Bwakaw (2012) - full transcript

Comedy about growing old, fear of loneliness and coming out of the closet. Starring one of the Philippines' institution of cinema, Eddie Garcia.

Son of a gun!





Here. I brought some food.


I cooked too much corned beef.
It would be wasteful to throw it out.

-Is it salty?
-Not at all!

I can't have too much salt.

Have some.

Go ahead.

Just in time.

Bwakaw's second breakfast.

Go ahead.

Feast on it!

It must really be delicious.


I wanted to ask you a favor.

Is it possible to see the Santo Entierro?

I knew that's really why you came here.

I just want to rub it
with my handkerchief.

My granddaughter has been sick for weeks.
She's not getting well.

Nitang, that's why there are doctors.

If you had brought her to one,
she would be well by now.

-That's enough, Bwakaw.

We're going to be late.




Wait a minute.

-Hold on… Wait!
-What is it?

This isn't enough.

You didn't pay for your dog.

-But she was sitting on my lap.
-That's true.

But I couldn't get any other passengers.

They might have been
afraid of being bitten.

Do you take me for a fool?

If it were a woman nursing her baby,
would you ask her to pay for two?

Just pay me half then.

I'll report you to the authorities.

Did you think you could fool me
just because I'm old?

I'm not stupid!

You won't get a cent from me!

You can die waiting!


Berting, the dust might get in your eyes!

Be careful, I just took a bath!

Are you done, Rene?

Can you massage my back? It feels numb.

Hold on, Rene! I'm next!

I slept in an awkward position last night.
Maybe that's why my neck hurts!

Why don't you give each other a massage?

You might end up liking each other!

-Come on, Rene!
-Rene, I don't go for old ladies!

I think the old man's PMSing.

What did you say?

Nothing. I said, good morning!

I will miss your chicken adobo, Minda.

Teach me how to cook this
before you leave.


Minda, are you definitely leaving?

Cedes already sent me a ticket.

I think when I arrive, it will be
the middle of winter in Toronto!

-That sounds heavenly.
-I'm so excited!

I'm going to see my grandchildren!

What about them?

Are they excited to see you?


Most likely, they want you there
so you can be their nanny,

laundrywoman, cook!

You're so mean, Rene!

I'm just saying the truth.

Relatives don't get paid.

A maid is expensive.

Rene, you're being bitter again!

It's different with Cedes.

Let's hope so.


You're really voracious.

Slow down, you might choke.

-Our deadline is in two days.
-All right.

-I'll head out now.

Rene, I'm leaving.


I just want to ask for permission.

I can't come to work tomorrow.

I'm going to visit a friend.

Rene, you don't need to ask.

You've already retired.

I've been wondering
why you're still working here

when you're no longer getting paid.

This is better than doing nothing at home.

All right. I'll go now.

Take care.

Are you coming with me? Okay.

Rene, we're leaving now.

Okay, I'll lock up.




Here's another one.


Naty Jose…


Nukpitan… Tuazon…

Adding Mejaculcol…

Rene, you have a lot of sins!

It's you again, Rene.

Father… I made some changes to the list.

Minda is definitely leaving for Toronto.

So the box of glasses and porcelain plates
that was meant for her

will go to someone else now.

Rene, we are in a confessional!

I had no choice,
it's hard to track you down.

Well, here you go.

Why don't you just get a lawyer?

Then you wouldn't have to entrust
your last will and testament to me.

Father, that's just an additional expense.

Just take care of distributing my things
if something happens to me.

Don't worry, Father.

I also left something for you.

It will be worth your time.

Goodbye, Father.

Son of a gun!

Hey, stay there!

You can't come up here!

You'll make a mess again.

Very hard to clean up.

Hey! Stay there!

Get down!

Get down!

Stay there.


Who's bothering me now?


Just a minute!

What are you doing?
Don't touch that dog, Enteng!

You might get bitten
and infected with rabies!

You're not thinking!

The door looks open.


Oh, pussy!

Here he comes, you better behave.
You know how he is!

Good evening!

What are you doing here?

Do you know what time it is?

Yeah, but Mother asked me
to bring them here.

Who are they?

Fabulous boy toys for you!

