Bye Bye Blondie (2012) - full transcript

A Love Story Of Two Women Who meet up in their late forties and attempt to retrieve the romance they had in their youth.


Fuck off
I do not waste my time on chat.

-A nice place this.
-You are joking right?


Do you have a brush, Caro?

Hi, Gloria! A beer?
-No, a Jack Daniels.

-Are you not tired of showing your ass?

-How are you, girls? If you take them out?

Does she not get tired of
appearing everywhere.

-Are you in a bad mood?
-I have argued with Bertrand.

Where will you sleep now, then ...?
No, you.

-I counted on you.
No, Patricia's coming home tomorrow.

No, Gloria. You can not.

-Oh, what the hell!

I will be homeless.

-Do you have a light?
-Homeless ...

Well, I shall devote myself
to escapism.

Hi, Gloria! What the hell. Who designed
horn Claude Muir? Is that you?

You can't do that!
He's sexy.

A suit dressed endive. What is
those who have sex with vegetables?

Fungus-Roots, I think.
-What the hell have you done?

-I would set it up in the bar.
-When I vandalize the bar.

I adore Frances Muir.
I see her program each evening.

-Did you know her as a child?
Buy-pants, so I answer.

-Get out!
-Buy you a brain, so we can talk.

There are chat. If you knew her,
You would not stop bragging about it.

If you've read anything by him,
You would not call him for endive.

Vero, can I sleep with you tonight?
When I read his book ...

- ... Then we can discuss it.
-Do not have your own place?

-I have a quarrel with Bertrand.
-For any crap. Massage!

Sit here.

Okay, you can stay with me ... a week,
no fuss about it.

Do not mess, do not bring home motors
to be renovated, nothing like that.

It's your home, not a garage.
-One week, not a day longer.

-Listen to your daddy!
-Are you unable to work?

Are you lazy? You dress like a
thug! Who knows who you hit!

You think I'll tolerate it?

As long as you live with me,
listen to what I say!

You speak up two days in advance.
We do not know how you take the road.

Or with whom. See what you look like,
Gloria! What should I call you?

You're tainting my life! Motherfuckers!


Now do not rip.

Do you understand what we go through,
what your dad goes through?

-Every single night ...
-Shut up.

I'm afraid you'll find follies
in order to pollute our life.

-Every single night ...
-Shut up!

-Now you calm down! Do you understand?
-Shut up!

Shut up!

Does this happen often? Did she take drugs?

We no longer know
what to do with her.

You sit in a taxi ... they play
a song that makes you remember.

Suddenly the ship Mon
20 years of life.

It has not yet been possible to find
where the experience takes place ...

- ... Neurological seen.
-Folds the brain like a sheet?

-If one imagines it ...
-I love that woman.

Have you seen her eyes?

Is her program not good?
Compared to the crap they show.

Yeah, actually, for an exchange.
-They only use nice words.

-In reality, she is not pretty.

Her makeup artist has created a face
that does not exist in reality.


What is she doing here?

It feels weird to see you again.

-I didn't remember you being so small.
'I've been looking for you all day.

I found you.

I have no time for you. May I have
your number, I'll call you.

-Not even to take a drink?
-What did you think?

Should I crawl to you
because you create yourself on TV?

No, not right away. I had
intended to bid on dinner first.

I'm just a problem for you,

-Are you proud of your program?
-It gives me enough adrenaline.

Given all idiots
that will be in my place-

-It is difficult
not to feel privileged.

-Are you proud minimum wage earner?
-When I'm not working, it's ok.

-What do you live for?
-Love, solidarity ...

I steal a little, too ...
I'm not complaining.

You're giving '.
I read it in the gossip press.

-Your mom is well pleased?
-Her life Iykkeligste day.

My sister kicked the bucket of envy.
It felt good.

What was the type ...

-Sewer rat?
No, Radius. He receiving bank.

He's dead, idiot.

No ... Is he dead?

Shit ... Shit ...

-Are you coming to my room?
No, I do not.

-We can hear the music.
No, it seems dangerous.

No, no ...

-Driver transfer you my side.
-Your driver? Do you have a driver?

I barely have a credit card,
and you have a driver.


-Your room is a trap.

-Now you can not do anything.
-Fast Nailed.

Not quite.

You're like a Iivvakt.
With you I'm not afraid of anything.

