By God's Grace (2014) - full transcript

From a meager beginning to owning a thriving air charter service, the Taylors devoted their lives to their children Chris (Cameron Deane Stewart) and Grace (Savannah McReynolds). Raising them with a solid foundation of faith, they taught them through example to love others and give to their community. Their passion was volunteering and financially supporting the local youth shelter. However when tragedy strikes, Chris turns his back on his faith and the shelter. His choices are leading to destruction unless he changes his ways. Will an unlikely visit save what is about to be lost?

Isn't it beautiful?

Christmas is my favorite time of

I wish my big brother Chris felt
that way.

See, he and I go way back.

Well, I guess if you consider
ten years way back.

He's been a pretty good big
brother until lately.

You could say he kind of has an
attitude problem,

Especially around Christmas.

And that's where I come in.

No. You can't have more time,

Look, this is business.

I don't go into work every
morning to have fun.

Well, if you can't do the job

Then I will find someone who

I'm tired of hearing about this,

Look, I gotta go.

I want the proposal on my desk

By the time I get to work.


Hey, what is this? My yard is

I want this taken care of by the
time I get home

Or you're out of a job.

My big shot brother thinks he
has life

Figured out, but he's got a lot
to learn.

I might be his little sister,

But I've got some big plans for

This is gonna be the year that
he learns

The true meaning of Christmas.

Looks like I might have found
the problem.

Really? That's great.

I'll see if we can get you
there on time.

Start it up.

Thank you so much.

It's jeremy, right?


You have no idea how much
you've helped me today.

Of course.


I can't take it.

Are you sure?

I'm sure, yeah.

You're a godsend.

Again, thank you.

You're very welcome. Have a
good day.

You too.

Hi, Chris. Nice to see you...

Fill it with premium.


You got any plans for
christmas or...

No. No one can go home early,


Hey! Do you mind?

Last time I checked, Bill,

Christmas Eve isn't a holiday.

Hey, hey, hey, watch the paint

$20 regular.

All right.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

God bless you, sir.

I will see you when I get into
the office.

No, I will see you there.

Hey chris, we should get

Just like we used to.

You have some messages.

And that's the file for the
trinity group.

How is the prep coming for
the 1:00 o'clock meeting?

About that... They're
coming in at 10:00.

What? I told them 1:00.

I'm sorry but they had
obligations this afternoon.

Hold all my calls.

Chris, there's one more thing.

Terri, you're killing me.

I need everyone in the board
room by 9:45.

But samantha tipton is...

No more interruptions!

I take it this is a bad time?

Is there ever a good time?

Look, I know you're busy.


So I'll be brief.

The youth shelter has lost a lot
of their funding.

People aren't giving anymore.

We're looking at foreclosure.

We could lose the home.



What do you want me to do
about it?

Chris, come on.

You know these kids don't have

I'm just looking for a little

We can't even afford to put up
a Christmas tree this year.

That's not my problem.

Do you think this is easy for

Crawling in here and begging for
a handout?

You're our last hope.

Look, I only invest in
opportunities that present
a potential return.

Chris, you know these kids
have a bright future

Ahead of them if they
can only find someone
who believes in them.

And that is a huge return.

Have a nice day, sam.

This isn't your best sales
report, Bill.

It's all in there, Chris.

I've seen better.

Well, you can look at it
again after the holidays.

You'll have plenty of time to
finish it after the meeting.

There's no rush to get this

But I want it done and I want
it done right.

Take some pride in your work.

David, you remember Chris as
well as Bill.

Thanks, Terri.

Good to see you. How are you?

Good, thanks.

Well, look at you.

You're really running this place
now, huh?


And I am excited to let you
know that we now ship it
better, faster and cheaper.

We now beat the competition
by at least 25%.

And it's no secret in the
industry that you've

Landed one of the largest
government contracts in the

You've been doing your homework.

So you can save me some money?

Millions. Take a look at page 3

We can go over some of the

Chris, bill's already sent me
the info on you.

I get it.

Hey, Trinity Group has been
using Century Air

For how long now? 20, 25 years?

Which is exactly why I'd like
to go over some of the details
with you.

When your dad started this

I was one of his first

Jim's always treated us like

We've always appreciated it.

You got my business.

I don't mean to dance.

I promise you will not be

I'll have terri grab the

You've got my handshake.

We can rap this up after

Well, you're here today.

Why don't with just sign now.

I'm sure everyone's eager to
get home.

They don't mind.

We're a family company, Chris.

Family comes first.

I mean, it's a lot that I came
down here today.

Tell nancy I said hi.

Will do.

I'd like a word with you.


Everyone hang tight. I'll be
right back.

Just got a couple of these
beauties in last week.

I see you still have your
dad's car.


Did you know that my father was
friends with your grandfather?

No, no, I only met him twice

When I was a little kid.

