. Let's go.

Where are you taking us?

Engine blocks. Strip lights. Car tires.

Old factory.


-She should be in hospital.
-You can help her, can't you?

-I'm not a doctor.
-Then leave. You are not useful to us.


You never saw us. We do not exist.


You discovered the shuttle?
Where's the pilot?

We saw two people drive off on a quad.

Okay, where are they?


-You let them go?
-The UFO seemed more important.

No idea what it is.
I've never seen anything like it.

Mr. Verstoep?

Hello. Sorry to disturb you at this hour.

Luchtmeijer, Defense.

We're looking for witnesses
of an accident here in the woods.

Two people were seen on a quad.
Have you heard anything?

I know who you want then.

He's in his room down there.

-Who is he?
-Have a look yourself.

Hey shithead, you've got visit.

-He's not in his room.

Any idea where he might be?

Maybe the old factory back there.

Turn around very slowly.

What do you want?

-I came to help you.
-No one helps me.

He can't. Take him out.

Watch out, he's getting something.

-A tissue.
-Here you go.

How come?

Must be a side effect of time travel.

-What's the Chrono-shuttle status?
-It's operational.

At 3 km from here.

-How far is our target?
-67 km.

-We missed the drop zone?

-How much time do we have?
-24 hours.

Careful, movement detected.

Current speed is 55 kmh.

Go faster.

-Tell him nothing.



-What did you do?

-How do you mean?
-Why are they looking for you?

It's not me they're after.

-Talk to me.

I don't mind helping you,
but tell me what's going on.

Don't tell him. We don't exist.

Look. I can't tell you anything
about us or our mission, but…

if you take us to our destination
without questions, this is yours.

Not all our money.

Good. Keep the money.

Stay on this road. I'll give you
new instructions later. Okay?

-What? I didn't hear you.

You don't exist, remember?





The heat traces prove
the shuttle came in at high speed.

The pilot was not found
near the shuttle.

-No. We found fingerprints.

Yes, several identical fingerprints.

The funny thing is,
they are different sizes.


First we thought…

one person made the prints
at different ages.

But then we discovered
all the prints were fresh.

We found a match in the system
with someone called Nova Kester.

-The missing pilot?
-No, we don't think so.

Why not?

Nova is a 12-year-old girl, Colonel.

-We're not sure how that's possible.

But I'm on it.

-What will you do with the money?
-Not telling you.

-You're not telling me anything either.

Just kidding.

-I'll go see my dad in South America.
-Good idea.

-Has it been long since you saw him?
-Pretty long.

And your mother?
Will you take her?

No. She can't.

-It really is.

Uhoh. Mayday.

System failure.

All clear.

-The engine produces smoke.
-You don't say.

-I just did.
-We're losing time.

I think the engine is dead.

-Not looking good.

We're on our way home.
The engine started smoking.

I can't do much here.

But I could tow you
and have a look at my place.

That would be great.

Is this a good idea?

-Who are they?
-They have car trouble.

-This is Marian.
-I'm Nas.

-We don't exist.
-That's a funny thing.

I have no humor.

Nas, shall we repair the car?
Half an hour.


-Can you give me a hand?

Wow, a kitchen garden.

Does it look special to you?
It's hardly any work.

You sow and let nature do its work.
Wonderful, isn't it?

Nova was doing her homework
last night, right here at the table.

And then we all watched TV. Right?

Can I see your room, please?

That's not a problem, is it?

Has your daughter ever had flying lessons?

Not too tight.

Start her up.

That's fixed.


-Well done.
-Thank you.

-Are you into cars too?
-No, more into flying.

-Marian says dinner is ready.
-Good, we're done.

More, more…

More vitamins.

I like your suit.
It's sort of army-like.

She's a goth.
Black makeup and all that.

What? No.

-And you have a driver's license?
-Of course. Why?

Message from the police.

The police are looking for
Nasrdin El Dawey, aged 15.

He may be involved in a kidnapping.

He was last seen outside Lichtenberg.

If you have any information,
please call 08006070.

This is not good.

Nas. Come with me.

He didn't really kidnap you, did he?

More like the other way round.

This would look good on you.

-Can I keep it?

Try it on.

Okay, so her fingerprints are a 100% match
with the small ones in the shuttle.

Maybe this is an identical clone?

