By Candlelight (1933) - full transcript

Josef is the valet for Count von Rommer and well trained in the philandering ways of his master. Mistaken for the Count by a maid, Marie, whom he thinks is an aristocrat, Josef shows her a merry time in the Count's Monte Carlo villa. Meanwhile, the Count escapes a situation with Countess von Rischenheim, when her husband Count von Rischenheim makes an unscheduled appearance, by posing as the butler.


Oh, yes, Your Highness.

No, nobody, Your Highness.

Right away.




I understand.

Oh, Your Highness flatters me.

That's better.

Oh, Anna.


I've got the whole evening off.

Isn't it wonderful?

Yes, but you shouldn't
surprise me like this.

But I wanted to surprise you.

Aren't you pleased?

Oh, I'm delighted, but, er,

you shouldn't come to my
apartment at this hour.

Think of my position.

Oh, it's always your position.

Darling, how handsome
you look in that coat.

I could die in the arms
of a coat like that.

Yes, er, but not tonight, Anna.

Do you smell it?

Yes, what is it?

It's my new perfume.

I got it at a bargain.

Isn't it seductive?

Kiss of the East, makes men forget.

You were cheated, darling.

Now you'll have to go.


So you don't like me tonight?

You don't like my perfume.

You haven't even kissed me.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I really meant to do that,

but your perfume it...

Oh, darling!

Now, now, darling,
you really have to go.


But I don't want to.

Come on quick, this way.


No, no, I don't want to.

I won't go until you kiss me goodnight.

Goodnight and go home.

"Kiss of the East!"

Do you miss your husband?

Very much.

But he won't be back till tomorrow.

Are you quite sure?

Good evening, Your Highness.

Good evening, Josef.

Good evening, madame.

Good evening.

Come in.

Shall I serve the
champagne now, Your Highness?

My favorite vintage.

How did you know?

Well, I really didn't know.

I read the story of madame's life.


Have you ever heard me sing?

Once, at the opera in Paris.

Madame was magnificent.

Oh, thank you.

Did your butler learn
his diplomacy from you?

My dear, a prince is only
as diplomatic as his butler.

Thank you, Your Highness.

But you know what husbands are.

I assure you, I do.

If mine had his way, I'd never go out.

He's wise.


Women, madame, are like cigars.


Once you let them go out,
they are never so good again.

And I've always been
so true to my husband.

You're much too good to be through.


You have the most beautiful
throat in all Vienna.

Oh, now, no, no, no.

Oh, tut-tut-tut-tut!


Come in.


What a perfectly exquisite case.

You like it?

It was given to me by the Shah of Persia.


It's beautiful.

I've never seen one like it.

My dear,

it's yours.

Oh no, I couldn't take it.

Why not?

If you like it, I want you to have it.

You're very generous.

But how could I possibly explain
such a gift to my husband?

You're very sweet.

Thank you, just the same.


You've the most beautiful
throat in all Vienna.

It was given to me by the Shah of Persia.

My dear, it's yours.


Oh, what happened?

Don't be alarmed, darling.

I'll find out.


Your Highness.

Come in.

What happened to the lights, Josef?

A thousand pardons, Your Highness.

A fuse burned out.


I'll attend to attend to it at once.

Thank you, Josef.

But this is charming!




Well, maybe.

What do you want me to sing?

That little song you
liked so well in Paris?

I rang three times!

No, sir.


I'm Baron von Ballin

and I want to see the prince at once.

I'm sorry, sir, but His
Highness is not at home.

I know that His Highness is at home

and that there's a lady with him.

I'm very sorry, sir, but.

His Highness has gone to bed.

So early?


I don't believe you.

Er, I, I.

Does His Highness play the piano in bed?

Yes, sir, His Highness is very musical.

Get out!

That's my wife singing!


I assure you, sir,
there is no one singing.

Get out of my way!

What's all the row, Josef?


I'm Baron von Ballin!

How do you do, Baron?

Happy to meet you.


Your Highness, that is
my wife singing in there!


Hasn't she beautiful voice?


Won't you come in?

It was...

♪ And the silver stars above ♪

Well, but I...

I thought...

My favorite record of the Baroness.

She sings that magnificently, doesn't she?

♪ And long live love ♪

Your Highness, I...

I hope you will forgive me, I...

I'm sorry.

Oh, my dear Baron,

we all make mistakes.

You see, I...

