Byomkesh O Chiriakhana (2016) - full transcript

The story revolves around a retired judge, Mr. Sen, living in a farmhouse on the outskirts of the city. The people who stay in the colony are a handful of social outcasts. One day, the judge is found dead under mysterious circumstances, and Byomkesh takes up the case.


End of the 60's.

Seven months ago the
last case was solved.

Satyabati and her son plan
to visit Patna during the winter.

My bookshop is doing well.

So I can relax a bit.

Byomkesh is also without a case.

So I wanted to escort them to Patna.

But the night before,
the phone rings.


I'm Nishanath Sen.

- Called you late last night.
- Please come.


No, thanks.

Is Mr. Byomkesh in?


My visiting card.

- Are you Ajit Bandhopadhyay?
- Yes.

- Golap Colony, Mohanpur? - Yes.

I've a flower nursey.

It's called Golap Colony.

I run a flower business.

Along with vegetables,
handicrafts …

… For the last ten years.

You run a vegetable business?

It's been ten years.

Can't believe?

What did you do before this?
Any service?

How you guessed, I don't know.

I was a judge in
Bombay Sessions Court.

You quit your job
ten years back.

So, in these ten years …

So, you're now …

… around 75 years?

But you don't look it.

At age 50, I was forced
to quit my job.

High blood pressure.

Had a mild stroke.

Doctor asked me to
avoid stressful work.

At age 51, I resigned, came back
and started my business.

But … my pressure is on the rise.

That's why this visit.


Here's Rs. 500 as advance.

- May I ask you a question?
- Certainly.

What's 'Blackmail' in Bengali?

Demanding money by threatening
to reveal secrets.

I too think so.

Let's start.

Except the gardener, no inmate
is normal in my colony.

They've come here, unable
to earn a normal living.

I've given them shelter.
Give monthly allowance.

On a condition.

They have to work in the colony.

Almost like a monastery...
a commune.

Please explain 'not normal'.

Panugopal is autistic.

Can't speak properly.

Was caught stealing.

He catches fish now.

Then there's Dr. Bhujangadhar.

Extremely sharp.

Was a great surgeon.

He did an illegal surgery …

… And lost his medical licence.

He's the colony's doctor.

Then, all are criminals?

In one way … yes.


Didn't find the right path to live.

So you're reforming those
you had punished as a judge.

Let's talk about the real issue.

All farm produce of Golap
Colony are sold commercially.

At Calcutta's New Market.

The items are ferried
in our vehicles.

Everything was fine.

Suddenly one day…

Why do you think it's
a case of blackmail?

I think you should visit
our place once.

An hour's train travel.

Then two miles travel by road.

My car will pick you up
from the station.

Anyone in your colony,
connected to motor parts?

Mushkil Miyan.

Our driver.

Was a professional driver.

Killed someone while
rash driving.

His licence got cancelled.

Joined our colony.

He ferries the goods now.

No, thanks.

Gave up due to high pressure.

Anyone else?

My nephew Bijoy.

He had a motorbike.

Sold it a year back.

Your nephew?

Lost his parents.

Stays in the colony with me.

He accompanies Mushkil Miyan
to New Market.

I think you should come over.

I'll leave now.

One more thing.

Need some information
about a woman.


Missing since two years.
Acted in a few Bengali films.

If you can find her photo
then it'll be very helpful.

Her photo will be there
in film magazines.



If you get her photo do inform.


So, we're not going to Patna?

Has paid Rs. 500, will pay more.

To Kashmir after Patna!

You'll get photos of old heroines
in a film magazine.

Isn't it?

Would he come here
if it was available?

Can't you escort the kid?

Ajit, he's given Rs. 600.


Nishanath's not too
careful about money.

Motor parts and Bengali film heroines.
What's the connect?

He didn't say that!

Oh … two cases, then?

- That means two detectives.
- What?

Start investigating.

You've more knowledge
of Bengali films.

Oh, no!

You'll not get her photo
in a film magazine.

She acted in such trash films …

… No point writing about her.

The girl was pretty.
Acted well too.

We all tried to promote her.

But she chose other
things over acting.

Other things?

Things that wayward girls
of her age indulge in.

Greed for money. Lust. Scandals.

And to be honest …

… We, the producers of Bengali films,
aren't innocent either.

So, Sunayana trapped you too?

What were you saying?

Hang on.

No, I didn't get trapped.

Won't lie … I nearly strayed.

Since I was the producer,
she met me a few times.

Those days, we all met
here in the evenings.

All film folks.

I suggested the name - 'Sunayana'.

To Subimal.

The film director.

So 'Sunayana' is not her real name?

No. Her real name's Netyokali.

She was attractive. But the name
'Netyokali' was not right for films.

So, we can get her
photo from you.

No. I don't have her photo.

I made films with my
father's savings.

Making films was my passion.

Producing good films
with good directors.

With the likes of Satyajit Ray, Ritwik
Ghatak, Tapan Sinha, Mrinal Sen.

Sunayana had no role
in such films.

Keep here.

What's the need of all these?

