By Summer's End (2011) - full transcript

It is the summer of '78, a month to go until the Camp David peace accords, but Michal is not worried by world affairs. Her 7-year-old daughter Maya has yet to learn how to read and write and her teacher wants to hold her back a year. Michal rises to the occasion and vows that by the end of the summer Maya will read, write and move on to the next grade. But this summer is set to be full of surprises for the family. Michal's father, Chaim, who's been missing for 20 years, suddenly returns, and brings with him the family's dark past and hidden secrets. By summer's end Michal and her sister Naomi will have to deal with the past they have tried so hard to bury and the painful - yet liberating - process will eventually lead them onto a new path.

Chaim Sahrir presents:

A film by Noa Aharoni

Michal Varshai

Bar Miniali

Sarit Vino Elad

Yair Rubin

Yishai Golan

Itamar Orani,
Oryan Diamond

Music: Daniel Salomon

Maya, come on,
I want us to continue.

Wait a second.

Produced by: Haim Shrir

Written and Directed by:
Noa Aharoni

By the End of the Summer

Remember what
the girl's name was?

-That's right.

And I told you that the name "Dana"
is made up of two syllables:

"Da" and "Na",
and together it's Dana.

So show me where's
the "Da" and where's the "Na".

Who knows? Who knows?

Maya, where are you going?

Where are you going, Maya?
-Our show is on. -So?

I want to watch it.
-But we're learning to read now.


Come show me the letter D.
I showed it to you a thousand times.

Maya! -Soccer, basketball
and a sand castle... -Come here.

Sit down.
-And Yoav loves Ruthie.

Who knows? Who knows...

The girl's name is Dana.
Her name starts with D, here's the D.

What's the next letter?

Maya, the girl's name is Dana.
What letter comes after D?

Many surprises on "Magic TV".

Ido, maybe you'll switch off the TV
and go play outside.

I don't want to.

Look, this new letter is N.
Maya, this is an N.

There's an N in "Dana", but here
it's at the beginning of the word:


Maya, read what it says here.

You're not even trying! Batya won't
let you advance to the next grade.

You want to be left back
and study with younger kids?!


That's what I'd get...

A busy signal.

You know something?

I think it would be best

had the telephone not been invented.

Did you say "hello" to the children?

Oops, I forgot.

Hello, children.

Where did she go?

I don't know.

Where is that girl?
I'll kill her...







Black point.




3 points.

3 points.
-You lose!


You want?

Want a piece of bread?

Where have you been all day?

Mommy, I'm sorry.

Mommy, stop!

I should stop?!

-Come here!

Come here!

You're not getting away.
Come here!

-No, Mommy.

Maya, open the door!

Do you hear me?

Don't you ever run off
like that again! Now, come out!

I don't want to, you'll hit me.

Mommy, I'm sorry.

I won't do it ever again.

You're driving me nuts,
you know that?


You know that at the end of the
summer break you have an exam.

I told your teacher
that you'll read and write by then.

You don't want to stay
in 1st grade, do you?

Do you want to get into
2nd grade?

So maybe I shouldn't be
tutoring you.

Perhaps Naomi should be your tutor.

But she's an English teacher.

English and Hebrew
have the same principles.


I made salad.

Let's eat.

Maya, what's this?

Did you take money out
of my wallet again? -No, I swear.

Maya, look at me.

I promise I won't yell at you,
but don't lie.

No, a man gave this to me.
-What man?

An old man.
-Do you know him?

Have you seen him before?

Then why on earth did you
take this from him, Maya?!

I took it, but I didn't even eat it.

The next time you see him,
come right home and tell me.


Maya, it's important.
He could be dangerous.



"Peres: Sadat said he'd keep aiming
for peace, despite difficulties"

How are you?

Watch where you're going!

Hello, Maya'le.

Come sit next to me.
I've been waiting for you.

Can I have some jam first?
-Sure. After your done, we'll begin.

-Okay. -Good.

How's everything?
-As usual.

