Bye (2019) - full transcript

A con man with freedom supervised starts a bloody path of revenge when his little daughter dies in a car crash after of First Communion's celebration.


What's up?

Come here!

You look so hot!

How are you?

Let's go.

Let me see you.

Are you seeing
Sevilla's prettiest thing?

Okay, let's go.

Why are you laughing?

You look like terrible.

If it's so funny,
I'll put on my tracksuit.

And we'll have the party at home.


I'll put on slippers
for your Communion.

Right, Triana?

Haven't you told her

there's no money for the party?

There's no money, Estrella.

We'll do it here.

What about the cousins?

The cousins in the bathroom.
We'll lock them in.

The mass will be in your room.
The priest

in the hall, taking communion.
The guests in the living room.

A couple of precooked tortillas
from the supermarket, and done.

Since you're so ugly,

at home they won't see that much.

What do you say?

- You ugly girl.
- I had the same thought.

Where can we have a party
with this beastly child?

This monster?

You're a monster too.


What do you mean?

- The body of Christ.
- Amen.

Look at her.


- The body of Christ.
- Amen.

You couldn't find a bigger suit?

You look like a hostage.

Triana, feed this man

some sausage and toast.

Guys, shut the fuck up.

Shut up or I'll give you
guys eternal peace.

Look how happy she is.

A friend from the hood

got me a job at a warehouse.

- Are you getting a contract?
- Yeah.

Fuck me, I'll go to prison to get a job.

You'll get beaten and locked up
without a trial,

just for being an asshole.

- Serve yourself.
- Can you believe my wife won't let me

watch the final cup?

Fuck off!

It's just begun
and Betis is already losing!

Look, Juan.

Your uncle and your brother.

- Did you invite them?
- Me?

No way.

I'll be right back, okay?

- Do you want tortilla?
- Yes.

Take it, it won't bite you.

It's from the family, take it.



Paniagua gave us these,
he didn't know what to do with them.

How long will you be out now?

Out from where, Andrés?

From my cousin's ass, Juanito.
From where do you think?

How does your parole work?

Fuck me.

The thing is, I sign a paper,

I go out and stay with my kid and wife
and then back again to sleep.

They strip me down, search all holes,

and if I'm clean and well-behaved,
the following day I get to go out again.

Don't fuck with me.

I'm just explaining it, Andrés.

Have some respect, dude.

Paniagua here has a cousin
working in prison,

maybe you know him.


- You haven't heard of him?
- No.

He's in charge of searching asses.

Since you're going in and out,

you might be intimate.

Each time you go in you could
take ten like these.

Easy peasy.

Swallow, shit, get paid.

Then why the fuck
don't you do it, Chico?

What did I tell you?

Huh? What did I tell you?

You want me to repeat it
or would you like it in writing?

You want me to write it on the wall?

No! No fucking way!
How do I have to say it?

Chico... Chico, listen.

Keep that attitude
for someone else.

- Yeah?
- You're too cocky.

- Enough, enough.
- A little respect.

Nephew! Enough, leave it there.

Respect, it's your kid's Communion.

- We are Santos.
- Santos? Fuck Santos!

Sit down, please. Sit.

You should wash your fucking mouths.

Listen to me.

How are you going to make a living?

Tell me.

What will you do?
Look me in the eye.

Will you deal scraps?

- Stack shelves at the supermarket?
- Embarrassing.

At a warehouse?

Breaking your back?

How much will you make?

Supporting your family
with that shit?

Your wife?

Your kid, electricity bills,

water bills, gas bills

and all the fucking lot!

You don't listen do you?

At the end of the day, mom is right.
You don't care about the family.

That's not true, Chico.

You're always welcome in my house,
you know that,

- but not for this.
- For good or evil,

you're a Santos.

That's what's fed you inside.

Andrés, I'd rather starve to death

than feed off our name.

What I had to swallow is all the shit
Chico didn't want

when he robbed the Fortunas.

Look at you.

They kicked you out of the hood
and you're dealing fuck all.

Come on.

But the fucker took the envelope.

- Will it stay there forever?
- No, not forever.

It'll wear off, but mine lasted a lot.

