Captain Lightfoot (1955) - full transcript

In 1815, Michael Martin, member of an Irish revolutionary society, turns highwayman to support it, and is forced to flee into outlawry. In Dublin, he meets famous rebel "Captain Thunderbolt" and becomes his second-in-command, "Lightfoot." 'Tis a perilous life, with captures, turncoats, rescues, and romance.


Ireland, 1815.

This is the story of Mike Martin,

better known in the legend

as Captain Lightfoot,

and that of a big hero

by the name of Thunderbolt.

It's also the story of Ireland.

Ireland's deep rivers

and dragons in red uniform,

the history of a country

who resists fiercely

to foreign laws.

Ireland's Secret Societies

and highwaymen

on the roads of Dublin.

Ireland's bad acts

perpetrated with bravery.

Old Ireland

in his good and bad sides.

Come on, Tim!

The car of an English lord!

Listen, Mike,
to attack a man foot, a va,

but a car is something else!

The committee
needs money.

Take care only of the animals!

Hands up !

I said: Hands up!

What is it ?

Your money !
For a good cause !

A good cause ?

- No doubt, yours!
- No, for Ireland!

Your purse!

Would not you be
the famous Captain Thunderbolt?

No Madam,
but one of his fervent admirers.

You will admire it less
when you will be hanged in Dublin!

Thank you, my lord.

Some guin es and lead ...

A false purse for thieves!

He should not have dumped Thunderbolt.

We are only amateurs!

It's still a few guin es
for the committee.

I dare not bring them to him.

From his eyes flee the danger

Kate Kearney's look is fatal

Horses are safe?

More than us!

Tonight, committee meeting!

- We'll probably be there.
- Maybe!

After we are restored
to undergo the boring speeches!

Do you know Kate Kearney

Who lives on the banks of Killarney

Hurry, Brady!
We have the sweety!

What will you take?

As if I did not know it ...

Serve yourself, Michael.

I'm late for my rent.

Lord Devereaux refuses me immediately.

Yes, Mr. Desmond?

Five guin es.

She bewitched the coquette

What mischief in his dimples

Kate's one

Breathe breath

Must die

Have you ever seen
that much money ?

The committee has the job.

But you will not dare.

He always takes the same path,
to return to the castle.

If we fly Devereaux
we will be hanged!

I go out behind
to get ahead of it.

It fixes things for the moment.

Do not go !

I ... I meant ...

What foolishness!

You should not drink anymore
and keep the ideas clear.

Give me this bag!

It's Lord Devereaux's money!

Devereaux's money?

It's our sweat and our blood!

Did you kill him?

A flick.

Hey ... it's too heavy.

This day can be bad for you.

Have you seen
two young people horse?

One on a roan, the other on a bay.
They attacked a car.

One on a roan,
the other on a bay?

I saw the opposite.


They were going towards the village.

Let's go quickly to the meeting.

Congratulations, O'Neill,

for having recruited
3 new members

and obtained donations from sympathizers.

1 pound and 10 shillings!

And that?

- How did you get it?
- The committee needs it.

We do not want money.
We will fight without flying.

Let's say I borrowed it.

When the oppressors will leave ...

Lord Devereaux will be reimbursed.

Did you fly Devereaux?

No, but his steward.

Why did you do that?

I'm tired of words,

we must go to action.

The only act to do,
it's making money.

Give it back ?

Let's hope it does not hurt us.

If ever the dragons
were going down on Ballymore?

Where are you from?

I want to save your life
and maybe the ones.

That's the difference!

By saving us,
you run away!

I want to save
my country !

You are
for passive resistance.

Me, for Ireland!

I sometimes wonder if you
do not sympathize with them!

- Excuse you!
- I will not apologize!

You are obstinate.

You confuse
violence and courage.


A word has more meaning than a blow.

Words, words, words!

It's a mask for a lick!

I will exclude you from the committee.

And I'll flank you!

Give me that club!

Stop! Stop!

There are other battles to be fought.

You have been recognized.

Desmond saw your face.

What are you going to do ?

There is only one thing
To do.

We must leave.

