By Quantum Physics: A Nightlife Venture (2019) - full transcript

Cry loudly

when you were born in this world

Even though there is no happiness

But you are not awkward

Sometimes I fall in love

which makes me helpless

But I clenched my teeth

It seems like they like to enlarge it and laugh at me

Sometimes I don't know for sure

Yes sir

Of course it's my pleasure.


I will prepare eight people
who can speak Chinese.

Please send me the version business brochure
translated Korean.

Employees also need to understand several meanings
English or the concept.

thank you

You can do it, you can do it

Lee Chan-Woo, you can do it.

You can do it, you can do it

Come in, come in.

30 fridays

take Transport and make an appointment


Right, you are not mistaken.

Today you have to rest too ..

Not disturbed as usual

Train your mind and body

Are you quite sure?

Do you know me?

I'm Lee Chan-Woo.

Looks like I've heard of it.

I heard that your store will start doing business.

I'm here to get to know the PD.

20% stock

I have a lot now.

Besides that, your customer's sales performance is yours.

I seem to take more than you.

"Quantum Physics" Translated Subtitles

All materials make up the universe
has its own volatility

If people with volatility work together ...

will form a large energy magnetic field

In other words, there will be an interactive effect

You are very attractive.

I heard that you read a book


... I didn't even graduate from middle school ...

Water business, if it's not good, it will be too bad.

Sorry im not interested.

I'm very satisfied now.

That ...

Investors are represented by Jeong Gap-Taek.

Do you want to check the price?

Rely on the name Jeong Gap-Taek

Inside this circle it must be good

I'm willing to give you a ride in my car.

This circle also requires innovation

There is no violation of the law, no tax evasion


This building is a popular place for young people

Night club to rest

The second floor is whiskey for business people.

Equipped with a great bartender and manager
who speak foreign languages

If you propose a drink there,

Who are you?

It seems that you are a person
very tasteful.

It can naturally make the appearance more high-class

That is, we make together

with top-class brands in the business world

How much will the risk of blueprints increase?


Only those who can take risks

Can be called a true artist

Like Steve Jobs

I'm Lee Chan-Woo.

Save life in this circle

Hua Wei is in the entertainment industry

Plus you are responsible for
managing customers and managers.

Isn't that like the icing on the cake?

According to Physicists

The idea of creating reality

Is there still something in quantum physics?


Atomic nucleus

There are electrons flowing around

If you enlarge the atom
being a silkworm baseball stadium, you can

The core is big enough to not.

The rest are all empty

This is explained by the same concept

This universe

Consists of small particles smaller than atoms.

But these are not hard particles like billiards.

But with energy fluctuations

But ... You pay attention to your feet

But what's interesting is

When all the small particles of the universe exist in fluctuating form

If someone gives an observation

Instantly transforms into particles

Same as you

Only because you see me

So I just appeared before your eyes.

If you look around, you can disappear.

Let's go

The world is uncertain

But a big energy wave

I will show you in front of you in terms of my translation

The reality of achieving ideas

- This building is managed by me

I will let the kids really feel like flying

and feel really crazy

What does MCMC mean?


That's too easy.

Is that also the physical content of a boy?

ï »¿not really

I will not hesitate to drink

Director Lee Chan?

  ... Director Lee Chan Woo?

-What are you asking?

You do unnecessary things

You come to Li


This is Cheng Enying PD

Do you agree to work together?

No, come and see

I believe in this kid

full of ideas, achievements, reality

Lee is here for you.

Classic and modern

Balcos-style premium whiskey bar

Work hard

Everyone has worked hard

Including the bartender manager

Setting the image of employees of the system everything

Director Lee Chan

You gave me examples of furniture and interiors that would be packaged in a private room.


You're too worried, Deputy Li

I'm not in tune with people who are impatient.



Lose it

Hey, who is this?

Are you not Cui Kechang?

Of course, the opening launching day will come.

Don't like too much free stuff?

There was another call that day.

Cui Kechang, I'll call you back.



Have you left?


I have to listen to someone call me president.

That sister ... sorry

I have an important meeting now ...


Ok ok

You're busy

Congratulations, your cellphone will explode.

It seems you have the function of speaking eight dialects.

After all, what we are doing is a kind of integration of the National University.

This circle is also divided into Qingshangdao and Quanluodao.

Everything is also from hawkers.

Is this ?

My dream is to buy a shop.

Run away from home in middle school

Not only when carrying the wine tray during the days when I was on the move

After 20 years, I'll do it now ...

I have to do this

As long as I have confidence, I can do it well.

Lee represents why you want to be so successful.

Only successful careers can be respected

If you drive a car, people will kneel.

If you destroy a car, you won't even give it to you.

a businessman in the United States

Go to the beach in Mexico for a vacation.

But the fishermen are fishing

I immediately returned to the beach.

So I made a suggestion

Buy more ships after fishing as much as possible

And opened a cannery

I can buy buildings in the U.S.

It will cover the villa in an LU spot clearly.

You can also enjoy amateur life.

You can also enjoy life with people and friends.

The results said the fisherman

I live this life now.

That is

big business, farts are made to win the market in water.

Then why don't you live on the coast of Mexico?

Why I do not want?

I have not found a suitable family to spend the rest of my life with me.

What is difficult for a family member?

- people who sweat and share food together

Isn't that family?

So I also want to buy a shop.

With people who are in line with fluctuations

- Make money and share it together

Actually putting that person ...

Actually depicting people as secular criminals

Song PD works with us

work together to run this business

Song PD will be our family

Will become our whole family

Zheng Zhengze

- Wait a minute - Wait a minute.

Youre here

Zheng on your behalf.

No problem

No problem


This is director Cheng Enying.

This is the leader of circle T

Our investors represent Jeong Gap-Taek

I'm Cheng Enying.

I have heard your reputation

My business shouldn't be a good thing.

Those who have the ability will naturally be accompanied by gossip

I think the project represented by Li could succeed.

Rich young and old people

Have fun in the building

This is the point

Rich old man representing this young man

also feel young energy

Young people represent rich parents

Hold a dream

Are there no sentences for you to say?

I didn't buy Nike shoes

But the dream of buying Michael Jordan

How to become a PD

Do you think this project will succeed?

This project is ideal

The location is not shallow Jiangnan


Sure enough, fluctuations are very close

Please ... lend me my money.

I will consider it from the perspective of physics about this boy

Hello, there are no guests.

Older brother

Ever since you left, the web feels flying

Every now and then a fly flies

Son You know how to succeed in a day.

Of course I have to think about success.

Your son

- What do fishermen do on the coast of Mexico? _ ç– ‹

The one in New York ...