I came home a day ahead of
time to, er, surprise my wife.

And when I called at the
opera house this evening,

They told me that the
Baroness had left with you.

Well, naturally I, er...


I understand how you felt.

I was at the opera this evening

and your wife was kind enough
to let me drive her home.



May I use the telephone, Your Highness?

I would like to call my wife.

Yes, certainly, my dear Baron.


Allow me to phone your home for you.

Provencal 2-4-3-1-6.


Is the Baroness von Ballin at home?

Baron von Ballin calling.

The Baron is calling, madame.

Are you at home?

Oh, yes, thank you.


Hello, dear.

Hello, darling!

When did you get back?

Just an hour ago.


I've missed you so terribly.

I'm coming home at once.

Please do, darling.

You won't be long, will you?

I'm so lonely for you.

Where are you now?

I'm at Prince von Romer's apartment.

What on earth are you doing there?


Well, I'll explain that when I get home.

Goodbye, dear.

Goodbye, darling.

May I, madame?

Goodnight, madame.

You had better use the back door.

Goodnight, Josef.

Thank you.



I won't intrude
any longer, Your Highness.

No intrusion at all.

It's still very early.

Surely you weren't refuse
a glass of champagne?

Oh, but really, I couldn't.

But I insist.

Oh, Josef?


I'm terribly sorry,
but my wife is waiting.

Well, goodnight, Your Highness.

Ah, goodnight.

Er, thank you very much
for driving my wife home.

Oh, it was a pleasure, Baron.




Goodnight, Baron.




Cognac, Josef.

It's all ready, Your Highness.

Josef, I'm just beginning
to appreciate your position.

Must be a great strain to
be a butler to a prince.

Yes, Your Highness.

That is, there are too
many Barons in the world.

You must be quite the Casanova, Josef.

But Casanova was an
aristocrat, Your Highness.

Do you handle your own
affairs as well as you do mine?

They are not like yours, Your Highness.

Cooks, parlor maids.

Perhaps a governess at Christmastime.

They don't appreciate finesse.

Prince von Romer's apartment.

The butler speaking.

I couldn't say, sir.

I see, sir.

Count von Lear, Your Highness.

Von Lear?

Von Lear?

But the Countess told me he was dead.

He sounds like a very
angry corpse, Your Highness.

Well, tell him I've gone to, er...

His Highness is gone to, er...

To, er...

Er, Timbuktu.


What place did you recommend, sir?


Where did this come from?

Miss Daisy left them here
this evening, Your Highness.

Daisy again?

She promised me she would drown herself.

She's waiting for the
warm weather, Your Highness.

Well, let's hope we have it soon.

If I may make a
suggestion, Your Highness,

change of air will do you good.

You're right.

New scenery, that's what I want.

We could open the Villa at
Monte Carlo, Your Highness.

Take the express tomorrow, Josef.

I will follow.

Table for one.

May I, madame?


Er, the regular dinner, please.

Of course.

Have you come to page 26 yet, madame?

Er, pardon me, but that is
where the lady loses her...

Her way home.

Shall I close that window for you, madame?

No, thank you.

I, I just thought that
madame was, er, rather cold.

Monsieur, are you trying to
start a conversation with me?

Yes, madame.

Please don't trouble.

Steward, my purse is gone!

I had it in my lap a minute ago.

Well, it isn't here, madame.

I know that, but where
could it have got to?

Are you sure you had
it with you, madame?

Of course!

Didn't you see it?

I did not, madame.

What shall I do?

Is this your purse, madame?

Oh, yes!

Many thanks, monsieur.

Madame should be careful.

How can I thank you, monsieur?

It was so kind of you
to take so much trouble.

Oh, no trouble at all.

I was hoping the purse was lost

so that you would have dinner with me.

But I am having dinner
with you, monsieur.

At least at the same table.

Oh, you were here anyway.

So that's no reward
for having found a bag.

You're very nice, monsieur.

Ah, so you will have dinner with me?

Ah, waiter.

Champagne. L'eco 1921.

Er, do you like L'eco 1921?

Oh, I adore it!


Er, yes, it's quite nice.

All right.

I will send the wine steward, monsieur.

It's a lovely evening, isn't it?

Yes, lovely.

Oh, good luck, madame.

May I close the window for you now?

Monsieur, you are very thoughtful.


Oh, here we are.

This is my compartment.


Well, I wonder what this luggage
is doing in my compartment.

