Byomkesh Phire Elo (2014) - full transcript

Benimadhab is a retired businessman who made a lot of money as an army contractor. But, his personal life is full of setbacks. He has given shelter to his son, who does not earn a penny, his daughter whose husband is jobless, and his two nephews who work small-time. He and his servant Meghraj carry on with a dull life. Meanwhile, famous detective Byomkesh is also living a content life with his newly born child, his wife Satyabati, and dearest friend Ajit. Byomkesh gets a call from police who is seeking help in a case where Benimadhab and Meghraj are found dead. Byomkesh delves deep into the darker sides of the characters in that family where each of them has secrets. He investigates two murders and comes up with intriguing results, everything and everyone is not as it seems.

Someone wants to murder me.

Many in the family will
gain from my death

I have made a will …

… That mentions my son,
daughter and grandchildren.

But recent happenings at home …

… Have forced me to suggest
changes in the will.

Their shares have been reduced
and much given to charity.

Many in the house know of the
suggested changes in the will.

You can understand that …

… If I die before the new will is made,
then many will benefit.

Based on Saradindu Bandyopadhyay's


Get up, get up …

… There's a call from
the police station.

Many days have passed after
the case of the stolen portrait

We've reached the end of sixties.

The kid has learnt to walk.

After recently solving the
matchstick mystery …

… Byomkesh is busy in finding out the exact
nature of the poison in the matchstick

- Hello
- I'm Rakhal from the police station

Mr. Benimadhab has been murdered

- We just now got the news.
- Is it?

Will you come?

- You go. I'll be there.
- Okay.

What news?

- Benimadhab is murdered.
- What?

You can't come I guess.

No, the publisher will
come to the shop.

I'm usually there with
Byomkesh's cases …

… But at times he had to
find out the truth himself.

I couldn't be with him.

When I bought Probhat's bookshop …

I did not think this would
be a roaring business.

Have to meet the publishers
most of the time.

The son is unwell. And you're going out
so early in the morning.

The boy's again running temperature …

Both of you are going out.
What will I do all by myself?

- Okay, I'm calling up the doctor
- Be quick

Ajit, I'm going out.

The boy's temperature has shot up,
please call up the doctor once

Won't you take him to the doctor?

- Look at him!
- Yes

The entire mystery of Benimadhab's murder
was told to me

Whatever I've heard from Byomkesh
is what I'm telling in my own way

Who informed him?

Hello. When will you send the car?

Will I send for the forensic
to examine the footprints?

Will it be of any use?

Even our footprints have got
mixed up with the others.

Even then, call them up.

Send them fast.

Mr. Byomkesh, I have to know
who all want me dead.

Do your family members know
that you're employing me?

If someone like you frequent
the house it'll become known.

Of course for what, they don't know.

Police is of little help in
these matters.

Although I know quite a
few in the police circle.

You carry on the investigation
on some excuse.

What'll be the excuse?

You decide.

He is Meghraj, my bodyguard.

He's the only one who knows everything.

I confide in him.

Before I talk to others …

… You tell me whom
do you suspect the most?

Earlier, Arati, my son's wife,
used prepare my meal.

Serving me with whatever
am allowed to eat.

She used to do it, with a lot of care.

- But
- What?

Need water?

Feeling unwell, father?

Will I call the doctor?

Hello !!

- What's happened?
- Father is not feeling well.

He has vomited thrice
since the morning.

What did he eat?

Mutton stew and rice.

But a little lobster
curry too last night...

At this age why all this?

- Father … do I call for the doctor?

Meghraj! My medicine.

Since you're unwell,
let me call the doctor.

You are aware a doctor
is already treating me.

This week it has happened thrice.

There's Dr. Roy in the locality…

… And any other specialist might…

Will a local doctor know any less?

I didn't mean that.

I know exactly what you mean.

Wasting my money acting in jatras …

… Now, I have to get treated
by doctors you know.

I don't act in a jatra, I do
group theatre.

- It's an educated and cultured affair
- Shut up!

Do you earn money by it?

Thank your blood connect with me.

Your kids are going astray,
are you aware?

Getting painted like a clown!

You be a little calm father.
Have your medicine.

I know you'll benefit if
the doc's known to you.

What are you hinting at?

I'll deliberately arrange for
your wrong treatment?

I have doubts about food
given to me for past one week.

What are you saying father?

I'm giving you bad food deliberately?

I'm vomiting everything I'm
having since last week.

This didn't happen when
our cook was there.

And you took up the responsibility
of my food yourself.

Yes, father … but …

Now you go … please leave!

From tomorrow no one will take up
the responsibility of my food

Meghraj, bring the medicine.

What did the doctor say?

A little arsenic was found
after the stool examination

- Can I smoke?
- Please


Then Meghraj kept me on
a fruit diet for some days.

Then my daughter took up the responsibility
of cooking my meals

Gayatri's husband Gangadhar is a hard core
boozer and a gambler.

A regular at the races.

Few years after marriage,
they settled here with their daughter

My grand-daughter Jhilli is a good girl.

Once a day she enquires
about my health. Takes care of me.

But my son's daughter and son
are as stubborn as their father.


For three days my grandson is missing.

Meghraj's contacts are finding him out.

My grand daughter has decided
to marry her dance sir

I've said she'll lose all her
rights to my property

So the marriage is on hold now

- Understood!
- What?

You're in trouble along with others.

Mr. Byomkesh, I haven't read much
of detective or mystery stories …

… Neither I'm interested.

Spent all my life in business
and earned a lot of money.

Now this money is the
cause of my troubles.

Can't even trust my family members.

Would've been ideal had I
kicked them out.

I only trust Meghraj.

Sleepless nights …

I pop sleeping pills and
stay wide awake.

Who was in charge
of your food after this?