We go way back with the
Taylor family.

Been friends for years.

That's great.

Then you know how problematic
it can get

When you mix business with

I've been getting a lot of calls

Pacific West Air.

They've wanted my business for

Pacific West? Really?

Yeah. They're setting up shop
in the states.

Not certain I like the way they
do business.

They work their people too hard.

Yeah, that's too bad.

I'm expecting a proposal from

the day after Christmas.

We shook on it.

You said we had your business.

And if they don't make me a
better offer,

I'll sign the contract with you.

Everything good?

No. Not good.

How dare you give them those
quotes without my approval?

Chris, I've handled trinity
for years.

I was just trying to
troubleshoot any
potential issues.

He's expecting a bid from
pacific west in two days.

If he gets a better deal, he

He's bluffing. I know david.

I'll call him after Christmas.

It will be fine.

I need to guarantee they sign
on the dotted line.

Until then I want everyone
working on a more defined

Chris, just hold on.

We have all been working day
and night on this thing.

It's a done deal.

Why don't we just give everybody
the day off and

Go be with their families.

I know this is a hard time of
year for you.

You and I can wrap this up by
1:00 o'clock.

You're more than welcome to come

Do you want time off, Bill?

Am I working you too hard?

Everybody's been working hard.

Are you committed to this job?

Yes. I'm also committed to my

Whatever. You're fired.

Now you have all the family time
in the world, Bill.

My gift to you.

Have yourself a merry little

And if anyone else cares to join
Bill and take the

Day off, make sure to pack up
your things while you're at it.

So would you like to set up a
time to meet again.

Yeah, I'll get back to you. I
gotta go.

If it's easier, I can bring
the papers to you.

You know your dad left some
pretty big shoes for you to


And if you look at the company's
growth and what

I've done, it's obvious I've
excelled at the job.

Ask yourself would he be proud?

Merry Christmas, Chris.

Some packages came for you.
They're in the den.

You're not even gonna open your

Christopher Taylor, your parents
raised you better than that.

Your dinner's in the oven.

Thank you, Linda.



Linda? Is that you?

I called the police!

They're gonna be here any

[TELEVISION]...Not even a mouse.

[TELEVISION]...Stockings were
hung by the chimney with care

[TELEVISION]...In hopes that st.
Nicolas soon would be there.

[TELEVISION]...The children were
nestled all snug in their beds

[TELEVISION]...While visions of

[TELEVISION]...danced through
their heads


Hi Chris.

Come on, Chris.

Don't tell me you're afraid of
little old me.

No, no, no.

Okay, this isn't happening.

This is not happening.

It's happening all right.

16 hour days for the last
three months

Is finally catching up to you.

You're not crazy.

You're just getting water all
over the place.

Chris, it's me, grace. Your

Please, this is serious.

We've got work to do.

What are you talking about?

Are you here to warn me about
the trinity deal?

You are, aren't you? They're
gonna sign, right?

Bill didn't blow it for me?

Chris, we've got bigger

Actually, you've got bigger

You've been given so many
chances to get things
right and you keep blowing them.

It's like you go out of your way
to do the wrong thing.

What chances?

Tell me one time I've caught a

I've gotten the short end of the
stick my whole life.

If anyone knows that, it's you.

I'm here to save you.

From what?

From you, silly.

I don't need to be saved. I
just need time.

I just need time to work, time
to figure things out,

Tell people how much I really do
for them.

How important you are?


Come here, dork.

I need to show you something.

You remember this christmas?

Yeah, yeah, I remember.

Not this photo.

Take a good look.

Hey you.

Isn't it time a certain someone
goes to bed?


What about opening presents?

Oh, honey, we need to wait
until morning.


All right, bud.

We barely had anything back

If you open all your gifts

What are you gonna open
christmas morning?

I don't know.

Hey bud, Christmas isn't about
getting presents.

It's about giving.

Remember that story I told you
about how God gave

His only son, Jesus as a gift to
the world?


Well, Christmas is about the
gift of love.

Here you go.

Merry Christmas.


Thank you, honey.

Like that plane ever did her
any good.

It's the thought that counts.

Besides, you gave everything you

Yeah, well, that was touching.

Thank you, really, thank you for

Me the light. Can I wake up now?

This is just too weird.

You have a lot of good
memories in here.

A lot of good friends.


I'll get you, sam!

Chris, this one might go here.

Hey Sam, what about this one?

See if it will fit.

I have one that might.

There's a piece.

Hurry up, kids.


Jim, we've got to hurry.

We're gonna be late.

Why do we have to be sheep?

Why can't we be people?

All in good time.

I was a camel when I was your

But nobody cares about the

Why don't you think people
care about the sheep?

We don't even have lines.

We just stand there.

Sometimes being the little guy

Is just as important.

