By Dawn (2019) - full transcript

A former marine suffering from severe PTSD prepares his family for war as the deadline for an alien invasion approaches.

- Kenneth?

Honey, wake up.

What happened?

Why are you on the floor?



Up you go.

- I'm okay Kathleen.

- It's okay.


It's okay.


You had the dream again?

You wanna talk about it?

- No.

- Are you sure?

Because the doctor at the VA--

- Damn it Kathleen, I said I don't wanna talk about it.

- Okay, I'm sorry.

I'll go get your pills.

- No.

I don't like 'em.

You know, they make my head...

Just it feels funny
when I take 'em.

- I know sweetheart but it alsohelps keep your mind sharp.

- I know.

It's just that it uh,
it puts me to sleep and,

and when I sleep things
happen, bad, bad things.

I just, I can't.


Not today.

- Okay.

But I need you to promise methat you'll take them tomorrow.

- I promise.

It's just
sometimes, you know?

- I know.

I just want you to get better.

- I am,


I am.

- Okay.

- Okay.


- Mm.

- Mm.
- Mm hm.

- Mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm. - Mm hm, mm hm, mm hm.


- Go back to sleep.

I'm gonna go check on the kids.

- Okay.

- Kathleen, I love you.

- I love you too.

He's gone.

You can come out now.

- Oh my God.

That was close.

- I know too close.

- I love you.

- I love you too.

What is it?

- I just wish your dad
didn't hate me so much.

- He doesn't hate you Ryan,

he just doesn't like me dating a Marine, that's it.

- I don't get it.

I mean, he was a Marine too.

And pretty soon
you'll be signing up.

He's just gonna have to deal with us being together.

He does know you're
signing up, right?


- He's got a lot
going on right now.

I'll tell him when
I'm ready, okay?

So don't say anything to anyone.

- Okay.


What did happen to him in Iraq?

- He doesn't like
to talk about it.

We don't really know.

Can we please
change the subject?

- Yeah, okay.


- I'm just glad you're back even if it's only for a week.

- Me too.

- As long as you know
we're not having sex.

- Yeah.

Yeah, of course.

I mean, I can wait.

- Good 'cause I'm not ready yet.

It looks bigger today.

- I know.

- Do you ever think they'll figure out what it is?

- I don't know.

- My Dad thinks the
government's behind it.

- I hope not.

- Morning Mr. Peck.

Morning Olivia.

- Bye.

- Wait, no.

Okay go.

- Mornin' Ryan.

- Uh, morning Mr. Peck.

Uh, I was just uh,
goin' for a morning run.

- Oh yeah?

In your jeans and boots?

- Uh, yeah.

I feel more comfortable
running in them.

- Oh yeah, I understand.

- Uh, well here I go.

- Have a good run.

- Thanks Mr. Peck.

- It has been 24 hours
since the emergence

of the 32 black clouds
now hovering over

some of the major cities of the world including New York

and Los Angeles.
- Morning Daddy.

- There are reports
- Morning sweetheart.

- Of thousands injured
- What you watchin'?

While trying to flee

- The news.
- The inner city area

have created widespread panic

throughout the rest
of the country.

President Graham issued a statement yesterday morning

from an undisclosed
location urging people

to stay home and not to panic.

What is the black cloud?

Where did it come from
and most importantly

why did it come here?

These are the questions New Yorkers are asking themselves

and to help us answer
these questions,

live on the phone from NASA here

is head astrophysicist
Dr. Michael Zimmerman.

Good morning Dr. Zimmerman.

Good morning Ed.

- What is the black cloud?

Actually Ed,

we are no longer referring to it by that name.

We are now calling it The Host.

- Why The Host, Doctor?

careful examination

we concluded that
the black cloud

is nothing more than a vessel, a carrier of some sort.

Hidden within its core are four DID's banded together

by a single circuitry board.

This technology is
far more advanced

than anything we've seen before.

And just for
the clarification

what does DID stand for?

DID stands for--

They are the life
force behind The Host.

To put it in simpler terms they keep it alive.

Without them The
Host can't survive.

As far as its motive
for being here,

we're still trying
to determine that.

Our only objective is
to eliminate those DID's

and send The Host home
wherever that may be.

- So it would be safe to assume

that there's a plan
in the works, Doctor?

Absolutely Ed,

and we are hoping to put that into effect by dawn tomorrow.

That's about 18 hours from now.

- Now what happens if you don't meet the deadline?

Doctor, are you still with us?

I'm still here, Ed.

