Byleth (Il demone dell'incesto) (1972) - full transcript

A boy is possessed by Byleth, the demon of the incest. He wants to madly love his sister, but his tragic end will be the natural epilogue of this morbid tale.

You're incredible, a wonderful lover.
But what is your wife going to say?

Oh, my wife doesn't have independent
opinions. She only knows abstinence.

Such a pity.

She thinks living a life
of abstinence is a virtue.

Has she ever experienced
how amusing immorality is?

Damn it.

We spend so much money
for our own pleasure.

Time to go, my dear.

You'd better leave.

And I'm tired. You've been
a little too exuberant.

What a pity, all the nice
things are always too short.

Eternal happiness is
only in paradise.

And it's also free.

Here, my dear.

When can I see you again?

Whenever you want.

As long as you have
time and money.

I'll see you again soon.


Are you there?

Who are you?

What do you want?
What do you want? Help!

Who are you?

No! No! Please don't!

- Did she have any enemies?
- Enemies?

I don't know about that,
but she was a prostitute.

- Look for all her clients.
- Yes, sir!

Let's go.

- The duchess has just arrived.
- Take the horse to the stable.

- Good morning! - Good morning!
- The duchess is in her room.

I know, gisella. Thank you.

Thank you!


My dear!


My dear...

Avyear is long...

So long.

Wonderful! You're back!
Let me take a look at you!

We must never be apart again.

Let me look at you...

- It's not possible.
- What?

- It's just not possible.
- But what?

You've become even
more beautiful!

I've been on a train during my
english stay, it's the latest trend.

- Is it really as fast as they say?
- Yes, but it fouls the air!

I guess progress stinks!

I was most impressed when I
saw venice. It's like a dream.

Unlike Rome, it radiates
an infinite peace.

I've never seen anything more
beautiful, but maybe I'm exaggerating.

Because there's no place like
this in the whole world.

This place where my
heart beats faster.

A gift for you, my knight.

Are you dreaming, lionello?

Yes, and it's a wonderful dream.

I got married.

How could you do that?

I shouldn't have come back,
maybe you'd have preferred that!

- How long have you been married?
- A few months.

I begged you to come
with me when I left,

but you didn't want to
make any sacrifices. Why?

- Why?
- You didn't tell me. How could you

still write me letters,
or even think about me?

What about the promise we
made when we were little?

You said we'd
stay together forever.

But we're adults now! Brothers and sisters
can't get married, you know that!

Why don't you try leaving
your world of dreams?

There's giordano.

Meet my husband.

This is my brother, lionello.

Pleased to meet you.

For being siblings, you
don't look very much alike.

Barbara told me a lot about you.

But enough with being formal.

Yes, as you wish.

I welcome you to
villa shandwell.

Thank you.

I hope that you'll soon
be our guest in Rome.

I'm afraid your brother
doesn't like me very much.

Don't say that, giordano,
it's not true.

Well, I had that impression.

However, I think lionello is suffering from
the thought of having to part with you.

Be honest with me, Barbara.

Are you happy?

Yes, of course I am.
You doubt that?

No, I don't.

What is it, Barbara?


Looking for something
in the mirror?

Lionello, please come have
some tea with us.

- What did you do?
- Nothing.

You look so absent.

I just went for a ride.

- Do you still have that white horse?
- Yes.

- I wouldn't trade it for any other horse.
- You're right.


You're here.

Lionello will keep you company.

- I'll be back in a moment.
- Hurry!

So, how are things
going, my dear lionello?

I know that one of your
passions is riding horses.

It's a sport of virtues:
Courage, boldness and fortitude.

My passions are horse riding
and hunting wild boars.

Killing the beast in front of
you in a matter of seconds,

that's one of the greatest
excitements a man can experience.

Don't you think so?

Do you like hunting?

I loathe it. I don't
like killing.

You're a gentleman.

You're probably a good fencer.

I know a great strike technique,
maybe it'd interest you.

- Would you like to try it together?
- If you wish.

You see, according
to lord halifax,

this strike cannot be beaten.

But it's easy to parry,
if you know the secret.

Why don't we try it together?

Well done!

En garde.

Enough! Stop it!

What have you done?
Are you crazy?

Let me see it.

You're too impulsive.

I don't understand your brother.

It was my fault, not his.

Lionello is very sensitive.

Nothing happened. Nothing.



Come to me. Come to me...

Are you afraid of me, perhaps?

What's wrong with you?
Don't you like me?

What's wrong? Lionello?

Lionello, it's true what
they say about you.

