By Light of Desert Night (2019) - full transcript

Three best friends head on a road trip into the desert for one final camping adventure, but dark secrets are revealed that will change their lives forever.

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- Diner looks closed.
- Yeah.

So I can't get
anything good to eat here?

Grilled cheese good?

Anything else?

Nothing else good.

One grilled cheese then.

And a Gatorade.

Beth, chill.

What's she doing in there?

No idea, but quit molesting me
with that noise.

My wheel, my horn.


- For real?

I guess there's at least
21 years of experience

in that face.

Thanks for that.

How long?

T Minus 30 seconds?

You into space rockets?

Are you into medicine?

Why? What have you got?

Never mind.

Heading to a party?


Dressed for it.

Have a good time.

We already have drinks.

Buried in the back.

Food stink.

Much needed hangover fuel.

for staying out latest.

You lightweight,
it was your party.

I had first drive this morning,
but you had no excuse, April.

You should have been
carried out of that bar.

I'm glad I went home
when I did, okay?

I'm just starting
to feel human-ish.

So, Suzy, baby,
as bad as you're feeling,

kick back, relax
and enjoy the view

while we drive your ass
all over the place.

Three weeks
till the driving test, okay?

Fourth time, lucky baby!

Fuck off, baby!

Jackie woke up
and vommed, by the way.

You got a signal?

In and out.

So we must be
pretty far out then, right?

Yup, and it's gonna be
well worth the journey

once you see the view.

Do we have to wear
these costumes the whole way?

Do not be a killer of joy.

I'm a traditionalist.

Besides, it's only
supposed to be the bride

that wears the costume.

Nothing about you
is traditional, Suz.

Yeah, and I'm wearing
the badge as well, aren't I?

False advertising.

Well, maybe
you should try it on, Suz,

because I have a feeling
it will fit you like a glove.


Speaking of sluts,
you snuck off very quietly

with Mr. Creepy
Film Director guy?

You have my full attention.

He wasn't that creepy looking.

What prompted this "delicit"
little rendezvous?

Well, as you know, Beth,

beers and Jagger seem
to make creepy look interesting.

It has been known, yes.

Plus, he kept saying I looked
like Mia Wallace, which helps.

From school?

The clumsy chick
who couldn't make cheer squad?

No movie lover is our April.

No, you ass.

The babe from Pulp Fiction,
Uma Thurman.

How many girls with a bob

have heard a line like that,
I wonder?

I don't have a bob.

I know, I'm just saying

I bet it's
a very well used line.

I can see it, actually.


- Bullshit!
- -Bullshit!

If you're not too busy
back there, though,

we'll hear the rest
of that story please, thank you.

Oh, my God!

April, there's really
not that much to tell.

Well, knowing you, I'm sure

he didn't go home
completely empty handed. So?

We parked outside
under a tree by my house,

made out.

He successfully placed
his fingers in my panties.

I checked his fingernails first.

Sufficiently clean.

And then, yeah, he adequately
completed the task...

at hand.

And then, I started
to give him a hand too.

Oh, stop.
You're killing me, pornface.

Unfortunately for him,
the porch lights came on

a little bit too soon.

And I was out of the car
and inside

before he knew
what was happening.

Was a good thing too.

My dad was coming out
to see who was parked.

Whatever happened
to "I do you and you do me?"

Shit happens, sweetie.

Besides, he was better off
not getting caught by Dad

after an evening
sponsored by Rittenhouse Rye.

Can you imagine?

That would have been
pretty awful.

All right.
Don't get all weird, princess.



"Oi"? You're not English.

Poor guy.

Thought his number had come up

leaving with the high school
cock-dog eating champion.

Please. That tiny thing
was no challenge.

Okay, important part
of the trip coming up.

Halfway selfie stop.

- For real, B?
- -Yes, for real!

We gotta record this trip
for social media posterity.

Oh, God! Well, be careful.

The internet may actually break

under the weight
of such posterity.

Laugh all you want,
but in 20 years' time,

when you can't fit
in your skinny jeans anymore

and you're fetching beers
for your fat ass grumpy husband,

you'll look back at these photos
and you'll thank me.

Wow. Another portion of bleak,

You ladies are in charge.

This weekend is all about
saying farewell to my youth

and hello
to the rest of my life.

I'm down. So, record it all.
Make it count, bitches.

Team player!

There is always a chance
she'll look back at these photos

and blame us for letting her
get hitched so damn young.

No, don't start that yet.

The boyfriend baiting show

does not begin
for at least another hour.

Okay. As long as its planned.

Why do we have to walk
so damn high for a picture?

This better be
a damn good ass picture.

How about
that brown sandy backdrop?

Oh, wait. How about that one...
or that one?

If we climb up that dune,

we ought to get a good one

with the angle of the light.

Exactly how long have you been
attending this evening class?

You don't take
a good photograph, you make one.

Ah, Christmas cracker wisdom.

Just get ready to pose.

Beautiful day ain't it?

Or a hell of a dream maybe?

Wet dream.


Locals on a charm offensive.

You girls lost out here?

Oh, no. We're good.
Just enjoying the view.

Sure is easy to get lost
wandering about these dunes.

We won't, don't worry.

Photo taken,

our friend sat in the car
waiting for us,

so no dramas.

Ain't no drama.

- Where you headed?
- Oh, no.

Hold on wait,
enjoy the view a little more.

Can I take your picture too?

I could give you
my confession, sister.

She's the nun, asshole.


Oh, no, no way!

Oh, please start!

I'll be your friend.

Time to go, April.

Say cheese, motherfucker!

No more pictures!

Lovely meeting you, fellas.

Catholic school
must have been a bitch.

Ain't no hiding in the desert.