-Yes, sir ...? You look a little tired.
I have not slept either.

-Nice you worry me.
Were you with her all night?

-So much care requires a beer.
-Deliver me from suspicion ...

-You must have still not ...?
-What do you think you should get to know?

RO-you! I'm going to Paris.
-Paris? Hold up.

It's the worst crap instead.
-Will you come with her to Paris?

Why not? I do not have here.
-Make sure you do not get cash back!

Why are you so negative?

Let me think ...
-A huge TV star ...

Superrik ...,
and married to a famous author ...

and sm?forelsket in
one punk minimum wage tags.

No, I see no risk since.
-What could happen?

Here's a pitbull, where a lamb.
-If you want, then it goes to hell.

One does not know until he has tried.
I thrive here. Of course I'm going.

Good trip. We get well greeting
where she sits and get moldy.

It's amazing
you know Frances Muir.

Will you meet?
She's probably busy? She's married.

I wonder if her husband
leave you? every inn.

Damn, so nice it must be with them.

Is it true that she is IESB?
Do you really ...?

She does not seem to be IESB.
Or what, Michel?

-Take her, please.
-After 30 girls are mostly pass?.

-I will truly miss you.
-When I write on Facebook ...

I know ... that one who knows
Frances Muir, burst page. Ouch!

-You fit well in yourself?

You know,
I miss my typewriter.

Have you read
comments on your blog?

No, I have not. I read
only that they write about others.

It's even worse.
This book is never clear.

Stay three weeks at the hotel free Wi-Fi.
It tends to always do you good.

Are you sending me away? Will not you
For me here when Cinderella arrives?

No, I'm saying it for your sake.
You write better outside Paris.

I will not write more ...
I will devote myself to something else.

You always say that, Claude.
I know you.

Why did you ask her to stay with us?
-With us?

No. You are staying. I live upstairs ...
By ... me. What does that tell you?

It's not like you
to make the difference.

-When have I changed.
-I will also change.

-I will write an autobiography.
-Are you?

Are you going to write about me, too?

I've never used this myself
by you in any book.

I write so nobody knows
you as inspiration.

Bra. I tend to feel that
a butterfly trapped in a window.

Did you sleep well?

-Are you okay, Frances?
-Yes. Did you go out yesterday?

-Did you have fun?

-Can you talk outside?
-Ailments to you?

-Leave me in peace.
Okay, we go! Come!

-We seen since.
-Yes! I love you!

We, too.

I hate them.

Everyone to their places!
Setting the stage. Camera goes.

-We are late. Going from the stage!
-Press hard ...

Hard fingers ...

-It is rumored that they will switch you out.
-It will annually.

I do not see that viewership drops,
so we wait and see.

-Where do you get your good mood from?
-Do you know?

From a young love ...
a real. The great love.

One should beware of the past.
The best listening at home there.


The higher it goes,
the less clothes you have.

It does not bother me in the least.

I'm happy
to be in your program.

I'd crouched naked on all're
the leash, if you asked me to.

Interesting. I had not
thought of ... It would suit you.

-You get ... 200 euros.
-200? You sell them fast.

-Vinyl does not sell anymore.
Why are you selling it?

-I guess I have no choice.
Give me 400, so I'm off.

I need money.
-You get 300

No. 350 .. I'm moving to Paris.
I need steel.

-If you move to Paris?
-Yes. Replace them with the crap you got there.

-It costs 400 to Paris.
-350. I'm not just one night.

-350 Euros.

The girl has woken up.

I'm looking for her.
'I'll be right there.

Come back, Jacques.
Go back to bed!

Hey. Why am I here?

You were placed here because
you had a nervous breakdown.

-In the morning you will meet a doctor.
-I have things to do tomorrow.

Today you shall rest.
Tomorrow you will meet a psychiatrist.

And a social worker.
-Call my parents, so I can go.

-They know you're here. Everything is good.
No, it's not.

How do I get my clothes?
Can I get a cigarette?

It's too early. Rest now.
-Can I watch TV?

-You should be resting.
-Am I locked in?

I do not smoke, do not watch TV ...
To ... tomorrow?

Tomorrow you will meet someone.
You do.

-Let me out! Let me out!

-Let go of me! I hurt you!
-Calm down.

-Go away! Do not touch me!
-Calm down!

