CQ (2001) - full transcript

Paris, 1969. The filming of a sci-fi movie set in the distant year 2000 is in trouble. The director's obsession with the actress who plays the sexy secret agent Dragonfly has clouded his judgment and the film has no ending. A young American, in Paris to document his life on film with total honesty, is brought in to finish the movie with a bang. This proves to be difficult when the line between his fantasy life and reality becomes blurred, and he finds himself seduced by the charms of Dragonfly.

This is my bath water.

There it is,
going down the drain.

My soap.

My passport,
with no occupation on it...

but I'm a film editor.

That's my Nagra 3.

Actually, it's not mine.
I'm borrowing it from work.

I'm borrowing this film, too,
because I'm shooting everything.

This is the little fern
that Marlene and I bought...

when we first moved in together.

Wow, it's grown.
It's just been a few months.

I bought these shoes for her.

They do not fit her
and she still wears them.

This is my strong French coffee.

And this is...really stupid.

Or is it? I don't know.
Start again.

Paris, September 1st, 1969.

Time is 9:30.

These are pieces of me.

Me in pieces.

I'm trying to find
what's real, what's honest.

The total opposite of the film
I'm editing...

which is a sci-fi picture
about a secret agent...

Codename: Dragonfly.


Wake up. Wake up.

Rise and shine, Dragonfly.

It is time for you to wake up.

It is a beautiful day today.

You have many secret missions
to accomplish today.

It's so early.

It is 2:00 in the afternoon,

Can't I sleep?

I never get to sleep.

Would you like to hear
your horoscope?

It's good today.

Mystery will be revealed
when the moon makes its orbit.

I love a mystery.



Seek you out from undercover

Could you be my lover?

Together we can fly

Together we can fly


The water's freezing.

We are making cinema together!

We are making revolution!

Did I ever tell you that I was
the one who discovered her?

You're wonderful. Oh, yes.

Like that. Yes.

Very good.

This is Marlene sleeping.

She's mad at me today.

I asked her if she passed
her driving test.

Don't you think I would tell you
if I had passed?

Leave me alone!

Yesterday she was happy.

Everything is important.

It's all in the details,
they say.

This is the beginning
of a new cinema.

It's so delicious.

It's personal,
but not pretentious.

- It was beautiful.
- Definitive.

It's such an emotion
to see a film like that.

- Daring. Mature.
- Why are you in Paris?

- Which vitamin do you prefer?
- Let him speak.

Gentlemen, we can find out
more about a man by his dreams.

I guess I've always been
a bit of a daydreamer.

Always interested in film.

A lot my thoughts...

my little notions
of things and feelings...

are like little scenes
in my head.

I guess I want to show people
what I think about.

What I think is touching
or sad or funny...

Oops. I didn't realize
you were filming.

It sounded like
you were talking to yourself.

Just because you film every
possible thing in your life...

doesn't mean you'll understand
yourself any better.

I'll tell you everything
you need to know.

Go ahead. Turn it on.

Go ahead. Tell me.

You're a warm person...

but closed off emotionally.

You're self-absorbed
and live in a fantasy world.

- Come on.
- Let me talk. It's true.

You've come to Paris
to find your life...

but it is in front of you,
and you won't admit it.

You film all the details
of things around you...

as if that would
bring some understanding.

I just want to capture
what's real and honest.

And what if it's boring?

Did you ever think about that?

It may not be interesting
for others to watch.

You're mad at me now,
aren't you?

Come on.
Let me fix your hair.

I'm just thinking about work.

We've been cutting the ending
for two weeks now.

The director has no idea
how to end the picture.

And he won't admit it.

Kiss me.

What are you thinking about?

She stands there,
looking at him.

She leans closer and says...

I love you.

And we have the ending.

It all comes together.

This shot is not finished yet.

They emerge from the tunnels...

and the sun rises...

and we see
she's joined the revolution.

And so...

it ends with
a simple declaration of love.

It ends with a beginning.

Yes, a circle. Circle.

Sort of circle.