Jesus was in the spotlight
when he was born.

Yeah, Sam, but when he grew up,

He was always around regular

The people were like his flock
of sheep,

And he was their shepherd.

I guess being a sheep isn't so


Don't ever feel bad about having
a small part in

Something wonderful.

Being a sheep is cool.

They're gonna get started
without us.

We better go.

All right, let's go.

Okay kids, I want you to go
right in, okay?

Go, go, go, go, go!

Oh my gosh, you look so cute.

Come on, come on!

So much for not being the
center of attention.

You didn't care about being
the center of attention then.

Why is it so important now?

I've earned it.

That's important to you, isn't

No such thing as a free lunch.

You don't believe in a helping

Handouts? People need to earn
their keep. I did.

I think you're confusing a
handout with a hand up.

Really Karen, I can get that.

No, I've got it. Honest.

Are you sure this is okay?

Diane, you're family.

I never thought I would be

Let alone without a place to

Well, besides I could use the

What with the kids and the youth

And Jim's work, I barely have
time for myself.

Well, I'm more than happy to
do anything you want.

Oh, could you take this in?


Thank you.

Are you really going to live
with us?

You don't mind, do you?

No. You can live here forever.

See? It's not a problem.

Come on, Diane. I'll show you
your room.


Chris, honey, don't wear her out

On her first day.

You can put them there.

How is that? Perfect!

You ready to have me hanging
around here?

Of course! It's gonna be

What about when the baby comes?

You're probably gonna want he or
she to yourself.

No, I'll share.

Besides he wont be able to play

Until he gets older.

He? Is there something I don't

Wishful thinking, huh?

Well, I guess I just say he,

But I'll be okay about with

Diane, why don't you have any

I mean, seems like you love

Oh honey, I do love kids.

It's kind of hard to explain.

When I was married, we really
wanted a baby.

I believe children are a gift
from God.

Unfortunately, we weren't able
to have any.

Well, if you really wanted them,

Why didn't God just give you

God can bring children into
our lives in all

Sorts of ways, and sometimes
they may not be

Our own, but we can love them
all just the same.

So to answer your question,
maybe he will.

Well, he brought you here.

So maybe I can kind of be your

If you want.

I'm sure mom and dad won't mind

I would love that. Thank you.

Well, I'd better get going and
help your mom.


I'll be down in a few.


Those were good times.

She lost everything in that

Mom and dad helped her get back
on her feet.

That's different. She was like

Besides, it's not like we just

Handing out money. She helped

Because you'd never stand for

Just in time. Did you wash
your hands?


Can I help?

As long as you leave some for
the church tonight.

Linda, why are girls so

Girls, huh?

I was just wondering.

Well, in general, girls can be

Sometimes they get more

As we grow older. Does that make

Not really.

I just wish she would make up
her mind.

I mean, she wants to be around
all the time,

But she acts weird too.


Well, yeah.

You know, girls in general.

Well honey, that usually means
she likes you.

Really? Weird.

Life can be weird.

But young love is wonderful.

How is this? Just enough


Can I have one?

Sure. Then we need to get a

On that homework. Deal?



Good night, mom. Good night,

Good night, sweetie.

Good night, bud.

Chris is growing up so fast.


Honey, what do you think about

Colors for the nursery?


You know colors can affect the
baby's mood.

Maybe we should change the trim.


Jim, have you heard anything
I've said?

Yeah. It sounds fine.

Sweetheart, is everything okay?

Yeah, I'm just crunching some

For tomorrow?

Uh-huh. I gotta figure out
these christmas bonuses.

Is it really that bad?

I thought things were picking

Yeah, it's been a tough year.

What are we going to do?

I don't know, I guess we just
have to kind of move

Some of these things around to
cover it.

Honey, are you sure about that?

Yeah, it's important. God has
blessed us so much.

Sometimes he challenges us a
little bit, and we just

Gotta work our way through it.

Plus, our employees have worked
so hard this year,

And they deserve it.

You're right, we have more
exciting things to worry about,

Like this little miracle
right here who is

Anxiously waiting to join us for
the holidays.

Did you feel that?

You remember when I was pregnant
with chris?


How nervous we were?

And now I'm just trying to
figure out colors

For the nursery.

We have so much to be thankful

I mean, so much has changed.

And for the record, the color is

Especially that one right there.

That one?

I was thinking this, maybe with
this for the trim.

It's a little dark.

Merry Christmas.

Hey. How are you doing?

Good, good, good, Merry

Merry Christmas to you.

Looks like your present's due
any day.

It also looks like I picked up
another kid on the way.

They're inseparable.

We might as well have had twins.

Don't give up hope, it can
still happen.

I'm glad you decided to have the
party, Jim.

I think people needed it.

You know, it's been a rough
year, but I think

We're going to survive.

It's good for everybody's

We'll rally the troops and hit
the ground running.