Mr. Byomkesh Bakshi's
first visit to my house!

Not sure of how much
I can help you.

True, I've got lots of
information about Sunayana.

Except the beginning
and the end.

That police also doesn't know.

Police is also involved?


Two and a half years ago …

… I was chatting with Gourhari
in his studio office.

He wanted to film the
novel 'Bishbriksha'.

With his new found actress!

That's the first time
I saw Netyokali.

Will give you the role
of Kundonandini.

Main role.


No sir.


I can't do a widow's role.


I'm married.

I act in films for money.

If I play a widow, my
husband will be harmed.

Gourhari gave Sunayana the role
of Kamalini in his film.

We were awestruck after
the film was released.

What make up!

Hard to recognise her.

All in vain. The film flopped.

Then Sunayana signed
another film, 'Subarnalata'.

Role of a maid.

Outstanding performance!

And the same thing.

Brilliant makeup! Changed
her looks completely.

So there's no photo of
Sunayana's real look?

That would've helped the police.

Enchanted by the actress,
you want to produce films.

Will your aristrocrat father Mr.
Dutta agree?

He'll take care of it.

Here's your heroine!


She doesn't play
all types of roles.

Do you know him?

One evening at my place …

… Sunayana dropped
in for a chat.

Must've heard of Dutta Jewellery?

It's owner Murari was
blown over by her.

Hang on!

Murari Dutta … the murdered
owner of Dutta Jewellers?


He was stabbed by
someone at his home.

A diamond necklace and Rs. 40,000
was stolen from the safe.

So, Sunayana knew this fellow?

This wasn't in the newspapers.

Murari's family requested the police.

After all he was
from an elite family.

Do you think Sunayana
is linked to the murder?

That night, Sunayana was
with Murari in his house.

They left together for
his house from here.


I had informed the police.

But police couldn't find her.

Why is Mr. Nishanath
looking for Sunayana?

Will know once we're
at Golap Colony.

Are you joining us?

Shall we go in disguise this time?

Not me, you.

I'm not putting on that
rubbish moustache.

Are you …

Salaam! Are you Mansur Miyan?


These are my friends.


I'm Mushkil Miyan.

The problem's that we
have to wait a bit.

Rashik Lal is returning from Calcutta.

We'll go together as he comes.

How long you've been driving?

Trouble is, I don't remember …
Long time ago.

Can you repair vehicles?

Yes, if there're small problems.

Nothing will happen to this

A tiger!

Has never stopped.

But the problem is...


Push it a little harder.

Nishanath Sen's Golap Colony.

The idyllic environment
changed completely.

But I could not fathom it.

Driving through the scenic beauty …

… we reached our destination,
that can only be …

… Termed as …

… Zoo.


Any problem on road?


Not at all.

Rashik Lal, have you
delivered the goods?

Yes sir.

Rashik Lal …

Notorious goon of Park Circus.

Police caught him after
he lost his hand.

Came here after his jail term.

He does the delivery work.


Mushkil Miyan's wife.

She came here after
Mushkil Miyan went to jail.

She's a cook here.

She brought Mushkil here.

Let me introduce to you.

He's Mansur Ali.


Journalist. Interested in botany.

His friend Mr. Ramen
and …

… He's Byomkesh Bakshi.



Seems I've seen you somewhere.


- Please inform others.
- Yes.

Mr. Mansur might speak to them.

He's writing about
us in a journal.


Really? Nice nice.

Excuse me.

Come in.

My wife, Damayanti.

They're doing a write up
on our nursery.


He's Mansur Ali, the
famous journalist.

He's Mr. Bakshi.

And he's Mr. Ramen Mallick.

Sugar and milk in your coffee?


He's hard of hearing.

Milk and sugar in your coffee?

Of course!

Have a seat.

No sugar for me.

Will you have lunch
before you leave?


I don't sing …

I click photos. Just a minute.

Thank you.

We'll go back and have lunch.

You speak Hindi quite well.

You'd given an extra Rs. 100

Got news of Sunayana.

Her real name's Netyokali.

Got involved in a murder case.

Police couldn't trace her yet.

The kitchen's behind that hut.

We all eat there.

My wife looks after the kitchen.

Mukul helps her.


They've come from Calcutta.

Will write about us.

What's there to write about me?

Willl write about us all.

About our Golap Colony.

I've got to go.

Mr. Bijay will go to Calcutta.
Have to serve him lunch.


Wait a while.

Manners please!

One photo.

Thank you.

Mukul is Nepal's daughter.

When young, wanted
to act in films.

Nepal was my classmate
in school.

Professor of Chemistry.

An explosion accident in
his college laboratory …

… Burnt his face.

Was arrested as a
suspected terrorist.

Came here after his jail term.

Takes care of fertilisers
and vegetation.

And this is Panu … autist.

He helps Banalaksmi in
her handicrafts work.

You caught that big fish?


Always tell the truth.

Always tell the truth.

Oh, yes! Of course!

Must tell the truth always

Banalakshmi's taught him.

He's very fond of her.

Banalakshmi loves him too.