Damn you make people ashamed

What are you talking about

Forget it

People who hear the president don't

thinking about their evaluation is very good.

Brother, you think it really looks like Steve Jobs from Jiangnan.

Are you planning to pay dividends to the chef and the laundry?

That is my business philosophy

- share with money

Isn't that like a threat?

Must be good

That is a shop image.

What happened

Brother Fractal, that bastard


Fractal is a rapper ...

he is a man who was recently popular

I am annoyed

Give me a bottle of Johnnie Walker and add water

Besides, the source is shrinking

I'll clean up the mess for you.

I'll excuse myself.

He is too simple

I want to cheer you up today.

Johnnie Walker ... blue whiskey

I said to help I call Huiren.

He is too simple, I let him go.

Let him go to embroider

I'll pour you a cup

Actually, I'm your fan

thank you

this woman has a swog van

Including hair style


I will not drink alcohol

Can you help me drink?


Very tasty.

- Hao Li - Hao Li

Come on, I'll pour you a cup.

I wish you all the best today.

Let me do it today, Johnny was awarded the blue side.

â € “Get up, let's get together.

Let's get started

Let's gather and gather.

Blame Me because I'm ashamed


My sisters, I am looking for you

I will train them and send them back.

Let's go

Let's gather and gather.

ï »ai hi

What happened

Come, come, come

- The child is taking medicine - What?

Listen carefully

You're looking for an opportunity to flip the bag.

Only need to confirm whether there is

I'll give you two tips.

Let's go

I have to come and ask you all the time.

Because I'm a sinner

What sin

Because I

Our criminal intelligence department will be destroyed.

Didn't I say that?

When Zhao Wenyi entered Qingwatai

You and I have finished playing.

At that time, it was the right time to publicize the Song Yingxi sexual acceptance case.

I was promoted for the first time by the media.

However, Zhao Yingyi, the chief inspector recommended by Song Yingxi

He entered Qingwatai and became secretary secretary.

I will be sent to the business office next month.

Let's pull together Zhao Wenyi.


Bring this white father in

Zhao Wenyi since his time as a prosecutor

I received bribes from my father

Even if you enter the Blue House

Still doing something for the old man?

I said that when the editorial department director

What can I do for a business office?

Guarantee for suicide in a month

As long as we get heads

I will definitely make a lot of trouble.

Are you not a fair person?

I say

Are you not moving to deliver the news?

I did not move to live.

The equipment department has changed new people

That's because of the human condition in giving his father

Is that a bad thing?

myeong-dong borrower

Lost financial group in one night

I am retired after three years.

Just passed by

I don't want to bet on you because of your life.

I also have to feed the children

Your son

You also have to bend when you have to bow your head.

What happened to the child?

What I thought was that he was still a child

- Come on call. - What?

You eat roast beef.

I don't have roast beef now.

This is beef for you

- he is a middleman

At least five people can be withdrawn

All are first class.

Where are you now

Fractal Froctol ... a total of 10

Are they still using personal names?

Is this a medicine to help digestion?

Rapper is always like this

Rapper was recently popular

and famous

You did see the medicine with your own eyes.

Of course I've seen it

This gangster doesn't use syringes.

Use such glass that can be heated

Medicines are also brought to you anytime.

It's still in medicine

Is he really famous?

Too famous

During this time, you could rest this year.

Come on

You gave me a line of Jeong Gap-Taek's feelings.

I am done.

Be careful of gangster money

If you don't do well, you will have a big problem.


I dug Cheng Enying.

0 I ...

I'm not hard to make money later.

Older brother

Next time I invite you to eat beef.

Is that pork skin?

â € ¢ Because you're not ready to get ready ... - The perfume you used is


Does it taste good?


Do not forget

We are sales fans

We are sales fans

That is Director Song

Pay attention to every detail ...

Director Lee Chan

and Miss Song

The layout of the ceremony chair

After entering the list of VIP customers here

We will send invitations.

Ok, I've arranged it for you.


ï »¿then who

The song director

After you are busy packing,

Can you go to Binjiang Road for a trip?

After all, before the ceremony

I still have a lot to deal with.


Now go to Binjiang Road to ensure traffic jams.



Do you really like it?

What if I really like it?

Full of charm

There is no wind and dust

More interesting

a man who doesn't have eyes to see

She is a woman who was admitted to the judicial examination.

Really, but why ...

I heard that his father's business has closed.

To repay the loan, I entered this circle.

This is heartbreaking.

But this is very different

Actually stand out in this circle

I said that it was never put in a private room.

I started working on the top layer from the front desk.

why are you awkward?

I said how can you understand it so much?

Former council

At Kuichang's shop he was a frontliner

I've seen it a few times.

Intellectual enough

he was quite arrogant at the time.

Waves that do not belong to this circle at all

I want to see Enying.

he was very gentle, tell him to come

Smelly boy


I will help you

Go here

Zheng is here for you.


Hello, Representative Li

Thank you for the invitation

I invite you to a very nice place.

Put it all over this room

Not bad

- Lee Chan's board has worked hard - where?

Very good


Hard work

This is hard work

Ah, hello.

Hello, Inspector

For the welfare of the MC nightclub, we and Representative Lee's future

- Cheerful - Cheerful

thank you

Please come in

- Li come to boss.

Oh right.

Why do you still have flower pots?

thank you

Please come in

This is the Criminal Intelligence Department of the Police Department.


Even though he is the head of the department, he cannot be underestimated.

The Intelligence Crimes Section is a special force of the Police Department.

Have there not been any candidates for sex hospitality for prospective police chiefs recently?

That is our Parkmaster masterpiece

15 years ago

The case of the Minister of Culture and Sports son

Is the head of Zhao Chengyu

That is also our Parkmaster masterpiece


That's what was reported by our representative, Li.

You say that this is too much

You say that this kind of thing can't be buried

At that time, Mr. Li was our oath informant.

That is the old past

I can't remember it

Blaming people then losing face

Our representative, Li, has a sense of justice.

I have no sense of justice from the beginning to the end.

Just anger

The truly fair person is our Parkmaster

Even if he is demoted, he will still bite

In the end, people were jailed.

Very resilient.

You will be a big man

I also hope that you will take care of you.

Because of his perseverance

It was considered a nail in the eye by Qingwatai.

direct suffering

Wait a minute.

will be more suitable for collecting gossip

No need

Froctcil's investigation is over.

I will work right away.

You come to Park

You are still inseparable.

Just married

I have a husband, we are married.

Now you have graduated

Will be fixed soon

you will be lonely and lonely

One missing - walk is a woman

- Walk slow - walk slow

How about eating?

rather strange

I also feel strange

I really went this way

Because the idea manifests reality

Although there isn't

But it's not awkward and steals from me

Sometimes I fall in love

Make me helpless

But I clenched my teeth

Like someone like laughter that is enlarged by the Thais

He did bad and sour

- Sometimes you can't decide - I drink again.

