Bypass Road (2019) - full transcript

The Story revolves around a young man Vikram (Neil Nitin Mukesh) who is a fashion prodigy. The story is layered with a murder in town.

I never imagined

that someday,
life will give me something

I never asked for.

Radhika, listen to me.

Hello, I am Jitendra Dixit

and it's time for
tonight's breaking news.

Vikram Kapoor had
an accident a while ago.

We tried to contact
Vikram Kapoor's father,

Pratap Kapoor for his comments.

But we can't reach him right now.

And now another big news
about Vikram Kapoor.

Vikram Kapoor fashion label's star model

- Sarah Breganza has committed suicide.
- Sarah Breganza Death or suicide?

Could there be any link between
Vikram Kapoor's accident

and Sarah's suicide?

It's too soon to make
that connection.

But both the incidents
occurred on the same evening

which makes it all the more
bizarre and mysterious.

But we hope that the truth
behind Vikram Kapoor's accident

and Sarah Breganza's suicide
will be unveiled soon.

This just came in.

Vikram Kapoor has survived
the brutal accident,

and he's out of danger now.

Two roasted corns.

Mandwa, Alibaug.

Last stop, all alight here.

Sir. Sarah's parents.

Newspaper. Newspaper.

Do we have to escort them home?

I mean... just a thought.

Doesn't that house scare you, sir?

What is it?

- He scared me.
- Newspaper?

- Only two rupees.
- Get lost.

Ever heard about
basic decency, Pandey?

Their daughter's funeral
is in two days.

We held up that funeral.

Vikram is also returning home.

Make me a hot cup of tea.

Finally, you found some time for me.

since madam was murdered,

the police have been
keeping me on my toes.

- I know.
- Wait...


- Sir.
- Hail India.

- You got the place cleaned up, Shinde?
- Yes, sir.

- Any visitors?
- No, sir.

I've kept everything in its place.

- Open the door.
- Yes, sir.

Lots of colors, innovative designs,
different textures.

Your favorite
Ryo Mark's personal touch.



Rads, I can't understand
what you're looking for.

The fashion show is
just around the corner

and we aren't ready yet.

The entire responsibility is on us.

What on earth are you doing?

We don't even have a brand ambassador.

Radhika, I was looking for you.

Actually, this is for Mr. Vikram.


Ever since they started going out,

she's acting like the new boss.

You know,
I've witnessed their affair.

Put it in the car.


I shouldn't be talking
about your personal matters,

but the entire office is talking about it.

I should leave.

I am running late for Alibaug.

Next time, you grab my arm...

I'll break it.

Here we are.

- How are you?
- I am fine.

Give Vikram a hand.

- Get Vikram's luggage.
- Yes.



Let's go.


I've still got hands.

Not there.

We've prepped up a room
for you downstairs.


- This way.
- Romzi.

Where have you been, Romzi?

I've prepped up a room
for you downstairs.

So you won't have the
trouble of going upstairs.

Let us know if you have
a problem with the room downstairs.

Romzi, did you...

Stop showing sympathy.

At least, you should've known,

I don't like staying in any other room.

Upstairs is a problem.

I understand.


How are you?

I brought your favorite flowers.

What do these florists
think of themselves?

This bouquet has more
leaves than flowers.

And they charge you so exorbitantly

like they grow on trees.

I mean, they are not all that bad.

But listen, I don't understand
half the things these models say.

"Can you up the hem of my skirt,
I'll look cuter".

By the way, I can give lessons
in diction, you know that.

Why aren't you saying anything?

I will if you let me.

Who brought the cake?

I believe every cake
deserves to have a candle.

What do I wish for?

Escape from your fashion sense.

But there's no way
I can do that either.

Sometimes when you're being funny...

Did I step over the line?

Are you angry?

Even if you're angry,
I'm not going to apologize.

Have you ever apologized to anyone?

I haven't

But I will.

The silent winds
Blowing in my direction

And the unfinished conversations

What remains now?

The place you hold in my heart

I could never convey

What remains now?

What remains now?

