Bygones Be Bygones (2017) - full transcript

Zafer, a sailor living with his mother Döndü in a coastal village in Izmir, has just broke up with his girlfriend Mehtap whose father is also a sailor. While Döndü and her friend, Fahriye try to help Zafer to marry someone and have his own family, a famous and talented actress, Asli surprisingly attends Zafer's boat tour. Then Asli and Zafer find themselves getting to know each other...

BREAKFAST 08:30-10:30

In the name of God.

Toys everywhere.

This place is like a toy store.

Let's get a photo of us. Come on.

-Come on, smile.

-And one last one.

-OK, sweetie.
-It's come out great.

Really great.

Dear God.

Son, I didn't see you there.

Be a bit careful, can't you?

Sorry, son.
There's dust everywhere, look.

Summer is so busy
there's no other time to water.

Welcome. From Istanbul, are you?

Yes, Istanbul.

When are you going back?

-Excuse me?
-Where are you staying?

At the Horales Hotel.

They say it's dirty there. Huh?


-Is it dirty? Huh?
-I don't know.

The bedbugs have moved in, right?

Anyway. Have a nice day.

Watch out for your health.

You can't stay just anywhere.
Or eat just anywhere.

They put breakfast outside
five hours beforehand.

Bees and flies mate on that salami.

They get happy.
They rub their legs together.

That TV doctor says
they hide their eggs in salami.

So when you eat that salami
you eat those eggs.

Just thinking about it makes me ill.

I had two arteries switched.
My coronary artery.

I never eat salami. Don't you either.
Eat light in the heat. OK?

Anyway. Stay well.


I have nice rooms here. Take a look.

Homemade baklava, pastries.
Bring your friends.

Fetch your bags.
You can't stay just anywhere.

Off you go then.

Look, honeybun.
Aren't they beautiful?

But is anyone in charge here?

-Is there anyone in charge?
-Anyone here?

There is, but the man's sick.
He won't hear. Shout.

Shout "Mustafa!"


Shout, shout. Mustafa!



Enough. He can't hear.
I have a headache.

Come back this afternoon.

The man must be asleep.
He can't hear anyway.

Off you go.

I wonder if she's up?

Oh, God.


What's up?

I'm on a roll. What does it look like?

Come here. Get me up.
I'm all in pieces.

What were you doing in the dark?

Fatma, come on.

-Get me up.
-Come on.

Get me up.

Fatma, hold on tight. Don't let go.


Why were you on the floor?

Cleaning up the guests' mess.

People have no shame left.
They were at it like rabbits all night.

The noise. Try sleeping with the noise.

"Oh, ooh, ah, agh!
Slow down, baby. Slow down."

I couldn't sleep a wink.

-You listen at the door, Fahriye?
-I don't need to.

They insist on yelling.

To make celibates jealous.

"Baby, do it like this."
"Baby, do it like that."

It's like parking a car.

Just listen to you.

-Do people have no shame?
-Not youngsters, Fahriye.

What can they do?

Granny! Pow!

For goodness sake! He's no child.

Ahmet, come here.
Leave Granny in peace.

-Morning, Mom.
-Morning, dear.

Ramazan, what happened to you?

I'm spraying the restaurant.

Those bugs have laid eggs.
Now's the time to spray. They bite.

-Of course.
-If you stamp your foot,

bugs fly up in a big swarm.

Don't, son.

I told Cenk it wasn't on. I said I'd do

He doesn't care.
And he calls himself manager.

Ignore Cenk. Just let him run the place.

He'd soon care if the building was his.

It's lucky we're here, mother.

Bravo, son. Know the value of things.
Don't ever change.

Look after what you own, dear.

Ahmet, be good for Granny, OK?

Come on, honeybun.
We'll be late.

-Have a good day.
-Coming, honeybun.

There we go.

Off you go then.

Gran, where's Uncle?

Look, here he is. Here's your uncle.
Zafer. Your lover's here. Come on.

-Nephew. How's it going?

Mom, where's the pair to this?

Where did you find that, Zafer?

I bet you made a mess of the place.
Give that here.

-There were two of them.
-You'd need a death wish to use it.

-Come on.
-Let go. Where's the pair?

-Totally gone?

-Totally gone.
-OK. I'll use this. Bye.

Zafer, what shall I cook tonight?

I'm staying on the boat, Mom.

-Morning, Fahriye.
-Morning, Zafer.

Oh, son.

Oh, my star-crossed boy.

I feel so bad, Fahriye.

He's been like this since his break-up.

He's flipped.

You can't live on a boat all year.

If I ask, he says:
"I'm fine. Leave me alone."

How can I
when he has that blank stare?

Was he like this before?

I feel so guilty, Fahriye.

-Shall I make coffee?

Off you go. Stop eavesdropping.

Go ride your bike. Go on.

Run along. Ride your bike. Off you go.

OK, Dad.

-Hello, Mehtap.
-Hello, Zafer.

-How are you?
-Fine. You? Off to sea?

Hope so. After some maintenance.

Let's hope, Zafer.

Nothing beats the sea. Does it, Zafer?

-May God keep you together.

What does your dad do, Mehtap?
Isn't he a sailor, too?

Goodbye, Zafer.

Women are programmed
to put the knife in.

Breaking up doesn't spare you either.

Listen to her:
"Off to sea again? Good luck."

Yes, I'm going to sea. I will till I die.

Yes, go on. Look at her, lust after her.


A thief like his father.

You're no match for my daughter.

Metin, here.

-Take this lot.

Stick it under the bow.

-You tightened the propeller?


-Life without love isn't living.

Right. No.

Swig away.
Love's right there in your hand.


Give him a hat
or he'll die on us in the heat.

Open up the engine.

-What is it?
-Twelve over eight.

OK, leave it.

Why on earth do you feel guilty?

Was it you who broke them up?

That devil İbrahim
put ideas in the girl's head.

I don't know, Fahriye.

I was a bit tactless sometimes.

I'm wondering
if it was something I said.

I'm a witness.

You called her a slumdog beauty.

A bimbo with cankles.

You called her flighty.

But you've stood firm as a mother.

-I hear you on that.

You worry your whale of a son
won't get another chance.

-What's done is done.

-It's bad to want too much.
-What's done can't be done.

I don't like it.
We must do something.

Ahmet, enough.
Stop spinning like a moth.

I've been dizzy all day.
Where does he get the energy?

He's no child. He runs on batteries.

No one in the family has that kind of

Ah, now he's fallen off. Dear God!

He'll kill me.
I only have an ounce of life in me.

Damn that bike of yours. Enough! Get up.

I'm gonna trash that engine, smash it,
do something to it.

What's up, Zafer?

You're asking me?

Well, the pressure was rising,
but I don't know...

Metin, I can barely control
what's rising in me against you.

You ask me what's wrong
like some kind of tourist.

It's your job to know.

And you want to be a sailor.

But to be fair,
seamanship isn't in our blood.

So much for being circled by sea
on three sides.

Your dad's thing is circled.

-Another breakdown, Captain?
-No, just maintenance.

If the pipe's blocked, I have a spare.

No, I have one, thanks.

Don't worry about me.

OK, I'm going down below.

-Slowly rev the engine when I say.
-OK, Captain.

-Metin, start.

A bit more.

OK. A bit more?

-Wait. No. Wait.

-Here's some more.
-Stop, stop.


Stop, stop, stop!

Damn you!

Damn you. Stop, stop!

You said to go for it.

Yes, but I said slowly.

Did I tell you to max out?

No, but you keep cranking the thing up.

And what happens?
You make things worse.

I told you, sell the boat.
But you won't listen.

Let's get you a decent engine.
What's with this noise all day?

Chuff, chuff, chuff, like a steam engine.

It's enough to shorten your life.

Chuff, chuff, chuff, like a steam engine.


Turn down the music.

It pulls in customers, Cenk.
The place can handle it.