I left a pot cooking on the stove,
so I can't stay.

I want you to tutor her.

She spent the entire year doodling
instead of learning how to write.

She'll pass the exam,
why are you so worried?

Maya'le, bring those
papers over, will you?


Here you go, sweetie.

All you have to do is
copy what I wrote

over and over again,
till the edge of the paper.

Okay? Got it?


Mommy, what does
"fooling around" mean?

Where did you hear that word?

At the grocery. People said
that Daddy's fooling around.

Do you think it's because
when people are sick

Daddy jokes around with them
till they feel better?


do what I asked you to do, okay?

He's a son of a bitch,
you've got to do something.

So a few "woman" are gossiping.
-"Women", plural. -Stop it, Naomi!

Okay, sorry.

Okay, I'm leaving.

Study hard, you hear?

Look what I drew.

Maya, focus on what I asked you
to do, okay?


"With Prime Minister Menachem Begin"

"Yaacov Ahimeir"

Good evening.

We're honored to have Prime Minister
Menachem Begin

in the studio this evening.
Good evening, sir. -Good evening.

Mister Prime Minister,
30 minutes ago we heard

that the Israeli military delegation
posted in Egypt,

will be deported back
to Israel tomorrow... -Wow.


What a day.

Are they asleep?
-Yes. Those angels.

Have some.

No, thanks.

Come on, it's really tasty.
-I don't feel like it.

We don't want war,
we hate war and bloodshed.

We truly want peace,

but if we're attacked,
we'll defend ourselves.

Sometimes Israel defends itself
by counter-attack.

President Sadat quietly awaits

for Israel to be just that:

Tiny, withered...

Good night.


He wants peace under his own terms,

but his terms are anti-peace,

and put Israel in danger.

Do you want more sand?


Are you having fun?


Why do you wave "hello"
to everyone?

You want some?

Mommy! -What's wrong?
-We saw the old man again.

He was right here.

There he is.

Maya, take Ido
and go study at Naomi's.

I don't want to.
-Don't argue with me!


Get going.


She's such a nag...


I was at Naomi's till now,
I swear. I just came back.

You're not mad at me?

Let's go home.

Are you sure?


What holiday is it today?

Get up, you're giving us
a ride into town.

Are you nuts? What for?
-It's the last sale day on backpacks.

I don't feel like it.
Take the bus.


Come, you don't have a choice.

Mommy promised
to get us ice-cream.

I said "maybe".

First we'll get you a backpack,
books and notebooks

so that you can get into
2nd grade like a princess.

What about ice-cream?

And then we'll get you sandals
to replace the pair you lost.

Yeah, Mom, let's go out.


Come, maybe we'll find you
a new dress. Look at you...

I don't want a new dress,
thank you very much.

Lior, Maya,

Naomi and I will be right back.

Wait here and don't move, okay?

Where are we going?
-I have something to show you.

We'll be right back.
Maya, you hear me?

-Don't move.

What is it?

It's him.

"Haim Katz"

I don't get it.

It's Dad.


A few days ago
he arrived at the Moshava.

He gave the kids candy
so I followed him, but...

I didn't have the guts
to go up there alone.

I don't want to hear about this...

I want us to go up there together.

Are you serious?

What for?

To see him.

To listen...
-I don't want to see him or listen.

I want to go back to the kids,
they're waiting. -Naomi, wait.

Are you talking about Haim Katz?


He's at the hospital.

Naomi! Naomi, wait.

I won't wait and I won't stay.

he's on his way to the hospital,
he had a heart attack. -I don't care.

Let's go visit him.

It could be our last chance
before he dies.

To me, he died long ago.


Where's Maya?

Yes, it's yummy.

Everyone, get in the car.

We're going home.


Mommy, can I keep it?

Rafi is working at the hospital today,
so I'll go there.

Can I? -No, you're not
putting this thing in my car.

We're going home.


Are you coming?

Do what you want.

Hello, I'm Dr. Oren
for the internal medicine ward.