And a girl from school

who doesn't wash her hands
had them for three months.

- What happens when I take a shower?
- You put a bag on your hand.

Okay, then I'll put a bag
on my hand forever.

If your mom sees this
you'll go into the washing machine.

Dad, are you good or bad?

Where did that come from?

Ask your daughter.

Has she told you

her plan for freeing Manuela's sparrows?

- Dogface?
- She's driving me nuts.

She says she's training one to fly
to the jail and deliver a message.

If they catch the sparrow in jail,
they'll eat it.

What if we can't make ends meet?

I'll only be working part-time,
and that's nothing.

Okay, then, turn around
and accept your family's offer.

You're dying to say yes.
Turn around.

We could also have more communions
to get more of these envelopes.

We could have

loads of kids
and celebrate their communions.

- How about that?
- I think...

It's a great plan,
but we'd have to have them non-stop,

like a factory: shag, kid, communion.

Okay? Going at it all day, like rabbits.

You kid...

You're such a joker.

What's no joke is
that the gates close in half an hour.

- No way.
- No what?

Tonight you're not sleeping in jail,
tonight you're sleeping with me at home.

- Triana...
- How else

are we going to have more kids
if you're never here?

You want me to stop the car?

Watch that hand, Juan!

- The kid won't notice.
- She notices everything.

- She doesn't notice.
- She does.







Oh my God!

- What is it?
- Another Romanian.

It's got all the markings of a robbery.

Someone wanted in,
and it ended up in a bloodbath.

The Romanians won't tell you much,
all four of them are dead.

What's up with you?


- Take a walk.
- No, I'm fine.

I said take a walk.

What's he doing here?

He's in my group.

- Since when?
- He didn't tell you? He's your son.

You ask him.

Weren't you on a leave?

- Judge.
- Manuel.

- Paco.
- Hey.

The perps blew the door off
without a second thought.

Nine and 12 mm caliber.

Handgun and sawn off shotgun.

Two shooters. They bumped off

four Romanians.

Which in turn

take their hand at it and reply
with 16 mm cartridges.

- What did they take?
- We can't agree on that.

The coke's still there.

How are Romanians dealing
this much around here?

Not without Fortunas and Taboas


From the alley you can see two towers.

Let's see if I understand this.

When I got here,
there were over 20 onlookers.

But nobody has seen anything,
heard anything or knows anything, right?

I don't know why I fucking bother.

You should have been here earlier!

It's always the same.

You always get here late

when you're no longer useful.

I've already told them.

I fell asleep watching TV
and all the shooting woke me up.

You want me to go out and get shot?


Take all their info, the TV lady first.

You're too scared to patrol here!

An accident two streets away.

A hit and run.

A girl died.

The car hit them from the side and fled.

The girl was sleeping

and the crash destroyed her.

- Witnesses?
- In this neighborhood?

Nobody has seen anything.


We've taken the dad to the hospital.

I know this is a bad time, but...

Anything you might remember,
no matter how small.

I only saw my little girl's face.

- You're in charge of my girl's case?
- Yes.

And this is how you'll find them?

Asking questions?

We believe

the car that hit you
might be related to a robbery

against some neighbors, Romanians.

I don't know if you got to see
the car, the color.

Have you seen my girl's face?

Have you seen it?

- Yes.
- Have you?

Then move your ass and do something.

We've been here

over six hours and no one's telling us
where she is.

What the fuck do we know

about some Romanians?

Where is my girl? Where is my baby?

Do something, please.

She's cold.

I told ya' I was

sleeping out in the fresh air,

minding my business, and suddenly

I heard a very loud crash, very loud.

How many in the car?

I don't know.

What do you have there?


You know I can be a pain in the ass.

What are you hiding there?

Fuck me, it's Mickey Mouse.

He's Fluffy.

He stole all your dreams, right?


Come on, what color was the car
that killed the girl?

I don't know.

What color is "I don't know"?

Be gentle, you'll kill him.

Gray! Gray.


Yeah, gray and filthy.

There were two inside.

They were going really fast,
I couldn't see their faces.

I swear.

Just two?

- Yes, just two.
- Where were they heading?