It's great.

Is that the original ending?

You don't have an ending!

We make an action movie
with no action!

It doesn't make any sense!

I haven't shot the end yet.

My vision is to subvert
the audience expectations.

I want the end,
not with a bang...

but with a whimper.

No picture of mine
ever ended with a whimper!

We need a bang!
The picture is not watchable!

If you're thinking of changing
one frame of my revolution...

- You're off the picture!
- What?

Each moment I spend with you,
I'm losing money.

shut down this production.

What are you saying?

You're off the picture!

Fabrizio, I don't
want to see him ever again!

Go! Go away!

- You're afraid of this film!
- You're not director!

- You fascist! You go away!
- Andre!

It's the young actress!
She's gone to his head!

Finalmente. Eh?


I have seen this happen
many times before.

A director falls
for the leading lady...

and his judgment
goes to the toilet.

Fabrizio, fire everybody
involved with this mess.

I have made 63 pictures,
and this is the worst.

See if you can bring in...
Felix DeMarco.

The young director.
Call him, now.

One, two, three, four.

Break on me! One, two, three!

Break out.
Something's not right here.

Felix DeMarco.

Now, if I'm being
totally honest...

which is
the point of this film...

just hearing his name
fills me with envy.

And I don't even know why
I care so much.

They can do whatever they want.

I have this film. My film.

So much has happened
since yesterday.

I lost my job.
I need to find a camera.

No more borrowing film.

Need to conserve stock.
Stay on track.

Everything's changing,
becoming clearer.

I feel like it might be
all over with Marlene.

I need some time
to figure things out.

Maybe we should live apart
for a little while.

No. It's me. It's all me.

She'll slip into bed
without a word...

without even a hello.

Maybe a scowl...

and I'm going
to stop her this time.

I missed him.

Did you miss me?


How was your day?

How was your day?

Don't get it. Let's kiss.

Hello? Hey, Pippo.

Really? What, right now?


They fired everybody
this morning...

and now
they just hired me back...

and I have to go to meet
the new director.

You're going now?

Till the weekend.

I'm sorry.

Call them and tell them
you'll go tomorrow.

There's nothing I can do.

I just get back,
you fucking ass!

Why are you leaving me
right now?

I'll make a nice salad for you.

I have to go.

I'm sorry. I'm going to cut.

Let's go again.

Can we get some more blood?

- Thanks for coming so quickly.
- Sure.

I'm glad you're still working
on the picture.

Do you know this young director,
Felix DeMarco?

Yeah, I met him before.

He's an ass. Over there.

You look very scary,
and action!

A certain number of virgins
must be given up to Satan.

I now give you to my master,
His Highness of Darkness...

where you will slumber forever
in the tomb of Satanic blood.

Print that one.

It was perfect, everyone.
Let's go to lunch.

Come on, baby.

You are getting better
and better every day.


- Enzo!
- Felix.

Follow me.

What this picture needs,
Felix, is you.

It needs youth,
and also...a better ending.

Felix, this is Paul.
He is the editor.

I know this guy.
How you doing?

You did sound on
the speedway picture, right?

I pulled cable for you.

I was awful at it, though.

Enzo, Paul's also done
the second unit on the picture.

Second unit.
That's fantastic.

Go ahead and tell Felix
the plot of the picture.

I would tell you myself,
but I'm lousy with English.

Go on.

It's a science fiction film
set in...

It's a good little idea, Felix.

You'll make it great.

Use the footage we have.
Cut here, cut there.

Add some action,
more of the girl. Very sexy.

I like it sexy, Enzo.

Keep telling the story.

- It's set in the future...
- The year is 2001.

We have one hell of a setup.

Real sexy stuff.

Go ahead, Paul. Go. Go.

There's a group
of revolutionaries...

hiding out on a moon base...

and there's only one answer.

Gentlemen, I want
to thank you for attending...

this emergency
security session.

This visual report
will illustrate our problem.

Recent intelligence reports...

indicate that a band
of youthful revolutionaries...

have set up a secret base
in the far out region...

of the dark side of the moon.

