Buy Me a Gun (2018) - full transcript

In a timeless México where women are disappearing, a girl called Huck wears a mask to hide her gender. She helps her dad, a tormented addict, to take care of an abandoned baseball camp ...


No precise date.

Everything, absolutely everything
is run by the cartels.

The population has declined
due to the lack of women."

Let's go.

Come on!


Hey! Hey, kid!

Everything that is told
in this movie is real.

Luck is also real,
and so are lucky men.

They pass it down to their daughters,
who pass it down too, and so on.

Sometimes luck is made up,
but there's no point in that.

I'm sure that my dad
is a lucky man.

Otherwise, how could he survive
in a place as violent as this?

Hand me the shampoo, sweetie.

Get down here.

It's been a long time since
we've heard any owls

and lizards don't bask
in the sun anymore.

Everyone left: neighbors, teachers.
There aren't many of us left.

You can count the hours
on the fingers of one hand.

That's why my dad
wants to pass down his luck to me.

He has never said it,
but I can see it in his eyes.


What happened to your arm?

They cut it off after I tried to escape.

- Why?
- Because they're evil bastards.

I have a plan to get my arm back.

- Will you help us?
- Help with what?

With a catapult we built
so we could attack them.

What are you drawing?

I'm just practicing
because I used to be a leftie.

It's hard for me to draw and write
with my right hand.

I'm practicing baseball.

- Making any progress?
- Yes.

I'm not very good.

I have trouble batting
and catching balls.

What do you like better?
Batting or catching?

What I like the most is to steal bases.

- Today is my birthday.
- Invite us!

Of course! You're all invited!


Get the geezers some beer!

The air is dry today.

Can I borrow your chapstick, boss?

Thanks so much.

Wait! Give me that bat!


- But they're not the same!
- Remember we're umpires!

- The playing field is different!
- We're from different leagues!

- We'll never agree on this!
- It's all about discipline!

We're never going to agree,
this is useless.

The beer is warm!

Why is the beer
always warm in this place!?

Why don't you buy some ice?

This chain is to keep me
from being snatched.

They steal everything here.

I once saw them stealing
flower pots from porches.

The flowers on their trucks
started coming apart.

The plants lost their leaves.

Here you go, from the boss.

I haven't seen you
around here for a while.

You owe us a lot of money.

Why not ask to be paid in cash
instead of that shit?

Well, maybe.

- Heard anything from them?
- I don't know what you mean.


The women.

Put those away.

Put them away!
You'll get me in trouble with the boss.

- Look at them.
- Put those fucking photos away!

Tear them up.
Forget about that shit already.

Fucking idiot.

They're coming to play tonight.
Have the stadium ready, got it?

I'll make sure it's ready.

You better.

What are you doing here, sweetie?
Why aren't you working?

I couldn't find all the balls.

I have a present for you,
do you want to see it?


It's for your lips.
Lift up your mask.

They're very dry.

It's for you, take it.
Don't lose it, all right?

Write "Quique."

It hurts, why don't you take
the chain off if we're home?

- Those are the rules.
- But, why?

Because I said so.

It hurts.

- "Rodolfo."
- It hurts a lot.

Write "Rodolfo."

But the chain is hurting me.

Let me take a look.

Let's see.

Let me sit down.

Come here, sweetie.

It's going to hurt, isn't it?

Aren't you taking off the chain?

- Yes, to get you cleaned up.
- But only while you do it?

Only while you do it?

You know those are the rules.

- It's going to hurt.
- No, it's not, you'll see.

- I don't wanna.
- Let me see.

- It'll hurt.
- It won't.

- It will!
- It won't.

Yes, it will!

- It hurts!
- There, there.

It hurts!

- I miss her so much.
- Who's that?

My mom, of course.

- We'll play catch later.
- No, I wanna talk about Mom.

Where did you meet her?
I wanna see her picture again.

Your batting needs work.

- Shall we play catch?
- No, I want to see her pictures.

Every time I show them to you,
you always get sad.

Not true, that was long ago.
I'm older now, I'm grown up.

Last time, you cried.

But that was a long time ago.

- Will you help me clean the RV?
- I don't want to.

I want to keep talking about my mom.

Where did you meet her?
I want to see her pictures.

Cook those eggs.


Cover your eyes!

I'm going to show you
your mom's pictures.