- These costumes have gotta go.
- Beth, did you have to do that?

Of course, she did.

It would be no fun without
some lunatics chasing us.

- You know it.
- -Are you okay, Suz?

There's a time and a place
for hair pulling, am I right?

Clearly, you're fine, then.

I'm calling this one

"The portrait
of a desert meth head."

And its Insta-live.

Am I the only one
that's shook up here?

We went to college
in the deep south, honey.

That was just first base.

I can't see a car, so hopefully
they aren't following.

I saw a red truck
parked a ways off.

It'll take them ages
to stumble off

and get it if they do wanna
play chase.

Uh, that's not
comforting at all.

No more desert stops
until the campsite now.

In other news,
this is a great photo of us.

Ooh, let me see. Let me see.

One sec.

Hiding photos there, Beth?


Oh, that is really cute.
Can you send it to me?

Suzy, honey,
could you pass me my things?

Just show April
a photo of herself,

and the crazy stalkers
are instantly forgotten.

Uh, like you're any different.


Oh, can you help me
take this off then?

What have you got on underneath?

Stuff that's fine to drive in.


Ice pack? Chastity belt?
Granny panties?

None of which
are fine to drive in.

Trust me.


And relax.

RV park up ahead.

- Beth?
- -Ignore it. Keep going.

Ignore the sign for the park
we've arranged to stay at?

Can you please explain?

We're going wild camping.

There's a spot in the desert

where I always wanted to go
and hike and camp.

Just us and the stars,

barbecue, beers.

It's stunning I promise.

Yeah, I mean,
who needs running water?

Or a bathroom.

I packed toilet paper.

And what about security

in the middle
of the freaking desert?


- Beth!

- Oh, my God! You brought it.
- Why?

I borrowed the one that dad
the no G plays with the least.

Oh, you're a G for sure, honey.
A serious G.

You had something
to do with this, Suzy?

I may have pointed out
the inherent safety issues

in desert camping
and how best to mitigate them.

Hush now.
This is just in case.

How many horror films start

with a bunch of girls
in the desert, right?

Yeah, or an asshole with a gun.

Hence why you're not
touching it, honey.

It's true, April.

You can be quite an asshole.

Well, sorry, sweetie.

But if this is a horror movie,

obviously I'll be getting
slaughtered first.

Oh, no.

Okay, can you just keep
your eyes on the road, bimbette?

Ooh, whoo, whoo.


Brought him along
for the ride, then?

Thank God he can't
actually hear you.

I'm not sure
Ritchie would love you

and your X-rated date stories.

Oh, please.

Filthy fucking football player.

Oh, thanks, Suz.

Oh, that's right.

He was a virgin when he met you.

He's a sweet man,
is all you need to know.

Mm-hmm, a sweet man
who quarterbacked

the football team
through most of high school.

And then again at college.

- Don't go there, Suz.
- -I'm just saying.

I'm sure he barely gave
the cheerleaders

the time of day at state.


He's a man

and, therefore,
can never be trusted.

- Don't marry him.
- Don't marry him.

He's disgusting.

- Revolting.
- Cut off his dick.


- Too much.

Hmm, you're right,
the wedding's off.

But we still get to party
all weekend, right?

Oh, definitely.

But you return the gifts.

Uh, I can live
without three toasters.

But not without us.

What are the chances that we
missed the turning already?


but it was years ago
that I was out here.

So, we just keep driving then?

As I recall, we'll see the rock

around the time
we reach the turning.

So, no rock, no problems. Yet.

Okay, and if we don't
see the rock,

then presumably
you admit that we're lost

and have fucked up
on an epic scale?

Not lost, girls,
just scenic vibes.

Wait, what about
asking that guy?

Would he know?

He looks pretty local.

An old boy like him
is bound to know this state

like the back of his hand.

You mean on account of the fact

that it used to belong to them?

Basically, yeah.

But let's maybe not have
that conversation with him.

Besides, who said
he's a Native American?

Oh, that's right. He's not
wearing a Coachella headdress,

so he can't be.

Oh, my God!

Not the Coachella thing again.

Why isn't he moving?

I guess we just go
and ask him, right?

Great idea.

Okay, I guess
I will go and ask him.


I'm sorry to wake you,
but do you have any...

Come see my art.

Um, actually, I just need
directions to Ravens Rock,

I don't know...

How about I come see your art?

This is a beautiful painting

of the desert
we're in right now.

Yeah, it's lovely, but I don't
need any art, I'm afraid.

And who told you that?

Well, no-one, but, I...


Where are you headed to,

Actually, you should ask
our guide that.

Uh, Beth!


Do you know
how to get to Raven Rock?

Come to catch a raven?

Uh, no.

Raven Rock.
A good place for answers.

Assuming you got a question.

And hopefully, a good place
to camp, I'm told.

Good friends?

Yeah, why?

can be as blind as love,

but the raven can illuminate
the truth among the lies.

It brings changes,

both wanted and unwanted.

The raven can take many forms.

Perhaps you're the raven.

No. Dude, I'm not the raven.


Let me have
your hand for a moment.

- April.
- Shh.

I have a painting for you,

I really don't want
any pictures, sir.

But a map?

One that your guide
can follow to Raven Rock,

just as you had asked.

Not quite G Maps is it?

We are here.

It's there,
and the road runs this way.

Thank you.

Ten bucks.

Oh. Of course.

Good sale.

Good value.

Good luck.

That was intense.

Is the map
really making sense, Beth?


But we'll know soon enough.

Good, 'cause I am fucking bored

of sitting in this tin can.

My ass hurts.
I need to stretch out.

Shut up, backseat.

Oh, backseat,
what's up with you?

Can I just see the map?

Be careful with that, though.
It's a nice souvenir.