My daughter Gayatri took it up.

Meghraj, send the urine and
stool sample to Dr. Nabin

What was he having?

I was giving him light stew and rice.

Pulse and pressure both in bad condition.

From today onwards only soup.


Your wife stays in Delhi, right?

Bring her here.

From now on she's going to cook.

Leave tomorrow.

I'll survive on curd-rice these few days.

Why all this?

First of all you're my guest.

She's Medini. Meghraj's wife.

Can speak a little Bengali
but understands fully.

Want to say anything?

Junior master has come home.

Send him.

I've not been unwell ever
since Medini's here.

But why did this happen?

Shall I forget the entire episode?

I have to talk to my grandson.

Since you have to investigate,
you can stay on.

What was the result of the
second stool examination?

Nothing as such!

I'm in a very desperate state.

Something has to be done.

You decide the method.

I'll incur all the expenses.

Can't trust family members!

As if I am staying
amidst enemies

Whom do you suspect the most?

I had told you … if I die all will gain.

Ajay's son Makaranda
has been missing since yesterday.

Learnt from Mr. Sanat …

… He had a major disagreement
with his grandfather yesterday.

He's threatened to murder too.

- Will I take out an arrest warrant?
- Go ahead.

Did you call me?

You don't go to college
and indulge in politics!

Is it wrong to do politics?

Had a talk with professor Som
over telephone.

You're bunking classes to put
up posters and create chaos?

Creating chaos and Marxism
is not the same, grandfather!

You're going to teach
me what chaos is?

What I do requires a lot of studies.

Had you read Friedrich Engels you
would've understood my activities.

Get out!

You've wasted my money enough!
No more.

You're not getting a single
penny from my property.

Meghraj, throw him out!

Get out soon!


What's happened, father?

The only son of the family
is an insolent ruffian.

Your fault. You couldn't
bring him up properly.

What's the matter uncle?


Did what I thought was right.

Makaranda was crossing his limits.

Yes, but … he's leaving home I think.

Hunger pangs will bring him back.

Let me introduce …

He's Mr. Byomkesh Bakshi

Have called him for some work.

Everybody knows him.

He'll talk to you all separately.

Regarding what?

He's just a young boy …

Please forgive him
at least this time …

He'll roam on the streets.

Sanat, find out where the brat is.

Go and bring him.

Okay, let me leave now.

- Leave me
- He's your grandfather

So what he has scolded?

Nikhil, please explain

What are you doing, bro?

You weren't home for two days.
All were anxious.

Here no one gets anxious
for anyone. Don't lie to me.

Here everyone's waiting to
take a dig at each other.

- All are selfish here
- Hey!

What will you do?

I will kill off!

Will be late.

You feed the boy and
have your lunch too.

- Has fever come down?
- No, it's the same still

Mr. Rakhal, send the body to the morgue …

… And inform all that I'll
talk to each one separately.

- Is Mr. Gangadhar home?
- Yes.

Tell Ajay, Nikhil, Sanat to be in
their rooms. I'll talk to them.

Benimadhab's son-in-law Gangadhar..

Lost everything in gambling..

and took shelter with his wife and daughter... his father-in-law's house.

My name is Byomkesh Bakshi.

So … what?

Need to talk to you.


It can be a discussion also.

Benimadhab's death is your
gain, isn't it?

What are you saying?

Not true?

Benimadhab felt a family member
wanted to kill him.

He sought my help and
even employed me.

- I know all about his will.
- That's good!

Then you should know all
stand to gain.

I went to the racecourse yesterday.

You're an important member
of Calcutta Turf Club.

Going through a bad phase …

… Lost a number of bets in
the last few months.

So your pocket is empty.

This you want to discuss?

This is just the introduction.

The rest you say … let me hear.

I am a born gambler and an alcoholic.

I really benefited from my
father-in-law's death.

But you can find out that I returned
early morning yesterday …

Medini knows, she had
opened the door

By then my father-in-law had been murdered.

Wow! Then you know the exact time
of your father-in-law's murder.

Come on! Two men were
killed early morning …

… Their throats slashed and
none at home came to know!

- If I say many know
- Ah!

All conspired?

Yes. I don't reject any possibility

He was our father …

… It is a serious conclusion
you've come to.

Tears have no value for
detectives. Isn't it?

Go to the next room and cry.

Can I check your raincoat?

Yours too Mrs Gayatri, if you have one.

My raincoat is used
during monsoons.

Mrs Gayatri, once you stop crying,
please locate the two raincoats.

Police will collect them later.


So it's done … the discussion?

Yes. If necessary, I'll
come again to discuss.

You're cooperation is
of utmost importance.

Where's Jhilli's room?

- Ground floor.
She stays with my neice.
- Thanks.

My name is …

Byomkesh Bakshi.
investigating my grandpa's death.

Good, you know then.

Need to talk.

I'm in a hur … hurry.

- Where's your Jhilli?
- No idea.

- You dance?
- I learn

Need the address of
your dance teacher.


As you know, I'm investigating.

Your grandpa was
against this marriage.

Now that he's dead
you can marry happily.

Since your grandpa didn't
change the will …

… After marriage yor hubby
will also gain from the will.

So I must talk to him.

So you think Parag and I have killed
our grandpa because of property!

If you marry Parag you
can't stay in this house.

And earnings from dance tuitions
are not sufficient to run a family.

Some extra money will be
of good help, isn't it?

13A Sachin Mitra Lane, Shyambazar.
Go and enquire there.

Let me summon him
to the police station.

Ask him to bring his raincoat.

And collect all the raincoats
from this house.

Do you have a raincoat?

I use an umbrella, any objection?

None at all.

- Tea
- Keep it

I'm not being allowed to
enter grandpa's room.

It's better you don't go there.