Oh, my lucky tooth!

Those bastards are here early.
Come here, baby.

Let's go to bed.
Pretend you're asleep.

Get under the sheets,
pretend you're asleep.

Cover yourself up!

Stay here.

Don't move, OK?
Don't move.

Hey, dude!

Hey, shithead!

He's here!

Damn sons of bitches.



- Hey, dude! What's up?
- Hey, how are you doing?

- All good?
- Yeah.

- Yeah?
- I thought you were coming later.

- The gear's not ready yet...
- Take the bats outside.

- How's everything?
- I'm just here, working.

- Like always,
- Your place is a fucking mess.

- Where did you come from?
- San Pedro.

Sons of bitches.

We went to pick up some girls,
we got a tip they were there.

- Guess what?
- What?

We found them hiding
in a water tank.

- Seven girls.
- No way, guys.

- That's how it is, dude.
- Fuck yes.

- You guys are something.
- So, where's your boy?

- At his grandparents'.
- That's nice.

- Are you getting water?
- Kind of, for the grass.

We'll send you a pipe or two
to keep the grass green.

- Yeah, that'd be good.
- How about the candy?

- Come on, you bastards.
- Huh? Where are they?

- Don't be like that.
- Hey!

You sell them to me
and want them back.

You're our host!

You sons of bitches.

You should shave, motherfucker.

- So, Miguel...
- Look at this fucking mess.

- Miguel? Take him there.
- All right, let's go.

Come on, dude.
Let's hit the diamond.

- We have a game to play.
- All right, let's go.

Come on.

My dad threw the bat
and broke one of their heads.

They don't let him play.

Dad said they owed him,
and that's why he did it.

He hit three of them with a single bat.

- Look alive, guys!
- Hit it off the park!

- Look at that!
- There we go.

Whenever I can, I hide the doses.

But my dad is lucky
because he keeps finding them.

He says: "I'm so lucky, baby!"
And shows them off to me.

I want to hide them
in the rattlesnake nest

because he's afraid of vipers.

What are you doing here?

I'm hiding something.

What's that?

Something bad.

- Why?
- So my dad won't use it.

Hey, hey, hey!

Freeze, kid.

Hands up!

Get your hands up!
Walk towards the fence.

Walk towards the fence!

What's that in your hand?

What's that in your hand!?

You little bastard!
Toss that over here.


Who's there?
Who is there, huh?

You, turn around!
I said turn around!

You sneaky fuckers!
You goddamn dumb kids.

- Shut up, fuck...
- Shut your mouth!

The boss will be very happy
when he sees what I caught.

Get your hands up!

Get your fucking
hands in the air!

Get on your knees.

God fucking damn it.

Run away, sweetie!
Go, I said go!

I said go, damn it!

Contact! Contact!
Get your guns!

Protect the boss!

Why are you here?
Why are you still here?

Why are you still here?

We have to hide.

Make yourself small, let's go!

We have to hide.

Stay low.

Ready? One, two, three.
There you go.

- Come on, let's go!
- Go, go!

The diamond!

Fan out, men!
Move forward!

Cover more ground!

Check the perimeter!
Cover it, motherfuckers!

- Eyes peeled, everyone.
- Move out.

Eyes open, everyone!

Sometimes I find bullets on the ground.

At noon,
the bullets shine under the sunlight.

It's as if a mirror had been broken.

Huck, I have to go with them
to avoid suspicion.

Hide in the bleachers, OK?


That's it.

- Where's the boss?
- He's safe in here.

Wait, dude, wait.
His cousin got killed.

They killed your cousin.


- Behind the stadium.
- The area is clear...

Shut up!

- You two, go get him.
- Yes, sir. We're on it.

Hey, Huck! Remember when
we play hide-and-seek?

Go on! Scram!

What's up, dude?

Get that old bastard!

- What the hell, man!?
- Hey, friends!

- Friends? Fuck outta here.
- What's up?

We just got shot at, motherfucker!

- I'm taking a shit!
- Get up!

- I have diarrhea!
- Get the fuck up!

- You think I give a fuck?!
- Get the fuck up!

Goddammit, fucking drugs!
You're fucked this time.

- Get out!
- Out, you piece of shit.

- On your feet!
- Get up! Let's go!

I was just taking a shit,
for fuck's sake.

- Where were you?
- I was taking a shit.