The only thing I want to know
is why the fuck am I the raven?

Okay, see that way up there?

Yeah. Is that the rock?

Jesus, as if we could miss that.

Okay, well,
next time you say 30,

I'll know to double it.

Ladies and bitches, I give you

Smoke Creek State Park
and Raven Rock.

Now tell me it wasn't worth
the extra drive.

Well, I have to say
freaking yes, baby.

This is stunning.

Where are all the ravens?

Enough with the ravens.

Are we actually
in a reservation right now?

Maybe close to.
Otherwise, he wouldn't have made

such a big deal about the place.

They say the whole area

is pretty mystical,
etcetera, etcetera.

Wow, they do?

Oh, yeah.
Lots of stories and stuff.

I have to admit,
I don't know anything about it.

Neither do I.

Oh, yeah, this whole area
is literally littered

with graves and stuff,

stories about peeps

seeing things here
that go way back.


Oh, no, come on, you guys,
please tell me we are not here

on some sort of ghost hunt.

Come on. It's not
for a bachelorette party.

A dumbass bachelor party
maybe, but...

- April?
- -What?

How's your leg?



I don't know, Beth is yanking
on it really hard.

Are you serious?

Honey, you should see your face.

This place is known
for pretty rocks

and sweet nothing else

as far as I know.

So let's get ready to camp,

so we can hike up for the view,

and be back in time
for a feast at sunset.

Oh, God! Please,
let's stretch first, you sadist.

If you're gonna do it, do it.

But you're not getting
out of any unpacking.

Wait for me, you bitches.

That's the last of it.

Comfy, Suz?

Just rinsing off your beer.

I propose we catch
the last of the sun.

Okay, don't get too comfortable.

I second it.

We haven't even set up
properly yet.

Let's just take
a quick moment of relaxation.

Come on, Beth, it's my party.

Okay, fine,
but I'm not doing it on my own.

Tunes on, please.

Okay, fine. Chill.

I have to charge my phone
soon, anyway.

Oh, good, difficult jazz.

Maybe you are the raven.


Okay, girls, so, in high school
our goal was to go to college,

which we've already done now.


We've barely had any time
since we've been back

to catch up and hang out
just the three of us.

So, Ape, what's the next move?



Don't fucking call me that
again, Floozy!

Okay, okay. Come on.

Well, shit, sweetie,
if you recall,

I am getting married
in a minute.

So it's kind of taken up
all my time since I got back.

And then it's all baking
and babies for you.

Yeah, for sure,
as soon as possible.

No, okay.
Well, not right away, right?

You just spent
all that time studying.

I'm sure you wanna
use it for something.

Well, yeah, but, I mean,

there's not a ton
of journalism jobs back home,

so I might have to think exactly
how I wanna use my degree.

Yeah, well, you're not planning
to stay back there, anyway.

Bright lights, big city,

Yeah, but Ritchie and I
have talked about it

and he and my mom agree
that maybe running away

straight off
is not the right call.

Here it comes.

Here what comes?

Ritchie and your mom agree?

Babe, Ritchie and your mom

don't need
to be planning life for you.

I have a say in it too, girls.

Does Ritchie's job with his dad
have anything to do with it?

Oh, come on, we would be dumb
to turn that down.

Ah, Ritchie, good guy,

but he wasn't gonna go
anywhere far from home

with a job for life
dangled in front of him.


I didn't realize the two of you
thought so highly of my fiancé.

Honestly, girls,
it's a well-paid job,

and he'll probably end up
running the company one day.

Do any of us have a good
an offer as that on the table?



I have some job news
I was saving up.

Well, come on, missy,
let's hear it.

I was up for a kinesiologist
assistant position...

- Yes?
- -Yes?

For a team...

- Yes.
- -Yes.

I wasn't sure
I was gonna get it...

Jesus, Beth, just spit it out.

I was on the card, y'all!

- Oh, my God! That's amazing.
- I know.

It's so junior, but the coach
is a huge track fan

and he knows me
from my stuff in college,

so they were really keen
to give me a shot.

- Wait, so does that mean...
- No.

Yup, I'm moving to Glendale.

You're moving?

Well, the job doesn't come

with free chopper rides, honey,

so yes, I gotta go.

But what about the Phys Ed job
back here then?

Jacked it!

I gotta get the fuck out
of the village

and up close and personal
with some pro-football torso!

I'm just kidding
about the village, honey.

But just remember, don't settle

for anything less
than what you want.

I know. I know.

And you know that I'm happy
for you, you little shit.

Can I give you
one piece of advice?

Of course.

Try not to do the entire team
in the first week.

Just space it out a bit, please.

Understanding your college
strategy a bit more now, Suz.

It's all juice
for the book after all.

Oh, my God! How far
have you got with it now?

Oh, yeah, when is
The Twerker in the Rye

hitting the bookshelves?

Uh, The Trasher in the Rye.

Do The Nasty in the Rye.

Okay, okay.

All are better titles

than What I really learned
in College

by Suzy Fisher


No, I reckon
I'm about three quarters in.

I'm just thinking about adding

a "what it was like
coming home" bit.

Starring us.

Well, obvs.

It's always about you.

Well, I can't wait to read it,
babe, so hurry the fuck up.

Me neither.

Knowing you,
it'll be pretty X-rated!

So, in that case,

I suggest...

that we toast

to some pretty good shit
that we got going on.

To us, ladies.

Nothing more, nothing less.


What is going on?

Girls, wake up,
the lights have gone out.

Solar ones don't last
the whole night.

Go back to sleep.

There was a noise, I
think. Suzy, did you hear it?

Until I need to pee,
I don't care.

Then I'll just pee on you,
prom queen.

Okay, fine.
If you're not worrying,

then I won't either.

