Bujjigaadu: Made in Chennai (2008) - full transcript

Bujji(Prabhas) runs away from his home in his childhood because of a dispute with his girlfriend Chitti(Trisha). He ends up in Chennai for 12 years, and the rest of the story is about how they meet now to make their love successful.


Ginger & Jaggery.


There was a colony...

..in which there were 2 houses.

Bujji lived in one house

and Chitti lived in the other.

Bujji liKes Chitti...she was his life.

He wants to see, talK and
play with her always.

He will do anything for her.

Whatever she says.

Bujji, hit him with a stone.

Should I hit him from the front or bacK?
- Hit him from behind.

Oh my God!

Someone hit me with a stone.

I'm bleeding.

Who hit you?

I don't Know.

I was singing alone.

A group song would have been better.

He broKe my head liKe a coconut.

O-ve, a rare blood group.

Now, let him Know who hit him.

Sir, I Know who hit you.



Run Chitti.


He has become very stubborn.

Beat him.


Why did you hit him?

Why did you hit him?
- Tell me.

Chitti told me to hit him.

Did Chitti tell you to hit him?
- Yes.

Mr.VenKatrao, it was your
daughter's orders.

Why did you do that?

He drinKs everyday & beats up his wife.

Even yesterday, he hit her so badly
that she started to bleed.

Not only that, he has a concubine too.

So Chitti felt bad.

Who is she to feel bad?

It's his desire to have a concubine.

Stop. Don't beat him.

Did you hit my husband
for my saKe?

My good child.

If he comes out again,
hit him with a bigger stone.

- Get lost.

I mistooK that boy unnecessarily.

One day, they had a fight.

A big fight.

Bujji pleaded but couldn't convince Chitti.

Chitti was very angry.

Do you want this guava?


Atleast talK to me.

No. I won't.

I swear I won't talK to you.

Please stop.

Don't talK to me.

Please Chitti.

I said don't talK to me.

For how many days?


For how many days
shouldn't I talK to you?

Years not days.

How many years?

10 to 12 years.

10 or 12?

12 years..

I won't talK to you till then.

What will you give me?

I will marry you.

OKay. Deal!


Say \x22Bye\x22 once.

Father, Chitti is angry with me..

..and told me not to talK
to her for the next 12 years.

I can't stay here without
talKing to her.

So, I'm leaving home.

Forgive me, father.

Let's meet in our marriage.

Regards, your Bujji.

Hey Bujji..

Chitti, what did you do to my Bujji?

Tell me the truth.
What did you do to him?

What's your problem?

What? He is gone.


My son Bujji has ran away from home.

Chitti, what did you do to my son?

Tell me where he did he go?

I beg you. Please tell me.

She put a condition

What condition?
What are you talKing?

He ran away because
of her condition.

Why blame my daughter unnecessarily?

Forget all that. Arrest her.

Stupid. How can they arrest her?

Will you arrest a small girl?

You won't find him in any lodge.

Because he has no money.

He is just a small boy.

He will come bacK.

We Know that he is a small boy.

But he doesn't Know that.

Hey Chitti!

What did you do to my son?

Where did you send him?

You made him disappear, but now
concentrating on your studies.

Where did my son go?
Where did you hide him?

Tell me.

What's your problem?

Why are you after her?

Won't you allow her to study?
Will you Kill her?

Get inside.

That's my greatest mistaKe.

I must have Killed you all long bacK.

My bad lucK would've ended.

I will Kill you all at anytime.

Where is my Bujji?

Where did my Bujji go?

Bujji was this tall when I got married

He is such a mischievous boy

On my first night, he tried to
hit me with a vessel.

Brought up by a drunKard father, right?

Chitti, where is my son?

Tell me.

Tell me.

Swinging at late night?

Not again.
- He is swinging infront of our house liKe a ghost.

Where is my son?

Hema, taKe your husband home.
- Have you started again?

Stop swinging, come on get down.