What are you talking about? And how
dare you talk to me like that?

You're just a worthless slut!

Slut! Slut! Slut!

Go away!

Let me in!

Stop bothering me,
leave me alone.

Come on, let me in!

We found the body in the park, but there
wasn't enough blood for a throat wound.

So it seems that the murderer,
instead of fleeing the scene,

and despite the risk of being seen,
dragged the body to another location.

- The other woman had the same exact wound.
- Dolores, the prostitute?

Correct. So we can assume that we're
dealing with the same killer.

A killer who favors killing women
and always uses the same weapon.

And a strange weapon at that. It
seems to be made of three blades.

It's the first time I've
encountered such a case.

I agree, I've never seen
anything like this either.

I suspect the kohlers.
They are mysterious people.

- Permission to leave, judge?
- Of course, you can go. - Thank you.

By the way, doctor,
how's Duke lionello?

He's better now.

The murder really upset him. That young
man doesn't have very steady nerves.

Can I talk to him? - Yes, but don't
tire him. - Don't worry. - This way.

Thank you, lieutenant.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- Countess...
- Why are you here, darling?

I begged you to get some rest.

What's happening here?

I beg you to forgive me, madam, but it is
my duty to... - Of course. Sit down, dear.

I'd like to talk
to your brother.

- Is it necessary? - Yes.
- Now?

It's necessary.

But... lionello is very sensitive.
This murder really upset him.

I know. - He had a serious nervous
breakdown. He needs to rest.

Has he ever suffered similar
breakdowns in the past?


During childhood, when
he was about ten.

One day he ran away while we were playing
in the garden. It was all so sudden.

Our father had recently passed.

I found lionello...

Behind a bush, rolling in the
dirt and foaming at the mouth.

He kept repeating a
word, over and over.

I don't remember it exactly,
it was a strange word.

What word?

I don't remember.

Something like...

Like a foreign name.


Then he fainted.

He had other crises
from time to time.

Then, at some point,
they disappeared.

Please, judge...

Don't worry, madam. I will take your
brother's health into consideration.

- I'll take you to him.
- Please.

Excuse me, dear.
Follow me, judge.

Please, madam, don't worry
about your brother.

He'll get better soon.

- Thank you, doctor.
- It's nothing.

- Good morning, Duke.
- Good morning, judge.

- Please, come in.
- Thank you.

I hope you'll forgive
me for disturbing you.

I know you're still
not feeling well.

- I feel fine again.
- I'm really pleased to hear that.

I'm sorry I have to ask again about
something that really upset you.

Did you know that girl well?

I knew her as much as
you can know a servant.

She was away with my sister for almost a year.
Even before that I barely talked to her.

Besides, I'm not at
home most of the time.

We happened to meet each other some
time ago, Duke. And by pure chance.

- Would you like something to drink?
- No, thanks.

You were on a beautiful
white horse.

It was the day that
prostitute was murdered.


I'm sorry for the indiscreet
question but, talking man to man...

Did you know her?


I'm talking about Dolores. The
prostitute who lived in via Dell'arco.

I hope I haven't offended you.

I know that she had a lot
of powerful clients.


I'm talking about Dolores.

You didn't hear any
noises last night?


No noises or screams?
You didn't hear anything from your room?

I was in the park last night.

In our hunting pavilion.

I slept there.

They woke me up when
they found her dead.

You really can't remember
anything about that girl?

Think about it. Even just a little detail
that might seem insignificant to you.



Do you know if she had a
relationship with someone?

With one of your other
servants, perhaps?

Now that I think of it,

I believe I saw her
with the groom.

What is the groom's name?


But I'm sure he's innocent.

- I see. Sorry for bothering you.
- It's no problem, judge.

After you.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

What have I done? What
are you looking for?

Shut up.

- Lieutenant! - No questions.
- Tell me what my crime is!

- Lieutenant!
- What?

Whose blood is this? - I don't know!
I swear I haven't done anything!

What do you want from me?

Let me go!

I didn't do anything! I swear! Believe me!
I didn't do anything!

I don't know why you're reading that book,
my dear. I found it a terrible bore.

You're so funny.
Give me back my hat.


What are you thinking about?

I'm remembering a day like this.

We were about nine
or ten years old.

The sun was shining on
you like it is now.

Barbara, I have a secret.
A big secret.

What is it? Don't you want
to tell me your secret?

- My lips are eternally sealed.
- Oh, my.

How can I open them?

With our magic ritual.

Eye on eye.

Nose on nose.

Lips on lips.

Open your lips.

Tell me your secret.