Haim Katz is hospitalized here.
-True. -How is he?

He's had two previous heart attacks,

but this time he also tore

some heart muscle tissue.

He's stable now, but...

Are you okay?

Come sit down.

I spoke to his cardiologist.

Turns out this was
his 3rd heart attack.

You're kidding.

He doesn't take good care
of himself.

It doesn't look good at all.

What do we do now?

There isn't much to do.

They have to wait till he recovers
and then he'll be sent home.

But he lives on the 3rd floor.

It's not ideal, but that's how it is.

They'll have a word with him.
We could consult with a social worker.

I don't know what to tell you.

Maybe he should come with us.

I'm serious.
Maybe we should take him home.

What do you mean? -We have no stairs,
I could help him with his medicine,

and if something happens,
you're a doctor.

I don't think it's a good idea,
it's not the best thing for him.

Besides, there's no room
in the house for another person.

He'll share the room
with Maya and Ido.

Michal, you don't understand
how much of a burden this is.

And I don't recommend it,
given your condition. -My condition?

What about my condition?
-You and Maya...

Things are fine
between Maya and me.

Michali, you have a short temper,
we know that.

I don't think you'll be able
to care for a sick, old man.

He's my father.

Do you understand that?

Please leave the room,
I have to change the sheets.

I'm not sure I get this.

You're forgiving him
after all he's done?

After leaving you and betraying
your mom, Naomi and you?

Don't I forgive you
when you betray me?

You know what I think
is the worst think he did to you?

It's not the betrayal
or the abandoning,

but the fact that because of him

you don't believe
that someone can love you.

You simply can't accept that.

Would you like some water?

No, no...

I just want to look at you.

You're so pretty.

Do you know who I am?

You're my little girl.


I'm in here.

What do you think you're doing?

Are you insane?!
-What's the matter?

You're going to let that
bastard into your home

after not seeing him
or speaking to him for 30 years?

He came here first, Naomi,
he tried to make contact.

Do you honestly think he wants
to get to know you and your children?

Get real!

I'll tell you how your
father's mind works:

The whore he's been living with
all these years must've died,

he has nobody to care for him, so he
figured he'd turn to his daughters.

-Don't "Naomi" me! -Naomi!

Don't you understand he's using you?
-How exactly?

He's sick, he's miserable,

he's looking for a place to die like
a street dog, but all he is...

is a dirty dog.

I want to start over with him.
-What do you expect to happen?

You think you two will hug and kiss
and he'll suddenly turn into

the father you never had?

Michal, if you take him in, I swear
I'll never set foot in this house.

What's the difference? You hardly
get out of your bed as it is.

You're making a mistake.

All we have is you and me.

If you bring him here, I won't have
anything to do with either of you.


Who wants a popsicle?


I have something to tell you.

Sit down, Ido.

It's never sweet enough.
It's like tasteless ice.

Maya, listen to me,
it's important.

I want to tell you something
I never told you before. -What?

Remember the man
who gave you candy?

The dangerous old man?
-Yeah... no, he's not dangerous.

He's my father.

What I'm trying to tell you
is that you have a grandfather.

I thought your parents died.

Only my mother.
My father is alive.

What's his name?
-Granddad. -You moron...

His name is Haim,

and he won't be able to do things
with you, because he's very sick.

Is he contagious?
-No, he doesn't have germs.

I don't get it.
So he's not dangerous?

I told you, he was never dangerous.
-But you told me...

But Maya,

why all the questions?
I just wanted you guys to be happy

and to know you have a grandfather.
-I'm happy we have a grandfather.

You're also very sweet.

This is Ido and Maya's room.

I know it's not ideal,
but we have no other room.

I know, I remember,
even though I look forgetful.

Ido, Maya, come say hello.

Where's Joshua?

My cat Joshua, where is he?
-I let him out.

What?! Now he'll run away!

Why did you let him out?!

That was Maya.

She reminds me of someone...