Something's here with us.

- Beth!
- -I heard it, shush.

Okay, fuckface, We are gonna...

Who's out there?

Listen, this isn't funny
anymore, okay?

So, why don't you
and your friend just...

Hey, you ever seen
what a 9mm pistol

will do to an assholes face?

Fuck off! I will shoot you.

Ah, something's touching me.

Stop it. It's just me, okay?

Stay close.
You okay? Just stay close.

What's happening?

Quiet, something's moving.

Ah, something just hit me.

I warned you, don't come close.

Oh, my God!

Something just fucking hit me,

and now my ears are ringing.

What the fuck?

Here are all
the missing lights, very funny.

Throw some around, so we can see
who's still out here.

Just assholes
trying to scare us.

I'm way past scared, okay?

If I wasn't half drunk
right now,

I'd be fucking freaking out.

They were just pulling
a shitty prank on us.

Then why fire a gun, Beth?

It was just a warning shot.

Shush and listen.

What are they doing?

I think
they're by where we parked now.

Yes, I locked it,
before you ask.

We scared the shit out of them.

And out of me a little bit too.

Yeah, and me too, a lot.

I'll kick your ass
if you come back!

If only they could hear you,

I'm sure they'd be
scared shitless.

Yeah, or they might
actually come back.

Let's avoid that.

If they wanted
to do anything serious,

they would, right?

Let's just all relax.

And since we went to the trouble

of unpacking a tent,
let's just sleep in it.

As opposed
to just leaving? Quickly?

There's no way
that I can go back to sleep.

I'm sure those idiots realized
it's bedtime and gone for good.

Besides, it's gonna be light
soon anyway, we can stay awake.

Tomorrow we'll switch camp
just to be sure.

But do we even wanna be
inside a camp?

We can't see what's outside.

We only have to watch
the entrance this way.

I'm still a bit drunk.

I'm still on edge.

There's sleeping tablets
in my bag,

but you have to get them.

My real deal baby blues.

I'll manage, thanks.

They'll knock you out.

I'm not going to sleep.

- Me neither.
- Me neither.

Your face is hot.

It's too early for flirting.

No. I mean,
it's like 150 degrees in here.

Good morning to you too.

I can see we all kept watch

Is Action Jackson still on duty?



I don't know.

I think I maybe got
an hour's sleep.

Same. I'm fried.

I can't actually
fucking breathe in here.

You would think
with such discomfort

it would force us out of bed.

Plus, I know
Beth must be hungry.


is your stomach rumbling yet?

It is, isn't it?



Fuck. I fold.

Let me out.

An athlete's weakness
is her stomach.

I'm starved.

I know. I'll help
get some eggs on the go.

Uh, start with coffee
if you'd like to avert homicide.

Start with food,
or I go cannibal.

That was definitely coming
from where we parked.

Is that them again?

Third time lucky.

What do you mean third?

Yeah, they passed us on the road
after we got the map.

Same truck, anyway.

While we were buying the map,

No. After that.

A little way down
from that artist guy.

Maybe its four, then.

A car like that passed us
while we were paying.

These guys have stalked us
four times now?

Jesus, you guys!

Why didn't either of you
speak up?

I just didn't wanna worry
everyone when I wasn't sure.

Oh, cool. Great, thanks.

Thank you so much
for bringing me

into the middle of nowhere
for safety.

If it's okay with you,
I'd like to not stay out here

a second longer with these
fucking crazies stalking us.

Let's pack up our shit, please,

and maybe try
the actual campsite, okay?

- Maybe you're right.
- No, no, no.

No more maybes.
My party, my call.

Let's pack up now,
please, and lets...

- Look at the wheel.
- What?

No way.

Ritchie checked the whole car
over before we left.

Oh, my God!

The caps are gone.

It must have been those guys.

- Tell me you have a spare.
- Of course I have a spare.

I'm not an idiot.

How about two spares?

- What?
- -Same deal.

Real jokers.

Oh, my God!

I'm gonna have to call
someone out here.

No signal.


It's charging at the camp,
but don't get your hopes up.

So are you saying we're gonna
have to walk out of here?

We cannot stay here
another night.

I hope we don't have to,

but it's better than walking
around here all night.

It's about 40 miles
just to the main road.

A dawn start, for sure.

Besides, if those idiots
do decide to come back again,

another little warning shot
will probably scare them off.

Yeah, or maybe they'll just
fucking shoot back.

- Not helping, Suz.
- -I'm not trying to.

This is really bad.

Oh, my God!
What are we gonna do?

Calm down, Ape.

- Don't fucking call me Ape!
- Okay, okay.

Let's just all wait and see
if I have a signal

before we get
completely freaked out, okay?

Fine. Come on.

I'm sorry, I shouted.

It's all right. Don't worry.

It's all right.

Dumb bitch.

Don't worry, those guys
are not gonna come back.

We're gonna get signal,

we're just gonna get
out of here.

We'll be okay. Don't worry.

I can't. I have to go pee.

Hey, cowgirl.

You left a present
for our friends.

Stick it on the cooler, Suz.


No, no, no, Beth. Beth, Beth.

Give me my phone,
we need to call 911.

Keep your hand on this.
Keep your hand on this.

Give me my phone!
Give me my fucking phone!

- But the phones don't work.
- I don't know.

I still don't have
any fucking signal.

- April, what did I do?
- You shot her, Suzy!

Come on, come on, Beth.

Come on, baby.

It was an accident.

I just killed her.

Keep your hand like this.


Wake up, wake up!

Oh, my God,
I'm gonna go to prison.

I'm gonna go to prison, April.

They're gonna send me to prison.
April, April.

- April!
- What?

She's dead! I don't know, okay?

She's fucking dead, she's dead!

