Captain Marvel (2019) - full transcript

Carol Danvers becomes one of the universe's most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races.

Created by Ysty01 (zsoszo Sync)


Do you know what time it is?

I can not sleep.

There are drugs on it.

If you are taking something now sleeping.

It was another dream?

Fight us?

- I slipped.

- Yes. Even because I pulled you one.

I had already been pulled before it had slipped. The two are not related.

Tell me more about the álmodról ...

- The something new? - No.

- Do not worry about the past. - I do not remember my past

- A lot of doubt in you. Doubt makes vulnerable.

- Dominate your strength.

If you lose your head again, again calling himself the supreme intelligence,

It is not dangerous for a fighter

As emotions.

You do not concentrate while joking.

And anger, anger can only benefit the enemy.

120 days have passed since the last Skrull attack.

- Have you ever seen someone that looks like a supreme intelligence? - No.

You can not look at no one true form.

You know that. The subconscious, there appears to you. It is sacred.

Personal. We do not talk about it to anyone.

How is it for you?

- The tesódként? - No.

- As a father? - No.

- Former parancsnokodként. - Are you kidding?

You see my form, right?

- I know what mesterkedsz. - I do it well?


But you will not distract the subject.

-What you give sense to do that if you do not let me use.

You have to use. The intelligence chief said he teach you how to treat it.

- I can handle it. - If you could give would be to knock off without it.

Controlled your instincts. Do not use this, but this here.

I want to be the best, bring it out of you.


- Poem. - Called for you.

The commander stated that you are ready for deployment.

That's right.

Viaskodsz of emotions.

The past lashed them.

You can you fall victim to our civilization, threatening several centuries, Skrull expansion.

Fraudulently insinuate us and take over the planets.

Trace the desktop and many other horrors that you can not recall.

All lost. The whole thing of the past.

You're supposed to answer the shape of the person you look up to most.

BUT I do not even remember.

Who was this man in my life.

Perhaps you kind of fate. Spare me the greater suffering.

Emancipate, it tehesd you need to Keeként.

The people megboldogulása be the first.

Great gift you received from us, you will be able to fight for the good of Kreek.

- I am pleased to fights. - You can conquer yourself.

Otherwise, what you get back is taken.

- I did not disappoint. - you'll prove you.

Your mission is. Serve with integrity and honor.

- Evil cells. - Obviously, the Skrull again.

One thing is certain. Big trouble.

- Skrull has slipped your skin? - Of course, it was very upsetting.

- Why? - I stood face to face with the deadly enemy subject.

- And I looked at myself in the eye. - But you'd be handsome if he would be less upsetting, is not it?

- You think you're funny. Not laugh. - Well, you never do.

I used to.

Just inside.

- But it did not come. - Speaking Őszitén is appealing visage.

- Thank you. All right people enough.

Attention. Here's the deal.

We have to save the kémünket, Solart. A Skrull again invaded our planet is a limit.

This time, the Torf. Solar sent a warning message that you captured.

So there in disguise.

A Skrull Talos General sent him several units to liquidate.

If you go to find the info collected over three years, they will be in their hands.

The accusers are Skrul a fortress under fire in the south. What we find within it, Solart.

We'll pick you up at the Skrull only blink.

And it is very important not to get into conflict with the Torfaiakkal.

Nothing could endanger the safety of the mission.

Be on your guard. In order to keep down the process.

The action is risky. You may have to join the collective.

If this is our fate. The good of Kree. - The good of Kree.


Measure Solar poem into position.

Att-Lass, Minn-Ervan, seek high ground.

Locals nearby. Approx. A dozen.

- Minn-Ervan. - Can you hear. Can anyone hear me?

- I repeat.

It comes from the church sign.

- Let's go. - No.

Here you can easily bring backlash on us. Only one way that leads there.

Odatudunk easy.

We do not know who's there.

- Too risky. - If you do not come I'll go alone.

No. Forget it.

Well. Do not spread out.

If we lose each other, we meet at the machine.

Come on!

- Att-Lass hear me? - Yes. I see them.




Minn-Ervan see what we have here?

- Keep away from them. - Minn-Ervan!

Can anyone hear me?

It does not hurt my brain.

Stay there.

These locals.

- Two dead, but there are no greens. - They're just hungry.

- HVX78.
- TRT79-BVX6.

Bron Char-do. Back.



The Helionra ... Can you hear me? The Helionra.

- How did you know the code? - I'll tell you my secret.

After telling me yours.

Let's look into it.

- Where are we now? - Screenshots.