Little Joshua...

Where are you?

Do you need anything else?

Is there a bathroom?

Come, I'll take you there.

It's okay, I'm in good shape.

Little Joshua...
Where are you?

Are you okay?

Joshua? Darn...

Clear the doorway
and let him through.

Would you like some water?

No, thanks.

I'm fine.

Go do what you have to do,
I'll rest a bit. -Okay.

Don't disturb him.

Can I have some more?


Everything is delicious.

Thank you.

The drumsticks are scrumptious.

It's yummy. Well done.

How did it go at Naomi's today?

Maya is being tutored by Naomi.

At the end of the summer
she'll take an exam

and get into 2nd grade.

How lovely.
-Right, Maya'le?

I didn't have a lesson today.

Does she think I'm kidding her?
That I didn't mean what I said?

Enough, Mom,
you talk about this all day.

She's expecting too much.
In the end he'll let her down.

He will.

You're watching "That's my Secret"...
-You didn't finish your meal.

I'm asking you
to finish your meal.

I still don't wear a yarmulke,
but if Uri is wearing one, so will I.

Let's begin with the first secret.

The clue of the secret is
"artistic activity".

At the sound of the gong,
4 minutes and 20 questions.

Do you produce anything?

Ido, do you know what that is?

Yes, it's Grandpa snoring.

He's not just snoring.
His snores wake up the alligators.

What alligators?
-The ones under your bed.

That's not true, there are no
alligators under my bed.

I never saw even have a gator.

Because they've been asleep
till now,

but Grandpa is waking them up
with his snores.

Make sure they don't eat your foot.

Maya, can you come
sleep with me in my bed?

Don't be a baby.

Go to sleep. Good night.

That's why
We'll unzip the zipper

We'll unzip the zipper

And find strange new worlds...



I didn't expect you.

Mom sent something for you.

Want to taste one?

Mom said you should stop
acting up, and come visit.

Is that what she said?

Tell her that as long
as that son of a...

Forget it.
Go get some sheets of paper.


How does he look?

Who? My grandfather?

All wrinkly.

Have you spoken to him?


Why not?


I don't know what to say to him.

Very good.

It's best...

if you don't speak to him
and don't go near him.

He's a mean and evil man.

No matter what your mom says,
believe Aunt Naomi.

She knows best.

Here you go.

I don't understand
what's gotten into her.

Naomi, are you okay?

Get me a glass of water, okay?


Want to play?


Breathe deeply.


Okay, sit on the couch.

Don't be scared, it won't hurt.


Once more.


Why don't you come
to visit Grandpa?

My mom won't let me
because she hates him.

But why...

Say "Ahh".

Everything's okay.

Why does she hate him so much?
What did he do?

He left home when she and
your mom were small, our age.

They haven't seen him since.

Imagine your dad leaving home
and never seeing him again.

Would you forgive him?
-My dad would never leave us.

You never know. Mine left.
I don't even remember him.

My dad isn't like yours.

All the dads are the same.
They're not like moms.

They make children and that's it.
Your grandfather did it too.

But now he's back,
and my dad will never leave us.

Lie down.

Breathe deeply.






Get away from me! Stop!

Where are you going?
-What are you doing?!

That's what doctors do.
Why are you scared?

Leave me alone!

What's wrong, Joshua?
Why won't you eat?

Are you still awake?

I can't fall asleep.

Daddy, do you think
I'm a bad girl?

Of course not.

You're not bad.

You're sometimes mischievous,

but you're definitely
not a bad girl.

Tomorrow I want to be a good girl.

I see.

Only tomorrow.

No, starting tomorrow.
-Starting tomorrow.

So today we're still in danger.

Go to sleep, okay?

Good night.
-Good night.


You never leave me, right?


I will never leave you

or Ido or Mommy.

Do you understand?

Whether you're a good girl
or bad,

I will never leave you.
I promise.

Do you understand?

It's late. You better
get some sleep.

Good night.
-Good night.

