By Days End (2020) - full transcript

"A Black small business owner and white business executive must work together to save themselves and their families from the clutches of a demented captor."

you're recording now, yeah.

Oh yeah, that's what
that symbol means.

that's fully charged.

And this one's fully charged.

I got another one
that's fully charged,

it's this one right here.

Why are these so cheap?

Did they fall off the back
of a truck or something?

Ah, yeah, something.

Yeah, something.

- All right, thank you.
- Yeah.

You know any good places
to eat around here?

Oh sorry, yeah no.

I'm kinda new around
here, I don't, sorry.

All right cool.

- I gotta go, appreciate it.
- Thanks.

Thanks, all right.

I can't do it anymore, man.

- She's bugging me again.
- Mrs. Tibbs?

- Mrs. Tibbs.
- Are you serious?

- The rat lady, again.
- No.

Dude, you have
to go this time.

I'm not doing it.

- Come on, man!
- Can't do it this time, no.

Look, this is the last
time, and I can't keep going

- back and forth with her.
- Just take it for me.

- Just take it this one...
- Look, last time.

- Last time, okay.
- All right, this time.

- Thanks, man.
- You're gonna owe.

- Thanks, I owe you one.
- Yeah.

My humble abode.

It looked so much
better on the brochure.

Hi, watcha grilling?

Ah, hi.

- What's the?
- Oh, new camera.

- I'm just practicing.
- Oh.

- And you are?
- Carly, fellow guest.

Zach, fellow hotel guest also.

I'm grilling up
some T-bones here.

I've got plenty,
if you're hungry.

Sorry, vegetarian.

They smell great, though.


All right, later Z.



Can't confirm
via any European website.

I got the cameras.

And the guy wasn't a
scammer or a serial killer.

That's great.

eating each other amidst

this hysteria, yes
some are using...

This one's got
all kinds of features.

Night vision, slow-mo.

Baby, I really have to
finish this application

- before my interview.
- Okay.

- Sorry to interrupt.
- Thank you.

I'm sorry, I know you
don't wanna be here,

just as much as me.

Oh no, no, no, no.

I love this place.

Why, you got any money
left for something better?

What the hell
is that supposed to mean?

It's nothing.

Can you turn that thing off now?

Whatever you want.

That's why we have

100 million rats in my room!

And the fleas, I won't
even start on the fleas.

And I saw a cockroach
there last night.

A cockroach as big as this!

Are you bringing
them in with your bags, ma'am?

Pretty good
colors on this thing.

Almost full screen here.

Hey, Carly, new toy.

for my new vocation.

Oh yeah, you're getting
into videography, right?

How'd you know?

Rina told me the other day.

what'd she say?

You mind lending
me a hand here?

Tell me what she said.

Spill it.

You know, these
are really heavy.

And it is a long way
back to the lobby.

So how's the videoing
coming anyway?

Got a
job in two weeks.

Oh, Becca's wedding.

- Now tell me what she said.
- Becca?

I thought she married
that douche in college.

she didn't, Wyatt.

Now stop changing the subject
and tell me what she said.

Nothing at all, just
that's what you were into.

Thanks for your help anyway.

Oh you bastard.

People make good
money filming stuff?

I think
good enough, yeah.

More than doctors?

Forgot utensils.

So what
was in the bag?

Dead girl? Live boy?

New semi plus some ammo.

Gotta be ready
for what's coming.

Yeah, that damn
Obamacare again, huh?

Whatever hit Europe
could hit us by days end.

- You know what, never mind.
- No, no, no, no, no!

I believe you this time.

Oh my God,
that reminds me,

Rina and I are completely
out of tin foil.

Can we borrow some?

Hey, no making out on the job.

- She's my sister.
- Yeah, like I believe that.

Anyway, can you give
me a back lot remote?


- Any word from boss man?
- Probably still sick.

- I'll check on him later.
- All right.

Move these back there for me?