-Get out!
-Calm down!

Calm down.


-I hope that someone will come tomorrow.
She's better here than there.

Why do you think you are here?

Because ... I would go
to Juvisy over weekend

-To go to a concert with friends.
I insisted.

My parents did not
that it was suitable. We were upset ...

In particular, I am. They were intimidated by my
reaction and called emergency services.

That was it.

Is that all?

Yes, that's all.
Otherwise I good.

I eat well. I have many friends,
many interests ...

Yes, everything is going well.
No chance to upset them.

-Do you take drugs?

I drink a little, that's all.

Do you think that you are ugly?


If you do not think you are ugly,
Why do you feel when uglier?

Is that why I'm locked up here?
You do not like my appearance?

Young girls who feel pretty don't cut their hair like savages.

They do... if they're punks.
I'm punk.

Having problems with sex?

No, I do not think ...

I usually do not talk about it
with people I do not know.

'I regard myself as normal.

I think that it is normal
not wanting to talk about it with one

- I do not know,
I have not asked for.

I do not tell if I swallow
When I suck someone. It is normal.

I will consult with parents.

Shall I wait outside?

Gloria? Come with me.

We're not saying you're crazy
but that you expose yourself to danger-

-In a disturbing way.

I do not belong here. Do something,
You can not leave me here.

We will not hurt you. We help you
to protect you from yourself.

-We will help you. Calm down.
-I will not be trapped.

You'll stay a while with us,
and you shall see that you'll feel better.

-You say nothing, Mom.

Dad ...! Dad!


Dad! Dad!

Train number 2534 -

-From Nancy arrives.

Is it?

-Should I take your bag?

The car is there.

-Do you have any coins or notes?

-He must not remain here.
-A charming reception.

Do you take your bag?

-Have you shared port phone?
-Yes. We have shared apartment ...

- ... But not the same floor.
-So we do not meet your husband?

-If someone visits me ...

Calling it ... with him, too.

For a life. You sound in the hallway.
Do you understand that you disturb the others?

-I did not know it was so loud.
-Is this music good for you?

-I do not do it again.
-Are you well so?

Do not touch,
I gave it to my parents!

You fat cow. You can not
prevent me from listening to Beru!

Fat Cow!
So fucking stupid can you be!

Stop it! Let her go!
Let her go, I say!

Let go of me! Get out!

-Calm down!
Yeah, I'm calm.

-Calm down!
-Do not touch me! Fat Cow!

This is what happens if you touch my stuff.
Fat Cow!

-Stop it!
-Stop staring!

Next time I mosses you!

I saw you fighting for Beru yesterday.

I've never seen someone go on like that.

-When did you come?

Why are you here?
-For amnesia.

I took a lot of Rohypnol,
and has lost his memory.

What more do you listen to,
except on Beru?

-Do you know Beru?
-Yes, I do.

-Do you take me for an idiot or what?

My idol is David Bowie.
I also like the beer, punk

And I love the Stooges.

Not bad.

You remember many groups
to have lost his memory?

Can you keep a secret?

-My name is Frances.

Gloria ...

I remembered it all this morning. I did not say
something so as not to be let out immediately.

This is not a fun place.
Be all you can do.

-It is difficult to get here.
-I wanted to get to know you.

Then you have not lost your memory,
you're just crazy.

Shall we smoke?

Are you hippie, or Do you think
that you're in "Little House on the Prairie"?

-Treat me like a fool, then.
-Now you have destroyed all my therapy.

-Do you smoke cigarettes?

I have some hash ...
Shall we join forces?

-How do you have so many cigarettes?
-I bought them from Pierrot yesterday.

-I do not talk with anyone.
-Is it a matter of principle?

No, a matter of taste.
-How is your friend, Pierrot?

He is sympathetic,
little absent, but kind.

He believes that he is persecuted,
and that he can read people's minds.

He says he's filmed by the state.
First I've heard, but you never know.

He said that people pursue him
when he is in the swimming hall-

And that the bank where he worked
sent medieval codes to him.

Then it was best to leave.

I can see them,
their petty madness.

I do not want to talk to
a banker who also is disabled.

-I am too young.
Daddy works in a bank.

Is that depressing?
-I do not talk to your dad.

Do you know that according to the rules get
patients do not fuck with each other?

-It inhibits recovery.

I like what you say,
for I will never recover.

