Bystander (2017) - full transcript

Good evening.

We're interrupting your
programming tonight

to report to you
live from city hall

in the disappearance
of Chief Braddock,

who we are just being told

has now been missing
for 17 hours.

It has
not been confirmed,

but a source inside
reported another live feed

was just posted
privately for the police.

The Checkmate killer has not
yet claimed responsibility,

but we have reason to
believe he may have

taken his highest
profile target yet.

Every officer in
the city, along with the FBI,

is working tirelessly
to find him.

However at this
time we have no word

on the chief's whereabouts.

Hi, Chief.

You're a dead man.

The checkmate killer?

He's nothing but a
repulsive coward.

He should come out and
meet me like a man.

We're gonna hang you
for this, fucker.


Well not just for this.

Who do you work for?

Fuck you.


knight takes black king.

I don't work for him.

It's not for him.

It's for me.

I need a permanent solution,
but it can't get back to me.

It's gone in two days.

I didn't wanna ask this of ya,

but I need someone
with your abilities

to rattle their bones.

20% is yours when
the job is complete.

Plus double your usual signing
bonus, which is in there.

I'll be needing access
to your inside people.

It's in there.

Complete list of contacts.

I'll make sure they know to
expect your instructions.


Of course I understand.

I just want it out of
my hands in 24 hours.


Thank you.


You okay?

Yeah, just some crap.

I've been trying to get
those confiscated funds

back to the FBI for months now,

and some asshole
bureaucrat keeps middling.

What are you gonna do?

Same shit, different day.

Have a seat.

What's up?

We found another young
girl in zone four today.

Bullet to the head.

We managed to keep
it from the press,

but there was another note.

It read white knight
takes pawn six.

Mind your path.

The lab rats think
it's a copycat,

but we haven't seen a reference

to the white knight
since Braddock's murder.

Well, didn't we find
another note two days ago?

Yes, sir.

Male's victim's body we
found on the north shore.

Jeff Walters.

Another bullet to the head.

Another reference to
the white knights.

A white knight takes...

A white knight
takes King's Bishop.

Thank you, yes.

The handwriting
doesn't even match

any prior samples we have
of Checkmate's handwriting.

What do you think, Markou?

I don't know.

The notes could be in
connection to those murders.

Could also just a
connection with those girls.


Both the girls had
a mark, some stamp.

Nothing permit though.

We'll figure it out.

Use whatever resources you need.

I'm meeting with the
mayor here in a few hours.

Where the hell is my phone?


I'll take the lead on
Walters and the notes.

Sounds good.

I'll take the girls.


If the mayor approves
this taskforce,

we're gonna be
partnering with the FBI.

They'll have high level, but
we get to make our own calls.


What do you think
of this picture?

You make a pretty lady.

I think it's handsome,
but get to work.

Thank you.

Are you kidding me?

Where's my charger?

Pardon me.

Been here since you, sir?

Yeah, it's the
Chief's daughter Katie Masters.


I know.




Yeah what?

No, would you
like some coffee?

Oh God.

I'm sorry.

Oh yeah.

Sorry, I thought you said Katie.

I got that.

Lieutenant Markou.

Katie Masters.

Nice to meet you.

I know.

So what do you think?

What do you think?

I think this was a statement.

Someone saying back off.

Nice meeting you, Katie.

Let me know if you see anything.

It's time, sir.

You realize what
you're asking.

Yeah, I know Jack, but listen,

we've been pushing
our commitment

to this cause hard and publicly.

We shook the tree.

The girl this morning is the
second in less than a week.

Now are we gonna
let this continue

or are we gonna take
charge and say no?

You saw what happened
to Chief Braddock.

Checkmate had nothing to
do with human trafficking.

Jack, we have to do this.

Okay, let's go with it.

Thank you, sir.

Thanks Jack.

How's it going?

Oh, good.

Hey, so this symbol, do
you know what it means?

I think it's like a calling card

like a mark you can wash off.

You know, if Maradona.


What are you doing?

I'm sorry.

You were about to
ask about Maradona.



I'll help you.

Just please be careful.

I can take care of myself.

I'm the chief's daughter.

Not my first rodeo.

It's not to scare you.

I'm just looking out.