They're a steal for only 50 pesos.
Buy one, take one. This one's huge.

Mother is fully booked, so she told me
to bring them here instead.

Show some love, boys.

What's this? Are you being picky?

Quit being picky!

For your information, he's older
than the Philippine Constitution!

This guy's an institution!

I'm just kidding!

How would you like a slap in the face?

You wake me up in the middle of the night

just to pimp two boys
uglier than fungus-infested feet?

Don't you blame me, Rene!

I'm just following Mother's orders.

You drive me crazy!

Come on, let's just go to the salon!


You're good for nothing!

People like that should be devoured!

Here, have a drink.

I didn't know you were here, Tonying.

-Have some ice tea.
-It's so noisy in here!

See you later…

-Here comes your friend.
-Not a word, Tracy.

Not a word.

Let's do this over here.

You want curls?
Let's wash your hair first.

Don't bite the manicurist,
you might get bad breath!

Did you come here
for a haircut or a fight?

Didn't I specifically ask you
not to send boys to my house?

Don't get all riled up. I just wanted
to check if you were still alive.

Not a peep out of you, not even a text.
You should keep in touch.

We endangered species should
look out for each other.

I mean it, don't ever do that again!

I'm not that kind of gay man.

Don't assume I'm like this floozie!

What's that?

-Hey, what did you say?
-Tracy! Just let it go!

I'm running out of patience, Mother!

I don't understand why
you stay friends with him.

He's such a nasty person,
why doesn't he just drop dead?

Watch your mouth, Tracy!

We're childhood friends.
You want me to pick on you?

Go back to work!

Come here, you might fall.

Hello, doggie, what's your name?

May I touch her?

Does she bite?

She doesn't.

I do.


-What are those?
-Honey oranges.

-How much?
-Five pesos each.

-Are they sweet?

Give me ten.

Your friend is here to visit you.

It's Rene. Do you remember him?

-How are you, Alicia?
-Sit down.

Thanks, Rose.

I'll leave you two alone.

Who are you again?

I'm Rene.

Are you my husband?

No. You don't have a husband.

I brought you your favorite.


Do you want me to peel one for you?


Don't swallow the seed.
It might grow in your stomach.

Is it sweet?

Who are you?

I'm Rene, Alicia.

I'm a good friend of yours.

You really don't remember me?



I thought you were some statue.

Come on!

What's up?

I came to ask you again.

May I visit your Santo Entierro?

You're persistent, aren't you?

My daughter called.

They brought my granddaughter to a doctor.

He said there's a tumor in her lung.

Nitang, what can the Santo Entierro do
to make your granddaughter get better?

Rene, I believe that statue of Christ
is miraculous.

When your mother first got it,
it was only this big.

As time passed, it got bigger and bigger.

That's nonsense.

It's not true.

If the statue were really miraculous,
my mother would have been healed.

Rene, maybe it was just time for her
to leave this world.

No one lives forever.

But you know, I was cured by that statue.

I was still a child,
and I had typhoid fever.

Thank you.

I will bring this to my grandchild,
and rub it on her back.

She will get well, Rene.

This will help her get well.

By the way, a salesman came by earlier.

He was looking for you.

A salesman?

Yes. He's from a funeral parlor.

He said he needs to talk to you.

Thanks again.

Thank you.

Son of a gun!

We've wanted to shut this down
for a long time.

My siblings and I were just waiting
for our father to die.

May God bless his soul.

Why did you want to see me?

Our records show that you bought
a coffin from us five years ago…

during our summer sale.

If I'm not mistaken,
this was the coffin you picked out.

That's a good choice, Rene. It suits you.


You had arranged with my father
to have your relatives claim the coffin

in case…

well, you know…

All of my surviving relatives
have gone to live abroad.

But I have asked someone else
to take care of it.

Rene, the problem is, we are
closing the funeral parlor in a week.

You need to take your coffin now.

But I'm still alive!

Yes, I can see that.


You still need to take your coffin now.

If you don't take your coffin now,
we'll be forced to donate it…

just like the other coffins
that we haven't sold.

Where am I supposed to keep it?

Why do you keep looking at your watch?

I need to get back to town.

Time is so slow.