Hey, bud.

Chris, are you ready to play

Go spread the love.


Merry Christmas.

Jim? You can't afford to do

Bill, I can't afford not to.

You've earned it. You all have.


He could have skipped bonuses
that year.

The economy was bad, people
would understand, right?

You're impossible.

I got it.

I think we're ready.

Sarah, you want to help Jim put
the star on the tree?

Yes, please.

Do you want to?


One, two, three!


Yeah, good job.

Merry Christmas!

Hey, guys, let's all go get
cookies and hot cocoa,

And when we're done, we'll open
presents from the taylors.

A lot of these kids are my age.

I can't imagine being without my

Especially at Christmas.

Sam, you know, you're
absolutely right.

This is not an easy life.

People like Karen and Jim and
you and Chris

Make it a lot better.

What about the rest of the year?

I think you've got a volunteer

Oh, Karen, we've got to get
you off your feet.

I'm fine, I'm fine.

Sit down.

Oh, thank you, Chris.

Hey, what's up, Chris?

What's up Jeremy?

Hey, maybe next time I come
over, we can play that

Race car game we got you.

You got me that race car game?

Oh, can I play, too?

Jim, I think we gotta go like



Sam, Chris, let's go! Go go

Diane, would you mind coming
with us?

Of course. I'll get the car!


I made this for you.

Thank you, sarah, I'll put
this on our christmas tree.

You and Jeremy played video
games every

Week for years.

Such a waste of time.

You guys had fun.

I don't even understand how we
could give them

Gifts that year or buy them a

It's not like life was easy for
us either.

Pretty tough with this big
house and loving parents

And meals, not living in fear.

It doesn't matter if you're
having a good year or a bad

Year, you still have to give.

That ornament was all she could
give, and you took it.

So why shouldn't you give all
you possibly can?

All right, you made your point.

Yahoo, family fun, being nice.

Get real, Grace.

I'll tell you what, when I wake
up from all of this

Tomorrow, how about I go sponsor
one of those kids

In the depressing tv

First, we both know that's
never going to happen.

And second, that wasn't my

Pay attention, it's just about
to get good.

How long is this going to take?

Aren't you excited it have a
little baby

Brother or sister?


No, sister.

Jim, what is it?

It's a girl.



Are you ready, bud?

Let's go see your baby sister.


Ready to hold your baby sister?



Bless you.

Sit down.

I'm glad that you're finally

I thought maybe that you'd be my
little brother, but

That's okay because I love
having a little sister, too.

You'll see, I have so many
things to show you.

Wait until you see my best
friend Sam, she's the best.

Well, I mean, next to you of

Just remember, if you ever need
anything at all,

I'll be here for you.

I don't remember saying that.

Are you sure you're not mixing
up the memories?

I'm not done.

Well, you're wasting your
time, Grace.

The past is in the past, grow

I'm sorry.

You wouldn't understand.

Life is...

Complicated. People change.

I wish you hadn't.

You remember the night of the
winter formal?

Yeah, sure.

My senior year, if I remember.

The better question is who
remembers you?

Christopher, look at you,
you're so handsome.

Thank you.

Don't start crying, you're
going to scare him off.

All right, there she is.

Hi, sweety.

Oh, how beautiful.

This corsage.

A corsage! It's gorgeous.

Oh, you two look so fantastic!

This is so great! Oh, my gosh.

Okay, that's enough.


Be safe, home by midnight.

Yes, sir.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, just go have

Enough, enough, go have fun, go,
go, go.

Good night.

Be safe, drive safe, love you.

Love you. Bye!

Don't worry, she's in good

I'm warning you, I can't dance.

Whatever, I've seen you dance

So where are we going to dinner

Is that sean?

What is he doing out there?

He's going to freeze to death.


Hey, Chris.

Hey, can we give you a ride?

No, no, that's cool.

Besides, it looks like you're

Going somewhere anyway.

No, it's not a problem. Come
on, get in.

Thanks, thanks anyway.

You guys enjoy yourselves at the


You don't have to do that.

No, here, take this.

Thanks, bro.

Yeah, it's freezing out here.

You'd do the same for me.

I think you just made his day.

It's not a big deal. I just
hope it helps.

It was just a coat, no big deal.

Your generosity reminded sean
that people do care.

I'm not generous, don't say

Do you understand that our
actions, good and bad,

Are the result of how people
treat us?

You were able to take the
lessons that mom

And dad taught us and pay it

Because you gave sean that coat,
he was able to pay it

Forward by doing chores for his
elderly neighbor.

It's cause and effect, Chris.

Good equals good, and good can
make up for bad.

Cause and effect?

Grace, I don't think I can take
much more of this.

One more photo, last one.

Kids, let's go!

We still need to get the tree
for the youth shelter.