- Was he taking a shit?
- Affirmative, sir.

Did you know my cousin got killed
while you were taking a shit?

No. Oswaldo?

And your daughter?

Where is she?

You already took my wife,
and my oldest girl.

- We agreed she was a boy.
- Speak up, man.

We agreed she was a boy,
you already took the others.

So, where's the kid?

At his grandparents'.

He'll be back tomorrow.

How's the RV?

- My house?
- Yes, the RV.

You like it?

- Yes.
- Can I see it?


Your RV is filthy.
Get up.

What's this?

- What?
- Who did you steal it from?

- I have no fucking idea.
- Oh, you don't?

- No.
- You don't!?

I don't!

- Shoot this fucker!
- No, no!

Don't waste your bull...

And you fuckers are supposed
to be guarding my back!?

I'm still alive, don't kill me.

Don't, don't kill me.

- Come here.
- Don't kill me.

There's a party tomorrow.
I need you to bring your musicians.

And bring your daughter.

Yes, boss.

I want some of your luck
for my birthday.

We're leaving.

Dad, are you all right?
Did they hurt you?

Did they hurt you?

I'm all right.

Come on, let's go to bed.

- But, did they hurt you?
- No, they didn't.

Shall we go to bed?
Are you ready?

Let's go.

Huck, come back!

- You woke me up.
- Watch me hit the trash can.

Watch me do it.

One, two!

How about another one?
Just one more.

Watch this. One, two...!

We have to celebrate!
We are alive!

"The Boss" is a woman.

No way.

What makes you say that?

Did you see his tits or something?

No, don't say that.
I saw her long hair, it's lovely.

So, what?

Why don't you help me
clean up all those beer cans?

They made a mess.

Why me?
Why not you?

Because kids are supposed
to help their parents.

I'm tired.
I'm sleepy.

Why don't you pay me?
You work here, so it's your job.

You exploit me.

I don't exploit you.
They exploit me.

I should be unionized...

because the boss exploits me,
that fucking bastard.

No way!
Where did you get that?

Where did you find it!?

We have to celebrate!
I have nine lives, like a cat.

Cheers, sweetie.
This calls for a celebration.

We have to celebrate that
we made it out alive today.


You don't mind, do you?
Just for today.

I dropped some, like an idiot.

What a nice gift.

Look at this.

Here it comes.


You need to keep your gun
in your hand at all times!

Hey, Rafa! Rafa!

Put your shoe on!
Keep them on.

Hold your gun tightly.
Here you go.

Look at this.

Get in the cage.

Take this.

The only way you can get out
is by digging a tunnel.

You could start by loosening the soil.

Then, you have to dig.

Some time ago,
I had to dig my own tunnel.

- Why?
- They had me locked up.

It was a long tunnel.

But it saved my life.

- Really?
- Yes, I had no other choice.

I just kept digging
until I was able to escape.

- I escaped.
- I'm glad you did.

- What's that?
- The statue of the mothers.

The statue of the mothers.

- Why is her hair so messy?
- It's been very windy lately.

- Have you seen our catapult?
- What's that?

Come with me.

Give her a hand.

Don't move!
We're doing target practice!

Be brave!

I want the purple one.

He must've eaten something
that had gone bad.

That's crazy,

Who's fighting me?
Go ahead!

You, too, kids!

- Here's your lightsaber, Huck!
- Thank you!

I'll take cover.

There you go.

Throw it at him!

Get him!

Who wants to eat some hot cakes?

They're good, huh?

I'm the hot cake monster!

- The hot cake monster!
- There's five of us.

Do you like them?
They're good, huh?

Get closer.

They're good, sir.

What about you?
You don't want any?

- Try one.
- Yes, try one.

Come on, try one.

I want to go get my arm.

- Why?
- I need it.

- What for?
- I need it.

What for?

None of your business.

Why is it none of my business?

You don't get it.

I feel my hand open or closed.


Is it a good idea
for me to come?

Yes, I told you.

We'll always be together,
you'll be by my side.

Don't worry.

I'm scared.

My friends told me that
they put kids in a cage.

Don't be scared, honey.
It's just a party.

Nothing will happen,
I'll look after you.

Besides, we're having
good luck lately.

- How many lives do cats have?
- Nine.

- Who killed a guy with his shorts?
- You did.

- Who hid you in the tree?
- You did.