Their leader is a man
who's known as Mr. E.

His many followers
regard him as a great poet...

orator, inventor,
and expert in martial arts.

He appears to be leading his
group in training exercises...

which we believe are linked
to a plan to attack Earth...

to spread his dangerous
anarchistic philosophy.

Not since our troubles began
way back in May, 1968...

have we seen
such a cause for concern.

Most distressing
are the reports...

that he has developed
a top-secret weapon...

which we feel we must capture
to preserve our way of life.

we're left with only one option.

To use Agent Codename:

- But she's so expensive.
- And so difficult.

I know she's exasperating,
but we need her.

Now, I've arranged
a teleconference.

Please, Agent Dragonfly.
We had an appointment.

I need my sleep.

We need to get down to business.

OK. What is it?

Your mission is
to infiltrate the community...

by whatever means available...

find Mr. E, and
take possession of his weapon.

He's pretty cute, isn't he?

Please. Are you prepared
to accept this mission?

I'll take the mission,
but you know how much I cost.

Of course.

We're relying on you,

The future of the world
is in your hands.

So, are you prepared
to take this mission?

If you can meet my price.

That sounds like fun.
I love science fiction.

I could probably
make this amazing.

I want to tighten it up...

reshoot some things,
fix the ending...

because you don't
seem to have that...


I could start once
the vampire picture wraps.

While Felix shoots...

we continue with the trailer
and the looping.

Felix, give the editor
your thoughts on the trailer.

Stick to Felix like glue.

Hear his ideas, his visions.
Write it.

Yes, we have to go.
We have another projection.

The Three Killers, no?

It just hit me.

I know how the trailer
needs to be.

Are you going back to set?

I'll let you know if
I get any other great ideas!

And we're up! We're back!

I want two cameras
and another here with me!

We're going to do two!

So, we finally meet.

I like what I see.

- I'm Paul.
- Valentine.

- Very nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

The director's still on his way.

I'll just get us set up
in the meantime.

Sorry about my voice.

My apartment's flooding.
I'm getting a cold.

You'll be fine. Maybe it's...

I was just...

I was just...

- Would you like some tea?
- Yeah.

Paul...Felix is missing.

Go ahead and get
the session going. Come on.

Yes, yes. People, come on.

- Ever done this before?
- No.

It's pretty easy.

There you go.

So, we finally meet.

I like what I see.

I have a mission,
which I intend to accomplish.

I love you.

I love you.

I'm so in love with you.

Do you love me?

I'm in love with you.

I love you.

That's OK.

Changing rolls. Sorry.

You have an eyelash right here.

If you blow on it,
you can make a wish.

I wish cats could talk.

You're not supposed to tell me.
It won't come true.

I'm sure it'll come true.

My cat's pregnant.

I wish I could talk to her.

- Can I get you to sign this?
- Sure.

You must be the director.

How exactly
you want me to do this?

With a lot of authority,
or maybe more playful?

Who is Dragonfly?
She's a super-sexy secret agent.

But that's top secret.

Dragonfly is coming.

- How do you like it? Good?
- It's great.

You hear me? One, two, three.

You hear me?
Dazzling? It's OK.

Dazzling is terrific.
Dragonfly is terrific.

- Everything else good.
- It's great.

Thank you. Thanks.
Just try them.

Where'd she go?

Out that way.

Who is Dragonfly?

Hi, Valentine.
Felix DeMarco, the director.

How are you?
Sorry I'm late.

I'm just...crazy.

we already finished.

Oh, great.
Want to get a bite to eat?


- Do you have any francs?
- Yeah. I do.

I'm fresh out.
I know a little great place.

Do you use The Method?

Do we have to do this now?

Yeah. That's the thing.

I have to do it,
even if I don't want to.

It's the only way
to be honest and real.

Have you seen my light meter?

You didn't tell me your father
was coming for Christmas.

I'm sorry. I forgot.
He's on a lecture tour.

Just be passing through
the airport for an hour or two.