And we need to get to the

That, too. Honey?

Chris, why aren't you dressed?

I don't feel like it.

Well, you'll feel like it when
we get to the shelter

And fix the tree.

Dad, I'm not going.

Chris, this isn't up for

Jim, he's been so busy lately.

Maybe a little down time would
be good for him.

No, what he needs to do is get
upstairs, get

Changed, and help us pack the


I'm not done talking!

It's not that big of a deal!


I'm just tired.

Okay, I'll go later.

Son, we have an obligation to
the community, all right?

And someday, that obligation is
going to be yours.

I just want to stay home, is
that so bad?


Merry Christmas, Mrs. Taylor.

These are from my parents.

Thank you, Sam.

Sam, are you coming with us?

Sorry, Grace, I'm going to
hang out with Chris tonight.

If he's not going, I'm not

No, no, no, you gotta go.

We're going to have fun
without you.

I got that movie that you
wanted to see.

Chris, you can stay home
tonight, but remember the

Decisions you make can impact
the lives around you.

Okay. Bye, mom.

Oh, you got more, I don't know
what happ...

What's that?

You're so stupid.

You want that piece?

No, stop it!

You stop! If you make me spill
this popcorn...

No, stop! Okay, okay, truce.

You got a little tear going on


I'm watching you.


Stop wasting all of my popcorn.

Mr. Taylor?


Can I come in?

Yeah, sure, come on in.

Mr. Taylor, I'm sorry to
inform you...

it was a beautiful service.

Chris, you're not alone.

I just lost my whole family,

How am I not alone?

Trust in God... That he's with

That your mom and dad and Grace
will always

Be on your side.

And where was god the night
the drunk

Driver hit them? Tell me that.

There are so many things that
we don't understand.

You know, everyone says that
it's a miracle the

Other driver survived.

If it really was a miracle, my

Would still be alive.

I should have been in the car
with you that day.

If I had gone, things would be
so different.

That was the worst day of my

There was nothing you could do
about it.

It was God's plan.

What, to ruin my life?!

What loving God would do that,

You had so much love and
people comforting you that day,

But you chose to look
at the darkness.

Where are the rest of the

They didn't turn out so well.

Well, we're done here!

Just go see Linda, I'm sure she
wants to see you.

You're asking for it.

Relax, they can't see us. Just
pay attention.

And sign here. And here.

I don't think you've thought
this through.

Sure, I have. I just want
what's mine.

Chris, you don't know anything
about Century Air

or how it run the company.

Bill has been doing a fantastic

Well, I have time to learn.

He's a legal adult, diane.

What about college? You had
such big plans.

Things change.

Best of luck, Chris.

Chris, I just want you to slow

As your guardian...

Diane, please, I don't need
your help anymore.

When you get home, just leave
the keys on the counter.

Why would I do that?

Because I don't need you

I want you out of my house,


I need to see everybody
in the board room now.

Everything okay?

See you in the board room.

Good morning.


Pass those down. Thank you.

My father built this company
from the ground up.

I credit the success of this
company to his honesty,

Integrity, and work ethic second
to none.

When he passed away, it was
expected that some

Adjustments would be made,
primarily Bill Watson

Taking over as CEO and

However, over the last 18
months, I have had time to

Think things through, and now
that I'm in a position

To do so, I'm going to step into
my father's shoes and

Take over what rightfully
belongs to me.

Chris, your father was a good
man, he was one of my

Best friends, but in terms of
running this company,

He would want me...

Century air rightfully became
mine when I turned 18.

Don't act surprised, Bill, it
was only a matter

Of time before I stepped up.

Everyone relax.
Everybody calm down.

Please flip to page 2, if you
will, it explains everything.

Bill will be returning to vice

and I will take the title of
CEO and president.

We need to chat right now.

Just keep reading, thank you.


Listen, Chris, we understand
that your dad

Left the company to you, but you
can't just step into

Something you know nothing

I will learn. I've been
learning all my life,

My dad was a great businessman.

Yes, and we just got the
company back on

Track after his death.

If we change things up now, we
risk losing clients.

Things have changed.

I know you're in a lot of pain.

So am I, Jim was my best friend.

I was with him step-by-step as
he built this company up.

Now, he and I were a team, and I
know he wanted

You to be part of...

Don't tell me about my pain,
and don't tell me

About being a team player.

This is my game, my rules.

No one's denying your right to
this, okay?

So let me help you transition
into the position.

Let me mentor you.

You can help me by getting
back to work.

Terry? I'm going to need you
to pack everything up.

No, no, this stays with me.

Christmas is about the gift of

Here you go, merry christmas.

Oh, honey.

You're about five minutes away
from walking through the door.

This was this morning. Why
aren't they working?

Chris, they're bending over

So century air will look good.

They came in two hours early
this morning to make sure

Their work was done.