See? Don't worry.
Plus, you'll have your helmet.

You're protected.

I'll take care of you.

- What's up?
- I have the musicians for the boss.

- Where are you going?
- To the party.

All right, fine.

Clear the way for him!
Move that car!

Stop right there!

- Good evening.
- Evening.

- Who are these fuckers?
- Musicians.

- We're playing at the party.
- OK.

They're the musicians,
and a kid, son of one of them.

A kid?
So why is that kid wearing a mask?

He's my son,
he likes costumes and baseball.

All right, let's get
that fucking kid off the truck.

- Chiquilín!
- Hold this.

- Give him here.
- Let's go, Huck.

- Not you! Just the boy!
- I'll go with him.

Check the kid!


Get these musicians out
and make them stand there.

We're going to frisk every single one.

Get them on their knees.
You too, fucker.

- This fucking faggot.
- I'll have to get rough.

- Frisk all of them!
- We're clean, man.

- Be thorough!
- Enough, man.

- Found anything?
- No.

- Did you check all of them?
- Hey, boss!

- What's the matter?
- She's a girl.

- What the fuck?
- No, no! She's my daughter.

- What!?
- She's my daughter.

- What is this fucker saying?
- She's his daughter!

- She's my daughter!
- You're fucked! Fucked!

- Please! She's my daughter!
- Fuck you.

All right, Villegas.
Enough of your posturing.

Leave the musicians alone.

They asked me to bring them,
so don't mess up my orders.

If you want the musicians,
you can take them.

- OK, then.
- The girl stays here.

- We're not leaving without her.
- She stays here!

- Get them back in the car!
- Wait, wait.

- Wait, stop!
- My daughter!

- Do it.
- Easy, brother!

Listen to me, baldy.

If they won't play
because of the girl...

you'll answer to me,
my orders are to bring them.

I don't give a fuck.
She stays here.

I said no, baldy!

There won't be a party
without the musicians.

- I just...
- Shut up, fucker!

Let's find a solution.
Do you read me?

Do me a favor, dude.
Call the boss for me.

Tell him I ran into baldy
at the first checkpoint.


Tell him I got the musicians
but he won't let us in.

You know there's no party
without good music.

You got that?

- You asked for it.
- All right, man.

All right, drop the radio.

Do you want them
to put me in a cage? Is that it?

No, I don't want that.
We're staying together.

- Why did you bring me here?
- I'm protecting you.

- Why are you making me go?
- I'm not, I just want to protect you.

- Do you want them to snatch me?
- There are still more checkpoints!

How could you bring a girl
to a place like this, you idiot?

I almost got killed
because of you.

You did notice, right?
Good thing that baldy...

bought the radio thing,
but who takes care of me?

Who the hell will help me
with the boss?

- I'm sorry, boss.
- Fuck you, man.

Oh, how nice it is to fly...

At two in the morning

At two in the morning...

Oh, how nice it is to fly!

To fly and let oneself fall

Into the arms of a lady!

Into the arms of a lady...

I could even cry

The witch grabs me
And takes me home

She turns me into stone
And then into a pumpkin

The witch grabs me
And takes me to the barracks

She gives me some candy
And also some food

Will you please tell me...

Honey, I know it's late
but send me a pic...

I'm bored. By the way!

The band you like
is playing at the party.

That's right.

I'll send you a YouTube link

so you can listen to it.

Give me a minute.
I'll call you back soon.

Just send me those pics.


- Get them all out!
- Out, out! Quickly!

- Come on, hurry!
- Huck!

- What's up, dude?
- Get out, hands up.

- Are you alone?
- Yes.

- Bring them all here!
- All of them!

Come on, hurry up!
Get over here.

- Get on your knees.
- On your knees.

What's up? It's all good.
Don't scare them, chill out.

- Are you the Colombian?
- I sure am.

- I have heard about you.
- Oh, thank you.

- It's all good, guys.
- Shut up, fucker.

- Take it easy, man.
- Walk, asshole.

This shit doesn't fly here,
you faggot.

- Fucking asshole.
- Calm down, don't move.

All right, then.
Where are you going?

- We're the musicians, boss.
- Oh, is that right?

- What's with the kid?
- He's helping with the diamond.

There's going to be a baseball game.

- Who are the musicians?
- They're the band.

- Here, here!
- It's us.