Where's our Bujji?
- Please taKe him away. - Come with me.

Keep the bag there.

Are you vacating this house?

Can't you see?

Are you vacating this house?

You chased away my only son.
Yourjob is done.

- Yes, we are leaving to get rid of you.

Arrange it properly.
- OKay go. - Go - Come dear.

Get lost!
- We are not going to stay here.

Chitti! I'll Kill you!

May be we shifted to this
place at a wrong time.

I expected my son to become
liKe legendary Seetharamaraju.

So, shifted my family to Vizag.

But I never expected he'll also
leave home just liKe him.

He was born during the British rule,
so he became famous.

I wonder where he is now.

And wonder what he is doing!

I will beat you to pulp.

Hit him. Don't leave him.

Hey, don't complicate the fight.

Today, my superstar RajiniKanth's film release.

I'll come out after watching the show,

we can fight later, oKay?


How dare he ogles at my sister,
I'm the local don here. Buddy!

Want to watch the morning show?

I will show you the climax.



Beat him!

You are dead meat now.

Buddy, we'll miss first half,
if you fight with him now.

I won't even miss the titles.

Whether I punch once or hundred times,
the effect will be the same.


O Buddy!

He is too good!

He's a pathfinder to the
people of this country...

People go mad at his style...

Hats off to this style,
smile & a stunning walK...

Why are you so jealous?

He is the darling of masses...

Hold his flag high...

You are the saviour of artists,
fans & the people of Tamil Nadu...

You're the role model for
the generations to come...

What happened?

Why are you crying?

You're going away to Vizag,
I feel very sad.

You don't understand my point.

It's been 12 years.

Chitti is waiting for me there.

When you feel so bad for me
guess how sad she must be.

Truth is you spent more time
with me than Chitti.

Yes, I was with you
but far away from her.

Isn't there a difference!

Come soon with Chitti.

Sure. I've no job over there.

I'll be here on 50th day celebrations.

Go..Go home.


Stop over reacting. Leave now.

Go mind your worK.

There is a part Known as
\x22Brain\x22 in our body.

Use it, boys.

When will Godavari come?
- What?

- Godavari?

Go straight & turn Right.

You will find an inquiry counter.

It's for people liKe you, go.

Got any idea when will Narasapur wlll come?

I don't Know.

I won't tell even if I Know.

What will you do?

Staring at me? Will you hit me?

LooK at my face & talK.

LooK at my face & talK.



My Bujji!

You ran away from home some years bacK.

Are you coming bacK now?
- Yes.

Did you go home?

Meeting me first on arrival?

Your life will be wonderful hereafter.
- My foot!

What are you doing now, Sathi?

Now my name is ToKyo Johnny & not Sathi.

Why did you change your name?

Notjust my name, even my status.

My business is spread across
China, Malaysia, Japan & Singapore.

I do only international business.

Let's talK over a coffee.


Chitti will give me a cup of filter
coffee once I go home.

Let's go.
- No.

Let's have coffee.
- No.

One by two.

There he is.
- Come on boys.

Let's run buddy.


I will tell you later. Escape first!


Run fast.
They will Kill me if I get caught.


Run buddy.

Beating them is easier
than running so hard.

No. It's better to escape.

You don't Know who they are.

He is messing it up.


You rascal.



TaKe my belt.

Don't hit them.


I beg you.
You don't Know who they are.

I don't care who they are.
Once I start to fight, I don't care who it is.

I care about their broKen limbs only.

Police Control room!

We need bacKup.

We are unable to control a man.

Who are you?
- Police.

You hit them nonstop
without heeding to my words.

Why are they after you?

What do you do?

Do what?

Smuggling! He is a smuggler.

Oh my God!

Does this mean \x22ToKyo Johnny\x22?

How dare you hit the police!

How did you get a cell phone inside the jail?

Why don't you say something?

C'mon. TalK.

He is now a celebrity inside the jail.

Everything is fine here except this.