The conversations have changed

Nor have the coincidences

But you're the one thing

That I don't have

My forlorn love

Still awaits

Where could you be?

My forlorn love still awaits

Where could you be?

Where could you be?

I keep talking

Believing, you're still around

I still love you

Because I know you're not here

I love you more than myself

And won't hesitate to give up

This life for you

I'll stay alive

And wait for you

My forlorn love

Sill awaits

Where could you be?


How are you, my dear?

- How are you?
- I am fine.

Did you see my gift?

See it?

Romzi, the way Vikram
treated you this morning...

He's finally come home
after a long time.

I am just worried about Nandini.

She's growing up, you know.


I don't want her to witness this drama.


you don't need to worry.

- Stay with Vikram.
- Yes, sir.

Take care.

Kaka, don't be such a spoilsport.

You could've let me
sleep a little longer.

Rising early morning
is good for health.

Wake up.


Are you hurt?


No, I was so happy
to be home, I forgot...

But I am fine.

- I'll do something.
- Okay.

Wait a minute.



Now you're looking
handsome and smart.

- Sir.
- Let me see.


You can reach your room now.
I've made sure of that.

Anything else?

There's no end to this list, dad.

Shall we?

I can't see Radhika around.

It was really unfortunate.

And at such a young age.

Wasn't she the brand ambassador
of your company as well, Narang?


But I was talking about Vikram.


Give Romila my love.

My daughter couldn't
have committed suicide.

How are you, Vikram?

- When did you return home?
- Mr. Roy?

What was Sarah's mother saying?

"She was depressed.
She shot herself."

That's what everyone's saying.

The media and public
form their own opinion

before cops could
draw a conclusion.

I don't understand.


Sarah was supposed to get married.

And suddenly this?

I don't understand...

The police have no business
if things are uncomplicated.

Vikram, can you dial
this number for me?

Could you put it on speaker?

The number you're trying
to call is currently unavailable.

A friend of yours?

He didn't even show up
for his fiancée's funeral.

And I thought...

Jimmy can never do
such a thing, sir.

Why would he do such a thing?

Love has a crooked sense of humor.

It gives you a reason to die
and a motive to kill.

I can't figure out whether
cases are always complicated

or you guys make it look that way.

- Hail India, sir.
- Hail India, sir.


That's no way to drive!

Are you okay?

Slowly, slowly...

No, thanks.

Please have some.



Who moved the photo from here?

Who did it?

What's wrong, Vikram?

Why are you screaming?

It was your idea.

So I had it moved upstairs
with the rest of your stuff.

I thought someone kept
it here accidentally.

What did you say?


And what about this picture?

This is not here by accident?

- Bring the picture?
- Yes.

You are not my family.

Just my dad's wife, that's all.

That wasn't nice of you, Vikram.

- Romila.
- What?


What happened?

It's nothing, Pratap.

Everything has its place.

Even if it's a photo frame.

What are you doing?

You'll hurt yourself.

Kaka, can you
clean this up, please?

Are you okay?

Are you hurt?

Kaka, better get all
these pictures out of the way.

They might get in Vikram's way.

And please serve dinner.

It's bleeding.

Quickly bring some ice.

Dip it in cold water.

He's having an affair...

- Believe me.
- Listen to me, sir.

No, you listen to me.

Be quiet, and let him speak.

I asked to get two vadapavs,
and you got only one.

- Leave.
- Sorry, sir.

So Dabboo Ratnani...

- Hello, sir.
- Sit.

Looks like you've developed
a special attachment to this lady.

Not at all.

You've got the entire portfolio.

What are you saying?

You messed up the job

and now you want a vadapav?


So you did come for
one last meeting with Sarah.

Or you came to find out
how Vikram survived?

Mumbai, Malabar Hill Police Station.

Inspector Roy, Alibaug.

I've told you before,
we can't meet like this.

Your name's come up
in Sarah murder case.

If anyone suspects me,
they'll throw me in jail with you.

Did you bring the money?

Here you go.

All unmarked bullets.

How are you going to use them?

Do you have a gun?


What do you think?

Am I going to win this game or not?

You lose.

