Buyut (2022) - full transcript

Kanaya and Bima live in an auctioned house. Kanaya finds many strange events in the house. An incident that leads to something terrible in the past. Once upon a time, Bima and Kanaya travel to the village of Banyu Bening, headed b...

Catch it, Bima.

Catch it, Ayu.

Come back home, honey.

It's getting dark.
-Yes, mom.

Wait a moment.

Catch it, Ayu.

Catch it, Ayu.

Ayu, please take the ball.


Come on Ayu, hurry up.
It's getting dark.

Yes, hold on.
I'm getting the ball first.

Please take the pole for me.
My hand can't reach the ball.

All right, you wait there.

I'll take the pole first.

Ayu, here's the pole.

Hello, Van.

I can't join today's meeting.

You take care of the office.


If it's the client,
let him handle it.

Yes, wait. Yes, yes.

I'll send the file later, okay?



The house I bought
from the auction the other day...

...can now be occupied.

So the plan today
is to go over there.

Well, hopefully
the house is to your liking.

Are you serious?
-Yes, I am.

If possible, I want to start
sewing at home again.

You don't let me work
in the office anymore.

Yes, of course you can.
Just relax.

I've told Mr. Jaja to move
our old things to the new house.

Thank you, Bim.

I'm sorry for
ignoring you a lot lately.

Yes, it's okay.

I still need time, Bim.

It's not that easy
to marry your own friend.

Everything needs to be processed.


Let's go.

Wow, Mr. Jaja has arrived first.

Yes sir, I happen to know
this area, so took a shortcut.

Thank you, Mr. Jaja.
-No worries, ma'am.

Come on sir, madam, please.

Oh, by the way,
there's a swimming pool... this house, right?
-Yes, sir.

But it's not too big, sir.

If you want to see it,
I will take you there.

Oh, it's okay, sir.
We'll go by ourselves.

You can continue
with your work. Thank you.

Yes, you're welcome, madam.
Please let me know...

...if you need anything.

Yes, alright.
Thank you, Mr. Jaja.

What's wrong, Nay?

Are you okay?

I am good, Bim.

Whose child is that, Bim?

Oh my goodness.


You are big now.

Where is your mother?

Nay, this is Mayang,
Mr. Jaja's daughter.

She can't speak yet.

Maybe she's here with Mr. Jaja.

Mayang, next time
don't suddenly appear like that.


Alright, Mayang,
go play over there, okay?

I want to take Nay
to see the back pool.


Come on.


The swimming pool
is quite spacious, Bim.

Thank you.
-You're welcome.

So, do you like it?
-I like it a lot.

Why were you interested
to buy this house?

Because this house...

...has its own values for me.

Plus, you like swimming.

That's why I chose
the one with the swimming pool.

Yes, I used to like swimming.

I don't know why,
but now it feels different.



My leg is cramped! Bim!

I know you're joking.

Just swim.


Are you serious, Nay?


Are you okay?

Why did you push me anyway?
-Who pushed you?



Nay, please forgive me.

I really don't know who pushed you.

So who pushed me then?
Was it a ghost?

By the way, Nay,... looks like I will
be working overtime tomorrow.

I'll come home at night.

Will you be okay at home alone?

Yes, I will be fine.

Okay, now I want to rest.

Darling, I'm going
to the office first.

Breakfast is already
prepared on the table.


Thank you, Mayang.

If there is food on the table,... will eat the table.

If there is.....

Mr. Jaja?

Mr. Jaja?

Yes, ma'am.

Can you come here
for a second please?

Yes, ma'am?
What's wrong, ma'am?

Sir, if I may ask,...

...who was the owner of this house?

I don't know either, ma'am.

Mr. Bima only said that
the owner of this house had died.


Mr. Jaja?

Yes, ma'am, sorry.
That's all I know, ma'am.

Yes, okay.
Please bring my husband's suitcase.

Yes, ma'am.
-I want to keep his clothes.