Bowl is of low quality.

Low quality bowl?

I met you first once I got
own from the train.

You invited me for a cup of coffee.

But landed up in central jail.


I want to tell you something.

- I'm jailed for nothing.

I didn't commit any crime.

You're right.

None of these guys committed any crime.

We put them in jail for fun.

No sir,

If you give me permission to go out,

I will meet Chitti tomorrow

and will be bacK day after.

Chitti? Who is she?

Chitti is my heartbeat.

I have 10 such heartbeats.

I don't find time to meet them.

It's about my love.

It's impossible, I said it is impossible.

I'm leaving tomorrow.

I informed you for courtesy.

You mean you will escape?

Will you escape from jail?

Informing me about your escape from jail?

No sir...

Who is he, brother?

He is here for beating
10 policemen to pulp.


I will rip your sKin off.

Will you escape from jail?

- What?

Who are you?

So, you were leading
a life with little brawls.

In the city of Chennai.

Boy, go and play there.

We have to taIK.

Why is he asKing me to play?

Am I a small boy?
- He is my man. Tell me.

How much did you earn in
all these years in Chennai?


Don't you need money
to live with Chitti?

Yes, I need it.

How much do you need?

Rs. 5 laKhs or Rs.
10 laKhs or Rs. 15 laKhs.

Will you give me?

I will give you Rs.1 crore.

Will you Kill a man?

You & Chitti can live happily.

It's wrong to Kill someone for money.

But when it is Rs.1 crore,
it's little tempting.

Is he a good man or a bad man?

He's a goon liKe us.

OKay then. Killing such a guy will not
have any emotional feeling.

Where is he?

I will tell you who it is later.

If you escape from the jail,
this contract is yours.

That's your qualification.

Our lawyer will meet you at
the 2nd Dhaba hotel from Vijayawada.

Bujji, tell me if you are afraid.
I will Kill him.

I will give you Rs.1000 more.
Kill him too.

Why waste money?
I will Kill him for free.

- What?

I would've gone home straight
from the station.

But I'm in jail for smuggling.

Now, I am forced to
accept a deal to Kill.

If I escape from jail tomorrow,
that will be another case.

I wonder where my Chitti is.

Where are you going?
- To Vizag, mother.

- To meet Bujji.

He must have come by now.

If your father Knows this,
he will breaK your legs.

Try to handle it somehow.
But I must go.

Where are you going?
To meet Bujji?

Do you still remember him?
An idiot who ran away from home.

He won't even remember
why he ran away from home.

Did I ever behave liKe a father to you?
I was liKe your friend.

Will you meet Bujji without caring me?

Don't thinK that I Know nothing
other than real estate.

What she thinKs is...

Stop your patch worK.

No more thinKing.

What if we get into this vegetable van?

It might looK very cheap.

We are no celebrities.
- OKay.

Why are you carrying
an empty can liKe that?

Something tells my sixth sense that...

What are you talKing about?

What is your plan?
Tell me the truth.

I will beat you to pulp.
Tell me...

Are they looKing for him?

If so, we have chosen the right man.

- Greetings.

You are Hemalatha, right?
- Yes.

Did your Bujji come bacK?
- Which Bujji?

Your son who ran away from home.

Who are you?

Don't you recognize me?

I lived in the next house. I'm Chitti.
- Chitti?

Hubby, Chitti has come.
Come out.

Are you our neighbour Chitti?
- Yes.

Are you our neighbour Chitti?
- Yes.

Why did you come here?

I came for Bujji.

We live in Hyderabad now.

Daddy is into real estate business.

Are you planning to sell my house?

Will you sell it?

You made my only son to
run away from home.

I don't Know where he is now.

Have you come bacK to taKe
him away from us? Get out.

Get out.

I travelled very long.
- Just go bacK then.

If Bujji comes bacK...
- Get out.

Get out.
- I beg you. Get out.

You gave us great pain.

And now you're bacK
to taKe away my son.

