Captain Morten and the Spider Queen (2018) - full transcript

Every ship deserves its captain.

Dear dad, when you get home,
will you be able to bring me back ....

Dear dad, I'm building myself
a small sailing boat.

I even found a
anchored to his size.

Come back soon, little pigeon.

Dead in !

Come down, you have a
repetition in costume.

Remember, we have to dance
for dad and mom.

I do not want to dance, Elisabeth.

I remind you that these are
your parents, not mine.

What is this way of writing!

Correct me that all of
next, if not, I'll shoot you.

But we are not lettrists.

It's not our thing, the spelling.

We are sailors.

The only ocean you know
is in this bottle

and you are drifting.

Hey, that's not true, we even
tattoos to prove it.

It is rather a shipwreck.

In addition, we must
stuff the chores

for a bowl of soup and
some donuts.

I tell you, it's the galley.

Oh, Morten!

Oh !

Dead in !

Hey !


- Ouch!

- I make you bother my fish!
- I'm just floating my boat.

We do not answer, insolent little!

Ouch, but, a captain does not give up
never his boat.

You are not captain.

Besides, you do not have a boat.

That's wrong, I have a boat
and I am the captain

The one-eyed is one of the personalities
the most mysterious of piracy.

The archives report that he
was abandoned on an island

following a mutiny
of his crew.

He would have lost the reason more
to the disappearance of his treasure.

Years later,
crazy crises

made him take his
mansion for a boat.

Ah, a storm approaching!

Slip the sail, hoist
the big bulwark!

Hold on tight !

Carter Lorient, driving
me to my treasure!

Yeah, dad!

Here is your spaghetti!

Dead in !

- Ho ho!
- Yeah!

- Dad !
- Dead in !

Good navigation, captain!

Oh, on the seas, it's happening
strange things.

Have I already told you
whale dancers!

They make ballets on
the ocean singing.

- Where is Morten?
- In his room.

It's not true, what amateurism!

- What is he doing ?
- You punished him.

Do not answer me, in place!

First position!

How do you want that
I find my inspiration

when you're commenting
behind me ?

Hi everyone !

My dear Captain Vicks,
what a good surprise !

- Please sit down !
- Thank you !

How are you ...

always so well done with
this adorable wick?

So, Captain!

I imagine that your travels
were the theater

incredible adventures!

Incredible, indeed.

While I was sailing
in the South Pacific,

I was invited to take the
tea by native people.

But, I only had
me to maintain,

splices to repair
on the ropes

and I did not have time to simmer
to become tender like a lamb.

So I was forced to
decline their invitation.

And by chance, I met an old
friend who took me back to the boat.

Well, you deserved
your reward.

I understood, then, that he was
time I spend with you.

It's exciting, captain!

Unbelievable !

Oh, the best basket in the world!

It's divine!

Light as a butterfly,
Elisabeth, do not forget!

It's time to weigh anchor.

- Already!
- The tide does not wait.

Dead in !

My captain, we have to sail!

Your mother misses you!

She should never have
come sail with me.

It was so cold
in this damn North Pole.

We did not think we'd ever
return to the boat.

And, that's where your mother decided
to become a penguin.

We can not blame him.

I could have easily
to become a penguin.


You know it's wrong!

- I have to go.
- I want to come !

Nice, one day, I'll take you.

In the meantime, you need a
anchor better weighted.

Hang in there !


No worries, it's a pleasure
to take care of Morten.

We love it like our
own child.

I do not have much for you.

Hold !

I doubt he will pay us
one day, my dear!

No worries, Felix, I know
how to get reimbursed.

I will find the gold of my
ancestor Le Borgne,

even though I have to dismount her
boat to his last nail.


HM hm !

Dead in !

Wow, it's beautiful!

Be a good boy and go tell
your mother that Mr Stinger is here.

Anna is not my mother!

Go tell him and do not come
more bother me

when I visit
the queen of butterflies.

Bella gave, signori, Jempa
Jean-Paul is in your village!

with the incredible
read miniatore incredibile!

a phenomenal number

Lu miniatore!

Shivers for everyone.

- Does it tell you to go see?
- Yes why not !

Let's go see the show.

Lu miniatore, under your eyes

An unforgettable number!