I appreciate that, but
I'm just a photographer.

We both know you're
much more than that.

Look, for what it's worth like
I said I'm going to help you,

but please just be smart.

You never know
who's watching you.

I will.

Nick Cueno.

Hey, it's Katie.

Hey Katie.

How was the stop?


The girl had a fresh
mark on her arm.

The same mark as from the
girl from a few days ago.

You saying she was targeted.

I'm not sure.

I talked to an officer
and he said her murder

could have been a statement
that it could have been

telling the police to back off.

And then he cautioned me
about digging into Maradona.

Well, we can't
assume it's Maradona.

True, but who
else could it be?

What else did he say?

He said that I
shouldn't trust anyone

and that I need to
stop digging into this.

I don't know.

He was kinda encrypted.

Katie, you know, this
means he has police

or others on his side, right?

Yeah, I get it.

I know.

Can you meet me at WingHarts?

The cop bar?

We've gotta
start somewhere.



Give me like 30.


Daddy, where are you?

Oh God.

hey, sorry Katie.

You okay?

- Yeah, yeah.
- Take your time.

- Okay.
- Yeah.


Knows who he is
but the Maradona

has been associated with
this sketch provided

by the only eyewitness
to come forward.

A man resembling this sketch

is allegedly in charge of
trafficking operations.

If you recognize this
sketch or have seen,

just call the number.

Here you go.


On the north shore we
have confirmed the identity

of the body that washed ashore
last night as Jeff Walters.

He also died of a gunshot
wound to the head.

Police are not yet
willing to confirm

whether or not these
murders are connected.

Yeah, I was
running through here

like I do every morning and
I looked up at the point.

There he was.


Ran into a movie
scene or something.

Gotta go.

Can you give me the check?

Oh, it's okay.


A tall, white male

approximately five foot eight
in a tee shirt and boots.


Go, go, go.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

- Calm down, calm down.
- Help us, help us, help us.

What's wrong?

Help us, please.

What's wrong?


North shore somewhere.

Copy that.

Dre and Davis are closest.

Rich is in the
Mexican war district.

Send them all now.


Two dead men positioned
on Federal and Isabella.

Roger that.

Prospect sighting up north.


They ran down there, hurry.

Where, where?

Down there.

This is 3612 daylight.

Officer down.

Shots fired.

Suspect heading northeast
stop 28 on foot.

He has a gun.

Please stop.

You okay?



You okay?

No, no.

Someone just tried to kidnap me.

Wasn't me.

No, back there.

Okay, come with me.

I'll get both of
you to the station.

Your dad is there.


What precinct are you with?


What precinct?


Look, let's talk in the car.

We're not safe here.



How'd you know?

He didn't call it in
and he knew my name.

The other officers
back there didn't.


Last sighting heading north
towards 10 Street bridge.

What are you doing?

Something else.

187 1053 heading down on 12th.

10 four.


What are you doing?

He's a real cop.

Some gunshot
wounds on the side.

A man with a woman
shot the officers

and ran down the pier
dragging the woman.

They just said
you killed cops.

Why are they saying that?

I don't know.

Why are cops trying
to kidnap you?

I don't know.

My father, he's Chief Masters.

I've been trying to call him
all day and he's not answering.

And there's this
cop this afternoon.

He came up to me
and he was trying.

No, don't do that.

Whoever it is will
find out where we are.

It's exactly what they want.

Hop in.

No, these cars are low jacked.

We can't do that.

We gotta find another way.

Are you surprised?

What are you doing?

I asked you a question.

Ditch your phone.


For those
of you just joining us,

we have reports of an
attempted kidnapping.

Followed her out of the bar.

Stopped on the corner
and then sprint

in the same direction she went.

I was standing here.

He was over there.

Pale, red hair.

It was on take off.

Then I heard a girl scream.

Then I heard gunshots, then
I went back in the bar.



Pittsburgh P.D.

It's Officer Langdon.

Yes, sir.

Are you still at her place?

Yeah, nothing here.

They got away.

Stay there.


And if they show?

Don't engage.

Hide if you have to.

What the hell?

There's no place to hide.

There's always a place.

Where wouldn't you look?


This is not going to work.

Just do it.

a tiny apartment.

I don't care.

Figure something out.