- You stay here
I need to talk
- Ok

Sit quietly Labani.
I've got to talk to you

Am in a hurry.

- When did you return home last night?
- 7 in the evening

Then was practising at home.
Jhilli knows.

Yes. Sis was in the room.

And before that?

Parag and I went to see
Dial M for Murder

Ticket stubs are still in my bag.
Want to check?

Do you retain the ticket stubs even
after leaving the movie hall?

And buying tickets doesn't
guarantee you watched it.

Think as you wish.

Your grandpa was against this marriage.

He wanted me to marry a lawyer.

And your parents?

They don't bother about me.

Benimadhab fell ill after your Ma
started cooking for him.

- Any comment?
- Hmm.

Arsenic was found after
stool examination.

You know this too!

So what's your opinion on this?

Listen, not only my parents …

… Many in this house didn't
want him to live long.

I have nothing more to say.

Jhilli, I'd like to go to Mr. Sanat's room.

I'll come again if required.

You really think that …

… For money, Parag and I will
kill two men with a razor?

So you're certain, a razor
was used in the murder?

Come Mr. Byomkesh.

Jhilli, please bring
two cups of tea.

No, thanks. Not the time for tea Mr. Sanat.

Call me Sanat. I'm junior to
you in all respects.

- Are you a photographer?
- For Statesman

Jhilli, the tea's getting cold upstairs.
Please bring it to me.

Mr. Byomkesh, you're experienced …

… You must have sensed the
goings on in this house … but …


I don't think Makaranda
can do this.

Then who?

No comments please.

But I'll cooperate fully in
your investigation.

Uncle was Nikhil's and my guardian.

With uncle's death you
stand to gain financially.

Statesman pays me well.

I'm the only one in this house
not needing uncle's money.

When did you return home last night?

I went to do a photo-feature
in Burdwan

Returned early morning.
Medini opened the door.

She came to know of it
while serving tea.

Told me. And I informed
the police and others.

Why is this razor in your room?

Couldn't shave for a month.
Work pressure.

I do shave.

- Need your raincoat.
- Mr. Rakhal has taken it.

Please call Medini. Want to talk.

Tell me something …

What's Medini's equation
with all at home?

She's a very good cook.

She cooks for everyone at home.

- Everyone's?
- Yes.

Dad likes her cooking only.

Brother …

O sorry!

- You're Nikhil?
- Yes

Police is taking away uncle's dead body …

Police are doing their work.
What were you doing?


What were you doing between
yesterday evening and night?

I was in my room.

Can't believe … this way uncle …

But you stand to gain from
uncle's death, right?

I … I … don't know.

Come, Medini …

You can leave now, Nikhil.

He's Mr. Byomkesh, the detective …

… He'll ask you a few questions.

- You understand Bengali?
- Yes.

When did you marry Meghraj?

Two years back.

- Where?
- Delhi.

Uncle had gone to Delhi
for some work …

He met Meghraj there …

… And brought him here for work.

Where's your native place, Medini?


Went to Delhi in search of work.

And Meghraj?

He was in the army.

His leg had bullet injury in the war …

… So he was retired.

Now tell me who returned
when at night?

Mr. Gangadhar perhaps
returned around one at night.

Said he won't have dinner.

I closed the door put away the food.

Mr. Sanat had gone out
in the afternoon.

Came back today at
four in the morning.

Mr. Ajay returned at ten after his show.

- Has Makaranda returned?
- No, sir.

Laboni sis returned at nine.

Mr. Parag was with him.

But he didn't come in.

- Do you have a raincoat?
- What?

- Raincoat!
- No, Sir

Okay. You can leave now.

Mr. Sanat, I'd like to talk to Mr. Ajay.

Brother … Mr Byomkesh
wants to speak to you.

Need to talk to you both.

Yes …

You must be aware that before his death,
your father gave me a responsibility.

Heard something like this.

He fell sick soon after your wife
started cooking his meals.

Traces of arsenic were found in
his urine and stool samples.

Believe me, I've never …

Even if you hadn't, someone
definitely had spiked his food.


Mrs. Gayatri, you can come inside …

You don't have to eavesdrop.

I've come for a completely
different reason.


You had taken his raincoat
but didn't return.

Police wants it.

Alright. I'll go down
and give it to them.

Mine was torn so I'd
taken Gangadhar's.

Submit the torn one too.

You shave at home, right?


Want to see your razor.

But … why?

Mr. Sanat, I need yours too.

Mrs. Gayatri, please submit
Mr. Gangadhar's razor too.

- Can I leave now?
- Certainly.

I'm bringing the razor.

- Will keep this for a few days.
- Keep it.

- Which play are you doing now?
- Macbeth. Shakespeare's.

- When is the show?
- Tomorrow.

Are tickets available?


I'll keep for you.
How many you need?

Will inform.

Why these raincoats?

By slashing throats two
men have been killed.

Wearing a raincoat, blood marks
are washed away easily.

- Do I send these for forensic test?
- Yes.

Let me drop you home.

Buy me breakfast first.
Very hungry.

Sure! Hop in.

How do I stop this crying?

Call the doctor.

Has the fever gone up again?

Hand me his medicine, will you?

On the bedside table.

How can I? Can't you see?

What are you so busy with?

Hello … Yes, tell me.

There's a lane on the opposite side …

… Third house on the right.

Am at home.

I'll leave for now.

There's some disturbance
in college street.

Go safely.

Are you busy with
Benimadhab's murder case?

Benimadhab's case is
a bit too complex.


Too many female characters!

Tying the plait.

Into a bun!

Knotted bun!

Well said, dear!

I'm taking this book of
Trotsky for a couple of days.

Ok. But when do I get back
Dialectical Thinking?

That's also complicated.
Will return it soon.

Okay. Go safely.