Oh, but this is also my compartment.


I assure you, I had
nothing to do with it.

May I see your ticket?


Oh, they have
given us the same compartment.

Oh, this is terrible.

Oh, no.

Well, I'll have the porter
give me another one.

What a silly mistake.

You know, we've had dinner together,

we read the same book,

we even have the same compartment,

but you haven't told me
anything about yourself.

Shall I make up the room, monsieur?

Yes, please.

I hope you have no trouble
finding another compartment.

Oh, the train is full of them.

Pardon, monsieur, should
I make up two berths?

Er, one, please.

You know, I don't like cigars.

Er, women, madame, are like cigars.



Once you let them go out,
they are never so good again.

Oh, you are terribly clever!


I beg your pardon.

The pleasure's all mine, madame.

Everything is ready, monsieur.

- Very well.
- Thank you.

Uh, well, er...

Thank you so much, Monsieur.

You've been very kind.


AU revoir.

Who is it?

Oh, madame, I, er...

I left my set.


Just a moment.

Come in.

Oh, forgive me, but
I am so absentminded.

My luggage.

You see, I was afraid that
before I found a compartment,

it would be very late

and I didn't want to disturb you

after you went to bed.

That was very thoughtful
of you, monsieur.

Madame is comfortable?

Yes, quite comfortable.

You wanted your bags, monsieur.

Oh, yes, of course.

Of course, my bags.

Madame looks adorable.

Thank you.

The negligee is, is very becoming.

Well, er...



You got that, monsieur?


Er, Madame.

I'm terribly sorry, but
I forgot my bag.


Can you hear me, madame?

Oh, madame.

Well, goodnight, madame.


Compartment three, monsieur.

Come in.

You rang, madame?

Yes, I want you to make up my room.

Oui, madame.

And, by the way,

the gentleman, is he up yet?

Oui, madame.

Please put up a table

and bring me the breakfast menu at once.

And, er, oh, oh!

The gentleman,

would you tell him please

that I would like him to
have breakfast with me?

- Oui, madame.
- And thank you very much.

Did you sleep well, monsieur?

Oh, perfectly.

Well, in a manner of speaking.

Why didn't you tell me who you are?


It wasn't fair of you, monsieur.

Well, I, I...

Dear, dear, and when I found out!

How did you find out?

On your luggage.

You're a prince.

I saw Prince A von R in gold.

Well, er...


I wonder what happened!

I'll find out.

What's the delay?

We are getting a new locomotive.

Oh, thank you.


A country fair!

Isn't it quaint?

Would you like to go?

Oh, would I!

I mean, it would be interesting
to mingle with those people.

That is, if you wouldn't mind.

Oh, not at all.

I've always wanted to know

how the lower classes enjoy themselves.

Oh, look, Your Highness,
a merry-go-round!

Do you think we've time?

I'll find out.

Oh, conductor, how long will we be here?

Oh, not more than four minutes.

Engine's coming right up.

Thank you.


Oh, we have plenty of time.

And anyway, the train wouldn't
dare to leave without me.


Ooh, look!

Look, everybody's going
on the merry-go-round.

Don't you think servants have
a better time than we have?

Servants? Why?

'Cause they can go on merry-go-rounds.

Well, we can go on
the merry-go-round, too.

Do you mean you'd really like to go?

Only with you.

Wouldn't everybody die
if they knew who you were?

Wouldn't they?

Here, let's go.

We want to
go on the merry-go-round!

We want to go on the merry-go-round!

They want to go on the merry-go-round.

They shall go on the merry-go-round.

Make it go fast.

Oui, monsieur.

Oh, look!


We've missed it!

We've missed the train!

They went without me after all.

I'll have that engineer severely punished.

Oh, please don't do that.

It's our fault.

Well, but only for your sake.

What are we going to do now?

I don't know.

I want to tell you a secret.


I'm very glad we missed the train.

So am I.

Let's miss all the trains.

Sure, all of them!

I don't like trains.

I like wine, full of bubbles.

So do I.

How well you pour.

As good as the butler.

What, what?

You didn't spill a drop.


Well, that comes with practice.

Now, aren't you going
to tell me your name?


To you it is simply Marie.


So look on me as just
a plain, simple girl.

That amuses Your Highness?

Well, it does.

Why, a lady like that.

I can tell you move in
the very highest circles.

You can?

Oh, at a glance.