- Yeah.
- Thanks.

And an affordable place to stay.

My charming company,
and now private parking.

The benefits of my
friendship never cease.

Yeah, yeah.

Let me turn this thing
off so I can thank you.

Oh sorry, I didn't mean.

I'm just practicing.

- Do you work here?
- No, I'm a friend of Wyatt's.

I'm Carly.

Oh, his
VIPs, I'm Gloria.

You know, do you mind?

I just need some footage
to practice editing.

Is everything okay over there?

My husband,
he's very sick.

I'm a, well,

I was almost a doctor;
I could take a look.

- You're a doctor?
- Yeah, close enough.

Please, please come.


He's had a fever all morning.

- He's burning up.
- Don't listen to her.

I was fine then, I'm fine now.

He's a
stubborn one, huh?

Do whatever you
need, just

- get her off my back.
- Okay.

Oh my God, I've never
felt a fever this hot.

See, I told you.

Miguel, you need to
go to the hospital.


No hospital.

- Miguelito, please!
- No!

She's no doctor.

Get out.

Get out!

Okay, okay.

- I'm sorry he's...
- Let me get this.

- I'm sorry.
- Please don't!

Wait, please!


this is what I
wanted to show you.

I can't decide if this is
the absolute worst time

to give this to you
or the absolute best.

As Wyatt would say, "Don't
let the size fool you.

"It'll get the job done."

A job that should've
been done a long time ago

according to my mother
and your mother and,

everyone we know.

Except of course, the
bigot wing of my family.

Anyway, the delay isn't
for lack of effort.

I've been trying to
create the perfect moment

to ask you to match this
perfect ideal I had in my head.

And nothing is ever good enough,
and nothing ever will be.

And I finally realized that it
doesn't matter how I ask you

because the perfect
moment comes after

when you say yes.

And that line will
liven things up later,

if you know what I mean.

Which you never do,
because you are impervious

to sexual innuendo.

It's one of the
many things I love.

- Hey, babe.
- Hey.

- What were you doing?
- Not much.

What happened?

Simon and Stigler called,

and they wanted somebody
with more experience.

Three years at a firm 10
times their size isn't enough?

Yeah, well they
hired a guy with four.

And his parents play golf

with one of the
partners, apparently.

I'm sorry.

Babe, can you,

can you run out and
grab some more aspirin?

I'm just really,

I'm gonna go take a shower.

Yeah, I didn't
realize we were out.


- Be right back.
- Thank you.

You're disgusting.

If you're not gonna do
it, just forget about it.

Just because it was a pizza.

I'm all the way out
there before I realized.

- What's going on?
- Nothing.

Doesn't look like nothing.

I said it was nothing.

You mind if I check?

Check what?

Yeah, still going.

You left that thing on?

You surprised me when
you came back before.

I forgot to turn it off.

Do you think I haven't
noticed the weight loss?

I told you what it was.

Yeah, we don't
own a yoga mat, Rina.

You don't need a
yoga mat to do yoga.

I thought we were
done with this.

I don't
wanna talk about this.


This isn't working, Carly.

- What's not working?
- All of it.

We just need time to adjust.

We don't have anymore time.

Look at where we are.

You said it wasn't that bad.

I was trying to cheer you up.

Well it worked.

I'm glad you think
that this is funny.

I did not mean that as a joke.

For once.

- When we moved...
- When we got kicked out,

- is that what you mean?
- You said that we would

get through this
together like always.

Yeah, I know I did.


I don't know, Carly.

I'm just, I'm tired, okay?

Of all of it; with both of us
not working, it's too much.

It's just a bump.

Carly, maybe it's
better if we just...

What is it?

- Shit, it's Gloria.
- Who?

The maintenance guy's
wife I met in the back lot.

Can you hand me that camera?

- You're still recording?
- Just give it to me!

- Hurry!
- You better delete all

- that other stuff.
- Yeah, I promise I will.