Tell him to let him go.

Tell him to let him go
and I'll tell you.

Tell him.

I'll tell you.

They went towards Amate or Los Pájaros.

But what do I know?

That's all.

I swear on my life, Mr. Santacana.


Food for Mickey.

Don't bust my balls, all right?

All right, you have somewhere to start.

Maravilla says it was two guys in a
gray car headed towards Los Pajaritos.

But who knows.

At least it's something. Neither the
neighbors nor the parents know anything.

We've got work to do.

We have to find those two guys
before the father does.


Of course, you don't know
where that guy comes from.

Juan Santos, son of María Santos.

María and her sons. They used to be the
bosses of the hood, the 3000's.

Until the Fortunas started

a war over their territory.
Then Juan stole a stash from them.

We got five days of shootings and
stabbings for eight kilos of coke paste.

Those motherfuckers

are capable of killing,
trafficking, robbing,

but stealing from each other
is a mortal sin.

Juan fell and he's paying,
I think he was sentenced to 12 years.

The Fortunas made a pact with the other
families and threw them out of the hood.

That's why they live in a slums now.


Never trust a Santos.

All they do is lie.

I don't care
how long they've been there,

how can some Romanians deal
in the hood?

It's unheard of.

Fortunas and Taboas have to explain
what those people were doing there.

Who robbed them and why.

They didn't even show up at the wake.

What are they gonna say?

They will show up.

Or we will force them to show up,
but they better fucking will.

Fix up a meeting wherever need be.

You'll meet the Fortunas and the Taboas.

And if they say their hands are clean
we'll see what we do.

Not one of them has come to show their
respects to my granddaughter.

Not a single one.

Can we talk?

What is it?

Go upstairs.

Last night
I saw three men get out.

One had long hair, scared shitless
and being led by the others.

- What did the others look like?
- Average.

Just like you and me.
Carrying guns, big guns.

Like in the movies,
with their faces covered.


My daughter found this in the alley.

He saw them get into a huge black car.

He saw the long-haired one's face.
He looked like Kempes.

- A low-life from the hood.
- Kempes.

I saw him from my window.

I saw him.

Be careful, neighbor,
there were quite a few of them.

Thank you.


These are not coming to the party.


Five dead

for 8000 euros?

They rob the Romanians

and celebrate until they bust.

These motherfuckers had
the party of their lives.

Check the plates.

This has nothing to do with us, Juan.

We're meeting you out of respect
for your girl.

I'll be honest, Gordo.

There's been a robbery
with four dead in the hood.

The 3000's, your hood.

Because it's yours,
that's what was decided, right?

Those bastards flee
and take my girl's life on the way.

And I have to believe

you don't know who did it?

Who robbed the Romanians, Gordo?
Tell me.

You know it.

- Tell me.
- We know nothing about that robbery.

You can believe
whatever you fucking want.

You know the rules.

Since your brother Chico
stole from us,

no Santos can go into the hood.

But there you are.

We let you live here with your wife.

You've let them kill my baby girl!


If I have anyone gets in my way,
be it Fortuna or Taboa

I'll slit their throat
and get on with it.

Don't give me some Gypsy Law shit.

Watch your mouth.

Unless you want me to bust it.

Look, Juan. Gordo and I know

that if there's a
murderer and a thief in your family,

- it's Chico.
- That much you know.

If you're so innocent,
be careful with your threats.

You might not be able to carry them out.

Believe me...

What happened to your girl sickens me.

If we find out anything,

you'll be the first to know.

There's the door.

- Sure you don't want any?
- No, thanks.

Do I have to go sign anything?

No, just call the insurance company.

For the deceased?

Take a seat.

I won't charge you.

Neither Fortunas nor Taboas
know anything.

They've found two dead guys
in a car today.

In Torreblanca. A gray car.

Paniagua says it seems it's the two guys
who robbed the Romanians.

Paqui saw three guys leave the house.
Three, not two.

She saw one of their faces,
it was Kempes.

And she saw a big black car, not gray.

Where did the bullshit
about the gray car come from?


She told them.

That junkie is always hanging out
with Kempes.