By your voice.

Oh, I see, just by a glance at my voice!


Am I laughing too much?


Please laugh.

You have the loveliest laugh.

You are a Casanova.

Tell me, how long are
you ever true to a woman?

Sometimes forever.

How easily you say that.


Come, let's dance!



It's waltzing.

The table,

everything's waltzing!

Er, beg your pardon.

The car you ordered is ready, sir.


Thanks, thank you.

I thought perhaps you'd like
to drive to Monte Carlo, hm?



You're not afraid, are you?

Oh, no, not at all.

Just a minute, just a minute.

Hey, Pierre.


Remember, take your time.

Oui, monsieur.



Hey, wait a minute, wait a minute.





Are those my new cigarettes, Josef?

Yes, Your Highness.

How do you like them?

Oh, much better, Your Highness.


I mean...


Well, I'm glad you like them.

Josef, the wrong tie.

I bet your pardon, Your Highness.

Yesterday you sent me out without spats

and tonight the wrong tie.

What's the matter with you, Josef?

In love?

You are in love.

Yes, Your Highness.

Tails, Josef.


Who is she?

A lady, Your Highness.

I met her on the train.

We went to a wine garden and

then we were going to
drive to Monte Carlo.


There was a mule, Your Highness.

Yes, yes?

Then she got out and walked home.

Is that all my training
has done for you?

If Your Highness could
only see her smile.

Josef, a woman's smile
is like a bath tap.

Turn it on and you are in hot water.

Well, don't you think it's funny?

Yes, Your Highness.

Well, perhaps it isn't.

Your Highness will be out late tonight?

Yes, Your Highness will
be out very late tonight.

Goodnight, Josef.

Pleasant evening, Your Highness.

Information, please.

Hello, operator, can you get me Marie?

No, no, I don't know the name.

I know only the address.

Yes, Villa Mil Fleur, Lindberg Avenue.

Well, I've forgotten the name.







Who is it?




Oh, how did you get my number?

I saw you at the beach and followed you.

But you got away too quickly.

You must never call me here.

It's terribly dangerous.

Why, my husband might come home.

He does sometimes, you know.

I didn't tell you?

Oh, how forgetful of me.

Oh, what are you doing?

Have you anything on?

Practically nothing at all.

Well, I wouldn't dream of coming.

Oh no, no.

A lady going to a man's
villa unaccompanied at night?

Why, I never heard of such a thing.

Oh, no, you can't come here.




Well, I really shouldn't.

All right, flip a coin.

Heads I'll go, tails I won't.

All right.

Here goes.

I win.

You've got to come.

No, right now, immediately.

If you are not here in 10 minutes,

I'm coming over to get you,

husband or no husband.

Where is your villa?



I won't breathe until
you get here.


How beautiful you look.

No, no, no, no, I only came to tell you

that you must never telephone me again.

Of course.

Of course.

And, er...

And I didn't come to stay.


What lovely flowers.

Oh, I'm glad you like them.

Fresh every day.

I've never before set foot
in a gentleman's apartment

at this hour.

Whatever must you think of me?

It would take me all night to tell you.

May I?

But the servants.

Oh, there is no one here but me.

No, I'm a respectable woman.

I won't stay longer than 10 minutes.

women never stay longer

than 10 minutes.

Oh, who's the lady?

Oh, a distant aunt of mine.

But it's the Queen of Romania.


So it is!

So it is.

Of course, I remember now.

She married the King of Romania.

But you know how these
relatives are, of course.

They sometimes marry this
one, sometimes marry that one,

sometimes they marry each other.

What ever are you doing?


Nothing, nothing.

Will you have a drink?

Thank you.

It's only the telephone.

Yes, telephone.

Aren't you going to answer it?

No, no.

I, I mean, I don't want
anyone to know that I'm in.

I'll answer it for you.

No, no, no, oh...

That wouldn't do.

Why don't you pretend to be the butler?

The Butler?

Yes, say you're out.


That's a brilliant idea.


Prince von Romer's villa.

The butler speaking.

No, His Highness is out, sir.

I hardly think he'll be back tonight.

Very well, sir.

Well, I fooled him didn't I?

Oh, you were wonderful, Your Highness.

If my husband knew I was here...

What would he do?

Oh, he's terrible.

So jealous.

Like a buffalo.

Aren't you afraid?

I, afraid?

Why, I'd face a whole
menagerie for you.