What happened to you?

Sometimes scared

Time and heart

Good wine

ï »¿

I'm saying I'm not home from work yet?

It turns out that our representative likes local songs

Since you have a cup of wine, let's celebrate.

Brother, are you drinking leftover wine?

Hello, give me yours.

- the dress is nice - it's for you.

To quit a VIP customer, stop smoking.

Many people are quite sensitive to taste

13.8 billion years ago

When the big bang happened

Hydrogenated nitrogen

Everything in the universe is created by hydrogen hydride

The same thing applies to this cigarette

Equivalent to smoking, the universe does not smoke

Brother, how about you?


Thank you very much

There really are many ... shortcomings

Please also take care of yourself.

He won't drink anything ... he doesn't want to get drunk

Jiangnan PD Cheng Enying is the best

Jiangnan wine, Lee Chan-Woo

The best tastiest entertainment in Jiangnan, Jin Shangxiu

Avengers League

Your sister really

- Sometimes you're scared - very scared

- fight this way - live in battle

- You trust me - You trust me too.

- My past friends

Come on Rolls Royce,

ç– ‹/ å ˆæ› ° t æ ›°

Looks like I'm going out


this is a relevant drug management violation

I Catch You as a doer

Who are you

I am your father, son.


Are you right?


How did you arrest me?

Google writes clearly

If you buy it with Bitcomet, it won't be found.

I haven't had a long time before my concert date.

Can you let me go?

I heard that you are famous?

I'm a little famous

I really don't have much time left before the concert date.

Let me go

If you let me go

I say all people who carry drugs.

No need

Because you're very famous, you've had enough.

Tomorrow your face will be widespread in the media

No, no

Temple to temple

ï »¿

Yue Guan - What happened?

His son was admitted to Renshang Hospital

There is also a second son from Da Kang's life.

The shark market leader has a loan in Myeongdong

White father, white father's son

I'm telling the truth

I'm just looking for inspiration for art.

White Father's son means that

Kim Jong-min?

Do you know the right person?

Not that the boy was not in military service.

Work in a real estate company

But he never goes to work every day to go to the night club.

Going to night clubs is always problematic

Aren't you sleeping?

Your heart is very big

Can you still sleep?


White Dad's parents

Pull into the medicine box

Can you beat Zhao Wenyi?

Is old father Bai's father using drugs?

I want to pull it down

Give me a can of beer

How do you manage this problem?

Who is the white father?

He is Futai in the loan shark market in Myeongdong.

The principal came from the Japanese aggression period.

Pro-Japan sent father to inherit

he is director Jin

find the background to the dirty history of White Dad

Zhao Wenyi Qingwatai is the Backstage Office Secretary of the stage

Then I will pretend to leak my internal investigation report.

Must have explosive power

From the moment of arrest, you must be a hot topic.

then Still must be resisted by them

If you activate the intelligence officer

I have to keep it a secret

- Fill it in

We all have to immigrate


I can provide information but we don't do anything.

Once in this circle, it will be finished.

You don't know very well, why?

You can help me at the nightclub.

Brother, something to do with me now.

that's very suspicious

I do not know

No, I understand what you mean.

Don't stop bad people, don't ever give up

No, I just want to take care of my brother.

Brother, I have to work and hang up.


Why did you see Zheng?

What didn't you say or not?

What are you doing

If you get into a gang, you will have an accident.

You did not know

- I do not know.


You will be soaked

Will definitely be bathed in soup

Let's go eat sup.

then hold a meeting

eat soup

This is what commits crime.

In fact, the biggest blow to you.

To refresh the Myeongdong area

â – ¡Father killed him south of the Yangtze River.

After you beat white father, you are the happiest person.

you're afraid

You will also move the national meeting to the right

Let you buy a few parcels of land

We just opened

Cannot be involved in danger

Since the beginning of the industry

It's not good to be unhappy with investors.

Tell me honestly.

Who do you want to pull down?

Zhao Wenyi, Secretary Secretary Qingwatai



I can't do it without letting it.

Even if I wish you couldn't do it?

Once in this T circle, the wind leaks

I am done.

Did I just do it?

I knew nothing was wrong


We also smoke on this side

Like Ernesto Che Guevara, let's make a revolution.

- Ok, a cigarette.

Hard work

Walk slowly

The atmosphere here is rather depressed


how to complete this game

Tell me honestly.

Zhao Wenyi, Secretary Secretary Qingwatai



I can't do it without doing it.

If this continues

This regime will be as messy as porridge.


This is more than enough.

More than enough

If you stop this thing

I will definitely not have a future.

Uh, this is more than enough.

I know that I say this kind of thing ...

PD thank you


Come back, family will wait for you.

I made a backup

Do you want to give Cui Zhixun the prosecutor?

Don't talk to me about the child.


I'm afraid you'll forget our agreement.

I can also trade with prosecutor Cui Zhixun.

Woman, I'm leaving

I know

a bunch of dog hybrids

Stupid is being closed

Give me the smelly kid

Help me

If White Dad's son goes to a night club

I will contact you.

You have heard my name.


What have you heard?

I will wait for you to send

Do you want to live?

Want to live

Give me RAP

Sing with a strong desire to live.

It hung here

Representative Li

I will definitely repay your kindness.

Don't sing

This person is really troublesome.

Get to know

You're not an old acquaintance?

As long as you don't

It will not fall into this virtue

I am wrong

I should not have died.

My sin if I die.


- Report to the person by telephone every day

Even if you don't call and receive reports in one day

I think you ran away

- Do you know?

If you have an appointment with White Father's son,

Call Kim Lee right away


Uncle, I say

You will let me go.

Damn this Japanese kid

  We represent Li

I came to this small temple.

Don't get rid of it

Help me call the child part time

If the head is damaged, that's better.

Just do everything

Do you know?

What do you mean

Who is the best at it?

This child is the best at it

You two enter the private room together

This person received a signal then I entered.

Three hundred per person

The police will send people

will then be released after investigation

Froctol came to the message

Ok, let's go


The police in good jurisdiction are also ready.

After you catch him, you will check first.

Good start

- What are they doing? what are they doing?

Come out and give it to me

right now

What happened? What happened?

Who are you

We are from the prosecutor's office

Want to go together?

Excuse me

The prosecutor is here

What is this

Is that evil?

Hello, stay here.

we came to collect all evidence related to drugs

Give me all the calls after confiscation

ï »¿all items here

I do not feel the same.

Be careful, you can't show your face.

Besides, am I an artist?