Far did you go? Among the clouds.

- Well you? - two feet on the ground.

We'll show him how to do it. Are you ready?

- Up on the stars. - Yep.

That can not be.

Let's go back even deeper.

You go too fast, slow is good.

- Who's that? - It certainly is not ...

- No place for you. - Excessively we went back ...

- O is lead. - I'll try anything.

- No place for you. - Leave him out. still wants to play.

- Never let the machine. - Maybe I just do not understand what's going on here?

Quite a good pilot.

But it's too hot-headed. not with a joystick in the hands of babes.

Do you understand?

He began to shake the cosmos. He was shaking the moon.

The sun and the stars in the sky. And then the little alue vanished into the night.

You see? He was alue.

Here now been completed. the food is ready.

Get ready for boarding.

- But good memories. - May. I think it is.

- Goose is for you. I do not like people. - started early in the day?

Ah, the night dragged on. I can not sleep when a lot of work. Familiar?

The flight never felt work.


- It's a beautiful country, is not it? - I like to look down from above better.

Soon feljutsz far.

Wait, wait, wait. He is. Bring it back.



- It's a beautiful country, is not it? - I like to look down from above better.

- you'll go so far feljutsz. - What is written on the jacket. Does not seem to...

- It's a beautiful country, is not it? - I like to look down from above better.

- you'll go so far feljutsz. - Concentrate.

- What? - Look down. Concentrate.

Pegasus. Dr. Wendy Lawson. He is.

- You heard that? - We know where it is?

Measure it. Follow Lawson as long as you do not measure the power signal.


Ah. Wait. Go back to direct it. Even further back.

- They are not villózók.

Let's see where you're flying. This is it. Look at the coordinates.


Open your eyes. It is clever, you will immediately succeed. Do not resist.


Bring it back. Bring it back. Come on.

Come. What happened after that? Where did he go.

Is there any other information which is worth something?

It's just that Lawson was somewhere around the C-53rd

We are on the way there.

We can dig deeper.

Lawson brings us to the light-speed gearbox.

And everything we're looking for.

Oh, responded to this. Do it again.

Not yet.

- What did you do to me? - Only some information is needed.

- What do you planted it in my head? - Nothing, that was not it.

- These are not my memories. - It's as if hallucinating, right?

- No wonder you're confused.

- Thoroughly stirred his head. - Enough to hear játszadozásból.

- What do you want? - The care, where is Dr. Lawson.

- And the light-speed gearbox. - I do not know any Lawson.

Really, then why is it so much memory?

You do not know that they can be picked guys?

No? Okay.


Are you leaving? Just to raise a total break us.

C-53 planett Terrain OTTHONA

Verse call centers. Can you hear?

Hey. Did you?

Hello. I csillagosztagos poem. This C-53?

- Do you understand what I'm saying? It works with my interpretation? - Yes. I understand you.

Oh, cool. You are responsible for security in this area?

We are going for it. But the cinema is his own man.

Where can I find the means of communication?


Locate the cabin and the girl.

We know more than you know.

Hey, it's been busy.

Come on!

- Poem. Poem. CTC39 control. - GRXT1600. I'm fine anyway. Thanks a lot.

- you did not trouble again? What happened? - lured into a trap. I thought you were dead.

- You found Solart? - Solar was not.

- Talos pulled on his skin. he knew the code. - But that's impossible.

- Solar was embedded in his subconscious. - A Skrull kutakodtak in my mind.

And I think the same machine Solar also picked out the head of the code.

- Poetry, where are you now? - The planet's C53.

- The Skrull are looking for a specific Lawson. - Who?

- He's the one you see. - What?

- Poem. Poem. What? - be a scientist.

He invented a light-speed stuff. I need to find before the Skrull.

Otherwise, they rush off new galaxies.

No. Wait. Once they have been caught anyway. How far is the C-53?

There is a jump point. 22 hours away.

Poem. Stay there until we get there. The signal may arise must be switched on to let you.

No. What if you earned before ...

We are sorry. The distance of your tárcsázottszámhoz ID belongs. - Poem.

Towards. Towards.

- When worked the Skrull be dangerous. - tougher than you think.

- Have you ever been on a C-53? - Once. Leprosy is quite a place.

You're meant?

Transmitter is activated.

Excuse me madam. He had not seen it happen to a woman who broke through the top of the video store?

According to witnesses Concerning the laser was a warrior costume.

Oh, I think it went.

As a condition you a few questions. Then I'll tell you how to take back the night kazikat.

- I could request credentials? - Poetry'm csillagosztagos.