Yes, ma'am.

Here's the suitcase, ma'am.

Thank you, sir.
-Yes, ma'am.

What's wrong, ma'am?

I am okay, sir.

Maybe I just didn't get...

...enough rest.

Oh, by the way,...

...I need you to take
my suitcase to the room please.

Yes, ma'am.

Mayang, you have not slept yet?

Alright then.

I want to swim first.

If you're done playing,... go and rest, okay?







Mr. Jaja!

Mr. Jaja!

Mr. Jaja, help!


Nay, wake up. Nay!

Mr. Jaja, please get me a towel.

-Sir! Where are you going?

The towel is over there.

Nay, wake up.



Mr. Jaja, please get some water.


What's wrong with you?





Nay, what's wrong with you?





What's wrong with you, Nay?





What's wrong with you?

Where's the hair?

Where did you hide the hair?

-Now you answer me honestly.

Whose house is this really?

Or maybe,...

...this is your house
with your mistress.

What are you talking about?

I really don't understand
what you're saying.

Alright, I'll be honest.
This is my family's house.

My father's house.

But when it comes to hair,
then I don't know.

Why didn't you tell me...

...that this is
your parents house, Bim.

I wouldn't be like this
if you told me.

I didn't want you to refuse to live
in my family's inheritance house.

I am sorry, Bim.

Thank you for
helping me last night.


Never mind, it's okay.

Now you calm yourself, okay.

Okay, Bim.

Come on.

Actually, I had a surprise
for you earlier.

But you were angry.

I want to take you... Banyu Bening Village.

Because I have an assignment there.

Maybe we'll stay there
for five days.

I want you to go.


I don't want anything
to happen to you again.

Yes, Bim.

Afternoon, sir and madam.
I have prepared the car,...

...and I have put
all the luggage in the trunk.

Thank you, sir.
-With pleasure, madam.

By the way, sir,
if something happens, just call.

We're only gone for five days.

Don't forget to lock the doors.

Yes, Mr. Boss.

Come on.

Excuse me, sir.
May I help carry your things?

Oh yes, please.

Mr. Bima.

Welcome to Banyu Bening Village.

This village is a village
with a thousand traditions.

My name is Mr. Enggar Waluyo.

I am the Village Chief here.

You can call me Mr. Enggar.

If you guys have anything to ask,
feel free to ask me.

Thank you, Mr. Enggar.
That was a very lively welcome.

This my wife, Kanaya.


Welcome to our village.

I am Lana, madam.

Don't forget to stop by my house.

I'm very happy that a female friend
has come to this village.

Thank you, Lana.
My name is Kanaya.

Let's go to my house.

Okay, let's go.
-Yes, please.

Please sit down, Mr. Bima.

So how about it, Mr. Bima?

How long will you stay
in this village?

About four to five days sir.

My office job requires me to record
the number of residents here.

By the way, may I know,
how many people are here?

The total family heads here
are around sixty five.

Consisting of
two hundred and nineteen men,...

...and about sixty six women

Sixty six?

There are very few women here, sir.

No wonder I saw that
most of them were old women...

...and children right, sir?

Most women
who live in this village...

...prefer to go
out of town for school.

Please enjoy the food and drinks.
-Yes, sir.


Come here, son.
-Yes, dad?

Let me introduce you,...

...this is Andes, my son.

Andes, can you take them
to the room please?

Later in the afternoon,
you go and take them...

...around the village.
-Alright, dad.

After you.
-Yes, please.

Please excuse me.

This village is
protected by the government.

You will find
many unique traditions...

...that you have not seen before.

That is why this village
is very culturally guarded.

That means I didn't
choose the wrong place.

This village
is indeed very suitable... be used
as an agro-tourism place.

Don't misjudge.

Even though this village is famous
as one with a thousand traditions.


...most people are reluctant
to come to this village.

They think of it
as a cursed village.

What does that mean?

