CSI: Immortality (2015) - full transcript

Grissom and Willows return to help the CSI team solve a catastrophic case that paralyzes all of Las Vegas, on the special two-part series finale. Past and current series stars scheduled to appear include William Petersen, Marg Helgenberger, Ted Danson, Jorja Fox, Eric Szmanda, Robert David Hall, Paul Guilfoyle, Wallace Langham, David Berman, Elisabeth Harnois and Jon Wellner. Also, Melinda Clarke returns as Lady Heather. (Part 2 of 2)

Thank you.

I haven't spoken to her
about the case, but she's

come in here
voluntarily, so...

please treat her with respect.

Of course.

Dr. Kessler,

thank you very much
for coming in today.

Obviously, we have
a lot of questions for you

about the bombings.

And hopefully I can
provide answers.

I'll start, Dr. Kessler.

As much as I'd like to roll out
the "voluntary" red carpet,

and welcome you here
to your own bombing party,

I can't find it in my bones
to overrule my gut,

so I'm just gonna ask you
the obvious question.

Are you or are you not
behind the bombings?

Your hostility connotes jealousy
and resentment.

It doesn't suit you, Sara.
You know what,

I'm not in the mood, Heather.

I'd like you
to answer my question.

And I'd like some more tea.

Dr. Kessler, we'll get you

some more tea in
a moment, but...

I do have a question for you.

I came here to clear my name.
Ask away.

At your residence, our CSIs

found a lot of blood
in your living room.

Not a drop of
it was yours.

Can you explain that?

I came home after a long day

and was surprised
by an intruder.

(both grunting)

And you didn't
bother to call the cops?


After the death
of my daughter Zoe

and the vehicular murder
of my granddaughter Alison,

I've lost all faith
in law enforcement.

WILLOWS: What about the
look-alike in your home?

The lady who blew up
in your car?

I don't know who she was.

I assume whoever's framing me

sent her in to send Sara
on a wild-goose chase.

The only one sending us
on a wild-goose chase is you.

You only have your claws out
because of

the intimacy between
your ex-husband and I.

Now who's being hostile?

Needle away, Sara.
After all,

I've been on both sides
of the pricking.

All right, okay.

Clearly my presence here
is distracting. I'm out of here.

(door opens, closes)


you mentioned
being framed.

Could that have
anything to do with

the missing client tapes?

Sara found three months
of mini cassettes

missing from your office.

Do you think
whoever's framing you...


How else would
the bomber know about

the gambling and mental issues
of my patients?

Just breathe, Sara.

She's only trying to
get a rise out of you.

And the more you let her get to
you, the more control she has.

I know.
I-I'm sorry, I...

I lost my cool.

Damn it.

Don't beat yourself up.

I don't feel the way
you do about Grissom,

and I want to kill the bitch
with my bare hands.

I'm a woman;
I know it when I see it.

So does she.

Remember that.

I'm going back in.

I shut down

my practice the day
my granddaughter died.

The second she left this world,
I lost everything that I ever

cared about.
I couldn't go on.

I gave my patients three months
notice and I retired.

Is that why

you sent your patient
into my casino?

To enact revenge on the world?

You told Grissom that you were
the one behind the bombings.

I am.

Is that a confession?

I'm not implicating myself
as the mastermind

behind the bombings
or the bombers.

My suspicion
is someone is framing me,

and may be a former
Red Room client of mine.

I just don't know who or why.

Can you provide a list of names?

Of course I can.

That's everyone.

All 13 gold key members.

May I?

What are you doing?

The blood found
in your home was male.

I'm eliminating
the female suspects for now.


May I?

Why are they

They're dead.

Heart attack, aneurysm,
drug overdose, cancer.

That leaves five.

In your opinion, do you think
one of these five men

is the mastermind
behind the bombings?

I do.


...who are you?

That's my I.D. card.

I'm a mechanic at McCarran
International Airport.

We're the 11th-busiest
airport in the world,

with over a million
surveillance cameras.

Mr. Schember,
do I have your consent

to swab your mouth
for a DNA sample?

Oh, yeah.

♪ Ah... ♪

(carrying note)

Mr. Wittington,
I'm all done, sir.

Mr. Territo,
you can open your mouth,

or I can get a court order
to get your DNA another way,

but I don't think
you're gonna like it.

How are you gonna...

Thank you. Next!

I was her first client,
you know... Lady Heather.

Open up, please.

When she got you
into her bed,

you didn't want anything else.
You want to do me

a favor?

Open your mouth and shut up.

Thank you, Mr. Rooney.

Thank you.

May I ask you
a personal question?


How long have you
been in that wheelchair?