- The identification, we do not use cards. - Poetry, csillagosztagos.

- How long will the city? - Just as long rioters of time,

I find the Skrullokat who have infiltrated themselves do.

- The Skrullokat? - The alakváltókat.

Whatever they can copy the DNA level down.

Oh my God. Themselves have no idea about this. - Na, na, na, wait.

Tell me, how do we know you're not a changeling?

Congratulations Fury Agent. We finally managed to ask a meaningful question.

I can not congratulate you, csillagosztagos. You're under arrest.


New boy come.

- He did not see that he's got a weapon? - I did not see you, sir.

The suspect is north of the subway, we follow.

Oh, it was rough.

The subway immediately go into the tunnel.

Let's go to the next station.

Mr. Fury. This is Agent Coulson. I'm still in the videotékánál.

Tell me, where was everybody?

I collected the evidence and ...

It was the SHIELD action here. Break it up.


Pretty in diving outfit.

Do not look so crossly. I get a smile?

Silly goose.

The carbon-based life form on earth for all. He did not.

What is also a bar, not in the periodic table.

In other words, you must have arrived in a distant world?

How are your eyes?

Well, all right. But now they're not really believe him.

- So, here it looked like Coulson? - And he spoke.

- The woman said to have more? - it said that infiltrated us.

- You believe him? - Yes, ever since I saw it.

- What's the plan? - To find the tékás girl.

Motortolvajról heard from a person who fits the description.

They explain what they want in these lizards, and perhaps help them kipaterolni.

Correct. But action alone. We can not trust anyone. Our people do not even own.

Indeed sir.

Wow. An ugly acquired is not it?

Yeah. Brad Pitt is not one, sir.

Have a good trip to the other world, my friend. I promise I will finish what we started.

I have not leaned so close.

Listen to the UFO.

- What does he want. - Where was this photo?

- an airport. - Where is the Pegasus.

The confidential.

Just like the file that you opened yourself.

He, meantime, had changed. I hit it a casual style?

- It was a difficult day Fury Agent? - Sufficient. You know extraterrestrial invasion.

Car chase. And I could see a real UFO autopsy well.

- an average weekday. - So you saw one.

I never believed in it, that there is something. But no doubt after that.

It will now be a little weird, but I have to ask.

Afraid that I am a green thing?

I can not risk.

What you see now, with a 100% pirosvérű earthling.

- Unfortunately, the evidence can be. - Saliva sample or have urinated in a cup?

- No. The DNA be correct. - Should I set a PIN code?

A Skrull can only get to know the most recent memories of the hosts.

Whoa. vájkálni want my past.

- Where were you born? - Pairsvielben, but I confess that I've just told.

- First dog? - Nozzle Cinemas.

- Nozzle -moz? - You heard me. I passed?

- Not yet. First job? - The army right after high school. I installed off as a colonel.

- Then? -Kémkedtem.

- Where? - Everywhere.

Raged the Cold War. Belfast. Bucharest, Belgrade, Budapest.

- Full of B-letter city. - Now?

6 years ago I'm sitting in an office. And then trying to figure out where the enemy is coming.

So far it never occurred to me that it might come from above.

Tell a bizarre habit, which is a Skrull, would not find out.

If I do not eat the toast cut across it.

- That was not necessary, right? - No. Really not. But it was funny.

All right, you come. So that not Skrull.

And yet this ought to know that you're not a Skrull?

- It was a ray photon. - And?

A Skrull can not do that.

So was a colonel, and spy agency SHIELD.

- Obviously, access to a whole lot of data. Where is the Pegasus? - Uh-oh.

So. A Skrull alien species of wine, take over power on those planets.

- You and Kree. As for the race of noble warriors. - heroes.

- The heroes of noble species. - And what do they want a Skrull, Dr. Lawsontól?

They believe invented a light-speed gearbox Pegasus.

What did you find it? After all, it's not the craziest thing I heard today.

- Well, it's early. - What do you want?

I want to set the Skrullokat, while there is still a way.


Watch the war of the same everywhere.

I know what it's like getting a private military action. You're personally involved in the case.

- This is government land. Consult your vehicle. - Nicholas Joseph Fury. The SHIELD agent.

Put your finger on the reader. A moment.

Nicholas Joseph Fury? Three names are?

Everyone is calling Fury. Nicholas Joseph is not not, not an agent. Just Fury.

- That he called his mother? - Fury.

- And you now? - Fury.

- What about the children? - Well, if you are going to be called Fury.

- recovered from the area. - Thank you.