I still have one move left, Kaka.

Save thy queen.

No one can ever defeat you.

I'll be back in a minute.

I forgot these letters here.

Are we going to keep meeting like this?

Nice way to call lust as love.


Vikram Kapoor?

Sarah. Move.

First, you quit Narang's company,

and now in this hotel room...

Who is he, Sarah?

We were supposed to get married.

Did you get the CCTV
footage from Sarah's home?

No, sir.

I spoke with the guard,
but the footage was stolen.

Did you get permission
to raid Jimmy's home?

Pandey, at least serve me
a strong cup of tea in the morning.

Helps me wake up.

- Roy.
- Kadam from Mumbai Crime Branch.

You've been granted search
warrant for Jimmy Breganza's home.

I thought we'd lose this one.

We've got the permission.

Got you.

He was toying around
with me for a long time.

Now I'll make you disappear.

Are you ignoring me?

I am confused, Vikram.

Brother, how do we catch them?

Nandini, if you want to catch them,

you must toy with them first.


Go and watch how he does it.


I am going out of town
for costume trials.

I'll see you when I get back.

The painful moments

Cold breeze

Life's frightened

Breathing is an effort

A fear lurks in my heart

That your silence might

Ultimately kill me

Why has life brought me to the edge?

The world's asleep

So are the skies

The world's asleep

So are the skies

All the destinations
Are fast asleep

All the destinations

And so have the roads

The world's asleep

So are the skies

The world's asleep

So are the skies

The pain doesn't let me sleep

Now, do you trust me?

By the way, what would you prefer?

You suggest.

You never asked me
what I preferred?

These painful moments

Life's in pain

No, Radhika...

You didn't tell her about us.

Gradually, your silence


Will kill me

Life's brought me
To a strange crossroad


You can break my heart.

Just don't hurt my ego.

The world's asleep
So are the skies


Vikram's accident and that
party were on the same day.

- Did you find anything else?
- No, sir.

Sir, I can't figure out one thing.

Why did Radhika suddenly leave?

She loved Vikram

and maybe she
couldn't stand that...

You mean Vikram and Sarah?

And Jimmy knew that too.

That's why we're searching
Jimmy's house.

Jimmy's cell phone
is connected to the Wi-Fi.

He's nearby.

So this is where you're hiding.

Finish the download.

Hey, he's here.

Yes, sir.


Catch him. He's heading downstairs.

- There he is!
- Hurry up.

- Catch him!
- Get him!


Catch him. Catch him.




There's no escape.

Sir, he's up there.


Don't try anything foolish.

The guard saw you
standing next to Sarah's body.

Don't try to run.

You were behind Vikram's accident,
weren't you?

You've run out of options, Jimmy.

Come with me.


What happened?
We haven't finished the game yet.

I don't want to play with you.

You always cheat.

Cheat? Do I?


How will I win if I don't cheat?

It's because you play so well.

I don't want to play with you.


Oh, my God. That anger!

- What happened?
- Brother cheated to defeat me.

- Did he cheat?
- Yes.

Fine, come play with me.

You're a bigger cheater than him.

I don't want to play with anyone.


She's taken after you.

I shouldn't have sent you
to the boarding school.

After your mother died...

I couldn't fulfill
my duty as your father.

I neglected you.

Maybe that's why you're
still angry with me.

Fine. I understand.

You should be.

No, dad.

You named your daughter Nandini

and kept my mother alive.

The bullet analysis
from Sarah murder case.

There is a match.

Pandey, when a bullet is fired,

it has only one goal.

To hit a target.

With traces it leaves behind,
you can determine

which gun it was fired from.

Prepare for the press
conference, Pandey.

I can see you're feeling embarrassed.

Back in the hospital, there
were pretty nurses to bathe me.

Not an 80-year-old man.

You're incorrigible.

Glasses and cell phone.

This too.


I'll be right back
after serving her tea.



Wait, there's a cockroach here.

Come and clean this.

But after Vikram's accident,

But the incident today,
that could've been fatal.

Vikram's reports have
arrived from the US.

Chances are he'll be 100 % cured.