Asked me to meet him there.

You never tell me anything.

What was the actress like?

She's a nice girl.


Am I in frame?

Today is December 20th, 1969.

I have to stay focused.
Complete honesty.

Do you love me?

You know how I feel about you.

You just want me to say it
in front of my camera?

Why can't you just say it?

I sew your ripped pants.
I trip over your camera.

I love you, of course.

I just don't
want to run out of film.

What are you looking for?

What do you mean?

What is your biggest wish?

That cats could talk.

Something that girl said,
isn't it?

What are you talking about?
You're being silly.

I thought you had to be
totally honest in this film.

I am.

You're being ridiculous.

Who said that? That actress?

You want to sleep with her!

- Now, that's ridiculous.
- What is your problem?

I can't believe you!
I just don't understand!

We need to talk.

Hey, Paul.
Ready to go to the party?

Let me drive.

Did you pass
your driving test finally?

Maybe you can drive
on the way home.

I got a call from the hospital.

Felix was in a car accident.

Smashed up his Alfa.

The doctor said he was OK.

Just broke his leg.

He's getting out of
the Dragonfly picture...

taking a break.

- Really?
- Yeah.

I want to recommend you to Enzo.


I think
you should finish the film.

I know you can do a good job.
You're a talented kid.

You have helped
the picture a lot.

I have seen that...

in the second unit shots
I have gotten.

The footage
of the cosmic rays...

that was your idea.

It's a good idea.

We talk to him tomorrow.

It is sonic boom
of the Concorde.

It's so fucking amazing.
We're living in the future, man.

...acting is to the scenario.

I found this great place
in St. Germain.

Would you excuse me one second?

I've got some big news.

Can't you see I'm talking
to someone right now?

Give me two minutes.

Excuse me,
you were saying?

It's called
theater of revolution.

It's going to be a movement,
a voice, a poetry workshop.

I'm sure you'd love this place.

- Did you hear about poor Felix?
- I hope he's OK.

He's so talented.

Working with him
is so much fun.

I remember once,
when we finished early...

and he took us all
to the go-kart ride.

Oh, God! Come here.

- That nobody can deny...
- Hey, babe!

For he's a jolly good fellow

For he's a jolly good fellow

It's Felix DeMarco!

That nobody can deny

That nobody can deny

Thank you. Thank you.
So kind.

Ladies and gentlemen...

I'd like
to make an announcement.

I'm sure
you've probably heard...

about the mad events
of this evening...

but we're OK, right?

But there's one more thing
that happened.

I asked Brigit to marry me...

and she said yes!

And so, we can't wait
one moment further...

and we're
setting sail tomorrow.

Don't stand around
staring at us!

Let's dance!

Dad. Dad.

Hey, you all right?

Yeah. I misplaced my glasses
on the plane.

Thank you very much.

Let me hold your hand.

Hold on. Wait.

I took a sleeping pill,
and I ate all the ice cream.

It's good to see you.

Good to see you at Christmas,
even briefly.

Wait a second.
I brought you something.

Thanks, Dad.

I had a dream the other night...

and I thought of you.

Well, you were in it.

I was watching these...

hideous films of Vietnam
on the television.

And I had
this deep, desultory dream...

where I met a son
that I didn't know I had.

And he looked like you.

You were there, too.
Two brothers.

But then I realized that
he was a soldier in the war.

And when I woke up,
I had these...

these feelings
of worry and of loss.

And I wondered...

this is curious...

could I have had a child
by another woman...

and never known about it?

Isn't that a curious thought?

I think about it
sometimes and...

What if I met a boy
and he looked like you?

Maybe it's really my son.

Sometimes I'll be driving
down the street...

and I'll see someone
who looks familiar...

like it could be my brother.

You know?

So, maybe it's true, Dad.

It is possible, Paul.

I wasn't always faithful
to your mother.

When I was your age...

all I could think about
was women.

It was like a disease
or a curse.

I think I know
what you mean, Dad.

Kids are nice.

When do you think
you'll have some of your own?