The boy's asleep. Will you have
dinner after Ajit returns?

Answer this before that …

… Who can put poison in food?

- One who cooks or one who serves?
- Both.

Then it can be Meghraj also!

If Meghraj put poison, then
members of the house …

Don't cry!

Why will they want to
murder Benimadhab?

Hang on.

I've brought the second will
from Benimadhab's lawyer

It's written half of the property will
go to Meghraj and Medini …

… The rest will go to charity.

But not yet signed.

So the others stand to
gain from this murder.

- It must be Ajit
- No, it's Mr. Sanat.

- I can't make tea anymore
- Open the door first.

Sorry to disturb you so late …

It's okay. come in

Mr. Rakhal had given
your address …

… Got a little confused near the lane …

- So called you up from the pharmacy
- Tell me

Labani's missing since evening.

Most of her belongings
are not there in her room.

Medini informed me that
in the afternoon …

… She'd seen Parag near
our house in a cab.

I wasn't at home then.

This was inevitable.

Laboni wanted to elope
with Parag

But at this juncture …

Thought I should inform you so …

Your brother Nikhil,
how far has he studied?

English graduate.

Now he's into writing.

A little shy and moreover …


He's getting some letters recently


Love letters.

I'll talk to him.

- Could I see your photography work?
- Sure

Shall I bring them here?

I'll go to your house and
see then.

Let me leave now.
It's getting late.

Going out. Please shut the door.

What's the conclusion?

Nothing as of now.

Then all are getting their shares.

- Results of the raincoat test?
- No report so far.

- The razors?
- All haven't been used for shaving.

Mr. Ajay's one is still very sharp.

- There's your absconder.
- Who? Where?

Makaranda. You pay the bill.
Am rushing.

Will kill you, bastard!

Why didn't you take me along?

I would've caught him
then and there.

To beat him up at
the police station?

And get an immediate confession
from Makaranda?

Ah! There it is!

Then why abscond?

Don't forget Parag and
Laboni too are absconding.

You saw Makaranda in action!

- Trying to analyze what I saw
- What?

Have Laboni and Makaranda murdered
Benimadhab and fled?

That's one question.

The other question is …

Is it only for property Benimadhab has been
killed or there's other reason?

- What other reason?
- That's complex, Satya

There! You tend to complicate
matters forcefully.

Am not forcing it.

Amaresh's real aim was to rob
a bank or steal pictures?


Pictures were stolen to divert
attention from bank robbery.

How this relates to
the present case?

There's a connect. I want to approach
this case from two sides.

Two sides?

What is it, Subhas?

- Dialectics
- Bravo!

So there's politics in
this murder case?

Yes. There's politics in everything.

- Say where there's no politics
- Romance. Love.

It's maximum there.

If I hadn't proven my love for Satya …

… Do you think we would've
got the snacks now?

Did Makaranda not threaten
his grandfather?

Benimadhab was not only a grandfather,
but a class enemy of Makaranda.

- Class enemy?
- Yes

And what about Parag and Laboni?

Laboni loves Parag. And
everything's fair in love.

Then Gayatri and
can kill for property!

Of course!

Mr. Rakhal, I can't figure out the poison …

… Prof. Debkumar used to kill his wife.

I'm working on it.

The matchbox must be kept
in government custody.

If it gets lost we'll be in a fix.

Watch out!

Satya has reminded
me of something.

I think I need to talk to
Gangadhar and Gayatri.

You finish off the snacks.
I'll be late.

Who's going to take the
child to the doctor?

Is this the time to visit that house?

Want to say anything?

Who writes those letters to you?

- Letters?!
- Aren't you getting anonymous letters?

- No, I mean…
- I want to see them

- I told you clearly …
- Can I come in?

Call you later.

You're already in.

- Do you drink?
- Off and on.

- What is it now? Off or on?
- None at all.

- Have to ask you a few things
- Go ahead

Why didn't Laboni elope
before? Why now?

Ask her parents.

No. I'm asking you.

I hate interfering.

And not interested in
Laboni's marriage.

And in Medini?

What about her?

Heard you liked Medini's cooking
more than others.

Don't I have a choice?


Does your wife also
like Medini's cooking?

Mrs Gayatri, you can come inside …

… Don't have to eavesdrop
in your own house.

The families in this house
have separate kitchens.

Medini, after she joined,
cooked for some of us

Because her cooking was better.

My husband loves her cooking.

So Medini prepares his meals.

Ours is going on as before

- Mr. Byomkesh, before you leave …
- That's it!

If you have any query about me, ask

I know nothing about others.

Gangadhar Bose, you
know a lot - about others.

The earlier you tell me, the
quicker the case is solved.

You're the detective.
Not I.

Certainly! I'll get to know,
even if you don't cooperate.

Listen, Mr. Byomkesh …

No point in threatening me.

I am as powerful as you are.

I am well connected. May
not be with the police.

A gambler. Gets to know a
few crooks at the races too.

They've previously helped me
to get rid of petty problems.

Now you're threatening me!


And you know very well, whether
I am a big or a petty problem.

None till now has escaped my clutches
so easily. You won't too!

Keep that in mind.

- Medini, can I have a cup of tea?
- Yes, surely

Give me.

Who can write these?

Don't know.

The mark is of local post office

Someone from this locality is the sender

Is it so?

I'm taking these home.

Medini … sorry. Got to go. In a hurry.

- Where's Sanat? Gone out?
- Yes. For work.


- Going out?
- Yes.

- Can we talk?
- Not now. I've a show.

Do you only carry
theatre props in this bag or …?

Get a search warrant first!

- Did Mr. Ajay bring home any theatre prop?
- Yes

A dagger.

He was polishing it.

Can Meghraj mix poison in
food - what do you think?

There's no proof.

So had to accept the accusation.

