Buzzer Beat (2009) - full transcript

Fate brings together Shirakawa Riko and Kamiya Naoki-but fate is fickle.While Riko is an aspiring violinist,and Naoki a hopeful pro-basketball player, both strive to achieve their dreams whilst struggling through a web of betrayal to find true love.

Gather 'round!


We're about to start the regular season!


Are we ready?!


What do we, ARCS, aim?!

Win the championship!

Okay! Let's play to win!


- Kawasaki-san. I'm going in for rehab.
- Sure.

- Natsuki, take care of him there.
- I will.

Let's go.

Game make-up! Game make-up!
That's good, that's good!

Be sure and check your defense!

- Don't push it too hard.
- Yeah.

We won't...

give up and will do our best to the very end.

Get going.

Yeah. All right.

That's right.

We said we wouldn't give up
until the very end.

Naoki and I promised that.

Even if we're apart...

...when I think of you,

I'll be able to become stronger.

I'll become stronger, too.

I won't see you anymore.

If we met, it'd just be harder
when we part, after all.



"Since then, 2 weeks had passed."

- Utsu-san...
- Yeah.

What do you usually do
on the night before a match?

Me? I watch a basketball match
on DVD then go to bed by 9.


On a night like that, my wife
and I go into super-love mode.

Well, doing that gives me power for the match.

Ah, super-love mode, huh?
That's nice.

Ah, by the way,

starting tomorrow, it'll just be
Mai-san and me living together.

I wonder how we'll spend the time?

- Just the two of you?
- Yes.

Starting tomorrow,
Riko-san is going to Karuizawa.

Starting tomorrow, huh?

That's right.

It'd be best if we made a Katsudon.
[breaded pork on rice]

"If we eat Katsudon, we'll win," it seems.

Okay! Then let's all go out
and eat some yakiniku!

- Okay!
- I'll go for yakiniku, too!

We're going Dutch treat, though.

Say. You really aren't allowed to have
your cell phone with you during that time?

Yeah. Yao-san told me many, many times...

...that my performances felt incomplete.

I was thinking the same way.

I've probably been too easy-going on myself.

What's that?

I thought we could go together
to cheer for their games,

so I even bought T-shirts and pom-poms.

Sorry I won't be able to go
to the matches with you.

So this is your final day today here...

...with the part-time job, huh?


The customer number you have reached...

The customer number you have reached... not being used at this time.

Buzzer Beat
~Hero on the Edge~

Episode 11: "Starting the Trip"

Softsubs by Heiwa Fansubs.
Special thanks to furransu for timings.

Manager. I was under your care these last 2 years.

Not at all. Congratulations.

- Work hard at the violin.
- I will. Thank you very much.

Say, Yusuke-kun.

Where's that book on cats I asked you for?

Ah... I forgot...

I'm sorry. I'll bring right away. Right away.

Is that person the Manager's wife or something?

Eh? Isn't she rather young?

Now that you mention it, he was saying something
about feeling like getting remarried.


Ah. I'm sorry.

Weren't you the one performing back then
at the building in front of the station?


If I remember, it was this summer.

Ah, yes.

I'm sorry, sorry. Here it is.

Eh? What's the matter?

Yeah. For some reason, my little brother...

...meant to take one of the performers a sunflower.

Thank you for the wonderful performance.

Well, in the end, he wasn't able to give it
to her so he gave it to a child instead.


That's a good story about Naoki-kun, isn't it?

- Naoki?
- Yeah.

Manager, do you know Kamiya-kun?

Well. I know everything about him.

How do you know about Naoki-kun?

A sunflower...

A small boy gave me a flower, too.

One cute sunflower.

It made me happy.

It made me think, 'I have to work
much harder on the violin.'

Good for you.

Eh? Hey, Riko, what's the matter?!

Riko, what's going on?

Mai. I don't have my cell phone.
Naoki's number.

You're the one who
cancelled your contract, didn't you?

Hang on a minute.
I'll ask Shuji-kun for it right now.



I guess I shouldn't.

That sunflower was from Naoki.

I hadn't been working as hard
as I should have then.