Hey, wait. It looks as if some rebellious teenage girl.

Take it up.

- What is that? - The logo of SHIELD.

- Sure, it helps the secret work? - Asking the dismount running around szerkóban extraterrestrial.

The shirt stays.

- The SHIELD at work. - We are looking for a woman named Lawson.

Dr. Wendy Lawson.

He knows him?

Follow me.

You know what they say, that being wheeled out the red carpet?

- No. - Do not do this.

- The communicator? - Yeah. Tweeter hyper-modern two-way.

- Whose message? - My mother. Chill does not mention himself.

They closed down the target. I need reinforcements.

"I swamped the target, should gain"


You, hu, hu.

- After you. - Not bad.

Oh, what you should see a gépkapoccsal.

Hello kitty. What's up. Oh, God, I at one. It should be to eat a you. How can such a small ...

... scoop of sugar that can be. You say your name was? What's your name?

Goose. Name reaching such a nice kitty, right.

- Fury.
- Igen?

I'll come back.

Oh, to be the new imprint. You just have to fold.

He watched as the mylar screw up.

- While it would have been enough. - I did not want lelombozni.

At. Lawson.

Here's the blueprint for light-speed gearbox.

Why has it stopped the Project?

Maybe it's because Lawson retard.

- Kree signs? - Well.

Lawson did not retard. But Kree.

- Oh, and dead. - We?

The plane crashed during a test flight of unauthorized.

And the pilot who was with him.

That is why such unfriendly eternal. Conceal this real big blunder.

And the light-speed gearbox Tropa.

When you went down this machine?

Six years ago. 1989.

- Who was the pilot? - uncovered many details.

But here's a confession of a certain Captain Maria Rambeau.

He last saw them alive.

"We're here. Where are they?" (I guess this just do not see the picture)

- Well? - Uh-huh.

I'll be back.

We do not want to fight in wars. It's closed.

I know that Lawson was Kree. C-53 went on and died in plane crash.

- Do you know anything about this? - I recently saw a report.

Which they were sent to about C53. I did not get permission to beavassalak everything.

But Kree ... Lawson was a secret agent. They called MAR-VELL.

Alítani may want a special power core.

We are experimenting with a technology which megnyerhetnénk the war.

- Even here there is a woman? - Yes. And work with us.

- You stay here. - Indeed sir.

I want to interrogate alone.

Well done. Nicholas.

There is a report anything about me?

- Anything about you? Not, of course? Why would it be? - I found no evidence that I lived here.

A C-53-on?

MAR-VELL-t I see when I go to supreme intelligence. I knew him.

It added Lawsonként.

- It's like a Skrull have slipped your skin, unnoticed. - No, not like that.

- I remember I lived here. - Enough. Do not forget the training.

Know your enemy. You can be in. Do not let your emotions ...

... obscure your judgment.

The sixth floor is a minus. I'm not going down that long.

The stairwell waiting when you cut it.

- Good old pincers. As long ago, Havana. - Yes, as long Havana.

Close to the jump point. I find you on the basis of the signals arise.

Following the end of the matter.


All right.



I look closely, you go left.

- Fury in cahoots with célszemélyjel. - Then why are you calling here?

All I know is that you need to get him dead or alive.

Dead or alive?

Then, pressure. Hurry - hurry.

Maybe I say something wrong?

Well, you really do not need glasses to me to see.

In turn, from the overall effect will be perfect.

Do not you think?

- you invited them here? - I screwed up.

- Coulson see them? - There are not any.

Let's see above.

- What? - The communicator.

You've no good hands.

- You know how to drive this thing? - We'll see.

It was a yes-no question.

- Again.

So you see this is more like it.

- Groos. - Look buckshee a passenger.

Endurance Groos.


Oh ... Do not draw.

Who's a good kitty hear? Well Goose?

Yes. You're clever. Well the good cat Goose. You're the best cat.

Recognize anyone?

Think before you got to the planet Hala. I almost died.

I got amnesia. It happened six years ago.

He thinks you're the pilot who crashed there Lawson?

The last person who saw them might find to say.

- Maria Rambeau.
- Ühüm.

Lousianaba to get there?

Eastern direction. Then Memphisnél right.

- The agent, who let get away. - Coulson, the new guy.

- I think he still does not hate. - you do not know quite long.

I think it was a hunch. instincts.

Do not click. This is a very difficult thing. But since we're humans.

- I've had trouble ilyesmiből. Often. - Oh, yes, I can believe.

He saved the guy who threw the Skrulloknak.