It's good for us, too, Cenk.
A little entertainment.

Exactly. Mother likes it, too.

The place should be merry
if she turns up.

Aynur, turn down the music.

Are you running the place or me?


The place should be merry for his mom.
I'm ready to lose it.

We're talking the Addams family.

What's up, Cenk?
Why are you talking to yourself?

-Nothing, İbrahim.
-They finally made you crazy, huh?

You know what I say?

If someone decent bought this place,

and you ran the place as you wanted,

-would it be so bad?
-No, absolutely.

If I bought it, for example.

And if I paid you a cut of profits
rather than a salary,

-how would that be?
-Beyond classy.

It would.
I just have to figure out a way.

-These fences are nice.
-That's Döndü coming.

No problem.

-I'll show you.
-Winter is coming.

Go on, son. Snap away.

But then you'll be in it.

The place is ours.
Go on. Snap what you like.

Didn't we speak this morning?

-How are you?
-Fine thanks.

-Are these your friends?



This place is ours.
My daughter makes the mezes.

Look, there's eggplant, vine leaves,
our own olives.

Tried the vine leaves?
The little ones. They're tasty.

-Auntie, could you step back?
-Sure I'll step in. Come on, Fahriye.

She wants a souvenir of Sığacık.

The boy, too. Can you see the boy?

There you go. Enjoy.
Say if you need anything. I'm here.

-Off we go. Come on, son.

Döndü Hanım.

Your big boy's been wrestling
with the boat's engine again all day.

He's doing maintenance.

You call that maintenance?

Aircraft engines don't get
as much maintenance.

Döndü, sell me this place.

Then you can buy the boy
a brand new engine.

Spare him that heap of junk.

So you want to be a restaurateur now?

You've done everything else, huh?

Those were the days.
Think how we used to be, Döndü.

Watch it. In front of the boy.

Ahmet, here. Have a mint.

I don't want one!

-That's very rude, Ahmet.


Quick, say sorry. My worst nightmare.

Where are your manners?

Fahriye, catch him.

Ahmet, don't run.

-Ahmet, what's up, son?
-I'm fine, Dad.

Here, shall I make you an astronaut?

An astronaut?

-Come here.

Yay! Yay! Astronaut.


OK, into space.
Go, Gagarin.

Wait. I need a photo for Facebook.



Wait. Ahmet, wait.

Ahmet, come here.

Don't. Stop that. Stop!

What are you doing? Ahmet!

Don't. Stop that.

Undo it.

He's leaving us. What's going on?

The man's dying.

So are the customers.

Ambulance! Call an ambulance!

Wait. Ah! Ambulance!

What's going on, Cenk?

Let them explain.

-Mom, what's going on?
-Welcome, son.

-I hate this place.

I hope you're OK.


-I'm so sorry.
-Come on.


He sprayed us like olives.

See it as an ethnic situation, sugar.

Turkish literature owes its success
to these situations.

It's an ingenious device.

Writers like Orhan Kemal spent years
describing these people to us.

The people of Anatolia. Exquisite.

Look, please excuse us.

Come by tonight and we'll make up for it.

He's just a kid. What can you do?

No problem. These things happen.

Come on, let's go.

-Forgive us, son.
-No problem. Have a nice day.

Mom, what's going on?

He's no child.

We can't stop him.
He won't stay still, Zafer.

Of course he won't. He's a child.
You should stop him.

I wanted a photo, bro-in-law.

As I was fixing the camera,
the boy shot out. Exactly that.

If İbrahim dies,
they'll shoot us out. Exactly that.

The man has a heart condition.
People are so secretive.

We're an open book, thank God.
Everything is out there.

Don't talk garbage, Aynur.

We're all out there, huh?
Can it get any worse?

Every day brings some new scandal.

You seem bent on destroying
the one place that makes money.

Enough! Zafer, enough! Quiet!

OK, Mom.

OK, calm down.

What if I die here? You want that?

I'd still worry about you.

If my Mehmet was still alive,
this wouldn't be happening.

Brother and sister falling out.
Shame on you!

OK, Mom. Please! Don't be all gloom.
I'll shut up.

Enough! It's one thing after another.
What does it say?

-Twelve over eight.
-OK, leave it.

Wait, Mehtap's coming.


How's your dad?

He's fine.
But they're keeping him in today.

Thank goodness.

Need anything, Mehtap?

No, Zafer. Thanks.

-Shall I give Mehtap Hanım a ride?

What's up?

Ahmet goes and poisons our only enemy
in the whole of Sığacık.


He sprayed the man in the mouth.

In the mouth?

Ah, my nerves are shot.

Mine, too. For goodness sake.

Ah, my nerves are calming.

Come on, switch off that phone.

It's my dad.


Yes, Dad?

I'm picking zucchini flowers.

I was bringing you clean clothes anyway.

I thought I'd make you
stuffed flowers, too.


That's true, Dad.

OK, I'll make soup, too.
You can have it hot there.

OK. Kisses.

Girl, I've had it with this.

Cenk, you've had it? What about me?

Even in hospital
the man won't get off my back.

I've had it with this town,
with my dad, with everything.

Look. See? I can't breathe.


I'm gonna steal you away.

If circumstances are right,
will you come with me?

What'll make those circumstances right?

Leave it to me.


Life without love isn't living.

No, right.
What's with camping out

all over the harbor like a cat?
How many of you are there?

Here, some love for you.



Cheers, Captain.


-Hello, Zafer.

Hello. I can't hear.

I can't either.
It's you making the noise.


-So what's up?
-A tour.

We're going instead of İbrahim.

Erman called. The agent.

My worst nightmare.
It's so damn last-minute.

The boat's empty.
We don't have a thing.

I'll bring stuff with me in the morning.

Come early then. At 6:00 a.m..

Get ice, food, whatever you can.

-OK. Are you alright?
-Put the phone down.

Metin, they're coming.

-Hello, Captain Zafer.

Welcome, welcome.

Here, come on.


Not that family again. That same guy.

OK, honey. Be positive.
Please, honey.

-Welcome aboard.

-Feeling better?


Shoes in the basket.

-How are you, Captain?

Take your shoes off.

Greetings, great oceans.
Greetings, Cevat Şakir.

Hello, great captain.

Say it on board or you'll rock the boat.

-Grab my hand.
-OK, come on.

-Hello, my friend.

I leave you in charge, Captain.
There's just one more to come.

She's on her way. Ah, here.

-Made it.
-Here we go.

-Sorry. I overslept.
-Welcome. Come aboard.

Metin, hold the lady's bag.
Don't let it fall in.



Dammit, what are you doing?

Help her.

Shit! My phone.

-Help her.
-Someone grab the phone.

Don't stand there staring.
Why aren't you rescuing her?

Captain. It's Leyla...

From that TV series, Farewell Cyprus.

She's famous.

I'll make you fucking famous in Sığacık.

Get in. Rescue her. Fast.

Take my phone.

The phone's wrecked.

Get the phone and stick it in rice.

Got it.

OK, I'll put the steps down for you.

The water's clean.
We even have swimmers here now.

-Come here.
-Stop it, for goodness sake!

Aslı Hanım.

Will this let me off the hook?

No way.

I don't believe it.

It's so beautiful.

Captain, you know
the memories you're triggering?

My dad dived for these
when I was a kid.

But I lost them.

When I lost them
I cried all one summer.

So I won't be polite and refuse it.
Thank you.

Sure, it's yours. I gave it to you.

If you're giving gifts like that,
can't you throw us in, too?

Is that shell a devil's minaret?

No way! What's the devil got to do
with something so beautiful?

Whoever made the name up
must've been scared of the sea.

We put up buildings in coves.

We light grills on the porch
and enjoy the sea that way.

Nobody knows
what treasures lie beneath.

Sugar, the new generation
thinks buildings mean modernity.

Right. There's concrete everywhere.

I'm saying love the water.