And send me the address.

Yes, sir.

I'll be there soon.


We have to get to
the police somehow.


So they can try
and kill us again?

I know officers.

They could help.

You heard them.

They think we're cop killers.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

What happened?

I really don't know.

I was.

There was this officer.

I was at this crime scene.

I'm a photographer
for the paper in town

and I was trying to call my
dad and he wouldn't answer.

And then my boss was
supposed to pick me up.

And I don't know.

You think
photographs caused this?

I don't know.

There was this detective
and he warned me

about asking questions
about Maradona.

He practically threatened me.


Gioffre Markou.

No, no, he's a good guy.

I don't know.

I'll vouch.

He's one of my best friends.

He's clean.


Well maybe he was
just trying to help.

Maybe it was the pictures.

Maybe it was your dad.

My camera.

My camera.

I automatically downloads
everything to my laptop.

We can go get it.

It's like 10 blocks away
from here at my apartment.

We could go get the...

No, no.

You know that's the first
place they'll look for you.

It's all we have.

That's the dumbest
thing we could do.

No, no.


Son of a bitch.

10 four.

2357 daylight, please
use the proper codes.

10 four, dispatch.

10 four.


I repeat, 1158.

10 four.


One of your guys is down.

Witnesses saw a guy
and a girl shoot.



Hey, hey.

Let go of me.

Let go of me.

Stop it.

Why are you following me?

A cop just tried to kill us.

Why are cops trying to kill us?

Thank you for saving me,
but I'm going up there.

You can do whatever you want.


What's wrong?

This is my floor.

How was I supposed
to know that?


You really want
me to go first?

Wait, wait, wait.

We should go.

We should go now.




Wait, you live like this?

Oh my God.

I'm Kyle by the way.


I know.

Wait, I know you.

You're Chief Braddock's
son, aren't you?



- What's wrong?
- Sh.

Don't shush me.

Are you okay?

Is he dead?



Oh my God.

All right, all right.

Let's go.

Oh shit.


Footage from the
bar is uploading now.

We just received a 911 call.

Shots fired at Katie
Masters apartment complex.

Colts and Brady are
first on the scene.

Where you been?

I just came from the Chief's.

He's not good.

Pittsburgh P.D.

Hand's up.

I'm Katie Masters.

Against the wall now.

Against the wall.

I'm the chief's daughter.


He didn't identify himself.


Dispatch, this
is Officer Saul.

We have a possible homicide.

300 Hind Street.

I shot him in self defense.

Who is there with him?

Oh shit.

Sir, we lost contact.

What's going on?

What happened?

Let me know what's
in that footage.



Why are we stopping?

- Hang on.
- What?



Please no, no.

No, no.

They know it's Katie Masters.

Do they know
who's helping her?

No, they think he
actually helped kidnap her.

Change in plans.

Don't kill him.

Find out who he is.

You okay?

Who is that guy back there?

I don't know.

I recognized the older guy.

I don't know his name,
but I know he's a cop.

All right, let's go.

Can we clear the
crime scene, please?

Cassie and Murphy only.

Found this.

White knight takes black queen.



You know your hovering
isn't going to help.

I'm thinking.

Think somewhere else.


Kou says that she's
with Kyle Braddock.

No way.


I don't know, Cassie.

Call dickhead.

Calling dickhead.

I mean, seriously.

He kidnaps the girl and
then kills six cops.

That's Kyle's phone.

Did Katie know him?


You know that doesn't
really prove Kyle did it.

Why would they
come back to this apartment?

I don't know.

She escaped and came home.

No, that doesn't work.

Forensic specialist.

Don't even say it.

Eyes on
16th Street Bridge.

Who are you?

I got you.

I got you.

A little closer.

There you are.


I got something for you.

Did Kyle really
kidnap my daughter?

You heard already?

Sir, who would want to do this?

Who wouldn't?

What if it is just Kyle?

He hasn't been right in the
head since his father's death.


I gotta get this.


Have you seen the guy?




Who is he?

I don't know.

That's why I'm asking you.

He's the driver of the car.

He could be the ringleader.

Car's registered to Nick Cueno.

It's Katie's boss.

He's missing.

Okay, keep digging.

If I must.

Do you know this man?