It may be better.

and I'm leaving for Dublin.

There, there is to be done.

Go instead,
the dragons are looking for a rider.

They also want
hang the horse!

God bless you,
it slows down your temper.

I'm not worried
on my lot!

Cut by the fields.
They watch the roads.

Mike ... I'm going with you.

No, Tim.

We did not recognize you.

You will be better here.

He's a guy with a big heart,

but too full of illusions.

He does not have the right to expose us.

The deaf has the right to hear.

The blind to see.

The hunchback to be right.

Love for his country blind,

but I can not blame him.

It must be our man!

Not a gesture!

Or I put you in pieces.

You are Martin from Ballymore.

A rebel we are looking for.

The premium is 10 pounds.

I have the impression ...

they will increase the premium!

Leave the horse and the weapon.

It would make your case worse.

Who are you?

I am christian and peaceful.

Seeing the dragons
to pursue you,

I wanted to try to tear you apart

these disciples
of the demon of war.

We will discuss afterwards.
I'm going to Dublin.

I do not do you
less trust than another.

I carry pound books,

hide under the word of God.

Give it back to Him and me,
until Dublin.

Utensils to starve!

We put them back nine!

Brother Kill.

I did not recognize you,

Brother, do you want
inform Lady Ann

that she can open the curtains.

God ordered me to come back.

I will do it with pleasure, R v rend.

Who is it ?

One of my flock.

This romanichel?

We are all
the children of God.

- What kind of priests are you?
- A thirsty.

Bird and Bottle,

the beer is the most pleasant
for the palace of a christian!

I recognize these steps.

Welcome, Captain.

The poor old man is blind.

You take me for another.

Good evening, pretty young woman.

Where is the boss?


A problem with a tenant.

Stay here.

Take a beer

while I'm going to talk.

Remember the glories

De Brien the brave

Although it's

The past

Excuse me.

Who did you take this gentleman for?

It's a strange thing,
I do not remember.

You know, at my age,
memory has failures.

Lost Mononia

And cold in the grave

He will not come back anymore


He sings well for his age.

He speaks even better.

His tongue saved him from the gallows.

He was a highwayman

and also a pirate!

Leave here!

And do not come back!

We will speak again !

Come on, my child.

God helped us.

We have a room
for the night.

This is our host, Big Tom.

Boxing Champion of Ireland.

Shake hands with Michael Martin,

ready to fight for Ireland.

This man would be a rebel?

It will not sleep under my roof.

- If my presence compromises you ...
- It's not that.

But I do not like rebels
nor their sneaky manners.

Their sneaky manners?

Slowly !
He is a former champion!

Even though
he would be the world champion!

Defend yourself!

Go for it !

He is brave.


- Fuel will keep the fire going.
- Not with guys like him.

It's the best of all.

I judge, the priest,
if you are one.

The strength of your fist is exceeded

by your vivacity of mind.

Is not it, Callahan?

So you know him?

Have you heard of
Captain Thunderbolt?

The biggest rebel
and the greatest patriot.

You will tell your grandchildren

that you met him.


Yes ... me.

Thunderbolt himself.

I do not understand.

I was hiding under this costume

during the Dublin incidents.

I am assured that everything is calm.

So I leave my retirement.

He said he did not like rebels.

The words came out with difficulty

although it was only a proof.

A proof?

I loved your misunderstanding
towards the Armed Dragon

but before you adopt,
I had to make sure

that you had so much strength
than patriotism.

Me ?
Serve Captain Thunderbolt?

Never say that name,

we would hang on.

For everyone,
I'm Captain Doherty.

I'll remember, captain!

we are going to dine copiously.

You heard ?

And a tailor.

Let him adjust my costumes

to present it in Dublin.

I take care of the tailor.


Perfect, perfect.

You are an artist.

My compliments.

I did my best, captain.

That's the count!

Always your orders.

If my friends from Ballymore
saw me.

You are a gentleman.

The silly judge a man
on his bet.

We live
in the midst of phantasmagoria,

fake manners and fake faces.

Each individual wears a mask.

You have nothing to say?