Help me!

Help me please, help me!


Doctor, doctor please help me.

Oh please!

My Miguel, he was
right behind me!

What's going on?

Oh my God, you're bleeding!

The devil has
my Miguel!

You need to take her
inside and call the police.

- Yeah, what about you?
- I'll be right behind you.

Can you turn that
damn camera off?

And let that abusive
asshole get away with it?

- No!
- Carly...

Just go inside, I'll
be right behind you, okay?

I'm just gonna say be careful.

Oh, okay thanks.

Where the hell is everybody?

What the fuck?

What the hell?

Anybody here?


Shit, shit, shit, shit!

Rina, open the door!

He's gonna
break the damn door down.

Carly, where the
hell did you go?

I went to go get Wyatt,
to get that guy fired.

Please, here he's probably
employee of the month.

He's the only employee;
there's nobody out there.

It's like The
Twilight Zone episode.

Are the cops on their way?

No, everything is dead.

couldn't get a signal?

I told you everything
was dead, didn't I?

Rina, please!

What's he doing?

God, he's getting through!


okay in there?

Wyatt, you killed him.

He was gonna eat
you, Carly, or worse.

So wound him, let the cops...

The cops aren't coming,
it's chaos out there.

- Oh my God!
- Get back!

Wyatt, what are you doing?

- Jesus!
- I'm sorry.

It's just that they can still
bite when they're dead dead.

One bite and you're done.

- Any of you been bitten?
- No, nobody!

Wyatt, what the
fuck are you doing?

She's infected, Carly.

She'll turn, try to eat you
and anything she can get

her hands on, I have seen it.

She looked fine
to me considering.

She's not; she'll be
dead within the hour.

Then she'll be hungry,
I heard about it

on the radio before
there was contact.

This thing's
already recorded

one questionable homicide.

What are the cops
gonna think about two.

- Huh?
- Okay.

There are no more cops.

I'm doing this to save you.

Wyatt, stop this.

What the hell is wrong with you?

Rina, you believe
me, don't you?

She's gonna turn. They weren't
talking about it on the news

because the god-damn government!

But it's here from Europe.

They said it wasn't, but it is.

Even if it
wasn't paranoid bullshit,

there would be a way to help
somebody who's been bitten.

There is.


Get inside.

Kill her before she turns.

- And lock the damn door!
- Wait, Wyatt!


What the fuck?

- Get her, Rina.
- God, no, just stay back!


- Gimme that.
- What's he doing?

- I got it.
- Gimme that.

Carly, what the
fuck just happened?

I don't know, babe,
but I got it all.

When this is over, people are
gonna wanna see what happened.

I don't care
about other people.

Did her husband seriously
just turn into a...

No, no, no, no, zombies
can't unlock doors.

Zach was still talking.

There's gotta be some
other explanation.

He was possessed!

Oh God, oh baby,
you scared the shit out of me.

I guess I have

that effect on people.

Must've been a
temporary outage.

Dammit, my Miguel


- Gloria?
- Miguel

God, it looks bad.

Here, Rina you hold this.

Are you sure you're
okay to do this?


This is Carly Mayweather
and Rina Schultz.

It's June 17th, 2015.

We're examining the
wound of Gloria...

- Menez.
- What are you doing?

Giving an official report.

We're examining the
wound of Gloria Menez,

who was bitten by her husband
less than an hour ago.

The wound shows
signs of infection

despite very little
incubation time.

Gloria, can you tell us
exactly what happened?

- Yes, he was...
- Miguel Menez?

What, you said you
wanted it official.

Thank you, counselor.

Miguel took a nap in
the shed after you left.

He refused any pills,
he just wanted to sleep.

I check on him
every five minutes.

I'm sorry, Gloria,
I shoulda warned you.

I'm gonna clean it, okay?

And then I'm gonna wrap
it; it's gonna hurt.

Just hold on to Rina's
hand, she can take it.