Oh, well, none of them told me

Knowing you, you'd probably
yell at them

For coming in early.

Okay, so I give them an
extended lunch break

The day after christmas.

Is that what dad would have

That was different.

Everyone respected dad, he took
care of them. That's not me.

Not yet...

But you always have a choice.

Excuse me. Sorry to bother


I just wanted to...

What do you need?

I just had a quick question. I
was wondering if...

Spit it out.

Can I get an advance? I really
need it.

This is a job. No freebies.

No, I know, but I wouldn't be
asking if I

didn't need it, and you know I'm
good for it.

I've been working overtime, I
can pay...

Jeremy, just stop. I'll do it
just this once.

I'll work extra hard.

This is it.

Thank you. And have a Merry

Logan, Jacob, chores before tv.

I'll do them tonight.

You're not doing chores on
Christmas Eve.

It's not like we have anything
else going on tonight.

You remember Logan and Jacob?

Yeah, and Sarah.

Why are they still here?

I figured that they'd be back in
their home by now.

Unfortunately, some things
never change.

Hey, someone's coming.


You can't even wait until
after the holidays?

Merry Christmas.

Why did he have to come today
of all days?

Whatcha doing?

Just wondering why some things
have to be

The way they are.


Oh, it's nothing for you to
worry about.

What is that?

It's an ornament.

I wish I could dance again.

I would love to be in the Nut

The Nut Cracker?

Yeah, the Nut Cracker is a
show that dancers

Perform every Christmas.

It's beautiful, and so special.

I remember when I was your age,
it was the first time

I put on ballet shoes. I felt so

And then I was in the nut
cracker, and I was a mouse.

A mouse?

Yeah, but you can be anything
you want, an angel

Or a soldier, a clown, and even
a mouse.

I want to dance.

Do you really?

Can i?

Well, yeah, someday I know I'm
going to dance

Again, so maybe you could come
with me and we'd

Do it together.

But Caylee, I want you to
remember something.


I want you to follow your
dreams, whether it's dancing

Or anything you want to do. My
mom gave this to me.

It reminds me of the first time
I danced.

Promise me you'll take special
care of it.

I promise. Thank you.

You're welcome.

I don't get it, they get
plenty of donations.

Did Cathy and Diane run this
place into the ground or what?

Mom and dad were their biggest

Century Air kept this place

Can we have until the end of
the month?

Look, I have a house full of
kids here.

Well, we need to keep the power
on. Thank you.

Well, we have power and gas
until the end of the month.

God's providing.

Miracles happen, Cathy, we just
have to keep the faith.

What about samantha, did she

Any luck with chris?

What do you think?

She's just bitter because she
had to move

Out after the accident.

Had to?

I didn't need her help, I had

It's a big house, she could
have stayed.

Hi, guys, Merry Christmas.

Hi, did you get off work early?

No, I'm just on a break,
wanted to swing by.

Jeremy, hi!

I got this for you.

Thank you so much, you're so

I wish I had something for
you. We can't.

You have to, it's a gift.


Nope. Sorry, it's yours.

This makes no sense.

There was a fund set up for the

They ran out of money. It's
not that complicated.

For a guy who thinks
he knows so much,

You really don't know anything.

Hey, Sam.

Oh, sweetheart, what's up?

I wasted my whole day, that's

I feel like I let everyone down.

Oh, don't say that, honey.

I thought he would help, but
he was so awful.

He's a completely different

Who has her so upset?

He couldn't have cared less
about the kids.

He said that century air only
invested in...

It doesn't matter.

Oh, honey.

People just don't care.

If they lose the house, those
kids can end up

On the streets.

Sam, god knows how to fight
your battles.

Let him.


I know.

I just thought I could make a

I thought there was still some
good in his heart.

Oh, baby. Come here.

Oh, Sam.

I didn't know. I

She tried to tell you.

I...I just didn't... I didn't
see it from her perspective.

I get it.

They're going through hard

So what are you going to do
about it?

I have no control over the

I think you need to see the
future before you say that.

Diane, are you almost finished

Yes. I just have a few things
to finish up.

The floors, the windows.

All I know this place has to
be done by tomorrow.

They're going to be laying
carpet in the morning.

The tenant's going to be here in
the afternoon

With office furniture.

And when you're done here,
apartment 305 needs to be
cleaned. Questions?


Didn't think so.


She deserves better than this.

Times are tough.

This is all she could find.

Have you heard anything about
the kids?

Not much.

Most of them were placed by the

Jacob is in foster care.

Logan he's on his own.

Any news about sara?

She's in and out.

She just keeps running away.

But Jeremy, he's doing great.

He's in classes at the community

He's our one miracle story.

Oh, thank God for Jeremy.

Well, I've got to get back to
work, but let's

Keep in touch please.

Let's do that.


Stay positive!