What do you want me to tell you?

Come on.

It was an accident.


I think we should hike up high
and get a signal.

I mean, we can't just
sit here like this.

In the movies,

when somebody
dies in the desert,

the vultures come.

I thought you were
gonna cover her.

Suzy, come on.

Come on.

Let's do it.

Okay, do you wanna go
get changed?


Oh, my God, it's Beth's phone,
it has signal!

April, are you calling 911?

April, what is it?

It's a message from Ritchie.

Your fiancé, Ritchie?

Yeah, my Ritchie.

What is he messaging her about?

Um, he said, uh...

April, what did he say?

"Hey, sexy.

I hope the cheerleaders
haven't bored you to death yet.

I don't know about you,
but every now and then

just isn't enough."

He was seeing Beth.

- No.
- Hey, look at me.

Are you okay?



I feel dizzy.


April. April? April. April.

Come on, April. Come on.

- April? April?

- April.

You're waterboarding me.


Come here. Hey.

It was his fault.

How could he do that to us?

Okay, it's just so typical.

Yeah, but she wasn't typical,
though, was she?

Are you thinking
about the wedding?



I don't see how
that can happen now, right?

I mean,

that's not at all
what I'm thinking about.

Can our lives be like more

of a royally
fucked-up mess right now,

a full-on fucking nightmare?

God, she's fucking your fiancé,
and I fucking killed her.

Then we found out
what she'd did to you.

Yeah, I didn't know
at the time, of course.

Yeah, all because she brought
a gun

to a fucking bachelorette party,
all of this had to happen.

I have got to be
about to wake up.

You know, I don't even know

what your parents
are gonna hate more.

The fact that their little
society wedding

is getting binned

or their daughter
being part of a homicide

thanks to that awful,
awful Suzy.

Oh, my God! Stop. My head
can't take this right now.

I'm just going...
I'm just going to jail.

I'm going to jail

because everyone's fucking
everyone else.

Fuck, and I was a bit careless.
I was a bit careless, yes.

- Suzy...
- I just wanna know.

I wonder
why she brought it, okay?

Was it for you?

Is this why we are in the middle
of fucking nowhere?


Okay, I wonder
if she would have minded

if you got shot instead?

What do you mean?

- She wanted what's yours, right?
- Oh, my God!

Suzy, you can't fucking think
like that.

I can't think that.

I can't think at all
right now, okay?

This is all just too much.

Okay, it was an accident.

It was an accident, okay?

And now, they're going to take
me away from you as well.

Ritchie, Beth, and me.

- I can't deal with that.
- Which bit, April?

Losing everything, everyone.

It could be worse.

Worse how? Hmm?


What? Like some plan?

I mean, think about it.

Once they realize
that she was seeing your fiancé,

they're gonna
automatically assume

that it wasn't
an accident at all.

Do you see how that looks?

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God, it looks awful.

So... So... So...

So instead of you
getting blamed for an accident,

we're both getting blamed
for a murder?


No, fucking way, Suzy.

I'm a victim here
just as much as she is.


I don't wanna to go to prison.

We're the only ones
that saw what happened.


So we'll make something up.

We don't need
to make anything up.

It was an accident.

I'll still go to jail!

But maybe there was
another way that this happened.

What? And say what? Lie?

She shot herself in the chest?

I don't think
that's very likely.

I don't know, April!

I wasn't planning on this, okay?

Just let me think.

Maybe we... maybe we didn't see
what happened.


Maybe we didn't see
what happened?

What, maybe
we didn't see her get shot?

Yeah, maybe.

Maybe nobody shot her.

- Somebody definitely shot her.
- No, no, no.

Maybe she went hiking
and never came back.

I don't follow.

What... what if we were
too hungover to go with her

and she went without us?

Well, I mean,
she would have gone

whether we went or not,
you know what she's like.

And because she has a phone,

she would have posted photos
to prove it, right?

Right, but, I mean, Suzy...

Yeah, I know.

We're gonna have
to hide the body.

What? Fuck off, Suzy.

No. That is not
what I was gonna say.

Oh, my God!

Your mind is going to places I
can't even comprehend right now.

Do you even hear yourself? Huh?

They were cheating on you.

For God knows how long.

Maybe it's just karma, right?

- Do you want to go to jail?
- -No.

No, I don't wanna go to jail.

Okay, fine.

You're right. Yes.

That would be
the next step, okay?

Hiding her body
hadn't even occurred to me.

- Oh, my God, Suzy!
- -What?

You missed a bit. Seriously?

- Yeah.
- -Ah.

It's a shame I'm not wearing
my nurse costume.

Nobody would have questioned me.

Okay, that was a really
bad joke, I'm sorry.

Let's just go take
some fucking photos, okay?

I guess we are doing
that fucking damn hike

after all, hey?

- April?
- -Yeah?

How long do you think
it's been going on?

I'm trying not to think
about that.

We could look at the messages.
See how far back they go?

I have nearly 20 years
of memories of the two of them.

Ten years in a real relationship
with Ritchie.

I need to protect
some of those memories.

Because if I imagine
that they've been smiling at me

all this time and just twisting
and twisting a knife

right in my back,
it kinda makes me sick.

I mean, if you had any doubts
about what we're doing,

then maybe knowing how long...

It'll just feel cold.

Or detached maybe.

I don't know, it's weird.

What's wrong?

Nothing, nothing.

This place...

What about it?

I just...
I just don't feel right.

Look, do you wanna
read this or not?

Yeah. Yeah, maybe I should.

But maybe you shouldn't.


I'm finding it really easy
to hate their guts.

Never mind.

Don't read it.


It's not healthy.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

Okay. Your face says enough.

What doesn't kill you makes
you stronger, right?


Then we should have
super powers or something.