I don't know, Dad.

Have you thought about
coming back home?

Your mother wanted me
to ask you.

I don't know.

Excuse me.
We found your glasses.

Oh, thank you.

Thank you very much.


I think it's time to go.

I'm very glad for you, Paul.

I know you'll do well
in this new job of yours.

What is it?

It's a science-fiction film...

about a futuristic spy
named Dragonfly.

That's interesting.

Your grandmother
used to call dragonflies...

the Devil's darning needles.

She told me that
they come in the night...

and stitch up your mouth
if you use profanity...

or were otherwise voluble.

This isn't exactly about that.

Maybe you can use it somehow.

Thanks, Dad.

You never know when
some little overheard story...

or image can find a place
in your work.


- OK, see you.
- See you.

How was it seeing your father?

It was nice.

He told me about
this strange dream that he had.

I'm going out to get some milk.


Give me some screaming, girls.


Now give me some moaning.


You did good work
on the trailer.

Thank you, sir.

Fabrizio says you know
the space picture...

better than anyone else...

and thinks you should take over.

He usually knows
what he's talking about.

So, you make some shorts,
films, things like that?

- I'm working on a film.
- Come here.

Now, there are
two kinds of movies.

Those with an ending,
and those without an ending.

This movie needs an ending.

I've made some fifty pictures...

and this is my advice...

the ending is the most important
part of the movie.

The part that people remember
when they leave the theater...

but everybody works on it last
when they are exhausted.

So, listen to me...

and figure out
how to end this picture...

with an exciting twist.

And that we can do it
in two days.

Yes, that we can shoot
in two days!

I'll be in Rome
for the holidays...

and Fabrizio
will get you out there...

and you can show me
what you're thinking.


And you...astonish me.

I'll have a cocktail.

Your cocktail is ready,

Attention, all comrades.

We will soon be ready
to leave our lunar domes...

to descend
and bring change to Earth.

We need to be free...

to make love all day.

Every day.

Must be free.

So...we finally meet.

I like what I see.

I've been expecting you.

Hope you're not disappointed.

I knew it was only
a matter of time...

before they sent in
Agent Codename: Dragonfly.

You've got quite a reputation.

Really? Tell me about it.

Work with the revolution,
Dragonfly. Join us.

I have a mission...

which I intend to accomplish.

There she is!


Preparing boosters.

Stand by.

There she is!

too many loose ends here.

This gun...

What is so special
about this gun?

We got a Christmas gift.

Have a look.

It's a present from the guys
in the screening room.

What a temper.

Andrezej was so mad that day.

The mysterious, dark figure.
Who should that be?

Paul, relax.
It's just a movie.

I can't find reel seven here.

What is this?

Oh, Madonna.

Paul, reel seven.

It will take me days
to put it back together.

A message.

It's written in the code
from the movie.

Yeah. Film 37.

Checking code book.

All right. D-e...

"Defilers beware.

"Defilers beware,
exclamation point?"

Who sent this?


Oh, God, Andrezej.
It has to be him.

He has a key to the door.
This is bad news.

Damn. I knew it. He's crazy!

And you know what?

I'm sure he cut the brakes
on Felix's car.

Jesus. You know...

I'm calling the locksmith.

You know what?
You better watch out, Paul.

Damn. He's crazy. I knew it!

He cut the film
in a million pieces.

I want to see your soul
in action.

I love you.

Take your time. Not so fast.

- I love you.
- Like that, yes.

Say "I'm in love with you."

I'm in love with you.

- One more time.
- Shut up.

Transmission breach.

Need assistance.

Need assistance.
Ship's been damaged.

Hey, you got my message.

Come in.

It must be freezing out.

I've tried everything
to fix this...

but I can't figure out
how it goes back together.

Let me take a look.

You look cold.

I'm all right now.

We'll be out of here in no time.

What are you doing on the moon?

I don't know.

I think I'm lost.


what happens in the end?

I don't know, but don't worry.

We're going to find out soon.

Hey, what happened?

Are you OK?