Don't worry too much that we are here to save you.

The other party is a prosecutor

How can we stop them?

They knew about our actions before they came.

Are you leaking the wind?


Hang up


I want to make a phone call with that old man.

Of course I know, but

His youngest son is in a big disaster.

If you can't talk on the phone in ten minutes.

We submitted an arrest warrant.


Hey, you are ...

You are a hip hop person

Don't you have a concert tomorrow?

ï »¿no

Then let's write 10 more A-level characters.

Then go to the concert tomorrow.

Not bad

I wrote everything

Smelly boy

Did you secretly report it?

What a smelly kid


Don't feed it like this ...

Sit and sit

Leave him alone

You don't care about him

Give me the broker telephone number Hong Yinzhu


Hello, where is your father?

New City Hospital

Dean Zhang Minhao

Ah, Zhang Minhao, let's talk and give your father's phone number.

On my phone

Damn, you have to bring your father's phone number.

The telephone has been opened here.

If you take the chance now, you will have something big.


What happened

Come over

What is that

Can't stop

do not move

Uncle, let me go

What to do

We sorted Kim Jong Min's evidence suddenly ...

Do you want to call an ambulance?

You're crazy, what ambulance do you want to call?

This can't let others know

Children outside don't know

What are you doing?

I caught it and caught it.

Think about that

This is a chance


You have to call your father to come.

I want to kill that demon

Turns out it's human.

You are crazy

Hello, copy this T and send it to Park.

No, I will not accept it before that.

How did you know we were coming today?

Your voice is also recorded.


I did not tell anyone. If I am sent, it is Me.

Can I speak?

Come to me


It seems that is not my bad side.

Please, your voice is recorded again.

You will photograph it, no one will know that this is me.

How do you photograph this directly? But this ...

The boy suddenly turns into a devil

So I hacked it with a knife.

But that damn blood splashed me.

This is what I killed.

Should I give him a present?

Brave Citizen Award for this kind of prize

If you smoke, lend me one.

I have a headache, I want to go home


Attorney Liang Runzhi

Yes, I'm heading to the Prosecutor General's Criminal Intelligence Planning Office ...

So, you are looking for a drug use suspect and he is my son and then you threaten me.

Not too much?

What does Prosecutor Liang want?

You also know that if there is no crime secretary Qinghuatai, L1J

Recently it is also very difficult in the prosecutor's office.

If you can give me a job at Qingwatai

Then I will ...

But what about people who are already dead?

He is a singer?

He still has a concert tomorrow and he will disappear for no reason.

It will be a little strange.

I know how to see prosecutors handle this problem.

I will prepare a position for you.


But you know

Actually, an innocent person died today because of you.

Is the child the prosecutor sued.

The call you made is on the phone

Damn all the time in calls

Fractal Feed / g

He hasn't turned off his cellphone and turned off.

feed him to Song Chief

Li represents what is happening here.


You guys will really have a big problem.

They track MCMC investment funds

You don't even know this?

Then I will confirm and then contact you.

Call the second president of Jinjing City

Don't pick up yet

What is happening everywhere.

Why aren't you answering the phone?

I'm very busy, the Ombudsman's prosecutor's office came together.


Is it because of Fractal?

You can't contact him now.

So I ...

You hang up first.

Mr. Park Qixian

You are suspected of revealing the secrets of public servants for this mandatory search

Is this about President Park?

I'm actually secretly investigating White Dad's son.

You smell, you have to ...

You rotten kid

The application for this building was changed to diet and rejected.

What does this mean?

Here are some of the licenses allowed above.

This is not permitted

The following is a company intensive area

I do not know what the benefits of the person in charge at the time.

This is not possible

Take the benefits, say it again.

Brother, wait a minute.

Take advantage of the benefits

What benefits do I provide?

What are the benefits of this dog poop?

You will benefit

How can I survive?

Do you understand

What are the benefits?

- Don't be like this. - How did I get to that position?

Don't you have anything to say on the way?

That bastard is running towards me or I'm killing you.

Quickly leave my family with these bastards


ï »¿

Are you a representative from Jeong Gap-Taek?

Yes, even though you are under seizure investigation

But you have to come

Cannot let others know that they will come

Drive alone

Damn, this is my hard-working storefront employee.

What can I do now?

Mr. Jeong Gap-Taek



I said that you gave me your cellphone.

Don't want to go home today?

ï »¿no

I met the son of white father and Froctol last night.

White Father's son suddenly killed Froctol

That crazy person

Drink and sing while drinking

I can't sleep without drinking coffee.

I said drink

I have seen Froctol's cellphone.

He often calls Jin Shangxiu almost every day.

Talk about drugs with software in chat

Zheng told Jin Shangxiu to surrender

Let him die in legal defense, let him fight for three years.

Then I will ...

This is the parent-child representative of Zheng in the Central Inspection Survey.

This is what I say to white father.

I can compensate for this

You're dumber than I thought.

Then let's start investigating.

Frcictcil teaches murder

You want me to hold you?

Needless to say in the trial, no one has ever benefited from white father.

I'm sorry, prosecutor

But your words are not effective

You have to bow first

I'm sorry, prosecutor

No, no, no

Yes I can.

Yes, you can wake up.

You sit in a chair


But if the words of Park Hixian from Qulai are not good, then everything is not good.

That person is too much

Representative Zheng gave me some information to send the child to prison.

He took bribes from your night club for several years, and he holds shares in casino investments.

he has this old method

Have you ever been to Froctol's house?

Call history

Froctcil's door surveillance video was also photographed.

I'll give you two years to two years.

Give you five hundred million in two years

What did Director Park say?

Already completed

Today, the prosecutor's office will be arrested immediately after the investigation is over.

If Director Kim doesn't agree, I'll be arrested tomorrow.

MCMC is bankrupt

I will convince Director Lee

Give me time of day

Head of the library, you wait here.

Come back with Director Lee Chan

I know it.

Now we need snipers

If Director Lee Chan can't do it, then Representative Li can do the same thing.

Don't worry about it, they will come back.

You think that you are right.

Jin Lizhi went to my room.

get in my car and go to the front door behind the hall

Park Kim's car to the underground parking lot.


Your car is underneath

Don't go home after you come out, don't see your brother

Straight from Seoul

In this way his younger brother will be safe.

All mobile banking trucks dump me

Send a message with Facebook if you have something to do.

And even if I ask where you are

Don't tell me where you are.

Do you know that you don't even trust me?

You're a little cheerful

Take it easy with a little expression

I'm sorry for you

I will not take care of you ...


We hugged

I cannot die for myself.

Without face

hey you hurry up

Secretary -... - Traveling

You're a monkey, you have to climb a pipe.