Good night, Joshua.

Two issues will be discussed
on this edition of "Current Affairs":

The Minister of Security
Ezer Weitzman's meetings

with President Sadat
and Algamazi, his Minster of War...

He looks very weak and sick.


Your turtle.

Don't worry, I won't tell anyone.

He hasn't eaten anything all day.

Here, look.


Joshua, Joshua...

Eat already.


Can I take a look at him?



This turtle needs freedom.

He's really dying.

You know what "dying" means?

That he's about to die.

You have to set him free

as soon as possible.

Are you also dying?

I still have some time to live.
-But you're sick.

My heart is sick.
It's a bit weak.

But I'm as healthy as an ox.

What are you writing?

I'm writing Prime Minister
Menachem Begin a letter.

Ever hear of Menachem Begin?

He looks like the guy
on the TV show.

What are you writing him?
-I'm writing to him

that he must promote the peace
process and stop wasting time.

Maya, would you like
to come with me?

Where to?

I bought many seedlings

and I'm going to have a vegetable
garden in the back yard.

Want to join me?
-Very much!

I don't want to plant anymore.
-Well done.

Do the second one.
-You're causing the problem now.


Throw out the weeds
and the dirt. -You're copying me.

Let's switch now.

You'll fix what Grandpa did

and Grandpa will dig.

Go to the hole I dug.
-What did you do wrong?

Keep digging.
-I found a lot of dirt.

Look, look!

Here, take this.

What's this? A plain stick?
-Just dirt.

Throw it out.

It's okay to leave it in the soil.

Liori, you can join them.

He's your grandfather too.

Who needs a grandfather?

That's the wheelbarrow.

Now measure 40 cms and continue.

Plant it in the soil.

What do I do?
-I didn't forget you.

Now we're going to plant tomatoes.


We'll cover them up.


by the end of the summer,
will we have many vegetables?

This garden will be the pride
of the entire Moshava.

And you know what else?

These are going to be

the tastiest tomatoes
you ever ate. -Really?

Of course. They'll be big,

red and yummy.

You'll see.

By the end of the summer.


You know what we have
to do now? -What?

Now we have to water them.

Which one of you
wants to open the faucet?

-I do! -I do!


Here, you see?

Who wants to water?
-I do! -I do!

-I also want.

Don't forget the cucumbers
have to be watered too.

Not on Grandpa!

Who wants lemonade?

Close the faucet.
-Maya, close it.

Mommy, can Ido and I take a bath?

A bath?
-Yes, please, Mommy!

Go ahead.

Aren't you straining yourself?

I'm working the land.

It brings me back to life.

You know, we always had
a vegetable garden

and there were always ripe tomatoes,

eggplant, carrots, lettuce...

everything. Remember?

I remember picking those tomatoes.

They were ripe and so sweet.

Big and red.

Mom would get angry at me
for eating all of them

and leaving nothing for the salad.

I remember that vividly.

I want to tell you something.

It might be a little late to say this

but I want you know that I never
intended on leaving you girls.

-I don't want to talk about it.

Yes, but I want you to know that.

True, I left your mom,

but I never intended
on leaving you girls.

I came visiting a lot,
brought you presents,

even wrote you letters,
many letters.

But your mom wouldn't
let me near you.

I wanted to be close to you girls
all these years.

I always wanted to be with you
and with Naomi.

I don't remember getting a letter
or present from you after you left.

It was hard on her.

I'm sure she didn't mean
to cause any harm.

I'm sure of it.

Drink up.




Forget it.

I don't want either of you here.

Let it go already.

What kind of stories
are you telling her?

What bullshit are you telling her?


I'm asking for a minute
of your time.

A minute?

That's it?

Your minute is over.

I'm sorry.

Why are you sorry?

It's all my fault.

Now you're fighting because of me.
-Don't worry.

I'll talk to her, she'll calm down.

Can you get home on your own?
-Of course.

What do you want from him?

Can't you see how miserable he is?