Oh, please, won't you stay?

Just a minute or two.


I suppose a man in your position

would never have anything to
do with anyone but a real lady.

Oh, exclusively.

To attract me, a woman must have, er...

Well, er...


All the things you have.

Your voice and your charm.

Oh, you say the loveliest things.

You know what I'd like to do?

I think I can guess.

Ooh, books!

I adore books.

Romantic books.

"Primitive Love."

That ought to be good.

Now, now, now, you needn't demonstrate.

Marie, you have the most
beautiful throat in all Vienna.

Er, Monte Carlo.

Oh, don't do that, it tickles!

Besides, you should never do
things behind a lady's back

that you wouldn't do to her face.

Oh, all right.



Thank you.

What a beautiful case!

May I see it?

Rather nice, isn't it?

It was given to me by the Shah of Persia.


Simply gorgeous!

Do you like it?

Like it?

I'm crazy about it!

Oh, my dear, it's yours.

Oh, Prince!

Oh, you're a darling to give it to me.


I think I'd better go.


Oh, my bag!



You're not really going?

I never should have come.

Are you sorry?



Be careful, Marie.

You'd better not smile at me like that.

Oh, Your Highness,
don't you like my smile?

A woman's smile is like a bath tap.

Turn it on and you're in hot water.

Oh, Your Highness, that's very good.

You think so?

I thought it was rather dull.

Maybe it isn't.

Oh, no, Your Highness.

Everything you say is wonderful.



Dearest Marie.

What's happened?

I don't know.

Who is it?

It's Josef, Your Highness.

It's your servant.

Don't let him in.

Well, I can't keep him out.

Come in.

A thousand pardons, Your Highness.

A fuse burned out.

Good evening, madame.

Shall I serve the champagne
now, Your Highness?

Er, no, no, no.

But I have it ready,
Your Highness, in ice.

No trouble at all.

Very well.

I'll be right back.

Excuse me a moment, please...

But you told me your servant was out!

He was out, but he came back.

I can't have that, can I?

Why don't you send him to bed?

No, he never goes to bed.

Oh, dear, what will he
think, finding me here?

Oh, he's very discreet.

Oh, don't tell me!

I know what servants are.

But he's different.

He comes from an excellent family.

Please go and tell him not
to bother about the champagne.

Oh, I can hardly think...

Do as I ask!

I don't want him to come in here again!

Sh, I can see what I can do, all right?

But give me a moment, please!

Forgive me, Your Highness.

I am desperate.

I'm, I'm beside myself.

I assure you, I don't
know how it all happened.

It's possible I came
home a little too soon.

Yes, Your Highness.

Er, that is, Your Highness...

You should have told me
you expected a visitor.

I didn't expect her!

You see the telephone, Your Highness,

what doesn't a man say over the telephone?

And all of a sudden she was here.

She is a lady, Your Highness.

That's what drove me so
blindly into this adventure.

I was so happy to think that
once a real lady noticed me.

When one had always served ladies,

yet only known cooks and ladies' maids.

But perhaps you, you don't understand.

How far had things gone
before my inconvenient arrival?

Oh, they didn't go
at all, Your Highness.

I mean, little kiss here and there, but

you wouldn't call that going
it, Your Highness, would you?

Oh, a little kiss here and there

is bound to happen, Josef.

How is it, Josef?

It's all
right, Your Highness.

Uh, I'll get rid of her.

Oh, no.


She is charming.

Oh, but you won't take her
away from me, Your Highness.

If she knew that you are the
prince and I am the butler...

That would be awkward,
wouldn't it, Josef?

But I am in love with
her, Your Highness.

I feel terrible.

Take an aspirin, Josef,
that will calm you.

Thank you, Your Highness.


And Josef, take your time.

I'll attend to the lady.


Did you send him away...

Thank you, madame.

May I serve some champagne, madame?

No, thank you.

Madame reads Greek?

Oh, yes, I love the classics.

I'm very fond of all foreign languages.

It's easier this way, madame.


Drink this, madame.

It will calm you.

Champagne, madame?

Oh, a thousand pardons, madame.

Forgive me.

You clumsy clown!

Oh, if madame only can forgive me.

Go away, won't you?

Very well, madame.

How dare you!

Forgive me, madame.

It's a weakness of mine, always,

when I see such a beautiful
back, I forget myself.

You must be off your nut!

Oh, no, madame.

Oh, please forgive me.