Were you against Parag
and Laboni's marriage?

My father married me off to
a boy from a rich family.

With a lot of fanfare.

I couldn't turn it into a happy family

Tried hard …

… But failed.

I have no connection with
Ajay's world.

We just stay together.

Couldn't bring up my son
properly, as well.

Fleeing from all this, if
Laboni finds happiness …

I won't object.

And if Ajay has killed his
father for a bit of money …

I earnestly pray … that he be punished …

I won't save him.

Was that theatre dagger at home?


He's taken it today as well … to the show.

Thanks a lot … bye.

Mr. Byomkesh!

- Do you keep pistol with you?
- No.

Surprising! A private-eye
without a pistol.

Carry it. You'll need it.

What do you think? Because you nab
crooks, you're a big shot?

Don't get on my nerves!

You're getting on my nerves!

Why can't you take our
sick son to the doc?

- Ask Ajit …
- No, I won't

My only son … running fever for so long …
why can't you take him?

The mystery's increasingly thickening.

So are the household spats.

There's no remission in the child's fever.

Byomkesh is not bothered about it.

Satyabati's temper is flaring up.

I'm also busy meeting the publishers.

Why will I stay in this family?
Give me a good reason.

- Have the tea.
- I won't.

You'll get energy to quarrel.

You find me quarrelling only, isn't it?

One has to share a minimum responsibility
to be in the household.

Hinting at me I guess.

Mr. Benimadhab had made
an advance payment …

With that the medical
expenses were met …

… Grocery bought and
house rent will be paid.

Ajit, tell him, earning money
can't be his only duty.

Got to take an active part.

- And is the child only mine?
- No, mine too!

Doctor said it's going to
take a few days.

Let it be then.

Will you stop picking up a fight?

Mind your own business!

Do I ever complain about people
coming over and staying?

Giving work as excuse
when the child is sick!

Now, the boys come here to
study and not to spend time.

And, you're not understanding
that I'm working.

Listen, you aren't the
only brainy guy around.

The world is full of brainy guys
who also do family work.

Good. Since you run the
family, use brains now.

Tell me.

- Why does Makaranda carry dagger in his bag?
- What?

How do you know?

One day his bag slipped and fell …

Noticed it then.

Later saw it on the street.

Becuase he wanted to
murder his Grandfather.

Hasn't he?

Don't know.

Next question - who put poison in food?

Anyone but Arati.

Because she's a woman?

Didn't mean that.

To help her husband get the property …

… The wife's poisoning her father-in-law
- can't agree to it.

If the wife forces her husband to
kill the king and grab the throne …

… Then why this is not possible?
- Meaning?



Alright. So, Arati put
poison in food.

Did she convince her husband
to kill as well?

Highly possible.

I'm getting confused.

Same here.

So requesting you to be quiet
and let me work.

Okay. Tell me what did
you infer till now.


- Ma!
- Hang on.

Listen carefully …

Dagger in Makaranda's bag,
Gayatri's eavesdropping …

… Gangadhar's threats,
letters to Nikhil …

Dagger of Macbeth.

And … publisher's waiting
for me at the shop.

Take care.

- Yes?
- Can I meet Mr. Byomkesh?

Sorry to disturb you
at this hour.

I'm in serious trouble.

Tell me.

I don't know what you think
about Parag and me …

… We never wanted to
harm my grandpa. And haven't.

Please be seated.
Like some tea?

No. Thanks.

Now it's up to you
to believe me.

Kindly ask Parag
not to be in hiding …

… Instead, visit the police
station with his raincoat.

Parag is in trouble.

What's the matter?

Someone attacked him at
night on his way home.

- The lane was dark.
- Where's he now?

He's waiting outside.

Laboni, you're an adult.

It's not an offence to marry
the person of your choice.

It's not that …

Why did you flee …

… Two days after your grandpa's death?

I can't connect with them anymore.

Grandfather only made money.

Couldn't love anyone.

So, none loved him either.

All eyed his money.

I only trust Jhilli in that house.

There's something odd
in that house.

Lies, intolerance, dishonesty,
artificial relationships

I don't feel I'm answerable
to anyone in that house.

So I left without informing anyone.

I know Parag's no fairytale prince.

But he's completely different
from others in the family.

He's honest.
He can be trusted.

So I love him.

I am aware, we may face difficult times
in our life …

… But there won't be any
dishonesty or deceit.

Who do you think wants to
kill Mr. Parag?

That fateful night, we
came home at 9 o'clock.

You had said 7.

I didn't notice the time accurately.

From next time do it. Continue.

After reaching me home
Parag did not leave right then.

He was wandering nearby.

Parag saw somebody in the
street in front of our house.


He rang him up.

Parag doesn't want to tell me.

He apprehends that I
might be in danger

Isn't he outside.
Come, I need to talk.

A knife wound.

Great loss of blood.

Need to wait for 24 hours.

He'll recover.

Mr. Byomkesh! Come,
I've kept
all the photographs ready.

Be with you soon.

An important news.
Makaranda is back.

Have come in.

Without any formality.

You've taken my razor, raincoat …

… Do I have to buy again?

I didn't need the pistol to tackle
the big goons of the race course

Don't repeat that stupid act of yours.
You'll repent.

I don't get you.

- Lower your voice!
- What?


I'm not as ordinary as you think.

And your devil-may-care
stance rings false.

You're actually a coward.

Many in the past tried to stop
me from seeking the truth.

None succeeded.
So will you.

Do you only give speeches
or you solve cases?

I won't solve the case by your time.

Very soon the case will be solved.
None will be spared.

I am working now. Busy!

Your club informs you
left that night at 10.

You came home around one.

Where were you 'busy'
in between?

I needn't tell you.

It'll cause you more harm.

Let me keep a track of
my loss or gain.