Some very strange things
are happening to me.

And I feel I'm not in
control of myself.

You must help me.

I'll help you!

- What is it?
- Not now.


I have to go.

- You must. Remember our pact.
- Barbara!

We've sworn that if one of us needs help,
we'll always be there for each other.


I'll see you tonight.


Lionello's isolation
isn't good for him.

We must help him.

We'll have a party. It'll give him the
chance to meet other people his age.

I'll also invite my
cousin floriana.

What do you think?

She's beautiful and intelligent.

I think she could be the
right woman for him.

- Have a nice journey?
- Thank you.

This is my wife.

Welcome, floriana.

This is lionello,
my brother-in-law.

Let's go inside.

Giordano has already told
me a lot about you.

Excuse me, dear. I would
like to talk to our friends.

- Of course, darling.
- Just a few minutes. - Yes.

Thank you.

- Let's go, doctor.
- With pleasure.

- It was really a nice time.
- Interesting.

- Wasn't it dangerous?
- No, no.

Shall we go, reverend?

- As for wines, I have a very special knowledge.
- I know, I know! That's in our family.

Yes, yes.

Quite a peculiar hypothesis.

But we couldn't take it
seriously, I'm afraid.

It must be a joke.

It's not a joke.

These crimes were
committed by byleth.


Byleth, byleth, byleth, byleth, byleth...

Barbara, I didn't
hear you coming in.

What is it, my dear?
Don't you want to sit down?

Demonologists believe legions
and legions of demons exist.

It isn't easy to count
them, of course.

And it isn't any easier
to know all their names.

However, we know the names and
behaviors of plenty of demons.

Their characteristics, their
habits and their evil attitudes.

Some demons are quite famous.

Think about Lucifer, belial,
belfagor, behemoth, astaroth...

Or byleth, the demon
with the face of an angel,

and the deep eyes
of the holy dancers.

We know that byleth appears on a
white horse to possessed people.

When byleth appears, the ground is
shaken by the hooves of the white horse.

One can also hear something like the
sound of drums in the distance,

as if announcing an
imminent disaster.

Byleth is the ultimate
murderous demon.

He kills his victims with a
cursed three-bladed knife.

Those three blades are his evil answer
to the concept of the holy Trinity.

He kills his victims by stabbing
them in the throat. Like this.


What happened, Barbara?


Wait a second.


Did you have a dream?

Was it a bad one?

Tell me!

That name...



When I heard that name tonight
I felt that I knew it already.

It happened a long time ago...


This name...

I was dreaming something that...

Something that happened...


Something that happened the day I
found lionello behind the bush.

Do you remember?

- I told you about it.
- Yes, I remember.

He was saying a strange word...

A name.

Byleth... byleth!
He was saying byleth!

Calm down, my love, please!

- How can you be so sure, Barbara?
- He was saying byleth...

- You were just a little girl.
- No, no, he was saying byleth...

This book is titled la merveilleuse
histoire des demons et des anges.

You can find everything
about byleth here.

Very interesting.


How do you summon a demon?

There are many ways.

It's all written in the book.

These are some spells.

This is a popular spell:

I invoke you in the name of the great
living god adonai tetragrammaton yehovah.

- Tetragrammaton...
- And so on.

And... a demon...

Is it possible to
banish a demon?

You mean out of the body of a
possessed person? - Of course.

Yes, using an exorcism. I've
personally performed some.

With the help of the lord.

What happens to the person possessed
by byleth, if no one intervenes?

The person will kill
and live in incest.

All this land belongs
to my family.

See that abandoned village over there?
Nobody knows why its residents left it.

I could take you to visit it,
one of these days. - I'd love to.

It's a fascinating place.

I go there quite often.

- Are you up for a race?
- Lionello! Wait for me!

Wait for me!


Lionello? Where are you?


- Let me help you.
- Thanks!

Thanks for these beautiful days.



I forget about everything
else when I'm with you.


It's the first time I've had
such feelings for a woman.

- Except for my sister.
- But love isn't...

Yes, of course. All I
wanted to say was...

That I love my sister
like a brother does.

I understand.


Sometimes you look like
my sister Barbara.

That's very flattering. Your sister
is such an extraordinary woman.

I envy her.

Lionello! Where are you going?

Don't leave me alone! Come back!

Is that all?

Yes. When our father
died, lionello...

Put all the things we
managed to save into this chest.

Save from what?

Our father died in a fire.

We never knew what caused it.

Giordano, what are you looking for? There's nothing
that would interest you among those papers.

In the name of the great
adonai tetragrammaton...