When I arrive in the morning,

I want to drink the sea.
Water's amazing. It's civilization.

The sea scares me. I'm fine like this.

Forget diving and stuff.

People are the only living thing
to be scared of.

When I go diving,

I can tell if a fish
has never seen a human.

-What does it do?
-If I keep still, it gets nosy

and swims over like this.

Then in goes the harpoon.

Wait, how does it go?

Aren't captains always high fliers?

Captain, I want to learn to dive.

You're in the right place.

-Sure, I'll arrange it.

What's going on?
Move over. Go to the anchor.

Captains fly high.

That's my man, Captain.

Quick. Dive. Quick.

What's up?

Nothing. We have a surprise for you.

What's up, Captain?
Why have we stopped?

It's a surprise.

It may be rope caught in the propeller.
Quick. Dive and take a look.

-Is there a problem?

-So what happens if there is?

-We radio for help.
-If you sink before they arrive?

For crying out loud!
Can't you be a bit less gloomy?

-A little uptight, are you?

-Why do you say that?
-Something's happened.

Go sunbathe, go on.

No, I'm fine. I'm not sunbathing.

Something's up. Talk to me.
I won't tell. Promise.

Good grief, you're so curious.
I don't know what's up either.

Quit acting. Join the police.
Are you some kind of sleuth?

Sorry. You're like a teddy bear
when you get angry.

A bear?

Look, I was just trying to be nice.
Bears are cute and fluffy, right?

Here's your helper.

What's up?


The propeller's gone.

-Totally gone?

Damn you.
Didn't you tighten that propeller?

Sorry, is there a problem?

No. We're checking out
the sand down there.

-Yes, there's a band down there.

We're trying to find it.

No, sand. There's fish in the sand.

Go sunbathe, go on.


What did she say?

Nothing. What happens now, Captain?

I'll dive in and get the thing out.

We have the anchor.
Don't say a word till I get back.

Talk about curious.

Pow! Pow!

Die! Die! Die, you Indians!

We'll show you what we're made of.

Damn those pesky Indians.

There's no getting rid of them.

OK, we've shown them what we can.
Now climb off. Enough.


Ah! That's the cowboy vase gone.
Now climb off me.


Welcome, Fahriye.

With İbrahim sick,
Mehtap is alone in the restaurant now.

Let's go talk to Mehtap

We'll ask if she loves Zafer.

If she does, we'll offer to help,
to reunite them.

İbrahim's no fool.
He'll have to give in eventually.

Good thinking. He'll have to agree to it.

Now help me up and let's go.

Ah, I'm all queasy.

-What are you doing?
-Is it always gonna be like this?

Always in secret, always a chase.
I'm sick of it.

I want to yell it from the rooftops.

That you're my girl. I'm at that point.

That figures. You're nothing but talk.

Didn't you say you'd take me away?

I'm going to.
We'll pack up and run. Any day now.

Pack up, huh? Pack up what?

And live on what?

I've figured out the money.
The money's winging its way here.

Your dad wants the restaurant.
He asked for my help.

So we'll figure it out in the family.

Wish us luck, Fahriye.

-They're coming.

-What if they see me?
-Idiot, what if they see us together?


Where are you going?
Hide somewhere else.

Come on. The door's open.

Is anyone there?

Where's the girl gone?

Ahmet, don't touch.

Stop it, Ahmet.


-Where is she?

Ahmet, don't.

Come here, Ahmet.

Don't touch.

Come here.


Calm down, Auntie Döndü.
It's me, Cenk. Just a joke.

Why were you in that barrel?

They left me with the keys.
Mehtap went to get her dad from hospital.

Then when I saw you coming
I thought to myself

I'll play a joke
and make Ahmet laugh.

It was a rubbish joke. I was scared.

Are you an olive?
What were you doing in the barrel?

You scared me to death.
A joke, huh? That's no joke.

-I'm palpitating again, Fahriye.
-It's OK. Come on.

-I had myself all prepared.
-Come on.

-Let's go.
-Come on.

Don't take the keys again.
Things will vanish and we'll be accused.

OK, Auntie Döndü. OK.

-Come on.
-Some joke.

-Come on.
-There isn't a normal man around.

What kind of joke was that? Horseplay.
Shifty eyes.

I was so scared.

Ooh, Captain. Going fishing?

If I'm lucky.

Get a good catch.

Black speckly fish lie beneath the blue
Blue, green and sea-green radiant

In the skirts of the mermaids
How exquisite the view


-Is that new?



While I get the propeller,
hook the fish for lunch on a line

and I'll grab it on my way up.

But I didn't get fish.

-What did you get?

-Yes, chicken.

Screw your chicken! Are we foxes?

You'll be feeding people chemicals.
What sailor eats chicken?

-It's free-range.
-Fuck where it ranges.

You've got it coming.

Soon as we're back you're fucked.

Captain, I don't eat chicken.


Pass me the flippers.

-Can I help?
-I won't say no. Come on.

Can you make salad?


-Chop everything finely.

-No! You throw that bit away?

-It's inedible.

-It's inedible.

OK, but why's it inedible?

God knows what you were like as a kid.

You're more curious than a cat.

You're more stubborn than a mule.

OK, don't tell me. Sorry I asked, Captain.

As if we make octopus stew
in Istanbul every day.

I'm not asking you another thing.

I'm really sorry, Aslı Hanım.

You have a point.
Go on, ask anything you like.

I'll keep answering as long as I can.

OK, fine. But just call me Aslı, OK?

OK, Aslı.


-A bee's stung someone.
-Get the ammonia.

-There isn't any.
-None at all?


Then make some in the bathroom.

-How do you mean?
-We make ammonia organically.

I hope she wasn't stung on the lip.


-What's that?
-What have you made?

Smells good.

Captain, what have you done?
This is exquisite.


-Honey, it doesn't sting, does it?
-Oof! OK.

The ointment's helping.

It's not past its use-by date, is it?
That's kind of crucial.

No, it's new.

Hear that? It's new.

-So you're fine.

Damn İbrahim. The trouble he's got us in.

They say the beautiful have no luck.

What does that mean?

He's been crazy for you for years.

Look at you, still gorgeous.

Drop the subject in front of the boy.

-It's giving me chest pains.
-But it's true.

The man's got it into his head.
Wasn't it jealousy that killed his wife?

She sprouted a moustache at that age.

Drop it, Fahriye. Drop it.

Are you eavesdropping?

Look, there are your friends.

Look, there's İsmail. Is that İsmail?
Go on, shout 'İsmail'.



So she forgot her bracelet.

The girl called me a teddy bear.

Good grief.

"Don't call me Aslı Hanım.

Just call me Aslı."

"Captain, call me Aslı."

Oh, my God, those eyes!

She's beautiful.

Don't be ridiculous, Zafer. Get a grip.

Get a grip.


Fucking flies. They're everywhere.

Don't you spray in here?
Look, I'm a wreck.

-Should I spray now?
-No. Do it in the morning.

-OK. I'm out of here then.
-Go on.

-OK, see you.
-Be here at 6:00.



Yes, Captain Zafer?

Where's Aslı Hanım staying?

What's up?

-Hello, Aslı Hanım.

We've got your friend a room
on the same floor.

It'll be ready in 30 minutes.

Friend? What friend?

Serkay Bey.

I watch movies, too.
TV soaps. Just watch them.

-They're all froth.
-Aren't they?

Here's Aslı.

Aslı. Welcome, me.

Aslı. Can you please open the door, baby?

Good evening.

Honey, you know how ridiculous we look?

Aslı, your mom's so worried about you.
Please open the door.


-Hi, baby.
-I told you I wanted to be alone.

Aslı. Aslı.

-My bill, please.

Please, can we talk now?
I totally don't get this.

I told you I want to be alone.
What's not to understand?

-Your PIN, please.

Look, the guy turns away so as not
to see my PIN or come under suspicion.

-Is a person's PIN private or not?
-It's private.