He's miserable?
-Yes, he is. And so is your son.

He sees his cousins playing with
their grandfather and he's jealous,

so at least do it for his sake.
-Michal, give me a break.

I don't do enough for Lior?

Don't talk to me like that.

I'm the only one who
does anything for Lior.

Not his father, not his grandfather,
not you, not anybody. Only me.


It's easy to blame him.

But Mom was also at fault.

She didn't let him near us.
He sent us gifts and letters

and she never told us.

Is that what he told you?

It's very easy to come up with stories,
now that she's dead and buried.

He didn't want to see us.

He never sent us a thing.
If he did, believe me, I'd know.

I'd run to the mailbox every morning
to see if he sent something.

Besides, why didn't he come
see us after she died?

Why not then?

Naomi, it's easy to make her
sound like a martyr,

but she abandoned us
just as much as he did, right?


She didn't abandon us.
-Yes, she did.

So why aren't you mad at her?

Because she was here.
-She was? -Yes.

I don't remember her being here.
-Until she couldn't anymore.

Perhaps as a ghost.

I was ashamed to have friends
come over, because of how she looked.

I'd lie in bed at night, praying
she won't come to say good night

because she frightened me,
she looked dead.

You also look like a ghost
since Dan left you.

Look at yourself.

Is that what you want?

To swallow pills
and end up like Mom?

Go ahead.

I'm sure you have all the pills
you need for that.

Naor said very harsh things
about Knesset member Shimon Peres:

"Sadat, with all his conspiracies,
is creating a rift

"and is doing his best
to divide our country,

"so it's no wonder the two
of them see eye to eye."

Are you okay?

When all thought
that Peres wants peace!

I don't understand Begin.

Why won't he make peace?

The entire country
is begging for peace,

and he's playing tough with Sadat.
-Who cares about Begin?

I understand why you're mad.

I don't think you could
possibly understand.

Michal, listen to me.

You want to know why I'm mad?

What's that?
-Want to see?

Anything look familiar here?

It's mine.

Mom didn't throw anything,
incase you came back.

She thought you'd come back.

So what do you understand now?

That I've let you
and your sister down.

The last thing I wanted
was to come between you two.

Michal, what's wrong?


Michal... -No, I don't want...
-Michal, please don't go.

What's wrong?

Do you love me?

Very much.

You know that our family
means everything to me.

I asked about me,

not the kids.
I know you love them.

Don't you know?


I told you many times.

How many times
do you have to hear it?

Until I believe it.

Michali, come here...

No, stop.

It's okay.


I love you.

I love you.

You did a great job so far.

Do you want to continue?

What does it say here?


That's right, "tomato".

Good job, sweetie.

Where will we place it?

Exactly, where the tomatoes are.

Hold it here.

And what does it say here?


"Carrot"! Way to go!

Good girl.

And what does it say there?

"Eggplant"! Come here, sweetie.

And here's one for you.

This is great!

Oh, dear...

Something is missing
in this vegetable garden. -What?

A scarecrow.
-That's right!

You can't have a vegetable garden
without a scarecrow. -That's right.

Want to build one together?
-Yes! -Then let's go make one.

Let's run and see
who gets there first.

Have you seen my sunglasses?
I can't find them.

Where are you going?

I have a splitting headache,
the light is killing my eyes.

Here, Mom.

You're out of pills. I'll get you
some more from the clinic.

This migraine is killing me,
I can't take it anymore.

I know.

Find my sunglasses, okay?


Go lie down.




Why didn't you catch the ball?
That's your new name.

Don't call me "stupid"!
-But you are.

If someone can't read and write,
he's stupid.

Shut up!

I'm not stupid.
You're stupider.

You're a stupid idiot.

Stop laughing.

I won't be your friend.
-I don't care.

Who needs a stupid friend like you?
Besides, I don't want to be friends

with you because your daddy
kisses other mommies.

No, he doesn't. He goes to their
houses and helps them get better.