You know what, Rene?
You still have lush hair.

Don't you want to have it dyed?
You'll look younger.

He's right, Rene. It will suit you.

It's an unnecessary expense.

Stupid. When have I ever asked you to pay?

I just don't want to.

Come on. So you won't scare away
the boys I send to you.

Rene, even though we're getting old,
we don't have to look miserable.

You're the one who looks miserable.
You're so fat.

Put a spear in you
and you'd look like a roasted pig!

You're being offensive!

Mother, you should keep
the old man in line!

Do you want me
to wipe the floor with your face?

Go ahead and try!

-Just try?




My nose is bleeding!

-My nose is bleeding!
-There's so much blood!

I'm going to sue you, old man!
Look at my nose!

You're going to sue me?

-I will!
-Just try!

-I will skin you alive!

-I will dance on your grave!
-Rene! That's enough!

You've done nothing
but quarrel with everyone!

Leave now, get out of our sight
and don't ever come back!

You bet I won't!

What are you so proud of, anyway?
This rundown salon?

-Have a great life with that whale!

-Get out of here!
-I'm not a whale!


I'm going to sue you, old man!
You monster!

My nose hurts!

-Switch off the lights.

Someone might see us.

I'm going to light a candle first.

There's no electricity in my house.

-You can come in after me.
-Yes, sir.


He's taking too long. Let's get it out.

My God…


It's actually quite comfortable.


Nitang, I hope you made a mistake.

I wanted to go in, but I was too scared.

-I was all alone.
-Hurry up!

Those bastards!

They just left Rene here,
completely exposed!

What is this? What happened?

Rene, what is this?

Rene, this is my fault!

It really is your fault!

Forgive me!



Why did you leave us?

Here, Nitang. Drink.

I almost had a nervous breakdown, Rene!
You scared us!

I didn't want Nitang to see my coffin.

That's why I had it delivered at midnight,
so no one would see.

We really thought you were dead!
We rushed over in the middle of the night.

Mother was in the middle of a bath.

She just put on whatever she could grab
out of sheer panic.

That's why she looks like a troll.


Rene, I wouldn't have forgiven myself

if you had died before I could make peace.

Actually, I feel the same, Rene.


I'm glad your conscience is bothering you.

But I'm sorry, too.

You know how grumpy I can be sometimes.

It's not just sometimes--

Did I say anything?

-You're buzzing like a bee!
-You two are going to fight again!

Rene, can't you get a new dog?

Look, we came and went,
and she never barked.

Useless. What if thieves broke in?

Let them try.

Let's see what they can steal
from my broken-down house.

-Oh, well.
-You go home now.

-Let's go!

Go get a taxi.

Rene, why do you do nothing
but wait for your death?

Zaldy, at my age, what else can I do?

A lot of things.

-Like dating men?
-Fine, that's enough!

You might say something that
will lead to another fight.

All I'm saying is

instead of just waiting
for the day you die,

do whatever makes you happy.

I don't know what will make me happy.


Hi, Rose. Where's Alicia?

Did something happen?

She's missing.

What do you mean?

We think she left early yesterday morning.

The guard downstairs was asleep
so he didn't see her leave.

Don't worry. We've already told
the police and her family.

But her sister can't come back
from the United States right now.

Rose, I don't understand.

Things can get lost.

But you can't find Alicia
even if she just crawled under the bed?

You have to find her.

She's a person, Rose.
She's not just a thing.

How can you lose her?

Please stop crying.
It won't do you any good.

Minda, that's enough.

My God, why did this happen?

Why did what happen?

Minda went to the doctor for some tests.
They found a clogged artery in her heart.

She has to have an operation soon.
She could have a heart attack at any time.

I can't go to Toronto anymore.

This is just temporary.

Once you get better, you can follow Cedes.

Cedes' husband might no longer want me.

I might just become a burden
if I went and lived with them.

Why did things turn out this way?
My God, what sin did I commit?

Why now, when I am so close to seeing
my daughter and my grandchildren?


Let me guess.

You changed something on your list again?

Minda is no longer leaving for Toronto.

So, the box of glasses
and porcelain plates is hers once again.

All right.

I will make sure
your wishes are carried out

if something happens to you.