You work all week
and lets loose the whole weekend

The little waiter at McDonalds

says she lives on Sonacotra.

There is freedom there.
She has right in.

She works during the week and at the weekend dances.

-Wait ... I found amphetamines.
-No? How did you find them?

Leave the door unlocked,
or they'll discover us.

Alright ...

We did that in church ...
You went to church as a kid?

Not so often.

Close your mouth.

So lucky that you are here.

I'll always be your baby
I will always be here.

Hi, Marjorie! How are you?
Hi, Frances.

Who is she?

What's she doing here with you?

-You don't?

-What does she gets paid?
-15 Euros a week, three hours per day.

A wealth. Give it to me.
We don't care about washing.

I work somewhere else.
I'm late, too.

Inhale deeply through your nose ...
and as we breathe out ...

We breathe out ...

We support with hand
and stretches out ... Bra.

One, two, three, four and five.

It is not healthy to exercise,
especially sober.

It's like drugs. It is believed
that it helps, but it's a trap.

-Are you working all day?
-Yes. Are you here when I come?

I'll get the keys to you.

What is the use of money
if you work all day?

It hangs together.

So disappointed I become.
Is it like to be rich?

-Can I create a cottage here with you?
-A cottage?

-A corner is mine.
Yeah ... obviously.

Toulouse seemed to want to leave
dinner when I got without you.

He is sincere.
He does not hide his disappointment.

If we pay ...?
As nice. No, let me ...

-Let's see ... Here you are.
-What will you do this weekend?

We could go to Cabourg
to get some Iuft.

-So maybe I can write IittIe.
-Do you still have writer's block?

If I have ... I've written
ten lines, that's all.

I sit for hours at the office.
It is hell.

Edouard can drive us
for your recording on Friday.

No, it's Gloria's first weekend here.
I will be here with her.

Yeah? What are you?
Listening to "La Souris deglingue? ...

- ... In B?ruriers farewell concert.
-Please! Give me respite!

What will she do when you get
to sense and throws her out?

It's different with her.
-I give it two weeks.

May I ... Le Monde.

So bad that you are there.
I do not know if you get my letters-

Or if they read them.
They can go to hell.

When we were together it was
almost comical that you were there.

Now that I'm back and you
are still there, I am insane.

I tremble at the thought of how
we should kiss when you come out.

Call me when you get home!
I place the dormitory.

I'm out when you get here.
Just wait and see ...

I'm home with my albums
and my room ... and your letters.

I was not one of them.
I was sad when you left home.

So boring that you stay with nuns
it may not be as fun.

There is certainly
much disobedience there ...

I will not see you again.
I have my life here.

My boyfriend will reunite
and I will be with him.

What the hell?
Is that real blood?

-If you can not scream as usual?
-There is no danger.

-The skinheads beat me.
-We turn them in his mouth.

-We take revenge on them!
-We turn the skulls on them!

-Look, skinheads!
Where are you?

Where are you, you skinheads?
There is nobody here.


Police! Stop!

Damn, for some strenuous pigs.

So you tell me during the fight?
You are not exactly awake.

-What do you do with those bastards?
-They are comrades from Toulouse.

It was your buddies
who fucked with us.

He was alone and drunk,
but did not stop until we caught up.

You should not hang with the fascists,
kid. You can get bad.

Stop calling me "kid" ...
Why not?

-Do you live with your parents?

I would not end up in a madhouse
again. I'm staying with a friend.

His parents don't know
I jump through the window.

Is that ok in your home?
-It was exhausting, but it's ok.

-I'm waiting for answers to my letters.

-Cried a lot?

How long have you suffered ... Two weeks?

Will you stay with me? I live nearby.

You don't have to climb into,
I have a separate entrance.

No, I don't want to.
I know you're scared, girl.

One can get anxiety from
Meeting the woman in her life.

you would like to be happy.

You are still a big mouth.

Hold up, I'm not going.

If you open the trunk?


They are sharp ...
They scratched the trunk.

-Not if you put them gently.
-What will you do with them?

-My own corner.
-It's not olive oil?

No, but set them up and down.
Set them straight!

-Good day, madam!
-Good day.

I live on the fourth,
if you need anything.

-Yes, sir, thank you!
-See you.



Is that you playing so loud?
-Gloria, I presume.