What do you say?

-Yes, it's private.
-Captain. Hello, Captain.

You see, Serkay Bey?

You can't mess with anyone's bank stuff
behind their back.

It's a crime.

It's like writing in water.
Talk about sick.

Talk about insecure.
Right, Captain?


-Why are you here?
-I have your bracelet.

Thanks. Let's go, Captain.

How can the man have your bracelet?

Can we find me a place to stay?

We have a guesthouse.
It's clean, but not a hotel.

Great. I don't want a hotel.
Just peace and quiet.

Can we eat first? I'm starving.

There's that, too. Give me your bag.


So you have my bracelet?

It was such a steamy night
that even my bracelet came off.

Talk about sick.

Talk about insecure.

The guy cracked every single passcode
I have to see if I'm cheating on him.

If you don't trust a person, f--- off.
Forgive me.

Drink up. Relax.

Whoa. It's like I'm a toy.

I have my mom to thank for all this.
Oof, Mom.

Why your mom?

Serkay. She sees him
as perfect groom material.

The boy's this, the boy's that.

She'll have nothing said against him.
He's totally taken her in.

What would you know as a guy?
Your mom leaves you alone.

Yes, she does.

Wow. I'll be 30 in three days.

What do I have to show for it?

One big zero.
Years of trying, all for nothing.

All those years for nothing.

-Are you in a relationship?

How old are you?


-So what'll happen?
-I don't know. Something will.

But it doesn't, you see. It doesn't.

-Welcome, bro-in-law.

Let me introduce you.

-Aslı Güneş.

I know her. Of course I know her.

All of Turkey knows her.
Welcome, welcome.

She sang a song in that TV series.
What was it?

-Till the Figs Are Ripe.

She had us drinking two bottles of wine
in 15 minutes. It's true.

You want an excuse to drink.

Come on, please.
Sing us a sip of that song.

-Of course I will.
-But the girl's on vacation.

No, no.

Aynur, here a second.

Oh, God.



Is it the salty breeze

Burning the back of my throat
Or are those words you uttered

Upsetting me?

As a creeping mist

Descends on the shore
One desire after another

Leaps from the cliff

It beggars belief what you have done




-Damn you, you're wrecking the place.

What is it, Zafer? What's up?
You're wrecking the place.

Good evening.

I brought you a guest.

Let's give her a room upstairs.


Hello, dear.

You gave me such a fright.

Welcome, dear.

Ah, she's famous.

-Welcome, celebrity.
-Yes, she's famous.

Make Aslı Hanım a coffee.

Hey, best captain in the world.

Captain, did you have my bracelet?

Yes, I had your bracelet.

What bracelet?

Captain, is that your mom?

Sure. Doesn't she look like me?

She does, you know.

Mom! Are you funny, too?

-Are you funny, too?

Is she drunk?

Are you drunk, too?

What's that got to do with it?

Quiet. I can smell you up here.
You've stunk out the garden.

Wait. I'm coming down.

-Do I smell that bad?
-I guess we do.

Check this out.

Yes, we do.

Hello? İbrahim?

The group was happy with Captain Zafer.

They want him again.
So I'm organizing that.

What can I do?

Hey, OK. OK.
Put the phone down.

Screw the lot of you.

-Sons of a bitch.
-What's up, Aynur?

What's getting to you, İbrahim?

I'm sick of these guys, Cenk.

They're all thieves.

Zafer's dad stole his mom, Döndü from me.

Zafer tried stealing my daughter.
He failed there.

But he's stealing my customers,
son of a bitch.

I'm gonna drive them out of Sığacık.

They can fuck right off.

İbrahim, do you still want this place?

Sure, I do.
But how do we make it happen?

That lunatic Döndü wouldn't sell
if you killed her.

The place is in the girl's name.

-I'll say the buyer's someone else.

A little cash will persuade
that creature Ramazan.

Give me the bait
and leave the rest to me.

Good job, Cenk. You're a practical man.

Don't mention it.

You figured it out in seconds
like it was already planned.

Come here, come on. Come with me.

Here you go.

Don't eat that. Come on, enough.

It hasn't even been touched.
Isn't that sinful?

You're a scavenger.
Eating everyone's pastry

has made you a pie-head.

Why are you dissing me?

Don't you like me anymore?

Come on, Aynur. Of course I do.
I'd die for you,

but just eat a bit less.

Has he robbed a bank?

Wait, let me see.

Hey there, Cenk.

What's up?

If I tell you,
you'll go blab to the entire town.

-So not a chance.
-That's unfair, Cenk.

Let's hear it.

-Come on.
-OK. Pull up a chair.

Nasır Meat Inc.? I know them.
They're huge.

An army buddy, huh?

You know which side
your bread is buttered.

Bless him, last year he gave me
a 10,000-lira shareholding.

That brings me 3000-5000 a month.
Here you go.

What if we buy shares, Cenk?

But the guy doesn't need money.
He did me a favor.

OK, if I find the money, give it to you
and you pretend it's yours?

Let's not ruin things between us.

Why would we? Do us a favor, Cenk.

For my sake.

Well, OK. Bring me whatever you have.

But you're a secret partner.

-If I hear any talk,

-that's the end of us. Be warned.
-No worries.


Steer to port a bit.

-A bit more.

OK. Keep an eye on the water.
You're doing great.

Aslı, let's leave you here, huh?
You've become a pro captain in two days.

OK. I'm not going back anyway.
Am I, Captain?

She's too good with the boat
to let her go.

Do your series, get the money and come.

Do your series, get the money and come.

-Six months there, six here.

-It's no life there, huh?
-Too right, Captain.

Industrial man is doomed to lose.

So we need to get it together
and return to nature ASAP.

The biggest wrong to this nation
was closing village institutes.

Villagers became townies.
City folk died out. Now we're all townies.


You go, I'll stay. Don't worry about me.

Zafer, you know Aslı Hanım
makes an awesome captain.

Go down below and air the place.

Go on.


I did text you.
We can only get back for Monday.

Yes. I scheduled filming for Tuesday.

No, Aslı Hanım is with us.
We'll travel together.



Go, Fahriye. Make me proud.
Get the girl talking.

I will.

Give that to me.

-Hello, Mehtap.

Your dad had a lucky escape.

Last year Dilber poisoned her husband
and the man died.

-I didn't know.

He had affairs with Muharrem's wife
and her sister at the same time.

If Muharrem heard, he'd lose it.
Luckily Filiz doesn't know.

Aynur found out and told Halil.

She said they were at it all the time.

She said the noise traveled miles.

If Fidan hears there'll be mayhem.
And if Osman hears?

Old İsmail found out in the end.

Who's Ismail?

The baker. Dilber's his daughter.

There you go.

Nothing stays secret in a small town.

-The truth is sure to get out, huh?

Now, turn that cup over.
Let's see what your fortune says.

No, İbrahim. Don't come.

Dammit, Ibrahim. We're done for.




-Welcome, Dad.
-Thank you, dear.

Hello, Ibrahim.

Hello. What did you want?

I came to wish you get well.
We're having coffee. Are you OK?


Mehtap, don't make a noise.
I'm taking a nap.

Come on, Mehtap.
Let's read your fortune.

Come here.

He's no child. Ahmet!
The spikes will go up your rear.

Get down off there. Come on.

Please get down. Get down, son.

Down. I'll buy you anything you like.

Look, there's on open space.

That space is the sea.

There's a man in the sea.

-Who does he look like?

He has a huge ass, look. It's Zafer.

The spitting image.

What are you doing?

Agh! Don't do it, son.

I'll give you money,
I'll get you ice cream.

It's like everyone knows, but...

they think you forgot your passion.

You're hiding it.

Muffling it.

-Oh, my God.
-What's wrong?

What do you say?

Say to what?

You've lost me.

Look, the needle's coming!

Have you lost your mind?
Why yell?