Does it have anything to do
with the female population here?

Later you will see for yourself.

Let's go over there.


Why are all the people here
ringing the gong?

I'm not sure myself,...

...but it seems that
it has become a tradition here.

Every day at six o'clock.

Residents must ring the gong.

To indicate
that it is getting dark.

For girls who
have reached puberty...

...and young mothers
who have not had children.

They're not allowed
to leave the house at night.

If it's violated,...

...that means they are ready
to give themselves up... Buyut.


What's that?
-Enough of that, Andes.

Enough, okay?
My wife here scares easily.

Okay, sorry.

I am just kidding.

It's a tradition in our village.

And it signifies that
the sun has started to set.


I've prepared everything.

If you need anything,
please look for me.

I will be at the mosque
with my father.

Thank you, Andes.

Give our regards
to the village head, okay?

Please excuse me.

Let's go in.

What's wrong, Nay?

Are you alright?

Have a drink.

What's wrong with you?

I just had a dream.

There was a woman... the river
of this village, Bim.

It looks like she's been waiting
for me for a long time.

I don't understand
the meaning of it, Bim.

You're just tired.

We were on the road for too long.

Now let's sleep again, okay?

Peace be upon you.
-Peace be upon you too.

Lana? Why are you here at night?

Honey, I made you dinner.

I can't stay outside for long.

I don't want people to find out.

You know, right?

The village head
have many accomplices.

Lana, why are you
putting yourself in danger...

...just to deliver this food?


I am your future wife.

You have to taste my cooking first.

If you don't like it,...

...I'm afraid you'll leave me.

You're really something.


You should go home now.

I don't want you to get caught
if you go out night.

Thank you for the food.

You're welcome.

I'm going home.

Peace be upon you.
-Peace be upon you too.

Take care, Lana.
-Okay, honey.

Turns out you're here, Lana.

I've been looking
for you everywhere.


You have violated the rules
of this village.

For the sake of meeting Huda.

Huda is nobody to you.

It's better
if you just marry me...

...and leave him.

I will keep all your secrets.

No, Andes!

I will not leave Huda...

...for someone like you.

No, Andes! Andes!

You don't mess with me, Andes!

Don't think I'm afraid of you!




Take this towel.

Mrs. Kanaya?

We meet again.

Thank you.

I came here
just to take a short walk...

...and I stopped by this river.

Are you going
to bathe in this river?

Yes, ma'am.

This river... indeed a bathing place
for the villagers.

All the villagers activities...

...are mostly in this river.

Starting from showering,...

...watering the fields,...

...taking drinking water...

...and fishing.

By the way, Lana,...

...I'm still curious.

Why are there so few women
in this village?

I only saw a few mothers...

...and a few little girls here.

Mrs. Kanaya?

You should know that...

...this village... a cursed village.

All the women in this village...

...are always in fear...

...of Buyut's existence.

Did you know that...

...there are rules
made by the village head.

The rule prohibits...

...every young women and...

...women who
has not had children...

...from leaving
the house at sunset.

And if this is violated,...

...something will occur.

It's the village head, ma'am.

The village head
will kill that woman...

...and throw her into this river.

What does Buyut look like?

Until now,... one really knows
what it looks like.

My mother used to tell me.

She said that it is a woman...

...with a scary face.

Almost every month,...

...there will be a woman who dies.

I don't know.

Why does it have to be women
who are sacrificed?

All my friends are gone.

Some of them
have been sacrificed...

...and some of them
fled to another village.

By the way, Nay,...

...when I was in the village hall,
I met up with Andes.

He said that...

...there will be one citizen
who will be sacrificed tonight.

I don't know what's really
going on in this village.

I feel sorry...

...for the women in this village.

They must be
very depressed and scared.


Let's just sleep, okay?

Mrs. Darsih!

Mrs. Darsih!
-Mrs. Darsih, get out!

Mrs. Darsih!

Mrs. Darsih!