No, who is he?

We don't know yet.

FBI is on their way.

We think he could
work for Maradona.

No, no, no, no,
no, he wouldn't.

She was last seen this morning

photographing the crime scene

and now her boss is missing.

What better way to
get back at the man

who's leading charge
against sex trafficking

then to kidnap his daughter.


Six cops are dead.

I want my daughter back.

You do what you have to do.

I'll handle the FBI.

I'll sort it out later.

Wait, wait.

Just hold on.

No one's following us.

I'm sorry.

The bag.

Where's the bag?

You were supposed to grab it.

I was supposed to grab it?

Yeah, you're the
last one in there.

You had it in your hand.

The only reason we went up
there was for that laptop

and you left it up there.

Just stop yelling
at me for one second.

Let me just think.


There was a mark
on this girl's arm

and it was like it
was in a circle.

It was waves in a
circle on her wrist.


Like three?

- Like three marks?
- Yeah.


How did you know that?

Do I really have to regain
your trust every 15 minutes?

I'm sorry.

I have no idea what's going on.

Oh shit.

Answer that when
I call or she dies.

Why are you trying to hurt me?

No, what are you doing?

Why, why do you wanna hurt me?

Did I stutter?

Maybe they didn't have time.

It's just a feeling.

I don't know.

There's no strange activity
on their bank accounts.


Okay then.

You okay over there?

Did they feed you?

What is it?

Cherry and Langdon
never reported in.

Langdon was off duty.

Well maybe he left to help.

Nah, they know the protocol.

They should have called in.

Colts and his partner were good.

Cassie confirmed they were
on the ground when shot.

What are you saying, Tom?

Are you saying my
officers are on the take?

I don't think
Kyle has it in him.

Listen to me.

Just because he's
Braddock's kid,

don't let that
cloud your judgment.




Who is this?

now, that's insulting.

I thought we were partners.


Are you insane?

That seems to
be the general consensus here.

Who are you?

Where's my daughter?

What do you want
you son of a bitch?


Partners don't talk that way.

Stop saying that.

I'm not your goddamn partner.

Of course we are.

I made you chief.

I see from the expression on
your face you remember me.

Do what I say without deviation

or Kyle tosses Katie
into the river.

Wait by the phone.

You'll receive further
instructions soon.

Send those files
to Markou now.

Sweep the house for bugs.


Hey, are you back yet?

All right, I'm sending
you a file now.

When you get back, run the voice

against our Checkmate records.




It may not be him.

Tom, that madman
has my daughter.

The FBI is in charge.

Let them handle this.


Kyle Braddock.

Who is this?

Do as I say
and I give you my word,

Katie will be unharmed.

How do I know you
haven't hurt her already?

I haven't,
but I will hurt her

in the most horrid, gut
wrenching ways you could imagine

if you don't do as I ask.

I want proof she's alive.

- I
- drugged her, Kyle.

She's unconscious.

I'm not doing anything
until I know she's...

Stop talking,
Kyle or I'll kill her

and I'll let the
police kill you.

Don't forget.

They think you're a cop killer

who kidnapped the
chief's daughter.

They don't know about me.

They think this is all you.

You're going to retrieve
something I need.

In exchange, you'll
get Katie back alive.


Masters' laptop.


in his office.

How the hell am I
supposed to do that?

figure it out.

You have until 0600
hours to bring it to me.

You just said it.

Every cop in this city
is looking for me.


Nobody will look there.

That phone is bugged.

We're tracking you.

If you tamper with it or call
anyone outside of this number,

I'll know and I will hurt Katie.

I promise you that.

Kyle, you want to
do this for me.

Why is that?

Because the white
knight just took your queen.


They found Nick Cueno's
body in a dumpster downtown.

The note read white
knight takes queen's rook.

Where is everybody?

I sent 'em home.


I don't want 'em here.

What is it?

We found Kyle's DNA at
the crime scene last year.

We didn't think twice about
it because he's his son.

Kyle's not Checkmate, sir.

I know that.

He's a superb medical examiner.

He wouldn't be able to
manipulate our evidence.

I just want you
to prove me wrong.

What am I gonna do, Tom?

Oh, Christ, Catherine.

You okay here
while I follow this?