He says that he'll let the fish go
and catch it again.

Is it?

Let's see.


Are you there?

What do you want?

My friends have come
from Calcutta.

Want to meet you.

Are we exhibits of a zoo?

Now, don't get started.

They've come from far.

Open the door!

The door's open.

He's Mansur Ali,
famous journalist.

He'll write about us.

And they're his friends.

They wish to talk to you.

That's better!

I thought you've hired sleuths
to solve the mystery of motor parts.

He's Mr. Nepal,
takes care of fertilisers.

Have you told them you don't
like using my fertilisers?

My business will suffer if
I use your fertilisers.

That'll happen anyhow.

No need to use fertilisers.

You're sheltering a viper.

Willl sting you one day.

Serving the country, huh!

You'll be exposed one day.

Which …

… Fertiliser do you use?

Will you write what I said?

He is not what he appears to be.

And I, Nepal Gupta, I am
not what I look like.


Now leave!

You play chess?


I mean, you play alone?

Like to play?

One round then.


You all go ahead.
I'll join you soon.

What are you preparing, Brajadas?

Making laxative for the cows.


Give a little to Mr. Nepal.


They're here to write about us.

He's Brajadas.

He was a cashier before.

His name is Brajadas.

Now he takes care of
the farm animals.

What do you feed the bovines?

Bo …?



Let's …

Let me show you the clinic.


Yes. He beat me
in swift moves.

Expert player.

I think he's recognised me.

Here's the doctor!

Was going to meet you.

Let me introduce them.

They'll write about us.

He's the reporter Mansur Ali.

And he's …

Ramen Mallick.


And …

Byomkesh Bakshi.

I see.

So, you are the
famous detective.

Did you smell mystery here?

Here it's only the
scent of roses.

Roses have thorns too.

Well said, Mr. Bakshi.

I'm Bhujangodhar, follow me.

This is my clinic-cum-residence.

May I serve you all tea?

No, they've already had.

They'll have lunch at my place.

They've talked to everybody …

… Except Banalakshmi.

Can she talk?

You play the sitar?

A bit.

Quite a good player.

Physician who's also a musician.

A detective who's also
interested in roses.

Doctor, why do you dislike

Because you all like her.

She has a bad cold.
Give her medicine.

I gave.

Can't force her to have it.

Then she'll bad-mouth me.

Okay, come with me …

… I'll firmly tell her.

Okay, let's go.

Aren't you having the medicines
given by the doctor?

Handicrafts will suffer
if you fall ill.

The medicine's not working.

Hear that!

Don't worry …

… Your work won't suffer.

I will worry.

Please have medicines on time.


Let me introduce …

They're writing about
our Golap Colony.

He'll write.

Good …



Thank you.

Let me see what's Panu doing?



No …

I mean the place's not bad.

Lost my licence in an
illegal operation.

We're all like, in your words,
thorns of roses here.

What happened to Banalakshmi?

Bijoy brought her here.

Was crying sitting at a
corner of New Market.

Excuse me, I've got
to go to Calcutta.

I'll see you later.

Was involved in a squabble in
Free School Street.

Had to stay in a lockup.

Had no place to stay,
after her release.

Bijoy brought her here.

I can bet …

… that none of the women
here is Sunayana.

What tells you Sunayana's here?

Sorry, Mr. Byomkesh, I
can't answer this question.

What was your scandal,
Prof. Nepal hinted at?

I don't know it myself.

You came to my house.

Wanted to know the
meaning of 'blackmail'.

Gave me Rs. 500.

Invited us over and
appointed me.


I'm sorry Mr. Byomkesh.

I felt I needed to
know something.

I'm sorry Mr. Ramen for
wasting your time.

What's up Panu?

The mouse's scared to death!

Is it that fish?

That one?

A real tiger!

Will take your snap.

Will take your photo!


Hold the fish.

Take the fish.


Thank you!

It's over.


Put the fish down.

Take it to the kitchen.


He can read and write.

Banalakhmi teaches him.

Anybody from your past
who could be …

… Connected to cars
or motor parts?

Years ago …

… While in Bombay, I had …

… Given death sentence to a
motor mechanic for murder.

In a fit of anger,
with a spanner …

… Killed his colleague.


Appealed to the High Court.

Wasn't hanged.

Lal Singh was given a life term.

So, now he's in jail.

At times …

… Jail term get reduced
for good behaviour.

So, is he out of jail now?


Always …

… Speak the truth.


If Lal Singh's out of jail …

… And if he …

… Kept those motor parts, then …

… What's his intention?
To blackmail?

For what?

What's his connect with Sunayana?

Mr. Nishanath has given
shelter to Sunayana.

Lal Singh knows that?

Then how are Sunayana
and Lal Singh related?

Now, tell me …

… How all are connected.

Mukul is Mr. Nepal's daughter.

Najarbibi is Mushkil Miyan's wife.

Damayanti is Nishanath's wife.

Bijoy is Nishanath's nephew.

All this is known.

Tell me the unknown.


How'll I know that?

Use your brains!

Relationship can be good, or, bad.