He's set the house alight.
He's torched the house.


There's smoke coming from inside.


Come here.

Quick. Quick.


Damn you. Get going.

The hose. Get the hose.

Spray next to that saucepan.

Hey, what's going on here?


Stop spraying. Stop.


It's OK. It's gone out.

I expect the wind blew the curtain
into the flame on the stove.

-What bad luck.
-Quiet! Evil witch.

It's all your fault.

What are you doing here?

Why did you let the witch in?
Get out.

Get out.

Beat it.

don't chew the snorkel like it's salad.

Go like this, look.

Give it a try.


That's it. The water's gone.

-Did it work?
-Yes. Ready?

-Give me an OK.

-So let's go.

Good job, Aslı.


-Aslı? Aslı?
-Don't look.

-Please, baby.
-How can I not look? He almost minced us.

-We need to talk.
-He'll go.

Diver Aslı Hanım to the fish market!

Winter is coming.
What kind of joke is that?

My friend, you're bothering my guests.

Sorry about that.
I just want to talk to Aslı.

-So does everyone. Alone. Aslı's a gem.

What are you saying?

I'm saying
God did a fine job making her.

She's a beautiful person.
She radiates inner beauty.

She's a star, but modest with it.

Everyone people on this boat
is here thanks to her.

She makes everyone happy.

And she's like a little kid.

She has so many questions
you want to throttle her.

Shut it! Shut up.

What's with the rage?
We're just talking here.

-You're putting me on the spot.

I've explained why I value Aslı.
She was happy till you turned up.

But now she isn't.

So if I took the initiative as captain...

and I crushed your bones, say,
which is perfectly doable,

would Aslı be happy or not?
I can't be sure.

I advise you to go.
I've had personal experience and it's bad.

Thanks. Aslı.


-Is that it?
-Yes, it is. Enough!

Fuck your jet ski
and all your fumes with it.

No, no. I'm leaving. But...

only to avoid a scene.

Come here.

He was almost shitting the jet ski.

Look at him, crapping off.

This man is Kazantzakis' Zorba.

Bravo, Captain.

Where did you find him?
The guy's such a coward.

He'll hit the rocks there.

Watch out for rocks! God damn you.

OK, back to the fun.
Don't let him get to you.

-I'm going in first.


-Let's go to the fish place.
-That's over there.

-Go ahead.

We're looking at sandals.
You go on, OK?

Take your time. Metin's with us.

-Then I'll take you to the old city.

-Welcome, Zafer.

-Good man. How are you?
-Fine, thanks. Welcome.

Let me introduce you.
Aslı Hanım, Mustafa.

-Welcome, young lady.
-Thanks. Hello.

-You already know Aslı from TV.
-I do.

Aslıjan, Mustafa's famous, too.
The king of craftsmen.

-One of a kind.

They're all beautiful.
I love them.

I've been making them for 45 years.
They don't smell either.

How come?

-They just don't.
-But how come?

-They don't.
-OK, but why don't they?

She always asks
till she gets an answer.


I soak them in water...

with pine bark and acorns for a year.


Seriously, that's amazing.

I'm transported.
Right now I'm in a pine forest.

Ooh, the foxes, the bees, the breeze.
Look, smell.

-Calf's leather or lamb's?

I picked up the foxes and stuff.

It's the leather.
It takes you right there.

Doesn't it?

Can I try a size 38?

I've run out.
And I need a week to make more.

Oh, no.

OK. Never mind.

-But they're beautiful.

We've bought some great stuff.

Come to the therapy thing tomorrow,
won't you?

-It'll be an interesting experience.
-In what way?

Like an inner journey.

Aslıjan, I have two nails holding my head.

Won't this "inner" stuff
unhinge me forever?

No, it won't, don't worry.
You're something else.

Excuse me.

Yes, Fahriye?

OK. I'm on my way.

-What's up?
-Mom's fallen sick.

-Is he coming?

Talk to him tonight.
This has gone on too long.

Let's hope.

I'll talk to him. It's gone on too long.

Pass the pillow. Fluff it up.

Mom, what's up?

Welcome, Zafer.

Son, I don't know what happened.
My hands went tingly.

Then my nerves unwound.

I don't know when I got dizzy and fell.

-I found my feet in my mouth.
-The woman fainted.

-When did I faint?

Early evening.

So why not go to a doctor?

No, I took care of her.
She's OK now, Zafer.

Her blood pressure's normal.
Twelve over eight.

I wasn't going to call you,
but Fahriye insisted.

You have guests.
I didn't want to bother you.

Recognize the girl, Fahriye?
She's a TV actress.

I do. She was in Farewell Cyprus.

She stabbed her brother-in-law
when he tried to rape her.

She went to jail.

Then they kidnapped her boy.
He came back as an adult to kill her.

They told him his mom was a whore.

-Welcome, dear.
-Thanks, Auntie.

-And you get better soon.

Ahmet! He's breaking my pots.
He's no child.

-Ahmet, what are you doing?
-Killing mosquitoes, Uncle.

And killing the flowerpots, too.

Don't break the flowerpots.

You recognize this lady from TV?

Don't worry, I'll look after him.

-What's going on?
-Zafer, come here. Sit.

-No, thanks.

Your mom feels so bad for you,

-How can I help it, Zafer?

Will I get to see you married
before I die?

The years are flying by.

Mom, destiny decides that.
Can we drop it for now?

No, we can't.

We can't wait for destiny either.

Enough. I nursed you.

Your happiness is my happiness, son.

Why insist on living on boats
like a lonely seagull?

She's right.

Will you never
have your own kids to love?

-Are you a confirmed bachelor?
-What's that?


Ahmet and I are off to kill
the mosquitoes in my room, OK?

-Come on.
-Yay! We're gonna kill mosquitoes!

Zafer, dear. As Fahriye said,
we've given it a lot of thought.

Death to all flies!



Hey you!

Agh, what's this?

Is he a thief? What's this?

-I'm so sorry.
-He's famous, too.

Celebrity, why were you up there?

Celebrities, fans,
you've wrecked my garden.

It's destroyed. My pergola. My tables.


-Good night.

-My nerves are shot.
-Mine, too.

-What's he doing here?
-How do I know?

-Look, this is your life line.

And here's your heart line.

Yours have always been apart.

Love and work are separate, let's say.

Here you are.

Some eggplant pastries.

-Let me he--
-No, dear.

Sit down.

I feel so embarrassed.

I've been dying of shame
since yesterday.

I'm so sorry for what I put you through.

What's done is done. Never mind.

Was that your boyfriend?

Yes, my ex.

So he hasn't forgotten you. He can't.


Some exes can't be forgotten.
Huh, Zafer?

Anyway. Once again, I'm really sorry.

I know he's kind of unhinged

but I didn't think
he'd be that out of order.

Never mind, dear.

Celebrities have different lives,
don't they?

We see it on TV all the time.
There's no telling who's with who.

This one romps with that one's wife,
that one with this one's husband.

-What? It's true, isn't it?

Things are free and easy.

Anyway, thank you, dear.

At least I'm seeing my son,
thanks to you.

-He'd never come home otherwise.
-How come?

I get stressed out so I stay on the boat.

That stress will be gone today,
don't worry.

-How come?
-Yes, how come?

We're going to that workshop,

Go wherever you're going.

Come on, eat something.
You've let everything get cold.

Come on, dear. Look.

Our own peppers. From the garden.
Try some.

Are they hot?

They're hot, Mom.

Are they? In that case
I'll use them to make pickles.

They must've got mixed up.

That's bad.

Have some honey.
Honey from our own bees.

Have some honey.

You have some too, son.

What's up, Döndü?

-What's up?
-It's not gonna happen, Fahriye.

Mehtap is one thing,
but there's worse at hand.

He's smitten with that TV actress.

My son's no match for her.

He'll go totally crazy
and lose Mehtap forever.

But that's great.

Even pop singers marry their fans.
Maybe it's better that way.