Ever since,

Naoki has been cheering for me and my violin.

Naoki gave me the courage
to move forward towards my dream.

So it's okay.

I'm sure this'll be fine.


Are you really sure?

Yeah. Thank you, Mai.

- Say, Riko. Where are the movers?
- Yeah. I think they'll be here soon.

- Shuji-kun!
- Yes!

Take this. And this.

- Yes.
- Counting on you.

- Roger that.
- Thank you.

- To the front door okay?
- Yeah.

Still... You've had no eye for men
since forever, Riko.


- Ehh... Is that right?
- Yeah.

Ah, that's right.

I was up all last night making
this love-chronology chart.

Wow! This is incredible!

Why did you make this?

Because I wanted...

to look back over our lives
on this last night together.

Um... What's this X mark here for?

Ah. That's from the winter of 2004.

Riko was involved with a senior of ours in the
Piano Department that turned into a disaster.

Ah. That was the 2-D incident.

Yes, yes, yes.

And this is for the torch
you carried for Nakashini-sensei.


But Mai-san, you don't have much history
about yourself listed here, do you?

- Leave me alone.
- Ah, I'm sorry.

And, right here is where you
picked up Kamiya-kun's cell phone.

She found Naoki-san's cell phone?


Then, Riko met Kawasaki-san,

then she met Kamiya-kun...

and then I met Shuji-kun.

That's right.

From this point on, it's my era.

But why did you...

write Naoki-san's name as
the last person for Riko-san?

Look. I'll explain it all clearly to you later,

so can you be quiet for now?

Yes. I'll go get some coffee.

Ahh... When you look at it,

lots of things happened
this summer, didn't they?

That's true.

Though before this, there were those 2 years
in which practically nothing happened.

So true.

But wasn't all this after you and I
moved in here and started living together?


it was this apartment that
brought us good luck in love.

Maybe it did.

We really got to talk about
so many things this summer, didn't we?

We did.

It was only half a year,

but ever since you and I lived together,

the two of us were able to talk
all we wanted about love...

and could laugh and cry about it together.

I really enjoyed it.

Yeah. I enjoyed it, too.

Riko. I guess I don't want you to go! I don't like it!

Mai! I don't like it, either!

It's best if you don't go!

- It's best?
- I'm sure you should stay here.
- I don't want to go.

I'm sad, too.

I'm home.

Ah, welcome back!

- Ah. Naoki, come see.
- Huh? What's all that?

Say. Natsuki-chan came by earlier
and brought us all this.

She said this supplement is good for the bones.

Here! Go ahead.

I guess Natsuki-chan's a good girl after all.

That's true.

I wonder why you had to break up with her?

You should be studying for the exams.

- Yes.
- That's right.

- There.
- Yes.

Still, well, I was thinking you two
should reconcile.

- By the way.
- Yeah.

- What are a man and a woman?
- Eh?

What's that out of the blue about?
It's like some enka song lyric.

- Because Mom, you too...
- Yeah.

You were once in love with Dad, weren't you?

But even so,

you broke up.

Love's complicated, isn't it?

What's the matter, Naoki?

Well, it's true there's always
the chance it will fail.

Still, I have no regrets about being in love.

I always put my full effort into it.

"I love you!"

- Is that right?
- That's right.

Ah, this is strange.
You and me talking about this of all things.

Well, I'm 24 now, after all.

I see...

Naoki's at an age where he realizes
that love isn't just fantasy.


- Look.
- Yeah.

- I found her.
- Huh?

Look, as you told me before.

A girl who I could sincerely be at ease with.

But, she has an
important dream she has to chase.

Of course I think I should support that.

But I don't want her to get away, either.

Because of me, she's unlikely
to give up on her dream though.

I see.

- Yes. Here you go.
- Thank you.

A girl you're serious about, huh?


Then, do you trust in that feeling?

It's easy to give up by saying,
"Love is painful."

But, by not giving up and believing in them,

you might perhaps discover the one
you believed in is sparkling.


That's right.

You were always saying this
from the time you were a child.

"I won't give up on basketball
until the very, very end."

And, "I believe I'll win,
so I'll win no matter what." Right?