Is it?

You're like that naughty
boy of the class …

… Who can push from behind
but can't face the fight.

- What are you hiding from me?
- There's nothing to hide.

- What are you hiding?
- Nothing.

How much more will
you make me suffer?

- I'm not in a mood to fight
- You have to listen to me!

Don't yell. Keep quiet.

I've been embarassed by
you so many times, before.

Keep the money in there.

I don't need your money.

- I know everything.
- And what's that?

Keep on screaming.
You're liking it am sure.

You've engaged goons too!

You are a real good photographer!

What's your favourite?
-Landscape ?


Favourite artist?

Da Vinci.

- Mona Lisa
- Look at the smile

It has many interpretations.

What's your opinion?

Smile of love.

- Sir!
- Who?

Medini! What's it?

You'd asked where
Makaranda sir is.

He's in his room.

Makaranda's in his room.

Give me the dagger from your bag.

It'll harm you more
than protect you.

I haven't killed grandfather with this.

Police may not believe you.

Give it to me.

This is for self-defence.

Who's going to harm you here?

They'll kill me anytime.

They're following me everywhere.

I'm alive because this is with me.

- Your party folks?
- Hm.

Party's splitting.

Whoever's questioning the party policies,
is getting removed.

I'm not a party member.

I can't trust anyone!

Believing in Marxism,
I forsook everything.

Wanted to fight injustice.

And now the party's splitting?

Many factions, many groups.
I can't fit anywhere.

Whom to believe I don't know.

The comrade I thought
of as friend …

… Saw him killing a person.

They think of me as their class enemy.

Your ideal can't be wrong because
your friend has turned foe.

I've lost all my faith,
belief and ideology.

If I can't trust my friend …

… Then what's the use of
faith and ideology?

Those who've gave me shelter earlier,
are betraying me now.

- Constantly on the run
- You're safe here.

This is your own house.

I've only grown up here.

This has never become my home.

Ever since I've grown up
and become mature …

I've only seen selfishness
in this house.

For money, one can stoop so low!

This place can never be my home.

But your chosen path, is it
leading you anywhere?

Yes, I've come back here.
I'm still afraid to die.

I've lost everything.

Except fear of death.

Desire to live is not weakness.

Only weak ones die like fools.

I have lost all faith.

This anger is there.

Prestige is there.

Self-respect is there.

All these have kept you alive till now.

Politics is not for everybody.

Certainly not for you.

Politics is not the only way
to serve your country.

A lot of great men have
done it without politics.

When a doctor cures a
critically ill patient …

… Isn't it service to society?

Making a good film to
entertain people at large …

… Isn't it service to society?

Give me.

That politics that turns
a friend to foe …

… You are out of it. Consider
yourself to be lucky.

Life's waiting.

Apart from that thin book in your bag,
there are a whole lot of good books.

Won't you read them?

They won't leave me.

You've left them.
In the future, do the same too

Keep one thing in mind.

This world's a mix of good and bad.

And this house is yours.

No matter how much you dislike …

You can live here with dignity.

Find your own space in the society.

Tomorrow you're going to
the police station to surrender.

No one can harm you.

And if you're in great need …

… there's 8/1, Keyatala Road.

My house.

Mr. Byomkesh! The names of other books?

Will let you know.
Don't forget
to go to the police station.

Be careful these few days.

Are you just a detective?


Okay … Thanks.

- What is the police saying?
- As I thought.

One raincoat has been used recently.

You are supposed to get
his report today, remember?

- Not today, will go tomorrow
- Again tomorrow?

Tomorrow will never come.
I'll go myself.

Okay, I'll go.

Not talking about your going.

I can't accept the fact that
the father's not going.

Nothing depends on
whether you accept or not.

Stop crying!

Let's go to sleep.

Taking the report to
the doctor, right?

Satya, you know very well
either Ajit or me can do it.

As if my going with the report
will cure the kid magically.

It's not that.
My question is
why won't you go?

I never said I won't.

I'll go two days later.
Had a talk with the doctor

Advised to continue with
same medicines.

Listen, logic isn't everything.

Okay, skipping logic.

Apply instinct and say from where
did this hairpin come in Sanat's room.

No special instinct is
required to explain this.

Sanat must be having an
affair with a woman.

Can't be. Hairpin means an affair?

It can fall off from the
maid while brooming.

I don't have time to speculate
over a hairpin.

- Cry baby! I'll slap you.
- No fighting please!

Listen, I don't meddle either in
your bookshop managemnt …

… Or how your friend solves cases.

Let me decide how to
run my household.

- It's not your household only
- Really!?

Don't nag over the same thing.

Because you're carrying
the boy in your lap …

… It doesn't mean the household's
yours only. Are we nobodies?

Your household, right? Hold
him and see how it feels.

Disgusting! I'll go to
my brother's house.

- Don't create a scene!
- Who's creating a scene?

Do you have any idea how
the household's running?

I'll go to my brother's forever.
You'll be an utter failure!

You don't have a right to say this!

You're no one to comment on this, Ajit.

Yes, I am someone.

And that's why I'm with
you all for so long.

What am I doing here?
I'm not related to you.

Listen carefully.

I don't stay with you all only
because of Byomkesh Bakshi.

I'm a part of this household.

I think of this as my own.

I have a part in the well-being
of this household.

I feel bad, when the child is sick.

And I feel equally sad, to see this man
unable to concentrate on his case.

You know very well that the child
will recover in a day or two, but...

… If Byomkesh fails to solve
the case of Benimadhab …

… If he fails …

… Then it's going to hurt me a lot.

You'll also be hurt. You're
not admitting now. Right?

Angry with your husband,
you go off to your brother's.

Do you think that'll make
him more responsible?

But if he loses this case …

… It'll lower your head in shame.

Am I right?