There's just one condition.

What is it?

Rene, please come to Mass once in a while.

I only see you here when
you change something in your will.

Rene, instead of preparing the things
you are leaving behind,

why don't you prepare for
where you're going?

In your opinion, Father,
where will I go after I die?

I'd like to ask you that, Rene.

Don't you want to be with our Father

after you leave this world?

I don't.

Why would I want that?

If being gay were a sin,

why did he make me this way?

I'm not just gay.

I'm a very cowardly gay man.

You know, Father,

I was already 60 years old
when I finally accepted who I was.

Do you know how hard that is?

To be a gay man whose time has passed?

Minda, your feet.

Minda, your feet.

Minda… your feet!

-I'm sorry.
-There's a lot of dust under the chairs.


Is it sad to be alone?

I'm not going to Toronto anymore.

My roommate is going to move out soon.

I was just thinking…

what am I going to do when
I'm all alone at home?

Aren't you going to rest
after your operation?

Once you've recovered,
you'll go to Toronto.

Then you won't be alone.


I might stumble.

I might trip!

-What have you been up to?
-We're here!

Steady. One… two… three…


Thank you!

But what is this for?

Thank you, all of you!

-But what is this for?
-This was all Rene's idea.

By tomorrow, you'll be on leave
for your operation.

We prepared some food
for your going-away party.

I also invited your former colleagues.

And that's not all.
We have one more surprise for you.

-Right. Excuse me.

You're making me nervous again.

-What is it?

Open sesame!


These are great! We all look so good!

"Take care in Toronto."


We're certain you'll go to Toronto
after your operation.

I hope you don't forget us, Minda.

I won't! I won't! That's a promise!

-I just want chocolates.
-I will send a lot of chocolates!

I'm so happy! You're all very kind!

Just look at what you've done for me.

Did you really do this just for me?

Thank you! Thanks a lot!

You've made me very happy--


-What happened?

Call a doctor!

Run! Run!

Don't blame yourself, Rene.

According to the doctor,
Minda was at high risk for this.

Maybe it was just her time.

Berting, Rene…

What am I going to do now?

Try to be brave.

Be strong. You'll get through this.

Have you called Cedes?

That's not what I'm worried about.

What am I going to do
about my aunt's face?

I can't put her in a coffin
looking like that.

They will laugh at her.

I can't do anything about it.
You can't cover it with make-up.

Her face is contorted.

Poor Minda.

Look at her mouth.

It looks like a chicken's butt.

Exactly. There's nothing I can do.
It's beyond my power.

Come on, Zaldy.

Tracy is as wide as a truck

but you still found a way to let her
join a beauty pageant.

You can do it.

Excuse me. I'm not dead!

You're going to quarrel again!

It's his fault.
He's making me lose my temper.

But you're right.

Since it's just the right side
that's contorted,

we can do something about it.

But how, Mother?

Look at Minda.

She looks like she's going to church.

Father, I don't know what to do.
I'm leaving in two days.

I don't think I'll be here
for my aunt's burial.

You see, I've already signed a contract.

Your Aunt Minda will understand.

Thank you.

Father, I just made this a while ago.

I was going to give it to you.

Here we go again.

You spend all your time writing a will.

But look, Minda went before you did.

Excuse me.

Do you know the deceased?

I'm asking you. Do you know the deceased?

I don't.

What are you doing here then?

Someone offered me coffee. I accepted.

Is that a bad thing?

Yes, it is. You're not a guest here.

I hope you crash your tricycle! Baldy!

Why did he suddenly leave?

I told him I'd get him some food.

You know him?

He gave me a ride earlier when I went
in to town to buy some things.

I didn't have enough money to pay him,

but when he saw there was a wake here,
he refused to take any money.

I was afraid to ride with him at first.

He looks like a thug.

You're lucky he didn't rape you!

You know what, Bwakaw?

Now I know.

When I'm on my deathbed,

before I take my last breath,

I will force myself to smile.

I don't want to be like Minda
and die with a grimace on my face.

Is that good, Bwakaw?

You like it, huh?

Here you go, Bwakaw.

Hey. You're finicky now.

Come on, eat that.

Hey, I had that for breakfast, too.