Even when I become an old woman,

I won't give up on my dream then, either.

Good luck reaching your dream!
From your number 1 fan

No way...

Thank you, Naoki.

Good luck reaching your dream!
From your number 1 fan

"And then our summer ended...

...and the Regular Season of 2009 began."

The PBA now raises the curtain
on the 2009 and 2010

Regular Season with the JC ARCS team.

Just what sort of playing will they show those
who've gathered here that will make them stand out?

Utsunomiya makes his shot!

Point Guard Kamiya Noaki, who is out
due to an injury due to a fracture,

must be wishing his best for the JC ARCS members

and their goal of the championship!

2010, Early Summer


Is that French toast?


Did you make it, Shirakawa-san?

Yeah. Want some?

Ah, yes. Well then, just one.

That's good!

Isn't it?

You're surprising.

A R C S!

In the final match of the Regular Season,

The furious battle rages on.

The team who wins this match
advances to the playoffs.

Kamiya scores!

He's the one who missed the start
of the Season, Kamiya Naoki.

Since his comeback, he's been wonderful
in every match and has been playing consistently.

He is surely bringing momentum to his team.

The match is over!

We have a winner! The JC ARCS,
continuing from last year's season,

have been decided to go to
this year's playoffs as well!

- It starts at 6?
- Yeah.

It's your, "Toast to Celebrate our
Advancement to the Playoffs," isn't it?

I'll have to do my best
to bring out my fighting spirit.

Yeah. That's right.


Somehow, it feels totally unchanged...

from how it did a year ago at this time.

When you said, "If I win the championship,
let's get married."

It doesn't feel like you've changed
at all since that day.

Eh?! Naoki-san and Natsuki-san
have gotten back together?!

No. It's just the rumor, a rumor.

Well, but it's true, isn't it?


stuck right by him during those
six months of rehab.

Yes, yes.

She wasn't around when
Saga-kun's back went out.

Moreover, when Naoki recovered,

he was in top condition!

It's true, he's in great condition.

Ehh... More than before.

Well, they do look good together.

I see.

Well, that's great, isn't it.

He really shouldn't do this...

I'd better report it to Mai-san.

- Hello.
- Hello there.

See, look. They came together.

Okay! Well, Kawasaki-san hasn't arrived yet,

- but let's have a toast!
- Yes!

Yes, yes, yes, yes!

Natsuki, here.

Here, Naoki.

Thank you.

Okay, ready now?

Let's aim for taking the championship this year!

- Kanpai!
- Kanpai!

Okay! There. Drink up.

If we win the championship,


get married.


So win.

All right!


That's great, isn't it?

That you and Naoki have made up.


Made up?

Utsu-san, how did your omiai
the Director set up for you go?

No. I didn't go.

I don't intend to get married.

Ah, geez. Miyuki-senpai's been married
for 3 years now, hasn't she?

You must miss our cheerleading senpai.


The one I like now...

is different from the woman I liked 3 years ago.

- Is that right?!
- Yeah.

Well, it's an unrequited love like always.

I see.

Whoever it is Utsu-san is holding a torch for,
she must be one very lucky person.

If so, then it's okay.

Utsu-san. Come here.
It's about Kasukabe.

- Kasukabe? What about him...?
- C'mere, c'mere.

Eh? Riko, you're coming back to Tokyo?

That's right. To help out one of the
Foundation senpai's with their performance.

It's just for a short while,
but is it okay if I drop by?

Of course.

Ah. But Shuji-kun just
went out on an away game.

Is that right.?

Ah, sorry. My 10 yen's up.
I think I'll get there really soon.


- Shirakawa-san.
- Yes.

We'll be re-assembling at 17:00.

Ah. Roger that.

- Just a little more to complete it.
- Yes.

It's a huge place,

so we'll need to make baskets
from the outside as well.

That's true. Well,

the beef curry Mai-san made yesterday

was much better than her other ones.


Hey bus, wait for me!


Like I thought, ARCS basketball is all about speed.

Ah, but, isn't power important, too?

But, for right now we have to focus on speed.

I wonder if having eaten Mai-san's
cooking that will give us power? Right?