A fine butler you are!

I'll have you thrown out on your ear!

Oh, please, madame, don't give me away

and I won't give you away.

What do you mean?



You said you wouldn't give me away.

Did I say that?

Yes, and you meant it.

You've seen me somewhere before.

No, madame.

But the world is very small.

Oh, Josef, please don't
say anything to His Highness.

Please don't tell him.

I won't give you away, Josef.

Thank you, madame.









Now what's the matter, Josef?

She's gone!

She's disappeared, Your Highness.

What, again?

I'll never see her again.

This is the end.

Now, why do you suppose she ran away?

A Cinderella complex, perhaps?

Everything was going so beautifully.

Until I came?

Better have a drink, Josef.

Yes, Your Highness.


Poor Josef.

Let me have my cigarette case, will you?

I saw you put it in the
pocket of that coat.


I was, er...

What the devil is the matter with you?


Your Highness, the cigarette case.

Well, well?

You see, Your Highness,
it was like this.

I have always admired
Your Highness's technique

with the ladies.

And when she admired the case
and I said, "It's yours."




She took it.

Well, she's the first
lady who ever did that.

You must get it back, Josef.

It's most useful.


I'll put a stop to this nonsense!

If you say another word, Rupert,

I'm going to have a headache

and you can sleep in your own room.

Don't threaten me.

I've plenty more words to say!


Now, listen, Pauline.

I want to know...

Oh, for heaven's sake,
stop nagging me, Rupert!

Then where were you from 10 till 12?

I've told you!

I was playing roulette
in the Crystal Room.

I was there twice.

I didn't see you at the tables.

Did you look under the tables?

Yes, and another thing.

At dinnertime you were flirting
with that Captain Ruslan.

Don't be ridiculous!

I hardly smiled at the man.

Oh yes, it always starts
with one of your smiles.

But where does it end?


Please give me my
handkerchief, will you?

I asked you for my handkerchief.

You're quite sure you were
playing roulette from 10 to 12?

For the tenth time, yes!

So that's all you have to say?



I just want to say that I was a idiot

to marry a fussy, stupid, jealous,

disagreeable, doddering
old fossil like you!

What are you ringing for?

You'll soon see.

Come in.

You rang, madame?

Marie, go and turn down
the bed in the Count's room

and draw a nice, hot
soothing bath for him.

Very good, madame.

Hello, Johnny.

Oh, hello.

Will you give me a cigarette?



How dare you!

Madame, I...

Please, er, I thought
you were somebody else.

I don't wish to hear your explanations.

I shall inform my husband
of what you've done!

Yes, but, madame, please.

Who is that lady over there?

Er, that is the Countess von
Rischenheim, Your Highness.

My hat and coat, quickly, please.


Just a moment!


So that's my story.

Well, of course in that case,
I shall have to forgive you.

Why can't you get me that number?

Oh, rats!

Oh, Marie, I've been
trying all day to get you.

I can't come in.

I only came for something.

Tell me, why did you run away?

Oh, please, I can't tell you.

What's the matter, Marie?

My slipper, I came for my slipper.

Did you find it?

Oh, yes, I found it.

I mean, Josef found it.

I'll get it for you now.

Wait a minute.

Did Josef say anything to you?

What about?

About me.

But do you think I would
permit my butler to discuss you?

And anyway, he's out for the evening.

Yes, you said that last night.

I hate butlers.

Such snooping, horrid creatures.

Always peeking through a keyhole!

Oh, but not all butlers are like that.

No, no.

No, no, I can't stay.

Please give me my slipper.

All right, I'll get it for you.

It's in my, er,

it's in Josef's room.

Thank you.

Oh, I wouldn't come in here.


Oh, please give me my
slipper and let me go!

Just a moment, Marie.

There is something else I...

It's about that...

Do you remember that
cigarette case I gave you?

Oh yes, did you find that, too?

Find it?


I thought I had it in my bag,

but when I looked this
morning, it was gone.


But you put it in your bag, I saw you.

You popped it in before I had a chance...

Well, it's gone.

Do you suppose your husband found it?

Oh, that's impossible.

Who could that be?

Shh, shh.

Quick, here.

I am Count von Rischenheim.

I want to see His Highness immediately.


I'm very sorry, Count,
but I'm just leaving.

So I see.

In a kimono.

Is this your cigarette case?

Yes, where did you find it?