I've invited the
doctors over next week.

But I haven't told him yet.

That's great news, Kamlesh.



Whatever differences we have,

I don't want anyone else
to get hurt because of it.

Take care.

Our sources tell us that
Jimmy has escaped from custody.

We just want to know...

Inspector Roy,
we have many questions...

All I can tell you

is that the truth and Jimmy
Breganza shall be soon before you.

What is your team's
strategy to catch him?

Jimmy Breganza is the prime
suspect in Sarah murder case.

And if anyone spots him, dial 100.




What happened, brother?


Promise me, you'll get well soon.

I promise to get better
and I won't cheat you.

Why didn't you go to school?

I'll go in a while.

Who goes to school on a Monday?

Bunk it.




You're eating a lot lately.

I am fasting today.

Inspector Roy.

Keep it.

Please come in.

You won't have to wait.

- Please come.
- Yes.

Sorry for troubling you two.

What happened, Mr. Roy?

You were going to tell us something.

Why did you call us here?

Sarah's forensic reports have arrived.

The bullet recovered from her body

wasn't fired from the gun
that was found near her body.

The angle of fire

proves that Sarah
didn't shoot herself.

In fact, someone killed her

and tried to make it look like
it was suicide.

You guys work so hard.

only after the person's death.

How is all this connected to us?

Good sense of humor.

The gun that we found...

that's not the murder weapon.

What is he saying, Vikram?

Stop this drama, Sarah.

I am not being desperate, Vikram.

You were looking desperate.

With that intern of yours.

The bullet recovered from her body...

was fired from your registered gun.

My gun?

My gun with Sarah?

Only Vikram can tell us.

Sarah, what happened between us
was a freaking mistake

and you never told me
you were going to marry Jimmy.

Jimmy's been threatening me
since that night.

Please leave.

So, Vikram?

Sarah was killed with
the same gun. How?

Who ordered the hit?

How would I know?

Why are you involving
Vikram in all this?

Vikram had an accident
on the night of the party.

Sarah's death and
Jimmy's disappearance.

It all can't be a coincidence.

Do you know what
you're trying to imply?

Had you done your job properly,
you would've realized

our house was burgled.

Along with other things,
I reported my gun was stolen.

And that report was sent to your home.

- Get out!
- Didn't you get it?

What are you doing?

What are you doing?


I'll go to the media.

I'll tell them
what you've done to me.

Serial numbers MMW1991 to MMW2014

are registered in your name.

You still have 18 bullets.

You fired four of them.


The empty shells

which you handed
over to the department.

But your gun is still missing

and there is one dead girl.


The police searched my home

and if you want,
you can come and search again.

A girl is dead and you're
still harping on about the gun.

There is still one
bullet left in that gun.

I suspect...

it's marked for someone.

Not yet.

My lawyers will talk to you.

Sarah murder case will
be solved pretty soon.

Jimmy's in our custody.

The police suspect
just about everyone.

Sarah snatched that gun from me.

Hello, Bansal.

The police haven't
found the gun yet.

- Now leave.
- Yes, madam.


Dinner's served.

Do join us.

Thank you, but I must leave now.


You could've called
if you didn't plan on coming.

I had ordered your favorite dish.

I waited for you
at the restaurant,

but you didn't show up.

How long are you going to wait?


What did you say?

How long will you wait
for me to get better?

Six months, a year?

What happens next?

I guess you're in a mood to argue.

I'll come back tomorrow.

I am leaving.

Don't come back.

What's wrong, Vikram?

Is this a joke?

I've become a joke.

A joke that is suffocating me.

This leg!

This wheelchair!

You're only seeing
what you want to see.

Try to see what life's trying to show you.

And you?

What do you want to show me?

That you love me?

People have sympathy
for cripples, Radhika.

What did you say?

Every day, I try to suppress
my sorrows and stand before you,

because I want to see you happy.

Even I have feelings, Vikram.

I also feel pain.

If you really feel so bad,
why don't you leave?

I don't want to live on false hopes.

You have your whole life
ahead of you, Vikram.

