Byomkesh Bakshi (2015) - full transcript

A murder gone wrong, leaving four suspects on the way in the eastern coalfield region of India.

Let me go, sir.
I am getting late.

How do I know which
book he needs?

He had asked me to get 2 sets of
books. Just pay me for it. - Again!

Then let me leave for the day.

I will call later.

Byomkesh has gone for some work.

He'll be here soon.
Please wait for some time.

Sir, please listen to me.

Will you keep quiet.

I have not added sugar in tea.
Do I add?

No, no. Thanks.


I have to look for
a house for Shondu.

Let me go sir. I have been
waiting here since morning.

It's just a matter
of 400 rupees.

Byomkesh is never late.

He has gone for some work but he had
informed me that you will be here.

I have read your articles.

I know you both are
very good friends.

No use hiding it from you.

Sir, let me go. I have to
visit some other place too.

What are you doing amongst the
elders. - I won't go without you.

Then I don't need money now.
I will collect it later.

I am leaving.
- You have to wait here.

I don't know which book he will buy.

Sit here quietly.

Yes. What were you saying?


I am from Dhanbad.

I own three mines there.

I have deal in coal.

For the past few days,

there have been few unwanted
incidences in the mines.


Fights with the labour union.

We had to keep the mines

closed for quiet some days.

I think some one intends
to make my business suffer.

Police has already
investigated the case.

I have changed the labours.

But nothing seems to work.

So I thought

if you and Mr Byomkesh

could stay at my place for some
days and investigate the case.

Obviously in disguise.

It's completely your call
what disguise you'll take.

So you are here.


Show me this one.

Hurry up.

Open it.

Take this. Now leave.


So you are here.

Sorry I am late.

I had an urgent work.

That is the reason I am delayed.

Your train is at 8 pm.

Still time for it.

I read your letter.


What I understand from it,

we have to leave on Saturday.

Ajit, have you offered tea?


Actually, tomorrow
and day after tomorrow

I have to take care
of few pending cases.

So. It has to be.

But I would like to know
the details of the case.

Bring me tea.

'Towards the end of 60's'

'During summers.'

'After resolving the
secrets of Beni Shongha.'

'I and Byomkesh reached'

'at Bangla Bihar border.'

'There were many coal'

'mines in this city.'

'Rich businessmen came
and settled here.'

'Apart from property and wealth'

'they had immense money.'

'The money that was'


'black in colour like the coal.'

'It's very common to have trouble'

'where there is lot
of money involved.'

'At Mr Munish's coal mine,
many accidents kept happening.'

'Someone or some people instigated'

'fights among the labor union'

'and wants to make
his business suffer.'

'Byomkesh will have to
investigate in disguise.

'and figure out who
are the culprlt's.'

'So we arrive with fake names.'

'I am Sujit and Byomkesh is Gagan.'

'Initially it was decided'

'that we both will be in disguise.'

'But Byomkesh, the one who'

'is an expert in disguise.'

'I wonder why he didn't'

'take a disguise at the end.'

You'll rest today.

Tomorrow you can visit
my office and mines.

Office is close to my house.

Why do we wait till tomorrow?

Can't we go today?

Then I will inform my
Manager Mr Suroboti.

He will take you'll there.
- Do you want to say something?


I mean, Dad.

Come inside.

Let me introduce you'll.

He is Punish.

My only son.

And these are my friends.
They have come from Kolkatta.

In regards to mining business.

He is Gagan.

And he is

his partner. Sujit Bondhopadyay.

No. I mean, Indira was asking that

will they need two rooms or...
- Indira.

She is Punish's wife.

She is the only lady in this house.

After the death of my wife, she has
taken up all the responsibilities.

I think, one room

will be sufficient.

Yes. Just a matter of a few day.


Do you doubt him?

No one is a friend in
our business Mr Byomkesh.

We deal in money.


I am your client.

You are here to help me.

I should not be hiding
anything from you.

That is why I will tell you frankly.

My son is not interested
in my business.

Since his childhood,
he has been educated

int the biggest possible
schools and colleges.

He didn't had to work
hard to earn money.

To ensure that

he doesn't gets into wrong company,

I forcibly got him married.


Punish might have
many weaknesses but

he will make his
dad's business suffer.

He has still not
dared to that extent.

He is interested in

going to clubs and

enjoying with friends.

Apart from that, I don't

think he is capable of

conspiring against anyone.

Is there anyone

who had offered to buy your mines?


Sir. Govind sir.



What are they doing? Tell them.

If they can't differentiate
between an enemy

and friends, dacoit's
will get in easily.

I had to park my car
at the gate and enter.

- I came here as I heard about

the incidences
happening at your mines.

Your security guard started
questioning at the gate.

As if I am entering the Taj Mahal.

I am sorry Govindo.

Actually... - Actually the
matter is extremely simple.

Our city is full of thieves.

And managers are all useless.

We have just employed wrong people.

Just few days back,
there were few

unexpected incidences
at my mines too.

I was saving for worker's union.

Everything has been ruined since
the government

encouraged the unions for
increasing their vote bank.

Relax Govindo.

What will you have?

Beer or tea?

Tea will be fine. Are
you facing many problems?

Leave it.

Let me introduce you.

He is Mr Gagan Chakravarthy.

And he is Mr Sujit
Bandopadhyay, my friend.

I met him at Kolkatta.

He is here...
- He is the owner of our company.

He wants to invest in coal.

We are here to inquire about it.

And he is Mr Govindo Haldar.

He owns three mines.

Less sugar.


What company?


Soap, oil.

Bio-scope. Made few.

Now coal.

What Bio-scope has he done?

Everything failed.

So now we want to invest in coal.

A business that will
never suffer loss.

Also the investment will
be comparatively less.

So he thinks coal will be the best.

What do you think about it so far?

As of now, I am confused.

You will understand it.

You will understand everything
the next couple of days.

Because like Bio-scope, just
spending money will not bear fruit.

It's complicated.

Too complicated. Look at my mines.

Suddenly labour
union started raising

issues related to
underground safety.

Safety measures, etc.

Have to buy insurance.

They are provoking me.

Threatening the manager.
I know

it's no use complaining
to the police.

No use getting a
detective from Kolkatta.

I implanted my men
amongst them as spy.

There were three who caused trouble,
whom I fired. End of the story.

What did you understand? - No use
hiring a detective from Kolkatta.

Is it?
- Yes.

Munish, you have to
trust your friends.

You didn't inform me
about all these problem?

Just give me a call and
I will be here for you.

Mr Munish.

Your son wants to say something.

I was saying,

that your rooms are
ready on the 2nd floor.

The lunch is also ready.

You'll can...
- Let's go then.

We will see you later.

I told them

to stay at my house
instead of a hotel.

I want to visit your mines.

Sir it depend on
how low you can get.