Where is Director Kim?

Don't know who that smelly kid is

Smelly boy

Take me in

Hurry up and catch Director Lee Chan

come on

Hurry and run for me

You hold the Li representative


Let's go


Smelly boy



Help me investigate someone, Liang Runzhi, prosecutor

Public Information Office of the Public Prosecutors Office

Who is the intelligence officer behind him?

I want all the information



Hold him

What did Director Park say?

Already completed

Today, the prosecutor's office will be arrested immediately after the investigation is over.

White Father's son killed Froctcil

White Father's son killed Froctcil

Jeong Gap-Taek turned to the prosecutor.

Brother, you are immediately arrested if you go now.

To close your mouth

Not bad

You can still laugh now.

So I'm not asking you not to provoke a gang?

This is not smooth in the laws of physics

I care about my gang

If you can't get out, you can contact the team leader.

I told him to introduce you to someone who can help you.

Still can't help the child


These people really have no sense of responsibility.

Well, if I want to PD, I still want to call you.

You joined Jeong Gap-Taek.

Not that something happened.

We must act flexibly according to the situation.

I only believe what I see.

I have my own size here. You believe I wait patiently.

Jeong Gap-Taek has your grip.

You still make me believe that you can fight Jeong Gap-Taek.

If you want me to believe in you - you're better today

How terrible.

Crazy woman

According to our group rules, I can't tell our group business.

And I also have the right to reject the statement


Have you contacted him?

I came from the Criminal Intelligence Planning Office of the Prosecutor's Office.


Then let's talk.

â – ¡The strength of the old man is enormous.

Who do I want to see, can he control who I see?

I'm Liang Runzhi.

The crime information section of the police department in general is not tired.

I want to gather intelligence, I have to put some eyeliners in the night club.

I still have to manage to maintain good relations with the owner

Is this light enough?

he also got a bribe to get some parts

I don't work like that.

I've heard of it.

You are very clean

But this made Jeong Gap-Taek fake.

Give up what you want to do.

Then I will withdraw the lawsuit with inadequate evidence.

Really terrible

Our group was caught in a corruption case in 2011

From director of inspection to high-level inspection, I lost all the silk hats, you still remember.

Do you want me to remake the situation at that time?

Go to your mother


I said to go to your mother.

Therefore, searching for a prosecutor is not possible directly.


Director Park, said that someone can help us.

Han Guang Daily Secretary?

I also called him.

People don't dare to come out.

White dad seems to press it.

Please help me arrange it, let me see it.

Here here ...

Prosecutor Liang Runzhi took the son of the Fractal and White Father.

But Li represents

This can't be the son of White Father. Kill the fractal's evidence

There is no Froctcil body

White father also airs

If you act rashly, you will be bitten.

You can use Fractals to get atmosphere.

The light manufacturing atmosphere is unacceptable

Must have explosive power

ï »¿which is quite strong


Have you found anything?

Attorney Liang Runzhi

Are Cheng Enying customers

The level of Cheng Chengying's customers is completely abnormal.

You recruited him because it was the right choice

I know

I will give you the exclusive news minister.

About white daddy

You don't need to pay for it, make sure I'm safe.

You can interview immediately


Seize the people in your past


You go straight out

First save your life first and say



Li said that I want to break the window.

Hurry up and give me a trick

Is it 112?

There is a woman here to be kidnapped.

The license plate number is 1102

191, Banqiao Road, Bundang District

Is 191 Banqiao Road in Bundang District?

Can you say the license plate number again?

The license plate number is 1102 old type SM5 black

Is the old type SM2 1102 black?

- The group of men must force a woman to get in her car

That woman always said that I didn't take the bus.

But these rotten boys are watching me.

- Wait a minute.

You rotten people.

- You guys are in debt - do they take people to the car?

Not that ... it looks like they are friends

v <

I don't know if they are friends.

What is the situation now?

Let me talk to the woman first, don't hang up.

Can you wait for me for a while?


Don't come to the chairman's room

If something happens to us, your car is the first to be targeted

Ah good

It doesn't seem like it, I'm sorry I made a mistake.

Um, looks like we became friends.

Sorry to bother you.

I really want to hit him directly.

This son of a bitch

Hello Zheng

Cheng Enying

We originally wanted to capture White's father's son.

But the person who secretly complained to the prosecutor was Cheng Enying.

So give people to the head of the library.

If you hand over that person, will Jin Shangxiu not go to jail?

Everyone wants to know that there is a way

I guess not.

I think we are the same person as before

You used to be jingle wrig.

If you propose a plan, I will give you Cheng Enying.

turn off the cellphone

Answer me why do you want to do that?

You leaked the secret to the prosecutors, you have a reason.

Then you will send me away, then contact Jeong Gap-Taek.

Just give me to him.

I really want to give you to them.

They kill innocent people

You and I must die

I will meet with the Minister for a while.

Liang Runzhi Jeong Gap-Taek, I want to blow their heads off.

I will not let Kim and his representative have an accident

Hey, I just met the director of Hanguang Daily.

They don't dare to be a bunch of cowards

Everything is over, we all have to die.

You answered me why you did that

Damn, why did you do that?

My father also died.

Because of Jeong Gap-Taek

God damn it


You feel awkward about me.

If you feel sorry for me, you can help me.

I will return everything to its original place.

I will never give up MCMC.

Only then will you have a way to live

Gangs and prosecutors actually joined in

Let's screw it up.


Is that possible?

So you need your help.

As long as you can help me, I can do it.

This world is uncertain

The idea of creating reality

The idea is just an idea.

Those who have been persecuted, why do they live that life?

I was also mistreated.

There is also when I'm at home.

But don't do anything

You have to act with your will

Can people like us not struggle?

Come on try it

You and I worked hard

Why do you say this at once

Because I'm your older sister

Who's looking for me, sis



What happened

Sorry Sorry

I came in a hurry

I thought you were in a big disaster. I also can't contact you

You're really free at Sokcho

Sorry, I just stopped by ... after the shop opened.

Suddenly I feel the need to rest.

How are you after marriage, You're scared

I'm just ... watching the sea

But I miss you so much that I'm going crazy.

I'm worried you will take time off.

thank you

You're cold, I'll buy a package, you wait for me in the car.

Let's go together

No, no, I'll be right back.

We have a cooperative relationship. Do you think I haven't checked your bottom yet?

He is looking for a marriage room for a woman

Are you thinking of asking us to take him away?

Damn bastard

How can I search the police station?

The section chief was very angry, they said that they used everyone to fight him.

How about Canyu?

He promised Director Jin to give him explosive information.

Is he really alright?

Are there no reports from White Dad?

ï »¿nothing

Can you finish it?