But you don't want to look forward to it

because you've already given up.

And I...

I can't bear to see you
like this anymore.

The pain in my heart

Is hard to convey

Tell me how?

After taking you away from yourself

I am bidding you goodbye

Let me touch your soul

A list of boats that have
ferried between Mumbai and Mandwa

in the last two months.

One of these boats
is owned by Vikram Kapoor

that plies to and fro frequently.

These are rich people, Pandey.

They earn in Mumbai
and blow it all in Mandwa.

But you told Vikram Kapoor and also

at the press conference
that Jimmy's in our custody.

Often a lie unearths the truth.

- Is the boat ready?
- Yes, sir.

Tonight at 1:30

Hello, I am Jitendra Dixit.

And now for today's breaking news.

The investigating officer
of Sarah murder case

said that the case is still open.

Because Sarah's killer
is still at large.

How long have you had this video?


I'm telling you again...

He looks innocent, but he isn't.

That night...

You better listen to me or else...

Who came to meet Romila last night?

I don't know, sir.

Why is the footage between
1:30 and 3 missing?

I guess there was a power outage.

Turn the generators on.

Provide backup power
to all the machines, understood?

Bansal, just a minute.

Yes, Mr. Sharma.

Could I ever refuse you?

A wedding, huh?

Vikram's involvement in
Sarah murder case spells trouble.

Did you know about their affair?


- Yeah?
- Dad, listen. It's very urgent.

I am coming over to see you.

When Sarah broke off
her engagement with Jimmy,

Jimmy blamed Vikram for it.

Sarah's death...

Jimmy? But wasn't he...

He hasn't been arrested yet.

I must talk to Vikram.

Not yet, Pratap.

Don't do anything yet.

I will talk to Vikram.

Yeah, Romzi.

Pratap, I've cut my hand.
It's bad.

Narang, you?

Just leave.

These days, Pratap looks happy

because Vikram returned home safely.


He's a tough guy.

He survived even after
such a brutal accident.

What are you saying?

I told you last night.

We'll meet again
when the time's right.

Last night,

Vikram saw you with me.

Thank God,

I got the CCTV footage
deleted or else...

Stop this game, Romila.

I am going nuts.

I can't work or get
my life back on track.

I wander from pillar to post
just to get a glimpse of you.

- That room's already cleared.
- Sorry.

And yes...

That wasn't the only copy
of the video I had.

You want money, don't you?

Here you go.

But if Pratap finds out about Vikram,

it will be terrible.


I get the feeling you can't quit
this high profile lifestyle now.

Shall we?

I see you've turned
your room in your office.

Sorry, we couldn't
meet yesterday, son.

Romila cut her hand,
so I had to dash to the hospital.

I hope you understand, son.

We're attending Mr. Sharma's
daughter's wedding

and will return as soon
as the wedding's over.


We'll talk once I'm back.

Call Radhika.

Come here.

Sir, I'll just be back.

The number you're trying
to call is currently unavailable.

To send a voicemail...



Vikram Kapoor!


Did you really think

you could kill me
with your cheap antics?

Shut down my shows, you...

Your shows? Your shows!

I made all this, Vikram.

The clients.

And Sarah.

You bribed Sarah over
to your side as well.

It's not the buyer's fault, Narang.

You should blame the seller.

- Take him away.
- You dog!

I will finish you!

Come here, scumbag!


Leave me!

I will finish you!


I won't spare you.

I won't spare you.

Shall we?

You dog.

This is what you wanted to see,
didn't you?

Is Vikram alright?


Our good time will definitely
be a bad time for them.


Anybody there?

No, Narang!



We don't have much time.


Back there. Hurry.


What have you done?

Listen to me.

You killed her.

It wasn't intentional...


Listen to me.

- You... You killed her.
- Listen to me, Jimmy.


No, Radhika.


Are you alright?


Why did you come back?

Turn the power back on.


Hurry up.

Get out.

Get out of here.

Stop. Where do you think you're going?

Ajit Charsi, you forgot to call me.

What happened, sir?

Have you been hiding this man?

No, sir. No, sir.