The hell it is. Idiot.

Does the pop star keep us?
Did I nurse the pop star?

He'd leave the girl,
do a song and forget her.

If the girl ditches my boy,

he'll spend the rest of his life
trying to forget her.

The girl's no girl, Fahriye.

The first night she was drunk.

The second, a man fell off the roof.

And today she's taking Zafer
to some hodja.


At a time like this.
God forbid, they'll arrest him.

Heaven forbid.
Don't say things like that.

We must do something, Fahriye.

Let's find the man from the roof.
He's her ex.

-Let him take the witch away.
-Where's he staying?

Hello there.

I came to say sorry
for last night's mishap.

Come join us, son.


I guess your son isn't around.

No. They left.


Him and Aslı?

Yes, him and Aslı.

Don't howl at my door.

Sit down and let's have a chat.


I wanted to give you this.

And this is for you, lady.

There you go.
I even have her mother's blessing.

But Aslı won't listen to me.

She won't even talk to me.

So you see, I'm being swept along
in a tide of obstinacy.

Moms always know best,
but do kids ever listen, Serkay?

My son's like that.
You've rubbed salt in my wound.

Your actress witch
has gone and snagged my Zafer.

We're both done for, Serkay.

I won't allow it.

Don't, son. Good for you.

The pergola looks good.

Serkay, while you're at it,
winter isn't far away.

So maybe you could chop
the few logs we have, huh?

Should I be doing it in my condition?

-How can I? I can't.
-I will.

He will.

Ah, Serkay. Life is flying by.

Will I get to see
my Zafer's grandchildren?

"Mom, one day."
"Mom, another day."

"Mom, that day."

"If destiny decides."
Well, it doesn't decide.

Chop it nicely, son. Chop, chop.

I'm chopping.

The boy's sweating buckets.

So why are you unbuttoning?


While you're at it, son,
the outside toilet's blocked.

I wonder if you'd fix it?
Can you? Will you unblock it?

-I will.
-He will.

We wrote "no waste" in 80 languages.
For nothing.

What kind of people are they?

I've found the cause.

If you'd excuse me now.

OK, son. Alright.

Now don't you worry.

I'll talk to that girl.

Enough. It's gone on too long.

I'll take care of it.
Don't you worry, son.

Thank you. I'll call by later.

Then shower at my place.
You can't go like that...

-Serkay Bey.
-No, I want to go for a swim.

Do that, son.

Where are you going?

To take a shower.

No way. Not at that age.

We are all made of the same matter.

Birds, snakes.

Mountains, seas.

We are all essence.
We are all energy.

We are all essence.
We are all energy.

Find the energy inside you

and step outside of yourself...

like another body.

Step out and sway.

Come on, do it.

Watch yourself from within.

Let's repeat.

I see everything outside me.

I see everything outside me.

I, my inner self.

I, my inner self.

I am a good person, I am worthy.

I am a good person, I am worthy.

I have a seed buried deep within me.

-I have a seed buried deep within me.
-There's a seed buried...

Deep down.

I celebrate my existence. I dance.

Let's dance, friends.

Let's dance.

Let out what's inside you.

Let it out any way you like.

Touch each other.

Feel each other.

Now look into each other's eyes
and say:

"I am a person."

I am a person.

"I love myself."

I love myself.

"I love you."

I love you.

"I love the world."

I love the world.

"The child within me
is my greatest treasure."

The child within me
is my greatest treasure.

Look into each other's eyes
as you say it.

Let out what's inside you. Let it out.

Aslıjan, I'm about to cry.

Why is this happening?
I don't want to cry.

The child within me
is my greatest treasure.

I was only happy as a kid.

Why did we grow up, Aslıjan?
Why do we grow up? Enough!

I loved Mehtap
and she just wants out of here.

Sell this, sell that. Sell what?

She told me to sell the boat.

It's my dad's boat.

My late dad's, the mighty captain's.
As if I'd sell it.

It's the best boat here.

Oh, Dad! Oh, mighty captain!

He was run over by ships, you know?

My dog Şila was run over by a car.

You aren't serious? Oh, no!

Hug each other. Feel each other.

Come, my gray horse

Let's leave behind

This tumbledown house

Let me get your food

From the leaning tower


Screw your therapy.

Finish this therapy.
We're wrecks. I feel nauseous.

Bravo, Captain. That's it!

I made an ass of myself.

I need to get back to normal fast.

Call that therapy?
It made me nauseous.

So cooking will get you normal again?

It works for me. It's my therapy, too.

-Chop that garlic finely, Aslıjan.

Aslıjan, this is no normal dish.

It's beyond food. We're making raw fish.

Ugh. Raw fish?


Why "ugh"? You're OK with sushi.

Sushi's different.

Come on, what's different?
What's sushi?

They stick gloopy rice
up the fish's rear,

a lump of dead salmon on top,

and eggplant around it like a black belt.

Plus there's that sauce.
Assabi, wassabi or whatever.


I had some and was breathing
through my ears.

My throat got in knots.

-Raw fish beats them all.
-OK. How do we make it?

I've chopped it in small chunks.
You find a good, fresh fish.

Did you chop the garlic?

-Is one clove enough?
-Yes. Throw it in.

-I'm sprinkling it.
-Go for it.

Salt to taste.

Lemon juice.

Grab some parsley there.
Tear it off.


Olive oil.

-Should I shred it?
-Throw it in.

In 5 minutes the fish will be white.

That shows that it's cooked.

Nobody in Sığacık makes it better.

Only my dad made it better,
may he rest in peace.

The man was gifted.

I think of him
whenever I come to the boat.

-God rest his soul.

Is your dad alive?

-You never mention him.

We don't see each other a lot.
He got married again.

And now he has a kid.

-Aren't you speaking?

-Forget it.
-How can you say that?

Life is short, Aslıjan.
Too short for hard feelings.

You feel so bad afterwards.

But no one could have
bad feelings against you.

God knows, he must miss you.

If it's about pride,
give me his number.

I'll call and make peace.


Hello, Zafer.

Hello, Mehtap.

Is that your ex?


Try it.

-Points out of ten?

Ten, Captain. Delicious.

Totally delicious.


I have news from Nasır for you.

What's up, Cenk?
No problems, are there?

-I talked Aynur into it.

We'll sell everything there is to sell
and give you the money.

OK, great.
But it's a drop in the ocean.

-What's this?

-Five-thousand dollars.
-What for?

He's making this place Nasır Meat.

He says:
"Sell up and 500,000 cash is yours."

That's your advance loot.

Is this a joke, Cenk?
Döndü will never sell up.

Isn't the place in Aynur's name?


But the woman arranged by law
for it not to be sold in her lifetime.

-Did she?

Fuck her arrangements.


Don't back out of our deal now, huh?

No, what are you talking about?

OK, bring me whatever you can.

-The more cash, the more profit.

Off you go.

Go on.

Can't you give us the money
so we can pay the villagers?

We haven't even paid the pickers.

What money, Hüseyin?
Is there money in the country?

Look, the olive oil is right there.

I'll pay you when I can. Now clear off.

Money, money, money.

Who needs money in the sticks?

Congratulations, İbrahim.

What's up? You got power of attorney?


We pay 80,000 more in cash
and wire the rest.

-Then I'll give you the 80,000.

One. Two.

Three. Four.


Six. Seven. Eight, there you go.

Here you go, girl. Family support.

My love.
I can breathe properly, I swear.

And we're rid of that witch, Döndü.
Praise the Lord!

You ain't seen nothing yet.

Once I've shafted Ramazan tomorrow,
it's arrivederci Sığacık.

-What are you saying?
-Just that.

My love.

Ramazan. If Mom notices, she'll kill us.

She only wears them at weddings.

They'll be back in the jar by then.

Off you go, pick over the rice.


-Good evening, Auntie.
-Good evening, dear.

Speak of the devil.