I'm calling the FBI.

Let them know you're here alone.

I don't like this.

There are agents
in the street.

I'll call you if he calls again.

And Tom.

If you find Kyle and he resists,

are you prepared to
protect my daughter?

You know you never have
to ask me that question.

Are you alone?

Yeah, I'm alone.

I have no interest in
harming your daughter.

You already have.

That sting
of yours was something.

How'd you get him to talk?

Right here.

It's where he hit his head.

Well that number Checkmate
used came up as a dead end.

It was a burn phone.

Cassie Fucifino.

I didn't kidnap Katie.

Those cops tried to kill us.

Oh yeah?

What about the two you
killed in Katie's apartment?

That was an accident.

You accidentally
shot them repeatedly

while they were on the ground?

Whoa, no.

I didn't shoot
them at all, Cass.

Then why did you confess
to Colts that you did?

I want to come in,
but I don't want to get shot.

Sounds difficult.

RFE one hour.

He called from that number.

What'd he say?

He's innocent
and he wants to come in.

Do you believe him?

Do you?


taking so long, Kyle?

Get to the station now.

Whatever, man.

You don't know who's clean

and who I pay on the force.

Remember that.

Katie, wake up.


Stop it.

Hurry up, Kyle.

Stop it, please.

You win.

Just please stop hurting her.

me when you arrive.


Stay put.

I'll come when I know
you weren't followed.



Thank you, Cass.

You okay?

Yeah, why?

You two were close.

You seem to be handling
it better than Cassie.

You never really know
what someone's made of

until you've seen
them at their worst.

Whoever killed Jeff Walters
is controlling Kyle.

It doesn't make sense.

Sure it does.

Super nice forensic
analyst is now a cop killer

who kidnapped the
new chief's daughter

for the serial killer
who killed our old chief

who's now the local
kingpin of sex trafficking.

Case closed.

I should get a medal.

So you're saying
we're being played.

Anything missing from her place?

Her place was torn apart.

Why would she tear
her own place up?

Someone went there looking
for something and tore it up.

What's she into?

Maybe she's just lazy
and lives like that.

You haven't seen my place.

What is it?

Maradona's been slipping
up all of a sudden.

Checkmate referred to
the chief as his partner.

I bet that ruffled
his feathers.

He sent everyone home.

Told the FBI to watch
from the street.

Chief's not involved.

Of course not.

See, this is what
this douchebag wants.

He wants us
questioning everything.

Let's just keep it simple.

We find Kyle, we'll find him.

This is getting out of hand.

What the hell is
the matter with you?

Why did you drop that bitch?

You know you're supposed
to divert attention away,

not put me on a damn front page.

I'm getting tired of your shit.

You're just turning into
some little psychotic.

Let me know when you
get the rest of the money.


Why are you making me do this?

Stop stalling.

I mean, you orchestrated
this fantastically.

Why do you want the laptop?

I don't
need my ego stroked.

You're wasting time.

If you fail, she dies
and I disappear forever.

You'll rot in prison
unless that's...

Okay, okay.

I'm going in.





You shit eating dickhead.

All clear.


I'm in.



Good job.

Grab the laptop.


I didn't say break
into the laptop.

I'm looking
for a laptop case.


Hang on.

I gotta find something
to carry this in.


Get down on the ground.

Kill him, Kyle.

Get out of there.

Get down on the ground now.


He'll kill her if
you don't let me go.

put me on speaker.

Okay, Checkmate.

I have a knife

to Katie Masters' throat.

Drop the gun and kick
it to Kyle or she dies.




Okay, okay.

Don't hurt her.

Kyle, grab the gun.


Shoot him.




That's it.

What the hell?

Copy that.

The station is on lockdown.

Suspect last sighted
on Ross and Fourth.

Detective Murphy is in pursuit.

I repeat Detective in pursuit.

This is 3612 daylight.

I'm here on foot.

They're headed
to Market Square.

Close off Liberty and Boulevard.

This is Irizarry.

I'm on Fourth and Smithfield.

No sign of suspect.

Which way?

Do you have any idea
where the suspect is?

Kyle Braddock.

I repeat Kyle Braddock.

10 four.


10 four.

Does anyone have
eyes on the suspect?

The Point.