That's cured pork.

You really don't want it?

If you don't eat when you're hungry,
you'll have ulcers.

Don't whine later if you get hungry.

You're not going to get any food from me.

Let's go!

I have to admit,

Minda and I worked together
for more than 20 years

but we were never really close.

But then again,
I'm not really close to anyone.

There are only two things
I know about Minda.

First, she can cook delicious adobo.

And second, she really loves
her daughter Cedes.

I think that if it were up to Minda,

she would want to be remembered this way,

as a simple,

loving, good mother.

And most of all, as an excellent cook.

Thank you.


-What did you do to her?

My son was playing with her
when she suddenly fell on the ground.


Stop! Stop! Stop!

Grandpa, wait!


-What happened?
-I don't know.

-I need to take her to the doctor.
-Okay. Get in.

It looks like your pet suffered
a heat stroke.

What does that mean?

She fainted from the intense heat.

Didn't you say she was playing
with the kids at high noon?

Is she in any danger?

She's breathing normally.

I don't think there's any…

She seems to have a lump here.

And it's not just one. There are two.

I think there's even a third one.
When did these appear?

I don't know.

Don't you ever touch your dog?

We need to do a lab test.

Come back for her tomorrow.


-She'll be confined?

I will keep her under observation.

I think this may be serious.

Why are you still here?

You forgot to pay.

That's right! I'm sorry.

Here. I'll pay for my dog, too.

Plus, here's a 20-peso tip.

Where's your dog?

She has to stay.

Are you going back the same way?
I'll ride with you.

Okay. But I want to have lunch first.

It's a long trip back.

Bwakaw isn't really my dog.

She just strayed into our neighborhood.

She got used to coming to my house…

because I fed her my leftovers.

Eventually, she stayed for good.

You're as big a pig as Bwakaw.


I said my dog's name is Bwakaw.

I'm sorry.

It's not my habit to talk while eating.

Grandpa, are you still going to eat that?

No. You can have it.

If life wasn't so hard in Manila,
I would have stayed there.

I never got used to it.

That, and my wife's family
owns a house here.

That's a big help, since we have
kids to send to school.

What was your job in Manila?

I drove cabs,
worked on carpentry projects.

When I was really desperate,
I robbed people.

Grandpa, lighten up!

Have you looked at yourself in the mirror?

Don't make jokes like that.
People might believe you.

So, you can be funny?

Of course I can, baldy!

Look at the top of your head.
A map is starting to form.


It is you!

Why don't you say something?

Do you really remember me?

How can I forget
my first and last boyfriend?

They told me I'm sick.

But when they found me,
my mind was very clear.

The doctor said this is just temporary.

If you ask me, I don't want to get well.

But why?

Have you seen this place at night, Rene?

It's very sad here.

I would rather lose my memory
than see the sun set in this place.

Alicia, forgive me.

For what?

For making you love me back then.

I made you hope and believe
that I loved you.

I should have told you from the start
what I really am.

You could have found someone else.

You could have had a family now.

You wouldn't be here.

Rene, you're not the only reason
I didn't get married.

Rene, there's something
I want to ask of you.

What is it?

-Don't visit me anymore.

I want you to remember me this way.

This is the last time
we'll see each other.

Here, someone will take care of you,
but no one will love you.

Don't come back. Promise me that, Rene.

She seems better, Doc.

That's just for now.
Soon, your dog won't be able to stand up.

I didn't know that even dogs
could get cancer.

Heart disease,


even depression.

Dogs are just like people.

Is there any medicine we can give her?

I will prescribe painkillers,
but they won't cure her.

Her cancer has spread.

There's another option.

What is it?

We can put her to sleep,
end her suffering.

You're the one I'm worried about.

At your age, it might be difficult
for you to care for her,

especially when her condition gets worse.

You might get sick yourself.


Come inside.

Come in.

You're not just voracious.

You're a copycat, too.

Well, let me tell you this.

Just because your illness is worse

doesn't mean you'll go first.

Do you think I'll let you beat me?

You're just a dog, remember that.

Try to get better, okay?

-Please put it there.
-Okay. Hold on.

You know…

in all my life…

I have never brought a girl into my room.