- Musicians, raise your hands!
- Here.

All right, that's good.
Looks like you need a driver.

- I'm coming with you, all right?
- Yes, boss.

- Good.
- You and I know each other.

I'm the guy from the stadium
where you usually play.

We've never met, motherfucker.

- Do you rent us the stadium?
- No, I'm the groundskeeper.

- You can trust me.
- Enough! Back in the car!

- Do it, you fuckers!
- Quickly, quickly!

- Back in the car!
- Come on, quickly!

Hurry, kiddo.

Hey, babe.

Guess where I'm headed.
I got into the party.

When I get there, I'll send you
a picture of the band you like.

But only if you send me
those pics of you.

It's a fair trade, isn't it?
I'll send photos soon.

All right, kisses.

So, what's the matter?
Why are all you so quiet?

He was only a fucking Colombian, guys.

Huck, I'm going to play.
Everything will be all right.

I need you to stay here.
Don't get out, got it?

Give me that.

The trumpet!

Here we go!

I'm sleepy,
but the wind moves the plants

and it almost seems like
they're trying to walk.

Sometimes it's so windy
that the clouds leave

and don't come back for a while.

It's your lucky day, girl.

Your dad's at the party.

He's wearing a blue shirt.

I'm hungry.

This is all I have.

Don't you tell anyone
I unlocked this door.


- What are you doing here?
- We came to get Angel's arm.

I'm looking for it, too.

Help us find it.
It's in a cooler.

We already searched a few.

Let's get started!
Let's party!

Let's give a hand to the birthday boy!

- What's going on, Dad?
- Huck!

- Where are you going?
- Are you OK?

- Are you leaving me?
- I was looking for you, you OK?

- Don't leave me!
- You can't come with me.

- Don't go!
- Stay here!

- No!
- You have to stay here!

We're supposed to be together.
Please don't leave me!

Get the money and watches
from everyone back there.

I don't want to see dead people.

- Look for your sister!
- I'm scared!

- Look for your sister, she's sick!
- I don't have one!

You do have a sister!
Please, go back.

- Don't leave me!
- Head for the sea! I'll find you!

I'll meet you girls there!
Huck, stay here!

- No!
- Stay here!

Don't leave me!

Protect me, lucky tooth.

I found the arm!


Help me! I'm hurt!

Hey! Hey! Help me!

Go get a cart
and some camouflage canvas.

I can't move.

We have to go!
We're under attack.

- Go where?
- I don't know, hurry.

- Where are we going?
- Let's go.

- Where are we going?
- Let's go!

Hurry up!
We're being followed!

- Hurry up!
- I don't see anyone.

Just do as I say.
Hurry up!

We'll stay here for a while.
You can sleep if you want.

Something stinks.
What's that smell?

I have Angel's arm.
He's my friend.

Are you friends with Angel?

- That kid is a thief.
- But he's my friend.

But he's a thief.

Maybe to you.

You're a thief, too.

I like you hair.
It's beautiful.

You think?
But it's all dirty, look.

It's so tangled.

- Why is it so long?
- Hair grows.

- Why do you cut yours?
- Dad wanted it short.

He is afraid I might get snatched.

Look, it's tangled and dirty.

Now that you're with me,
you can grow it out.

Are you a man or a woman?

I'm both.

How come?

Yes, I'm both.
I like being a man and also a woman.

So you have a girl's name
and a boy's name?

I have only one name.

But I like being a man
and also a woman.

- Do you know how to shoot?
- No.

Hand it over.

This is the safety,
you have to take it off.

Once it's off, the gun is ready.

Pull this back, and shoot.

You have to shoot anyone you see.

I'll put it away.

I'll lay down for a while.

I'm in a lot of pain,

You take first watch
and then I'll relieve you.




Angel! Tom!

- Huck's coming!

Huck, Huck!



What are you doing there?

That guy is evil!

He's an evil man!

He's the one who cut off Angel's arm

and locked us in those cages.

Let's go, come on!
Hurry up!

Get the guns!

Here he is, Rafa!
Let's get the guns!

- Did she kill him?
- She did!

She killed him!

Come on, Huck!

- Go on!
- Jump, Huck!

You can do it!


The boys are looking for
the bullet I fired.

They say it's a treasure.

Now they call me "boss"
and we're getting the catapult

so we can rescue my dad.