Where they all go to shoot up.

- And she won't leave that place.
- Nobody moves until I say so.


Do you have children?


You don't want them?

I can't have them.

Why can't you?

Juan hid them.

Take them and bury the murderers
with them until they rot in hell.

The police

won't waste any time
saying those two junkies

were the ones that hit your car.


If you believe it,
if your wife wants to believe it,

and you say that's the truth,

we won't say another word.

Even if it kills me.

But if Maravilla

is hiding something, we'll be here

to get the truth out of her.

Hey, buddy, come here.
Have you seen Maravilla?

Sure, I'm telling you
to your asshole face.

And Kempes?

Hey, Juan!

- What's up, Cristo?
- It's really you, man.

I'm really sorry about your girl.

Have you looked in Los Verdes?

We've just been there.


Ask Basilio, the guy at the window.

Maravilla loves buying sweets.

She's like a kid!

- This one and that one.
- The owners of the car.


The plates are fake,
but the chassis number

turns up three names.
Two of them are Fortunas.

The case is closed.

My partner isn't so sure.

We'd have to set up a task force

and enter the 3000's,
but I want to be there.

It's your call.

- What's up, Basilio, how's business?
- I'm a millionaire, don't you see?

You're out already, right?

- Coming in and out.
- Like my brother.

It would be better if he stayed in,

if they let him out, he'll mess it up.

- Do you know where Maravilla is?
- Don't say a word,

they're Santos.

Just shut up and sell your sweets,
or you'll end up paying.

Shut your trap, assface.

I don't have LM, Winston.

- A pack or singles?
- A pack.


She's at the Little Hotel, near the lot.

I saw here stumble out
of the Fortunas' building.

Thank you.

"Smoking seriously..."

"Seriously harms..."
What is this? Is this Chinese?

It's American 100%, asshole.
Move along.

American 100%...

Eli and Santacana will go

after Gordo and his sons,
Crosseye and Vicente.

Task force will kick the door
and they'll start making friends.

Come on.



The cops are here!

Have you seen Maravilla?

- I haven't seen her.
- No?

Go, go, go! Inside!

Go, go, go! Inside!



Hey, sack of shit,

- have you seen Maravilla?
- What the fuck do I know?

You want me to punch you in the face?

Where the fuck is Maravilla?

Go fuck yourself, asshole!

What are you doing?

Come here, you bastard!

We were just asking where Maravilla is.

We don't know, she's not here.

You've got no business being here!

Son of a bitch!

Man inside!

Who was in the car?

Was it Kempes?

Who were the other two?

Who was driving?

- I didn't see anything.
- Talk!

Fucking talk, you shit!

Who the fuck was driving?

Look at me.

Was it them?

Was it the Fortunas? Talk.



What the fuck are you doing?

They'll pay for it!

- Stay out of it!
- Liar!

You knew it, bitch!

- It was the Fortunas!
- Calm down.

- Shut the fuck up!
- Look at me!

Hey, it's okay, stop!

It's the girl's father! Shit.

You're lying to me!

Let the hood and all of Seville know!

The Fortunas killed my baby!

They killed my baby!

- They killed her!
- Juan!

- Motherfuckers!
- Juan!

- They killed my daughter!
- What happened?

- They killed her!
- Don't take him, please!

This isn't against
your husband, calm down.


Is this how you'll help me? Is it?



92 000 euros, 256 doses,

four handguns, two shotguns,
and a sniper rifle.

The handguns match
the ones from the shooting.

The Fortunas came down hard
on the Romanians.

Who's missing?

Gordo and one of his sons.

Put the rest in the judges hands.

I don't want any gypsies
at our doors.

And fuck the father hard.

Do it so he won't ever see
the light of day.

If you don't want to look me
in the eye, don't do it.

I know what it is to lose a daughter.

I had a girl when I was 15.

She was tiny.

Born at seven months.

My family thought I was still a virgin.

This was in...

'68 or '69, you can imagine.

I gave birth.

By myself.

Nobody knew.

And I fed her in secret.

Until she died.

I couldn't even baptize her.

She died without a name.

Because of you,
my daughter grew up without her dad.