- What'd happen if
you miss the deadline?

working diligently

to make sure that it
doesn't come to that.

But until such time I suggest

that people stay in their homes,

lock their doors and windows and if you're religious, pray.

- All done Dad.


Come with me.

- Dad, what's going on?

- You remember this?

- Yeah, you taught me how to use it when I was 12.

- Okay, show me.

That's my girl.

You don't have to use
it if you don't want to.

I just wanted you to know whereit is in case you need to.

- I know and it's not that.

What is it then?

- Do you really think it'sgonna come down to all of this?

- I don't know but it's always best to be prepared.

- Okay.

- Good.

Now go on.

I'll be down in a few.


Tell Ryan to sleep in
his own bed next time.

CQCQCQ this is
W2DGL transmitting

from Westchester, New York.

Can anybody out there hear me?

CQCQCQ this is
W2DGL transmitting

from Westchester, New York.

Can anybody out there hear me?

W2DGL, this
is KD2CAK transmitting

from Los Angeles, California.

How's it hangin' Westchester?

- Oh, it is good to hear
your voice Los Angeles.

I've been tryin'
to reach somebody

since all hell broke loose.

Same here.

I guess today's our unlucky day.

I'm Keith Strauss.

- Kenneth Peck.

I didn't think anybody
used this stuff but me.

Me neither brother.

- Thank God for
ham radios, right?


- Marine?

Damn right.

Two tours in Afghanistan, you?

- Three in Iraq.

How was it
over there brother?

- It's exactly what
you would expect.

Hell on Earth.

I hear ya all right?

- KD2CAK do you copy?

KD2CAK do you copy?

- Roar.

- Roar, roar.

- Hey, would you guys go get your father and sister?


You get your father and
you get your sister.

Now go.


What are you doing?

- Get out you little creep!

- Breakfast is ready!

- Daddy?



Daddy are you in there?

- Katie?

breakfast is ready.

- Tell Mommy I'll be down,

in a minute, okay?


- Roar.

Roar, roar!

- Everything okay?

- Yeah, I'm good.

- Kylie was doing the booty dance for the computer.

- Shut it Kelan.

- You said booty.

- I don't know what
he's talking about.


wants to say grace?

- Why do have to
always say grace?

- Because I say so young lady.

Who wants to say grace?

- I do!

- No, I do.

- But you said it last time.

- So?
- Quiet.

Quiet you two.

Katie will say grace
and that's final.

Let us hold hands.

- Dear Lord, thank
you for the food

we are about to receive and,




- Honey?


- Sweetheart?

- Daddy?


- Why is the sky red?

- It's nothin' buddy.

Just a little storm comin'.

- Okay.

- Okay.

- Go play with your
sister sweetheart.

You think he believed you?

- He has no reason not to.

- At some point we're going to have to tell them

the truth Kenneth.
- No.

They're too young.

They won't understand.

I think the best thing to do

is act like
everything is normal.

- There's nothing normal
about that sweetheart.

- I know.

- So this Dr. Zimmerman,

he thinks it's some
kind of space craft?

- Yeah, something like that.

It's supposed to be carrying these things called DID's.

- DID's?

- Yeah.

- I know that look.

- What look?

- That look.

- Hey look, I don't
think Dr. Zimmerman

is being honest with the public.

- What do you mean?

- There's something else going

on here that he's
not telling us.

- Like what?

- I don't know Kathleen butwhatever it is it can't be good.

Oh, don't look at me that way.

I'm not crazy.

- I didn't say that.

- But that's what you
were thinking, right?

- Okay, I'm sorry.

It's just you're talking about a cover up Kenneth.

Why would he do that?

- He wouldn't.

- I don't understand.

- The government.

- Oh.

- What is that so
hard to believe?

Come on.

Come with me.

Look, don't panic but I think we're gonna be attacked.

- Attacked by what?

Oh, Jesus.

Okay, okay we, we
have to get the kids

and we have to get as far away from here as possible.

- Look, look I said don't panic.

- Okay.

- Okay.

- So what do we do?

- Right now nothing.

We are safer in here then we are out there, okay?

- Okay.

- Okay.

- Are you sure about this?

- Yes.

- Like how sure?

- Pretty sure.

- Like 80 % sure or 85 % sure?

- Like 100 % sure.

- 100?

That's pretty sure.

- I know.

So, are you in?

- Kylie.

- Are you seriously
contemplating whether

to have sex with me right now?

- Oh no, trust me I'm not.


It's just earlier you were so sure that you weren't ready.