We were just talking about you.

Who were you talking to?

I was talking about you to myself.

-So you were thinking about me.
-I was.

-I want to talk to you.
-Sure. Go ahead.

Your Serkay. He was here all day.

All he talks about is you.

He was beating himself up.

The boy's wretched.
Fahriye and I couldn't console him.

"You're my elder," he said,
"Talk to Aslı. I'm so full of regret."

"I'd still die for her."
Your mom was all in favor, too.

Now don't shoot the messenger.

If you want my advice as an elder,

run back into his arms.
The boy adores you.

Thanks a lot, Auntie.
But no thanks.

He wasn't the right person for me.
My mom landed me with him.

Moms know best.

-Not always.

-I don't think so.
-They do.

-It's arguable.
-Don't argue.

How can you argue about it?

Look at Zafer.

He still loves Mehtap. I know.

How do I know? I'm his mom.
Moms know best.

Zafer's ready for a new romance.

Yes, you're his mom
and sure, you know better.

But that's my impression.
As for Serkay...

he's been history for a long time.

Don't let him in here.
He's a guy you can do without.

God forbid, you're old and heavy,
something may happen.

Let's not make any drama for you, OK?
Good night.

I know.

Ah, Döndü. You're done for.

Listen to the witch.
My Zafer is done for, too.

We must do something.

What's going on? Is there a wedding?

Pride can only go so far, Fahriye.
We're going.

-Going where?
-To sort this out for once and for all.

I'll make sacrifices as a mother.

Hello, Rukiye.

-Welcome, Döndü.
-Thank you, İbrahim.

You know, it's been 40 years.

This is your first visit in 40 years.

I have no choice.

Look, İbrahim. It's a shame for the kids.

They broke up for no reason.
They love each other.

They broke up of their own free will.
Whatever my girl wants.

Isn't it a sin to part lovers?

That coming from you, Döndü?

If anyone knows how to part lovers
it's you, Döndü.

You're the expert.

Didn't I love you?

Didn't I sleep at your door like a dog?

-Drop the subject, İbrahim.
-No, I won't, Döndü!

I won't drop the subject.
You left me for that fingerless Mehmet.


Why? Why?

-It suited me better.

Say: "I loved you too, but...

"Fingerless Mehmet made me confused."


Would it kill you to say
"I loved you, too" just once?


Your eyes are still the same, Döndü.

Your lingering scent
drives a man wild, Döndü.

Say yes and I'll give your son
both the boat and the business.

To top it all, I'll give him my girl.

Let me have one kiss, please.

-Let me have one hug.

Snap out of it, İbrahim.

For shame. On Friday of all days.

What's done is done and it's history.
Now drop it.

I won't drop it, Döndü.

I won't drop the subject.

My wife wasted away
out of jealousy of you.

My love for you
gave me a heart condition.

Let me have one kiss.

If I don't die in your arms,
I'll die unclean.

Die. Die if you're gonna die.

Die wherever you die. Get off.

-Get off.
-Just one kiss.

Who are you dancing with?
Who are... I'll kill you.


I'll kill you! You're dead!

Who are you climbing on?

-Keep out or I'll tear your hair out.


Fahriye. Come here.

I'll kill him otherwise.
Take him away.

Calm down.

-Help me up or I'll kill him.
-Come here.

-You dirty man.
-Come on.

He wants to smell me.
Go smell yourself.

Come on, Döndü.

I'm a wreck.

-The man's rabid.
-Come on.

Let's go.

I told you
the man would still die for you.

You're a lucky woman.
Some women never know that feeling.

Don't talk garbage, Fahriye.

He's over 60 and rising up for me.

I value my life. Enough is enough.


They're both adults.
Let them figure it out.

Destiny didn't will it.

What are they doing here?

-He's gone.

-What's up?

Same as ever.

She means
why are you at the jeweler's.

You know me, Mother.
I can't tell lies.

We cashed in your bangles
to get into a great venture.

All we want is your blessing.

Mother! OK, calm down.

Mom! Mom!

And you expect my blessing.

Damn you! That's your blessing.

See the short, stout one, Fahriye?

She's at the bottom of it all.

Or how would the oaf know
where my bangles are?

-What is it?
-Döndü. Eight over eleven.

The venture's sound.
You're being unfair.

What's sound about it?

It's a con.
Why would Nasır Meat want your money?

They have 30 places in Turkey

and however many branches in Europe.
I saw on TV.

They age the meat
and serve it up dancing.

They got Acun eating it, too.

Let Acun enjoy meat and Cenk my bangles.
God damn you!

Don't tell Zafer, Fahriye.

He'd break their bones.

Exactly. He would.

There we go.


I love it.

Captain, how can I leave this place?

Don't go.

Stay a bit longer.

I wish.

But I have to go. I'm filming.

I hit the road tomorrow.

Don't forget us.

How could I?

Is the mill old?


There's a great story to it, too. Come on.

Look, Aslıjan.

Once upon a time,
a man called Vasil lived in this mill.

He and his daughter, Antula
supplied all the town's flour.

Antula was so beautiful...

That every man in the Aegean
was in love with her.

She was that gorgeous.

But Antula set her heart
on a sponge diver called Mustafa.

As a sailor and sponge diver,
he was gone from April to October.

But then the Greek War broke out.
And when the war broke out,

neighbors became enemies.

Several thugs
who had their eyes on Antula

saw this as an opportunity
to attack and kill Vasil.

They also raped his daughter, Antula.

Mustafa found out
when he returned from sea.

The man went crazy.

He caught each of the thugs.

He tethered them together like sheep.

He brought them into the mill.

He cut each of their throats
under the fig tree with a blunt knife.

But why are you telling me
such horrific stories?

It was a joke.

I thought as it's kind of magical here,
I should tell it like a story.

-That's a joke?

I knew Vasil. He lived to 93.

He was truly a good man.
Even in the war years,

he ignored the shortages

and shared all his wheat and bread
with everyone. He was a saint.

This fig tree grew after he died.
It's said to bring luck.

People come
to tie rags and make wishes.

What kind of guy are you?
You're a better actor than me.

Make me famous Aslıjan.
Save me from this life.

You save me from that life, you goof.

-Hold this.
-What's up?

What do you think?

-You're gonna make a wish.

Off you go.

Go on.

This is from me.

Hello, hello!

Hello, Zafer. Come on up.

Come on.


OK, let me introduce you.


Madame Antula.

-Antula, the miller's daughter.

Hello, dear.
Sweet girl.


Come, let's have coffee.

-Shall we?
-Sure, if it's no trouble.

Come on, then. Come on.

Zafer, the girl's gorgeous.

Don't miss your chance.

Careful, the girl's sharp as a tack.

She'll understand.

What are you talking about?

She says you're prettier than on TV.


Come on.

This way.

Happy birthday, Aslı
Happy birthday, Aslı

Happy birthday, dear Aslı
Happy birthday to you

I don't believe it.

How did you know it's my birthday?

Remember you said
you'd be 30 in three days?

I don't believe it.



Thank you so much.
You're the best.

Many happy returns, dear.

Happy birthday, dear.

Thank you so much, Madame Antula.

I didn't do a thing. It was Zafer.

No, it's nothing.

It's all I could do in two days.

Enjoy wearing them.

You're something else.

Our Mustafa.

I'm so happy. Thank you.

-We only just found you a gift but...
-It's OK, honey.

Hope you like it. Enjoy.

It's the thought that counts.

Sugar, here's mine.
One of the first editions.

-Enjoy the read.
-Thanks, hodja.

You even signed it.
Thank you so much.


And this is from me.

Girls use their phone screens
to fix their faces. It makes me crazy.

Use that instead.

OK. I will.

It's beautiful.

I left your present in the boat.

I hate this kind of thing. Metin.

-Shall I go get it?

I want to say goodbye to the boat
before I go.

-OK if I get it then?
-Sure it is.