Sir, I'm telling you
pray, approach!

Ladies and gentlemen,
read minia ...

Come buy your ticket!

I would need a volunteer
or a pet!

Catch it, catch that,
catch everything!

Lu miniatore!

That's right, it's his thing!


We spent hours waiting
hoping to see you on stage.

To your health, my dear Anna!

Oh, I do not want to hear
talk about the past!


An accident infinitely regrettable!

What bad luck !

From now on, I would devote myself
to choreography

This ballet is entitled
butterfly and the flower.

Hey, you, I recruit a crew.

Morten, concentrate!

Give him his dog
as he was.

- Oh !
- He does not appreciate being very small.

Give him his dog
as he was.

I understand, it's a whole
little technical problem,

I'll take care of it,
I'll be right back.

Looks like I'm pedaling
in the void !

Oh, look, a flight of dolphins!

What are you talking about,
it's penguins!

Hurry, catch him.

No !

Go ahead, grab him!

Morten, what are you doing?

Ah, this kid despairs me!

Dead in !

Felix, do something,
go see what's going on!

Let's see that!


Una a ... r ...

Oh !


You liked it !

Beautiful setting!

It's amazing!

Imagine what I could
do with a real theater,

with dancers
professionals but

I would need a patron.

Captain Vicks you
owes money,

demand that he pay you

The captain is
completely broke.

I'm afraid he can not
never pay me back.

You could require
that he sells his boat.

The Salamander is not worth a nail,
a tub also badly in point.

I'm not so sure, I know,
maybe an amateur

who would pique to buy it.

You should autograph your book
with my solid gold pen

- Before leaving !
- With great pleasure.

Write all the good you
think of my little show.

- Hum!
- Oh !

Oh !

Hold the bar!

You have to learn to keep
the cape by all the winds.

I do not know where he counts
navigate with his tub,

he will not cross ....

There is nothing like
storm to shake you.

Please, gentlemen,
We need you.

What's the matter ?

But it's not possible,
he did not fly!

We arrive !

- Oh, ma'am!
- What do you think about it ?

Spatula, ax, hammer!

- You want my chewing!
- Thank you, you are the best.

This is not for you,
it's for the escape!


It's cake for
sea ​​lions like us.

- No !
- Oh !

A flood !

- Some water ....
- Oh !

Felix, do something!

Hula, do not say anything!

I'm sure you
want to thank us!

I found the trick for
repair the waterway.

Oh, outside, immediately!

Do not be angry, let's go.

- Do not we repair?
- No !

Okay, it's you
the master on board.

Looks like a real boat
with all his passengers.

If I could navigate on it

with real sailors,

I would be .... ah!

All this is your fault!

I feed you, I educate you, I
teach you art, but you,

you are only an ingrate.

With your father, go do
the sleeve in the street

when I'm done with you.


Dad, where are you?

Oh no !

Ouch, ouch!


Stop !

I tell you to stop!

It's not the moment, stop!

It's not possible !

No !

It's not true, I'm sorry!

Oh no !


Ah, excuse me!

Sir, wait!

Oh !

What is that ?


Border the mainsail!

At your orders, Captain Morten!

Raise the anchor!

At your orders, Captain Morten!

Right in front, forward all!

Ah, hello!

You might like
a hand !

My brother and I are

Okay, I'm the captain,
I give the orders.

Ah ah ah!

My captain !

I bet you're the
only master on board!

I hope you can swim!

Leave me alone !

Ah, a mutiny!

No, just a mutiny!

I order you to release me!

A mutiny!

Obey me at the end!

Hey, what are you doing?

It's time for your bath.

Stop, I do not know how to swim.

That's annoying,

But, no, he's never too
later to learn to swim.

Let me go back to the bar!

Gentlemen, please!

Would you please
to stop making noise,

the queen is resting.

- It's him !
- What are you drooling!


My god, who is this little boy
that you have dropped?

It's for his good, he
must learn to swim.

Help !

Help !

Beautiful day, is not it !

You can not find
the water a bit cool?

A buoy, a man to the sea!

You two, do something
thing for him!

Right now.

We will have to present it to the queen.

Bring me back alive!

Cuf, cuf, cuf!

Thank you, sir, these
two of them are mutineers.