Dr. Bhujango and Banalakshmi
have a bad relation.



Panugopal likes you a lot.

Very good!


Now you say.

The viper Mr. Nepal
alluded to …

… Who's that?


Bijoy's in Calcutta today.

Bhujango too.

That's simple.

Bijoy has come to
collect payments.

And Dr. Bhujango has
come to buy medicines.

No Ajit, nothing is
falling into place.



Mr. Nishanath.


Mr. Nishanath.


Mr. Byomkesh?

Yes, Mr. Nishanath?

Am sorry for disturbing
you at this hour.

- Have to tell you something.
- Tell me.

I am really ashamed to
have troubled you.

Hassled you for nothing.

This is my work.

Don't know how to explain.

You might misunderstand me …

… But I've nothing to do.

I don't want you to investigate
the matter further.

The advance I've given you,
has been utilised.

With this case …

Please hold on.

He has put me on hold.


So late at night …


Can you hear anything?

A sitar being played.


Yes. Sitar.

Raga Malkauns.

Go inside.

Can't you realise what's
happening around you?


Hey Najar!



Aren't you ashamed?

Who Called ?

Has Satybati reached safely?

Mr. Nishanath has been murdered.
Barat called.


He's posted there.
We've to go now.

Hit on the back of his head.

Instant death.

Had high blood pressure.

The doc here informed.

Police's doctor is on way.

Weird place this!

You must be knowing.

There's someone called Rashik Lal.

He worked in the office.

Bijoy informed that Rashik
had some money with him.

He's missing.

I think it's a case of robbery.

Rashik Lal was a notorious
goon of Calcutta.

To steal …

… Kill first. Put the body on bed.
Then cover with blanket.

That too with one hand!

Who's saw the dead body first?


Brought bed-tea and saw …

She informed you?



Or aunt?

Mukul came, on hearing
aunt's cries.

Then she called me … and …

Where's aunt now?

In her room.

How's she now?

A little stable.

I've given her a sedative shot.

She needs some rest.

I'll ask a few questions and leave.


Where were you at
10'oclock last night?


What did you see
after coming out?

He was sleeping.

I also went to my
room and slept.

You surely want your husband's
killer to be arrested?


Now take rest. I'll come again.

I need to talk to you, doctor.
Let's go Ajit.


Who gains the most on
Mr. Nishanath's death?


Who's getting his property?

Aunt and I.

Is my interrogation over?

Mukul's very upset
seeing the dead body.

Have to check her pressure.

Interrogation's just started.

You're playing Malkauns
quite well last night.

Mr. Bakshi!

What are you doing here?

Not well?

Get back to your work.


The master's gone.

What'll happen to us?

Do you know of your
master's scandal?

I have asked you a question.

For telling lies …

… Went to jail.

Then embraced Vaishnavism.

And promised never
to tell a lie.

Don't ask me this
question, please.

Keeping quiet is also
telling a lie.

Will he come back if I tell the truth?
Will he?

Don't you want the killer
to be punished?

Who punishes whom?

God does everything.

Your god will do nothing
if you don't help.

What were you doing last night?

Was listening to the
sitar sitting here.

Any witness?



Do others have any witness?


Don't waste time
interrogating me!

The real culprits
are having fun.

Bloody unscrupulous! Debauch!


Reply what you're asked.

Shut up scoundrel!

Your uncle was characterless.

So are you!

Promised to wed my daughter yet
spend nights with other girls.

Do they know?

Do they know, you conspired
to usurp my uncle's property?

How's that possible?

You and your slimy aunt
own this.

Quickly tell us when
we have to leave.

It's unbearable here.

You can leave anytime.
I've no plans to evict you.

What pretence!

Why didn't you marry
Mukul after dating her?

Why do you go to
Calcutta so frequently?

Money collection? Huh!

All know you've
stolen half of it.

Watch your mouth!

- We're leaving for now.
- Get lost!

Worthless detective!

You're supposed to wed Mukul?

Yes or no?


Why didn't you marry?

Uncle was against it.

Najar! Come here!

Where were you spying
last night?

Why should I?

Can't sleep. So I roam about.

Where did you roam?


What did you see?

Master's wife went to
that flower shed, there.

Do you like to be in films?


What else you saw?

- Doctor was playing the sitar.
- And?

Want to say something?

What …?

Tell me.



Detectives, huh!

What were you doing
last night at ten?

In the room.

Listening to doctor's sitar?

He plays all the time.
I didn't notice.

What's the problem
between you and him?

- Everyone here knows.
- You say.

Can't say those indecent things.


Where's he gone?

What did you do earlier?
Or that's unspeakable?

To survive, tried to
become a whore.


Did you wish to act in films?


I'm a village girl.

Don't know the ropes.


When did you sleep last night?

Problem is, I lose track
when I am sleepy.


Problem is … can't tell a lie.

Where does your wife
roam about at night?

Can't say … I guess all around.

She's restless.

My wife's innocent.
She hasn't killed.

Who did?



I've nothing to say.

You don't even
know the question.

I was in my room last night.

Don't know about of others.