For as long as I can remember.

None of the five suspects' DNA

matches the blood we found
at Lady Heather's.

It's a dead end.

GRISSOM: Well, you won't
be able to hold 'em.


Just came from the hospital.
Brass is gonna be fine.

Giving the nurses
hell, of course,

but keeping them entertained.

Hey, you.

What you got there?

You going somewhere?

Me? No.

It's Mr. Grissom's.

Uh, did you
forget your luggage?

I found it outside
the front door.

That's not mine.

It's not?

It says your name on it.


Everybody out! Now!


(mechanical whirring
in distance)

♪ ♪

Is that a human body?

W-Wait a minute, Doc, hold up.

I think there's
something in his mouth.

What is that?

It's a micro SD card.

"SD" as in secure digital.

This is what you guys
found inside the cadaver?


What in the world is that?

RUSSELL: Looks like some form
of digital identity


MAN (distorted):
If you're watching this video,

I want you dead.

If you're not dead,
you've been kept alive...

for the purpose
of psychological torture.

Human heads will
rip off shoulders.

Bones will snap
and fly from flesh.

Innocent blood
will stain and spill.

Casino man and teacher lady...

were just the beginning.

The grand finale

is specifically designed

for you.

I have DNA results on torso man.

A curious name popped up
in CODIS. Do you guys

remember a man
named Jacob Wolfowitz?

He was convicted of killing

Lady Heather's
daughter years ago.

He's also the man that
Lady Heather almost killed,

until you intervened.

(groans loudly)

Heather! Stop it!

Let me finish!


You cannot do this!


I'm saying stop.

(gasping, sobbing)

It was Wolfowitz
in that suitcase.

Wasn't he sentenced
to life in prison?

ANDREWS: Well, he's out.

Well, half of him, anyway.

So, clearly, somebody out there

is obsessed with Lady Heather,
and by the looks

of what we found
in the suitcase...

somebody might be obsessed
with you, too.

Hard at work, I see.

I am.

Drawing sea creatures.

Whales and sharks.

Metaphor for Vegas,
if you think about it.

Whales bring the money in,

the sharks take it away.

Whales are bigger
in size and stature,

but they're
the submissive.

Sharks are smaller, but they're
by far the more dominant.

I think someone's out there
playing the dominant,

but he's really the submissive.


Listen... (clears throat)

I need a favor.

The new girl... she's having
a bit of a rough one.

She thinks she let you down.

I was hoping
you might be able

to help her process
the suitcase,

give her a little
of that Grissom TLC?

She could really use it.
I'd rather not.

I'm quite content here.

Where did that girl
come from, anyway?

My vagina.

You don't recognize her?

Grissom, that's Lindsey.

That's my daughter.

RUSSELL: Oh, look at that.

I got an ear.

I got an ear!

Wait. Did I... did I hear
you right? You got an ear?

Yeah, come here. I got a...
yeah, I got an ear.

This stuff's amazing.

Whoever sent this video
was using homemade software

to swirl the image, right?

So, pixel

by pixel, I've been trying to
reverse the digital concealment.

It's like, uh, unscrambling
scrambled eggs or something, but

I-I got an ear.

And we know
that our bomber is Caucasian.

SIDLE: From what we can surmise from
the partially reassembled photo

and the auditory voice analysis,
the person in the video

is Caucasian, 40's maybe.

We also believe that
the gender isn't female.

Are you clearing me?

I'm clearing you from being
the person in the video.

I've not ruled you out
as a suspect.

But you're not here alone
without Grissom

to show me a marbled face
and shoddy audio.

You're here for another
reason, aren't you?

I'm here,
based on what I've shown you,

to ask you if you have
any idea who's behind this.

(sighs deeply)

I've had thousands
of clients and patients

come through my domain
throughout the years.

Any one of them
can be after me

for a million
unforeseeable reasons.

I'm not talking
about you, Heather.

This is about Grissom.

Why would one of your clients
or patients be after him?

If you're not behind this,
then help me.

Help him.

You're scared for him,
aren't you?

I am.

Do you love him?

I do.

I believe you.

You should.

Do you?

Do I what?

Love him.


I'm afraid I can't help you.

That's the way, Lindsey.

It's all in the wrist.

What's our motto?

Too much dust, the
evidence may rust.

Dust too lightly,
it acts impolitely.


I got another one for you.


Evidence may bare,

even if rare.

But it's what's not there

that gives you a scare.

That's my favorite one yet.



I think
I might have one for you.

Go ahead.

I think I found a clue
to thicken the plot.

What doesn't belong...

is "X" marks the spot.

LINDSEY: Hey, I know
what those numbers are.