Was someone here?

I'm just sad.

I'm losing all my patience
with you.

You talk to your camera
night and days...

but you never talk to me.

Why don't
you say anything to me?

What should I say?

I don't know what to say.

I'm sorry you're sad.

Come here.

I don't know what I'm doing.

I don't know
if I have any ideas.

They want something that
I'm not sure I can give them.

Maybe I should just go to Rome
and tell them...

"I don't know what to do
with your idiotic story."

It's not even my film.

And this ending...

Paul, I'm glad
you're saying all this to me...

but I don't care about
the stupid film.

I care about us
like we used to be.

Come here. Come here.

Now go.

Go to Rome.
Do what you like...

but just remember that you
bring everything upon yourself.

That came for you.

You spent all your money
on a camera.

You are here.

These are good, don't you think?

It's very nice.

Not too bad. Sit down.

Good, good, good.

OK, so...

do you have
a great ending for me?

I recut most of the picture...

to make it
shorter and clearer.

And one of my ideas
is to take Mr. E's gun...

and make it
a little more special...

so it can temporarily
freeze people.

Freeze people. Sounds good.

And that's how
they plan to take over.

What about the ending?

The alley...

Dragonfly's running,
chasing after the guy.

What happens?


I have a few ideas.

That's the problem.
You got too many ideas.

We just need one good one.

Look, son, this is
my thirty-seventh picture.

I've worked with some
of the best in the business...

and I've learned
a few little tricks.

One of them is to always try
to make the audience...

wonder what's going to happen.

And then at the end,
you tell them...

but you surprise them
a little, eh?


Look, it's New Year's Eve.

You are going to the party.
Come with us. Let's have fun.

Oh, my little monster.

Come on, come with us.

Paul, go ahead to the party.

Have a good time.
We'll be right back.


There you are. I've been
looking everywhere for you.

Listen, I know you've been
working on that ending...

which is exciting
because it got me thinking.

This ending has to be fabulous.
I imagine a new scene.

I'm parachuting
down to Earth...

Where did you go?
You just left me standing there.

Excuse me.
I'm talking to my director.

Thank you.
I think I'll just walk.

Hold on.

There you go.

- Are you English?
- American.

What are you doing here?

I don't know.
What are you doing here?

My friend is waiting for a boy.
He's in the army.

They haven't seen each other
for one year.

He wrote her and
say that he would run away...

from the army
and meet her here tonight.


It's a whole new decade...

but it still
feels the same to me.

So, let's hear it.

So, Dragonfly's
running through the tunnel.

She comes to the figure
hidden in the shadows.

And the figure emerges.

And the figure...

Your book!

That cats could talk.

I thought you had to be
totally honest in this film.

- Absolutely pretentious.
- Indulgent.

You're just fucking blowing it.

This film is too fractured.
It's confusing.

It's an aggression
for your eyes, for my eyes.

Especially the shot
where you sit on the toilet.

Where's the story?
Where's the structure?

I don't care about this person.

Do you think you are clever?

I just wanted
to make something...

that would reflect
who I am, who I was.

It was a difficult
and confusing time.

What's the point?

What am I supposed to do?

And regarding that space project
you're involved in...

there's no snow on the moon.

- Wait!
- You should know that.

What should I do?

You need to connect things
so they make us feel something.

You surprised me.
I didn't see you there.

- You look beautiful.
- Thanks.

Would you please let me know if
I'm not doing something right?

It's my first day, so...

It'll be fine.

Remind me about the scene
in the story...

right before
the one we're shooting.

You...I mean, Dragonfly
had just barely escaped...

with this special gun
from the dark side of the moon.

How does my spaceship
get fixed?

I came to the moon
and fixed it for you.

Then you landed safely in Paris.

Landing successful.

Please notify the Corporation
that the mission's complete.


You didn't knock.

I wanted to surprise you,
my darling.


Tell me,
how can you resist her

Until your lips have kissed her

She'll be a mystery

Please don't try to stop me.

I'm sorry.

He kills me?