Everyone in the Moshava knows
that your dad is a womanizer.

There's no such thing
as a womanizer.

See? You're so stupid,
you don't even know what it means.

You're stupid!

You're an idiot!


Your dad is a retard!

What do you want from me?!
-Don't ever say that about my daddy!

If you do, I'll kill you!

Go away!

Are you okay?

Are you okay?

Want to play?

I saw your cat.

You did?

Yes, I saw him when I went to get
my mom pills from the clinic.

Want me to show you?

Where's Joshua?

Be quiet.

Where's my cat?
-Maybe he ran away.

Come look at this.

Breathe deeply.

Is that Neta's mom?

They'll hear you.

I don't like the sound of it.

I have to check it out.

Breathe deeply.


I really don't like
the sound of it.

He's hurting her.

He's getting her pregnant.

Maya hit Tzipi and bit her.
She does whatever she wants.

She hits and swears...
-I understand that you're upset.

I'm more than upset, Michal.
You don't set boundaries for her.

With all due respect, don't
tell me how to educate my child.

Michal, I'm not telling you...
-Maya is a special girl.

What she needs now is freedom,
and I'm giving her that.

Freedom is the last thing
she needs.

What are you doing?!

Why do you bite?
Are you a dog?!

I'm sorry, okay?
-No, it's not okay.

You think Tzipi's bite will
get better because you're sorry?!

You know what? If you behave like
a dog, you'll get treated like one.

You're not allowed in the house
today. -Yes, I am. -No, you're not.


You're sleeping outside tonight.

Let me in! -No!
You're sleeping outside tonight.

If this is how you behave,
you'll sleep outside.

Let me in!
-Maya, I'm warning you.

Maya, what are you doing?


Don't you dare! If you throw
the sandals, God help you.


If you throw the other one,
you're gonna get it!

Don't you dare get down
from there without the sandals,

you hear me?!

You can stay there all night, but
don't come down without the sandals!

I hate you and I never
want to see you ever again!

Are you hungry?



Why don't you come down
and eat with me?

What do you say?

Hardy appetite.

Don't you want to come down
and eat with Grandpa

in the vegetable garden?


You scared me.

I had a fight with Maya.

I tried calling your phone all day
but you didn't answer.

I had a very busy day. -She climbed
on the shed and won't come down.

I don't know what to do.
-Where is she now?

On the shed.

Hey, squirt.

Come down, sweetie.

Squirt, I spoke to Mommy,
she's not angry. Come down.

Sweetie, it's very late, you've been
up there a long time. Come.

We'll talk and everything
will be okay.

Maya, why did you do that?!

It hit me.

Leave me alone.
-Maya, come down right now!

Go away, stupid!

Maya, everything's okay. Come down,
everything will be okay, I promise.

I don't want to! You're a liar!

I know you're going to live
with Neta's mom because you love her!

I saw you at the clinic,
I saw everything!


I don't mind that you do things
that hurt me,

or that the entire Moshava
knows about it,

but I won't let it screw up my kids,
am I being clear?

I won't let you hurt Maya,
you hear me?! -Michal,

let me explain to you what she saw,
it wasn't like that.

You think she doesn't see
or hear anything,

and that the rest of us don't either?
-I'm scared of the alligators.

How can you say that
we mean the world to you?


Maya, please come down.

Kill the alligators.

There aren't any alligators,
I was kidding. -Yes, there are!

There's nothing there.
-There is!

I heard them.

Ido, sweetie, what's wrong?

I want Maya to kill the alligators.
-Alligators? What alligators?

It's late, let's go to sleep.



I want Maya!


Come on, sweetie.

-Let's go inside.

I want Maya!
-Let's go to sleep.


Come on, sweetie.

Let me go!


Maya, come!


Come, Ido.




What's going on?

What are you doing?

What Mom should've done
a long time ago...

To get rid of all your crap.

She even kept your toothbrush.

They're not here,
they were never here.


What are you talking about?

The letters.