- Can't a girl change her mind?

- She can but...


What's goin' on?

- Look, I don't wanna
die a virgin okay?

- We're not gonna die Kylie.

- You don't know
that and if this is

the last night on this planet then I wanna have some sex.

- Okay.

Listen, you know how
bad I wanna be with you.

It's just that when
we do it I want

us to do it for
the right reason,

and if we die by dawn at
least we'll be together.

- Ryan, I'm ready.

- You are?

- Yes.

Just be over by 10, okay?

- 'Kay.

Come in.

Hey Dad.

- Hey sweetheart.

- Everything okay?

- Yeah, everything's fine.

Look Kylie,

if dawn comes and
they can't figure out

a way to stop whatever
this thing is,

I'm gonna need your help keeping

your mother and the twins safe.

- I know, I'm ready.

- And should anything happen to me I need you to--

- Dad.

I'm ready.

- Okay.

What's that?

- What's what?

- That.

- I was going to tell
you and Mom, I swear.

I just didn't get around to it

with everything
that's been going on.

- We already talked about this.

You are not joining the Marines.

- Well, I wanna
talk about it again.

- Did he put you up to this?

- Who?
- You know who.

- Ryan?

No Dad.

He's got nothing
to do with this.

Say something Dad, please.

- What else is there to say?

It seems to me you already made up your mind.

- I want you to say it's
okay for me to enlist.

- No.

I can't do that and I won't.

- Why not?

- Because I think you're
making a big mistake.

- You know Dad, of all people

I thought you would understand.

- I'm sorry Kylie.

I cannot get onboard with this.

You are only 17.

- Same age you were
when you enlisted.

- Times were different
then sweetheart.

Trust me, I wish my parents had talked me out of it.



Tell me, why do you
wanna be a Marine?

- Because I think I
can make a difference.

- Honey, you can make a difference without being a Marine.

- Oh come on Dad,
you know what I mean.

I wanna serve my country.

- Like Ryan?

- No Dad.

Like you.

- Look Kylie, the Marines,

it's not all it's
cracked up to be.

The things you see, you
experience in battle,

you just don't leave 'em over there when it's over.

You take 'em home with you,

if you're lucky.

I just don't want that for you.

You're not 18 yet.

You still need our
permission to enlist,

and I won't give it.

- A little more
than 46 hours ago,

the world learned that we are not alone in the universe.

As we near the dawn deadline set by Dr. Zimmerman,

I'm hoping most of you out there

took my advice and stocked up on enough food

and supply and for
those who didn't,

I wish you good
luck all the same.

Oh, my, ladies and gentlemen,

my producer's just informed me

that Dr. Zimmerman
will be calling

in any minute now to
give us an update.

Oh, he's on the phone right now.


Good afternoon Dr. Zimmerman.

Good afternoon Ed.

About half an hour ago The Host

had gone through a
series of changes,

and as a result we can
now say for certain

that it is harboring not four but rather five DID's,

and we have good
reason to believe

that this fifth DID is by far the strongest of them.

- What does it all mean Doctor?

It means that we get ourselves ready

to defend our homes and most importantly our country,

by any means necessary.

As for myself and
my colleagues here,

we will continue our efforts to meet the dawn deadline.

- Dr. Zimmerman?

I think we lost him.

- Come in.

Let me guess.

Dad told you.

- He did.

- And?

- And I agree with him.

- Shocker.

- Hey, attitude.

- Sorry.

- We're your parents Kylie.

It's our instinct
to protect you,

and I trust your
father's judgment.

- Well, what about me?

What about what I want?

Doesn't that matter?

- Look, just hang in there a little longer okay?

You'll be 18 in
six months and then

you don't need
anybodies permission.

I know, but I washoping to get it from you guys.

- Well, I know it's not as important as your dad's but,

you have mine.

- Thank you Ma.

- You're welcome sweetheart.

I love you.

- I love you too.

How many did you get to?

- 27.

- My name is Lieutenant Colonel Kenneth Steven Peck.

I was born June 17th, 1977 in Brooklyn, New York.

I have a beautiful wife.

Her name is Kathleen.

Together we have three
wonderful children,

Kylie, Katie and Kelan.

In just under 10 hours
we will be attacked.

By what exactly I don't know, but what I do know is this.

Whatever they are they're not going without a fight.

They've come too far
to leave empty handed.

The purpose of these recordings

is to leave some sort of proof

in case something happens to me and my family.

Proof that they were not
here for our wellbeing.

Proof that they want to enslaveeach and every one of us,

and until we--
- Kenneth?