He's headed for the docks.



Oh shit.


Is she alive?


It's not there.

Back to plan A.

Copy that.

Kyle's on his way here.

He's expecting a
trade for Katie.


Well, looks like
I still need you.

Walsh just texted.

We lost him.

Hey, great job letting
him slip away, asshole.


You look way shittier
than your usual.

Why would he come here?

How the hell should I know?

If it was me, I'd be on my way

to some country
without extradition.

Mai Tai's.

Nude beaches.

He's trying to save her.

You sure?

I just don't know anymore.


I'm just tired and
I haven't eaten.

Go home.

No, I'm good.

Night watch guy.

He was dead at least an hour
before Kyle stole my badge.

Security footage
has been deleted.

Same with the backup server.

He really is innocent.

You can't tell from the video,

but if you watch it
about 10,000 times,

you see this guy fall back

and a small device fall
down to the ground.

That's Kyle's phone.

He didn't run into kidnap her.

He ran into save her.

He also stopped into
appreciate the art.

The feds just found Maradona

and Kravitz dead
down by The Point.

Murdered execution style.

Was there a note?

They text it to me.

White knight overthrows white
king and white king's bishop.

White knight expels all
pawns and is now king.

Holy shit.


I'll be in the lab.

It's also a list of names.

Politicians and officers all

on the take including the chief.


Yeah, Cass.

Checkmate's dead.

The blood on the wall at
WingHart's didn't match

any we'd found in the past.

I ran across a photo
of Jeff Walters.

He had a tattoo of
a queen on his arm.

Never thought of it before
because it was an actual queen,

not you know the piece.

Anyway, I compared Walter's DNA

to old samples we found
on Checkmate's victims

and it matched three.

He was Checkmate.

Good work, Cass.

New guy's a poser.

This is bullshit.


Say it.

He's all alone.

You said it yourself.

He kicked everyone out.

You don't think that's weird?

So what?

FBI's there.

Did you see them?

Like I'm not saying.

His daughter, man.

Just like you said.

It's exactly what he wanted.

Us chasing our tails and
going after each other.

Look, security was compromised.

We've been running all over
the place away from here

thinking this is
about trafficking.

This isn't about Kyle
or Katie or any of us.

This is about a goddamn heist.

Wait a minute.

Evidence was cleared.

It's not down there.

Where is it?

I don't know.

Who does?

You stay on Kyle and Katie.

If you call it in, she dies.

I got this.


Hi, this is Lieutenant Markou.

Can I get a trace on Lieutenant
Walsh's phone please?

Route it to my mobile.

course, Detective.



Yeah, this is
Lieutenant Markou again.

I need a vehicle report
on Detective Murphy.

Detective Markou.

Thank you.

Jeff Walters was Checkmate.

It's the body that washed
ashore a few days ago.

We found Maradona and
Senator Kravitz murdered

down by the point last night.

No suspects yet, but whoever
did it left a list of names.

Politicians, police officers
all on Maradona's dime.

Your name was on that list.

Good job.

Oh yeah.

Kyle is innocent.

Markou has proof.



How could you work
for Checkmate?

Wake up, Kyle,
there's no Checkmate.

There never was.

The computer now.



Where is she?

I thought that was her.

Murph said Checkmate
wasn't real.

Maradona created
Checkmate as a cover.

There are many Checkmates.

They're all hiding
organized hits.

Where we going?

Find Katie.


Here we are.


Let's go.

Sorry, Chief.

Thought it was
all accounted for.

No sweat, Rudy.

You know.

You told me to not
even stop for you, sir.

I know.


It's cool, I got it.



Jesus Christ.

Your batch will be there.

Why don't we
just take his car?

Try to trap me
again and Katie dies.

What do you need me for?

Just let her go.

You think I don't know they're
are tracers in those bags?

You think I don't know that
that's only half the shipment?


Get the bag.

You know what?

Half is enough.


Katie, Katie.





Oh, I am so sorry.

Ambulance is on the way, hun.

All good.

She's okay.

She is.

You guys okay?

Yeah, we're good.

I hurt you though.

I only had a few
seconds to think.

They took Katie as
leverage for the funds

and then we realized...

Got it.

Never doubted you, Chief.

Good work, you too.