Give me a fire.

We go to my cousin's house.
In the play house of Lady Ann.

We will risk a guin e or two.

To play ?

And a corranto with a pretty girl.

You do not know what it is?

We will forgive a.

A corranto!


Show him.

This one first.

Well ! Magnificent !

And now...

At Lady Ann's place.

What do you think of the house?

Lady Ann must be the richest.

Lady Ann?

This house belongs to me.

And Lady Ann?

Let's say she directs it.

Your cloak, my lord.

And your hat, my lord?

Thank you.

Ballymore! Ballymore!

So, Michael?

What elegant!

We do not know where to look.

You will learn.

What is it ?

When I think that Thunderbolt ...

Doherty, I mean,

frequent English dragons
while holding this house.

You, an adventurer?

You do not understand anything about the laws
nor the perversion.

A crook ?

It would take me on the facts

and be able to identify me.

There are hundreds of Doherty

and I am only one of them.

You're there, finally!

Yes, I am here.

You are beautiful.

Lady Ann ...
I bring you Martin.

Do not beat crows.
Greet this lady.

What a dumb!

Forgive me, miss.

No effusions,
you're wearing my suit.

Why the heck
did not someone tell me anything?

I do not like this language.

Yours is worse.

I can still correct you.

Aga, my girl savage.

I avoid it as much as possible.

Captain Martin, my second.


Yes, my dear?

What nickname did you choose for him?

It is true,

we have not thought about it yet.

Second in command? Him ?

Hold your tongue, my daughter.

How can Ann support
this devil for years.

The devil wants to dance.

Come on, Michael,
a corranto with a pretty girl.

One two Three.

I remember it very well.

Catch it.

What a teacher you do!

I'm happy to see you.

In addition I need you.

Why ?

Bracey opened a gambling house,
he tries to take our clientele.

The rascal.

He will cheat and it will be his end.

And now a smile

and a dance?

What is Captain Hood doing here?

Captain Hood?

I can not vincer
an officer of the Crown.

I can.

It's a rascal
who benefits from his situation.

- Your humble servant.
- What are you looking for here ?

I am Sir Bracey's envoy,

for a business proposal.

But since you're back ...

I do not deal with the rascal.

Let me finish.

He wants to buy you ...

I do not care about his desires.

The offer would be generous.

I am not a seller.


What is it ?

- You were walking on my feet.
- Probably not.

I know what I'm saying.

What's the matter ?

I did not touch his feet.

He does not dance ... He hops!

He only looks at others!

It's more like you.

It was my old friend Shanley,

a gentleman.

You were looking for a name for this stuff.

"Light foot".
Call Captain Lightfoot.


I like it.

I baptize you

Captain Lightfoot.

Smile, Michael!

Go kids, dance!

One two Three.

You do not dance badly.

You did not walk
on my feet.

I thought so.

If I did it ...
I am sorry for that.

The police !

A police raid?

You must not be caught!

From behind!

Follow me !

Let the famous people come out!

I take care of the coaches.

Stop bawling!

Do not beat the ladies!

You are drunk!
Excuse me.

Get them out.

Leave the ladies!

There are no ladies and I ...

Your name ?

I do not give it !

Is !

Your presence in this gambling den
is not my responsibility,

but violence against the police
are punished with prison.

They were mistreating the ladies!

What ladies?

I do not see any.

Have you stopped?

He is like a lord, my lord.

I beg your pardon.


He spoke of prostitutes.

He saw them
with his drunkard eyes.

It is contrary to our uses
to put a gentleman in a cell.

I do not have a choice.

Why did you stop him?

Will you do me the honor
to take my car?

The finest snuff tobacco.

Are you tempted?

Thank you, Your Excellency.

- Thank you, my lord.
- It was a pleasure.

Explain to me his intervention.

It's a miracle.

He is my friend
and very influential.

He has luxurious tastes.
I finance it.

I do not understand this raid,
the first in ten years.

You come home early.

These ladies are upstairs.

I installed them my best.

- So, Trim?
- I made the accounts, captain.

With the fines to pay,
He made 1,000 guineas.