You in here?


Give me a second.

- You heard?

- Yeah, I heard.

Thanks for the
support by the way.

- Don't you think we
should talk about this?

- Talk about what?

You already gave her the okay.

- She was going to
do it anyway Kenneth.

- Well she can do it
without my blessing.

- Oh, she will.

Our daughter's very stubborn in case you haven't noticed.

I wonder where she
gets that from.

Baby, is it really
that surprising

to you that she wants
to join the Marines?

It's all she ever
talked about growing up.

Kylie worships you.

Can't you see that?

- I just don't want her to go through what I went through

and I can't understand why you would want her to.

- I don't sweetheart
but what can we do?

She's grown up.

We have to let her
make her own decisions

whether we think that
they're good or not.

We can't hold her hands forever.

- Do you really wanna carryanother burden on your shoulder?

- What are you talking about?

- Because that is exactly what's gonna happen

when she comes
back all messed up.

- Whoa, wait.

You think you're a burden to me?

Honey, no.

I married you for
better or worse

and I would never
ever consider you

or one of our children a burden.

- Look at me Kathleen.

I've been back a year
and I'm still not okay.

- It's gonna get
better you'll see.

Just, just give it time.

- Damn it Kathleen
you don't know

what it was like over there so stop pretending that you do.

- Okay, but you don't need to shout at me please.

- You're fightin' a war
that nobody believes in.

Every day you wake
up and you pray

to God that somehow
you make it home

and then if God does grant you

that wish and you
do make it home,

you realize there
was nothing left

to come home to in
the first place.

- So that's how you
see me and the kids?

As nothing?

You think I didn't
suffer Kenneth?

You think I wasn't over
there serving with you?

'Cause I was every
step of the way.

- Kathleen--

- Do you have any
idea what it was like

every time I heard a knock at the door hoping,

praying to God that
it wasn't someone

from the Corp here to tell me that you'd been killed, hm?

Do you?

And you have the
nerve to stand here

and tell me that you
came home to nothing.

I'm still here Kenneth.

Those kids are still here.


Nothing is everything.

- Kathleen I'm sorry.



CQCQCQ, this
is KD2CAK calling W2DTL.

- Hey KD2CAK.

Sorry I lost you.

It ain't
no big deal brother.

How you holdin' up in
your neck of the woods?

- We're hangin' in there.

I think I just put myself in the doghouse with the wife.

I remember bein' there a few times myself.

How long you been married?

- 20 years.

a life time man.

Any kids?

- Three.

Two girls and a boy.

My oldest Kylie, she's 17.

She wants to be a Marine.


Divorced, one son.

He's 14, no he's 15.

Lives with his mother and her husband somewhere in Chicago.

- I'm sorry to hear that pal.

If you don't mind me
askin', what happened?

Fought with
a squad on patrol.

I reordered an IED.

Two guys died instantly.

Third one lost an eye.

Me, I went head first into the side of the truck.

When I got back to the States

I stared having these migraines.

I'd get dizzy, I even
blacked out a few times.

I tried takin' these prescription pills, got hurt.

Guess it was too much
for her to handle.

She filed for divorce and got custody of our son.

Gives a whole new
meaning to the term

for better or for
worse don't it?

- Yeah, I guess it does.

But you
seem to have lucked

out in that department.

- I am.

She's one of the good ones.

Then make sure
you apologize later.

- Will do my friend.

You there brother?

- Yeah, I'm here.

So uh, what's your
boy's name anyway?


His name's Calvin.

- Well I hope
wherever Calvin is,

he knows his father is a hero.

You there KD2CAK?


- I'm sorry baby.

- It's not like I
wasn't expecting it.

So what now?

- Nothing's changed.

I'm still going to enlist.

So, did you get it?

I got it.

- Okay.

Well, let me see it.

- Are you serious?

- Yeah, I wanna see it.

- It's cheery flavor.

What are you up to?

- Will it work?

- I think so.

- You think so?

- Babe, I don't know.

I've never used one...

- Ryan?

Ryan, quit playing.




- Shit.

Don't open the door.

Don't open the door Ryan!



- Dad?

Something's going on with Ryan.


What the hell?

Please go back inside.

Baby no!



Dad, something happened to Ryan.


Something happened to Ryan.





Are you okay?

- Yeah.

Yeah, I'm okay.

Are you okay?


- What happened?

What happened?

Why are you crying?

I'm fine.

- She's fine.

Where are the twins?

- They're downstairs playing.