Chico would have been killed
in jail, Triana.

Like they killed his father.

That's why I asked Juan to pay.

Since you showed up,
you've brought us nothing but pain.

Pain and death.

And now my Estrella is in a fridge


Don't talk to me about pain.

Like it or not,

your girl is my granddaughter.

And she's a Santos.

My Estrella doesn't belong to anybody.

To anybody.


When are you going to catch
Gordo and his son?

You're catching them, right?

Are you giving me a deadline?

That's not in your hands.

Even less so if you want
to keep your parole.

You have to let the police do their job.

The gray car.

The one from the robbery.

It belonged to the Fortunas, right?

They set it up so the junkies
would get the blame, right?

- You can't take justice in...
- Don't talk about justice.

You don't have a fucking clue
what justice is.

What do you want me to do?

What should I do?

Tell me, what should I do?

Listen to me.

I won't stop until I find them,
I promise.

Look at me, Juan.

I'm catching them.

But you have to stop, Juan.

It's over.


They bury her tomorrow.

I don't have anything for her to wear.

Should I dress her
with the flowery dress

or the T-shirt with the kitties
she likes so much?

If she isn't wearing the dress, I'm sure
cousin Carmelita will say something.


Listen. Come here.

Cousin Carmelita

can go fuck herself.

Am I right?

Let's not dress her, Juan.

If we dress her, she'll be gone.

She'll be gone forever.

I can hear her.

I hear my Estrella calling me.

But I don't know
where she wants me to go.

I don't know.

She called you, remember?


It was the last thing she said.

Call her.

Call her and tell her to come.

Call her and tell her to come,
she should be here with me.

I'll take care of her.
Tell her to come, she's alone.

She's alone and cold, Juan, please.

She's alone and very cold.
Tell her to come, please.

Go home, Triana.

What is it, honey?

Here, Juanito.

When you get to jail, tell him you're
stressed out because of your daughter.

They'll take you to the doctor's

and give you pills.

My cousin Sigüenza will be
waiting for you there.

Gordo and Vicente?

We found the moped near Villafranca.

From here to Cadiz,
God knows where they are.

If you want to know where
Gordo is hiding, you have no choice.

Juanito, come on, swallow.

My husband doesn't want you here.

And you're listening to him?

The bullets. Where did he get them?

Why do you want to know?

Wasn't it finished?
The girl is buried, what else do you want?

Please, Triana.

I spoke to my neighbor.

I had to sit through two hours
of got talent's show.

But she told me what she'd seen.

She saw three men come out.

They got in a car

and she saw one of their faces.

He's a guy from the hood
known as Kempes.

Who killed my baby?

The shift changes in an hour.

You have to hurry up.

Talk, shit. Talk.

- Talk.
- Pacheco.

Pacheco knows where Gordo is hiding.

I swear on my mother's life.

He knows everything.

Where can I find that Pacheco?

At Los Pájaros.

- At Los Pajaritos?
- Yes.

- He knows it for sure.
- Hurry up

And you.

To your cell and not a word.


Estrella, what are we going to do?

A 38.

It doesn't match any of the guns

that killed the Romanians.

And the neighbor
who gave her the bullets says

there were three in the car.

One called Kempes, do you know him?


Where did you get that from?

He's from here, from Triana.
His name is Mario Alberto Montes.

Mario Alberto Kempes, from Triana.

Fuck me.

They're not in a hotel, Pacheco.

I swear I have no idea what's going on.
I don't know Gordo!

But you're no fool.

And I'm not in a hurry.

Fucking hell, this isn't long enough.

- It is.
- I'm saying it isn't.

It isn't. Fuck this shit.

No, no, no.


It isn't long enough.

Is that so, nephew?

What did I tell you?

I told you it wasn't long enough.

And it wasn't!
Where will I find an extension cord now?

Buy it at the 7 eleven.

A 7 eleven? Where will I find
a 7 eleven at the slums?

A 7 eleven...

- Next to...
- Where? Next to where?

Why don't we move him closer?

- We move him.
- The fat guy?

- Sure.
- You know what, nephew?

My back's fucked, you do it.

Do you remember now
or should we find the 7 eleven?