You will help me
put them in irons.

Do I understand that you
ask me to obey you!

Put it in the cool,
it will be the next.


A cargo of sugar!

- Do not touch me !
- But who are you ?

I am Elysa!

What are you doing there ?

I do not know why
I was locked up!

I ate quietly
in the sun on a beautiful day

of spring, I feasted

when something
very big raised me

and threw me in that hole.

I tried to escape
while munching!

But, I think I did
a big mistake!

I had to close the hole
and I've been waiting since.

I do not have to wait,
and wait again!

I wonder how many
time I have to wait again!

and, who could have done that

to a small caterpillar
who must feed!

Whoever did that did not want
not hurt you,

he may not have
understood what he was doing.

Come on, do not cry anymore,

we will leave.

Oh, from the boat,
there is someone ?

- What is it ?
- There is a hole in the calle.

Stop your tank,
a waterway!

You hear, there is
a hole in the calle!

What is this frightful cry?

A surprise, majesty,
You will love !

You are very considerate,
my dear Felix!

I do my best, majesty!


Bring our host,
in one piece!

Oyez, faithful subjects!

Prepare for
welcome his majesty!

Glory and long life to
Queen Annabelle!

Long live the queen!

Oh !

Glory to me, adored people,
have no fear!

I will live longer than
any of you!

Oh, a guest!

It's your surprise,
majesty, appetizing!

Why is he standing!

Well, he does not know
still the protocol!

Really, teach him,
Is not he insolent?

I am the captain of this boat,

and there is a hole in the calle

which must be dealt with immediately.

How do you know ?

I saw it with my own eyes.

I'd be surprised !

Seriously, the boat
risk of sinking.

It must be repaired immediately.

- Oh !
- Okay !

There is no hole!

Oh !

In case you did not understand,

it's me, alone, who pulls them
strings, and here in front of me,

when I say jump, you ask
how high !


And especially, when I
say dance for me,

- dance, Felix, music!
- Immediately, your majesty.


Your majesty, would it be
lunch time!

My dear, nothing like a little
show to open the appetite!

And here is a piece of choice!

You are right, but,
on another side,

he is a very good dancer.

And we have two sailors
completely identical!

They have the same tattoos,
the same wings

the same personalities,
why keep both?

No, we are very different!

Absolutely different,

so, goodbye, bro!

- I'll miss you !
- Wait, you too!

- Stopped !
- You!

- No you !
- You!

- No you !
- You!

Stop it, we do not
do not fight on my side.

We will shoot at
come out, good luck!


No chance !

Not me !

I am an alcoholic!

It would make you sick!

But, no, it will give taste!

Minute, I have to go to the pee-room!

Come back here !


- Oh !
- Ah!

Right away !

Oh !

Enjoy your meal !

So, young man, you
do not want to taste it!

Let's pay tribute to this brave man
sailor whose sacrifice

allows us to
to feed deliciously!



With a small after taste
I do not know what.

Oh, brother, if you knew
how I miss you!

But, it's delicious,
finally, you are delicious.

But, what am I saying!

But where did he go, my
little apprentice dancer?

To all the crew, evacuate
the bridge, immediately!

- What's the matter ?
- We'll be shaken!

We are going right
in a storm!

Enough, you're lucky
I appreciate you!

You could be
a dish of donuts.

I will not tolerate, as
that only master on board,

that we leave this table
without my royal permission.

You can go out of the table.

- Hurry up!
- Hold on !

Do not be afraid, it's just
tap storm!

Dad protects you.

Oh !

- Where are the donuts?
- I have them.

Hello, brother!

Felix, show me what
you have in the belly!



It's good !


I find these donuts
a little bland

as if something was missing.

That's right, you have to
a little bit of sugar.


Ladies and gentlemen !

Help !

I do not know how to swim !

A man of the sea !

Slip the mainsail!

I hate the sea!

It was a small ship !

It was a small ship !

Who had not ja ... ja ... never sailed!

Who had not ja ... ja ... never sailed!

Oh, oh ... oh!

- I have nausea !
- Me too !

Everything is fine,
Daddy is better!

What is he doing up there,
he will sink us!

Stop moving
in all directions !

I can not stop this hole anymore.