Take a good look.

Oh yes, I remember it now.

This man left without informing me

and he didn't even pay.

- Hold him.
- Yes, sir.

Stand right here.

Don't move.

Come on.

I'll show you. Come on.

- Take her.
- Don't you trust me anymore, sir?

- He was here, wasn't he?
- What are you looking for?

He was here, wasn't he?

Why are you hitting me?

There's nothing here.

I said there's no one.

He was here, wasn't he?

Come on.

- Enough.
- Where is he?

- Mr. Roy.
- Where is he?

You know about my business.

- Where is he?
- Why are you hitting me?


I'll tell you, sir.

I'll tell you.

You carry
unregistered bullets, don't you?


How about I shoot you with one?

No, no...

Just listen to me.

I have something.

No, sir.

I want to show you something.

Please take a look.

Yes, I was at the crime scene.

But someone else was there, too.

Vikram Kapoor!

Narang told me
that Vikram had killed Sarah

and I rushed to Sarah's home.

But when I reached there,
I realized Sarah was alive.

Then why...

I was scared, sir.

What are you doing?

- Listen to me, Sarah.
- Stop it.

Sarah, please.

What are you doing?

There are no misunderstandings
between us, Sarah.

I admit my mistake, Sarah.

Listen to me, Sarah. Please.

I'm a changed man now.

I am scared of you.


Listen to me.

Even I was surprised
to see Sarah alive

and I wondered why
Narang called me there.

Was it to get his revenge

or to set me up?

Listen to me, Sarah. Please.

Give Jimmy a chance, Sarah.

Life and journey are
pretty much the same.

You never know
when they take an unexpected turn.

Take care.

I came at Sarah's place to tell her
that Vikram had an accident.

And then suddenly...

I heard a gunshot.

I ran inside and saw that...

I thought Sarah had shot herself.

Why would she do such a thing, sir?

Someone had shot Sarah.

I went closer.

I was very scared.

Sarah, wake up.

But just then her guard
came and he saw me.

- I was so afraid that I ran.
- Mr. Jimmy.

While running out,
I noticed the CCTV camera.

Mr. Jimmy, wait.

I knew you would suspect me.

That's why I stole the
footage from that camera

and I saw the face of
the man who killed my Sarah.

- Hey, look after him.
- Yes, sir.

How do we get out of here now?

Who is he?

Why is he trying to kill you?

I don't know.

I'll look for something.

The door.


No! No!


I will shoot.

Move back.


Are you okay?

Jimmy showed me the CCTV
recording from Sarah's house...

and he saw Narang in the recording.

And also the face of the mastermind

behind this game.


Come to mom and dad.

Don't you want a picture?

Mom, I want a picture with uncle.

Vikram, go on.

Pratap, why don't you join us too?

Pratap, how can you
even think like this?

It's been only a couple of months
since your brother passed away...

Nandini, you're still young.

And think about Vikram.



Vikram's going to sleep
in uncle's room tonight.


Henceforth I am your dad,
not your uncle.

I am sorry, Vikram,
that you had to find out like this.

But Pratap knew about
your fight with Jimmy.

When you survived the accident
he had planned...

- Make it look like an accident.
- Okay.

Sir, the job's done,

but Vikram survived the accident.

He's been taken to the hospital.

He made another plan to kill you.

That night, Bypass Road

wasn't just Jimmy
and your destination.

Narang, who's madly
in love with Romila

followed you all the way there.

He saw Pratap murdering Sarah.

But Pratap was
unaware of this fact.

How long have you had this video?

Narang arrived at the right place,

but at the wrong time

to give you the money
and a copy of this video.

Because he had understood
Romila's intentions.

But fate had sent him
as your savior.

We recovered all these items
from his body lying downstairs.

Your accident, Sarah's death,

Jimmy's disappearance
is not a coincidence.

It was Pratap's plan all along.

Mumbai Police need
intelligent officers like you.

- You're wasting your life in Alibaug!
- Pratap!

Sarah shouldn't have called me.

Yeah, Sarah.

Hello, Mr. Pratap.

Vikram's gun is with me.