Ah. She's been putting in
too much garlic lately.

Ehh... Shuji-kun got to play in a match?

That's right.

He finally got to start after half a year.

Well, he only netted about 3 minutes total,
so he didn't play an active part.

Ah, is that right?

Say, how's the condition of
the ARCS been recently?

"How"? They're in the finals!

Kamiya-kun's been really awesome.

He's made probably 60% of his 3 point shots.

Hmm. Say. Is that good or bad?

60% is really good!

Ahh... I wonder why they don't put them on TV?

Nowadays, like with baseball and sumo, don't you think
there are people who'd like to see it?

Don't you think they could devote just
a little bit of broadcast time to basketball?

Looks like Mai's become a true basketball fan.

Yeah. I have all the basics down pat.

- Well, Itadakimasu.
- Itadakimasu.

And? How have you been recently?

Huh? Yeah, that's right.

Here are pictures from my performance
in Karuizawa the other day.


It's wonderful.

Huh? Who's this beautiful person?


Ah, he's my cellist senpai.

No, no, no. I haven't fallen in love with him at all.

The only ones I'm in love with right now...

are Mozart, Paganini and Tchaikovsky.

Didn't you have an aversion to
the Romantic school?

Yeah. Well, I'm still poor at it even now.

- But, well, I enjoy the musical interpretation part.
- Hmm...

I see.

So Naoki's doing his best, too, huh?

Here. Here's his game schedule.

Aren't you gonna get in touch with him?

It's been half a year already.


But, well, I wonder our destinies
will cross again?


Ahh... I'd like to play something with you again.

Good luck reaching your dream!
From your number 1 fan

I'm doing my best.

What's a championship match like?

Do lots of visitors come?

When the finals approach,

thousands of people will show up.

Do you know Yoyogi second gym?

When it's full, there can be 3,000 people.

Ehh... That many?
That's awesome.

It's awesome. When all the visitors are cheering
it's thrilling and it makes me extremely excited.

I hope you can see one soon.



The match begins in Chiba now.

I had some things to do with the Association,
so I'm running late.

- The match is in Chiba?
- Yeah.

And, if we win this match,
we'll move to the finals.


You haven't gone to see us?

I wanted to go, but I had my lessons.

I see.

I heard about it from Mai-chan.

That you cancelled your cell phone contract,
and were working hard in Karuizawa by yourself.


Naoki's doing his best, too.

He's playing really well this season.

He's actually playing basketball
in a good mood.

Is that so?

Back then,
if Naoki had spoken up even a bit,

maybe I wouldn't have gone to Karuizawa.

I'd have given up my dream that easily.

That's why I cancelled my cell phone.

I was weak.

I hate my weakness.

But when I went to Karuizawa,

I realized just how much
I really loved the violin.

It's tough,
but now I'm happy every day.

Is that so?
I'm glad for you.

If it were me,

I'd have said,
"Give up the violin and stay beside me!"

Maybe I'd have held Riko-chan back.

When Naoki told me,
"Do your best!", I was very happy, but,

I didn't get in touch with him.

We've been apart for half a year,
I couldn't even hear his voice,

so I wonder if he's already forgotten me.

It's possible, isn't it?

As a senior in life, I think...

the possibility for a destined man and woman
will meet and get together is...

How can I put? lower than making a Buzzer Beat
in the 4th quarter to turn a loss into a win.

- Buzzer Beat?
- Yeah.

You don't know?

At the end of a game or a period,
and at the exact same time as the buzzer,

a shot where a ball is thrown and scores
is called "Buzzer Beat".


- Is that possible?
- Yeah, it's possible.

No matter how disadvantageous the situation is,

or difficult to make your dream come true,

if you don't give up, there'll always be a way.

There's also a way after losing you.



It was fun talking with you
after such a long time.

I had fun, too.
Thank you so much.

Ah, that's right!

I told you I wouldn't lie anymore,

so I want to tell you one last thing.


...still thinking of you.


This is the PBA third semifinal game
between JC ARCS and BRONCOS.

Which team's gonna win
and advance to the finals?

