By the Sun's Rays (1914) - full transcript

Frank Lawler, a clerk for a mining company, colludes with a bandit gang about the timing of gold shipments with a mirror signal system and has designs on Doris Davis, the daughter of the local branch manager. The company's main office dispatches their top detective John Murdock, who goes undercover to expose the scheme and rescue the Doris from the unwanted advances of the dastardly Lawler.

By the Sun's Rays

A gold shipment
leaves the Deep River mine.

Half an hour later.

"The bandits got us again."

Head office.

Francis Payton - Deep River Mining
Chicago, Illinois. Dear Sir:

Lest shipment of gold stolen
bannot understand how bandits...

...get their information. Send
detective at once. John Davis.

John Murdock has been sent to the
mine to apprehend the bandits.

Two weeks later a stranger arrives.

John Davis, Supt., Dear Sir: The bearer,
John Murdock, is the company's detective.

Give him all assistance its clear
the matter up.

Francis Peyton - President.

A week later.
Another shipment of gold.

"I am going to take a look around
and will... the posse at the crossroads."

John explains his plan to Dora and
sends her back to...

...detain Lawler until he arrives.