So, go on about Miguel.

Yeah, he was getting
hotter and hotter.

He just wanted to sleep and oh,

the devil was taking his soul.

Gloria, just tell us
exactly what happened, okay?

Only what you saw.

Was he bitten by anybody?

No, he didn't have any bites.

He just slept and when he awoke,

my Miguelito wasn't there.

He just wanted to eat
and his eyes were yellow.

It was,

we were celebrating
our anniversary today.

And we were gonna go out,
the first time in two years.

I'm almost done here.

Thank you, doctor.

And you, Rina, are you sisters?


Do you work together?

Oh God, I could
never work with her.

Really, you got that right.

No, I'm a lawyer,
she's the doc,

- well, was a doctor.
- In training.

We're partners.



There we go.

There you go.

I don't want to
go like Miguel did.

Please don't let
them take me, please!

No, no, no, Gloria, we're
not gonna let that happen.

We're gonna take you
to the hospital, okay?

Oh please!

I wanna go as me
with my soul intact.

All right, Gloria,
let's see this.

Okay, okay.

No internet, no
cell, no problem.

And you wanted the tote bag.

Okay, this one
time you were right.

Oh, please tell
me you got that?

End of
days, rapture is upon us.

Oh, we have all been
deemed unworthy.

I knew this day would come.

Pre-marital sex, abortions,

stem cells, homosexuals!

Okay, new one.

I had no
choice, I shot it in the chest.

One went down and stayed down.

But the other popped right
back up and kept coming.

We aren't leading with an
according to Hoyle's on this,

but the head is
the only sure way.

They'll eat
anything but their own,

because they prefer the living...

Is it Wyatt?

I can't see.

Give me the camera.

Get up, get up!

seen terrible things.

My husband, he was attacked.

And I, well, I did
what I had to do.

You shouldn't
hesitate, but you will.

We all will, trust me though...


This is it.

Wow, this really is the end.

No, no, no, no, it can't be.

- Gloria, Gloria.
- Oh fuck, Gloria!

Take this, take this.

Pulse weak.

She's on fire.


You have
to do it before they turn,

so they don't come back.

Oh God, this is actually
happening like Wyatt said.

She's gonna turn into
one of those things.

No, I won't let that happen.

She's gone, Carly.

There's nothing we
can do to help her.



We have to honor her wishes.

- No!
- Look when she comes back...

- If she comes back.
- When she comes back

she'll be just like her husband.

You're asking me to
kill an innocent woman.

She's not gonna be
an innocent woman...

You're asking me to do
something I do not want

- to do, again!
- Again?

I did not ask you to stay
in med school, Carly.

You were, yeah,

you hated me when I quit.

There it is right there.

We need to deal with this
problem right now, right here.

That's not.

Will you show me her eyes?

Oh God.

Baby, I'll do it, okay?

You don't even know how.

Well, I'll figure it out.

You just, you, get the
jugular or the aorta, right?

And you don't even know
where a good knife is.

the government, program Locust.

Think about it, I've
been saying it for years.

The government's been trying
to develop super soldiers

since 1932: MK-Ultra,
Project Blackbook, Paperclip.

All dismal fucking failures.

Then Locust, they sure
as shit succeeded.

And this thing comes 'cause
this fucking administration

just releases it...

Jesus, how can we
tell if anything we hear

on this thing is even true?

Yeah, there should be an
emergency signal on some channel

if those assholes
can get through.

- Do not go to...
- Did he say Mercy General?

General; if you aren't killed

by the eating machines,
looters will get you.

I hope to God someone out
there gets this message

and stays away.

My fever's increasing.

I'm feeling hungry.

Sounds amenable.

- I
- don't have long now.

Shoot in a coma, and
then it's too late.

I've rigged a way to
put this on a loop.

So you are probably listening
to a dead man right now.

Definitely a dead man.

This is Doctor Harold
Rittmeyer signing off.