But why would someone
with such advanced technology…

make two identical girls?

That makes no sense.

Your parents say you were home
all night. Is that true?


-Did they tell you to say that?

Did you sneak away?

To the woods maybe?
And you saw something strange?


You can tell me. I won't say anything.

-What do you want to be?
-Fighter pilot.

Astronaut, maybe.

Would you like some more?

Vehicle approaching.

Time to leave.

-Where's Nas?

Nas. Come. We have to go.

-Hurry, we have to leave.

-They ratted on us.
-Come on, let's go.

-Go, go, go.

Hi, Bert. How are you?

And the wife and child?

Altan, have you seen
a black BMW X1 series?

-A BMW X1?

Or a boy called Nasrdin… El Dawey?

I'm repairing that one for my cousin.
The hand brake is failing.

32 here for the control room.

I'm looking at the BMW.

-Luchtmeijer. We found your car.
-Oh, great.

I want an APB on Nova Kester,
but keep this one here.

But she's already here, right?

Trust me, Colonel.

It's like, we think there might be two.

Like an identical clone type situation.

That one girl…
There are two. Versions.

She thinks. And I agree.


In the kitchen, to the right.

Hello. Claire Luchtmeijer, Defense.
I have some questions.

How did that car get here?

It was by the side of the road.

You know it was stolen?


Do you know this boy?

This girl?


So what did they do, these kids?

-Let's avoid the road. How much further?
-1 hour 32 minutes.

-Where are we going?
-That's classified.

Why are you so cagey? You can tell me.

Like I'd ever tell the police.

Nova, at one o'clock.

Okay, sorry. Take it easy.

Step aside. Nas, step aside.

-What was that?
-He shouldn't have seen that.

Take him out.

Don't be so dramatic. He's on our side.

-Aren't you?
-Yes. Sure.

-What is that thing?

It just puts him on pause
for a few hours.

So he can think about his life,
his career. Things like that.

Ground base to PAPDK.

PAPDK responding.

Luchtmeijer, can you come down?
We found something really weird.

Well, this is something new.

I need a coffee.

We have to get in there.

Watch it.

Careful with my antenna.

Night vision on.

The meeting already started.

Oil and gas will have run out…

Stay here. I'd better do this alone.

On the North Pole.
And that's where Falcon comes in.

We've developed a new technology
to drill through very thick ice.

Tomorrow we'll start up the prototype
on the North Pole…

Hi. Do you want your daddy
or mommy?

Simon Valk Jr?

-I need to talk to you.
-Sorry, but how did you get in?

In private. It's important.

-I'm right in the middle of…
-Please step this way.

No, sweetie. Why don't you
tell us all what it is?

Then we can move on.

You mustn't drill on the North Pole.

Oh. Why not?

It'll go wrong. You will unleash
huge amounts of methane.

Well, well. The lady is an expert.

What's the risk estimate, Junior?

We calculate the chance of a blowout
in that area at 0.7 percent.

0.7 percent is nothing, right?

But I know it will go wrong. Global
warming will be unstoppable then.

Causing extreme weather and floods.

-All thanks to us?
-No, not just you.

Let me guess.
You are here to save us.

Look, young lady, people have
feared the end of days forever.

It would be useful if you
made yourself a little less important.

Have a nice day.

Nova, watch it!

Let me go. I'm not done.
Simon, you're making a big mistake.

You cannot allow this drilling.
Don't do it!

-Get out of here!
-Yes, yes. We're on our way already…

Horrible man. Horrible human being.

What was that about drilling?

We're here to avert a disaster.

-A disaster?
-They want to drill on the North Pole.

It will go wrong.

-How do you know?
-I've seen it myself.

Okay, bye secret mission.

But it hasn't happened yet, right?

Time for plan B.

The police are looking for
Nova Kester, aged 12.

She may be the victim of a kidnap.

If you know anything about her,
please call 08006070.

Not on the gravel.



-Daddy, we haven't…
-Don't call me "Daddy."

Not here.

-It wasn't my fault those kids got in.
-Nothing is ever your fault, is it?

It was a flop, Junior. You embarrassed me
in front of the Board.

We invested millions
in your little project.

-It must not fail.
-I know.

I won't let you down.

No injuries. He just reacts very slowly.

As if time moves more slowly for him.

But his brain activity is extremely high.