Juanito, on the road to Vejer,
after the hotel, where the pine trees.

They have a house there,
it's called Mi Gorda.

In three hours I'm on my weekend leave.

This is him, the sweetest child
you ever saw.

And he's had such a hard time.

You've found him, right?

We're looking for him.

When was the last time you saw him?

I'll tell you the same thing.

I told the other two.

I saw my Miguelito on Monday,
after the fair.

And he didn't even take my money,
if you can believe it. Until today.

Honey, go upstairs.

It's my husband.

That shitty Alzheimer's.

I'm going crazy.

That and all the got talent shows on TV,

with the screaming and dancing.

Excuse me,
who else has asked about your son?

The two cops who were here.

One was young. The other older.

He didn't look like a cop.

But he showed me his badge,

hanging from his neck,

on a chain.

Nando, do we have to talk here?

What's that doing here?

What are you looking for?

Fucking retirement.
What are you talking about?

Kempes. Why are you looking or him?

An informer gave me his name.

What informer? He's not on the file.

Don't give me that attitude
or that fucking paper.

The file doesn't say who
because he's an informer.

If you don't know what that means,

look it up in a dictionary
and educate yourself.

And Kempes?
What the fuck are you covering up?

I'll fuck you up. Don't go there.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Don't insist, everything's in the file.


We talked with his mother
and that's it.

We thought it might lead to something,
but there was nothing.

That fucking widow

said her son came from the fair...

Fuck you!

- How much did you take?
- What are you doing?

- How much?
- She's crazy!

You closed the case

because you robbed
the Romanians, bastard!

- Don't call me a thief.
- Shut the fuck up!

- Didn't they cut off your pussy?
- I'll fucking kill you!

Eli, outside!

You're going to lose your badge!


And she calls herself a cop.

Let me go! Shit.

I can't believe these fucking assholes!

What the fuck is wrong with you?
Half the precinct was in there.


They're hiding something...

- Listen to me!
- No, you listen!

Barroso and Nando have been paid off.

They framed the two junkies
and made a deal with the Fortunas.

What proof do you have?

The money, those bills, the red band.

He had the same rubber band
I picked up at the house.

The one in the backpack in the Ford.

The same red fucking rubber band.

Like this one you have?
This is your evidence?

Are you also a suspect?

Use your head.

Those guys in there are your colleagues.
I've known Barroso

for 28 years and you're accusing him

without evidence. Him and my son.

This isn't the way to do it.

It isn't.

If they've done something,
we'll get them, but not like this.

If you do it like this,
you'll end up alone.

Remember when you were little?

I bathed you in a washbasin.

At Manuela's. Remember?

She had hens in the yard.

And a black duck that was
the devil incarnate.

You must have been three.

I stripped you down to bathe you.

And as soon as the duck appeared,

Juanito ran after the duck.

What will happen?




Come outside!

Your husband, the one with Alzheimer's,
I want to see him.



I didn't lock him up.

I wanted him to stop doing drugs.

I wanted to cure him.

This gun was hidden under the mattress.

Ma'am, you can't keep your son
locked up like that, understood?


Let me shoot something.

Miss, please, I beg you.

My head doesn't work.

Let's do this, okay?

You let me shoot some, it's all in my
jacket, and I'll tell you

whatever you want, okay?

Where is it?



I had seen the Romanians

were dealing a lot,

they were loaded.

What did I do?

I went to Barroso

and told him everything,
at Taboas' bar.

So they gave me a burner phone

and told me to show them
where the Romanians were.

They sent me in first,

those buggers, so they would think
I was going to score.

And when they opened the door...

I've never seen so much shooting.

What happened with the car
when you fled?

I didn't see anything, miss.

I swear, I got in the car
without saying a word.

And I felt

a loud crash and lots of screaming.

I didn't see anything else.

I swear.

You were with Barroso and who else?

With Barroso and the other guy.

With that fucking man-boy.

Motherfucker, fuck him.

Did you shoot at the Romanians?

What the hell am I going to shoot at?


I do know who did it.

All right?

It was Nando and Barroso.
As soon as they crossed the door,

they went crazy, they started shooting.