My mines are not as

secure as Munish's mines.

We are use to such conditions.

Let's go Sujit.


Amazing arrangements.

Do I send you food in your room?
- Yes please.


I am informing Mr Suroboti

that you'll will be
visiting the mines.

Have lunch and rest.

I think 4 in the
evening will be fine.

Oh Yes.

Govindo Haldar is
a very cunning man.

Give me a cigarette.

He understood that we are
not here to buy coal mines.

As per you who else has understood?


Can I come in?


I mean.

If you don't mind,

I need to talk to you.

Tell me.

I am in trouble Mr Byomkesh.


What is it?

I have read all your books Mr Ajit.

Dad, I mean.

When my father-in-law
asked for your book.

I guessed it right then.

He doesn't read detective novels.

And I had seen your
photo in the newspaper.

It was published after Agniban case.

Tell me what you want to say.

I don't know why my father
in law has brought you here.

But when you are here,
I want a help from you.

I don't know about your fees too.

But this is real gold.

It's price won't be less.

Let me first hear
what is the problem.

My husband has got
involved in some terrible activity.

I think he has committed a crime
and want to know the truth.

What crime?

Few days back a business
man got murdered.

His name was Pranhori Poddar.


I think he is involved
in his murder.

He use to visit Pranhori
house very frequently.

He returned home very late
on the day he was murdered.

Since then he looks scared.

Dad knows nothing about this.

And we have frequent
fights over this issue.

Did you go to the police?


But if this issue
is not resolved,

our relation will be
completely ruined.

We can't tell anything
to dad about this.

And it will be good if you don't
tell Punish that I told you.

I am asking for your help
as I am in a big trouble.

Who is Pranhori?


use to go to his home as a big gang.

Punish has a group.

Every one is a member
of the coal club.

Coal club?

Yes. The club is for
all wealthy people here.

Females don't go there often.

But the boys go to play
card, tennis, billiard.

Why did he go to Pranhori house?

To gamble.

Few days back, he tried to get
money by mortgaging my jeweleries.

That is when I got suspicious.


He is a man.

I can accept if he gambles.

But if he is a murderer.

If he involved with the murder
then I will get separated.

I can't live with a murderer.

Keep it.

I give my word, I will help you.

If your husband is not involved

then I won't let
anything happen to him.

I don't come from a rich family.

I have a self respect.


please keep this.

My fees

is not so high.

Take it.

Keep this.

Let I finish the
investigation, then.

Let's have our lunch.
- Yes.

We are very hungry.

Can you please arrange for lunch?

Yes, sure.

Welcome Mr Gagan.

I was waiting for you. You'll
want to visit the mines.

Yes. - No problem. He is
Bishu, my maternal cousin.

He is a very good boy.

He will guide you around.

So Let's go.

At 4 in the evening,

Mr Suroboti took us

to visit the coal mines.



We have to walk a little.

The mine is close by.

Since how long have
you been working here?

Approximately 20 years.

At least 20 years.

Wow! 20 years.

What did you do before that?

Before that, I worked as
an accountant at Odisha.

Do you have too much
labour problem here?

Where don't you have labour problem?


Listen, quickly go and inform them.

Labour problem is very

common at big mines.

But I must say one thing.

If you can partner

in big coal mines,

you can earn great profit’s.


Do you stay here alone?


You have not married?
- I have.

My family lives at Cuttack.

- Yes.

Since last 20 years?
- Yes.

No. Then...


Living with the Biharis, Hindi is...

Actually my first wife

died few years back.

I remarried three years back.

So you didn't bring her here?
- No.

She is allergic to coal.

You want to visit the mines.

Is is needed to go down to
understand the business?

Absolutely. You have understood
the business very well.

How did I understand?

I too have never been down
for the last 20 years.

I think we need to look

for a mine that is on sale.

Govindo Haldar.

Govind Haldar. Don't you know him?


Byomkesh suddenly decides
to visit the police station.

Mr Suroboti, drops us
at the police station.

We know the OC of the police
station Mr Promod Borate

since the match stick case.

Mr Gagan please raise
the window glass.

It's very dusty outside.

We will be reaching the
police station soon.

I will do one thing.

I will drop you'll at
the police station as

I have to go somewhere.

You'll will get a
cab while returning.

This is the taxi stand.

Here it goes.

You will get cabs from here.
No problem.

After dropping sir, we will

go to the mine.

Send them in.
- Yes sir.

Go in.


When did you become Mr Gagan?

Even Pandav's had
to take a disguise.

Please come Mr Ajit, have a seat.

Will you'll have tea?
- Yes.

Ramdin, get three cups of tea.

I came here for an important work.

Few days back someone named
Pranhori Poddar was murdered.

Are you here for Pranhori case?
- No.

I am here for Phurjhudi Mine case.

Munish Chakravarthy has
asked me to come here.

Oh yes.

That case file is still with me.

The labour union was shot.
He is still alive.

But we couldn't do anything.

Police cannot take
care of these cases.

Mr Munish has taken
a correct decision.

Then regarding Pranhori murder?
- Yes.

His son is on your suspect list.

What do I say?

I am in deep trouble.

The 4 suspects are important
people of this city.

Big mess.

So we have to proceed
very carefully.

There is no witness. We just
have circumstantial evidence.

If I arrest even a single
person incorrectly then

I will lose my job.

Can you tell us about the
case from the beginning?

Arbindo Haldar's elder
brother owns coal mines.

Mrigan Mallik's father
is a contractor.

Modhumoy Ghosh is a lawyer.
He has immense property.

And your clients son,
Punish Chakravarthy.

I have their photos in the file.
Do you want to have a look? - Sure.

Is he Mrigan Mallik?
- No, he is Modhumoy the lawyer.

He is Mrigan Mallik.

That means this is Arbindo.
- Most dangerous of them all.

There is a club
named The Coal Club

which is frequented
by the rich people.

These four are the
members of this club.

Whatever I got to know,

they were introduced to
Pranhori in this club Itself.

How are you'll?

Do you want to say something?

Are you playing three cards? Flash?

Why are you concerned?

No, I mean...

I don't see money involved here.

Gambling is not
allowed in this club.

Outside the club?

What do you mean?

I am Pranhori Poddar.

My contact details are
mentioned in the card.

If you'll wish, you can

come over in the evening.

I have all kind of arrangements.

Drinks too.

It's fun to swim in
the swimming pool.

But isn't the sea more fun?

You'll don't look like small kids.

You'll do know how to swim?

Your turn next.

Your glass is empty. Do I fill it?

Smoke later, first play.
It's your turn.

Patience. Do all that later.


You have forgotten
about me completely.

Oh no.

Mr Pranhori.

We will play again.
- What? What? Let's move.


We have just begun.


Shuffle the cards well.

Pranhori had a beautiful maid.

Her name is Mohini.