Wanted to act in films?


Acted in a few bit roles.
Nothing more.

Why did you break up with Bijoy?

- Uncle disagreed? - Not at all!

I may not tell you that,
Mr. Byomkesh.


I'll find out.

Panu …

… Want to say anything?


Want to tell me?

Want to tell?

Want to say, what
you saw last night?

Always … tell the truth.


What did you see last night?

Come, sit.

Ajit … a pen and paper.

Don't be afraid.

Write down.

Here, hold the pen.

Write anything.

Don't be afraid.

Write on this paper.

Write what you saw.

I know you can write.

Well done!

Great, Panu!

None will scold you. Write.





Find out from Bombay
jail about Lal Singh.

Convicted of murder.
10 years back.

To blackmail Nishanath,
Lal Singh sent motor parts.

Why did he kill?


Shall I serve dinner?

Again paratha and mutton curry?

You're the best detective!
Fetch it fast!

Is Bijoy linked to his aunt?

Hang on!

Bijoy had brought Banalakshmi.

She didn't have any
film connect.

Then, how did she connect
with Free School street?

A lie!

Is Damayanti in grief or acting?

Superb actress!

Said she was in the
kitchen at night …

… Yet Najar saw her
near the greenhouse.

Doc said Mukul was upset.
She didn't look so.

Either doc's lying or …

… Mukul's a superb actress.

Bijoy thinks, Mr. Nepal
wanted to head the colony.

But, how do Damayanti and Bijoy
gain from this death?

Bijay'll fire Nepal
if he's the owner.

Nepal feels so.


Did Bijay really get
linked to Banalakshmi?

That's why maybe he
broke up with Mukul.

So Mukul has a motive
for murder.

No lone woman can kill and
drag a dead body to bed.

Then who killed? Mr. Nepal?

She's out as well.

I've noted your weakness
for Banalakshmi.

The way you clasped her hands!

Soft, eh?

Quite tough!

Is Mukul the real Sunayana?

Why not Damyanti?

And, what's Nishanath's scandal?

Is Najarbibi acting too?

Is Panu really a simpleton?

What do you think?

I feel he's innocent.

Totally unaware and clueless?

That night when
we're in deep sleep …

… The mystery took a new turn.

Where to?


Feeling stuffy.

Try and drink less.

Try to return early.

Would've posted guards
had I known.

My fault. Panu wanted
to confide in me.

Should've gauged it.

- The culprit has escaped!
- Find him!

- Will you check the body? - No!

Send them over.
Will interrogate.

Where did you meet Mr.

In Bombay.

He's 30 years senior to you.

How did you marry?

After my father died …

… I worked in a lawyer's house.

Nishanath came there,
saw me and proposed.

Why did you sleep in
separate rooms?

That's personal.

Did you wish to act in films?
Is that personal too?

Mr. Byomkesh … it's wrong to
think I've killed my husband.

You'll gain from his murder.

What're you saying?

Without him …

He made me literate.

I respect him like God.

But that's not the
answer to my question.

Yes. I will gain financially.

You're Bijoy's aunt or a friend?

What's your point?

Can't aunts be friends!

You may not have
work but I have.

Irritating! Kept me
waiting outside.

Are we animals?

- Last night at 10 pm.
- Was drinking at home.

Why are you wasting my time?

- This is my work.
- Then use your brains!

Find out who's the viper.

Then you can solve
this case swiftly.

Kept me waiting
outside for so long!

Are we zoo animals?

Keep this notebook.

It's all written here.

Will save your brain work!

Did Mukul want to act in films?

Cut the slander.
I'll not spare you!

A autistic boy has
been murdered.

He wanted to tell me the truth.

If you lie, I won't
spare you either!

Did your daughter want
to act in films or not?

Yes, visited the studios
a couple of times.

Got some two-bit roles.

What does it prove?

That she's fallen?

The truth will be out.
You can't stop it.

You can leave now.

Don't you dare spread
any rumour!



I won't spare you!

Don't malign me because
you got sold to them.

I won't spare you!

I'll leave this place today!

I'll not spare anyone!

Sleuths from Calcutta, huh!

Maligning my daughter and me …

I'll spare none. Not even you!

Bijoy, your turn.

The moonshine smile.


A Sanskrit phrase.

Let me see what has happened.

Remove your hand.
Let me see.

There's a head injury.

Let me bandage it.

Come on! I won't bite you.

Such childish...

Leave me.

Nepal's gone crazy.

Throwing stones at random.

Panu wanted to
tell me something.

You're there then.

Did you tell this to anyone?

No … I …

Did you go to Calcutta

No …

Station master saw you
boarding the Sealdah train.

Yes, I went.

Doctor also went.

Mr. Nepal in his diary says …

… You've stolen colony's money.


My uncle's money is my money.

So, I took it.

How much?

Didn't count.

5, 6, 10 thousands.

What did you do?

Been to the races.

Mr. Nepal thinks you left Mukul after
bringing Banalakshmi here.

Are you investigating based on Mr.
Nepal's words?

Not the right answer.