There is no reason to panic,

if you are not happy, go
on the bridge to maneuver!

But, I can not, I have to take care
the little girl who died of fear.

It's rather you who
are all returned.

Hoist the mainsail!

At your orders, captain!


Ho, hoist!


Bravo, guys, grain
is behind us!

It's in such moments that
see the utility of having a queen!

You will agree!

All this gave me
hungry, good appetite.

What, a clandestine!

I'm hungry and I'm thirsty !

What are you doing
in my boat?

I did not want to bother you,
but I'm hungry and exhausted.

But, do not hide yourself!

Look, these are the best
donuts of the world.

Could I have a small
piece, please?

Shut up, shut up!

I'm not sure that
it does you good!

But why, madam!

To look at you, it seems to me
that you have reservations!

You can hold without eating ...

But, ma'am, if I
have no more strength,

I could not stop the
hole in the hull of the boat.

I do not believe a word,

and one day, you tell me
thank you for that.

Meaning !

We have approached the disaster
a hair!

My captain is a
regrettable unfortunate accident

read miniatore is everything
dinglinou, now!

What are we going to do ?

It's because of this machine
that we all became so small?

Ma, this thing,

he always did that at his head,

one day, big, the next day,
very small and, after, immense,

monsters, little ones,
we do not know, that's it!

Can I take a look?

Uh, I have to leave, more!

What is happening ?

I ... stay on course!

You block in all directions,
you almost made us capsize.

But, we wiped
a storm, hey!


No !

It seems that you do not know
to make circles in the water.

What ...

Uh, yes, at your command!

I will pay attention
to avoid bad weather.

Open your eyes, I want to navigate
on calm waters.

otherwise, you will dance
on this music.



So, read miniatore, do you
decide to work!

But it's not possible !

Hey, what is it?

I work my number since
years with this machine

and now, I do not know
more what I have to do!

Market !

Let me watch!

what is
written on the side?

I can not read,
it's too dark ...

Give it back to me!

Thank you.

Felix, my slippers!

- Felix, my slippers!
- Here, your majesty, ...!

Felix, it looks like you do not have
more to serve me!

- And there you are, my queen!
- My crown?

Right now.

I like you, it would be a pity
to finish in a dish of donuts!

Do not worry, my darling!

She's always like that, you do not have to
not believe everything she says!

You are right.

Oh !

Do not worry, my darling!

Felix, what's going on?

Why do not we do it
ceremonial of the queen?

Long live the queen!

To whom have I the honor ?

Your captain!

I did not speak of
you, but from him.

- You talk about me!
- Huh?

Who are you ?

A firefly, Pinderlair!

How to say, an image
only men

when a bright inspiration their
just do not know where!

- Shut up.
- Oh !

The lamps are for
to laugh, not to talk.

I am Captain Stinger!

And here is my faithful crew!

- Uh - Coucoucafouté - Mouai!

Either, Captain Stinger!

Who allowed you to ride
on board my boat?

Nobody or, rather, this boy
who held the bar while sleeping.

He can not take anything anymore, now.

Eh, and why are you coming
trouble my cruise?

It is to propose you
a market !

You pique my curiosity!

What is it about ?

We could win
both a fortune!

I'm starting to succumb
to your charm, captain!

My charm is nothing next
of this treasure that awaits us!

Do you like tango, captain?

I was waiting for you
take the first step.

So what do you think
of my proposal?

I am thinking about it!

What you need before
it's all about a captain.

I know it only too well.

A sailor who falls asleep during
his shift does not work.

You would not do that,
is not it !

Ah, I have my little tricks
not to fall asleep!

I tell him stories,
stories of sailors

with water monsters
disorders, giant octopus,

whales and
seductive sirens ...

This is not the moment !

I would like a gesture from you
to create a climate of trust.

But, your desires are orders!

Quenome, your hero
sacrificed honors you!


My captain !

Right away !

That tickles !

This is where the treasure is!

But, there is only water!

No, your majesty is tea!

A spoonful per person
and one for the teapot!

So much for you, captain!

Your majesty, our treasure
rests at 40 feet from the bottom.

- But, it's inaccessible.
- We have everything planned.

Finally, I planned!

Ouch, be careful!

- A little donut!
- Thank you.