Latitude and longitude.


Clever girl.

You want some company?

I'm good, Mitch.

(door creaks open)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


Dr. Grissom,
meet Mr. SynDaver,

the, uh, latest craze
in the medical industry.

These, uh,
synthetic cadavers

were all the rage last year
at the surgeons' conference

held in Boston.

They allow doctors
to perform surgeries

without having to
use real bodies.

I prefer the real dead bodies.
Me, too.



Don't move, Doc.


Sorry, my little
Apis mellifera.

Good work, Doc.


So what do you think?

Cell phone towers?



I mean, for you guys
to bail on your queen like that,

leaving her to fend for herself
in the company of immature bees?

No wonder
colony collapse disorder

is an issue in your hive.


I was talking to the bees.


I heard you were in here.

I thought maybe
you could use some help.

I'd love some.

I miss working
side by side with you.

You and the bees.

Question is, how did
the bee get in the cadaver?

I bee-lieve, Mr. Bee...
rest in peace...

hitched a ride from the woods.

Taxonomy came back.

Insecta, Hymenoptera,

Aprocrita, Apoidea...


A mining bee.

Forest area,
Mount Charleston.

GRISSOM: Sniffer bees.


The world's greatest

So, you've already trained
the bees with nectar,

and each color-coded jar has
its own individual recipe.

And we place the open jars

into six different regions
on Mount Charleston,

so we cover the whole forest.

Okay, kids, take
these and place them.

Caps off.

Use the maps.

Follow your maps exactly.

Now, all we have to
do is paint the bees

to match the color region,
so we know where they've been.

Green... northwest
part of the forest,

orange... southeast
part of the forest.

Once they're painted,
we simply bid them adieu,

and the search is on.

When we release
the colored bees,

their first priority is to
separate and find their nectar.

While in flight,

they naturally inhale
everything in the forest,

so when they return
to their colored boxes,

we can test their hives

for the presence of humans
in high elevations.

So, if we get a hit, we'll know
exactly where to look.

First time for everything.


Well done.


the swirl image...

it wasn't designed
just to conceal the face.

It has friction ridges.

It's an ulnar loop.

No, no, this is
a hidden fingerprint.

♪ ♪


Hey. Orange is back.

Orange is region six.

Man, they're fast.

(rapid beeping)

(electronic chirp)

Human presence negative.

So he's not
in the southeast corner.

We can eliminate that region.

Five more to go.

(taps keys, computer beeping)


Hey, green is back.

(rapid beeping)

(electronic chirp)

(computer beeping)

Oh, my.

Here you are.

GRISSOM: Red's here.

(rapid beeping)

(electronic chirp)

Finally, we got a hit.

Red, human presence.

Region two.
7,500 feet elevation.

That's steep.
Top of the mountain.

Due north,
Mount Charleston.

Could be a hiker.


Could be a killer.

I got here as soon as I could.

Still searching.

(computer blipping rapidly)

It worked. We got a hit.

Sara interrogated
that guy.

He's one of the five
gold key suspects.

Greg, grab Morgan.
We're heading out.

We got a name and residence

of the bomber:
1475 Coven Gardens Road.

I'll meet you there.

Suspect's apartment is clear,

but we have reports
of suspicious activity

in the parking garage.

(car alarms blaring)

(alarms continue blaring,
horns honking)

You seeing this?!

The timers are synchronized.

We have less than five minutes
to figure this out.


♪ ♪

WILLOWS: Dispatch, we are here
at the Maggadino Apartments

off of Coven Gardens.
The entire garage

is rigged with explosives
on timers.

The building is fully occupied.

We are in grave danger.

Repeat, we are in grave danger.

OFFICER: Hold your fire!
He's wired!

Dalton Betton?

How is that possible?

Mister Grissom.

His DNA wasn't a match.

I push this button,

your friends die.

I pull this cord,

we die.


I have all the power.

I hate to break it, but we don't
have time for the bomb squad.

This is our problem now.

What kind of bomb

is this?
SANDERS: Daisy chain bomb.

If one goes off,
they all go off.

Not to mention,
there's enough C-4 in here

to take down
this entire apartment complex.

Look, the only way out of this

is we cut the wires
at the same time.

We each have to take a car.
Cut on my verbal command.

If we're a millisecond early or
late, the bombs will detonate.

This building is filled
with civilians.

We can't walk away from this.

This is all
or nothing now.

Do or die. You with me?


(car alarms blaring)

Mr. Betton,
the illness you're concealing,

is it cancer?


If one leaves his blood
in Lady Heather's house

while undergoing
stem cell treatment,

changing the genetic
complexion of his DNA,

does that make him
two different people?