Something tells me that this is not exactly Kreeknél common practice.

When not wearing your boss if you do not own me.

- Ronan. - The accusers performed the task.

But the important mission failed. Because of you.

- Say you had success? - So our agents lured the verse in Torfaen.

- To kidnap. - Add your situation.

- take care of the terrorists. - So that szétbombázzátok them?

No. We'll solve it.

A Skrull team anywhere in the world, a threat everywhere. Where are they?

Currently, we do not know.

We do not know. For now.

- But we find them. - So be it.

Or we will.

Keep the direction toward the C-53rd

Excuse me, I'm looking for Maria Rambeau.

Aunt Carol? Maternal. Aunt Carol.

I knew it. Everyone said you were dead.

But we knew they were lying.

I'm not exactly who you mean.

- I've never heard such a crazy story.

Green shapeshifting aliens?

- They can not. - You're right, you're right, absolutely.

They're not well. Because, if they were not sure it kürtölnénk world.

You do not believe me?

Oh no. It's damn cool.

- The water forralásnál much more capable of hands. - For example?

- Show more. - Maybe later.

Oh, you've got your stuff. I bring here.

You do not want to help him?

- you do not remember anything? - Sometimes felrémlik something.

Tiny moments. But you can not even memories.

If összetudnánk together what happened that morning.

Perhaps, they win all understanding.

You woke me up. You burst into me at dawn. Habitually.

At that time we still had to get up early.

The Air Force did not allow women to go to missions.

So that we tested roncsderbiken absence of any other activity.

You wanted to compete to base, your old Musztángoddal, of course I did not mind.

I knew it was pressed under the Camarommal. But you cheated. And cut off the road.

- Since the slaughter fraud? - Since then, it goes against the rules.

- They did not protect. - Hmm. This did not surprise me.

When I got to the border, Lawson was pretty nervous.

He said somebody lives are in danger.

- He wanted to fly, but you said ... - If someone is in danger, then I'm flying.

Yes. Amen.

You finally caught the muffle.


Okay, you can always bro ...

That is why we fought. Now you think that you come from another planet?

I can not imagine how hard it was for you.

All things related to you. And now...

So, that was hard, I lost my best friend.

A mission that is as if it never happened.

I believed you. Because I knew, no matter where you are, or too stubborn to die.

And after that once you set only after six years, super strong blaster hand.

And that city that I call you, I do not know Verse?

- Are you really changed? - I do not know.

Come check them out.

In what we are here for Halloween.

Emilia Eikhardnak I dressed you and Janise Joblinennak.

Oh, and this is still small. You did not come out to your parents well.

So we became a family.

It was Christmas. Then I got a little slippers.

This summer he won terveztétek ... This earrings mother ...

This is when you were on good terms with Uncle Jason. That is, when you were in Ohio for two years.

It was here on the porch. Oh, wait really.

The jacket. Mom will not allow me to wear one since ketchupoztam together.

Only thing left after the accident.

And this thought.

- Do not open it. - It's just my neighbor.

they can change over Bárkivé.

- Kézcsókom. - What does he want?

- I just ... - Hi, Tom. This is my friend Carol.

Ah, nice to meet you. Ouch. That was a shocking experience.

Oh, I saw the bird, which is beside the road.

It would not be a problem if the guys átugranánk to quickly megkukkantsuk.

- To megkukkantsátok? - Yes. - A bird?

Which is by the way? Hm.

Very odateszed itself to selling the piece, huh?

- Depart. - I'm sorry Tom, now is not suitable.

Then jump over tomorrow. Okay?

- Oh, but ... - Hey You.

You really could be nicer to your neighbors.

If you ask for something if you need to borrow from them again.

Only slowly in the body. You do not need to come into a fire and waving a hand.

But do not subvert your girlfriend's house.

Very nice home there.

Oh, my God. What the hell?

We will not hurt the girl.

Just do not kill it.

- The very belerondítana of things. - approx. Five seconds and polluting ...

- ... into the Skrull mocsadék a bullet into his brain.

I'm sorry to my boss into my skin. But now I'm standing here, full valómban.

- No hocus-pocus. - And who's out there in the yard?

Well. This is a legitimate question. But that obviously agree that no harm precaution.

In fact, the last time you szétverted my people. Such a thing was not your hand.

- Just talk. - When last we spoke,

- I was hanging upside down. -Maybe, but I did not know who you are.

I do not even know that different, than the others.

I have a voice Pegazusos. Your song voice. A crashed machine.

Six years ago. He says recordings that allegedly call a black box.