Nice to meet you.
It is I who is Claude Muir.

We will certainly stay together
All three, in peaceful coexistence.

I interrupt you right away
I am the alpha male here.

I just wanted to say
that you play too loud.

-You get to hear at lower volumes.
-I am a writer.

And I have writer's block.
It is hard to imagine.

The easiest thing would have been
not to write then.

I avail myself of a ritual,
of self-hypnosis -

-A kind of temporary psychosis
which is favorable for creating.

Do you understand? Music is essential
of ending up in the state.

I have to find the right mood.
Nothing can disturb the process.

-That's it.
-I satisfied myself.

Thank you.

-Are you okay?

Can I check my mail?

Mann would think
that a serial killer lives here.

Thank you for your compliment.

Will it work
between us this time?

I will not let you, Gloria.
This time I will not have you.

Do not bite me.

-Your fucking bitch.

When I think of the letter you wrote.
The only letter I got from you.

I did not think you were a coup.

I thought you would taste better.

I had not thought me
sleeping with girls.

But I was wrong ...

Then I had not
tasted your buttocks.

You totally screwed me.
I was absolutely desperate.

You are not heterosexual reason.
You like to suffer.

I understand, you'll suffer.

Hold UP!

So do not you like
we met at the wrong house.

Are not you tired of playing psychologist?
Can not get enough?


-What does your boyfriend feel about this?
-Which girlfriend?

I have no girlfriend ...
You are my girlfriend.

Oh, I missed this.

-They are actually a little bit mine.
No, not at all.

Hey ... leopard!
-You're all full. Calm down!

-You get me 12, so we go.
-Is Frances sour?

We would go to London for ...
going to concerts and buying records.

-Don't forget my records!
-If I go ...

She has learned
she must study all summer-

-With an extra teacher
To get into the fine schools.

-What is an extra teacher?
-An extra teacher with the rich ...

- ... Help her better grades.
-Does she not have good enough grades?

-Never! It will not even have!
-For a skull!

No, we cut out. Frances!

Are you hiding?


What is it ...? You?

Excuse me.
I would not make you sad.

You pass the well ... I work

-So we can go to London.
Now you say that we can not go.

Then I'm sorry.

-We do not care about your parents.
-Stop, that's enough.

You never cease to sulk!

-I do not care, I suck all.
-Calm down, Hezbollah.

You'll have to choose then ...
Choosing between parents and me.

They will not like that you are gay,
so that you're with me ...

I am sorry not to be able to go.
What should I do, kill my mom?

It might be better than
to spend the summer with the teacher.

Aside from girls like you are out
unable to go against your mother.

Life is rock 'n roll.

With you rocker life
as in a Darty commercials.

You're crazy.
-We escaping.

Yeah, absolutely.
-Fuck the fine schools.

-Would you be avokat?
-Lawyer, yes.

-It's called a lawyer.
-They say well not a lawyer?

To escape had been smart. So would
my parents never let me be.

I'm talking about escape
and you are all back home.

The motto is "No Future"
not think to secure pension.

Shut up! Kiss me! Kiss me!

-You know you can not resist me.

Kiss me!

-How can you let her do it?
She needs space.

You get a little baffled in
beginning, but one gets used.

To request home people
what do you do?

I said that my friend the artist
do an installation at me.

-You, then? How is the novel?
'I listen to music in headphones.

It's not the best method
for creative hypnosis.

It affects the rhythm of my writing.

I think she has ruined my style.
It does nothing, think you, -

-Since I can not write.
You know she's crazy?

-The second.

No, she is a punk rocker.
-Punk Rocker?

Yes ... That's what I like.

-Punk Rocker ... I dream.
-How so?

A fierce wild boar
had been more sophisticated.

When you waive two week
recordings because she has burst-

because you have contradicted her.

Then she tried
to communicate a little bit with you.

I'm worried about you.
What is it with you?

I can not make multiple applications
next year. That's the rumor.

They want me in a dokus?pe
where I put the kids on tractors.

Is there tractors,
Gloria may be in the casting.

What it says in the contract?
What does your lawyer?

I'll wait until it's a fact.

It'll be ... Count on me.
We are warriors, you and me.

That's why we are who we are.

The document open ...
Why not? Yes ...

-Unger on the tractor in the city can work.
It's pathetic.

What we meant shamelessly
five years ago ...