1,000 guineas?
As long as that?

I forgot to introduce you
my second in command,

Captain Lightfoot.

In other words, Michael Martin.

A man wants to see you.

What a pleasure to meet you.

What do you want ?

or do you sell?

I sell them.
Can I speak without fear?

Do not worry.

It's about the roundup.

Say what you know.

It's worth 100 guineas.

100 guin es!

For a friend like you,
50 guineas.

Give it 25.

Speak !

It is at the request of Sir Bracey.

I suspected it!

To force me to sell.

I did not think so influential.

He attached himself
an officer of the Crown.

Captain Hood
who has everything arranged.

I understand everything !

Where is Sir George?


He must do good business.

Always your friend
and faithful servant.

It's still pretty early
to visit Sir Bracey.

Two fast horses.

Follow me, captain.

Prepare the guns.

We are coming back right away.

I believed him here.

He will be back.
He went to get horses.

What do you have, Captain Martin?
You have a funeral head.

I thought.

- I should go back to Ballymore.
- Why ?

It's not a life for me.

Everything is more and more confused.

The ladies
are not ladies.

The gentlemen
Avoid the laws.

The big Thunderbolt
holds a gambling house.

He is about to kill his competitor.

He pays the informants!

Profits are not for him
but for the cause.

For the cause?

Do not you understand ?

The aristocrats and the lords
come here to lose their money

which serves to liberate
the poor devils

and feed the needy.

That Lady Ann does not worry.
We'll be back at dawn.

Watch over them.

Your guns.

You treat me like a whitecoat.

Am I your second or not?

Say it!

Tomorrow, you will bring back these ladies.

The captain will accompany me.

Our clothes!

Do not leave the horses.
Whatever happens.

Good evening, Sir George.

I thought you would come.

Have you changed your mind for ...

my offer ?

I never change it.

I am disturbing you for 1,000 guineas.

No more no less.

It does not bother me.

And above all ... no trickery.

Never with an armed man.

Take them out of my earnings.

Thank you, Sir George.

I want this money!

Pull ! Pull !

Continue it!

horse! Quick !


I bleed like a pig.

I took him 1,000 guin es
and he stayed on the floor.

You have to see a doctor.

Not in a place known to them.


where the committee meets.

I am too weak

Take me to the Killing Trailer.

I will guide you.

Do not worry, captain.

Are you still asleep

Or did you forget

Heaven! The captain !

The tamer and Willie the goat.

I rely on them
in hard knocks.

Martin, my new second.

Treat him as myself.

Do not stay there
swallow the flies!

Go get the carbine!

If you find Clagett,
and I doubt it,

kill him.
He sold us.

We'll bring it to you in slices!

Leave us alone.

listen to me.

I have to hide
or I will be hanged.

Hood and Clagett take care of it.

You were in good condition
of the legitimate defense.

How to prove it?
Hood is the only witness.

Do not show up either,
go home.

I will not leave you.

Do not contradict me!

We did not recognize you.

You will run my business.

Lead ? I will not know.

Lady Ann will help you.

Let no one know where I am.

Not even these ladies?

Especially not them.

You do not know women.
They would do some madness!

If that is your desire.

The 1,000 guin es are there.

Reopen the games.

do not forget
that it is for the cause.

I trust you.

Replace me.

I'll try.

Something else.

For Aga ...
it's a strong head.

You have to be firm.

You will replace me with her.

Do you replace Doherty?

I hardly know you.

Did he give you a letter?

The letters are dangerous.

This will convince you.

1,000 guineas.

Belonging to the late George Bracey.

Where's the captain?

- He's safe.
- How is he ?

Very good.

That's enough to reopen the games,

but I hate.

Why ?

Hood's attitude was odious

and he is intimate with Lord Glen.

I'll talk to him.

It is difficult to discourage.

It was here yesterday
and he will come back today.

Did he ask you about Doherty?


It is Aga who interests him.


I'll see Aga.

- I will forbid him to see him.
- You what ?

Good luck !

I'll talk to him right now.

- Would you like to call him?
- With pleasure.