Yes. Thanks. I'll go there now.

Nova Kester has been seen.

-The Doppelgänger?
-Let's hope we haven't gone mad.

Is this the first time
you're seeing the sea?

No… But it's been ages.

-It's beautiful, isn't it?
-Yes. Very beautiful.

What are you doing?

Doing? What am I doing?
What are you doing?

I'm way too old for you.

-How do you mean?
-Listen, Nas.

I know it sounds bizarre, but…

-I'm 37.

I'm from the future.

Time travel has made me
young again.

-Don't be crazy.
-Trust me.

Why would I make this up?

The drilling will cause
a massive ecological disaster.

There will be a huge flood
20 years from now.

And then it will get very hot.

You'll run out of water.
Almost every living thing will die.

In 20 years? I'll be 35 then.
Will I die that soon?

I'm not sure.
But there's a good chance.

I'm sorry to have to tell you this.

But you should know the truth.

-Why were they here?
-They interrupted a presentation.

-About what?
-New drilling on the North Pole.

-Whose presentation was it?
-Simon Valk Jr.

-Can I talk to him?
-He already left.

-Can you show me his departure?
-Of course.

Call him.

Keep trying.

-Yes, she's here.
-There are two identical girls.

-That's quite unique.
-I saw her on tape with Nasrdin.

They interrupted a Falcon meeting
about drilling on the North Pole.

They targeted Simon Valk Jr.

-Are they climate activists?
-I don't know.

-But send a swat team to his residence.

-And you?
-On my way there.

Well, there you are.

Absolutely impossible to keep
a conversation going with this car.

Come, this way.


Mr. Valk?

How did you get here?

-Please stay calm, Simon.

-Are we on a first-name basis now?

It so happens
that I've known you for years.



What's this?

Hello, Simon.

Probably a bit shocking
to see yourself like this.

And quite a few years older.

Listen, our drilling operation
on the North Pole…

must not take place.

You'll regret it
for the rest of your life.

It will ruin your nights
and poison your days.

I know you are using this project
to win Dad's love…

But forget about his validation.

This is much bigger.

Simon. Stop the drilling.

For the planet and everyone on it.

This is insane.
What a load of rubbish.

What a cheap trick.

You're trespassing and threatening me.
I'm calling the cops.

-Give me that phone.
-What are you doing?

He's not listening. Let's shoot him.


Nova? Nova?

Call an ambulance.

Nova, stay with me.

Can you hear me, Nova?

Can you hear me, Nova?

Altan. Altan.


They shot her.

-What happened?
-She's hurt.

-Who shot her?
-The police.

I ran away.

Oh boy…

-It's because of me.
-It's not your fault.

I should have stayed with her.

You couldn't have done anything.
It's alright.

-Where am I?
-You're safe.

I have to go.

Can I help you?

Can I do anything for you?

Simon Valk Jr.

What about him?

-He sent me to stop himself.
-How do you mean?

I'm from the future.

Is it possible? Time travel?

Theoretically, yes. But in practice…

This thing has a serial number
with '2048' in it.

It could be the year.

And in this beauty all serial numbers
were filed off.

But the computer chips
are a lot like ours.

They're just a bit more advanced.

So made by humans?
But in the future?

It looks that way.


You can do it.
You have to lift faster.

Bye bye.

Oh, man. I wanted to see
the inside too.

Simon Valk Jr?

-That's me.
-Claire Luchtmeijer.

We met before,
but couldn't be introduced.

No, it was quite hectic.

Is the girl alright?

Not really.

I'm sorry to hear that.

She wants to stop you drilling.
To avert disaster.

-She's a child. She has no idea.
-Should we investigate the danger?

Our analysts went over that
months ago.

She says she's from the future,
and you sent her.

-How does that sound to you?
-Our investigation supports it.


Is she telling the truth?

No. She's just a climate fanatic
who believes her own fairy tales

-Everything okay, son?
-Yes Dad, fine.

Our lawyers will be in touch.

Has a girl been brought to your ER?
About 12, blond…?

Her name is Nova.

No? Okay. We'll keep looking.
Thank you.

We'll find her.

Hello. I just want to ask if you have…


Mayday. Mayday. May…


Nova is in trouble. Badly hurt.

-Where is she?
-They're holding her at an army base.