- Hum!
- You like !

Really delicious,
I would like the recipe!

You could bring me a donut?

Believe me, these donuts are the worst
food you can swallow!

But, I'm so hungry!

By dint of losing weight, I'm not going
no longer able to plug the hole.

Well, that should be able
help you to hold.


- Is it a flower?
- Drop!

That's all you found?

I will not stay long.

Do not worry,
I will help you.

We will go together.

But, how, I mouth the hole
and you're just a little boy.

Here we are !

Ready for the maneuver,
drop anchor!

Prepare the diver!

It does not look like a
trusted person.

Felix, would not you be jealous?

No, I have nothing against the captain
Stinger, but, we do not know anything about him.

It's still a scorpion!

They are known to sting.

A nothing scares you!

Soon, your fears will
will seem ridiculous!

Do not forget that he proposes
to fish for a treasure!

From this point of view, I understand!

But, I do not know how to swim!

We do not swim with
lead soles,

we go straight and we do the job!

Lets' go !


So, dear, what do you say?

Do you like this bath of
sun that I offer you on the bridge?

This rope will make
tanning marks.

Oh what a shame !

Fortunately I will console myself
keeping the whole treasure!

Come on, hurry up, tie me up
that correctly!

I do not want someone
inadvertently falls into the water.

It's time for your
swimming lesson.

The sport is excellent
for health !

Do not worry, we're going
learn to swim.

Yeah, the signal!

Oh ho!

Take off the diving suit and
swing it overboard!

Thanks for the help, young man!

Catch him!

- Huh!
- What?

Ha, yeah!

Hey, Morten, what is
is happening upstairs?

A gang of pirates took
control of the boat!


You know, Elysa, I'm not
only a little boy!

- Hum!
- I'm the captain

and I will not give up
my crew and the ship!



And my mother who kept telling me that I do not
will never make a fortune as a pirate!

That's normal, mothers want
that their children shine

and me, that's what I
do, all day.

My mother is happy, ouch!



- Do not touch !
- Let me go !

Oh !

Catch him!

Stinger, leave the kid!

What are these ways?

What right do you liberate
my prisoners?

By what right ?


And hop !

Oh !

My dear Stinger, your
mother was right!

You will never do
fortune in piracy!

I could not you
let go without anything.

This is only a modest contribution

to help you get back
on the right path.

The right way ?

My dear Annabelle!

Before you leave, would you agree
a last dance?

No, you see, my dear!

I have to tell you that you
dance on the wrong side.

But I take this for a
compliment, coming from you!

I do not understand !

Why did you ruin everything in
trying to steal my boat?

I took command then
that everyone was sleeping,

to protect you,
what a misunderstanding!

Yes, I had founded a lot
of hope on this young man,

thinking that he can
appoint captain.

And you have been invited
on board our boat.

Know that I hate

especially to tango.

One two Three !

What a good teacher you are!

I made progress, would I
right to another lesson?

I have a cramp, at
help, Peter!

Ah, for once, you
call me by my name!

You need a firefly,

I hope you understand that
hacker is not a job.

- Go!
- How?

- Mum !
- Finally free !

oh no, I can not
leave them, and presto!

Oh peuchère, we drift there!

You've all been winded

but your queen knew you could not
not trust these hackers.

Glory to our Queen
who is always wrong ....

always right !

Glory to our queen!

Ah, this protocol!

I need a captain and
I know the perfect candidate!

This is Tilda!

Are you sure !

Of course, Tilda, should I believe
that you doubt my judgment?

But I do not have
skill in navigation!

I'm still confusing
port and starboard!

Your majesty, I guess ...

may his majesty know what she is doing!

We need
of a real captain!

This sea is unpredictable and dangerous.

Felix, bring, right away, this
sailor to the vigil!

And presto!

Just watch the flag,
that's all I ask you!

There is a small swell, I'm going
take the air on the bridge.


Hey, ha!


Ah, but what ...
my crown!


- Whew!
- Saved!

I'm done, Papounet!

Yes, storms, that
does the seafoot!

Deck officer, go to the farmhouse
and detach me this end!

Hey, me!

At your orders, captain!

Dax, detach the other end!

At your orders, Captain!

Tilda, well, nothing!