The veil.

You came!

I want to know where my father is.

He is safe.

I will speak to you frankly.

Hood is a rascal
and your father's enemy.

You will not talk to him anymore.

I speak who puts me
and even that which displaces me!

I do not admit it.

Does not Hood have his say?

Absolutely not.

He can get rid of you
as he has done so many others.

He is right,

it would be p nible
to see you die so young!

There will be no more
Captain Hood!

Is it an order?

I do not care !

You think to put on
Doherty's shoes!

Peasant playing the gentleman!

You do not get him

More Captain Hood?

He will put you in pieces

and will season you
the vinaigrette!

Your father told me to replace him.

- What are you going to do ?
- What he should have done often!

- You will not dare!
- A peasant dares everything!

Leave me! It will cook you!

The tea is served.

We will be there
in one, two, three seconds!

Captain Hood
wish to see Miss Aga.

- I get it.
- I'll see this man.

I am Michael Martin.

- What a pleasure !
- The pleasure is for you.

For me it's to see you go
right away.

Dear sir, this is ridiculous.

We are fine with Lady Ann.

- Indeed.
- I thought so.

And you pretend to drive me?

I maintain it.

Accompany the captain
His car.

Your friend did not eat me.

It's not dinner time.

You could get up
when a lady comes in,

peasant !

Is it there
the way they eat?

When they are hungry

What are you doing there?

You are not my father.
I know how to drink.

I am not patient.

I'm sorry, Captain ...

When does Doherty come back?

Do not start again.

I have the right to know!

Is it in Dublin?

Take a.

You get to look like
My father.

So I can
to put on his boots?

I need you.

Captain Hood is here.

After driving him?

He wants to provoke a duel
Lord Clonmell,

he cheats openly.

Why Clonmell?

He knows that His Lordship
is an influential friend.

Without him, everything would be less easy.

L there.

We did not finish our dance.

Not now.

Place your bets.

Remove your hands
while we turn the map.

Do you suggest that I cheat?

What else can I insinuate?

You will leave me
the choice of weapons.

The gun and 12 not.


- I am the one who is involved.
"Not at all, Lord Clonmell.

Hood and me
should meet us.

Make me the honor
to be my witness.

Mine will meet
Your lordship.

12 not, it's certain death!

Hood is a good shooter!

Have you ever been beaten
with the gun?

As of the moment
that there is a spray, it's okay!

I can drive you to the field
in my car.

Thank you, Lord Clonmell
accompany me.

Take me !

a duel?

What idea!

Why face
a captain of the Royal Arm?

Are you looking to die in heroes?

An advice.

Do not prepare yet
my funerals!

It's not a question of honor.

What do you mean ?

Consider Captain Hood
can kill you without being worried,

but if you hurt him,
we will stop you.

He is an officer of the Crown.

- Would you like me to apologize?
- Of course not!

I'm going to assist
weapons review.

The witnesses examined the weapons,
and declare themselves satisfied.

Good luck, baby.

When I count 1,

the opponents
will raise their weapons.

6, they will shoot.

After the exchange of balls,
they will declare honor except.

Forbid him to smoke.

You heard ?

May this scene stop!

Is there a regulation that prohibits
to smoke during a duel?

Not that I know.

If it's not in the regulations,

it is unworthy of a gentleman.

Do you know
what is a gentleman?

In place ! I count !

I protest ! It's ridiculous !

I count !

A !

Two three...

four five...


I protest !

His attitude was premeditated

to make me lose
my coolness!

Your opponent did not shoot!

In place !

condition that I recharge.

In your place, Captain Hood!

Captain Martin, you have to shoot.

I will shoot

if I ever see you again in Dublin,

Captain Hood!

I congratulate you.

Brilliant success, captain!

Thank God,
you are not hurt.

What are you doing here ?

This is not your place.

Mr. Shanley,
I hold you responsible.

Miss Aga is very stubborn ...

You had the goodness to bring him.

Have the goodness to bring it back.

It is 11 o'clock.

You must not worry.

Trim will find her well.

But nobody saw her
since she left the field.