To hell with Chitti.
And now she wants Bujji.

Today, 2 prisoners have
escaped from Vizag jail.

Does you Dhaba have TVs?
- No.

Good worK. You may have to
see a few idiots on TV.

Are you the one?
- Yes.

Let's go.


Open it.

Rs.10 laKhs & a cell phone.
My name is Raju, advocate.

I've stored my number
in this cell phone.

When are you coming to Hyderabad?
- Why?

Your target is in Hyderabad.

Will be there in a couple of days.

Call me when you land there.

Won't you call me?
Should I call you?

I liKe your character.

Still, you have to call me.
I won't call you.

I don't liKe your goggles.

He can't taKe off his goggles
all of a sudden.

Greetings sir.


You left the city but he is still
singing the same old song.

That isn't your house.

This is my Chitti's house.

I thinK he is not only mad about her
but her house too.

My Chitti.

Whom do you want?

Why have you grown so fat?

- Who is Chitti?
- I'm your Bujji.

Mother, someone named Bujji is here.

There is no one called Chitti here.

We are here for many years.
You get inside.

Chitti is not here.
What to do now?

Why asK me?
AsK your father instead.

Oh God!

May be he will beat me.

I'm there with you.
You will be fine.


Prabhas Raju...

Do you recognize me?
- No. Who are you?

- Bujji?

I am Bujji's classmate.

We used to play here.

You used to give me chocolates too.

I never bought anything
to my own son.

How would I have given you?
I don't believe you.

You got drunK & fell down here.
- Yes.

When aunty hit you with a rod,
you had sutures too.

Yes, you did play here.

Chitti who used to live next door,
do you Know where they are now?

Bloody bitch! She was the reason
for my son to leave the home.

I abused them wildly for two long days
and they left unable to tolerate it.

Do you've any idea where they are now?

I don't bother about unnecessary things.

But you'll for one thing.
- What is it?

TaKe it.
- ThanKs boy!

If Bujji had been with me,
he might've been liKe you if not so tall.

He left me, I'm alone,

I'm into the debt trap,

had he been with me,
he would've been a support to me.

Debts? How much could it be?

5 or 6 laKhs!


Keep these 10 with you.

10? How much is it?

10 means 10 laKhs.

Keep it with you sir, we'll settle it
with Bujji when we find him.

If you're so good,
how good my Bujji would be then?

You both come and
stay with me tonight,

come, let's go to my house.

Let's go, but I need a little information.
- Go ahead son.

Next door Chitti...
- Don't mention her name when I'm happy.

Let's go to my home.

Not me sir, HrithiK Roshan looKs liKe me.

Answer the door bell.

Please taKe atleast the phone number.

Don't you've any shame, get lost!

Never be seen around here,

I don't Know where your parents are,
but I'll hacK them to death.

What nonsense?

You terrorised us when you wore shorts,
now you're wearing jeans,

what have you planned for us now?
I'll rip out your sKin.

She's insisting on giving
the phone numbers.

Why are you abusing somebody
early in the morning?

A devil came early morning,
Chitti about whom you inquired yesterday.

Chitti? Where?

Why are you shouting so loud?
She came to meet Bujji.

I shouted and chased her out.

Aren't you my Bujji?
Aren't you my son Bujji?

I Knew the moment you went out for
Chitti that you're my son Bujji...

Yes dad, I'm your son Bujji!

Why didn't you tell me this till now?

Where did you go away?

How could you leave your dad?

I was wrong dad.

I went for Chitti not getting
angry on you, dad.

Please forgive me son.

I misunderstood you.

I Knew today how much you love Chitti.

I abused and chased her away.

No dad, I'm happy that
Chitti had come for me.

She said she lives in Hyderabad
and her father is a realtor.

I refused to taKe her phone number.

No problem, I'll go to Hyderabad
and meet Chitti.

Please don't got there again, son.

I'll come bacK very soon, dad.

Don't tell stepmother.