I trust Banalakshmi.

Last night after 10, what
were you doing?

Went to Banalakshmi's room …

- …To talk. - About what?

That's very personal.


You can leave.



Got married while
studying in London.

Her name?

My wife's?


Why didn't you bring her along?

Perhaps she didn't like
my colour anymore.

What and where did you study?

Royal College of Medicine.

Had a chamber in Calcutta?

Yes, in Marquis street.

- Still there? - No.

What were you doing
last night, at 10?

The usual activity.

Practise the sitar for an hour.

About Mr. Nishanath's scandal …

… Do you have any idea?

In this colony …

…Each one has a
scandal. I too have.

So nothing strange, if he had.

But I can't give you any detail.

Mr. Nepal thinks Bijoy …

… Left Mukul after
bringing Banalakshmi. True?

Quite possible.

A man can change his love.

It's quite natural and legal.

With you?



Nothing much to say.

Banalakshmi had a headache.

I gave her medicine.

Wanted to kiss her.

She thought I was
going to rape her.

She slapped me and left.


Why do you roam at night?

Don't feel sleepy?

What did you see last night?

Madam went to Bijoy's room.


Didn't see.

Was Bijoy in his room?

Don't know.

What did you hear?

Doctor's sitar.

Chirping of crickets.

Panu's sobbing.

Mukul and Mr. Nepal's spat.


Last night you had a
spat with your dad.

What's it to you?

Mr. Bijoy visited Banalakshmi last night.
Did you notice?

Mr. Bijoy was in his
room last night.

You're an excellent actress!


You weave the lies well.

Told you what I saw
from my window.

Are aware your master …

… Used to receive motor parts?


Who told you?

Mr. Bijoy.

Any idea who threw the stone?

Couldn't see.

Suddenly something
hit my forehead.

Quite a gash!

Nothing much.

The glass bangles broke.

Please ask.

What's between you and Bijoy?

He loves me.


He's a gentleman.

Didn't take advantage of me.

Did Bijoy go to your
room after 10 pm?

Yes … to chat.

About what?

Was listening to the sitar.

Didn't talk much.

What's wrong with your finger?

Got cut while slicing veggies.

Why was Panu murdered?

Problem was … Panu
couldn't talk clearly.

Tried telling you?

He came to my room
in the evening.

Was trying to communicate.
The problem was …

Does your wife tell
you what she sees?


Who killed the master?

If I knew it, like Panu,
I'd have been killed.

What do you think Panu
wanted to tell you?

Problem is, I don't know that.

I'll find it out even
if you don't say.

Go ahead!

I'm not afraid.

Can go to jail again.


Unlocked door means …

… Puti's out …

… Clean room …

… Back to rice and stew!

Have these chops
instead of street food.

When did you come?

Today morning.

The boy's fine there
with my brother.

I was fine too.

Brother thought you
two need my care.

We were fine. The brain
needs stimulus.

Since you're back, decode
'moonshine smile'.

Brightly shining teeth.



One of these is your heroine?

Could you find out?


Aha! Teeth reminds me.

Nishanath's life is an
example of a proverb.

Help to climb the ladder
and get kicked in the teeth.

What happens if the
tooth's broken?



Barat here.

Arrested Brajadas from
Sealdah station.

Are you coming?

Good job!

Reaching soon.

Brajadas has been arrested.

It's happening! Mutton curry at night!

I'm a Vaishnav.

Won't tell a lie.
But …

Can't tell the truth either.
So I fled.

Swear on God, I didn't
steal Colony's money.

That's my savings.

Kept with Banalakshmi.

You kept your savings
with Banalakshmi?


She's an angel!

Honest and good natured.

Mr. Bijoy also keeps
money with her.

You fled as you
didn't want to lie.

What's the lie?

Was my master's clerk
at Bombay High Court.

He ordered Lal Singh
to be hanged.

Lal Singh appealed.

The Supreme Court
revoked the order.

He got a life sentence.

Next day a woman
came to his flat.

Laj Singh's wife. Wanted
to meet my master.

He had a sleepless night.

Still tried to wake him up.

Knew he wouldn't meet her.

Told him she was
desperate to met him.

I didn't sleep last night.

I too didn't sleep last night.

I'm Lal Singh's wife.

I knew he was a bad person.

And he got punished.

But what's my fault, sir?

I don't have anyone
in this city.

Come in.

Come here.


What work can you do?

Everything, sir.

Whatever you say.

Cooking, dusting, washing.
I can do it all.

It's quite late.

Stay here tonight.

It's okay.

You go to sleep.

You know Bengali?


I was born in Calcutta.

Met Lal Singh there.

He brought me here.

Tonight, don't go back
to your slum.

Stay here.

I was very angry.

The man I held in high esteem …

… Did this!

Became furious.

Stole his money.

And got caught.

Served two years in jail.

Then came to Calcutta.

Became a recluse.

Heard master's built a colony.

You know it all.

Like you, I've also had
a change of heart.

I couldn't marry
Damayanti because …

… Lal Singh's in jail.

They aren't divorced.

So, I couldn't legally marry her.