- What is it ?
- Lord Boray would like a credit.


I brought him back.

- Was she with Shanley?
- All day.

I breathe to know it saves.

Tomorrow they publish the banns.

They get married ?

That's what she told me.

Thank you, Trim.

You hit, captain?

What do they tell me
about you and Shanley?

Me and Dan?

If you come to compliment the bride,
wait until tomorrow.

You will not marry him!

I will marry who pleases me!

I'm treated like a kid!

I'm a woman !

You could have waited for your father!

As you replace it,
I tell you !

Before you let him go ...

Is it the behavior of a father?

I do not want to be your father, Aga.

- What's wrong, Kill?
- Doherty sends you a message.

How is he ?

He has for a long time!

His injury is so bad?

The doctor orders
a milder climate.

Tell him I will do my best.

He knows it, captain.

What are you doing here ?

I was thinking
I was hiding the truth.

- You did not have to come.
- I was so worried!

Can I do
something for you?

Only one thing, go away!

The police could follow you!

I should correct you!

Do not come here
when I knew you were dying.

You will have white hair
when I lose my breath!

Since you are there, sit down.

Tell me...

How's Lady Ann?

Very good. She is waiting for your return.

Really ?

And Martin? Does it help?

Do not worry about him.

I know how he treated Hood.

He was so calm,
if master of him,

as in the 100th duel.

I was proud of him!

Fi re?

Times have changed, I see!

More than we think.
We get married.

- How?
- Think about your state of health.

To hell with my health!
What do you tell me?

He's just a kid!
You need someone better!

He has experience!

You chose it well
as second!

But not as a son-in-law!

He is daredevil and he is handsome!
He likes women!

- Like you, captain.
- It's a dangerous party!

With Shanley
you would be quieter.

Just like you, Captain,

a calm life does not tempt me.

Foot to earth!

- Please, Captain Hood!
- Sorry, these are the orders!

He is sick ! He can die!

They stopped Doherty!

Stop? When?

- This morning. By Captain Hood.
- They took him to Dublin.


How did they find it?
We were cautious.

Clagett and Hood followed me.


It's good work!

For your father and for Ireland!

I know.

I have repeated it a hundred times!

No need to cry.

It must be taken out of there.

But how ?

He alone would know it.

If any of us could talk to him.

He is smart !

He was disguised
to escape the dragons.

In preaching!

Prepare the car.

Wait for me at the back door.

- The car ?
- Eh yes !

We will save the prisoner

claws of the disciples
the demon of war!

You're early, Father Francis.

I took you for the chaplain.

I replace him.
He caught cold.

I hope to see him again soon.

Not too early,
It could be dangerous.

We just brought him to eat.
He must have finished.

This is the R v rend P re.

What happened?

Someone hit me on the head.

They took my keys!

What a world of sinners!

What a world of sinners!

Stop him!
Stop this man!

Father Francis, do you know him?

He is not here.

The prisoner has escaped!

Drive him to Lord Glen.

We reach the sawmill.

Without wasting time,
I will have these ladies preached.

How to thank you ...

It was a joke, Doherty!

Thank you for the costume.

I would like to see
the head of Lord Glen

when he will know
I took you away!

I wanted to go to Paris

- Martin is your real name?
- Yes.

Do you know Ballymore?

I heard about it.

Have you ever been there?

I live in Dublin. I travel little.

You are a waitress

Bird and Bottle?

Do you recognize this man?

So ?

It's Captain Martin.

What did you hear him say
on a certain city.

This gentleman was trying on a suit.


He said...

"If my friends from Ballymore
saw me. "

Excuse me.

I did not want to hurt you,

Mr. Clagett has deceived me!

Why did you lie
speaking of Ballymore?

What are you trying to hide?

Maybe you are looking for us
for a crime?

Even if it was that,
tell me where is Doherty

and I give up the prosecution.

A word from you,
on my honor, I liberate you.

Is this your answer?

Very good!

Captain Hood!

We will see
if you are foreign to this city.

I'm transferring you to Ballymore.

a powerful escort.

Very powerful!