What's wrong?

I know Lana is inside.

Don't you try to hide her.

No. Don't.

Don't take my daughter, sir.

I beg.

My daughter is innocent, sir.
-Shut up, Mrs. Darsih!

Try looking for Lana.
-Yes, sir!


Don't, sir.

We didn't find her, skipper.

She's not here,
we've looked everywhere.

Come on!
-Let me go, Andes!

Andes, let go!

Let me go, Andes!
Let me go!

Let me go, Andes!
Let me go!

Let me go, Andes!

Take her!

-Help me, mom!

Don't take my child.
-Let me go!

My daughter is innocent.
-I will be sacrificed, mom!

Just take me, sir.



Take her!
-Let go of my daughter!



-Stop it, Andes!

What's going on here?
How dare you take Lana.

Let me go!

-Let me go!

Lana has broken
the rules of this village.

You should know
this village's rules.


Don't you dare
try to take her away from me.

If you have a problem with me,
don't make Lana the victim.


Lana already
gave me enough answers.

-Let me go!

I have made my decision... sacrifice her to Buyut!

You're the devil, Andes!!


You're outrageous, Andes!


Let me go! Huda!


My child.

My child, Lana.

This is it, Lana.

Poor Lana.

Let me go!

Sorry, Mr. Village Chief.

I don't want
to be sacrificed, sir.

You've broken
the rules of this village.

Tie her up,...

...and take her to the dock.

Let me go!

Let me go!



You really want to die, Lana.


Follow me.
-Stand up!


Bim, the village is very quiet.

Where are the residents?

I don't know either.

But I'll try
to ask that madam over there.

Excuse me, ma'am?
-Yes, sir?

I want to ask, ma'am.

Why is this village so quiet?

Where are the citizens?

Last night someone died, sir.

That's why all the villagers
went to the river...

...for the offering ritual.

If you want to go there,
go through that road.

The village headman is also there.

But you don't go
to the river too often.

In that river there is
a Demon who lives in it.

Residents here call it Buyut.

Sorry, ma'am, but who died?

It's Lana, ma'am.
Mrs. Darsih's daughter.


Thank you, madam.

-What's wrong, Nay?

I just met Lana
at the river yesterday...

...and we talked
to each other there.

But, today.....

Today she caught up
with her friends, Bim.

I didn't expect this.

It turns out...

...that the rules in this village
are very cruel, Bim.


Why is everyone
looking at me like that?

It's nothing.

Maybe it's just odd
for them to see a stranger.

How about it, Mr. Bima?

We hope you feel comfortable
living in this village, sir.

We are very comfortable here.
The people are very friendly.

Sorry, sir.

If I may know,
what rituals are the people...

...doing here, Mr. Enggar?

This is one of the traditions
in this village.

All citizens must follow
the rules of this village.

If you don't want any family
members to die because of Buyut.

This river is...

...the source of life.

So in return...

...we should be able
to return the favour back...

...for the good of this river.

This ritual... something
we dedicate to Buyut.

Buyut is the guardian
of this river.

No one can see it.

If the corpses of citizens
drown in this river...

...and come to the surface,...

...then that means
it was not accepted and... had the opposite effect.

If the corpse sinks,...

...and does not
come to the surface,... means that it is accepted.

Returning the favour?

Returning the favour?

This does not mean the villagers
should be sacrificed to Buyut.

You are new here!

Don't talk carelessly!


Lana has broken the rules!

So she had to
give herself up for Buyut!

Sorry sir, if my wife
is presumptuous.

We'll just excuse ourselves.

So rude.

Nay? What's wrong with you?

What are you doing, Bim?

Why do you talk like that
in front of the village head?

I know.
Something is not right... this village.

Nay, this is their village.

You don't talk carelessly.
-That's not what I'm doing.

The things that I'm seeing...

...are things
that shouldn't have happened.

All the deaths
that were in the river,... was all God's will.