I found this in my
wife's bag last night.

Can you explain that, sir?

Oh, well, that's most remarkable.

Was your wife at the casino last night?


Oh now, then I can explain.

I was at the casino last night, myself.

I was playing roulette with
my good friend the Archduchess

and, er...

May I ask, Count, is
your wife an old blonde?

My wife is a young,
slight, slimmish brunette.

That's right.

There was a slim, slummish
brunette seated very close to me.

And you understand, Count,
when one plays roulette

one's mind isn't on one's surroundings.

So it is quite possible
that I accidentally

put the case into your wife's bag

instead of the Archduchess's.

And why should you
put your cigarette case

into the Archduchess's bag?

Oh, now, now, come.

Don't be indiscreet.

You expect me to believe that?

Well, I hoped you would, er,

I mean,

a gentleman's word, Count,
should be sufficient.

A gentleman's word about
a lady means nothing.


I've just come from the casino

and a waiter told me that
my wife left there with you.

But I wasn't in the casino, I-

- You're a liar!

But Count, I...


- You saw my wife tonight and you...


Her slipper!

Is this your wife's slipper?

Well, I ought to know.

Oh, I assure you that, er...

She's in there.



Out of my way.

But Count, I...


Don't you dare lay
to lay a finger on her!

Oh, Your Highness,

I'm afraid there's been a little mistake.

A mistake?

Is this the lady to whom
you gave the cigarette case?


Isn't she your wife?

Oh no, no, no.

Not in the least.

I congratulate you, Marie.

I congratulate you also, Your Highness.

As for you, Marie, of course after this,

you understand you're through.

Marie, what does it all mean?

Oh, please, don't ask me.

Here, take it.

Why, Marie?

I can't take it from you, I've no right.

He found it in his wife's bag.

Do you know his wife?

Oh, yes, very well.

I, you see...

Then if he is not your husband, who is?

I haven't got a husband.

I lied to you.

I'm only...

I'm gonna leave Monte Carlo.

I'm never going to see you again.

But I want you to know, Your Highness,

that I'll never forget you.

You will always be my Prince Charming.


Oh, just a moment, Marie.

I want to ask you one question.

Supposing I were not a prince,

supposing I were just a simple man,

would that have made any difference?

You wouldn't have looked at me, would you?

Be honest, Marie, you just
wanted to play with a prince,

didn't you?

That isn't true.

Supposing I were a, oh,

a very simple man.

No title, no wealth, a
plain common man like,

like Josef for instance.

Oh, I forgot you have
an aversion to butlers.

Oh, what difference does it make?

If you love a man, you don't
care who or what he is.


Oh, no.

No, no, I'm going.

But Marie, you must listen!


What are you doing here in my clothes?

Oh, forgive me, madame.

I came for your slipper.

You were right, Prince, she is my maid.

Your maid, madame?

Yes, Josef.

Are you going to remain the prince

for the rest of your life?

Oh, forgive me, Your Highness.

And, and here is your cigarette case.



Then you're the prince?

Then who are you?

My butler, Josef.

You're Josef?

Yes, I am Josef.

Just a butler.

I'm sorry, Marie.


Marie, please.

A butler!

How dare you!


Miss Politski to you!

Let me pass, Your Highness.

You, a prince!

You're as much like a prince...

As you are like a lady.

How dare you!

I was very ladylike!

Oh, very ladylike!

Stop laughing at me, you beast!

You made a fool of me!

I wouldn't do that again if I were you.

I'll do it as often as I want!

I hate you!


My, what have I done?

Not exactly princely, Josef,

but very effective.

Your Highness.

Madame, forgive me, I didn't realize...

Casanova wouldn't let the
lady get away like that.


Thank you, Your Highness!

You know, I'm sorry for Josef.

He's much too good-looking to be a butler.

Don't you feel sorry for me, madame?

You are much too good-looking
for my peace of mind.

And when I took the veil off,

it was only her maid!

It wasn't my wife at all!


Oh, so this is the case.

It is a beautiful thing.

You like it, madame?

Of course, it's lovely.

It's yours.

I really should take it to
save you any more trouble.

No trouble at all, my dear.


What was that?

Come in.

A thousand pardons, Your
Highness, a fuse burned out.

This is charming.


Can you ever forgive me?

Oh, darling!

Can you forgive me?

Then will you marry me?

Even if I am a horrid, snooping creature?

But not all butlers are like that.