If Doherty has certain intentions,
we will be ready.

Take him.

Is Doherty there?

Thank God, you're safe!

Thank Lord Clonmell.

He prepares our boarding.

In your message
we came.

Where is Michael?

He is not with you?

It's in Dublin
to make you go away.


I told him not to move!

Is it Michael?


Only ?

They stopped him.

Calm down.

They have nothing against him.
The Bracey case concerns me.

It's for wanting to save you.

I take your horse.
I'm going back to Dublin.

You must rest !

For some flea stings?

He is no longer in Dublin,
but Ballymore.

It's serious.

He was fleeing the dragons
when I met him.

I'm going to think.

Has Michael thought?
during your arrest?

And he got caught!

- What should I do ?
- To prevent the committee.

Let them group together to liberate him.

That's what Glen hopes.

They would fall in a trap!

- That they besiege the prison!
- It is inaccessible!

It's not your business !

If, since it's Michael!

Not this time !
You already made me take it!

- Where are you going?
- Ballymore!

Come back ! Come back, I tell you!

Quickly a horse!

You follow her?

I'm going to Dublin,
look for men!

I have to release it

before my girlfriend
do not get killed with others!

We just brought Martin!

They drive him to jail.

the prison?

It had to happen.

They will know how to make it speak.

He will see some rough
for having flown Devereaux!

We must help him!

We will not intervene.
He must be punished.

He thought he was doing well.
It was for the committee.

It is true.

I will not compromise the committee.

Would you rather see him prisoner?

Maybe for life?

I will address a request
His lordship.

After all, the money has been returned.

A request?

Sometimes I think like Mike.

Regis sympathizes with the English.

Can I have something for you?

I am looking for a young man.

Tim Keenan.

I am Keenan.

I am a friend of Martin.

He was arrested. Help him.

Why come to me?

You were his best friend.

We knew each other.

Do you want to introduce me

to the head of the committee.

The committee?

I do not know what you're talking about.

I beg you to believe me!

Michael told me everything.

I want to help him.

I swear I can not be
an informant.

Someone must have made fun of you.

But, Regis ...

Wait, miss!

A question.

Do you care about him?

You like it ?

Yes. Yes I love him.

They do not understand anything.

There is a meeting tonight.

I'll take you there.

Do you recognize the thief?

Yes, it's the young Martin.

We can maybe
to hear us.

Do not use your saliva!

I will not speak more than in Dublin.

Your case is more serious than in Dublin.

If you escape the rope,
you will be sent to Australia.

I have always loved traveling!

Forced work life!

For life, Martin.

Even if I knew something ...
I would shut up!

I will ask for the maximum penalty!

Take him.

He is stubborn.

He prefers to die than to speak!

I agree with you.

You know them
better than me.

Would he not have believed in my word?

It's more complicated than that.

If someone had his trust

and who would sympathize with us ...

I know a person.

- Who ?
- The one who gave me back the money.

It must be a friend of Martin

and one of our sympathizers.

You must try !

If you succeeded
and drove me to Doherty

I would be more than generous!

Finish with this request.

It's already so late?

Excuse me, Mr. Desmond.
I was going out.

Can I offer you a drink?

I just drank.

If you pay,
it is a favor.

No, of a case.

I know you honest man.

Do you know Martin well?


Would you like to serve the crown
if you are well paid?

It depends on which service.

Authorities are looking for a man.

Martin refuses to speak.

- What are we accusing him of?
- Nothing political.

He is a player
who murdered another.

If you're interested,
we will speak again.

I believe, Mr. Desmond,
that I will have a drink.

Listen to me!

Some think Martin

has hurt the cause
by his imprudence.

And once in Dublin,

he forgot you
and that you must forget it.

It's wrong !

He served under orders
of the one we are talking about so much:

Captain Thunderbolt.

How to believe you
when we do not know who he is?

I have good reasons
to know him.

It's my father.

So we are with you!

Forward! the prison!

Finally, here you are!

Let the chef pass.

Have you all gone mad?

Do you want to destroy everything

Believing this stranger!

The Thunderbolt girl?