- Son of a bitch you're lying!
- Take it easy!

This asshole is lying!

He's lying!

Calm down.

- Don't' touch me!
- Okay.

Put your guns down.

You're doing a deposition.

I'm not doing anything. No way.

Don't hit me!


Take it easy.

Take it easy, Mario.
Drop the knife, no one will hurt you.

Nothing will happen to you,
you just have to make a deposition.

No fucking way am I doing it,
do you hear me?

You free me from one hole

to put me in another one?
No one will fucking lock me up.

There's no fucking way!

I didn't do anything, miss.

I'm telling you!

Eli, get out of the way.

Lock him up!

Lock him up, miss! All of you!

They should lock up all the cops!

Miss, you just don't get
what's going on, man.

As soon as I show up at the precinct,
Barroso will come over

and put a bullet in my head.

Drop the knife and take this.

Who's gonna care if I die?

Huh, miss?

My mom?

Easy, Kempess.

My God.

Give it to me.

What are you doing here?

Don't you have to go back tonight?

I just wanted to see you
before I went in.

What for?

To not tell me anything,
where you've been, or...?

You know?

When people asked
who Estrella took after,

I always said nobody,
she was her own self.

Estrella didn't inherit anything bad
from us, only the good.

Whatever it is you're doing,
it better not put my baby to shame.

Because if you get locked up again,
I won't be here when you come out.

Did you have to study a lot

to become a cop?

I was good at football.

Can we talk?


Easy, Eli.

I swear I only found out
a few hours ago.

They gave me his phone and I wanted
to find him before they did.

Fix it.

What should I do, Eli?

What the hell should I do?

What would you do
if your son asked for help?

I don't have one.

I don't have children.

Eli, I didn't want
to drag you into this.

They took half a million from
the Romanians, half a million euros.

- It's a lot of money.
- Shit.

What should I do?






Do you have a phone?

I need...

I need help.

Look who's here!

That motherfucking policewoman!

You motherfucker,
we'll bust your fucking head open!

Motherfucker, we'll kill you!

You're not getting out of here alive.

- Stop.
- What is it?



I didn't do anything, I swear.

Let me go!

Get in the car, Triana!

No, Juan, let's get her out of there!

This has nothing to do with us,
get in the car.

Please. Please!

Don't touch her, fuckers!

Fuck off.

Get in the car.

Okay. Good. Thanks.

They've seen her in the 3000's.
In a car with the eldest Santos.

The prison says he should have been
there two hours ago.

But he still hasn't shown up.

If that bitch goes to the precinct
and talks...

- I'll slit her throat.
- It's her word against ours.

Also, she has no one.

She has the Santos.

Then we shut her up with a bullet.

Fucking hell.

This isn't her word against ours.

When the Santos come after us,
they'll do it

because you killed their kid.

Who was driving?

You, get up.

Come on, let's go. And call Taboa.

It was the police.


It was the police.


The junkies...

They framed them.

But it was two cops.

Fucking Barroso and Nando,
who were driving that night.

The police killed your girl.

I'm sorry.

We can't stay silent.

They have to know it,
we should report it.

Someone has to know about it!

Who are you going to tell
if it was the police?


They'll shoot you in the back
if you talk, Triana.

What will you do? Kill them with a rock?

Do you have proof of this?

We don't have anything.

What the fuck will you have?

Sons of bitches.

We have to get her out of here.

- Where can we go?
- I don't know.

If the police is looking for us,
they'll find us!

You tell me, look at me. What do we do?

We have nothing! What can we do?

The police is after us!


What can we do?

What can we do?

Leave it to me, okay?

- What do you mean?
- Trust me.

Talk with your people.


That smack has an owner.

Smack comes and goes,
like the owners of all this.

One day you're up,
the next you're six feet under.

To what do I owe all these explanations
on your behalf?

To the fact that you

are as good as over.

As soon as the Santos find out
that in this bar, at this table,

you planned the Romanian robbery.

And then what happened, happened.

And the Santos will find out, Taboa.
You can bet on it.

But I'll help you.

Although first we need to be honest.

The Santos have to know who's the boss.