- Go be, go stay with them.

- Why?

please, just do it.

- Okay.

- Kylie, I need you to go too.

- What?

I wanna stay here
with you and help.

- I know, but I need
you to go downstairs

and watch your mother
and the twins, okay?

Just like we talked
about earlier.

It's okay.

I'll be fine.

Come on honey.

- The sightings
of strange beings

guarding peoples doors have--

- How is she?

- She's okay considering.

Kylie's tough, she'll pull through.

- What happened
to Ryan, Kenneth?

- I don't know.

And it's not just him.

What do you mean?

- They got Jessica from
across the street too.

- Oh, Jesus.

- And they woulda had
me if Kylie hadn't,

hadn't been there.

- What is it?

- I wanna show you somethin'.

Look into that peephole.

It's okay.

Go on, look.

- That thing called
Ryan and Jessica?

- One like it, yeah.

- What do you mean one like it?

How many more are there?

Okay, okay, we need to go.

We need to get the
kids and we need

to get out of here.
- Kathleen, no, no, no.

Calm down.

- You know, I never should've listened to you.

I should've taken the kids and I should've left.

- Okay keep, keep
your voice down.

- You can stay
here if you want to

but I am leaving and
I'm taking the kids.


Kids, come with me we're going!

Get some things and come down!

- And go where exactly?

- I don't know Kenneth.

Anywhere away from this thing that's on our doorstep.

- Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay just breathe.

Just breathe.

- It's okay just, just take the kids and go upstairs.

- It's okay.

Go on.

- Okay.

- There's nowhere
else to go hon.

Those things are everywhere.

- So what's the plan?

- This is our home.

Our children's home.

We stay here, we
hold our ground.

- Okay.

- Okay.

It'll be okay.

I promise.

I didn't mean what I said.

You and the kids are my life.

You're everything.

I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world.

- Come with me.

- Honey, what is all this?

- This is your standard six shot .357 Magnum revolver.

- Why are you telling me this? - This is the trigger.

This is the cylinder.

- Honey?

- Kathleen please,
don't interrupt.

This, this is where
the bullet go.

- I really don't--

- Give me your hand.

- Why?

- Kathleen please.

- Honey, you know I
don't like these things.

- I know but this is important.

Now hold it tight.

- I don't want to.

- Kathleen please, just do what I ask you for once.


Now put your index
finger on the trigger.

No, just, just take
it, just take it.

- Okay.


I'm sorry.

Kathleen, what those things did to Ryan and Jessica,

I don't want that to
happen to our children.

- What are you saying to me?

Kenneth, you're
really scaring me.

- Kathleen, please just listen.

If those things, if they get in here and I can't stop them,

I need you to bring the children to the basement,

and I need you to
shoot them in the head.

- No.

No, no.

- Kathleen promise me, please.

Promise me.

I won't do it.

I won't hurt our children.

- Kathleen please.

Our children cannot
die so horribly.

- No.

How dare you.


- Let's pray.

- No.

- No what?

- No, I don't wanna pray.

- Come on sweetie, we always give thanks before dinner.

- Yeah Mom?

What is it exactly
we're giving thanks to?

- Honey--

- Jesus fucking Christ!

- Hey, watch your mouth.

- Oh, come on Dad.

You don't even believe
in this bullshit.

There are people
out there dying.

People like Ryan who were sitting here having dinner

like everything
is fucking normal!

- I'll go, I'll go.

Guys it's okay, it's okay, it's okay.

Let's have dinner.

- Can I come in?

I'm sorry about Ryan.

He was a good kid.

I liked him a lot.

For what it's worth he would'vemade one hell of a Marine.

He loved me Daddy.

- I know.

But you know somethin'?

Ryan was not the first boy

to love you and he
will not be the last.

- I'm, I'm sorry
I ruined dinner.

- It's okay sweetheart.

Hey, there'll be plenty more

for you to walk
out in the future.

- Do you really believe that after everything we saw today?

- I do.

And I'll make you a promise.

As long as I am alive,

nothing will happen
to our family.


- Okay.

- Okay.

You want me to bring
you up a plate?

- No thanks, I'm not hungry.

- Okay.

- But you can bring me the gun because I'm gonna kill

every fucking last
one of those things.

- You're gonna make a
fine Marine sweetheart.



- That's all you're gonna say?

Okay, what?

Less than an hour
ago you asked me

to kill our children and
now you're standing here

and acting like
everything's okay.

- You're right.

I shouldn't have
done that, I'm sorry.