Passengers to Hyderabad get in,
I don't have much patience.

Had you told your father
that you're Bujji,

you could've got hold
of Chitti very easily.

No problem, let's meet VenKat Rao there,
thlngs will get easy.

You don't get tensed.
- I've no tension.

If you see Chitti first,
how would you recognize her?

You didn't get me.
- What?

if I see her or if she's near me,

won't my pulse rate race?

It'll be liKe AR Rehman's musical show!

I need to enter if you give me way.

Am I not talKing to him seriously?

Can't you see it? Stay there.

When I see that girl,
my heart will go mad!

come! Get in!

Get in!

Buddy, I've another doubt,
you're going in search of Chitti,

what if you meet another girl
more beautiful than Chitti?

What if you fall for her?

I don't want any other girl than Chitti.

What if the girl really maKes you go mad?

RaKamma, clap hands in joy...

Madam, I'm going away to Hyderabad,

will you please taKe down my number?

I chucKed you out of home,
still didn't get sense, bloody girl!

If I get your call again,
I'll Kill you, cut the line.

When will the bus reach Hyderabad?
- By 6!

If the bus doesn't reach Hyderabad at 6,
I'll get you off the bus at 6, right?

You got angry on me while
boarding the bus, right?

Is it necessary to you?
LooK straight.

You looK very depressed, good!

But some girls looK very ugly in depressed
mood, but you looK great!

Continue the cry for some more time,

what are you doing Bobji?

Play a movie.
- Which movie?

Hindi movie.
- No Hindi or English movies please,

play a RajiniKanth film.

I played film 'Basha' yesterday.

But I wasn't travelling yesterday.

Impossible, we too have some rules.

When the Volvo bus is running,

breaKing open the window panes,

did you ever thinK that you'll fly out?

Did you?

You want me to play 'Basha', right?
- Play!

Watch the film!
Watches all unnecessary things.


TaKe out your purse!
- Is it robbery?- Yes.

There's a RajiniKanth on screen
and one here in the bus.

How could you dare board a bus
with two RajiniKanths?

I narrated a scene just
a while ago, same feel!

You bashed them all up!

Let's go and have food at Dhaba.
- Will it be good?

I'll be great liKe your fight.
- Then, let's go.

Two plates of rotis, please.
- OKay, two plates of rotis.

Buddy! Who is Chitti?

My heart is going for you...

...you're mine...

Chitti has come...
The girl has come...

Shattered on seeing me...

One touch and I'm finished...

He plays all over me...

TaKe on me,
tasty country chicKen...

Never seen anyone liKe you...
I'm all fired up...

I'll taKe on you and maKe you
sweat in pleasure...

Pounce and loot me...All my nights
are yours...The time is all ours...

Let's maKe the bliss ours...
Let's have the fun of life...

It's dangerous for you
to provoKe me...

I'll Keep any eye on you...
I'll shaKe up you...

Chitti! You're not from Vizag, right?

No, I'm from ChilaKalur.
- ThanK God!

The girl is here. Come...


No problem.

Your name?
- RajiniKanth!

- OKay.

You went to Vizag despite
my warnings, oKay, let's go.

Had a happy journey?
- No.

Can you do something for it?

Tell me, where should we go now?

Did you find Bujji?
- No.

We can buy wrong property
or property with litigation,

we can create documents for sites
which don't have any papers,

how can we create a site
for the documents?

Searching for Bujji is similar to it.

Can't you drive if we talK?


I'm coming there immediately.

LooK at this photograph.

Average boy!

He's a software engineer in America.

Your opinion now?

He's very handsome!
- Isn't he?

He runs a real estate business
too along with his software job.

Realtor in America!
That enchanted me.

His site and documents are clear.

If Chitti oKays him,
we can go for the registration.

But Chitti may not agree till
the Bujji matter is settled.

Bujji...? Where is Chitti?

Why do girls always show
interest in disputed land?

Where is Chitti?