Why didn't you marry?

Who is going to take care
of your marriage, then?

All families have a bodyguard.

Want some tea, Ajit?

Just a minute! What did you say?

- What?
- Bodyguard.

Satya, listen …

I'll go to Delhi for two days.

I'll look after the kid after that.

Ajit, you take the reports
to the doctor, please.

Bodyguard, bodyguard …

Byomkesh went to Delhi for two days.

The child also recovered.

Sanat had come once
to meet Byomkesh.

To inform that Parag's recovering

Satyabati treated all to
khichri and omlette.

Byomkesh returned in four days.

And like other cases, this one too
came to an end.

All were asked to assemble
at Benimadhab's house.

Unfortunately, I couldn't be there.

This was a very complicated
murder case.

Meghraj, the bodyguard, was murdered
before Benimadhab was killed.

Motive of murder was
Mr. Benimadhab's property.

Don't waste time on known facts.

Come to the point.


Who used to mix poison in
the food, Mrs. Gayatri?

You have the habit of eavesdropping.
Nothing escapes your notice.


- We all knew this.
- All?

Mrs. Gayatri saw Meghraj
mixing poison.

But couldn't tell her father.

Benimadhab blindly trusted Meghraj.

And Meghraj thought
he'll get the property …

… After Mr. Benimadhab's death.

A will was made along
that line by Benimadhab.

Meghraj, serve the food.

I didn't kill my father.

I know that.

Then who?

- C'mon, who did it?
- There's the twist.

- Disgusting! I'm leaving.
- Hold it!

Nobody leaves without
my permission.

If you don't sit quietly,
I have to take action.

Sit down!

To continue …

Medini was brought in to
take care of Benimadhab's food.

When did you marry Meghraj?

I had told you …

Speak in Bengali.

You're a Bengali … aren't you?

I went to Delhi …

Before that I stole a photograph
from your trunk.

Delhi police confirms from the photo that
you are a prostitute from Paharganj.

You were never married to Meghraj.

Meghraj paid you to
act as his wife, so as …

… To keep Benimadhab happy
and usurp his property.

You could've become a
good actress …

… But, only acting skills
don't help.

Got to take good care
of acting props too.

Should've kept your Bengali story book,
your photo, more carefully.

What a blunder! You hid it
under the pillow!

Found the Bengali book
very easily in your room.

You slowly won the hearts
of all men of this house.

You didn't need Meghraj then.

Men were used as steps
to your social climbing.

Mr. Gangadhar, will you say
anything or I'll only talk?

What will I say?

Don't you know what you have to say?

Rascal, what did you do every afternoon
in Medini's room?

Shut your bloody trap!

Don't force me to speak.

What will you do?

Didn't you visit Medini's
room everyday, every night?

What did you do there -

Scoundrel, debaucher,
you claim to be my uncle?


- Please sit.
- Have I come to sit here?

Don't keep quiet! Answer!

Day and night what did
you do in Medini's room?

Were you not ashamed to
see what I was doing?

Didn't you blackmail me?

So, I'm lewd. What are you?
A revolutionary? Bloody blackmailer!

Why are you counting? Leave.

I admit I've taken money.

I've done the right thing.

I have to survive on the run.

Got to arrange my survival money.

Your debauchery has helped me
gather my funds.

I've rightly used that opportunity.

A gentleman?

Rascal, lewd, bourgeois

Bloody bourgeois!

This house is full of scandals.

Don't add to them, please!

Didn't you take money?

You came to this house to
collect money, I saw it.

You never came to stay here
for a single day, Makaranda.

You came. Collected
money and left.

Before we hear you, we need
to hear Mr. Byomkesh.

I haven't spend a single note
of your dirty money.

Take your bloody money!

Take all of it!

Mr. Byomkesh, I didn't murder.

Wait Gayatri!

Leave after you've
heard everything.

Yes, I had a physical
relation with Medini.

You eavesdrop on everyone.

But you didn't on Medini.
Bad for you.

You know our relationship
is not good.

We just pretend to be
husband and wife.

It had broken long ago.

Jhilli, be aware that your
father's not a good man.

In fact a very bad person.

But at the same time …

Your father doesn't pretend
to be good.

Yes, I had relations with Medini …

… And I tried to come out of it.

Because at one point I realized
that she's trying to use me.

Not for money. She had
some other motive.

She wanted to acquire
social status using me.

Then, I tried to move
away from her.

I gave our relationship
a last try …

It's for these ugly truths, I didn't want
Mr. Byomkesh to be involved.

So, I tried to stop the investigation.

Didn't happen.

- Who's going to do it?
- I will.

One has to be careful with you.

Don't kill him. Just break
some limbs.

Please understand, Gayatri …

Everybody can't be god.

Mr. Byomkesh, feeling uneasy.
I need a drink.

I'll be back. Promise.

Since you've said so much,
tell the rest of it.

No, sir … you're the detective.

You got to say it all. I'll
be back with a drink.

One for you?

Are you off or on?

A small one.

Let's resume the discussion.

Nikhil, do you have
anything to say?

That Medini is Bengali, I figured
from her Bengali book.

While investigating, I got
another information.

Someone's sending anonymous
love letters to Nikhil

Sanat came forward and
gave this information.

Who wrote those letters, Nikhil?

Letters … I don't … know.

I thought the letters might be
connected to the investigation.

Mr. Sanat, you know very
well that's not true.

Who was writing then?

Will talk about the letters later …

… The photo I stole from
Medini's trunk …

… Mrs. Arati, can you recognize
the room?

This is Sanat's …

Sanat's bed.

Got another thing from
Mr. Sanat's room.

A hairpin for girls.

Whose is it, Nikhil?

I think it's Medini's.

After Mr. Gangadhar,
Sanat enters your life.