The day he was murdered.
At night 11 O'clock

a truck was passing that way.

Mohini stopped that truck
and tells the driver

that her sir has been murdered.

Did anyone come to meet your sir?



I don't know. I was
cooking downstairs.

I didn't get to know anything.

Who visited him?

Mohini, speak the truth.

You didn't see anyone come, there's
no evidence of anyone coming here.

Here your sir is lying dead.

You are alone in this house.

Then you will be my first suspect.

Why will I do it? I informed

the police.
- Yes you can call and inform.

You can steal sir's money.

Tell me who use to come here?

4 men frequently came here.

To play card.

Who were they?

The rich men from The Coal Club.

To play card?

Why did they come here to play card?
They can play at the club too.

They gambled here. Sir ordered me
to cook for them, serve them drinks.

They didn't come here today?

They came 3 times a week.

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays.
Today is Sunday.


Till the time this case is resolved,
you will not leave this house.

I will have my security
guard monitor the house.

After questioning
Mohini, I got to know

that the men never
came by their own car.

They came by a private taxi.

There are approximately
100 taxi's in the city.

We found one of them.

He accepted too

that he had gone there
with 4 men that night.

We secretly took him to The Coal
club and identified all the four.

Arbindo Haldar, Punish Chakravarthy,
Mrigan Mallik and Modhumoy Ghosh.

But It's not possible to arrest them
based on the taxi drivers words.

That is why I am stuck.

On top of it, Arbindo's
elder brother had come here.


So Mr Promod.

I heard that the gambler has been
murdered. Fine he is murdered.

So why are you disturbing my
brother repeatedly in the club?

You were transferred
here from Kolkatta.

Do you know where you will
be transferred to next?

I feel bad to talk to you like this.

Come home someday.

Enjoy a hearty meal.

Let's sit and chit chat.

We need to see the
post postmortem report.

Yes. I will show you
the report

and introduce you to
the doctor as well.

Oh Yes, do I drop you by my car?

You'll are staying
at Mr Munish's house.

It will be good if you can drop us.
- Come.

Did you see?


Did you ask for me?


Tell me.

How are you related
to Pranhori Poddar?

Where were you on the
night he was murdered.

Please give us the details.

No, no. I mean.
Pranhori and you?

Why are you concerned
about his murder?

We are not here to identify
the murderers. We are here to

investigate the incidences
happening at your dad's mines.

Regarding that we
met inspector Borate

and we got to know
everything from him.

The sooner you tell the truth, the
quicker the mess will be resolved.

Your dad is my client.

And you are his son.

It's my duty to help.

Listen, my dad is your client.
Not me.


You may leave.

What will you'll have for dinner?

or chicken? Indira
wanted to know.

You will be punished If you
have committed a crime.

- Chicken.

Where is the security guard?

You must have surely noticed.

Just behind us.

Where are you guarding?
Inside or outside? Mohini.

Come Mr Byomkesh.

Go, go outside. Useless.


Do you want to see the room upstairs
or the living room downstairs?

The room the murder took place.
- Come.

They played cards downstairs
and the old man slept upstairs.


Body was lying here.

Where was he injured?

Behind his head.

What is this door for?

It leads to the washroom.

You can climb down
the house from there.

This was closed?

Yes, it was closed.

Are you sure?

Yes, I checked it myself.

Just the front doors were open.

If the murderer had to come in, then
he had to use the front door only.

That means...

Pranhori knew the murderer.

He Let's him and

comes here talking to him

and then is hit behind his head.

Are you sure this door was closed?

Yes, I checked it myself.

Why is the trunk open?

Oh! It was opened by us.

The key was tied to his waist.

We found 0.1 millions in
cash and a book of accounts.

It's with me. If you
want, I can give.

His relatives?


Nobody inquired.

And the office of Pranhori?

It's a very small room.

He was a small time businessman.

I don't think it did well.

Where is Mohini?



This sir will ask you few questions.

On the night the murder took

place, was the front door open?

I always locked the door once
sir slept after his dinner.

He still had to have his meal.

I was cooking, so I didn't
get to know anything.

Did any one else other than
from those 4 men come here?

I don't remember anyone specific.

Since when are they coming here?
- Around 6 months.

Other than gambling,

they must also be
having their meals here?

Sir instructed to cook
and serve them drinks.

Did any one of them
meet you separately?

What happened Mohini?
Did anyone come?

What happened? Why
are you here today?

You were not supposed
to come here today.

Do you know how much money I

gave to that old man just for...

Who came more often?

Arbindo sir.

Did you take money from them Mohini?

I am not for sale.

What was your salary?

100 rupees.

Apart from stay, food and clothing.

How long have you been
working for Pranhori?

From Cuttack.

What relation did you
have with Pranhori?


He was just addicted to
gambling, nothing else.

Sir is dead now.

Why are you sit here?

The cop instructed me.

Till the case is solved
I cannot go anywhere.

I will solve this case soon.
What then?

What do you mean?

Where will you go then?

To my native place.

Who is there at your native place.

No one.

You re not married?

Your husband?

Where is your husband?

He worked in Military.
He never returned.


I don't know.

Mohini, who else had
come here that night?

No one.

You are not telling the truth.

As there is no proof. Isn't it?

I cannot say anything
about rich people.

Just know this very well
that I am not on sale.

I will be back again Mohini.

Think well and answer.

Or you will be in trouble.

Let's go Borate.
- Yes, come.

He was hit from behind.

The injury is from
the right hand side

of his head diagonally
to his left shoulder.

Just like this.

What could have been
the weapon used?

Something heavy.

Some thing like a vase?

Nothing like that. A
bit heavier and longer.

Not sharp like a knife and

not blunt like police stick.

That means flat iron rod?
- Might be.

Actually he was hit from behind.

So no injury was found on his face.

I am sure that he was
not hit from front.

He was definitely
hit from behind.

I will keep your
postmortem report with me.


How was his sex life?

Sal leaf.

Sal leaf?
- Yes.

Safe and dry Sal leaf.

Can we inquire if
there are any police

records about Pranhori
Poddar at Cuttack?

Sure. I will inquire about it today.

What do I do about the taxi driver?

Call him at the police station.
Thank you, bye.

Mr Byomkesh.


Good Morning.

Are you Bhuvan?

Yes Bhuvan Das.

I have told everything
to the inspector.

Did you know Pranhori Poddar?



You didn't tell me.

You didn't ask me.

What did you do for him?

It was a monthly arrangement.

Daily drop the gamblers to
their office and at evening drop

them home. At the end of the
month I was paid 300 rupees.


It was a matter of earning.

Since how long have you
been driving the taxi?

1 year.

The taxi is your own or rented?

It's mine.


We will meet again.

You have to visit the
police station when called.


What happened?

Where are you going?


What is the matter?