Now I understand
why all the girls here disappear.

That's enough, Nay!
This is none of our business.


You have to believe me, Bim.

I'm your wife.

I am a human with a conscience.

If you don't believe me,
then I will find out the truth...

...for myself.

We'll go home tomorrow.
I don't want you to get involved... this village matter.
Come on, let's go.


I've been fishing for two hours.

Why didn't we get any fish yet?

I'm confused.

Be patient.
It's called fishing.

If you want to get it fast,... in the market
and use money as bait.

You are better.

You don't complain
if there's nothing.

As for me?
Never mind the fish,...

...if the night
ration is not enough,...

...I will grumble till the morning.
and get all dizzy.

Oh my goodness, Mon.

Don't be a burden.

The Buyut down there
is laughing at you.

Watch your mouth.
Take it easy.

The Buyut will not appear again.
Head of Village said so.

Lana's body was not found.
That means that her body...

...has been received by Buyut.

That looks like a big fish, No.

Okay Mon, let's pull!

If we get it,
we'll split it in half.





Dad! Dad!


We lost our people again, dad.

Ratno and Momon.
Last night, they were... in the river.

We have to do something.
Don't let our people die... that river.

Take it easy, Andes.

We have to force
Mr. Trisno to talk to us...

...because he
was the one who knew... to stop Buyut.

Come one.

Excuse me, ma'am.
Here's your breakfast.

Thank you.
-You're welcome.

Sorry, ma'am.
I took too long earlier.

I stopped by for a while
when I saw a lot of people... front of the mosque.
Turns out, someone...

...died last night.
It's someone from this village.

People were saying
they were pulled by Buyut...

...when they were fishing.
-Can I go over there?

Yes, but it's better
if you don't go there...

...because the bodies
are already rotting.

Alright then.
By the way, do you know where...

...Lana's house is?
-Sorry, ma'am.

I don't know.
I'll excuse myself first.

I know the way
to Mrs. Darsih's place.

Come and follow me.

Why do you want
to take me there?

You don't need to know.
I just want to help you.

Don't trust everyone
in this village.

What is actually going on
in this village?

This village is not
a good place for someone... you.
It's enough that I had... experience it.
All the bitterness, lust,...

...envy, revenge
and polytheism became... emotion that
made this village be cursed...


We're here.
There's the house.

Hello! Hello!

Have you seen my wife?

She's not too tall,
and she has long hair.

She is quite chubby.
-Maybe she went that way.

Oh, alright.
Thank you, sir.

You're welcome.

Thank you.

Trisno! Trisno!

How are you doing?

I didn't think
you'd still be alive, Trisno.

Why are you here, Enggar?

I regret following your orders.

What more do you want from me?

Don't be like that, Mr. Trisno.

You have to help me
and the people...

...of this village.
Of course, I would be very...

...grateful to you
for making the people believe.

Don't think that
you can get more from me, Enggar.

I don't have much time left,...

...but I will never...

...follow you again.

Mr. Trisno, Mr. Trisno.

You should have prayed
for your recovery.

Don't you want to see
your daughter Kanaya, again?


What are you saying, Enggar?

My son is here with his wife.

His wife is
your daughter, Kanaya.

Don't you want Kanaya
to get the same...

...fate as Ratih?

Now you answer me.

How do we remove the curse?

You are a scum, Enggar.

The curse will never go away.

Only Kanaya
can remove the curse.

Screw you, Trisno.

Screw you, Trisno!
You really want to die, Trisno.

Keep going, ma'am. Keep going.
Breathe. Breathe.

A little bit more.

Breathe, breathe.
Keep going, ma'am.

Yes, again.
A little bit more.

Congratulations, ma'am.

Congratulations, Mr. Trisno.

You got twins
and both are girls,...


But what, Darsih?
-But one of the twins... deformed, sir.

How could this be?

Oh my God.

Don't let the people know.

This will be very bad news.