We stay together.

Like a married couple.

No one knows it.
Except Bijoy.

Promise me you
won't tell anyone.

Why am I receiving
the motor parts?

I don't know.

You still insist that you're
not in touch with Lal Singh?

No, I am not.

What'll make you believe?

What did you do in Calcutta?

What was your profession?

Interrogating me?

Don't change the topic.
Answer my question.

You're yet to see
the evil in me!

I am watching.

How evil you can be!

What did you do in Calcutta?

What did you do there?

Used to knock the film
studios for roles.

Met Lal Singh, a taxi driver.

Why didn't you say this before?

Didn't feel the need.

Since then, they started …

… Sleeping in separate rooms.

I could've saved Panu,
if you told this earlier.

I didn't realise.
Please forgive me.

You go back to Golap Colony.

I promise you'll be unharmed.

Tonight Ajit and I'll
stay in Golap Colony.

You mean …

… Chance of another murder!

Possibility remains!

It's known that, Byomkesh doesn't
believe in deduction or clues.

He believes in instinct.

His hunch is …

… Golap Colony will …

… Witness more killings.

He goes checking around, as
I guard Brajadas at home.

We plan to meet near the
greenhouse after an hour.


What do you mean?

I live here.

Why are you here so late?

You'll get your answers
from Inspector Barat.

Roses need tea leaf
fertiliser at night.

Don't you even know this?

Ignorant snoopers!

Harassing me?

I won't spare any of you!

I'll sue you!


I haven't worked with Sunayana.

We do the make-up for
most of the actreses.

But Bombay's actresses …

… Pluck their eyebrows,
get their teeth set.

Not possible in make-up.
We don't do it as well.

Superstar heroine Sumitra
has full dentures.

Looks so real!



Is Mr. Byomkesh in?

He's gone out. You are …?

May I come in?

Come in.

I'm a great fan of his.

Not in touch for long.

Have rented a house in this locality.
So, dropped by.

He's a busy man.

I'll come some other day.

Please give him my card.

You can wait. He'll
be back soon.

Tea …?

Who's there?

Don't know him.

Koknod Gupta.

Did you meet him?


Your old friend.

Rented a house in this locality.

- What's his name?
- Koknod Gupta.

- Don't think I know.
- Thought as much.

I know all your friends.


Blak hat, dark shades,
scarf around his neck.

Known to me, unknown to you?

That's what …


Barat speaking.

Tell me.

From Golap Colony, Bijoy's
going to the station.

- Towards the station? - Yes.

I'll be there soon.

Going out again?

Bijoy's probably in Calcutta.

I'll find Panu's killer …

… Or else, I'll quit.

Ajit …

Can Koknod Gupta be my
enemy and not a friend?

I've no dearth of enemies.

But, I know all your
enemies as well!

Wait here.

What took you so long?

I'll be back in an hour.


Do you really want to
quit being a 'detective'?

Not, if I can solve it.

It's the word 'detective'.

You're a truth seeker.

You coined it. Not me.

A gumshoe is a gumshoe
is a gumshoe!

What's your point?

There's difference between real beard
and a false one.

Clear as muddy water!

Duck was porcupine …

Don't follow the grammar.

Became a Duckupine …

Where have you been?

New Market.

Should've told me. I needed …


Why so angry?

Glass bangles break often.
Wanted to buy the plastic ones.

Don't women need bangles?

As if, heroines only use bangles!

I too needed to
buy a toothbrush.


- Tooth? - Yes.

Ajit …

If Koknod Gupta's my enemy, he
wouldn't want me to recognise him.


Then, what would he do?

Simply …

- … Change the appearance.
- Exactly!

- What did you say? - Bangles.

No, the exact word. What was it?


Plastic … plastic bangles.

Plastic … plastic! Heroine!

Got it!

Knocking off teeth …

… Doesn't make one toothless.

Changes the appearance.

- Hello! - Byomkesh here.

Golap Colony. This evening.

Take a constable and your rifle.

- Before that need to conduct a raid.
- Okay.

Write the address.

Two years back.

Actress Netyokali killed
producer Murari Dutta and fled …

… Stealing loads of cash
and a diamond necklace.

Police his yet to find her.

Mr. Nishanath wanted me
to search out Sunayana.

He thought Sunayana's in
this Colony in disguise.

Which means …

… Banalakshmi, Mukul,
Najarbibi and Damayanti …

… One of them is Sunayana.

I brought a producer here
who's seen Sunayana.

But he negated all.

That very night Mr.
Nishanath was murdered.

Which means …

… Seeing me, Sunayana got scared
of getting caught.

And to stop the investigation …

… She killed Mr. Nishanath.

So, the conclusion is …

… Sunayana is here, in this room.

She's here but we aren't aware.

Is it possible?

On the night of Panu's murder …

… You said, you were in
Banalakshmi's room. Right?


If I say no?

So, both of us are lying?


Banalakshmi, you said that …

… While chopping vegetables,
your fingers got hurt. True?

Why shall we lie?

You'll gain if Nishanath's killed.