I know you.
- Yes.

You came to my house at night.

I will let you in.
- You should.

I turn.

And you hit me on
the head from behind.

As per the postmortem report he was
hit on the left hand side. Hit me.


What happened? Hit.

The murderer is left handed.

Where are you going?
- To the Coal club.

What do I do?


Good morning Mr Arbindo.

I want to talk to you.

My name is Byomkesh Bakshi.


And he is your tail, Ajit.

I am a writer.

I guess you don't read at all.


Not Bangla.


Actually, I don't prefer reading
Bengali detective novels.


the detective wearing dhoti.

Your stories are

fine for our ladies.

But we.

Who have already read
Agatha Christy and Nicato.

Your stories are
extremely boring to them.

You can become a leader
without a sword and a shield.

But not detective.

Forget it.

You are surely not here to
discuss about your story books.

What do you want?

Why did you go to Pranhori house?

To gamble.

And Mohini?

Mohini doesn't matter to me.

I don't care what she says.

But you didn't stop
yourself from enjoying her.

Or is it a wrong?

I don't care.

First prove it.

I was there on the night
the murder took place.

And you Mr Ajit.

Try to make your stories engaging.

Byomkesh Bakshi is too boring.

Just keep blabbering.

No action.


First of all, I will
prove that you were

there on the night
he was murdered.

Shakeel, Taxi wala.

Second the murderer was lefty.

I will take just 2 minutess in court
to prove that you are lefty too.

And I will need just 2 days to find
out what was the motive behind it.

It doesn't matter if you
like Byomkesh Bakshi or not.

What matters? Think
before you speak.

One more thing. Tell
your elder brother.

Giving bribe and using his contacts
will not help you to shut the case.

Let's go Ajit.


Good Morning.

I am Mrigan. Mrigan Mallik.

I am Byomkesh Bakshi. Tell me.

I know. I saw everything.

Actually, I am a
member of this club.

I wanted to talk to you.


No, I have my car. I will drop you.

We were introduced with
Pranhori at the club.

Gambling was not
allowed at the club.

He arranged everything at his house.

We went to gamble to his
house three days a week.

Pranhori arranged

for food and drinks.


That was an additional shot.

That I didn't go for.

Did they go for it?

First Arbindo.

Then Punish.

Modhumoy is like me.

He is not interested in
anything other than gambling.



'Hey, What is happening?'

'What do you think of yourself?'

'What are you doing?'

'This is not the way.
- Leave.'

'He is a cheat. Thief.'

'You are a thief.'


'That man is cheating on us.'

'He needs to be taught a lesson.'

'He is right.
- What will you do?'

'I will have him beaten
and get back my money.'

'Arbindo is right. - If he
doesn't give back our money?'

'He is bound to give.'

'Arbindo is absolutely correct.'

'Hit him. Kill him.'

'You will kill him.
Is it so simple?'

'We go to his house daily.
We are being cheated.'

'I have lost 30 thousand bugs.'

'Everyone has lost money.
Forget about the money.'

'Have you lost your
wife's jeweleries?'

'I have lost my
wife's jeweleries.'

'40 thousand.'


'I have lost 45 thousand.'


'What do you want to say?'

'The old man keeps the'

'trunks key tied to his waist.

'Will bade him good bye,
then injure the old man.'

'And come back taking all
the money from the trunk.'

'Whatever we need to do,
we have to do it at night.'

'We just need to manage that girl.
What's her name? Mohini.'

'Forget about Mohini.'

'She is just a maid. Police will
not arrest us based on her witness.'


'I will kill him. - You are
saying the same thing repeatedly.'

Will kill him? Is it a solution?

Whether I get the money or no,
I will just kill him. - Relax.'

'Listen, we will go by the taxi.'

'We will park the taxi
behind Pranhori's house.'

'Wait here, we will be back soon.'

'We might take some
time, don't go anywhere.'

'Arbindo, why did you
get your revolver?'

'Shut up. We will move as planned.'

'As planned okay.'

'No changes. I am moving.'

'Punish, he is very angry. We will
be in trouble if he fires the gun.'

'I have a torch, you have a stick.
This is sufficient.'

'Feeling too bad for the old man?'

'He has not just taken
our money for gambling.'

'Using Mohini, he took
money from me and Arbindo.'

'Will you'll stop? I am going.'

'I didn't go upstairs.
I was alone downstairs.'

'I really don't know
where was Arbindo.'

'I won't be able to
say for sure if Punish'

'was near the taxi
or somewhere else.'

'Where is the old man?'

'He is upstairs in his bedroom.'

'Where are you going?'

'No idea, what's going on?'


'What are you doing standing here?
- Punish went upstairs.'

'Who? - Punish went upstairs,
didn't you see him?'

'Where is Modhumoy?'

'Where is Modhumoy?
- I didn't see him.'

'Don't know what to do with you'll.
- The door is closed from inside.'

'What do you mean by
the door is closed?'

'The door is locked from inside.'

'Where are you going now?
- Arbindo is acting too smart.'

'I told him that the door
is closed from inside'

'then why did
he have to go alone?'

'What does he thinks of himself?'

'Let's go.
- Modhumoy held me there.'

'Stop it. You have been repeating
the same thing. - Won't I tell?'


'Modhumoy said he has a gun.
I am not liking this anymore.'

'I have been waiting
here since a long time.'

'I too was there. What
would I have done?'

'Where were you?
- Don't act smart.'

"Nothing can be done when angry.'

'The old man is dead.
He has been murdered.'

'What are you saying? Move.
Will tell you later.'

'How did he die? Quick, hurry up.'

You don't know where was Modhumoy.


You had a knife,
Modhumoy had a torch,

Arbindo had a gun.

What did Punish have?

A small iron hammer.

After Punish went
inside, for how long

were you and Arbindo
waiting outside?

For just few minutes. Don't
remember the exact time.

Thanks for coming ahead. Hope
you are telling me the truth.

I know a lot about you Mr Byomkesh.

And Mr Ajit,

I know that your
stories are not fake.

Arbindo might think that

he can escape from you'll.

Not me.

And trust me,

I didn't kill anyone.

Who do you think did it?

I don't know.

We all have lost a lot of money.
30, 35, 25.

Modhumoy lost the most.

Let's go to Modhumoy's house.
What do you say Ajit?

No use going there.

He won't tell the truth.

Actually we had all decided
that we will not tell the truth.

In fact Punish,

called and informed us that you'll
are investigating the murder.

Then you too call
and inform Modhumoy

and inform him to
tell the truth.

Modhumoy is a lawyer
by profession.

I can show you the place.

'Mrigan leaves, showing'

'us Modhumoy's chamber.'

'We hire a cab.'

'And keep going around
Modhumoy's chamber.'

What do you think, is
Mrigan telling the truth?

You mean to say he is
deliberately lying.