- ... Seems completely normal today.

Excuse me.

-What's this?
-Position to build on the hill.

Since we never go out suitable
I get to the creative activity.

As Zezette in
"Santa Claus is a bastard."

Lucky I did not have a gun.

Why are you so aggressive towards me?
-I am not.

When I get there,
highlight the difference.

I'll go to my producer's party
to have a chat with him.

-Does it bother you about Claude with me?
-Yeah, it bothers me so into hell.

In two weeks we have not gone out
once together.

You are afraid to be seen with a
girl if people start talking.

Why do you care?
You do not know anyone there.

Claude can find out who
are on time for something is afoot.

Is Claude rich since you're sucking up like that?

No, he is the author.
When you gain nothing.

He fucks you not, he's boring
and has writer's block ...

What do you do with him? I begin
to wonder what I'm doing here.

I know, Gloria ...
It's so don't assume that I'm gay.

It would be easier not to pretend
as if I were heterosexual, like you.

Without marriage
I would not be where I am.

Our love is small, weak and
ashamed. You let it grow.

Light and ashamed?

You are wrong. It is of hardened steel.
Nothing can shake it.

-Not mine at least.
You're sexy.

-What are instant art?
Can each guest say a word?


Future gets an "E".
We asked for a no and got a yes.

We hear on a small piece, and
come back to our guests.

-Now we hear our chronicler ...
Was that a piece of music?

On ... Modern Art:
H?l?ne Soult, be my guest!

Good evening ... Alexander van Groik,
were contemporaries of Vermeer ...

Painted women ... in everyday life.

-With us, princess ...
-Wait, I want to see in the distance.

Take out credentials! Show them!

-They were stolen in Montauban.
-What did you do there?

She visited relatives.
-I have confirmation here.

Where does the money come from?
Robber you older?

No, I like older.

All join in! When we go!

Stir in the legs!

When we go!

The first to be freed
waiting on the other, ok?

-Now hold it!
-I have been here for two days.

-Tell me where she is.
-I do not give out personal information.

It's illegal.
-Has she released?

-Enough. Go!
That's my buddy!

I worry for her.
Have you strangled her, or what?

What are you looking for? Shall we check
On your paper is also fake?

Will you end up in the cage? Let the girl be!

Let her be!
You are a real accident!

It is you who is an accident.

Fuck you.


Listen to this ...
"We've had a great time together -

-But we must be clear-sighted. I can
not risking my future. "

How can she write like that?

It's probably not her
who have wanted to write this letter.

I do not understand ...
how can she leave me?

So she writes ...
It hurts to write this -

-But I hope you understand
that our paths must part. "

How can I understand it ...?
How should I understand?

-How will I live without her?
Come on, Gloria!

-Stop whining, Gloria!
-Frances was not for you!

Stop crying.

Go to hell!

You look stunning, babe.
-You then.

Good evening! Is everything all right?
Can we talk?

Frances ... Did you spend my
On prostitute?

Yeah ... Hello!
-I like them rock hard.

-You must have them.
Hey, Jean-Baptiste!

-Jean-Baptiste, Producer - Gloria.
-Are you a childhood friend?

I would like to chat with you.
I've heard some rumors.

-Am I not program host next year?
-Ugh, that's just nonsense.

The program is a success.
Why should I change it?

-There are rumors about a certain replaces
-We have known each other for ten years.

Would I do that to you?
Be calm. I will keep you informed.

It's clean grass ... I smoke only
it since I quit using tobacco.

Let me see ... What is it?

She does not know, she's dumb.
-You don't do french fries?

Jaha ...
All idiots has made himself.

Hey! Is everything all right?
-Yes. Have you met C?sar?

Have you been on holiday?

Surprise ... My dear.

What are you doing here?
I'm here to see you.

We do not support communitarianism,
or follow an American model.

What's the point to close
himself in his own little world?

Can you keep up?
Did you hear how you sound?

-Your stupid oversight, too.
-I will not allow ...

I do not care what you allow.
You and your wife can go to hell!

No ...! Are you crazy!

-Excuse me, cow.
-Poor man.

Away with you ...

You're not even worth a bang.

No, stay here. You ruin everything.

Where did Frances find her,
Animal Friends?

Pitbull Bitch.
I should take her.

-Are you going already?
-I have had enough of the small talk.