So you top the suspect
list. Obviously!

Panu saw the murderer.

When he came to inform me …

… Besides me, Ajit and Panu …

… You were there.

So, the suspicion gets stronger.

I came to interrogate
after Panu's murder.

Obviously, you needed
a strong alibi then.

You asked Banalakshmi to say
that you were in her room.

And Banalakshmi too …

… Lied to save you.

Right, Mukul?

Again you're slandering
my daughter!

- I'll file a defamation suit!
- Mr. Nepal!

Exactly! Why are you

Listen to what he's saying.
You please carry on.

Put your leg down.

Bloody fraud doctor!

- Glugging away!
- Have a sip.

Bloody racket of rogues!

What's happening?

Madam Damayanti!

For whom did you keep
money in the greenhouse?

What nonsense!

Didn't ask you!

Will you say or shall I?

Some days back, I
received a letter.

In it was written …

"I'm out of jail."

"Seen your Colony too."

"Day after, a motor part will be
there, near your house."

"Keep Rs. 500 in the rose pot
in greenhouse, the same night."

"Or else I'll wreak havoc
in your family life."

"Lal Singh."

So whenever a letter comes …

… You keep money in
the greenhouse.

Who knew this?

Only Bijoy.

Bijoy tells it to Mukul and …

… Then to Banalakshmi.

What do you want to prove?

That …

… Many in this Colony
know about this mystery.

So, an insider was blackmailing.

My daughter blackmailed!?

Brajadas flees this colony.

And returns.

Bijoy thought Brajadas is
in touch with Lal Singh.

So, last night, wearing gloves …

… Unsuccessfully tried to kill him.

Can you prove it?

Weak attempt at murder,
doesn't land one in jail.

It defames.

You'll suffer that.

Banalakshmi, you didn't
answer me yet.

I've told you …

…I cut my fingers
while chopping veggies.

I don't believe Bijoy
has murdered.

You don't mistrust Bijoy.
Because you love him.

And in Nishanath's absence,
you can even marry him.

Because …

According to Bombay jail …

Lal Singh died in
jail five years ago.

Then who was blackmailing?

You've told everybody of
Nishanath's scandal.

- Mr. Nepal, you know it, right?
- What?

I am blackmailing?

Doc, What did you say
was your wife's name?


If I say Nita is … Netyokali!

Netyokali … a Brit lady?

No, a pure Bengali!

Worked in films for money.

Killed Murari Dutta …

… And fled stealing his
diamond necklace.

No idea what you're
talking about.

Yes, you do!

You still have the clinic
at Marquis Street.

Probably it's no
longer a clinic but …

It's where you
keep your secrets.

The spare key's with Mr.
Verma of 2nd floor, right?


Perhaps Netyokali was my client.
I don't remember.

You're a surgeon.

You altered Netyokali's face
by plastic surgery.

Maybe. I don't
remember my surgeries.


I don't recollect it. Sorry.

How's Mr. Nishanath's murder
linked to this?


To protect your true identities
and carry on blackmailing …

… You killed Mr. Nishanath.

What utter rubbish! What
are you talking about?

Panu saw it.

He wanted to tell me.

So you killed him too.

Mr. Bakshi …

… You're forgetting that …

At the time of murder, I was
playing the sitar in my room.


You were not in your room.

The one who really played,
for two consecutive nights …

… Cut her fingers on the strings.

Banalakshmi …

… Alias Sunayana …

… Alias Netyokali!

All these accusations …

… Have to be proven in court.

Probably you're right.

Not possible till you confess.

For your information …

… Police raided your so
called clinic in the morning.

And they found the stolen
diamond necklace!

So you see doc …

… You've got to go to jail.


For the last time,
before leaving the colony.

Let's bid farewell to all.

What! Had cyanide in
mouth at that time?


The climax is like
a Bombay bioscope!

No, Hollywood.

Indian censors won't
allow the kiss.

Your trump card was
the plastic surgery bit.

In this regard, your wife's
contribution was immense.

Earlier, Byomkesh had a hunch.

True, she linked 'moonshine smile'
with teeth.

Doc said it once in the verandah.

I think he addressed
Banalakshmi then.

Perhaps, Banalakshmi
forgot the dentures.

Hearing the doc, she faked
being hit by a brick piece.

Then fell down and cut her
forehead with glass bangles.

She goes to her room
to apply medicine.

Comes back with the dentures.


Elementary, my dear.


Full of suspense!

I must make a bioscope on you.

- Mr. Ajit!
- Yes?

May have the rights to a story?

That depends on the offer.

But who'll play my role?

Shall I ask Uttam?

Yes, yes!


Uttam Kumar!

Uttam … Kumar?

Not right?

Of course, yes!

Don't listen to him.

After 'Nayak', Uttam really
excels in out of the box roles.

I've a request.

Ajit has to get
married in the film.


No matter how much Byomkesh
deals with complex social evils …

… His own life is plain
and simple.

He gives an impression of
a simple middle-class Bengali.

He doesn't have the air and pomp,
usually associated with detectives.

But, if you watch closely.