All these people
have got to know that

we are investigating
the murder case.

The people who need to get
scared are getting scared.

And the actual investigation?

Just because Mr Munish paid
us in cash the case is actual.

And because we didn't take the
bangles of Mrs Indira, It's fake?

We need to resolve that too.
- We definitely have to do it.

You will do it.



Stop the car.

Yes. Stop.

Ajit, Let's go.


Come this way.

Do as I said.






Anyone there?

Let me see.

Look up.

After the accident, did you vomit

or feel giddy?

He has been badly hurt.


I am giving an injection.

He has to sleep. Complete bed rest.

Don't let him get down from the bed.

Neither the pulse not the
blood pressure is stable.

I think he should be transferred
to the hospital at Kolkatta.

I am really feeling very bad.

He is in this condition
because of me.

It always keeps happening.
Don't worry.

I will be fine by tomorrow.

No sir. No moving from the

bed for the next 24 hours.

It will be good if there
is a nurse for the next 24 hours.

I will take care of him tonight.

That is fine.

But Mr Munish, inform his wife.

Okay, I am arranging for
her to come from Kolkatta.

Not at all.

I will take care of it.
You don't worry.

It's my son's exams.
- Okay.

I too understand it.


I am good. How are you'll?

Yes, I can hear you. Tell me.

Your son is very naughty.
He is not studying at all.

Couldn't your friend give me a call?

Is he too busy?

When will he be back?


Okay. Fine.

Why did you risk not
coming in disguise?

Would all this happen if I
would have been in disguise?

Would Mrs Indira have
told us about the murder?

What is the use of the disguise?

I kept a irritating mustache for it.


Can I come in?



I mean...

Can I talk to Mr Byomkesh?

Tell me.

I mean...

The more you tell, the
less messy it would be.

We 4 friends use to go
to Pranhori's house to...

to gamble.

Mohini too was an important reason.

Because you were attracted to
Mohini. We know a lot about it.

So the sooner you tell us

about the rest,
the sooner you will be relieved.

That Mohini...
- Quiet.

Because of Mohini, I did
not say anything before.

Because if Indira hears this

it will be very bad.

Indira had told me that
she has informed you'll

about me mortgaging her ornaments.

I have no relation with Mohini.

Ajit sir, I have not killed anyone.

I am...


As much as you try to call
and alert your friends,

Mrigan is not taking any
responsibility to save you'll.

Instead, listening
to his statement we

might think that you
are the murderer.

Mrigan was the...

But Mrigan was there before me.


You said that the
bedroom door was locked

from inside. Was
it really locked?

I don't care what
Mrigan had told you'll.

Let me tell you everything
what happened that night.

We parked the taxi in a lane behind

the house and go inside the house.

Modhumoy started an
unnecessary argument

as soon as he got
got from the taxi.

I was delayed to handle it.

Mrigan and Arbindo had
already left for the house.

'Mohini is a pious woman. Isn't it?'

'In presence of the old
man she is so sweet and

when he is not around
doesn't give us a damn.'

'I won't spare the old man.
- Listen.'

'It will be wrong to shoot him.'

'Hitting him on the
head will be fine.'

'Why are you talking so much?
The driver can hear us.'

'Mrigan had reached
there way ahead of us.'

'I don't know what he did there.'

'When I reached there, he was
standing near the main door.'

'I don't know where was Arbindo.'

'Hey, where is the old man?'




'Where are the others?'

'Modhumoy is not to be seen.'

'Where were you?'

'Hey the door is locked.'

'What do you mean? - The door
is closed from the inside.'

'Arbindo is just too much.
I told him that the'

'door is locked then
why did he still go?'

'He is acting too smart.
- Let's go.'

'I have been waiting since long.
- I too was waiting there.'

'Where were you?'

'Lower your voice.
- Don't talk too much.'

'Nothing can be done when angry.'

'The old man is dead.
He has been murdered.'

'What are you saying? Move.
Will tell you later.'

Before you reached, Mrigan could
have reached the house and gone up.


Where was Mr Arbindo?

As per the plan
made in the club,

his responsibility was
to keep Mohini engaged.

But I have no clue
where was he that day.

You had no interaction with Mohini?

I was attracted to her.

I accept it. I paid Pranhori for it.

Indira is misunderstanding me. But I
don't have any relation with Mohini.

And I have not killed Pranhori.

It's up to you to believe or not.

Mr Punish.

Can you give me a light?

No need to discuss anything today.
He needs to rest today.

Can I come in?

Good morning. I am here
without your permission.

I can see that. I am busy now.

I will take some of your valuable
time. I am Ajit Bandopadhyay.

Whatever others might
have said, I know

nothing about the
murder of Pranhori.

I don't even want to know about it.

Very good.

You are well aware of the
punishment if you lie in court.

You are a lawyer or
is it just your hobby.

You are threatening me of court?

I am forced to do so.

Actually my friend was seriously
injured while he was investigating

the murder case. Which is
known as attempt to murder.

We won't run back to Kolkatta.

Don't think so much.

No use laughing.

In spite of you being a careless
son of a very influential father.

You are scared and
lying to the police.

I agree I am just a writer.

I may not have that
kind of influence

but I definitely have strong limbs.

Do you accept the challenge?

I will go away if I lose.

But if I win, you will
have to tell me the truth.

You gamble. Assume
this is gambling too.

Let's do it.

Instead of hiring a
man and hitting on the

head from behind, Let's
fight face to face.



Come on.
- Not today.

Mr Ajit.

Tell me.

Whatever you'll know is
not the complete truth.

Then what is the truth?

I didn't hire anyone
to hit your friend.


But that night, you had
been to Pranhori's house.

Pranhori was a cheap man.

A thief, a cheat, a very bad man.

That is why you killed him.

I mean, you are
doing social service.

I didn't kill him.

Who killed him?

You write detective novels.

Now your detective
friend is injured so

you are filling in the gap.

I am not a detective,

nor do I write detective stories.

Suddenly entering into my chamber

why are you trying to investigate

based on my statement?

I want to listen to your
version of the story.

I may fake it as well.

Fine, then tell it.

Benjamin, a cup of tea.

Yes sir.

'Wait here, we will be back soon.'

'We might take some
time, don't go anywhere.'

'Arbindo, why did you
get your revolver?'

'Shut up.'

'We will move as planned.
As planned okay.'

'No changes. I am moving.'

'Punish, he is very angry. We will
be in trouble if he fires the gun.'

'I have a torch, you have a stick.
This is sufficient.'

'Feeling too bad for the old man?'

'He has not just taken
our money for gambling.'

'Using Mohini, he took
money from me and Arbindo.'

'Will you'll stop? I am going.
Mohini is a pious woman. Isn't it?"

'In presence of the old
man she is so sweet and'

'when he is not around
doesn't give us a damn.'