Of course you have to do it

He did not contact representative Li.

But why bring people here?

Find a suitable and lost place.

Write a will to write that he killed Froctol

Help me ...

Zheng represented assistance, Zheng represented

I was really wrong.

Help me

Won't meet

We are looking for ways

Judge Park Xianxi wants an apartment

- I want her daughter to work - I promise.

Selected evaluation letter for duty-free shop

Everyone gave me a good analysis.

If there are no results, you might have to go to Amazon for ten years.

We will work hard


ï »¿fast

I haven't seen PD for a long time.

It is okay.

Or do I still want to find someone with a customs office past?

There is more that can be done than bribing the government

ï »¿then what is that

Hotspots about Fractals

Have you read the news?

I have time after 8:00.

There will be some simple gossip in the afternoon.

You read first

I ordered the Cheongdam-dong daily shop at 10.

You don't have to depend on this fox.

If we can shake the fox

He will lead us to white father.

Go to that spot to take medicine

You have to really take the medicine

What medicine is that?

I suffer from gout

The doctor said that he had to take medicine on time every day.

Write the necessary contact information in this book.

Then turn off the phone

I'll get a secret call


This is what you hold

Don't swipe your card for now.

How do you carry so much cash in your car?

There is nothing like this, people like us, just in case

The man who is completely speechless

There is no

What happened

I heard that Father caught you wherever you were

I know the boy.


I ask, I'll find you and then contact you.

There are two

Spread the word

Fractal took drugs in a nightclub and was arrested by prosecutors.

Do you want to go with the prosecutor?

Who will do it, I'm trying to save your life

Contact again


here Really a lot of people

Run fast


Catch him there

Fast and fast


Hurry up

Hurry up

Hurry up

Hurry up

There is something to say, don't do it.

The chairman is in the dining room

How was the husband chosen?

ï »¿I don't know


You <

ï »¿why

That's my car, how did you hit it?

Are you talking about this broken car?

I'm sorry if I can't go to Sanshun.

- I don't know if I was captured by them - You will surely die.



Mr. Jeong Gap-Taek

Yes, What is up

Did you know that there are several cases in the inspection at the center?

I can take this ...

Take that

I said that I can delete this one.

Are you not thanking me?

thank you

If you want to say thank you, you have to show sincerity.

Cheng Enying did not capture Jin Shangxiu

Lee Chan-Woo didn't catch it.

What can you do

Not being able to catch that person is your specialty

Listen carefully

If you can't catch it

Froctol's body appears in the reservoir

Then you are the first suspect

Send people to monitor people who are related to Lee Chan-Woo

Nightclub president, executive steward, everyone

Damn dog You are licking your dog's brain

Send people back in time and bring all the balls to me.

Brother, you must be careful.

He tortures everyone you know.

He told me if I could catch you

Give me the position of president of CMC M

Then why don't you promise someone?

Then I do it.

You made me rush to find the car. Fines and taxes are not paid at all.

You just throw it away once it's finished.

If I can come back alive, I'll pay

Now in gossip

Only Frocto was arrested by the prosecutor

But Froctcil was when he was at the nightclub for a drug party.

Prosecutors from the Liangjue criminal information planning office took it

Then killed by his people

News, you've all learned that it's a big problem.

One of my friends is recording outside

Then let me listen.

White sweater is fractal

Wearing a gray shirt at the back

The big son of the white hole in the world of Myeong-dong

Next to the prosecutor Liang Runzhi

The drug party case of the youngest son of a white father

Are you in a hurry

After pressing the old man, you can hold the handle of the secretary Qingwatai.

Help me report the news. This is Cui's room manager.

But how do PDs know this?

I want to hear your friend's voice

Those who win this point can win duty-free shops.

I looked for you before I left.

I can come alone at the duty free shop.

How do you report news when you are not sure about the truth?

I've long been famous for you.

Director Cui Zhixun

I am very happy to know you.

How should I call you?

That is an anonymous reporter.

ï »¿who

Anonymous reporter

Let's take an interview.

Come on interview

Kim Jong-min, the youngest son of White Dad

Close to Fractal ^ - to get involved in a drug party

they are the people we work with at night clubs.

Skip forward

Therefore, the Head of the Criminal Intelligence Department of the Police Department, Mr. Park Qixian, ask me.

I'm more curious about something.

Why do you study quantum physics?

Just study

I do this kind of work.

It is often ridiculed that there is no culture in the hotel.

You say that I'm a fool, only relying on boxing to do business

How are you?

Ms. Cheng must study and study

Business is also a science

So I met and studied quantum physics.

Just starting to beat

The idea came true

Do you really believe this?

I'm not stupid

This is a spell

I hope my thoughts come true.

A representative

Can you believe me?

I cheated you once.

There is only MCMC and in your mind.

Aren't you worried if I will have two hearts?

I believe

Also understand

So sad

Initially I will prepare for the judicial examination

I could give up because Father owed a loan shark

Oh, I've been hanging out in this circle for 20 years.

This intelligence capability still exists.

Actually, it wasn't too bad because it wasn't because of Father.

That person is very busy

I don't really like it.


I plan to report my own hatred

I will help you achieve it.

Revenge on Jeong Gap-Taek

We are consistent

Fractal rapper on the 15th of this month

Formerly known as Yin Junfan

A nightclub in Jiangnan before the concert

News of arrest by the prosecutor

Receive exclusive news from our STBC

The man who is now known is Fractal

You can see that a man is behind you

According to the results of our STBC analysis

But now the prosecution has no explanation.

Now the Fractal rapper has been turned off

Write a report on the latest news and the Park Qixian case

I want to report directly to the director

after this

Then Fractal now

I said that day.

Because that is the purpose of our arrest

Then why not report it

Originally intended to be released

So I didn't write an official report.

You son of a bitch

Both formal and informal

I have to report it.

This crime information planning room

I was still in the small department when I was in the office.

Specifically examine the department of politicians

What does this person want to do?

This bastard will go to Qingwatai one day sooner or later.

To write a report,

Receive information on drug parties and go to night clubs

But found no medicinal ingredients

All are placed at home

So we have nothing to do with missing Fractals.

In this content ...

Right, wait a minute.

The artists who were there at the time

I have been managing them all the time.

I will emphasize them again, don't talk nonsense.


This is also called Jeong Gap-Taek, come soon.



Attorney Liang Runzhi

You are on TV.

Please don't worry

I will not involve your son

What are you saying

What happened to my child?

Why isn't he served when he serves?

Not like this

You are the item

I still want to go to Qingwatai.

Do you think it's easy to rule the country?

Be careful

I will remember

What's the use of people who don't use moral values?

You must understand

Get it done quickly

I will work hard ...