Nas. She has to return to the future.

Or she'll die.

You have to…

set her free.


This is it.

Shall I come with you?

I need to do this on my own.

Best of luck.

What is your problem with Falcon?

-You mean our problem with Falcon.
-How's that?

What they do will cause
a massive ecological disaster.

How do you know?

Did that girl Nova tell you?

This is an issue for adults, Nasrdin.
Not for you.

Maybe if you work hard at school…

Blah, blah, blah.

The suit and the helmet. Now.

Come on.

Nova. Nova.


Nas, what are you doing here?

I've come to take you away.
Come on.


Everything will be fine, okay?

You're going home
and they'll help you get better.

It'll be fine, alright?

Thank you, Nas.

No problem.

What have you done?



-I failed.
-I know.

-Time travel affects your body age.

It made me younger. Physically.

-Interesting. How much younger?
-25 years.

25? The exact duration of the journey.

You didn't take me seriously
as a child, Simon.

-I'm sorry.
-Me too.

We'll have to try again, Nova.

Fine. But I'm not going.

-A second time will kill me.
-I understand.

But the mission wasn't only a failure…


Look who's there.




Hi, honey.


How are you feeling?

Mom, I found something.

-How exciting. Show me?
-What is this?

Oh darling.

It's very special.
You know what this is?

-A bird.
-What's a bird?

An animal that used to fly in the air.

-Like you?
-Yes, like me.

There used to be
lots of birds in the sky.

In the sky?

We wanted too much.

More than the Earth could give.

Hey, buddy.

-What's this?
-A bird.

A bird?

-Okay, I'll do it.
-That's awesome.

Let's go to the same point in time
and use precognition to do it differently.

-I don't want to do it differently.

I want to pick up where I left off
with Nas.

That's not the most
strategic moment in time.

But further back will affect
my future here with Nas.


I'll do it.

But we'll have to think bigger.

That's the only way.

We have no choice.

Go for launch.

Did you miss me?

Yes. For one minute.

Are you coming?


Ready for take-off?
Any suggestions?

-North Pole.
-Good idea.

-Are they all coming too?
-No, not with us.

-Then where?
-Wait and see.

Welcome to the North Pole, everyone.

Under this thick layer of ice…

there's a huge supply of oil and gas.

We at Falcon have the technology
to get through that ice…

and pull those natural treasures
to the surface.

Yes, today is a fantastic day.

Together we will serve the world…

and meet the growing demand
for energy.

Thanks to us, third-world countries
can now fully develop.

Everyone on Earth has a right
to use energy.

Dad. Are you sure we should do this?

What if that girl was right?

You worked on this for years.
This is your project.

Now it's time to harvest
and you chicken out? You wimp.

I have a bad feeling about this.

You're done here.


The big moment is coming up.
We're about to start.

-How did you get here so fast?

-You'll discover in a while.

You can't do this.
Think of our future.

Our future?

Dear children, you live in luxury
in the best era there ever was.

Thanks to us.

So please spare me
your crocodile tears.

No, Dad.

I'm sorry.

I… I should've…


We might need him.

This is unbelievable.
We've never seen anything like this.

In several places on Earth…

Unidentified Flying Objects,
UFOs, have been seen.

It's not certain they are manned
by humans or aliens.

The UN Security Council is holding

an emergency meeting about the situation.

And new footage is coming in.

UFO's have also been spotted
above the Amazon rainforest

-Similar reports in Russia and Africa.

All locations where nature is
threatened by the human race.

Thanks for your help.

You're welcome.

-I have to go. This is not my time.
-I know.

Will I see you again?

-I guess.
-In the future?



Nova, I have something for you.

-Hey, ADD.
-Nova, Nas, I'm alive.

ADD, I'll miss you too.

No need. I'm staying.
To help you with your life.

Really? Cool.

No way. That was a joke.

I altered his code a little.

I've got humor now.

I'm not too sure about this.

That was exciting.

Luckily I've got steel nerves.

Those shuttles were seen
in various places.

Are they all from the future?

They'll keep coming
for as long as is necessary.

Nasrdin. What have you done
to my colleagues?

Don't worry. They're just
on pause for a while.

So they can think about
their lives, their careers.

Things like that.

And where is Nova?

She's no longer here.

-Has she gone back to her own time?

-But for good this time.