'I won't spare the old man.
- Listen.'

'It will be wrong to shoot him.'

'Hitting him on the
head will be fine.'

'Why are you talking so much?
The driver can hear us.'

I thought that if a
bullet is shot, we

won't be able to pass
it as a theft case.

Ballistic report, etc

That is why I didn't want to go.


'What do I do?
- Where were you?'

'Lower your voice.
- Don't talk too much.'

'Nothing can be done when angry.'

'The old man is dead.
He has been murdered.'

'What are you saying? Move.
Will tell you later.'

As per you, who do you
think is the murderer?

I don't know who was
where at that time.


Did you have any relation
with Mohini? - Nonsense.

She is a maid.

But Mohini can't be trusted.

That means she la capable of murder.

Of course.

She must have killed the old
man and took away some money.


Punish said Mr Byomkesh is injured.
So I came to meet him.

Punish is not available
so I spoke to Indira.

Mrs Indira, can I get a cup of tea?

Yes, sure.

You have a good rapo
with Mrs Indira.


Mr Punish said that

on the day of the murder, when
he goes to Mr Pranhori's house.

You were alone there.

Do you remember is the main
door was open or closed?

I have told you everything I know.

If I say that you were
scared or that

you have not told us
the complete truth.

And Punish has told you the truth?

Do you know that he has
a relation with Mohini?

If you don't believe
me then ask Indira.


I too know some of it. But.

I want to understand your
and Mrs Indira's relation.

Now you are crossing your limits.

All limits have been
crossed, Mr Mrigan.

My friend was attacked.

When you have taken the
responsibility of investigation

then find the real culprit
instead of running behind me.


Where is Mohini's husband?

What detectives!

How are you feeling?

How did your investigation go?

Punish and Modhumoy.

They are not left handed.

That means the only left is Mrigan.

Mrigan and Indira

have a good rapo.

And Mohini's husband is
some how involved in this.

What are you doing? You need rest.

Arbindo was right. Had enough rest.
Now is the time for action.

Doctor has advised bed rest.

Borate had come.

He got information about
Pranhori Poddar's Odisha case.

Even there, he had started a

gambling club along with Mohini.

There was a third person too.

They came here to Shashtrinagar
to escape being caught.

Who is the third person?
- Who?

Suroboti is from Odisha.


Is Suroboti Mohini's husband?

What about him? Whats his name?

- Yes.

Your tea.


Can I ask a question?

Yes, sure.

Who informs you that your
husband gambles? Mr Mrigan?


Did he inform you about
his going there

at night as well as his
relation with Mohini?

I trust Mrigan more than my husband.


That is why you wanted
to ensure about your

husband's character and
if he is a murderer.

And if that is proved

you would have eloped with Mrigan.

I cannot live with a criminal.

Anything else?

You may leave.

Read Pranhori's
account book carefully.

In the debt column, there's no

mention of 300 rupees that is to

be given to Bhuvan Das monthly.

It's been in mentioned
at a different place.

That means.

Pranhori Poddar didn't give money to
Bhuvan Das instead, he received it.

Then Suroboti...


Let's go.


Got a call from Govindo Haldar.

Mr Arbindo wants to meet us.

Don't want to go?



We have come to meet Mr Govindo.
We want to visit his mines.

I am here for the same.

Suroboti told me.
For the same reason.

So that you come to visit
Govindo sir's mines.

For that reason.
- Yes.

For the same reason. Just tell me.

I am leaving.

Over smart.

The invitation is
waiting for us Ajit.

Yes, Let's go.

Good Morning.

Will you have some beer?

Or Jin?

Mr Detective, do you
indulge in drinks or... - No.

I do have but I will prefer tea now.

Vikas, get tea for sir.

Mr detective.

Do you want an imported one?

My local is better.

Mr Ajit, a very strange
incidence happened yesterday.

I read one

of your story.

Where you go behind your suspect.

What was the name? Satyakaam.


- Boti.


The name is bit difficult.

Tell me.
- Arthum Anarthum.



Money is the prime reason for crime.


Not bad.

A very engaging story. I liked it.

Did you invite us
here to tell all this?


Even if you don't
wear a hat and a coat,

you are not a bad detective.
You are good.

You are good man.


As a detective stories,

I would like to help you.

I want to help you a little.


This case is not very complicated.

Anything can happen anywhere.

Just like this.

So I suggest.

You need to carry a weapon.

Keep it, take it.

Let me tell you I am not a
detective. I am a Satyaneshi.

The simplified meaning of Satyaneshi in
bangla is the who you will find the truth.

For that I have never needed
a gun and will never need it.

And secondly, if you truly
want to help me then

quickly tell me the
truth like a good boy.

My friends are accusing each
other just to save themselves.

I hope you can understand that.

Then you should tell us the truth.

Yes I had been to
Pranhori house that day.

To forcibly get our
money back from him.

If needed, would have
beaten him up too.

You are telling that you
didn't hit him with your gun.


'When I went up, the
door was closed.'

'It opened by a slight push.'

Mr Punish said that the
door was locked from inside.

Ask him why did he say so?

He had a iron hammer.

If Pranhori was hit by it then...

And what was Mrigan
doing all this time?

Is this water?

- This.


That means, according to you
It's either Mrigan or Punish.

They knowingly hit him
by their left hand.

Do you'll know

that Pranhori was
blackmailing Punish and me?

Regarding Mohini.

They say

a naked man is shameless.

I don't care.

I simply don't care.

But Punish was extremely scared.

Because of his wife and dad.

Did you'll pay Pranhori

the money?
- No.

I didn't give.

Punish had given.

Mortgaging his wife’s jeweleries.

When you reach there,
where did you go?


'Does sir know that
you will be coming?'

'Mohini, I am not here
to meet your sir.'

'Your sir has sold you to me
for 500 rupees for one night.'

'I will have to claim the amount.'

'Money doesn't grows on the tree.'

'I don't know what sir has said.
It's his matter. You please leave.'


'Don't act.'

'While gambling with
your sir, didn't you'

'see our cards
and signal him about it?'


'Let me know your sign language.
- I am

unable to understand
what you are saying.'

'You can't understand anything?'

'Listen Mohini.'

'If you want then,
I will take you...'

'Hey. Where?'

'Where were you?'

That means, you directly came

from the kitchen.
You didn't go upstairs.

No use beating around the bush.

You know well that
happened after that.

Hello! Byomkesh. No, Mr Gagan.

What? Gave the tea?

What is the matter?

Instead of purchasing the mines, you
are going around police stations.

You know very well that we
are not here to buy mines.

Then you surely know that
if you try to dig a hole too

far then there are chances
of being bitten by a serpent.

You too should know this well
that if the venom is removed

then we can carry any
serpent in our pocket.

My pockets are not that small.

I am leaving.

Mr Bakshi.
- Brother.