What if I say no? If I say fuck off?

What is this, Taboa?
Drugs and guns in your bar?

You've brought them in.

You'd have to prove that.
I could say they were in your stockroom.

Twenty kilos of pure,
unadulterated smack.

Contraband weapons.

You're looking
at 30 years minimum, Taboa.

You're no fool.

What do you want?

Nothing you can't do.

Take care of the Santos.

You and your people go visit María.

Ten kilos a month, up to 50.

And we'll clean the bloodbath.

What about that bitch
that's following us?

Who'll shut her trap? You?

Liven up, Chico,
we've got two cars full of Taboas.

I'll eat them alive!

Wait, you'll get yourself into trouble!


Come on, run away.

Come on, mom!

You run to the car,
I'll take care of these dimwits.

What are you saying? They'll kill you!

Mom, are you crazy?

What are you talking about? To the car!

- Come on!
- Help your mom get out.

- Come with me.
- Andrés.

Take care of my sons.
And you fool, do what your brother says.


Come on, get into the car!

Good evening, sirs.

Where are your sons, María?

In your house fucking your wife,
pretty boy.

I'm going to get her.

Come here. Chico, no.

We won't leave her alone!

For God's sake, Chico, move!

Call them, we want to see their faces.

The door is open, go ahead.

Who is brave enough to go first?

So, what is it?

Where are your balls now?

Chico, we have to push.

Wake up, for fuck's sake!

Kill this bitch!

Coming with guns at me...

You'll see what I can do.

You don't know who I am.

I'm María Santos!

You don't know
what a mother is capable of.


You've had a good beating too.

They're not here.

Thank you, father.

Who do you pray to? The Virgin Mary?

Cause it's hard trusting men.

No one.

Nobody taught me how to pray a rosary.

It was my mother's.

- Are you religious?
- No.


Maybe that's better.
Faith has been useless for me.

I wish I could close my eyes

and disappear, I swear.
And breathe again.

I'm pregnant.

Juan doesn't know.

When I got pregnant with Estrella,
everything was happiness.

Now I only feel fear.

Fear and rage, and I don't want to.

I don't want any of this.

This child can't be born here,
he can't have this life, Eli.

Whatever happens,
no more jail, understood?

We've paid way way too much.

Promise me.

We could have left you
to die on the street.

You're alive because
we saved you, so promise.

Promise me you won't put him in jail.

What's up?

Where's mom?

- She's here?
- What is she doing here?

Chico, where is mom?

- The Taboas came.
- The Taboas.

María stayed there so we could leave.

The Taboas are with them.

Your people are in with the Taboas.

Do you still want to go to the police?

Not one of us
is getting out of here alive.

Do you hear me? Not one of us.


Take it easy, Juan.

I haven't done anything.

Your people killed my mom.


Not now.


Call Santacana.


They have Taboa.

They're at the Little Hotel.

Come on, everyone out, let's go!

Start running, motherfuckers,
you need the exercise.

Drop the weapons!

- Easy.
- On the floor.

The gun on the floor.

Easy. Easy.


Calm down Juan, we have them.

What now, motherfucker?

I told you to stop.

They're going to kill him.

They're going to kill my son, Eli.

Let him be judged.

I swear I'll take him to the judge
in person.

But I can't have him killed.

They can't kill my son.

Not my son.

Hold on, Manuel.

Hold on.

I think they've hit me
in the liver, nephew.

What if I can't drink any more whisky?

Let's get him out of here
or he'll bleed to death.

Come on, uncle.


Somebody has to pay.

I can't let you go.

I told you so.

Chico, let's go.

- He's bleeding to death.
- She won't let us.

I told you.

- Let's go.
- No.


She won't let us go.

Come on, Chico.

Enough, Chico.

No more blood.

It's over.

Dad, are you good or bad?

Do I look bad to you?

No, you're not bad.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

But, if you're good,
why do you have to go?

Why won't they let you stay with me?


Because sometimes...


behave badly and we get punished.

Say you're sorry.
If you've done something bad,

say you're sorry.

Tell her we love her.

And may heaven embrace you

May hell be far away

May the birds see you

Always as one of them