At your orders, Captain!

What is this ?

It's only me
give order here!

Oh !

Oh, no, it's not me.

Do you see what I see?

It's a red pearl of your crown,
symbol of your greatness!

Exact !

I wish this fuss
never happen again.

Tilda, you were responsible
of navigation!

Indeed, majesty, but
as Zack volunteered!

Hey, I did not do anything, I just
gave a hand

and, it's this little boy
who turned everything upside down.

- Ah, Morten!
- Yes.

You are accused of a crime of
piracy on the 7 oceans!

Mutiny and misconduct
serious to your duty as a sailor!

the crew, Zack, shoots,


From abandonment of post to vigil!

To these charges are added
aggravating circumstances

vandalism on
our royal flag,

symbol of our heritage
cultural, Zack, shoots,

as a result of the powers
conferred upon us

We condemn you, Morten
Vicks, to be transformed

in a most delicious dish
donuts of our kingdom.

Let's run the
Succulent sentence!

At your orders, your majesty!

And enjoy your meal !

But, I dream!

You will not transform me
in donut, help!

I'm coming, Morten!

Help !

But, what is she
done with the anchor?

You have become a butterfly!


Oh !

- Come on, go up!
- No !



Oh, but!


I'm fed up, you let everything drag.

Thank you for coming to my rescue, but,
I can not abandon the boat.

How, do you want to go back?

I have no choice, the
boat could sink!

But no, I plugged the hole.

Bravo, Elysa, with what
did you block it?

I took pieces
of the cargo.

Ah, sugar!

You have to go back, the water will do
melt the sugar cap.

But, it's dangerous, ah!

Two of a sudden!

- Hey !
- Help !

Get out of this net!

But, it moves too much!

What is this place?

This is not a frequent place,
for a butterfly.


Oh, it's my father's boat!

So, let's see that!


But, you are a very beautiful specimen!

Help, Morten!

- Let me go !
- You will not feel anything.

Oh !

- Attention, it stings!
- Ouch!

Quick !

It annoys me !

Where are you hiding ?

I'll find you !

But, I hate this game!

Where are you, huh?

- Wow !
- Oh !

- Come in, Madam?
- Thank you.

It seems that your interior
lack of a feminine touch!

You are right, my dear,
excuse the disorder.

I was working on my collection
when you arrived.

I did not know you
also collect the boats?

This one is particular,
it's a legacy!

It's a model

She once belonged to
my ancestor, Le Borgne!

Ah, I understand why you
want to buy this old .....

I mean, this beautiful boat.

It must have great value
sentimental for you.

It is also important for me
that dance is for you.

There are some parts
precious wood.

I will dismount it in
pieces to sell.

It must be prevented from doing that.

And you, my dear, you will not have
more to devote yourself to dancing.

But, it's the most
nasty of the world.

You, too, are the most
charming that I met ....

Let's drink to our future success!

They will destroy the boat of my
father and put him out of work!

What business sense do you have!

You are my source of inspiration.

So, Captain Morten,
what are we doing ?

My father owes them money.

He will have to sell them the boat.

Oh, no, we'll think
and find an idea.

A captain does not give up
never his boat.

You're right, I found what to do.

Yes !

Are not you afraid to go back?

Oh, yes, but, I have no choice!

So, you are very brave.

It's you who encourages me.

Yes !

Oh !


I worry if the tide continues
to go up, we'll all be sticking,

on the ceiling, I do not like it.

Do not say anything like that, Morten
no longer there to help us

Felix, show me that you are
able to steer this boat!

I do not feel very well !

Come on, decide!

Machine that does not work.

Lets' go !

Mr Jean-Paul

What, what are you doing here?

You're back ?

This machine does not want
still not work.

I want to make this talk
radish and it does not work.

I came back precisely for your
machine, show it to me!


Something is written there!

Be careful, keep out of the
reach of grown-ups

who do not know what they are doing.

It seems that this is your case!

So, the piston,

the pressure gauge,

I concentrate!

To drink, I am thirsty,
I want some water !

It worked.

Extraordinary, we know

when to water it,
we send him a bucket.

Just think hard.

Give me that!

No, I need it.

How is it, it's mine.

I have to fix the nonsense that
you made with this device.

It's mine !