I am talking to him.

Hey you, Byomkesh Bakshi.

You are too proud as the ministers
at Delhi had asked for your help.

The country politics
have changed a lot.

Just hiring a couple of men
to calm down labour union

don't assume that everyone
can be bought by money.

Let's go Ajit.


Are you challenging me? You are
good looking like the actors.

Do you remember the challenge?

Like your heroines, the bullet’s
here are not artificial.

Blood is not just red colour.

Thanks for reminding
about the gun.

Arbindo, if needed
do give me your gun.

Don't forget.

Let's go Ajit.

How did he leave?

Did Arbindo invite us to have us

threatened by his elder brother?

He is scared and wanted
to manage his situation.

The brother's are dangerous.

Now they won't hit on the head.
They will directly shoot us.

In your story, will Arbindo be a
fierce character with lot of action?

Stop kidding. Let's
go home and rest.

Before that Mohini.

Here he is.

Wanted to talk to you.

With me?

Yes. You frequently
come to this house,

so Let's go inside and talk.
- Listen.

I don't come here frequently.

I had 1000 rupees pending
with Pranhori sir so... - Yes.

I had to talk to Mohini too.
Come Let's go in and talk.

Come, Let's go in and talk.


Tell me.

What did you do before driving taxi?

I drove a truck.

Why did you suddenly stop driving
truck and started driving taxi?

I am growing old.

Truck driving is risky.

Who gave you money to buy a taxi?


Who gave you the
money to buy a taxi?

I took a loan.

From whom?

The one who has
given me the loan

doesn't wants his
name to be disclosed.


Okay, you may leave.


While gambling, did you
help your sir cheat?

'I signaled if others card
were better than sir's.'

'Yes, here you go.'

'And if sirs card were good'

'then I use to light
him a cigarette.'

'Mr Mrigan.'

Why did you do that?

Sir gave me a job.

He gave me food and clothes.

I had no shelter
after my husband left.

If not then I had to
become a prostitute.

You must definitely
be aware that

your sir wanted you to
do the same work.

I know.

Mr Arbindo had come to
this house on that night.

You said that he didn't come.

Sir tried to rape me.
I didn't let that happen.

Okay. That is why Mr Arbindo
killed your sir. Isn't it?

May be.

But I don't know anything.

They are rich people. Police won't
believe a poor woman like me.

That is why I didn't say anything.


You are married. What did you say?

Quickly finish your
investigation and leave sir.

Let me return to my village.

I will.

Very soon.

Let's go Ajit.

Pranhori was very notorious.

He tried to rape this helpless girl.

I don't think Mohini is
a characterless girl.

Is it?
- Yes.

What else did you understand?

Any man can become a
murderer for Mohini.



A notorious, characterless man.

The man who used everyone.
- Careful.

Who never hesitated to
resort to blackmail.

Why are we so involved
in the investigation

of such a man? Good he is dead.

Do we stop investigating this case?

Let's focus on the actual case.

Our client has given
us a handsome amount.

We have wasted a lot of time. - What
do you mean? Where are you going?


Sujit sir.

Gagan sir too.

I heard you met with an accident.
Hope you are fine now.

You know very well why I am here.

Yes. No.
- Byomkesh Bakshi. Tell me.


What do I say? There's nothing
to say. - There's lot to tell.

You know very well about the
problems at Munish sir's mines.

Who did it?

Quickly tell us whatever you know.

You have been avoiding
us for a long time. If

you don't tell then I
will have you arrested.


For what will you arrest me?

Because you are left handed.

The one who killed Pranhori
was also Left handed.

We can discuss about
the motive later.

Let us know about whatever
you know by today evening.

And yes.

I will take just 1 minute to find
out about your relation with Mohini.

How many minutes? 1 minutes.


What arrest?
- Wait, let me understand.

Wait, listen.

Did you think and say all that?

Not at all. Shot an
arrow in the dark.


Don't go around in this condition.
Go and rest.

Yes I will rest, not you.
- What do you mean?

You were investigating
the case so well.

Strike the iron when it's hot.

Doctor has advised me to rest.

Don't talk nonsense.
Tell me what I have to do.

The one who just ran away from here.

Who ran away?
- Bishwanath.

Now visit Bishwanath. If
you see anything wrong,

directly go to police station
and report it to Borate.

And call me from there.
I will leave.

'There are many
detectives on this planet'

'who reach a conclusion on the
basis of a clue or a evidence.'

'Which means they
believe in deduction.'

'Like Sherlock homes or
our very own Kiriti Rai.'

'But my friend Byomkesh'

'believes on his instincts.'

'His instincts'

'says that Mr Suroboti is fishy.'

'How much fishy?'

'Which can be known from
his maternal cousin.'

What? What are you doing?

Why are you following me?

I told you to call in the office.

Office. Offices phone.

I will hit you so hard.

Boss said you are wasting time.
Bakshi is still roaming free.

Tell me why?
- I have done everything.

I had hit him so hard.
But he didn't die.

You will die now.

You will die.

Boss said we don't have time.
Whatever possible do it tonight.

Or you will die instead.

I am giving you last
warning or be ready to die.

Mr Byomkesh.

Suroboti has been working
with me for a long time.

He is a very old employee.

He felt insulted

because of your words.

I don't know what
discussion did you'll have.

So he has decided to quit working

for me and join Govindo instead.

Govindo informed me.

The thing is

I am not able to
understand what to do?

What did you do Mr Byomkesh?

Mr Suroboti is an asset.
I am feeling bad.

I just said that he
might get arrested

for Pranhori
Poddar's murder case.

Isn't it Mr Suroboti?

Who is Pranhori?

I am telling who is Pranhori Poddar.

He was a wanted
criminal at Odisha.

He came here and
started a gambling club.

Then he cheated a
few rich people

in gambling and was
enjoying their money.

You must have heard
that few day back

someone or some people
have murdered him.

Please trust me, I don't
know anything about

Pranhori's murder. You are
harassing me unnecessarily.

Yes, yes. But the problems
at Mr Munish's mines.

You do know about it.

Your maternal cousin, Bishwanath.

He is in police custody and
has accepted everything.

Vinay, bring him in.

Come in.

What is there in your
suitcase Mr Suroboti?

Hey you lizard.
- Hey Suroboti, how dare you?

No body will move.

I will take Munish sir with me.

I will shoot if anybody moves.

Stop moving. I will
shoot if you move.

Have you'll understood?

Mr Munish sensed that
somebody intentionally

created problems at his mines.

Mr Govindo bribed Suroboti
to create problems

at your mines and
eventually shut it down.

Because he wanted to
take over your mines.

Flop. This all nonsense.

Whom are you telling all this?
Are you sane?

When Mr Suroboti gets to know
that you have appointed me.

