Bye Bye Jupiter (1984) - full transcript

While extracting water from the Martian polar ice caps, ancient carvings are uncovered describing an alien spacecraft crashing into Jupiter, postponing plans to turn Jupiter into a second Sun.

For NASA, and all other people who
dare to venture into the universe...

Toho Films

Production company: Toho Eiga and lO Productions
Toho Eizo Films, Ltd.

lt is the 22nd Century.

The world's population is 18 billion. The Solar System's
space sector inhabits an additional five billion.

Those who live in outer space search for new
resources and energy in their harsh environment in an
attempt to bring mankind beyond the Solar System.

The year 2125

Sayonara Jupiter

Produced by: Tomoyuki Tanaka, Komatsu Sakyo

Production assisted by: Bun'yu Tanaka, Shiro Fujihara

Music: Shintaro Haneda
Theme songs: Yumi Matsutoyo_:
''Voyager'', ''Aoi Fune de''

Insert songs: Jiro Sugita:
''Sayonara Jupiter'', ''Chikyuu no Shiki''

Soundtrack by EMl Kabushiki Kaisha
Music production help: Toho Music Productions

Cinematographer: Kazutami Hara
Art director: Kazuo Takenaka

Sound: Shotaro Yoshida
Lighting: Shinji Kojima

Editing: Makoto Ogawa
Costume design: Sogo Shimura

Assistant director: Nao Miyoshi
Production editor: Sekishu Morichi