This is Doctor Harold Rittmeyer,

pediatric oncologist
at Mercy General.

Nobody I've come
across knows anything.

I have no idea what's causing
this, not that it matters.

It's here and we
have to deal with it.

We have a rapidly spreading
infectious disease.

You don't even have to be
bitten; I wasn't and I've got it.

Lucky me!

There has to be an
alternative infection vector.

That's the only way this
thing could sustain itself.

If the infected get
you, they eat you.

There's no coming back
to continue the spread.

If they bite you and
you somehow survive...

- She's seizing!
- Jesus!

Help me hold her!

who is infected can not return.

Kill them.

- Rina, what is...
- Let me go!

- No, got you.
- Stop!

Nope, it'll be too messy.

Gimme that.

If this isn't the
right decision,

I hope anybody who sees
this can forgive me.


It's okay, it's okay.

It's okay.

It's okay.

I got it.

Rina, wait!

Oh God! Oh God,
did any get on you?


Oh God!

Should we say something?

Oh God.

To whoever's watching,

as you just saw, Rina got
some of Gloria's blood

in her eyes and mouth.

Gloria, she definitely turned.

We rinsed Rina's eyes
out as best we could.

I mean, we don't even know if
blood contact is infectious.

It might not even be a vector.

We rinsed it out;
she'll be fine.

And she's not...

She'll be fine.

You know, it's the rest of the
world that I'm worried about.

I ran through the dial
on the radio again.

Doctor Rittmeyer is still
coming through on repeat.

But staticky, like there's
some sort of interference.

We lost the rest, even
the Mexican station,

which I really wouldn't
mind right about now.

Just, the disease,

this illness, if there's
one thing I learned at Mercy

it's that no matter
how hard you try,

there's some people
you just can't save.

And that fact killed
me, fucking killed me.

That's not going to be Rina.

I've gotta do
something to help her.

Wyatt's got a whole
arsenal in that storeroom.

Maybe he'll have
some medicine there.

Where the hell did Miguel go?


You're supposed
to be sleeping.

Where are you going?

I'm going to Wyatt's storeroom,
just to get a few things.

Does that
mean you have a plan?

Yeah, don't I always?



Sorry Mrs. Tibbs.


SIT-REP, they'd want a SIT-REP.

This is Lieutenant
Wyatt Fremont.

Army, 38th Infantry,
honorable discharge 2012.

Not sure how many of
these things are active.

I've tagged seven, eight.

I'm bingo on ammo;
headed for a resupply.


It's one of them smart bastards.

God-damn PREGO.

Seen a lot of 'em sniff
the air like that.

Is that how they hunt?

Jesus, I need a shower.

Lost the last contact; don't
know where he's hiding.

Almost back to my weapons cache.

What the fuck?

Son of a!

- Wyatt?
- Carly?

- Oh God!
- Carly.

I thought you were dead.

Take more than
an apocalypse to kill me.

Oh God.

Where's Rina?

- She's been bitten?
- No.

But I wanna get her
some antibiotics.

Do you have anything here?

No, not anymore.

All right, I wanna
go to Mercy then.

- It's been overrun.
- It doesn't matter.

Will you please help me?

Are you gonna help
me clean this place up?

It was like this
when I got here.

They didn't get everything.

Oh, that's your department.

Is this thing still working?


Oh what the fuck?

Rina, Rina!

Rina, are you in there?


- Get inside!
- Rina, are you in there?

Rina, Rina!


Maybe she's in a coma.

It's dead-bolted
from the inside.

Rina, please!

Rina, please!

- I'm sick.
- Rina, open the door.

Just leave
me before I hurt you.

Baby, listen please.

I can help you, you know I can.

Baby, please don't
shut me out this time.

Rina, I know you won't do it,

so I'm gonna have
to do it myself.

Why are you giving up
when there's still a chance?

Incoming, they
brought friends.

We're all out of chances.