I don't want my child
to be insulted by others, Darsih.

I don't want her to be
considered a devil's child.

Siwi. Siwi.


Mr. Trisno!
Mrs. Siwi is dead, sir.



Siwi, wake up, Siwi. Siwi.

Siwi, wake up, Siwi.
Our babies are here, Siwi.

Siwi, wake up. Siwi.

Hang in there, sir.

I will help you
take care of your children.

I will name them Kanaya and Ratih.

Darsih, take Kanaya
back to your house and...

...I will take care of Ratih.
I don't want you to be insulted...

...because of this child, Darsih.

But this is your
daughter with Mrs. Siwi.

I can't take here.
-It's okay, Darsih.

I want Kanaya to live happily
and have a mother figure.

Siwi would have agreed
with my decision.

Alright, if that's what you want.

I will take Kanaya.
I will care for her like...

...she is my own daughter.
Hang in there, Mr. Trisno.

I'll go first then.

So this is where you are.

I heard from Andes
about the birth of your child.

How did this happen?

I think you know, right?

This village is sacred.
How dare your wife...

...give birth to
such an imperfect child.

Watch your mouth, Enggar.

We shouldn't talk like this.

Both my daughters
are a gift from God.

Don't bring God
into this, Trisno.

There. Your deformed child... clear evidence that...

...God hates you.
-How dare you, Enggar?



Tell the villagers about this.

The villagers should know...

...that Trisno
has a deformed child.

He brought a curse
upon this village.

Trisno! Come out!

Trisno! Come out!
-Come out, Trisno!

Trisno! Come out!
You brought a curse.

Get rid of that baby.

This village cannot
have a deformed child.

Get rid of it!

Is this what you want?
You want this deformed baby?

This baby is cursed.
We have to get rid of her...


That's what you get
for stealing Siwi away...

...from me.

Don't try to be
the leader of this village.

Mr. Trisno
drowned his baby in front...

...of all the villagers.
I don't know what made him... that
to his own daughter.

With feelings of dilemma, anger,
disappointment and sadness,...

...Mr. Trisno felt that
he has failed as a father.

Ratih! Ratih!

He cried profusely,
refused to eat and it led him... being sick.

When he started being sick,
I brought Kanaya... him, but he
didn't want to see her...

...because he was afraid
Kanaya would suffer the same...

...fate as Ratih.

When Kanaya was seven,
I took the initiative myself... bring her to town...

...and drop her off
at an orphanage there.

Mom, don't leave me.

With hopes that she would
survive the Village Head.

Everything I did
was with Mr. Trisno's...

-Let's play over there.

I didn't want
to think of Kanaya anymore.

Hi, my name is Puteri.
What is your name?

I'm Kanaya.
-Since that moment, the curse...

...on this village became true.

Many victims drowned
in that river.

The Village Head
has two children named...

...Bima and Ayu.
Ayu drowned in the river...

...while playing
with her brother, Bima.

Ayu, here's the pole.



Is it true that the name
of this kid in the picture... Kanaya?

Yes. This is Kanaya when...

...she was seven.
-So you were the one who...

...took care of Kanaya?

I'm Kanaya.

-I got married... Bima.
I'm Bima's wife.


Kanaya, Bima is
Mr. Enggar's eldest child.

You should be careful.

Why did Bima
follow you to the city and...

...why did he marry you?

You have to go
see your dad now.

Mr. Trisno is still alive.

He will be happy to see you.

He lives in the jungle,
in a house behind...

...the Village Head's house.

Thank you.
I'll go first.

Be careful.

What did you do?
That's enough, dad!

How dare you, Bima?

Where is your wife?

Dad. I did everything
you asked me to.

I married Kanaya
and I brought her back..., dad.
What are you trying to do?

If you're going to hurt Kanaya,...

...I won't let you.

Bima, this is all because of her.
Kanaya is the reason that...

...Buyut is in this village.

So she has to be
responsible for Buyut.