OK, let's toast the birthday girl.

-Come on, Captain.

-Thank you.
-You're the best.

So are you.
Thanks so much for everything.

I've got my lover, hey, hey, hey

I've done what I said
hey, hey, hey, hey, hey

Ley, ley, ley

Yay, yay, yay

Hey, hey, hey

Let's see what's here.

What is it?

Birthday girl. Here you go.

I don't believe it.

You already did a thousand things for me.

Today's your birthday, right?

Don't say that.
Open it. See if you like it.

An elephant ear sponge.

My dad found it.

It's full of memories. Now it's yours.

You're a sailor now, right?

I'm passing you the baton.
Whenever you miss the sea,

the black speckly fish, the big blue...


OK, and me.

Wet the sponge and smell it.

It smells of the sea.
And always will.


Thank you.

-What time is it?
-Never mind the time.

You're going anyway.
It's whatever time it is.

Come on, drink.

Fiddle with the radio.

Talk about gifted.
You found one of my favorite songs.


What's she saying?


"The mist's coming again.

"Memories, like invisible trains,"
i.e. memories are now distant.

"But now you've gone."

"Waiting for you is like waiting
for a train that won't come."


Have you ever loved like that?

-Like what?
-Waiting for a train that won't come.

-I don't know.
-You're so cagey. Come on.

Why? If I asked you,
would you tell me everything?

-Who's the first person you kissed?

The first person was...

It was my deskmate aged seven.


Aged 17, I kissed a tourist.
Or rather the woman kissed me.

-I remember it like this.

I fight with my dad on the boat.
I go down below. She follows.

She asks if I'm angry.
I think she says "hungry".

When I say "hungry"
she starts laughing.

She won't get off me.

She's a Swede and built like Ibrahimović.

Strapping. I can't get away.

I'm stuck to her porthole mouth
like an octopus.

It's dawn.


Time to say goodbye.

Can't you stay
till the figs are ripe, Aslıjan?

Why do you call me Aslıjan, Zafer?

Because my heart jangles
when I see you.

It goes bom-bom-bom above my belly.

I feel like I know you from before.

I don't know.

Did you just call me Zafer
for the first time?





What are you doing?

Trying to put it out.

Captain, life without love isn't living.

Exactly. I couldn't agree more.

That's my boy.

I'm sick of it.

Zafer, get out of the water.
You'll get sick.

I'll be fine. I'm happier in the water.

I am the water.

Look, ever seen a guy lying in the water?

Lie away, lie away.

Where does that get you, Kemal?

I'm sick of waiting for trains
that don't come.

You're like an invisible train.

Fuck the train. Fuck everything.

Zafer, run after the girl
instead of waiting for the train.

-I will.
-Go on then.

-Put the steps down.
-Put them down.

Put the steps down.

Hello, Gizem?


Can you get me
from the guesthouse?

I'll explain later.
OK, see you at the guesthouse.

Mom. I made you pastries.

Good for you.

Eat them yourself. Suckling calf!

You give Cenk my bangles
and try to sweet-talk me with pastries?

Never mind.
Better your bangles than you.

Exactly, mother.

Who to give what, Fahriye?

I've given something of every bit of me.

Don't look at me like that!

Can I come in?

Why are you here?
Do you have no shame?

Why are you here, rapist?

Döndü, the girl's gone.
Mehtap's missing.

I told the police.
They're looking for her.

Is she with Zafer?

Are you asking us?

The money's gone! Where is she?


Give it to me.

-No problem.


Bye, Captain.

-Thanks for everything.

Are you going?

Goodbye, Zafer.

Why are you going, Aslı?

Can't you not go?

Everything's happened all at once.

I guess I'm confused.

-What if it's a rebound thing?
-What if it isn't?

What if it's real?

I don't want to hurt you.

How can you hurt me more?

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

He's gone.

Come here.

So there you are.

Oh, my God, Zafer.


What's he doing here?

What's going on? Mom?

Nothing, son. Nothing at all.

Uncle, Dad stole Gran's bangles.

No, Cenk stole them from me, bro-in-law.

Then he conned Mehtap
and ran off with her.

My hands are clean.

He conned him, too.

He fleeced him
saying he'd buy our restaurant.

-Mehtap's run off with Cenk?

He's buying our restaurant?

What are you talking about?

I just slipped it out there.
To see if you'd sell.

I mean, like an offer.

-Uncle, he climbed on top of Gran.
-Who did?

-He climbed on top of Mom?

No, of course not.

No one climbed on me, son.

Why would they at my age?

He did, Gran.

They rolled on the floor, Uncle.

-Don't lie.
-Why would I lie?

-He never lies.
-No way.

Come here.

Come here.
I'm gonna tear you to pieces.

Help! Help! He's gone berserk.
The man's gone berserk.

-Is Aslı here?

Bro-in-law, calm down.
We'll figure it out.


Auntie Döndü. Aslı.

Quiet! I can't deal with you now.

Run. There'll be a murder.

They're out to kill.

-Come here.

-Run. They're out to kill.
-Call yourself a man?

Bro-in-law, OK.

Come here.
I'll snap your head off.

Help. He'll kill the man.
They're in the market now.

-Come here.
-OK, bro-in-law.

Come here.

Cool it, bro-in-law.

I'll snap your head off.

Come here.

Come here.

Come here.


He'll kill the man.
They're wrecking the place.

I'll snap your head off.

Come here.

Come here. Come here.

What are you doing in the coop?
Come out.

-Let him go, bro-in-law.
-No way. Come out.

Captain Zafer, this doesn't look good.
You're going too far.

Come out. I'll kill you.

Remember my heart condition.
I might die on you.

Go ahead. So what?

Ah, hear that?
He has a heart condition.

Like you have a heart!

Forget it, Zafer. He's no man.

-Don't, Zafer.

Zafer! Don't, son.

Who the hell are you
to climb on top of my mom?

I'll climb on top of you. I won't stop.

I'll climb on you nonstop.

Come out of there.

It's not like you think.

We went to talk about Mehtap.
They tripped and fell on the carpet.

That's what the boy saw.

We tripped and went sprawling.

My legs are still bruised.

Come on, Zafer. Come on, son. Please.
Stop this torture.

He's breathing like a hen
clamped in a fox's jaws.

He'll die on us, son.

Zafer, I'm hopelessly in love.
I love your mother.

It's love. I can't help it.

-Nonsense, son.

He's lost his mind.

Screw the misery of your love.
Is that what love is?

How much more will it hurt me
in the space of a day?

Every woman in my life
has beat it in 24 hours.

-Mom included.
-What kind of talk is that?

Screw every one of you!

Thank goodness that's over.

Thank goodness.

Stay in that coop. You're made for it.
Dirty thing!

Hey, come on. It's like a funeral in here.

Turn on the radio, Koray.

Keep it right there.

Need a diving buddy, Captain?


Maybe I'll stay a bit longer.

Maybe you should never go.

Die, flies!


-I said die.
-He didn't even pay for the project.

You have to take care of it, Ramazan.

You die, too!

There's a marriage prospect for Zafer
real soon.


I don't know, Fahriye.




Auntie Döndü, hello.




How about
I take us all out in the boat?

Yay, bro-in-law!

Get ready, Aynur. This can wait.

They're so good together, Ramazan.

-Come on.

Come on, Mom.


It's just like in Titanic, isn't it?

Exactly, honeybun.

Oh, Fahriye. My boy's gone.

The girl's snatched my boy.

-What's done is done.
-It can't be, Fahriye.

We must do something.

If only you'd stayed
till the figs were ripe

They are. The figs are ripe.

And the branches stuffed us.

Isn't that true? Didn't they stuff us?

I never used to laugh. My nerves are shot.

Why are you laughing?

It's nothing, son.

Just tell me
or I'll go off the rails like you.

We're laughing at ourselves.

Are the figs ripe?

-My nerves are so shot.
-Good grief.