I have two genetic makeups.

Your cheek swab
will tell you that.


I sent those people in
to do my dirty work.

All for the purpose

of coming face-to-face with you.

Four colors here.

Orange, yellow, red, black.

Red, black.

Okay, we've got
less than two minutes!

I want you to carefully take out
your wire cutters

and steady the blades
around the plastic coating

of the red wire!
I repeat,

the red wire!



What do you want?
His life.

He ruined her.

He took her away from me

the moment he stopped
Lady Heather from killing


I was the first client.

I was the first man
she slept with

in the dungeon.

And then you came along

and you turned her heart.

She quit role-playing
because of you.

She quit her practice
because of you.

She quit me...

because of you.

And now...

everything Heather and I
once had

is gone.

You can't lose something
you never had, Mr. Betton.

Lady Heather never
slept with you.

She never slept with any of
her clients or her patients.

But you've been emotionally
attached to her.

Haven't you?

Question now is...

how attached are you
to that bomb?


All right, listen to
the sound of my voice!

We snip on "one."

I love you guys!

(shuddering sobs)

Counting down from ten...

nine... eight...

Oh, shoot! Oh...

six, five...

Got it?




Your friends are dead.

I don't think so.

You see,
I know about bombs.

I know about oceans, too.

There's a great
mammal in the ocean

known as the
52-hertz whale.

All year, he practices
his love song for the female.

Travels thousands
of miles to find her.

But when he finally gets
the chance to serenade her,

she doesn't give him
a call back.


His love ballad is sung
at 52 hertz,

a sonic signature
one note higher

than the lowest sound of a tuba.

The average female hears

at ten to 15 hertz.

So she never hears his song.

They call him the lonely whale.

And year after year,
for a hundred years,

he works on a new love song

and never, ever gets
a call back.

Eventually, he dies off,

forever alone...

...heart breaking.

But you've been
calling out, too.

You've been calling out
for Lady Heather's love.

(gasping sob)

But she's not
calling back, is she?

And the frightening part,
for you, is...

she never will.

(gasping sob)


You don't have all the power.

Do you?

Go ahead.

Pull it.

(cries, sniffles)

(sobs quietly)

(sobbing deeply)

Honey, it's okay, it's okay.

We did it. We did it.


Good team.

Ah, Jules.

Wherever I go, you go.

(knocking on glass)

Heading out?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm...

not one for big good-byes...

cakes, candles and hullabaloo.


I'm not one
for good-byes, either.

Which is why I'd like

to put my hat in the ring
for that director position.

I mean,
if Sara doesn't take it.


Yeah, I'm coming
back home.

Vegas is in my blood.

I have my daughter Lindsey.

And just... so much of what
my father left behind

is here.

Not to mention those
two little girls

who don't have anyone.

All reasons to come back
where I belong.


And you are heading
east, yeah?

Yeah, yeah.
Opportunity knocked.

Never too late to start
a new chapter, as they say.



can I help you
carry anything?

Uh, no, actually.
I-I got it. Um...

Everything that's
in my mind and...

and in my heart
is right here in this box.

Okay, okay,

one more, one more.

MAN: This way, Sheriff.
WOMAN: Got enough. Thank you.

Great, great. Thanks, guys.

Congratulations, Sara.

Thanks, Conrad.

Talk to you later.

MAN: You guys might
like that one better.

MAN 2: Good work, sir.
MAN 3: Congratulations.

Thank you.

I never thought
I'd see this day coming.

But with D.B. out...

You deserve it.

Vegas is lucky to have you.

The oceans are lucky
to have you.

Ironic, isn't it?

I'm the one that

always wanted
to get out of Vegas,

and you're the one who thought
you would never leave.




I hope you find what
you're looking for out there.

Bye, Gil.

That's it.

We're done.

Thanks for your statement.
The D.A. may

ask you to testify, but
that's entirely up to you.

Whatever helps.



...before I get
back on my boat...

...I wanted to thank you.

Thank me for what?

When we first met, I-I...

had a shell around my heart.

I'd lost my belief
in humanity.

The only truth I...

I knew was empirical science.

I-I just wanted
to thank you for...

...opening my heart.

Through you,

I learned to love someone.


She restores my faith
in the human being.


...she helped me with
my crossword puzzles.

She's been my
best friend.

I'll miss her.

For the rest of my life.

Hey, Sara,

front desk asked for me
to deliver this.

It's the videotape

of Lady Heather's
final interview

before Grissom released her.

Oh, great.
(wry laugh)

Thanks, Lindsey.

I... watched
the whole interrogation.

Uh, I learned a lot.

Especially the end.

You should watch it.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