You're the only one, Bwakaw.

Need a ride, Grandpa?
Where are you headed?

Are you hungry?

Let's eat first.

It looks like your dog is better now.

The doctor said she won't live long.

I want to bring her to the next town
to get a second opinion.

Do you know of any veterinarians there?

-No, I don't.
-Can you go with me to look for one?

It's a bit far.

I'll pay.

I'll pay the dog's fare as well.

-All right. Hop in.
-Come, Bwakaw.

What if you take your dog to Manila?

We've been looking for hours,
but there's no veterinarian in sight.

It's expensive there.

I'll use up my pension.

Maybe you just need to pray.

You're religious.

There are things that are
beyond our control.

If we don't believe in God,
what will happen to us?

That's why every year,
no matter what I'm doing,

during the feast of the Nazarene,
I always go to Quiapo.

What about you, are you religious?

When my mother was still alive,
she would carry the cross every Holy Week.

Sometimes, I would go with her.

She also took care of a Santo Entierro,
that was part of her devotion.

Santo Entierro?

Like the Holy Nazarene?

It looks just like that.

Mother had it made in Paete.

Thank you. Goodbye.

You know, it's miraculous.

What is?

My mother's Santo Entierro.

It used to be this small.

Then, it got bigger and bigger.


Would you like to see it?


Come inside.

Come, Bwakaw.

Come in.

Don't worry. It's empty.

This way.

Here it is.

-May I take a look?

This is the room my mother and I used.

This was her bed.

From the time I was little,

she always slept beside the Santo Entierro

until the day she died.

You said it wasn't this big back then?


So, you have nothing to worry about.

I'm sure your dog will get well
because of this.

Do you think God will perform
a miracle on a dog?

Nothing's impossible with God.

Shouldn't you tell the Church about this?

That could be a problem.
I don't want to get mobbed.

That's why I don't tell just
anybody about this.

But you told me.

You're not just anybody.

You helped me bring Bwakaw to the doctor.

You don't know me yet, Grandpa.

By the way, I'm Sol.


You know, I understand you now.

What do you mean?

Anybody, including me,

would be grumpy in a house like this.

It's depressing.


Maybe that's why your dog got sick.

Okay, I'll go now.

Take care, Sol.

-He's winking at you.
-Stop it, Stefano!

-I wonder how much that wink costs.
-Stop it! How annoying!

-Go away! How annoying!

Hi, Rene. Are you here for a haircut?

-Yes. If you're not busy.
-I'm not.

I'm just putting make-up on Tracy.
He's joining a beauty contest.

See? Look at me. Do I look like Beyoncé?

If Beyoncé got run over by a steamroller,
and her face got flattened

you'd look like Beyoncé,
whoever she may be.

You don't know Beyoncé?
She's a great singer.

-She can do all those runs!

No one sings better than Nora Aunor.

My goodness, Rene.
Nora Aunor is a has-been.

-Do you want to get hit by a dryer again?
-No! You win, you win.

That's enough.
I've done all I can for your beauty.

Have a seat, Rene.

Quick, sit down.

What hairstyle do you want?


My hair is still short.

What if…

I have it dyed.

A miracle! He'll have his hair dyed!


Wow! You look so fresh, Grandma!

It suits you, Rene.

Bwakaw, does it really suit me?

Does it seem like I'm trying too hard
to look young?

-Grandpa! Going home?

-Wait for me, I'll just drop them off.

Your hair makes you look younger!


Berting! What are you doing here?

I just wanted to check on you.

You haven't come to the post office
in a long time.

We were thinking you might be sick.

No. It was Bwakaw who got sick.

She does look sick.

You had your hair dyed.

It's been like that for a week.

What are you doing? Let me help.

Don't bother. I can manage.

I'm just patching up these broken walls.

There are a lot of holes.

You didn't buy enough bulbs.
A lot of the old ones are busted.

All right,
I'll go to the hardware store later.

I made some iced tea. You must be thirsty.


Who was that?

-A friend.
-A friend? I hope you know him.


He looks like he's up to no good.

I have other things to do.

If you don't have anything good to say,
you should leave.

You come to visit,
and then you meddle in my life.

I'll go now.

Grandpa, check this out.