Sister is in her room.

Girls spoil their lives with
such nasty dreams.

Dreaming about Bujji, dear?

Tell me next time when he comes in dream,
I need to talK to him.


You're an intelligent girl,
did your MBBS in London,

why are you still thinKing about Bujji?

Where is he? AsK him to come out.

That's why I sent younger sister to
find him before I come here.

Did she find him? Did he come here?

How can he come?
He'll come if he's there.

LooK my dear,
you need a good husband,

husband must love his wife
and live with her,

he must create a confidence he'll be
with her through thicK and thin.

You need a husband liKe that.

You're right uncle,

I never understood why I loved him
all these days,

now I got it when you said it,

the confidence you mentioned now,
he had created in me as a little boy.

Lions...my sons are lions!

But they are in jail now.

They are in jail for 6 years now.

It maKes me go mad with anger.

I'm crippled in their absence.

OKay, when are you getting them out?

I'm asKing you, when will you free them?

It's not as easy as you thinK,

their sentence is still on,

atleast if their conduct had
been fair enough in jail,

I could have got them out
on August 15,

but your sons broKe the
heads of 4 other inmates.

You needn't do your duty.

You're on duty here because
I made him a Minister,

not only my sons,
I too KnocKed down many heads.

For your elections,
I thinK you've forgotten it.

Don't teach me rules and sections.

I don't care how you do it,

my sons must be in
my home on August 15!

No problem.

I didn't say sorry for slapping you,

no, I fear you may not worK
for me Keeping it in mind.

I do remember those who worK for me
and those who don't also.

Be on it.
- OKay sir.

Greetings sir.

I must Kill Sivanna,
that's my life ambition.

I've been trying for many years now,
but never succeeded till date,

I must see him dead,
I don't mind the cost.

You don't worry darling,
I'll taKe care of it.

TaKe your hands off me.

You don't Know about Machi Reddy.

Who is this Machi Reddy?

Did you bring him without
any information?

He's Machi Reddy!

What's the trouble between
you and Sivanna?

I'll not tell you, got many issues,
you needn't Know it.

Will you Kill him or not?
- I'll Kill him.

Do you Know Sivanna?

Have you seen him?

Show Sivanna to him!


Get me a tea.

Though you're hand in glove
with Machi Reddy,

Keep out of cornering my boys,

and my real estate business,
Don't do it!

They are safe in jail only.

Return his service revolver.

TaKe it.

I liKe police men,
so I'm sparing you.

Be careful!

Why did you fire at him?
I spared him because he's policeman.

He unlocKed the gun as you got up.

Will you fire if he does it?
TaKe him to the hospital.


Finish him off!

Don't Kill me! No!

Should I Kill him?
- Yes.

You haven't paid me a crore for nothing,
you've given me an impossible tasK.

I need Rs.5 laKhs immediately.

I gave you Rs.10 laKhs already.

I didn't see him, had I seen him
I would've asKed Rs.50 laKhs.

LooK at him!

Rs.5 laKhs please,
or else my brain will go blanK.

What? Money again?

What for he needs it?

His brain will not worK without money.

OKay, asK him to come to Savera Plaza,
give him my number.

Wait in the Savera Plaza,
VenKat will pay you there.

Who is VenKat?

Machi Reddy's son.

Wait, I need a clarification.

Two sons are in jail, he's the third son, right?
- Right.

Do you Know real estate VenKat Rao?
- No.

- Just for fun. You go.

Any real estate office here?
- No.

Do you Know real estate VenKat Rao?
- No.

When did you come bacK from London?
- Yesterday.

You promised to come,
why didn't you come to London?

I couldn't come.

Some guy is staring at me.

Not me, I thought he came for me,

for the mannequin, tell me.

What else?

My darling would be in
this size by now.

This height would do for me.

I'll hold her liKe this.

My golden girl, my sweetheart...
- I thinK he's a jerK.

Where are you darling?
- He's hugging the doll.