- Don't you ever ask me to do

anything like that
again, you hear?

- Loud and clear.

Roar, roar.

Roar, roar!



Roar, roar!

- Okay guys, time for bed.

- No, not yet.

- Can we have five more
minutes Kylie, please?

- Please Kylie?

- Okay, okay.

Five more minutes.


- But on one condition.


- I get to play too.

- Okay.

Are you feeling better?

- Yeah, much.

- I'm sorry for going into your room without knocking.

- It's okay, I forgive you.

Now who am I?

- Here.

You can be the grandma.

- Grandma?


Well, at least
I'm a hot grandma.

Is this the husband?

- Yes.

- Okay, good.

- CQCQCQ this is
W2DGL calling KD2CAK.

I'm here brother.

How'd you do with the wife?

- All good my friend.

I've been forgiven.

That's great man.

Life's too short for that and I mean that literally.

- I hear ya.

How you'd holdin' up?

Tryin' to keep my head up as dawn approaches.


- Same here man.

I think it's the time
we face the facts

and get ourselves ready for the fight of our lives.

My light it's,

it's flickering.
- Flickering?

- Yeah.

Mine too.

And so it begins.

- Yep.

It's been nice talking
to you my friend.

Likewise brother.

Until we meet again in
this life or the next.

- Amen to that.

Take care my friend.

You too
brother and be careful.

- Careful is what we do, right?

This is W2DGL.



Honey, wake up.

- What happened?

Where are the kids?

- The kids are fine.

They're upstairs sleeping.

- What's going on?

Why are you dressed like that?

- They're not gonna
make the deadline.

- No, there's still time.

- If they couldn't figure it out in two hours

they're not gonna figure
it out within the hour.

We need to get ready.

- Okay.

I'll go get the kids.

- Kathleen?

I need you to reconsider what we spoke about earlier,

now more than ever.

At 0500 they're
gonna come for me.

They're gonna come
for all of us.

I know a lot of you
out there are afraid

and you have every
right to be afraid

because we are dealing with a very powerful enemy.

But trust me when I tell you they can be defeated.

A lot of lives will be lost.

A lot of lives have
already been lost.

But this is war and
in war people die.

It is an acceptable
risk for our freedom,

and that's what this battle will be fought for.

Our freedom.

Remember when they come
they'll come in packs.

First thing they'll
do is inject poison

into your veins in
order to paralyze you

and gain control of
your mind and body.

One day someone will
find this recording,

and I hope they put
them to good use

because this war will continue long after I am gone.

My name is Lieutenant Colonel Kenneth Steven Peck.

United States Marine Corps.

This will be my final recording.

- I love you.

- I love you too.

- Get up.

Hey, wake up.
- Hey wake up Kelan.

- Why?

- We're gonna go downstairs to the basement okay?

- I love the basement.

- I know you do.

I know you do.

Come here.

Hey, oh sleepyhead.


- Kathleen!


- Get down.

Get around the corner.

Go guys, go.










Shh, it's okay.

It's okay.

- Kylie?

- Kenneth, what are you doing?

- I got it Mom.

- It's all right.

Shh, shh, shh.

- Kylie?


- Couch.

- Kylie, go.

Go watch your mother
and the twins.


Shh, shh.

- No!

- Just calm down Mr. Peck.

Hey, hey.

You gotta calm down Mr. Peck.

- Don't listen.

Don't listen to him.

They wanna kill you.

- That's not true Mr. Peck.

No one wants to hurt you.

- Don't worry, brother
I got your back.

- Don't listen to
the voices Mr. Peck.

Fight them.

- He's, he's lying.

He wants to hurt us.

I won't let anybody hurt you.

You will not hurt my Kylie!

You, and me!

You will not hurt my family.

- Cox, get him.

- They're gonna kill us
like they killed Ryan.

- Ryan is fine Mr. Peck.

Look, look, look!

He's doing just fine.

You know why?

Because he took his medication

like he should.
- No!


We're all gonna die.

Every last one of us.

Leave Kathleen.

Think of the children.

- There is no Kathleen Mr. Peck.

There's no Keith and you
don't have any children.

- Don't close your eyes.

Don't fall asleep.

- In addition to suffering

from post traumatic
stress disorder,

Mr. Peck suffer from DID.

Dissociative identity disorder.

He thinks his family is real.

Now I realize you've
only been here a week,

but it imperative that Mr. Peck

not miss his daily
dose of medication.

- I'm sorry Dr. Zimmerman.

It won't happen again.

- Well let's see that it
doesn't because that...