Let's just keep going then.


Wow, she was right.

It is spectacular.

It's kinda poetic.

Everything we've been through,

now that we're at the top,

we're just gonna
leave it all behind us.

Quite the analogy.

That's me.

No. No, it's not.

All right, let me take
a few photos then.

Tag it.

"What a shame the others
are missing out."

Then everybody will think
that we stayed behind.

Oh, my God! So dark.

- But yeah, I guess, okay.
- I can write it.

No, it's okay.
I've already started.

Oh, shit, wow,
she really did post

that picture
of those desert dudes.

Lots of comments here
from friends

about being careful out here.

Maybe those guys
will get the blame?

Can you imagine?

April, what is it?

Here, you write it.

Are we doing
the right thing, Suz?

I mean, I know
it's not the right thing,

but are we doing it
for the right reasons?

I just wonder

who else knows
that he was seeing her?

Who else is gonna wonder
if we did this on purpose?

Even if the cops believe us
or not, this is gonna stick.

But if I can save you
from being punished

for an accident,
then I gotta do it, right?

I mean, you didn't really wanna
kill Beth, did you?

All the time.

That's not funny.

Thank you for doing this for me.

Well, either you go to jail
for an accident,

or we're both suspects for
shooting my fiancé's mistress.

Some choice.

Just do it.

Okay. Posted it.

I guess we should turn off
the phone now.

Wait, wait, wait.

Are you sure I shouldn't read
the messages first?

Just let me do you
a favor, okay?


Friends forever, April.

You said it.

So there's
only one thing left to do.


We just, uh...

We can't hide her here.

We have to do it
somewhere that's away from camp.

No, I'm gonna need
a drink or two first.

I feel weird about touching her.

Hmm, really?
'Cause I'm completely fine

dragging around
the dead girl you shot.

- April!
- Well, what do you want?

Of course, it's gonna be weird.

Have you ever even seen
a dead body?

She's not cold
like I thought she'd be.

She is dead, right?



Just please don't let me
do this by myself.

No, I'm gonna help.

Okay, ready?

Boy! She's heavy!

Okay, well we have to try
a lot harder than that.

- I am trying.
- Well, try harder.

she's not gonna go anywhere.

- All right, chill.
- Go.

You're still digging, though.

Well, somebody's got to.

We should burn any clothes
that have blood on them.

Yeah, of course.

Accessorizing, April?


No, but we do have
to spend the night here.

So I wanna make sure
I keep it close.

Let's put her in.

to 15 years of friendship.

Good riddance.

You say that pretty easily, Suz.

I read the messages, April.

She had a few opinions
about me as well.

- Like what?
- Nothing I wanna talk about.

Is there something
you're not telling me?

let's just cover her, okay?

Three stuck up little princesses
came to enjoy the view.

But their gun went bang,
and then there were two.


Told you she wasn't gonna be
much for foreplay,

didn't I, Wally?

But a fuck seems only fair
in exchange for us

to keep
your dirty little secret.

Not worth it.

It's us, or a whole lot of us.

You may recall
meeting the boys last night.

They were quite taken
with the buffet.

You sicko.

So you'll play nice,

or there's gonna be
a lot more guests.

Now, can you keep a secret,

Please, please don't touch me.

The word "please"
can be quite a turn on

when you hear it
over and over again.


I do believe she's jealous.

Back over to that fucking hole.

Wally, what's my first rule
of double dates?

Stake a clear claim
and stick to it.

Now, why haven't you got
your claim under control?

I said, back the fuck...

The fuck I will.

Then I'll fucking drag you then.


First, I'm gonna choke you.


Get off her.

Are you okay? Are you okay?

- Are you okay?

- Are you okay?
- April.

He'll either report us,

or they'll come back
when we're sleeping.




April, don't let them get away!


Two more dead people.

They would have killed us.

You saved us.

When you killed them, I mean.


You did too.

It was both of us.

When do we report her missing?

We'll have to start walking
somewhere in the morning,

somewhere where we can call 911.

If he just wanted to be
with her,

then why not
just end it with me?

I don't know, April.

But his waspy parents
were never going approve

of him marrying anyone like me
or her, though.

Or you?

You know what I mean.

Oh, come on.
Don't be naive, Ape.


popular, prom queen April?

Never puts a foot wrong.

Well-to-do parents...

good grades, studies hard...

still with her
high-school sweetheart.

Okay, you're gonna make
a great soccer-mom one day.

- Suzy...
- I mean,

the cheer squad gave me
some pseudo-validation,

and Beth's athletics for sure,

but who wants parents like mine,

and their love of a bottle?

Or my asshole,
delinquent brother,

who would steal anything
just to get loaded.

Why are you sounding
like such a fucking victim?

Oh, don't worry.
I don't feel like one.

Sweet pea.

It's life.

The way it is for some of us.

You just gotta to do that bit
of extra to get what you want.

So what?


You want me to be ashamed
of my background?

Trust me, my life is not
some fucking fairy tale, okay?

I have my own issues
to deal with.


What's the hardest thing
you ever had to deal with?

Oh, you know what?

Shut up.

I know my problems
may not seem so much to you,

but trust me, they exist, okay?

You see your family as useless,

but I see you
as having more freedom

than I've ever felt.

I'm second guessed,

extra analyzed, overruled

all the fucking time by my mom.

"Is this a suitable thing for
a Jones' daughter to be doing?

What will people think?

What will we take away
from her if she doesn't comply?"

My upbringing has left me
pathetically terrified

to live my own life
at risk of losing

the gilded, shiny,
comfortable existence I know.

- Poor fucking you.

And because I'm
so shamefully afraid of that,

I do exactly what they want
every single fucking time.