They're everywhere,
we're trapped.

No, we're not; Wyatt has a
plan to get us out of here.

We're gonna take his car
to an Army safe point.

Yeah, it's true, Rina.

It's about 10 miles
north of the city.

They can treat me there?

Oh yeah yeah, they have
everything there, the works.

How do you know?

A Captain of mine came through

on a column I have stashed.


We can get you out of here.

Just put the knife down, baby.



Okay, now.

I know.

I don't shut you
out all the time.

Turn the light out.

Turn it the fuck off!

If we're quiet, maybe
this PREGO will leave.

- Yeah.

He's one of the smart ones.
Means he's eaten recently.

The rest of 'em get more...

This last one leaves I can
definitely make it to my vehicle.

- Oh, dammit!
- What?

My truck keys, I left
them in the office.

Oh, ah, that's okay.

We have ours.

Here, here.

Oh no, somebody might
see you in a Subaru.

We'll wait 10
minutes and then we'll go.


Okay, okay then,
there's the gate.

It look clear.

- Carly?
- Yeah?

You have that remote?


Smack it.

God-damn it!

Hold on a second.

Piece of shit.

That motor's blown.

That gate's not
opening any time soon.

Where are your keys?


Oh fuck!

Okay, let's go.

I can't,
I can't do this.

- I'm so tired.
- You're not leaving my sight.

wish I had my AR.

Yeah, for
once I agree with you.

- I can't, I have to stop.
- Okay, okay.

Why don't we go into
one of these empty rooms

and Wyatt, you go to the front
office and grab the keys.

You sure you'll
be all right on your own?

Yeah, and I'll
take the camera here.

Okay, thank you.

Wyatt, I don't want that.

- I'll be quick.
- Okay.

Come on, here we go.

- Carly?
- Yeah.

Not that one.


There's no one there, go.

Come on.

You got it.

You got it.

Okay, okay.

Okay, you got it.

Okay, okay.

This, got it.

Baby, come on, sit down.

Solves that.

- How you feeling?
- Never better.

You were about to do it
back there, weren't you?

Do what?

Break up with me.


- Sorry.
- It's okay.

- Carly, what are you doing?
- I know, I know.

This is absolutely
the worst time ever.


I knew you were special
from the moment I met you.

At Johnny's art show.

We stayed for hours and
nobody else showed up.

I've been meaning to,

I've been meaning to do this
for a really long time now.

And I just couldn't find

the time, since we
haven't been very good.

- Yes.
- Sorry.

Your timing is
the absolute worst,

but my answer is still yes.

I know things have been
bad, but it's just a bump.

- Right?
- Yeah.

- I love you.
- I love you, baby.


Are you gonna give me my ring

- or what?
- Yes.


- There.
- Baby, you have to promise me

that if we can't
get help in time,

if it's too late, that
you'll do it, okay?

- What, no, no, no...
- Baby,

you promise me or I
won't accept this.

- Okay?
- Okay, okay, okay, okay.


Say it.

I promise.

If you put that back on.

- You stay here, okay?
- No, don't.


Rina, run!



Baby, baby, baby!

Oh God.

Come on, come on!

Go, go, go, go!

happened, what happened?

Twisted my damn ankle,

they knocked my weapons away.

They were working together.

Do you have
the key, please tell me?

Okay, Rina.

Oh Jesus, that's Zach.

Is it?

Damn, PREGO bastard I
was telling you about.

Looks like someone else
already got to him.

Oh God!


God, get him off!

Get him off!

- Ah!
- Keep it up, keep it up.

Keep it up, keep it up.

Oh God!

No, too tight, too tight!

Hold it up, keep
it up, keep it up,

keep it up, keep it up.

Don't take this the wrong way.

No, what?

I can't believe
that son of a bitch

was playing opossum.

Come on, we
gotta get out in the open.

- Rina, come on.
- Mother fucker!

Come on, come on.

Come on, sweetheart.