Vikram wasn't answering my calls,
so I called you.

If it stays here, I might use it.

Please come and collect it.

Thank you so much for coming.

Vikram's met with an accident.

Pratap just called.

Vikram's accident?

He said I should pick you up.

But Mr. Pratap...


Mr. Jimmy, wait!

I always suspected
the ones I betrayed.

But never imagined...

it would be your face...

behind this mask.


I had to kill your
mother for this money

and yet I need
your permission for it.

Feels weird to beg to you.

My own son.

Even though you're my stepson.

I am a father, too.

What to do?

I have a family, their needs,

their requirements, their demands

and expectations.

And you're stubborn.

You're stubborn
just like your mother.

Mr. Roy, you were right.

This last bullet has
someone's name written on it.


Romila was sure Pratap would kill you.

That's absurd.

She would use this video
as evidence and get Pratap arrested.

You're being absurd.

Because once you're gone,

- Nandini would be the sole heir.
- That's not true.

- You know me.
- Two birds with one stone.

Listen to me.

Concealing evidence is also a crime.

- Take her away.
- Leave me.

Vikram, think about Nandini.

She needs a mother.


I am being framed,
I have done nothing wrong.

- Get inside.
- I am the victim.

- Let go. Vikram.
- Move!

Sir, I need your signature
on the murder weapon report.

This is not a murder, Pandey.

It's a case of self-defense.

Take care, Vikram.

And Nandini as well.


What for?

For not understanding
your importance in my life.


I never imagined that someday

life will give me something

I never asked for.

As the saying goes,
one who has no enemies,

is disliked by his own family.

No, sir.

You bought my silence
when you killed Ms. Nandini.

But not this time.

I know how this accident took place.

Pratap was the man
behind my accident

and I found that out
at the hospital.

In order to start the game,

I had to get out
of the hospital first.

After waking up,

when I learned about Sarah's death,

it made me restless.

Jimmy called me at the hospital.

He told me the truth
about Sarah's murder.

Can you send me
a copy of that video?

Not just deceit,

I had a chance at
exacting my revenge.

You'll get discharged pretty soon.

- I'll give this news to Pratap.
- No, doctor.

Before Pratap could
find out that I was fine...

My reports say that
I can no longer walk.


I involved the doctor in my plan

and got discharged
from the hospital.

Hello, Pratap.

I was just a cripple
in everyone's eyes.

But no one knew

I was using my head
this time around.

He was your friend, wasn't he?

Before suspicion could fall upon me,

it was important to convince Roy

that I couldn't walk anymore.

He was two steps ahead of me
at my own game.


You're prone to accidents,
Mr. Vikram Kapoor.

There was a character in this story
whom everyone knew,

but he knew everything.

Hello, Jimmy.

Pratap has reported his gun stolen.

It's at your place,

and you must find it
before the police do.

Hello, Vikram.

I've found the gun.

To make my next move a success,

Jimmy had to become
a prime suspect.

In this game of chess,
my victory was assured

because this time,
I was playing both sides.


It's time for Pratap
to find out, doctor.

Vikram's reports have
arrived from the US.

If he finds out, I will recover,

he'll plan to kill me once again.

Chances are
he might recovery completely.


Provide backup power
to all the machines.

I don't want our
personal differences

to cause harm to someone else.

Romila could never
understand my plan.

This was never
her plan in the first place.

Pratap has got his
opportunity today, Jimmy.

I'll call Roy at the right time.

Just show him that CCTV footage.

The moment he sees Pratap,

he'll rush here.

I want that gun at any cost.

It all ends tonight.

When you plan your own murder,

you don't expect to die,

you just kill.

Pratap killed my mother.

It wasn't a coincidence
that I got hold of his gun.

I planned it that way.

Hello, Inspector Roy.

Ajit Charsi has been
hiding Jimmy Breganza.

To come out of the trap
I had set up for myself,

I had to shoot Pratap
with his gun and convince Roy

that it's a case of...


This is not a murder, Pandey.

It's a case of self-defense.

Subtitled by:
Saurabh R Sawant