I don't know, maybe that's why
I'm with Ritchie, in a way.

He comes from money.

I won't have
to rely on my parents

for anything anymore.

You mean
you don't even love him.

Of course, I love him.

But sometimes
I think I may need him

a little more than I love him.

For the record...

having drunk parents

does not represent freedom
in any way,

you fucking asshole.

I'm sorry.

That's not what I meant,
and you know that.

It's just hard to explain.

Ditch him.

And the family.

And get on with your life.

I wonder if I'd be better
just never going back

and just drive
straight on past it.

But then he gets away
with everything.

All the sympathy.

Poor Ritchie,
his fiancée left him.

And that's just not right.

Well, what can we do about that?

Nothing, right now.

Just stay away,

but wow,
I'd really like some payback.


Now, that doesn't sound
like Princess April.

Oh, forget it.

How are you feeling?

I don't know.

Somehow, I feel like everything
was supposed to happen.

Well, that's just crazy.

I'm not crazy.

I didn't say you were.

I'm just glad
I still have you at least.

I don't know where my head
would be right now without you.

Maybe go a little bit insane.

Tsk, feel like I have already.

How is it not the right thing
to say the truth?

Just be honest.

I know.



Sorry, yeah. No.

Of course
I'm not gonna say anything.

I'm so tired,
I can't even think straight.

Just keeping me
out here in this desert

when I have to get back?

Because my boyfriend
is waiting for me.

My Ritchie is coming to get me.

I called him to come pick me up.

I just had to climb up
the rock a little bit,

and then bingo, signal.

When he gets here,
we can work everything out.

And I can forgive him
about her, about Beth.

Fucking Beth.

She knew I liked him.

She knew it,
and now look what happened.

Look what happened.

I just have to do
that bit of extra

to get what I fucking want.

I don't know what happened
to the other girls.

They went looking
for help with the car,

and the desert's
just so goddamn big.

You know,
it's so easy to get lost in.

Beth said so herself.

She warned us.
And they never came back.

It's so noisy.

The desert's supposed
to be peaceful.

You're not gonna be
that much help at all, are you?

What the fuck?

What the fuck?

Hey, Ritchie,
is that your girlfriend's car?

Yeah, that's it.



I'm here!

It's okay, it's okay.
It's me. It's okay.

Oh, God.

Miss Suzy, are you unharmed?

Yeah, but I'm freaking out.

They've been gone
a really long time.

And I wouldn't have stayed here
the whole night

if I knew I'd have to be alone.

Well, Ritchie here told us
about your car's tire

and, uh, the men.

Right. The red truck. Um...

That's why we're stuck here.

But you saw them?

Not here. We saw the truck here.

We saw them before
on the way here.

Twice at least.

Same guys?

No, the same truck.

So we automatically assumed
the same guys.

We didn't pass anyone along
the road on the way up, ma'am.

Is that the direction
your friends took?

N... No.

Beth said it would be quicker
to cut across in that direction.

Okay, just come over here
and have a seat.

I need you to start
from the beginning, okay?


They just kept walking until I
couldn't see them anymore.

Okay. Thank you, miss.

Start packing up the girl's car.

I'm gonna get on the horn
and call Search and Rescue,

get them to put a bird up,
get this escalated.

In the meantime, we need to get
an APB out on that truck.

She's in shock.

We need to get her comfortable
and over to EMT.

I'll get started.

Okay, I'm gonna need any
and every detail you can give me

about that vehicle.

And then I promise we'll get you
out of here, all right?

Unit 31, be advised.

Search and Rescue
will commence in 30 minutes,

and an EMT unit is in-bound.


Copy 10-4. Inform EMT

that we're headed
in their direction

and that we're in RV on route.

10-4 31.




Oh, come on!

I got her.

Hit the horn. Hit the horn.
Let her know we're coming.

Stay back.

That's April.



Her hands and feet are bound.
They could be in the vicinity.

April, who tied you up?

April, who tied your hands?

She did.

Say that again, April.

She killed Beth
and she buried me alive.

Drop the gun, Miss Fisher.

Ritchie, please
don't let them take me.

Suzy, what are you doing?

Drop the gun
and we'll sort all this out.

Put the gun down.

Put the gun down right now,
Miss Fisher.

- Turn around.

April, April, what's going on?

So I didn't make the connection
on the drive up,

but yeah,
I watched all your games.

Could have sworn you'd go pro.

Nah, I had a couple injuries I
just couldn't come back from.

All done and dusted,

But I bet you had fun
while it lasted.

Ladies love a quarterback,

Yeah, they do.

So you're positive you have
no idea who the mystery man is?

No. Beth's exact words were,
"It's no one you know."

And you never heard neither one
of them mention his name?

I literally found out
when they began to argue.

I don't know.

Must be the first time
they keep a secret from me.

That secret turned
into an argument,

which escalated into a shooting.

this guy is worth killing over.

I've yet to meet
one of those myself.

Tell me again about the two men.

They just saw her
pointing the gun at me

while I was digging the hole.

They didn't say anything?
There were no introductions?

No. It was just shouting
at us, at her

to put the gun down and stuff.

But like I said, she just saw
their gun and shot at them.

I can't really blame
her for that.

They looked pretty crazy,

and we knew they were trouble

since the first run in.

Okay. Look, we're gonna
get you to the station

and get you looked at,

um, but we're gonna need
some more details.

Yeah, of course. I understand.
I'll help any way I can.

Well, it looks
like your ride's almost ready.

Hang tight a minute.


I don't talk to strangers.

April, I didn't plan
for all of this.

I was sure you were going
to blame me, so I freaked.

Are you still trying
to manipulate me?

Murderer. Huh?

Yeah, I'm not buying
the accidental gunshot anymore.