Since the 4th quarter,

the JC ARCS are currently leading by 8 points.

Well, from Kamiya,

JC ARCS are passing the ball rhythmically.

A chance! Yoyogi!
He made it!

From Kamiya again.


Saga made a 3-point shot.

With Kamiya as the center, the JC ARCS are
playing well in a perfect formation.

Kamiya is surely uniting the team into one.

Kamiya shoots personally!
He makes it!

Another chance!

Utsunomiya passes the ball to Kamiya.

Well, Kamiya...
He made the last shot!

JC ARCS have made their dearest wish come true
by making it to the Finals.

They will play against HARTS in the final match.


From now, I can believe... Naoki's dream.

Back then, I was angry and told you
it wouldn't come true for sure.

I forced my own dreams and future
on Naoki and hurt you.

But now, I believe it from my heart.

I love Naoki.

Can't we be happy together?

Natsuki'll be able to be happy.


...not with me.

Natsuki is super good woman.

I wanted you to think I was the perfect man,

and the man you could trust.

Back when I didn't have any confidence,

I just showed off
and desperately protected my pride.

I only thought about myself.

I didn't know what was worrying Natsuki.

I'm really sorry for that.

But, I...


Geez. You're so gentle.
You're too gentle, aren't you?

It's because you're too gentle,
you get lied to and betrayed.


But well, that girl won't
do things like that, right?

I was told... Riko-chan.

"Naoki's dream will definitely come true."

You're going to her place, right?


Then, teach me how to make
French toast next time.

I couldn't make it myself
no matter how hard I tried.



Natsuki can make it for sure.


Ah, I also told a lie just then.

I don't think of Naoki... my man or anything like that anymore.

What's that?!

You must win.

Not for anyone's sake.

But for your own, important pride.

Thank you.


What's wrong?

And you, what're you doing here?

Well, I just came to practice.

Practice again?

You're always thinking basketball this,
basketball that.

That's why there's rumors that you like men.

Then... Natsuki, go on a date with me.


Let's go eat cakes together.

Sounds nice.

I've found a good store.


If I win,

please marry me.

How can I tell her?

I don't have money.
And maybe she'll get angry with me.

Naoki-san said that last year, too, and failed.

Sorry for the wait.
It's ready.

- Whaa! Katsudon!
- Yes, Katsudon.

Well, well.

- Itadakimasu.
- Itadakimasu.

- Mai-san.
- Huh?


Naoki-san and Riko-san...

...finally ended, right?

Well. I wonder.


If you win,

let's get married.


So eat your Katsudon
and do your best tomorrow.

I will!

Wow! Katsudon is so delicious!

I definitely eat up and win the championship!

After that, I'll make Mai-san happy!


Please marry me!

I told you to rest today, didn't I?!

I feel worried somehow.

Don't rush!

You're different now from
who you were last year.

If we win,

aim for MVP!
[Most Valued Player award]

I'm aiming for it.

- Kawasaki-san.
- Huh?

I'm going to meet Riko.

Okay! Get going!


Excuse me.

Yes, yes.

What do you need?

Um, is Shirakawa Riko-san here?

Riko-chan is rehearsing
for the concert at Oga Hall.

Oga Hall?

Ah, this place.

She seems to be busy with rehearsal for this concert.

Maybe she'll come back late today.

What are you thinking?

It's time to go.

I'm sorry.

Hello everyone.

Please be seated.

You know, it's only been half a year
since she came here.

It'll be hard for her to be able... attend her debut concert.

She's actually trying her best, after all.

2nd Violin
Shirakawa Riko

I'm back.

Welcome back.

- Riko-chan. Riko-chan.
- Yes.

- There was a guest who came just now.
- A guest?

I asked his name...

...but he just said,
"a fan of Shirakawa-san."

And he wanted me to give you this.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.


Good luck reaching your dream!
From your number 1 fan

13 - Part lesson. Final.
20 - Debut concert

Wanna play with me?


You surprised me.
You still practice basketball until this late?

Well, I want to win, too, after all.

And get married.


Ah, nothing.

Still, this is great.

Naoki-san has become
the Naoki-san I can admire.