Okay, okay.

He got me, oh he got me.

He got me, I can't believe it.

No, no, no, sit down.

Down, down.

What are you doing?

There's a small
chance we can stop the spread.

Oh, no, no, you're not
taking my fucking arm!

If I don't, you're gonna turn.

- And we don't have time!
- Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!

- Oh fuck, fuck, fuck.
- Above the elbow or below?

Fuck, fuck, fuck!

All right, just like the OR.

Just like the OR, are you ready?

Okay, one...

I'll be right back;
don't touch it.

Rina, Rina, up up up,
baby, come on, baby.

Oh come on!

Wyatt, this is gonna
hurt like hell,

but if I don't do
it, you'll bleed out.

- Come on.
- Just do it.

Okay, okay.

Wyatt, you stay with me.



Hey Wyatt, stay with me.

Wyatt, hey!

Wyatt, you stay with me!

Gonna be funny if this thing
didn't record anything.

Everything forgotten.

Wonder how
many other people

recorded the end of
the world by accident.

Wyatt's still alive.

Barely, he's lost
a lot of blood.

I nicked,

cleaved in half an artery.

A belt does not make a
very good tourniquet.

I sewed him up as
best I could but,

I don't have anything
here to really help him.

I ,

I can't wake Rina up.

Soon she'll...

I guess that's it then.

Mom and Jess I love you.

I wish I
woulda taken your calls

after I dropped out.

I'm sorry, I just,

I needed some time
to figure things out.

I love you guys.

I hope I did the
right thing in the end,

made you proud of me.

And mom, to answer
your question,

I'd want you to walk
me down the aisle.

I'm sorry, Wyatt.

I'm so sorry.






- Rina...
- No, stay back!

Oh God, I can feel
it taking over.

I'm sorry, baby, I'm so sorry.

I liked your hair so much

at the art show.

Short with those long
bangs in your eyes.

That was the worst
hairstyle ever in my life.

No, you looked beautiful.

I knew the moment
you talked to me

that we were gonna
to be together.

- Baby...
- Stop it!

You stay back.

It hurts, oh.

Baby, can you fight it?

Not for much longer.

You know, you never
told me what you thought

actually about that night.

- You know how I felt.
- No.

You always say that.

I just wanted you to
sleep with me that night.

I didn't realize what we
had until that Thanksgiving.

I don't,

I can't remember.

I took you to
my parents' house.

I wanted to confront my
father once and for all.

Worst decision I ever made.

Hey, you don't remember?

I stormed out, I left
you there with them.

Yeah, right, your sister.

- Yeah.
- She didn't think you

- were coming back.
- Yeah.

- I remember.
- Yeah.

And I wasn't going to, either.

And you didn't stop till
you reached the state line.

And you followed
me the whole way.

I was so mad at you.

You were driving so fast
on those goddamn icy roads.

Yeah, and then I stopped
and we both got out.

And it was snowing like crazy.

Yeah it was, it was the
coldest day of the year.

And I couldn't feel my hands.

And you wouldn't
let me go any further,

no matter how much
I pushed you away.

And we slipped and
fell on our asses

right there in the parking lot.

And you said,

that anyone who was
worth keeping in my life,

would love me for who I am.

- Like, like I do.
- Yeah.

That was the first
time you said it to me.

- And you said it back.
- Yeah.

God, how did we
end up here, Rina?

Not now, but yesterday.

I don't know, baby, I'm sorry.

This month was really hard.

When did you stop loving me?

I never.




I can't do it,
baby, I'm so sorry!

Rina, are you in there?

Hmm, the hair tuck.

Rina used to do
that all the time.

She's still in there somewhere.


Oh no.


Baby, you don't have to.

Baby, it's me.

I know you're in
there, baby, stop.

Rina, stop!

Hey baby.

I hope you understand that
I didn't have a choice.

Neither of us did.

I tried to save her.


I really tried.

I love you so much!