They were told it was destroyed in the accident. How did you get it?

Still do not understand? Cutie still know a few tricks, which you can get,

In places where you should not.

If you ever call Aranyoskámnak, get drunk in a place where you should not.

Now you should find that any part of the body?

The ass.

Okay clear, everyone is a little tense. But just listen to please.

To decode some coordinates. If you sit down and listen?

I assure you that you will not regret.

Call your buddy and I listen.


Where they picked?

Get out of here. How did this come in?

The cat? You say that's not what you fear.

This is not kittens. But a Felker.

Ha ha. A Flerken.

- Monica. - Why did not I listen?

- What are we waiting? - To open.

Punch in the coordinates. 5229 negative 47th

- 8 768 0 throughout the whole 2 - I.

- Where are we going, Doc? - In my lab.

- The lab? What do you mean. - Oh no. The one...

I mean, what is it? I do not see it on the radar.

Carol pressure, gas him.

- What is that Lawson? What the hell is this? - The bad boys. Let's get into it.

- Switch. - Yes.

- What do they want? - Me. In my plans.

Too bad that I brought with me.

the rocket is coming.

Backwards firing. Hold on.

Catapult. Catapult. Catapult.

Lawson perseverance.

- Carol hear? - Yes, I can hear you.

- We crash. - Carol Are you all right?

- Can you hear? - Yes, I can hear you.

- Doc, the blood ... - Blue, I know.

But what kind of hair?

Help to get out.

I have to destroy before they get here.

- Lawson. - Remember what I said about our work?

- What is the purpose? -Lezárni wars?


But more wars than you think.

Bass. Lawson is not my real name.

In fact, they call MARVEL

And I was not born on earth, but the fish-n.

I would say delirious. But, now she fired off a spaceship.

And blue, blue blood.

Listen for a long time fought a shameful war.

Get out, for you at least do not have remorse.

Just do not forget the coordinates.

- Without need to save them. - Who? How?

For now, this should blow just before you find.

Relax do not want to hurt you.

No? But I was beginning to believe the former lövöldözésből.

The nuclear energy? Where is?

rescue teams are coming.

Two minutes later they surround you.

In this case, there is no reason to drag this conversation.

Do not wait.

The nuclear energy?


Commander. Even moving.

- Permission to shoot. - Leave it do not shoot.

There was nothing left. It destroyed the core.

Comprising infiltrating the force.

transferred to us.

Yon-Rogg lied.

All I knew was a lie.

- Now, you understand now. - What? What do you understand now?

Yon-Rogg Marvel killed. He killed.

MARVEL because he realized that waging unjust wars.

- And it is on the wrong side. - No. Ye are all terrorists.

murder innocent. I saw the ruins of Torf.

The ruins of Torf devastation caused by the accusers.

The people lived as refugees in Torf.

Homeless, we rebelled against the Kree. And they decided to ruin our planet.

And the handful of survivors, felkoncolják soon.

Unless you finish what you started MARVEL.

The seed, he came up with the speed of light would be thrown us a new homeland by boat.

Where the Kreeka not reach the hands.

Lawson has always said that our work does not help to fight wars.

It's closed.

He wanted to help us. Find the lab.

- But I already blew up. - Just blew up a gear.

the fuel itself is in a remote location. If you help decode the coordinates.


- captured him destroy us. - Only yearn for home.

You have to. There was everything to us, because of the Kree. You still do not understand?

You're not one of them.

You do not know me. You have no idea who I am.

I myself do not even know who I am.

But Carol Denvers are.

The woman, who is in the photograph, risked his life for a good cause.

My best friend. Who supported a mother.

And as a pilot when no one else.

You're clever. Funny. Baromira and annoying.

Even then, people did not know is stronger than you.

Even when your hand is not struck by the flames.

Do you hear.

Do you hear what I'm saying.

- Come here. - Come here.

I know I do not deserve your trust. But there was no other hope.

We have seen that just as the energy emanating from you as MARVEL seeds.

It just found out why.

I wish I knew how important this is to me.

I do not want anything from you just to decrypt me MARVEL lab coordinates.

Those coordinates are not. But state vectors.

They give the position of the space.

They have not found on the floor of the lab because it is not here.

We know where we were on the day of the crash.

If you calculate the trajectory we find in space, now.

It's just simple physics.

In space.

- It would have been so hard to figure out? - You are a child of an engineer, right?

Yon-Rogg gets here soon.

We must find the seed still in front.

Hm. Direction in space?


I should just change a few things on your machine. Happy to have you tinkering.