-Have a nice evening.
-Frances, then?

I just have to say that you are my idol.

What you did was right,
powerful and disruptive.

You drive a motorcycle ...? I will
go to the gig. Drive me?

Yes, anywhere you want.

-Do you have more grass?

-You never do that!
-You take me to the party ...

- ... And go with your husband!
What was good for the outbreak?

-What do I say to them tomorrow?
-How can I live with you?

Is it because I'm on TV
I have this job?

That I have stability ...
that you treat me like this?

What are you talking about?
-The poor victim.

Poor Gloria!
But one has to create a life.

You have to build up your life
show some effort, have some courage!

You have not built up any

Violence is a brainwashing language.
It impresses only idiots!

It is you who is responsible for the violence,

-Do not touch me!
-You live with sick people.

You lie every time you open your mouth.

I do not know you.
Take the keys. Plug and dig down!

Go and fuck them!
Come on! Do it, Gloria.

When we have a little fun?
They know how to enjoy themselves.

They are not wasting time. When do we have
fun? When do we laugh together?

I've had enough of your
Office Hours and priorities.

Now leave. It's over. Get out! Leave!

I'm leaving when I decide!
not when someone says that to me!

-So pathetic you are.

Just the word I was looking for:


What are you doing there?
I saw that you came home alone.

Are you still up?

You had to right
that it didn't last two weeks even.

It is over.

I had forgotten the feeling there,
there ... there.

I was so afraid that you would
leave me when she came ...

... Until tonight.

When I held you tight I felt
I had lost you.

What we have in common
doesn't interest you anymore.

She is a beast and dangerous
to the public, that girl.

But it is her you need.
What will you do about it?

Is it Gloria you're talking about,
or do I dream?

You're going to lose
everything that you stand for ...

But ... it does not matter.

You, then ... and your novel?

Not a word, not a line ...
I'm done.

But I will also accept this.

I'll change lives.

I will be leaving town
and put the writing behind me.

I think of Brittany ...
maybe open a creperie with C?sar.

A cr?perie ... yes ...
C?sar would fit in a cr?perie.

She replaces FRANCES MUIR

-Will you be ok?
-It only hurts when I breathe.

You can be with me today.
I'm not working.

No, leaving
after the first fight.

If it goes to hell, it is not
something to do. But it was good, too.

It had not lasted long.

Thank you, everyone! Thank you, Frances!
Remove the guests their miking, thanks!

-Shall we go?
I'm coming.

I expected it. You warned me.

-What will you do now?
-Take me along. You give me my purse?

-Take a little vacation with your girlfriend!
-Is this your makeup?

-Then I'll take it.

I would've told you right away
but Jean-Baptiste would not let.

It was not the end of the world. You can't
be sitting in the box all my life.

Excuses! I'll go to Jean-Baptiste.

We have to cover the rest of
season. H?l?ne replaces you.

-Could you not have waited the year out?
-Then I would also be fired.

And to warn me was too hard?
-I also have the day ...

... When I find my stuff
in a box outside my office.

-That's it, we're no angels.
-You think that you have friends ...

... Which says that the rumors are incorrect,
then lets one see it on the street.

It's not personal,
that's how it goes.

I must go ... See you soon
and we'll talk about the future, ok?

-Relax. I'll help you.
-You, Jean-Baptiste!

What happened?

Come here!




How much regret not
when it is too late.

When one remembers the last time-

-Before it loses a few ounces soul.

How heavily does not weigh the
that is strangled to please others.

To arouse desire in others.

To show all the time
that was laid down ... in vain.

Rasedyr, beautifully disciplined ...

She had never severed ties
to childhood, -

-The wild and carefree.
They were an oath to each other.

The framework had changed,
Figures released another ...

But it never came between them.

Here she comes.

You go. She's yours.

I'm embarrassed by what is happening.
I do not recognize anything.

As if no one has hurt me.
I am innocent of everything I do.

I'm not afraid of you.
You will get everything that is needed.

I'm not afraid to let you
in, nothing with you scares me.

At the last breath,
what really counts?

The proof of desire,
happiness of being together ...

-A sunspot on the skin ...
Now we go home.

An exchange of words ...
For once she was full.

Bodies subsisting
on the other's breath.

She would no longer
fight against it.

She went her way.

She lost everything,
and she found himself.