Total 36 items

Will introduce 548.3 billion private capital

Divided into four areas

Tourist hotel club

Swamp Ecological Park

Integrated resort

Environmental groups will surely rumble

And the Ministry of State will need us.

You give circle T to the mayor

As long as I can give me 50% results

Just find an opportunity to eat together


- What happened?

You have to see this

The son of the white man killed Froctcil after using drugs.

And the white father appeared to make people mess up the mess.

What is this

The director of strategic planning ST sent him

He wants to talk to you alone.

Scorpions or rabbits can't understand people?

What do you want

We are offering a Duty Free Shop to Incheon now

Bring it to me

I'll give you a tax-free shop.

Cheng Enying?

Our sixth feeling as a woman is very strong.

Handling monitoring on the 20th floor

Very cold

Bring these clothes to Representative Li

why is this kid's face?

Did you accidentally hit him?

What did you say to this old man?

Very interesting little one

What else is in your hands?

Not me but there

Must be sent to my cellphone

I asked someone to take a few photos.

I don't know if I already took it.

I want to talk to you alone.

So I purposely came to see you.

Because I'm a very small person

Cause unnecessary problems

You don't want all of this to look right, do you?

You seem to have caught the prosecutor's accomplice

What are you saying

Want me to think of a way?

Are you

The famous director of strategic planning ST

Aren't you also playing with me?

What would you do


Do you know quantum physics?

According to the boy's physics theory

Ideas can come true

You believe me

Then order Cui Chang, help me.

Everything will go well

What is this again?

It's time to take medicine.

help I turn off the alarm clock

Your son

Recently, the value of uric acid is too high ...

I'm saying that your gout values are good.

really charming

So you can kill him after trying it on.

Why do you have to kill someone?

If you messed up

I want your life

If you don't realize it, you won't come here.

A representative

Under Lee Chan-Woo, you know

This is the head of Cui Zhixun, ST's Strategic Planning Office.


This room manager will trouble you.

Go and bring us three cups of hot coffee

What are you doing

Let me convey the purpose of the white father.

White father

White father ...

Calling you to help representative Li

A representative

Not a strong stick

But the person holding the stick is a strong child.

But the person holding the stick has power

Don't you want to join real estate?

are you sure

I will let you see that miracle.

Please take it

Jeong Gap-Taek?


Running errands under Jin Guanzhe

One time, I was killed by Jeong Gap-Taek, who was almost killed half.

then I still remember it

I did not expect to have fun.

- do a lot of bad things.

like others do

Do as you say to my people.

ï »¿get up

Just crouched down

Do you have anything?

May I ask the team leader ...

Oh here here

Shang Xiulai

I am Cheng Enying.

Work with representative Lee Chan-Woo

What are you also arguing about?

I was just called by the teacher.

Why did you lie to your mother?

Go home and talk to my mother.

Where is Fractal's corpse?

I want to help you with the officers.

If civil servants are tired

You can come to our company

What are you still worrying about?

I'm not worried

because of this weather

Wherever you find yourself

I Estimate your feelings will not change



See you timid person

Officer, you're a smart person.

he is the informant from the prosecutor

And drug trafficking organizations that know this kill Froctol

Large-scale war broke out between prosecutors and drug trafficking organizations

Very clear and no one will get hurt

Today, representative Li will find the place where the Fractal body is placed.

Convince the prosecutor tomorrow

I will declare fractals killed by drug trafficking organizations

Tell us where the body is

That ...

I think big business is good.

Civil servants are indeed bleeding

History is made like this

Very good

I also think that Prosecutor Liang can change things and he is very upset.

Let's take the body first.

Fractal ^ Where?

Let me see it

he stored it in the freezer

Pretty disgusting

The first time I saw him he was frozen

As a result, Prosecutor Liang's card was destroyed.

I will go to the meeting tomorrow, prosecutor Liang

Froctol speculates that it was killed by a drug trafficking organization

Announce it this way

I'm with my brother and director.

Return to CMC M.

Still have a chance to wait until tomorrow?

This no-man's landlord

What happened


Tell me to avoid you?

What to do

Achieve the woman

Attorney Liang

Investigation emphasizes Death about fractals

I want to hide this corpse

Suicide after suicide

No matter how you struggle, it doesn't work.

This trash supports the video of the white father's son.

Who knew that that would happen in the future?

You're also an accomplice in the beginning of your niece

Rabbit scorpion

You already know that Cheng Enying's woman takes revenge for her father.

I can see your father's shadow

Cheng Canying's daughter, Cheng Enying


Do you want to be like your father?

Caught and cried

His parents are dead, jerk


MCMC investors ask to withdraw their investment

After all, many things haven't been common lately.

I'll make investment funds for you first.


Ownership of MCMC is mine.

But you handle it

Our representative

Really professional.

he cries

because the chairman prints another copy

Take the red ink pads

Hold the finger and cover it

Fast and fast

Prosecutor Liang Runzhi was linked to the disappearance of froctol

Suicide in an abandoned shop

And in the store freezer

Also found rapper body Froctcil

The police did not intend to publish the power of attorney Liang Runzhi

Prosecutor Liang Runzhi kept his body frozen

Seeing the police search network getting tighter

Must choose to commit suicide in fear

This is the opinion of some people.

STBC reporter Li Chengji reports to you

ST really gives strength

So soon the news is ready to be released.

Now the duty-free shop is director Cui.

I have to pump good now.

This is called Romeo and Zhu Yeye.

This is the favorite cigar Churchill used to smoke during his lifetime.


Do you think you qualify to smoke with me?

- Practice

Smelly boy

Hold his hand


_ Move aside _ ç– ‹

You have come to father

Please here

This time, everything went very well.

thank you

I have to give you a present.

Thank you dad

Near the Gyeonggi-do City of Suwon

There are 400 billion projects

It's up to you to run the company or not

Thank you dad

ST is responsible for construction

I told the owner of the house.

You can get a lot of money from him.

And in Azerbaijan, you ...

All the benefits that occur in this case

I will bring it

Why didn't you do it?


Relatively, you can enter the real estate industry well.

You want to save money, right?

There is someone who can replace you.

good branch meeting

- group dogs will bite each other


Throw them away



They have contact with the Criminal Intelligence Section and the Han Guang Daily.

Estimated to be more troublesome

Do I have to worry about this kind of thing?

Of course not

We will handle it well.

Don't let you have a problem

Ms. Cheng

See your father tell you

Say I can't help him.

Thank you for you

I can form a family with Bai's father.

Thank you very much

Your father is jealous of you, I will definitely apologize to him

I will not forget it until someday

I hate waiting the longest.

Follow along.

Representative Li

How can this be explained in quantum physics?