How long have you been fucking
my fiancé, by the way?

Why haven't you mentioned that
to the cops?

All the reasons
you said he chose me over Beth,

you were talking about yourself
weren't you?

God, I don't understand you,

After all the things
we've always thought about guys,

why would you ever want
one that's prepared

to treat a girl the way
Ritchie's treated me, huh?

Do you still want him?

Not for long.

And if you want him too,
you can forget about him,

unless you're looking
for a prison pen-pal, babe.

I don't want him.

He's lied to me, lied to you,
probably lied to Beth.

Besides, he chose you.

He chose me all along,
you idiot.

He needs me
just as much as I need him.

The dream wedding
to the fucking prom queen

meant his parents
were gonna give us

a pretty generous start in life.

He's shallow,
but not completely stupid.

And his parents love
golden girl April, remember?

They're just
as stuck up as mine.

So what happens now?

Right now, we stop
communicating, ladies.

Hey, is there something that you
wanna tell me right now?

No, you understand
about as much as I do, officer.

Officer Barnes,
can we get going?

You have a great ending
for your book now, Suzy.

Let's just go.

- That took a while.
- Yeah.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Any news on Suzy?

She won't say a word,

- Hmm.
- Can we go, please?

I can't keep my eyes open.

Yeah. Yeah.

How long have I been asleep?

You crashed out
as soon as we hit the highway.

A few hours.

How are you feeling?


I was hoping you'd wake up
so we could talk.

Suzy sounded pretty crazy
when she called me.

She was saying some...

uh, some ridiculous things
about me and her.

Like what?

She didn't say anything to you?

- No-uh.
- -April.

I don't really feel like talking
right now, Ritchie.

Well, when then?

Um, there should be
a gas station up ahead soon.

- Pull in, will you?
- -What do you need?

I need to make a call.

- What's wrong with your phone?
- Dead.

So use mine, its right here.

And I'm thirsty.
And I need the restroom.

Who do you need to call, you
can't speak to in front of me?

Sweetie, just pull
the fucking car over, okay?

Suit yourself.

I'm thirsty too.


Hey, it's me.

I'm okay.

Beth's dead, Mom.

Yeah, I know
he called you, but...

Yeah, he's in the car,
we're driving back.

No, he's fine. Mom, listen...

Mom, stop talking.

Ritchie was cheating on me
with both of them.

Hello? Mom, are you there?

Did you hear what I just said?

After the wedding what?

You think I should still marry
someone like that?

So send out un-invites,

put an ad in the fucking gazette
for all I care.

I'm talking to you now.

Can you please listen
to what I'm saying?

What part of that
don't you understand?

He was fucking my best friends.

Please. I don't want
to just come home and move on.

I just...

I'm unhappy, Mom.

I'm just asking you
to be my mother, please.

How will it ever be all right?

How? This is
the rest of my life, Mom.



Real deal baby blues.

Come on, come on, come on.

How strong are you? Come on.

You took your time.
Everything okay?

My turn to drive.

I don't mind
going the whole way.

- So I've heard.
- -What?

I wanna drive, Ritchie.
It occupies my mind.

- Are you sure you're up for it?
- -Just get in, okay?

Eyes getting heavy, huh?

Yeah. Yeah, I guess.

It's a long ride out here.

We should talk, then.
Before you sleep.

Yeah, now you want to talk?

Yeah, yeah, now I feel like
being in charge for a change.

- Do you mind?
- -What?

- What do you mean?

We both know you had
to take my side back there.

I mean, you weren't gonna
take poor fucking Suzy home

to the parents were you, huh?

Your mom was pretty specific
about keeping me happy

and having the perfect fucking
society wedding.

It's not like that.

Oh, don't bother.

You know what? I've been on
this path for so long with you,

I felt I kinda
had to see it out to conclusion.

I mean, if the marriage
didn't work out,

then I'd divorce, okay?

I mean, you know,
I wouldn't have to go

crawling back to my parents.

But then you had to go
and fuck my so-called friends.

April, I still wanna marry you.

Maybe I could actually work
on my parents a little.

I mean, a bereaved daughter
is surely sympathetic.

Although I'm not sure
I can put up with mom

long enough for that, though.

I mean, you do understand

what you've pushed me to,
don't you?

Bereaved? Uh... What do you mean?

I mean, there's not gonna be
a wedding for you.

Not now. Not ever.

You, son of a bitch!

What's... what's wrong with me?

Suzy's sleeping tablets,
proper ones apparently.

I mixed a bunch into that drink
and in a minute,

you'll be fast asleep.

And you are not gonna wake up.

April, why?

When everybody hears
what you've done to me,

they'll understand why I had
to break up with you and maybe...

Just maybe they'll understand

why you couldn't bear
to go on without me.

I mean, you couldn't bear
the shame of going home

and having to explain
to your family

how you'd finally
broken my heart.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Oh, poor April.

And they'll say, "He didn't
really wanna kill himself,"

that it was just a cry for help,

but, I mean,
he just didn't realize

how far away help would be...

And the desert is
a really big place, Ritchie.


I hope your parents
will get your obituary

in the society pages.

Look at me, you fucking coward.

You fucking coward, look at me!

Look at me!

Look at me!
Look what you've done!


Bye-bye, Ritchie.

Oh, you really are disgusting.

Thank you, girls.

What's your emergency?

Hi, I've been trying
to get a signal.

I... I need some help, please.

My boyfriend's tried
to kill himself in my car.

I don't know
what I'm supposed to do.

We're in the middle of nowhere.
I think we're on the I-70.

We need someone.
Please, I don't know what to do.

Ma'am, just
slow down for a second, please.

I... What? I can't hear you,
the line is terrible.

Please, we need an ambulance.

Where exactly are you?