Buladó (2020) - full transcript

As the different mentalities of rational father Ouira and spiritual grandfather Weljo start to clash, eleven-year-old Kenza is determined to find her own path into adult life. A magical-realism film placed on a junkyard in Curaçao.

She's always with me.

The wind.

She caresses my face...

...when I'm lonely.

And blows tears from my eyes.

She makes tangible
what I can't understand.

Like death...

...whispering to me.

I don't know
whether I should listen to him.

But his voice is soothing...

...and gentle.

Come on.

Want to buy an iguana?

How much?
- Ten guilders.

It's a beautiful one.

Just buy it.

I need a fatter one.
This one is too scrawny.

Don't be so stingy.

[Dutch] What did I tell you?

When I tell you to wait for Weljo...

...then you wait.
- Sorry.

On my way.

Buckle up.

Stop, stop.

Stop. Ouira, stop, stop, stop.

What the heck is this?

Kenza, where are you?

We're having dinner soon.

You were supposed to pick her up.

I found her at the side of the road
this afternoon.

What does it matter?

The girl had other plans.

Speak Dutch!

You know she'll need it
in the future.

[Dutch] Young lady, young lady...

...does it taste good?

What are you doing?
Playing Indians?

Watch your mouth, son.

How am I supposed to sell this lot
with all that junk on it?

I'm not selling this land to the devil...
- Eat, Kenza.

That is what you have to teach her.

It's my child. Stay out of it.

Good evening.

Who are these for?
- For my mom.

Are you sure?
- Yes.


What did I just tell you?
They are for my mom.

You're rude, you know that?

Stupid dogs.


Ready for bed.

That's ugly.

I'll do it properly tomorrow, OK?




I'll take her.

Good morning, honey.

Alright, come on then. Hurry.

And don't forget her uniform.

What are you looking at?

Think you're tough,
with your cop daddy...

...and your crazy grandpa?

I'm not scared of you.

What is it you want?

What do you want, tramp?

Who else wants a piece?
- What's going on?

Who started this?
- She did, miss.

Go inside.

Forgetting your uniform
is one thing.

But fighting?

Last time I told you explicitly
that we won't keep warning in here.

Do I make myself clear, Kenza?

Do I make myself clear?

- OK, sorry.

Sorry who?

Sorry, miss.

OK, go wait outside.
I want to talk to your dad.

Could it be because Kenza misses
a mother figure?

That's not the issue.

They never had the chance
to look into each other's eyes.

I'm not sure I understand...?

You can't miss
what you never had.


You can't miss...

...what you never had.

No, Kenza, put it back.

What did I tell you about her things?
Put it back.

Put it back.


Sleepy head. Do you want an egg
before I take you to school?

Rabarbou speaking.

I'm on my way.

Why aren't you at school?

Her grave...

So dirty.

I'm taking you to school.
- I can go by myself.

What's this?

What does your eye see?

I'm building a tree for the spirits.

When the wind turns...

...something magical will happen.

The wind never turns here.

Do you see these pipes?

They are the doors to the world
of our ancestors.

These things don't interest you, anyway.


...something weird happened to me.

Your mother's spirit...

...has contacted you.

Anyone who believes in spirits is stupid.

Is that right?

I don't know.

Haven't you had enough to drink?

If I see one more person here
who wants to buy our land...

...I will shoot him.

I don't tolerate strangers
on my territory.

Got that, Ouira?

It's leaking.

Respect the spirits
who wander around here.

Tears of slaves, their sweat and blood
inhabit this soil.

Show some respect.

Those stupid spirits.


Is that right?

What do you think, Kenza?

Did you tell your dad already...

That you were in contact
with the spirit of your mother?

Kenza, you'll be late.

Dog. Beat it! Go.

I don't want you touching
those dirty animals.

They can make you sick, you know.
- [Dutch] I wasn't get sick.

'Won't' get sick.

Whose car is this?
- Pardon me?

Whose car is this?

It's my car.

Miss, you can't just park
your car in the middle the road.

I don't think you're on official duty now.

Are you?

Are you going to look at me all day?

Fine. Next time I want
to see a catering permit.

A little bit more patience next time.

Look on that side for me.
- It's fine. Go.

I'm going to hit that car like this.

Shit, I'm hitting it.
-You're not.

You're the only girl
in all of Bandabou...

...who can repair nearly every car.

Give me that wrench.
- Let's try to fix your car too.

My car can't be fixed anymore.

Don't you want that? Pimp your ride?

I told you it's beyond fixing.
- Give it some thought.

That man is nuts.

Why is there something...

...and not an infinite nothing...

What's that?

The history of our ancestors.


The front door is open.

As if I'm going to pay
for my own culture.

I need this too.

This here also belongs to our ancestors.

The Caquetios.

When they went on their long journey...

...when they were tired, and old
they wore these.

And the bird of prey led them
through the air.

The bird of prey...

...to the world of our ancestors...

...where your mother woke up as well.

Grandpa, come on. Let's go.

Weljo is old.

The tree will start singing.

The horse will whinny soon.

No, no, no. Kenza?

Kenza, get up.

Look at that filthy animal
in your mom's dress.

Hey! Get up!

Go away. You didn't want a dog anyway,
did you?

I don't want you in here.

Get out.

It's your fault.


There goes his soul.

He is liberated.


you have the spirit...

of a warrior.

Kenza, honey.

It's in your blood.

Your mother was very brave.

Even at the moment of her death.

Hello, my friends.

These are the servants
of the realm of dreams.

And the goat has gone to sleep.


You have to help me.

What your dad calls the retirement home...

...Is a concrete coffin for me.

I have to be able to die in my own way.

Only then my spirit will be able to return.

Only then my spirit will return.


And strong.

Just like you.

Do you hear the spirits?

They are free.

She too is among them.

My love, don't ever leave me

don't you know we're still one

there's a butterfly growing in my belly

that will fly soon

on the wind we'll give to her

dearest, don't ever leave me

Your mom...

...was really...

Look, if you want to have a dog...

...then it's fine by me.

But not a stray dog,
just areal one.

That's Tjenko's spot.

You're desecrating it.

You're such a white man.

Just go back to Holland.

Honey, I love you with all my heart.



Here you are, finally.

Powerful friend.

You've arrived.
- Weljo?

You've arrived.

Powerful friend.

I've been waiting for you.

You had to swim from far away.

I've been waiting for you
for along time.

You had to swim from far away.

His fur is dry, though.

I understand. You think Weljo is crazy,
don't you?



I fixed your tree.

Sorry. Next time it will be empty around here.

Weljo, where are you?

I'm getting sick and tired
of this junk here.

He was just walking around loose.
He belongs to no one.

That horse can't stay here.
- It can just stand here! It can.

What if something happens to him?

Go and sit the car.

If you touch him, I will kill you.

What did you say?

Stop, stop. Ouira, Ouira.

Ouira, not this one.
Not his spirit tree.

They're selling our land
to foreigners.


Ships full of foreign tourists.

Bit by bit they're sucking
our land empty and dry...

Calm down.

Colonists. Tourists.
- Take it easy, dad.

The story of the spirit tree...

It's an old fairy tale.

He often told it to me as well.

Kenza, he's the only one who believes
the wind will turn here.

That thing isn't going to do anything.

That's what you think.

Flying fish...

...can't drown

Flying fish can't drown

You don't give up.

You're looking more and more like her.



I wasn't able to do it.

Forgive me.

Thank you for my deliverance.

Your deliverance will come.

It's already happening.



is always there.

Anyone who doesn't look away from it...

...learns to live with it...

...and feels free.

Just like the wind.