A representative

Really falling into an evil wave

More than before

Constructive Disorders

I will really miss your fluency.

When fluctuations meet obstacles, it will return

When can this situation change?

Bring the car

This is not the problem.

Small follow-up

Suddenly he went crazy and crashed into a truck

then the man beat him and killed him

Stop him

Put it in his mouth

Hit the child to get on immediately

quickly put it in his mouth

Hit and hit

Hit the child in order to immediately get on

Hit it

I'm really fed up


Hello, there is a big accident here.

Someone out

Please hurry, we were kidnapped.

He claimed to have been kidnapped

I go

Really ... how come

These people come and go very fast.

I can't catch all of them

White father teaches murder

These people are taking orders to kill us.

Team leader

It's hard to catch Jeong Gap-Taek.


Will they give the name Jeong Gap-Taek?

I can only deal with that old man

Otherwise, this will not end.

Come on


we are going through this kind of thing openly

Will we try going back to the party of drug abuse?

Did the dog change to eat?

These people will never change.

You will shoot the white father's son.

Let him go to the night club.

There is no guarantee

Every time he goes to a nightclub, he uses drugs.

I heard her hair checked

to be able to find out whether there is no drug abuse within 6 months

He got caught first

take with drugs

Then he examined his hair

Sure enough

Just do what you want to do from the start

Isn't there a saying like that?

If you worry that you will disappear, you don't need to worry

By the way, the wood has become a boat and is still worried what to do.

Look forward to it.

- Come on, come on!

Come on up, let's go.


I am hungry

I will pump up my emotions

so it feels refreshing

Little boy he is the son of a white father

I can deal with drug dealers.

Now white father is angry in his presence

If you are close enough, you will suffer.

Make illegal trade at night clubs.

they have explosive bombs

I will get it.

That explosive object

What are you saying

Are you

What would you do

The child who uses drugs and I will drag your feet

I will let you see and see

What are they doing

Tell one hundred million of the wine to give it away

just to show off wealth

Go get 100 million of his mother's wine


Preparing outside

Jin Zhengmin is in the VIP room

There is a group of bodyguards outside.

The good - this is the last one confiscated from Froctcil

There are several guards coming down


This is more certain

- Come on - Ok.

You cannot enter

What are you saying

I actually ...

Looking for the wrong room

What are you doing


You're a hypocrite

You're dead, bastard

I'll Catch You today

Son of a bitch

You're not allowed to go bastard

Hold him


Hold him

Come out as a bastard

ï »¿hey you hear me
ï »¿

I told you to get out.


this dog you are

Last night at the nightclub in Jiangnan

Because of the drug battle with Kim

The godfather's son from Myeongdong

Currently working in the military industry

Sis, what did you do that day?

I did it for you.

The team leader is now looking for Daily Director Han Guang.

report to white father

- deductions will be canceled

It's up to you to solve it.

Because the old man must write news that violates criminal law

So the prosecutor can intervene

Your group prepared three special cases for Park Qixian

How do you feel after your case has been officially released?

Our Crime Intelligence Section

Also known as Bai Laozi, previously known as Jin Zhengdong

In various lawsuits in the past 10 years

Alleged 100% win

He was trapped in contact with Zhao Wenyi, secretary secretary of Qingwatai.

Write a report

Zhao Wenyi, office secretary ...

TV station ...

Zhao Wenyi, the secretary's secretary, was funded by a white father since becoming a prosecutor


Go find your friends


Go get the old man out

Hello, Zheng

- Get rid of _ ç– ‹

Let go, let go

Why did you let go?

Head of the room

Laozi is single with you

What are you doing

Hold the man

Go and catch

let's move


We are police

Head of the room

I didn't like you from the start.

You're Jiangnan punk

I don't like you either.

One another

You Grow like a traitor

Hey you, this woman

Hey Jeong Gap-Taek

I don't think I can go out, right?

Be a good person after you die

We will conduct a seizure investigation

Mr. Jin Zhengdong

We are from the inspection center

Do you know where this is?

I dare enter.

Just like what you see

I'm a poor parent.

How did prosecutor Liang die?

he was killed by Jeong Gap-Taek.

No, I'll honestly confess

It's true that my people killed him

But this ...

Chief Cui told me to do it.

He said if he was ordered by a white father

I dare oppose Prosecutor Liang ...

Not because of that old man.

Does the president have instructions to make you admit it

The president will know

I want to get a duty free shop.

I went to see white dad in person.

Jeong Gap-Taek's confession, I agree

Will also actively assist in the investigation

Not finished

Rest for a few years and come out again ...

What did you learn the head of the library?

I have many things to say.

So order first.

He claimed there were 6 murders.

I'm worried it will take a lot of time.

Zhao Wenyi, the secretary, submitted his resignation to Qingwatai



Will not be transferred to Qingwatai because of its advantages

sure if you change to another government

I have to go to the cell.

This is not as good as every government.

By the way, you hate staying in one place.

Still forget it.

I just want to eat the bad food made by my wife.

Peace and security for life

Sure enough, Big Brother knows its size

So I like you

Smelly boy

How are we going to ride it?


Let's just say we are here on the coast of Mexico

this will really turn into a Mexican beach

You can see the Hanyang Pier there.

As long as someone is with you

It doesn't matter where it is whether it's on the coast of Mexico or not

Just like Taiwanese physics

In fact, I know you from the past.

What you know

The shop I lost before

Have you come here several times?

Ah, the shop in Quigone.

You really remember

I think this is a rare product.

In fact ...

I will find you.

Many people like this

Looking at the sea, I thought of a good idea.

Open the Mexican Coast Coffee Shop in the city center

Around him with LED TVs

Can smell the smell of the sea

- Ok, okay - This will feel windy

Can also do fireworks or something

Good, good.

What I'm saying - wait a minute

Enying, take this


Just hold it in, just hold it.


Laugh smile

Laugh one


ï »¿can

I see that your brother, doing business, you really can't look back on your past

This business is not something one can do.

And the system is all connected

You know the beginning of elementary school

I dropped out of high school, but I got a funny gift in elementary school.


Look at the look of this T shop.

What is this

you look unique

My brother will imitate your style

Looks like your hair style

You know the person who works with me.

Ugly Shang Xiu Shang Xiu

He has a girlfriend

I have a boyfriend

This shop must be brighter ...

Very bright ...

Brother, when will you get married?

Brother, when will your hair turn white?

I dream of a great future

I want to open a shop like in the entire universe.

Brother, when you say this shop,

I'm your good brother ...

Brother, when I was a DJ.

I really like the decorative style

In fact, my dream is much bigger than this.

Have a big dream

As big as the dream of the universe

You know, I'll succeed.

Just like what you want

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