Ha, ha. The engineer child.

- I could use a copilot. - No. No, I can not.

I can not leave him here.

Mom, Grandma go ahead and take care of me.

THE. No way to go, baby. Too dangerous.

Brand new space planes get tested.

Yet you do.

If you are planning to step out of the atmosphere is not one designed for typing.

Meanwhile, a technologically advanced enemy forces could attack at any time.

Am I right?

I'm talking about this. Go with it. Good.


Legkirályibb world can participate in the mission.

But you'd rather stay here to look me in California came to me.

- My?

No times have not stopped thinking about it, that you show an example of how this daughter.

- What is this conspiracy? - I'm sorry. Inside, I'll tell you.

Thanks for coming.

Great mom lucky. It seems he's got the coolest girl in the world.

- Lieutenant Tangle. - Well, do you remember?

It was mine? No, you do not need.

Be with you until I get back.

But there is one thing that would help me.

I can not run around anymore Kree colors.

And because apparently you are the only taste of the whole band.

- Hmm. - Wow.

No. A, A. Definitely not ...

Well anyway because we are a team.

- What is the structure? - Loose.

- What took you so long? - Anyway, I'm fine thanks.

- VRY46 - Leave the codes.

We know that the system is circumvented.

From me. Ask me off.

Who can see when I talk to the chief of intelligence?

I think you see, whom you look up to the most.

But you never betray.

Let's hear what the earliest memories about the fish.

A blood transfusion. Blue blood running through my veins.


It was in my blood.

The flows in his veins.

- What have you done to him? - You're late.

So you know.

Ronan, Skrull appeared on the C53. Come immediately.

The good of Kreek. Commander.

We will cut off the parasites.

Height 500 and climbing.

Listen only. That thing really should not keep on your lap.

In our association with you it is pretty weak.

And as long as these morbidly his aversion to cicustól than now.

Until puszilgatom and hugging this little cute strength without stopping.

Can I ask you something? You really can change at any Advances?

- Oh, what I see in front of him. - Minannyijuknak go?

Well, theoretically, yes. But you have to practice, not to show off,

But talent can be added.

- Cats also can be? What is that?

- And let's say a filing cabinet? - I do not understand.

Why iratszekrénnyé changing?

Venus Flytrap? I'll give you fifty bucks if Venus is changing flapper become.

I associate fusion radiation gear unit. turn belts.

This is normal? This űrturbulencia?


Stabilized our position.

Where can I?

Here. It should be ...

Okay. Let's be clear there is nothing in front or behind the large.

Deactivating a disguise.


- That would be? The core? - MAR-VELL referred to as Tessaract.


What did you do with all these childish kacattal?

We are not alone.


We're not here to Tessaractért.

Do not be afraid.

we do not what to do. MAR-VELL tied the souls that do not send an alarm.

- Because I find the Kreek. - well you do it.

Chill nothing wrong. Do not be afraid of him our friend.

I will not hurt you.

He brought me here.

I'm really sorry.

- I did not know. - Carol, it's war.

I can not in my hands stained.

But here we are.

You found my family.

This is just the beginning. Thousands of our brothers live in small groups.

Across the entire universe.

If I were the same nyüstölnem pinball six years, it also has a few records.

- cimborálsz the enemy? - THE. the.

Yet what did you do to egyenruháddal? - they stirred it in the brain.

- Just as we thought. - The supreme intelligence lays location.

You see, that they were not soldiers. Leave them alone.

- ye me. - And the core?

- you lied to me. - I reached to get the best out of yourself.

What you got, now we return.

Come here to me.

There you are. He spent time on the C53 called up the memories.

This cool jacket killer. Seriously.

Aha. Dizsizzünk. It's cool.

- It's over now. - you should not even think.

If you bothering them. Kicsinállak I swear to you.

Exactly what? Our strength comes from.

Does not come from you my abilities. But the explosion.

Cancel were strong enough to dominate them alone.

Species: Felkren. Risk: Major.

Of a cat. Luther did not Hannibal.

Species: Human. Risk: Negligible.

It sure as hell went wrong.

Vídd a Flerkent a Helionra.

The rest Shoot it out into space.

Well done Poetry.

Thanks to you, they are insidious shape-shifters never threaten our borders.

I believed your lies. But the Skrull just looking for a home.

You want to wipe them out because they did not surrender arms.

- And I will not. - We found you.

- We receptive ourselves in. - kidnapped.

From home. In my family, from my friends.

Or cute, so you try.

Go into it.