I'm thirsty, water!

But who is back among us?

To me !

This is our donut dish!

Do not count on me !






My crown!

Ah ah ah!

Now, nothing
do not separate us!

My little dancer, detach me!

I hate moisture!

It's a betrayal, I'm going
turn into donuts!



Crew, stow on the rail!

- Officer!
- Me !

Take me on the vigil!

My dad, show them
what you have in your stomach!

Oh, my bidou, your desires
are orders.

Officer of the bridge, to your
orders, my captain!

And hop !


Oh, I'm hungry!

A little donut, your queen is hungry!

I order you to feed me!

- Hang in there!
- What do you mean ?



You see, I told you
that we would meet again!

What, did you tell me that?

I do not remember.

I ... I understood that I had done wrong!

I did not know that
I hurt you.

In fact, Morten, I have some
something to tell you!

I know, too, I feel
The same thing as you !

- It's your father, he's here!
- What?


To me !

So, you can not pay
the pension for Morten?

But, you own a
boat that is worth money!

And I bet you have a
buyer for the boat!

Indeed, here, Captain, this
I am ready to pay!

Here is the part you
owe to Anna!

This is for occasional damage
caused by your son!

And that's what's yours!

No, dad, stop!

He wants the Salamander for
recover his wood

and cut it into pieces.

She, too, is in the know!

That's enough !

You are nailed to the ground!

And you are still running
after the gold of the pirates!

Gold pirate!

But, I thought
it was a secret

and be the only one to know
his existence ?

That's what you believe!

Remember what I told you
told about the pirate Le Borgne!

My rear rear
grandfather was there

when they were abandoned by
the mutineers of the Salamander.

Oddly enough, Le Borgne
metamorphosed into crab!

Before disappearing under
 a rock, he said:

All the gold is hidden in the
Salamander wood!

My great grandfather
managed to leave this island.

And there, he met my
rear great grandmother,

a beautiful and very rich woman.

She helped him buy the Salamander
to a Chinese merchant.

They searched the boat
from bow to stern.

So what !

Nothing !

They did not find gold.

That's a beautiful story.

I do not believe a single word.

It reminds me of something !

In my book on pirates,

they say that Le Borgne is
become completely crazy,

so much so that he believed
to be in his boat

when he was in his house.

That's the explanation,

the gold must be in ...

The wood of your house.

Come, my dear!

It was a very nice conversation,
but, I must leave you.

He has my fountain pen in
Now, would you like me?

Of course, my beauty,
Queen of butterflies!

We will sell your coffee
and we bask in the sun!

Anna, I would like you
to say that I leave you!

Everything is finished between us.

Come on, my fuck!

Well, I think it takes
give this money back

to this little pig at
who he belongs.

Yes, he needs to be fattened.

He has a huge appetite
for parts.

He asks for more, that's it!

Do not stop ....

Ah, ah, ah!

he wants more and more ...

Ah, ah, ah!

He'll need a treasure!

What a hodgepodge!

There is no treasure!

But, dad, this is the
Salamander, the treasure!

You are right,
Captain Morten!


Get ready to sail!

At your orders, Captain Morten!

Hey, wait for me!

I want to become a sailor!

Hey, do we need a
crew member ?

It's you, the captain and the only one
master aboard the Salamander.

It seems that there is no longer
world to take care of you!

Um yes !

You can join us, we have always
need experienced sailors,

- is not it, captain!
- How nice !

But, we do not have too much
the marine foot.

It's been a while since we're on
Earth and Stinger is counting on us!

And we can not do it
false leap, sorry!

My dear Anna, I would love to
offer you a golden hand

with a diamond set
on each nail.

You are adorable, my dear.

Hey, you two, do not
do not linger!

Find this gold or I'll shoot you.

- But where ?
- We can not find anything.

The gold fever made them
completely lose your head.

Rou, rou!

Oh !

They made nails with gold!

Dad, look!

Nails are gold!

This is where the famous treasure was hidden!

And it is he who holds the
boat in one piece.

Here, what are we going
do now !


Put him back where he was.

That's my boy!

Can we hoist the sails?

With pleasure, Captain Morten!


Crew of the Salamander,
ready for the maneuver!

- Forward all!
- Yeah!