That's great!

Your light is fixed.

Come and have a snack.

Try this cookie, it's called paborita.

This is delicious.


Sol, don't forget these cookies
for your wife.

Thank you.

You'll see tonight,
your house will light up.

Here you go.
That includes the money for the paint.

This is too much.

That's okay.

If you keep this up, I'll just work
full-time as your carpenter.

I'll go now.
I'm buying a special dinner for my kids.

Thanks again, Sol.

Don't thank me.
I'm not helping you for free.

-Anyway, thanks again.

Sugar Mama!

That's a surprise! Who was that?

There was a reason for the hair dye.

And I thought all along
you were just picky.

You turned down every boy I sent you
when all you wanted was someone like that!

Yes, he prefers the tough-guy type.
Do you want to be punished?

Stop pestering me!

That guy is helping me repair the house!

-You don't say?

You're such gossips!

-Are we gossips?

You have such dirty minds!

What? What did he say?

Did you notice? The old man blushed!


Careful, he might clean out
your bank account!

You're just like them. Don't be malicious.

Bwakaw, wake up.

Breakfast in bed.


You're bleeding!



What happened?

We need to bring Bwakaw to the hospital!



Sol, make it quick!


If she's bleeding, that means the cancer
has most likely spread to her liver.

I'm going to prescribe medicine
that you can inject into her.

-I'm going to do the injection?
-I'll teach you how.

With her condition, you may not be able
to make her take painkillers.

You will have to inject her.

Grandpa, I'll be honest with you.
Your dog only has a few days to live.

Sol, let's paint the house some other day.

Bwakaw is seriously ill.

Sure. No problem, Rene.

Sol, don't go home yet.

Let's talk.

What's the real reason
why you have a coffin in here?

I'm old, Sol.

I'm preparing for what may happen.

When I die, I don't want
to be buried wrapped in a mat.

The worms will quickly feast on me.

Rene, when you're dead, you're dead.

If your body were set afloat in the sea
instead of buried underground,

could you tell the difference?

You shouldn't worry
about things like that.

But I'm impressed with you.

The way you look, no one would think
you could drink like a fish!

We're on our second bottle of gin,
and you don't seem even slightly drunk.

I'm used to drinking.

When you're all alone,

alcohol is your only friend.

By the way, why did you never marry?

Don't you know?

You haven't mentioned anything.

Why, isn't the reason obvious?

You're confusing me.

Let me tell you something.
I had a girlfriend once.

After 15 years, we broke up.

Fifteen years?

That's how long I fooled her.

-What do you mean?
-I wasn't true to myself.

From the start, I never really loved her.

Did you love someone else?

No, there was no one else.

I have never fallen for anyone.

Except now, perhaps,

when I'm already too old.

Tonight, let's not think
about our problems.

Let's just drink.

What are you doing?

Sol, don't be mad.

I just want to know how it feels.

-I won't do it again.
-Get away from me!

Now you're coughing.

Don't touch me!

You disgust me! You're revolting!






I'm so sorry, Grandpa.

You shouldn't have come all the way here.

The long trip will do more harm
than good for your dog.

I wanted to have her examined
here in Manila.

Maybe you can still help her.

If you had brought her here earlier,

we could have seen if she would
respond to chemotherapy.

But there's no guarantee it will work.

Now, all we can do is make
her last few days comfortable.

Rene… Rene!

What is it, Nitang?

I've got very good news, Rene!

Did you know that the Santo Entierro
healed my grandchild?

Her tumor is not malignant!

The statue really is miraculous!

What do you want me to do, jump for joy?

No, of course not!

As my way of giving thanks, I want to
have clothes made for the Santo Entierro.

I'm going to bring a dressmaker
to get the measurements.

What time can I come tomorrow?


Rene, why don't you come inside?

It looks like you revised the list again.

Father, is it possible
that God is angry with me,

and he's making my dog suffer
to punish me?

I know he can hear you better, Father.

Please tell him that I'm begging him.

Don't take Bwakaw.

Tell him I'm begging.


I'm going to tell you a secret.

Zaldy's not my best friend.

You are.

I can't believe my dog died before I did.

Let's go inside, Rene. It's getting dark.