I'll maKe my darling wear
the same outfit.

Where's the price slip?


It's here!

What are you doing?

I'm lifting the sKirt to see.

The sKirt is not yours, right?

What the hell are you taIKing?

I didn't do anything to you,
what's bothering you then?

Informal address?

I'm not educated liKe you,
I'm a Chennai fish curry,

I'm little smelly,
but will taste great!

What great?

How could they allow such guys
into the complex?

You carry on, I'll talK to him.


I'll taKe care.

What man?
Why are you behaving silly?

You're great liKe a Volvo bus!

Have you seen my bus?
Want to see my chassis number?

May I show it to you?

I'm the latest model.

Isuzu engine! More horsepower!

Not horsepower but arrogance!
Bloody rogue!

When I pat liKe this,
your nerves will show up,

I can easily catch it,

it seems if I pull, it'll be 100 metres long,
can I pull it out?

Keep quiet!

Where is he?
I'm here for half hour.

I can't see VenKat here.

I'm VenKat!

Get up...get up...

Sorry, without Knowing it was you
I tried to pull out your nerves.

TaKe your money.

You have the coffee.

Do you Know real estate VenKat Rao?

You went to Bujji's house, right?

Did his parents receive you well?

They used wildest and choicest bad words!

I felt liKe Killing myself.

I tooK it easy because
they were shouting at you.

Forget it, they might be in sorrows.

Wouldn't Bujji be a handsome man now?

I don't Know about him but
I did meet a hero in the bus.

RajiniKanth, the fight he did in
the bus was great!

Shut up! I'm asKing about Bujji and
you're talKing about someone else.

Bujji, my darling,
my sweetheart, my dear...

Where are you?
What are you doing now?

My heart has fallen flat...

You've trapped me in a net, my dear...

Somehow come and join me, my dear...

Show mercy on me,
come to me, my dear...

My love...

Must reach you...
What should I do for it?

Wherever I may be...
whatever I may be doing...

You come before me
and tease me...

Let what so ever one may say
and I may hear it...

All I remember is
my sweet little Chitti only...

I must meet him once...
Express my love to him...

Do you Know real estate VenKat Rao?
- No sir.- No.

Do you Know real estate VenKat Rao?

VenKat Rao?

I don't Know.
- OKay.

What is VenKat Rao doing
that nobody Knows him?

I'm down and out, my dear
Come to me once my dear...

Come to my dreams and
I'll arouse you...

My childhood mate...
I've been searching you for long...

You're hiding in my heart...

Your thoughts are my lifeline...

Entangle me...

Do it fast!

Are you a Tamil?
- Yes, brother.

Give me a strong Tamil Nadu tea.

OKay brother,
a strong tea for brother.

How long have you been here?
- 10 years.

House is good, whose house is it?

Sivanna, a mafia don!

Does he live here?

No, he lives here in day time only,
at nights he has another house.

Second wife.

Second wife? Really?
- Yes brother.

Do you Know real estate VenKat Rao?
- No brother.

OKay, you carry on with your worK.

One coffee, please.
- OKay sir.


A small dog with red shirt?

With a small tail?

Don't say it's under the basKet.

If you say, you're dead!
- Will you Kill me?

It annoyed me, so I covered it.

It came and licKed me,
I hate getting licKed.

Dogs do licK, give it to me.

Wait, this looKs different.

I'll decide if it's dog or a fox.

What's wrong with you?

You either lift sKirts or lift legs to see.


If you call me a pervert again,
I'll throw this dog.

Who are you?

Will you stab me?

Have you seen my height?

You are too small.

I don't Know whether to beat you or not.

TaKe it.


Next time if it licKs,
I'll cut the tongue.

Not the dog's but yours.

Get lost idiot!

My Bujji has come bacK,
he settled all my loans...

I'll go to Bhimavaram
and play card game...

Lift the phone!

StaKe money...

Sitting before that unlucKy face
will not get any line though.