The gun doesn't work on you.

Why not?

I'll explain later,
but what happens...

is the gun actually
has a special property.

The revolution
depends on this weapon...

The gun freezes people.


So, what happens next?

Incoming call on cine-com.

Do you have possession
of the package? Please respond.


I'm sorry.

Bring it down. You all right?

Sorry, I didn't realize...
I'm fine. My foot...

All right, we'll go again.

It was our fault.
Bring her up, please.

Someone stole the exposed film.

Paul, go.


Are you scared?


- You OK?
- Yeah.

- You sure?
- I'm fine.


How could you betray me?

Destroy my artwork,
you little shit!

Do you think that you can
make a better ending...

by putting in your car chase?

What about the theme?
The story?

Have you
thought about that, Paul?

- I wasn't trying...
- Bullshit!

Don't move! I'm warning you!

I'm sorry.

It's a big opportunity for me...

You want
to know the real reason?

They are afraid about the film.

They're trying to keep
the youth rebellion suppressed.

A film can change
the course of the future.

It can invent the future
by making ideas concrete.

That's why when I heard
you were changing the ending...

I was forced to do this.

I had an idea.

I had a new idea for the ending,
that maybe she...

the Corporation, its center,
betrays her.

The revolutionary get
their weapon back in the end.

Promise me that, Paul.

I promise.


I've been working
on a personal film.

Personal film?

With no compromise, right?

- Right.
- We'll...

see about you.

I'm old.

I can go now and write
my personal work.

Now that I have something
to write about.

I have to ask...

Did you make love to her?

Did you cut the brakes
on Felix's car?

Remember, Paul...

always stand
next to the camera.

Your actor
will feel you there...

and will be playing
just for you.

I can't believe it.

Bravo! Did they catch him?

Who was the son of a bitch
who stole the film?

Just some old guy.

It doesn't matter anyway.
We got it back.

It's all going to work out.

We'll get the final footage
tomorrow on the stage.

- You did good, Paul.
- Where's Valentine? Is she OK?

She was fine. In fact,
I think she enjoyed herself.

She just left in a rush.

She asked that you call her.

She said it was important.

Antonio, come on, eh?

Hi, it's Paul.

You got to come here quickly.

Oh, my God!


Come look.

They were just born.

I like to document
all the things of my life.

I found you.

I was cold.

Thank you very much.

All right.


And action.

But how?

You're me.

Quickly, we're in danger.

Nice try, Dragonfly.

Go, go!

My father built
the Dragonfly robot...

for the most dangerous

He modeled her on me...

her looks and
her lifelike qualities.

But the Corporation
programmed her...

so that
she couldn't betray them.

She wanted to help you,
but she couldn't.

That's why I tried to help.

I knew the revolution
needed this weapon...

so I took it to give to you.

I did it to help you,
to help the cause.

I believe in this revolution...

and I believe in you.

We were in love.

We are identical
in all respects.

In all respects?

In all respects.

All I really did was stitch
together things from my life.

Things that made
an impression on me.

Just put a little piece
of myself out there...

try to organize it,
take a look at it...

make some connections,
some sense of things.

I think that's
all the time we have.

Thanks a lot to Paul.

- Excuse me.
- Yes?

I enjoyed what you had to say.

Thank you very much.

By the way,
do you know Felix DeMarco?

Do you think you could pass
this script on to him for me?

- Sure.
- Thanks.

My dog knocked over the tripod,
and the camera kept running...

so I kept it all in the film.

...things around you...

as if that would bring
some understanding?

I just want to capture
what's real and honest.

And what if it's boring?

Maybe Marlene was right...

but each one of these images
brings up a feeling or a memory.

I can smell Marlene when
I see this shot of the soap.

I found her drivers license...

and I tried to reach her
by calling her mother...

and Marlene answered.

When she heard my voice,
she hung up.

I thought that my film
was going to be about...

looking at
all the pieces of myself...

but, Marlene...

I got you in pieces, too.

So this is the end...

or is it the start?

Of what?