Then you started using
Sanat too.

Monalisa …

Pictures, in a lot of cases,
speak the truth.

Yes, I wanted to gain
social status.

Yes … I'm a prostitute from
Delhi's Paharganj.

I'm dirty, I'm bad, I'm low life.

In this country all women
don't have a smooth life.

When all honest means of
survival were shut on me …

… Pimping at Paharganj
provided me with food.

It let me live the next day.

I was slowly getting caught
in that muck.

When no honest means
of survival were left …

Meghraj offered me this job.

To work as a maid and
pretend to be his wife.

Here, my suppressed dreams
reared its head.

Yes. I wanted to gain
social status.

That's no sin.

Tried to change myself.

I tried to enter your
respectable society.

I had earned using my body.

Now, I wanted to be a part of the gentry,
using the same body.

I thought …

… if I enter the lives of these
masked gentlemen in this room

I too can become honourable.

Is that unfair?

I thought Mr. Gangadhar
would get me a job.

Any job.

Would hide and read
Bengali storybooks.

A few English ones.

He didn't.

He also used me like a
Paharganj prostitute.

He dumped me after
fulfilling his desires.

He knew very well I
couldn't tell anyone.

Then thought …

… If Sanat could get me a job in his
newspaper or anything else


Mr. Byomkesh, I wanted to forget my past
and lead a healthy life.

I wasn't born as lucky
as Jhilli or Laboni.

Didn't have an easy way out.

So I had to take this path.
Is it wrong?

None can lead a normal life
by murdering.

I didn't want to kill.

I know. You were forced to.

Meghraj came to know
about you and Sanat.

Threatened to tell Benimadhab.

You were finding it difficult
to stick around here.

It was difficult for Sanat
to accept that.

When you saw me here first,
you knew there's no time to waste.

The murder had to happen quickly.

Your plan was to murder Meghraj …

… Not Mr. Benimadhab.

My entry paths to polite society
were getting blocked.

That's why you stole Benimadhab's
razor on Sanat's advise.

Wiped away blood after the murder …

… And kept back in its place.

Yes. Mr. Benimadhab was
murderd with his own razor.

I've checked. It's blunt.
Unfit for re use.

The raincoats in this house
were not used for long.

But Mr. Sanat, you cleaned it too hard
to wash the blood marks.

That day you didn't go to Burdwan.

You were roaming near the house.

Parag saw you while
dropping Laboni home.

Called you up to inform.

So you tried to kill him too.

Then Medini opened the
door at midnight.

You knew I'd taken up this case.

Makaranda had threatened
to kill, in front of me.

Couldn't have got a
better opportunity.

All will think Benimadhab was killed
because of his property.

You wanted to hide the real motive,
by killing Benimadhab.

Meghraj was your real target.

I haven't murdered, Mr. Byomkesh.

You've helped.

For that, you have to be in jail.
Not for life though.

If the will was changed,
Meghraj would've poisoned uncle to death.

And put the blame on Medini.

He would've been punished then.

Police are waiting for you outside.
If you wish to say anything

No … I don't owe any explanation
to anyone in his house.

But … I have something
to say to Medini.

I really loved you.

I never thought of exploiting you
like your other customers did.

Whether you used me for your social
climb or not, it never mattered.

I've loved you.

Will love you. And for that
I've murdered.

I do not repent.

I'll be a lifer.

I don't regret. I'm not sad.

Mr. Byomkesh, I knew I'd
be caught by you.

Still, I wanted to silence Parag …

… So that I could get a few
more days extra with Medini.

Why are you crying?

You haven't murdered … I did.

You won't get a life sentence.

You'll be jailed alright.
Then you'll be free.

And you'll get your life back.

Just one word.

Medini, I'm proud to be
in love with you.

Yes, there's grief … but no shame.

You'll always remain in
my heart like before.

No matter wherever I am.


- Mr. Rakhal, come
- Coming

Another small mystery
needs to be solved.

I'll conclude after I speak on it.

Nikhil, those anonymous
letters you got …

… You knew who was writing them.

Please don't hide the truth.

You knew it, right?


Why didn't you say earlier?

If others come to know …

… She'll be in trouble.

Alright. Say it now.


Did you secretly write
love letters to Nikhil?

And you felt bad because
Nikhil didn't reply.

If I say, Nikhil wanted
to answer …

… But he thought, he
wasn't worthy of you.


A difficult question to answer.

Nikhil doesn't earn till now.

Uncertain future.

And, he felt, if others came
to know of the affair …

… The'll object.

Inspite of all this, this callow
boy loved you.

Kept it to himself.

So that you're not troubled.

Nikhil, nothing to fear.

Jhilli is an intelligent girl.

She knows, you two, don't
have a blood connect.

Won't affect marriage.

My friend does not only
apprehend murderers.

While seeking truth,
he changes peoples lives.

That's why, my Byomkesh stories are
not mere murder mysteries.

They become inspiring
human stories.

What a surprise!

Is it right for you to be
out so early?

I'm not scared anymore.

Just a minute … get in.

Better to inform the police.
Let me talk to Mr. Rakhal.

Workload at my bookshop
is less now.

My publisher is ready to pay
a good sum for 6 stories.

Staying with Byomkesh,
I've realized …

… The world will remain unchanged …

… It'll never become a paradise.

- Have you read George Orwell?
- No.

Here … for a start.

- You must've read my books?
- No.

He doesn't only write
Byomkesh stories.

Don't be shy. Start eating.

Read this first.

Forcing his book on him!

Must read Bengali books.

He'll read alright.
Have these fritters.

Food later, book first.

All the vices will remain
in this world.

As long as there is injustice …

… Lie, robbery, murder and deceit …

… There'll be a few bravehearts
to wage a lone battle.

Byomkesh Bakshi will remain.