If you sent them,
she would have kept them,

even if she didn't tell us they
arrived, she would've kept them

in the closet.

She'd take this stupid box
out of the closet every day

and smell every item inside it.

So now I'm asking you...

I'm begging you...

For once in your life,
tell me the truth.

Did you write us letters?

Did you come visit us,
or was it all lies?

It was all lies?


Don't call me "Michali".

I'm Michal.

You know who Michali is?

The little 7-year-old
you abandoned.

Michali prayed every night that
the woman who stole Daddy would die.

That she'd die in a car accident
and that Daddy will come home.

But you never did.

I've had it

with the lying and the cheating.

-Don't you dare. -Michal...

I want you both
to get out of here.

Get out of my life.

I'm going now.

When I come back tomorrow
I don't want to see neither of you.

Neither one.


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for everything I said,
I didn't mean any of it.

Yes, you did.
You finally spoke your mind.

No, I really didn't.

Michali, it's okay.

It's good that you gave it a chance.

You really don't have
to listen to a ghost like me.

Don't exaggerate.
You're not a ghost like Mom was.

When you told me you
were scared of her,

that you didn't want her
to come say good night...

I thought about Lior.

He hasn't hugged me
since he was 5 years old.

Do you think he thinks
I'm a ghost too?


Of course not.

It made me think that...

I should stop feeling sorry
for myself.

I have a kid to take care of.

You have kids and a husband.

A husband who's cheating on me
with the entire Moshava.

Not the entire Moshava,
only half.

Oh, sweetie.

You know what?

Could be that he's a cheater,

but he didn't leave you.

He stayed with you
and Ido and Maya.

Michal, don't make mistakes.

You have a shot at fixing this.

That's something
that Mom and I didn't have.

Let's go into town tomorrow
and pick out a dress for me.


Don't I deserve a new dress
after 10 years?

You do.

Of course you do.

"The Oren Family"

This is the Voice of Israel from Jerusalem
and here is the news.

Today we received official news
From the White House

The news state that
President Sadat and PM begin

accepted the invitation
to Camp David

for a meeting with the President
on September 5th

in order to discuss peace
in the Middle East.

The State Secretary notified
the President that PM Begin

and President Sadat
applauded the meeting

and that President Carter
is very pleased with their reaction.

Grandpa! Are you okay?


Look how I fixed up the garden.

Grandpa, don't worry.

Stay here, I'll hurry back,
don't worry.


What happened?

Grandpa is lying in the garden.
I think something happened.

Naomi, call an ambulance.

Maya, go stand at the entrance
to the Moshava, wait for the medics

and show them the way here.

-I'm here.

I did write you letters.

I swear.

I wrote you and Naomi.

Dad, it's not important now.

I just wanted you to know

that I wrote many letters,

every day.

But I never sent them.

I believe you.

You're my little girl.


Let me go!

Is that her grandpa?

What happened to him?

Can I help you paint?


"To: The Prime Minister of Israel
Mr. Menachem Begin,

"The Government Campus, Jerusalem"

I'll take him with me,
you need some time alone.

Go to your auntie.

Will you be alright?


Let's go home.

Grandpa died because of you!

It's your fault Grandpa is gone!

Grandpa loved you, right?

And you got to spend
some time together?

Mommy, look.

Good luck, Maya.


Did she begin?


How are you?

Everything's okay.
-Everybody okay at home?


How's Naomi?

Let's sit down,
we're disturbing her.

Maya'le, how did it go?

I don't know.

What can I tell you?

See for yourselves.


way to go.

Did you do this?

It's lovely!

Maya'le, it's great!
Come here...

It's great! Way to go!

Good job!

It's really lovely.

"Maya, Scarecrow,
carrot, Grandpa"

It's not exactly what
I asked her to do, but...

I'll let her enter 2nd grade.

Hear that, Mommy?!

Yes, it's wonderful.


Maya, what are you doing?

Maya, those sandals are new.

Michal... let her.

English: Hagit Harel

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