Well, I was really bad then.

Well, that's the truth.

At this time last year,

you had come all the way to play in the match,
so why did you play so bad? I still remember.


You're too straight about that.

I'm sorry.


Well, there are times when
even I can't do anything smoothly.

I went all the way to Karuizawa,
but I couldn?t meet her.

Eh? You went to Riko-san's place?


Riko's really doing her best.

And she's reaching for her dream.

I'm happy to know that.

Ever since...

...I moved here, I've always thought
every time I look at this,


...makes people strong, right?!



...I will.

My turn's next, right?


Nice shot.



If you score, you win.

- Yeah!
- Married!

This is the finals of PBA season 2009-2010.

The final match between JC ARCS and HARTS
starts in a few minutes.

- Okay! It's time to go!
- Yes!



Yoyogi second gym is overcrowded now.

Utsunomiya and Yoyogi, and then Kamiya.

The JC ARCS members are all coming.

Is that right? Will player Moriguchi
have a daughter this time?

That's right!

- Papa, please do your best!
- Do your best!

My, I'm so nervous.

Ah, that's great!


You're the one I met
this summer with Shuji-kun!

Ah, that old lady from that time!

Eh? You're those
high school students from that time?

So many people.

- Ah, Yukino!
- And Yusuke-san!

- Yusuke-san, you came, too?
- Good afternoon.
- Thank you.

Eh? Ebina-san?


Nothing but weird acquaintances.

Ah, I wish he'll win.
I wish he'll win.

Look! Today Naoki is...

in his best condition, too!

Our target is win the Championship!


Please do your best!


- Utsu!
- Yes!

- Let's go!
- Yeah!

The first concert starts after 1 week.

Practice properly!


Are you ready?

Ms Shirakawa?

What's wrong?

I... need to go now.


What are you talking about, Shirakawa?

This is a critical time for
a person important to me.

I have to go and support him.

I have to go see him right now!

Do you really love the young man?

Yes, I do.

So much.

Everything is OK.
Love makes you strong.

Thank you very much.



Oniichan, go!

Go! Go! Go! Go!


Shuji-kun! Shuji, go!

Great! Great!

1 minute left. 5 more points to go.

Well, I should leave, after all.

Don't worry!
There're still other chances.

That's right.
There'll be more chances.

- Do your best, ARCS!
- Naoki!

Then, Kamiya shoots!

He scored!

- And basket count!
- Yes!

Naoki, do your best!


Number 8 over there!

I've come!

Since I'm your number 1 fan,
I came to seriously support you!

So make sure you win, idiot!


Could it be,
she's the 'important girl'?

That Riko.

It's really good this isn't being
broadcast on TV.

I am strong.

Nice, Naoki!

Press more!
Press! Press!


Buzzer Beat!

JC ARCS win!
Kamiya made the shot!


Anata wa watashi no honno ichibu shika shiranai
You only know a fraction of me

Kachihokoru youni wararete mo
Like when you laughed during my triumph

Sore hodo iya jyanai yo
Even so, I couldn't hate you

Umaretekuru mae kiita youna sono fukai koe
Before I was born, I heard this profound voice

Soredake de jinsei no okazuni nareru kurai desu
That life is only just a side dish

Subete shiru no wa toutei muri nanoni
It's impossible to know absolutely everything

Bokura wa doushite
So why are we

Akumade nande mo seifuku shita garu
So determined to overcome everything right to the end

Kanpeki wo oimotome
And seek perfection

Aishi nukeru point ga hitotsu arya ii noni
If that's the one point you love, then it's fine

After all this time,
you shouldn't be calling me "Idiot!"

But, thanks to you,
I could become stronger.

I won't let you go anymore.

Subete tsukanda tsumori ni nareba
When I intended to grasp everything

Mata kizutsuku darou
I guess I hurt you again

Hontoni iru no wa umu wo iwasenai
Not being able to say what we truly need

Attouteki na te zawari (oh, you are the one)
Becomes an overwhelming feeling (oh, you are the one)

Aishi nukeru point ga hitotsu arya ii no ni
If that's the one point you love, then it's fine

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