Andes, let's look for Kanaya.

Dad, don't. Dad!

Don't get involved in this.

Just do nothing.
Listen to dad.

Bima, my son.

Find Kanaya before nightfall.

Enggar is a lecherous
and cunning person.

He used Buyut's story
to make those girls...

...turn into his victims.

You should know, son.
Andes has a mom and her name... Marlina.

Andes doesn't know that...

...his mother
was killed by his own...

...adoptive father.

Mom, mom.

Enggar raised Andes
after killing his mother.

Go on, son.
Go find Kanaya.

Hey! Wait!

What are you doing here?

What are you looking for, Kanaya?
I have waited long for you.

Now you will know the answer.


You have to choose, Trisno.
Do you want Kanaya... be killed?
Do you want that? The villagers...

...will come here soon.
You have to decide...

...on your answer now, Trisno.

Enggar! Enggar!

Can you be quiet?

Kanaya, Kanaya.

How are you, Kanaya?

I have been
waiting for you, Kanaya.

I purposely sent Bima
to the orphanage,... that he can follow you
wherever you go.

This woman broke
the law's of this village...

...and she is childless.
So she deserves to be...


What are you all saying?

You have been deceived
by the Village Head.

How dare you?

Kanaya, you have broken
the rules of this village.

You have to suffer
the consequences.

I'm pregnant with Bima's child.

I will have a baby soon
and I will no longer... breaking the rule.

Throw her into the river.
Make sure she drowns.

Hey, Kanaya! Kanaya!

Kanaya! Kanaya!

Kanaya! Kanaya!


What did you do
to my wife, Enggar?

You're the true devil!
You're not human.

You should know that I am Bima.

Mr. Enggar Waluyo's real son,...

...but he is no longer my father.

He's a disease to this village
and you have all...

...been lied to.
Your wife and children have been...


And you Andes,
do you remember Marlina?

Your mom was a victim
of his lust too.

Find the Village Head.

Capture him.

Where are you going?

I thought you wanted me, Enggar?

Come here.

Ratih, Ratih.
Forgive me, Ratih.

You're the true devil.

You should not be forgiven.

Hell is waiting for you.

Sorry! Sorry, Ratih.

Sorry, Ratih. Sorry!
Sorry, Ratih. Don't.



We couldn't
find the Village head.

You should help Bima
find his wife then,...

...before it's too late.
-Okay, sir.


I'm sorry.

I was blinded
by dad's evil deeds,...

...and I regret
everything bad that I did... this village.
I don't deserve to be forgiven.

That's enough, Andes.
There's no use being sorry...

...for what has happened.

It's better for us
to fix everything that...

...we lost and destroyed.

Bima! Bima!
We found Kanaya!

Bima! We found Kanaya!


Kanaya. Kanaya.
Kanaya, wake up, Kanaya.

Nay, wake up. Nay.

Kanaya, wake up.
Forgive me, Kanaya.

Kanaya, wake up, Kanaya.
This is Ratih.

Bima is waiting for you.

Are you awake?

-Praise to God.

Dad! Dad.

I'm here, dad.
You have to hang in there.


Kanaya, my daughter.

I'm proud of you.

I'm sorry for not
being with you.

-Forgive me, dear.

Dad. Dad!



Everything that dad
has done towards me and...

...Ratih, was not by choice.

one child for another...

...after losing his beloved wife...

...was not easy.
I learned the meaning of...

...sacrifice from him.
Also, patience and sincerity.

Buyut is not evil
like what they say.

The human
with a rotten heart and...

...humans who let
lust take over their minds,...

...that's the real devil.

Now I realized that
everything that has happened... not because
of the devil, jinn or demons,...

...but it's because
of the things humans do.

Mr. Jaja.

Sir, ma'am.

Thank goodness
you made it back safely.

Where is Mayang, sir?

Mayang died three years ago, ma'am.

Mayang drowned
in the pool at the back.