- Is this a portrait of your father?
- Yes.

Lionello came here often, right?


We came here very often, especially
when lionello was feeling depressed.

You're hiding something
from me, giordano.

You must forgive me, Barbara, if you
think I'm trying to dig into your past.

But it's very important.

Why did lord shandwell
leave england?

I... I don't know why...


To escape a trial. People say...

A witchcraft trial?


And then a man came along...

Lionello! What happened?

Where is floriana?

The man with the black cape...

The man with the black
cape came to meet me.

- Lionello, please...
- Where is floriana?

- Please, answer us.
- Answer.

Answer me, lionello.

My poor lionello.

Answer me, lionello.





Answer. Answer.


Please answer, lionello.





The man with the black cape...

What did he say?

The man with the black cape...

- What does that mean?
- Maybe he's delirious.

He covered me with his cape.

His black cape.

A man on a white horse.

What's he talking about?


Where is floriana?

What happened?

You must tell me. Answer.

She was with you.

Where is floriana?

Giordano, he's delirious.


My dear...

Tell me what happened next...

What happened next?

I... I don't remember.

I think I was...

I think I was on my horse.

The horse galloped
through the park.

I felt...

Like the horse didn't
even touch the ground...

Why did you come back alone?

Like it didn't even
touch the ground...

It was like this!

I don't know!

Let's start searching here!
Come on!



- Found anything?
- No, still nothing for now.

- We have to find her!
- We'll do our best.

Let's try this way!

Forward, people!

- Here! She's here!
- We found her!

We have to inform the judge.

Lionello, a murderer?

I can't believe it.

- No...
- I can't say it with certainty, madam,

but there are many clues
that point to your brother,

and too many mysterious

And his, if I can use this
term, mental illness,

unfortunately drives us to
make terrible suppositions.

Do you think he could
have been influenced

by some supernatural tales, like
the ones poor father clemente told us?

Those could have perversely
instigated him to commit those acts.

And facts are facts, I'm afraid.

Can't we do anything
to help him?

Is there no way?

Out of consideration for you,
the only thing I can do now,

until this crisis has passed, is let
him stay here, guarded at all times.

I'm sorry.

But I will have to interrogate
him immediately, though.


Judge, I beg you!

Lionello is very sick,
the doctor can tell you.

- I implore you to wait, please.
- I'm sorry.


He couldn't have gotten too far.

He's probably hiding in the park.
Lieutenant, search the area with your men.

Yes, sir.

They're going to kill him.

He's going to be murdered by them...


Why would they kill him?

A few days ago...

It seemed that lionello
wanted to tell me something.

I just remembered it.

He told me he had a secret.

What secret?

He didn't want to tell me.


Do something, I'm begging you.

Save him.

- Yes.
- You must find him.

- You must find him before the others.
- Yes.

But where would I find him?

Maybe I know.


Where is he?

Among the ruins...

Of the abandoned village.

He once told me that
he goes there often.

When he wants to be
away from everyone.

All right.

I'll send you a message
if I manage to find him.

Then you'll join me and we'll
help him leave the country.

It's the only way
to avoid a scandal.

A scandal or a trial. We
could have him cured.

It's the only way.
Do you understand?

Lionello is sick.

And he's dangerous.


Save him.

Save him, I beg you.



Lionello! It's me!
Barbara is waiting for you!

Lionello, where are you?



My dear. Thank goodness.

Where have you been? I was
so worried about you.

Lionello! What's wrong?


- I'm just very tired.
- Come on.

Lay down on the bed.

This is blood! Are you hurt?

I got hit by a branch while I
was riding through the forest.

Where's giordano?
Did you see him?

He was looking for you.

- Giordano?
- Yes.


Why did you leave me for him?


Because of you.

- I had to marry him.
- You shouldn't have!

Say something!

My lips are eternally sealed.


Open up to me.

My dear lionello...

It's useless to keep pretending.

A love like ours deserves
to be fully lived.

And no law could stop us.






No, no!

No, no...

Not this time, byleth.

No... no...


Go away!

This time you went too far!

This time my sister became your victim!

I'm waiting for you.

I'm not afraid of you anymore!

Where are you? Why are
you running from me?

Byleth, where are you?

Damned demon, come out...

Out of your abyss!


I'll force you to fight me...

I order you to
manifest yourself!

I order you!

I'll show youl!


Here I am!

I'm waiting for you!

Come here.

Come here!

Damn you! I'll set
myself free from youl!

Fight me! Fight me!

You'll die with me...


Subtitled by francesco massaccesi