They have such big hearts.

This never should have happened.

Like mom always said, our
choices will impact

The lives of others.

Where's Terry? Who hired these

Pacific West Air. How may I
direct your call?

Pacific West Air?

That's our biggest competitor.

What are they doing here?

You're not going to like this.

What's this guy doing in my

It's his office now.

His office?

Are you saying that I sold
Century Air to this guy?

Dad would never stand for this.

I would never stand for this.

You'd be surprised what you
stand for in the future.

At least tell me that I made a
fortune selling the business.

Things change.

And people change.

I changed? What?

Grace, tell me. What?

No way.


Give me a shot. And one for
the girl.

Keep them coming, all right?

Yeah. When you gonna pay your
tab, kid?

This is a joke, right? I'm
good for it, Al.

I've heard that before.

Are you just going to stand
here or are you going to play?

I could play all night.

I like the sound of that.

What happened to me?

After firing Bill, the pressures
of the running the

Company got the best of you.

You cracked.

No, I would never let myself
become that person.

The future is a funny thing.

It doesn't always go the way you

And that woman... There's no
way I would end up with

Someone... Well, not like her.

Someone like Samantha.

I guess that's what I always

This isn't Sam's kitchen.

Sure, it is.

Hey, babe.

Where have you been all day?


And then I met up with some of
the guys at the bar.

It's Christmas.

The kids had to open presents
without you.

That isn't fair to them.

Is this her husband.

Yeah. She married a total


At least you're here for family
dinner now.

Well, yeah. The game is on

I'll just be in the other room.

Why is she with this guy?

I never would have treated her
like that.

She couldn't wait around for

Besides, you treated her worse
when she came looking

For a donation.

I don't understand.

Why would she choose someone
like him.

God gives us choices.

You made yours.

She made hers.

It's going to get better, right?

Next time I'm not going to be
so easy on you.

You understand?


That's yes, sir, to you. Say

Yes, sir.

Learn some respect, boy.

Be a man.

Pick up this mess.

Why would he go back to live
with his parents if

They're so bad to him?

That's his foster dad.

This was the safest place for


Get your stuff. You're

If you sees you here, he's
gonna call the police.

He's not going to do anything.
You hear me?

Let's go.

We've got to get them out of

Both of them!

All we can do it watch.

I told you to stay away from

Like a big man.

You want him? Take him.

You just want him for the money.

He's barely worth it.

That's why no one else will take

You're not going to do anything.

Just try me.

Come on. We're leaving.

Go ahead and take him.

Think anyone cares?

He ain't worth it.

He's going to be okay, right?

He can live with logan?

Logan has been living on the
street for a while.

He'll show jacob the ropes.

They're just kids.

It isn't fair.

Life isn't fair.

You said so yourself.

Is that Sarah?

Ah, this isn't happening.

I made this for you.

Thank you, Sarah.

I'll put this on our christmas

I want you to follow your
dreams whether it's dancing

Or anything you want to do.

Gotta play the cards you're
dealt, right?

No, no, no Sarah.

This isn't happening.

I gotta... I gotta do something.

What are you going to do?

You're at the bar getting drunk
with one of

Your girlfriends.

Why are you showing me all this?

You drag me through my darkest

You show me what people really
think about me.

Just go away.

I never wanted any of this.

I also showed you love and hope.

And maybe you didn't want this,
but you do need this.

Just leave me alone!



I don't need you!

I don't need anyone.


Hey! Hey, are you okay?

Are you okay?

Oh, jeremy.

Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

It's gonna be okay, buddy.

It's gonna be okay.

Help! Help!

Hang in there.

Help anyone!

Be strong, buddy.

It's gonna be okay.

I promise it's going to be okay.

No, no, no.

No, no, no!


He didn't deserve this!

Why are you taking away everyone
that ever meant

Anything to me?

Why... Why am I so alone?

You understand that our
actions, good and bad, are

The result of people treat us?

It's cause and effect, chris.

Chris, you know these kids
have a bright future

Ahead of them.

If they can only find someone
who believes in them.

That ornament was all she
could give and you took it,

So why shouldn't you give all
you possibly can?

I know you're in a lot of pain.

So am i.

Jim was my best friend.

The decisions you make can
impact the lives around you.

You remember that story I told
you about how God gave

His only son Jesus as a gift to
the world?

Well, Christmas is about the
gift of love.

God never abandoned you.

Not then.

Not now.

Not ever.

Where is God now?

Where was He when Jeremy and
Sarah were... where was He

the night that you and mom and

Always look for the good.

Even our darkest times offer

Even for you.


Through forgiveness.

And love.

That's what Jesus taught us,

You've always known that.

I guess somewhere... Somewhere
along the way I

Just gave up.

Always look for the good.

It's there.

Grace, thank you.

You better wake up. It's

It's Christmas.