He hires a local goon

and disguise him as
his maternal brother,

and tries to hinder
our investigation.

All the help was
given by Mr Govindo.

What do I say?

How is it related with
Pranhori's murder?

There's no relation. Not at all.

It's just that your brother got
involved with that notorious man.

You could have let
go these two cases.

Why is just my brother
being mentioned?

Your clients son. Is he innocent?

Here, Punish.

Didn't you mortgage your wife's
jeweleries and take money from me?

To give the money to Pranhori
as he was blackmailing you.

No use diverting the
topic Mr Govindo.

Let us first resolve
the coal mine case.

Then we will move to the
Pranhori murder case.

Mr Suroboti. Take the gun away.

You won't be able
to escape from here.

There are many cops
standing outside.

Now open the suitcase.

I know the office money from
the locker is there in it.

Just to get some extra money
you could betray Mr Munish.

Munish sir, I...

The world is running
behind money Mr Bakshi.

You know so much and
are ignorant about this.

Munish is at profit
if the production

at my coal mine doesn't
happen properly.

Visa versa. If he has problems
at his mines, I am at profit.

This Suroboti.

He gets monthly salary
from Munish.

But is not satisfied.
He wants more money.

So he works for me. This
Biswanath, who hit you on your head.

For what? Money.

Your client's son. For
what does he craves?


This is our world.

Our world.

Money is the last word.

Why are we discussing so much?

Aren't you investigating
so much for money?

You won't understand why

I became a detective.

Anyway Mr Borate.

I will keep your gun
with me for sometime.

I hope, everything will
be back to normal now.

Let's go Ajit.

Where are you going Mohini?

Do I sit here untill the
murder case is resolved?

How many days can one wait?

If I say that you are going to
your native place in Bhuvan's taxi.

Mohini has rented my taxi
to return to her village.

And if I say that Mohini is running
away from here with her husband.

Prove it.

You will prove it Bhuvan.

I believe that you are the husband
who did not return from military.

At Odisha, when Mohini
lost everything and starts

working for Pranhori. You
were not there for her.

Pranhori opens a gambling club along
with Mohini to cheat rich people.

At that moment, you return
and are in need of money.

And Mohini craves for a family.

Pranhori gives you
money to buy a taxi.

And you gave him 300
rupees per month for it.

And in return

Pranhori will tempt the men for
Mohini and cheat them as well.

You both needed money and
also wanted to live together.

So you'll tolerate
everything quietly.

When Pranhori escapes from
Odisha and comes here.

You'll too come here
to escape being caught.

Pranhori was using us.

He was using Mohini.

So you'll couldn't do anything.

You knew very well that Pranhori
was planning to sell Mohini.

You couldn't do anything as the
loan was still to be repaid.

Mohini used different tricks
and kept the men at bay.

As Mohini just loved you.

She really loves you.

"Eat it.'

You and Mohini wanted an opportunity

to be free from Pranhori.

Isn't it Bhuvan?

You will say the

rest Bhuvan.

If not then I will shoot.

Will you...

Will you be able to prove?

When I first saw you Bhuvan.

You were changing the car's Tyre.

And you were changing
it using your left hand.

I drive a car.

I use both my hands.

When you have given me the gun then
what is the use of standing here.

Let's go Mohini.

What is the hurry Bhuvan?

First finish the story.

Mr Byomkesh, I am right on time.

Exactly when needed.

What Bhuvan? Tell us
quickly or I will shoot.

That day when

they came in my taxi

to kill the old man.

I thought that this
is the best chance.

'Wait here, we will be back soon.'

'We might take some time,
don't go anywhere.'

'Arbindo, why did you
get your revolver?'

'Shut Up.'

'Punish, he is very angry. We will
be in trouble if he fires the gun.'

'I have a torch, you have a stick.
This is sufficient.'

'Feeling too bad for the old man?
'Will you'll stop? I am going.'

'It will be wrong to shoot him.'

'Hitting him on the
head will be fine.'

'Why are you talking so much?
The driver can hear us.'

"What do you want?
Let's go inside first.'

'Why did you come through the
back door so late at night?'

'Let's go inside.'

'What nonsense.'

'Doesn't have any work, gets
in through the back door.'

'All the trouble at night.'


And the back door?

It was open.

I assume it was
Mohini who locked it.

'Mohini, when you
come to serve food.'

'You see that the old
man is lying dead.'

'And the back door is open.'

'As you knew that the route
was used by Bhuvan only.'

'So you go and lock that
door and save Bhuvan.'

When will the police be here?

We will have to inform them.

It will take time.

I think, first the police will

inquire at the station.
What is your opinion Ajit?


And if they run away by taxi then,

they will be able to go very far.

Let's go.

What happened?

What do you mean?

Mr Byomkesh.



Mr Byomkesh. What happened?

You let them go?

Mr Ajit. Listen.

What happened?

Mr Aurbindo, give me a cigarette.

Will inform the police after the
smoke. - Me too. If you have one.

Yes, you may take it.

That driver...

You let them go?

A bad, notorious man is dead.

What can be better than that?

Yes that is fine but Bhuvan
will not be punished. Is it?

Why will he not be punished?

You let them escape.

He will have to keep
running throughout his life.

He will not be
able to settle down.

He will always have to be in
a disguise with a fake name.

Is there a bigger
punishment than this?


Your gun was with Bhuvan.

He worked in military.
A desperate man.

If I delayed by just 2
second, you would have...

Yes this is...

He was wrong here. Wasn't he?

Your detective who wears a dhoti

won't do such a mistake.

Put the gun down.

Why what is the problem? Hold it.

'People incorrectly address my
friend Byomkesh as a detective.'

'He is actually Satyaneshi.'

'He doesn't help to catch
thieves and dacoit's.

'It's very important for him'

'to bring out the truth.'

'That is why in most of the cases'

'Byomkesh leaves
the task of getting'

'hold of the criminal on the cops.'

No, no. Does he know anything?

It cannot happen repeatedly.

I am just winning the game.
Stop your nonsense.

Ajit, this is not done.
- You are cheating.

Where am I cheating?
Stop talking nonsense.

When you have lost...
- Lower your volume.

My son is sleeping.
- Okay.

You are cheating.


C. Write.

- A.

'Murder is a punishable crime.'

'Just like Byomkesh,
I too know that'

'the society whose foundation is
established by the black money'

'That society is prone to'

'greed, crime, selfishness'

'jealousy as well as blood shed.'
- You can't do anything?

In that society, greedy people like
Pranhori Poddar and Govindo Haldar.'

'If one dies, ten take birth.'

'So Satyaneshi like Byomkesh'

'may dress in dhoti or pant'

'In this society, we need them'

'and will need them always.'


'Unexpectedly our telephone'

'will suddenly ring.'


'Can I talk to Mr Byomkesh?'

Who is it?

I am Nishanath Sen.