If Martin was
under his command

why did not he come

Why ?

- You are too mistrustful!
- You do not believe anything!

Let him talk!

Sitting the prison,
it is spreading blood unnecessarily.

We must forget Martin!

Forget Martin?

Never !

Enough passive resistance,
to acts!

That's what lost Martin!

Let's go to the prison!

The meeting is adjourned!
Go home !

You sympathize
with the occupants!

- How much do they pay you?
- Why do you listen?

You betray
your own cause!



Listen to me!

If he is an informant,
what I do not believe ...

he will warn the dragons.

Let's go in and think.

To regret nothing.

The night was good?

In a hard bed like your heart,
I did not sleep.

I'm taking you a nurse.

She will sing to rock you.

The great chef in his true light!

I told you
that you would be hanged!

Why not say
Where is Doherty?

Do not hope to know anything about me.

It's not funny,
the prison life.


It's good advice.

Prive him of food.

What heads, these rebels!

Few people speak!

Do not be afraid.

I learned to know them.

When Martin will suffer,
he will give us Doherty!

The gray walls of Ballymore!

Let's stay there until night,
we will cross the river.

the relève,

you will attack on the other side
to attract the dragons.

We will move forward.

We will take shelter
under trees.

It's incredible !

I redd to the prison,
hoping to see Martin.

I have not seen it

but I saw Regis!

He is a prison guard.

He's getting lost!

He had all my confidence.

Spread the word.
Meeting tonight.

That everyone brings weapons.

When they know it,
everything will work.

We will attack the prison tomorrow.

He had time to think.

He will change his tone.

If you tell us where is Doherty

we liberate you.

If I go out,
I twist my neck!

It will be rather yours
and in public!

Let me go out !

Go get me a strong whip.

I have one !

- Let me go out !
- A moment. Your gun.

Listen, Mike ...

Let's get away!

I have a rope and a boat.

It's still a trap.

Do not argue.
That convinces you?

Thunderbolt's daughter
wants to attack the prison.

Let's avoid a bloodshed!

I guarantee he will speak.

He escaped!

Give the alarm. Quick !

He is here!

Close the door !
The rope !

Leave the guard!

Unless my eyes betray me,
one of them is Martin.



Look ! The Dragons !

Cover them!




Be careful, Mike!

Do you see them?

They disappeared.

The current has trained them.

May God have pity on their souls.

- They drowned!
- We take care of others?

No, we would be ducked!

Let's go lord Glen.
He will send reinforcement.

That's it. Everyone is there.

You checked the weapons?

There are few,
but they are of quality.

It will be hard but with the help of God,
we will vanquish !

As soon as it gets darker ...

Stop! Who are you?

It's my father!

God be praised!
I did not expect you!

My father came to help us.

Very honored.

Lower your weapons.
They are useless.

Captain Martin is dead.

Do not Cry.

They tried to flee.

A man accompanied him.

They could not cross the river.

I hope to see this citadel
crumble stone by stone.

A man was with him?
Who was it?

I heard Michael
call it Regis.

It's a day of mourning for us.

Ireland loses two of her sons.

The wind is frat
and Lady Ann is waiting on board.

I changed my mind, I'm not leaving!
Nobody can replace me.

You are not in a position to stay.

Do you know Kate Kearney

Who lives on the banks of Killarney

From his eyes

Let's escape the danger

They said you were dead!

I already told you
not to prepare my funerals!

This young devil has succeeded!

And Regis?

What did he become ?

Did he drown?

I left it at the doctor's.
He is hurt.

Officially, we are dead.

We can continue our task.

How did you stay
so long under water ...

By emerge
under the boat back!

Goodbye, Callahan,

Kill, Willie, Big Tom.

Goodbye, Aga.

I want to stay with you.

You will not do anything.

It's a life too dangerous.

I will come back when I get better.

We must fight for us
and our descendants.

I have a thrill.

It's Tom who has my cloak.
Go get her.

Captain's cape!

He said
to put it in the boat!

That's right, sir.

Adaptation: J. SAINTENOY

TVS - TITRA FILM subtitles