It's Christmas!

Wow. It's amazing.

Thank you.




Diane, I know what you are

Oh, I don't know about that.

I have something that I need
to say.

I'm sure that whatever this is
about can wait.

No. It can't. It can't.

Diane, I'm sorry.

For everything.

You were right. I was just a

I should never have been so
awful to you.

You were my mom's best friend.

You're the closest thing left I
have to her.

Are you feeling okay?

No. I mean, yes. Yes.

I just want you to move back
into the house.

But I've got a house.

I know.

Here. Take this.

You're always welcome at the
Taylor home.

Your family.


Thank you. Thank you for
always being there.

Merry Christmas.


Bill? Bill, open up!


Hey. Merry Christmas.


I...When I invited you over for
Christmas it was before

You fired me.

Oh, that. Right. Right.

Look, I'm sorry that I didn't
call, but I need your help.

I gave all my reports to tony.

I'm sure he can answer questions
you have.

No. No. It's about the
eternity group.

I'm afraid we're going to lose
the deal.

Chris, I'm sorry but you
should have thought

Things through.

That's the problem.

I never thought anything

Bill, you've got your job back.

It was never my place to take it
away from you,

Especially not on Christmas Eve.

I appreciate the offer chris,
but after you let me

Go I called pacific west.

They've been after me for years.

No, no, no. You can't. Not

I have a meeting next week.

No, Bill. I will pay whatever
your paying you. Double.

You should be the ceo of this
company, not me.

You're the backbone of this

I'm just the legal name that
owns it.

Bill, I'm begging you.

Chris... All right.

I'll give trinity a call

In the meantime you did say
today was a

Day off though, right?

Yes. Yeah. No, thank you.

If I could wrap up injure job
and stick it under

A tree. I would.

A tree. I... I gotta go get a

There's your christmas miracle.

This is the worst Christmas

Logan, how can you say that?

We have a roof over our head.

Food to eat.

Great friends.

I just... I miss the way it
used to be.

I know. We have a lot of good

But you know what?

We have a lot more ahead of us.

Lord, thank you for keeping us
safe on this day as we

Celebrate the birth of your son.

Mostly thank you for the gift of


Patience. Understanding.


it sounds like jingle bells.

What on earth?

Chris! What are you doing

I got the biggest one I could

I mean, most everything was gone
but I did the

Best I could do.

What is going on?

Oh, Samantha came by the
office yesterday, and I was

So busy that... well, she said
you needed a tree and I

Would have come by last night
but it's a long story.

Oh. Well, do you want to come

Yeah. That would be great.

Ah, there we go.

Hey, guys.

Look, Cathy, I know I've been
pretty bad about

Keeping in touch and helping
out, but I just want to make

Sure that you guys have
everything you need.

All of you. Here.

We're not going to lose the

I just want to make sure you
guys get whatever you want.

Whatever you guys need.

Can we get a puppy?

You want a puppy?

Videos games!

Video games? Sure!

A doll house?

We'll get you a big doll house.

Dance lessons.

You want dance lessons?

You're still dancing.

Okay, great. Yeah, of course.

Logan, are you still playing

I'm going to take you to a game.

What has gotten into you?

The Christmas spirit, I guess.

You guys want to decorate this


You want to do the star on the
top? Okay.

And this one is from Grandma

Aw, thank you.

Okay. Let me guess.

Scarf and hat.

Ready? Ooh!

I was right. Oh, I love it.


It's christmas morning.

Dad. It's the shelter.


Sam. Get here as soon as you

Wait. Cathy, calm down.


Chris showed up. I can't
explain. Just hurry.

I'm on my way.

Oh, I can't believe him!

Honey, what's wrong?

Chris is at the shelter.

He's... he's going to ruin their

You want us to go with you.

No. It's fine.

Why would he do this?

Sam, be careful.

I'm going to call Jeremy.

Sam, just keep cool.

Let's figure out what's going on
here first, okay?

Christopher Michael Taylor,
what are you...

See. I told you.

So good to see you guys.

Jeremy, this weekend we're going
to hang out, all right?

Just like we used to.

Whatever you say.

Sam, I'm sorry.

I was so awful to you.

I'm sorry I let you down
yesterday and

All the times before.

I just want things to be like
they used to be, like

They should be.

Of course.

But why now?

Yesterday you were so angry.

I know.

I was so... I was.

I was so angry at everyone but
specially at myself.

You've always been there for me
even when I've

Pushed you away.

And I would never miss an
opportunity to open presents

Or watch a game on tv instead of
having dinner with you.

Chris, I think you've lost it.


No. I've found it.

Life is worth living.

I can't spend the rest of it

I want to believe my prayers
have been answered.

Believe it.

Merry Christmas.


Excuse me, mister.


What's that?

A feather.

It's god's grace.

That's what it is.