Without us, or weak.

you're going too fast.

Helpless. Too hot blooded. And still feel overwhelmed.

We saved.

Without us, only human.

As you say. I'm a man.

The fish-n born again. Poem.

My name is Carol.

Try to break out.

Fetter was beaten down as he struggled.

But what happens then?

When I'm finally free.

You know, to shine, right?

I'll explain later.

Hold the Tessaractot. Leave the box here.

- I? - Yes.

I will not touch it.

You get mitts?


Take the Skrullokat the machine.

You're going to be posted.

- What about me? - I gain you some time.

HE. I'll pick you up.

I hope you will not devour me.


Arm wrestling in a Tessaractért?

Long ago I could to humor you. Close it down.

- Aj month. - No cicázott.

You knew all along.

- why not say too much? - No. I never could figure.

Now stop.

This is it. Swallow them.

Come on.

Do it.

Bass Goose. Decide who you are.

Take them to the hangar.

the authors of all the space.

Chill out there.

As Havana.

- Do you have the stuff? The kitten ate flerken.

Come on. Move.

Action starts.

Shut your eyes.

Forward. Briskly. Running.

- was a clever trick. - I could have sworn that I put into it.

- Minn-Ervan go pick them off. - Now.

- All right, buddy? - Never better.

Offensive come. You'll receive.

This is it.

What was that?

They go ballistic missiles.

This is impossible. The C53 is not at an advanced protection system.

Which stand in the way rakétáinknak.

This is not a defense system Ronan.

Lőjétek it.

Head for the jump point.

But then we come back for the gun.

- The Mager? - No, the woman.

I'm so proud of you.

You really evolved a good deal since I found you.

Can you keep your emotions in check when you coping?

As usual, the pimp or no power over?

I often told. You'll be able to knock me to the fighters when their fortress.

The moment has come. Came. That moment, Vers.

Let the fireworks and show that you can win off.

I do not have to prove anything to you.

New destination, head to the Hala.

I can not go back empty-handed.

You do not go empty-handed. I'll send you a message.

It said the intelligence chief to an end.

The war is a lie. Everything.

You can not do that.

It was warm enough, ah. It does kisses, three. hahaha.

Pocidban there are the bad guys? Ouch.

- Oh snap.

- Well? - Yes.

Just a scratch.


- I wanted before.

It is unbelievable that got into such a harsh air combat and I missed it.

I think it was just in time.

Snazzy flying machine.

The SHIELD you still could use such an excellent pilot.

I'll think about it. Just do not tell me about all the cool flying.

- How are your eyes? -Percről more minutes.

So clear. You were Solar, and SHIELD agent too?

Kelor. With his identity is Talos touched down.

I borrowed only for a while. I am not a thief.

- we called robbery. - You, or anyone you are now?

Here you can stay as long pull himself together.

But the new figures should take.

- I could be your boss again. - Oh, let's not.

Come on, I loved the beautiful blue eyes.

What? There's so beautiful eyes. Never change your eyes.

I'll help you find a home. MAR-VELL finish the work.

Here we could stay with us. No, Mom?

Would not be safe, baby.

Carol nénédnek right.

My home need them.

You see hip hop right back.

Or let's say we meet halfway in space.

Well, only if you shine just like Aunt Carol.

I might build a spaceship. You do not know.

No. You do not know.

Keep the Tessaractot the ground. Plug in.

Do you think MAR-VELL would want to do this?

- MAR-VELL. - I said that.

Two words. MAR-VELL.

MAR-VELL. slightly better than the band Marverets.

- I do not loom anything? - Fojttassa only if I remember.

Felturbózottam bit.

The Galaxy range is a lower voice.

What? Afraid that I'm going to bother you?

It is important to use only in an emergency, right?

Well, once more return to this galaxy, say hello to your buddy.

He came out of ketchup.

Thank you, Lieutenant Gubbanc.

But not easy for me to say goodbye.

Go ahead.

Protect Initiative of the first chapter.

Glad to have you back. It was you.

So it's true? The Kreek fired because his eyes did not give them the Tessaractot?

Well, I will neither confirm nor deny the information is not this.


I regret to report that it is not the Tessaract.

Sooner or later, it will be safe.

- let you know if you got it. - And then?

- Sir? -I do not know what dangers peek at us.

In addition, all of a sudden lost another one-man job security for strength.

on the other side of the universe.

SHIELD alone will be enough. More is needed.

- More weapons? - more heroes.

- We can find things like a woman? - we found him, too, are not searched.

Rest. It is important to take a decision.


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