Dirty face!

Go to Bhimavaram...
- Can't you answer the call?

What's there to enjoy in Bhimavaram?

Why don't you answer the phone?

You answer it.
- Wants to enjoy!

I'm Chitti here, has Bujji come bacK?

How many times do I've to tell you?
Can't you get it? Cut the line!

No, I want to Know about Bujji...
- Cut the line.

What do you eat, food or...

Tell me.

There's a deposit of Rs.5 laKhs on your name.
- Rs.5 laKhs?

Your cheque is ready.

You can get all details from the banK.

First taKe down my phone number.

One minute madam.

Tell me madam.

What for this number?

A guy named Bujji has deposited
money on your name,

if he calls the number,
we'll deliver the cheque to you.

Do I looK liKe a foolish
mad woman to you?

I'll beat you with slippers, bloody bitch,
hang up the phone.

Bloody ICICI banK!
- Who is it?

Next door Chitti, she played drama
to give her phone number.

She has been a pain in
the necK from childhood.

Oh God!

No change, I'll pay you tomorrow.

Do you Know my son's number?

I Know he's in Hyderabad but
don't Know his phone number.

Chitti has given her phone number.

This must reach him.

Did Chitti give her phone number?

You don't get tensed, uncle,

I'll meet him personally
and give it to him.

We call him as Bujji,
but what is his real name?

- Lingaraju?

This is unjust.
- Why?

Your father named you modernly
as Prabhas Raju.

but you've named your son
an outdated name Lingaraju.

I named him after my father
as gratitude.

Handover this to him.
- Right away! - You carry on.

Is Chitti there?

Chitti? Just a minute.

See if Chitti is there...it's Sivanna!

She's sleeping.
- She has slept.

I Know you all are playing a drama.

AsK her to call me.
- OKay.

What are you doing?
Tell me the progress.

When are you Killing him?
- Tonight!

- Yes.

He's going to Kill him tonight.

Who is he going to Kill?
AsK him the detail.

The man is Sivanna!
No ordinary man!

Bujji is here for two days only,
did you show him the right Sivanna?

Showed him the right Sivanna only!

I have a doubt, asK him again if he's
planning to Kill the right man.

Who are going to Kill?

Who else? Sivanna!
- Where?

Near Moula Ali!

Why would Sivanna come to Moula Ali?

He'll definitely come,
he has a second wife there.

Second wife?
He made the right inquiry.

We too don't Know that.

We trust him, don't stop him.

Tell him only one thing,
not to miss him!

If you see Sivanna,
pull out a gun and fire at him,

brandishing daggers will not
be useful, bloody bastard!

Can't I Know if you come to my area
and inquire about me?

Did you fall for the trap of
my second wife and second home?

I don't have any second wife,
I set up this for you.

I came to Kill you.

May I?

What happened?

I found Sivanna.

But the place is too crowded,
it may taKe half hour.

Cut the line,
I'll call you after Killing him.

Are you blind?
20 people are around you.

So what?

I'm standing before you.
- So what?

Aren't you scared?

What's that?

You're talKing liKe a mad man.

I'm not mad, I'm perfect.

I came to Kill you.

I've Killed many till now,

but never Killed a man with
an unstable mind.

Boys! Kill him!

Don't fire! He looKs very interesting!

Not with gun but Kill him.

Order tea for me.

Order a strong tea!

Bloody...waKe up...waKe up!

Can you hear me?

I love you, bloody!

What's all this?

We were attacKed last night.

Where is Sivanna?

Are you oKay, Siva?

I'm fine, my men were wounded.

Have you come to see your brother?

Won't you come to see me
unless I am hurt or die?

It's 10 days since you've
come from London,

did you come atleast once to see me?

I was in London for 4 years,
nobody came to see me there.

Uncle came, didn't he?

That's why I'm staying with him.

Can't you tell her to stay here?

Where will she go?
She'll come here.

Can't you say you'll live here?

That matter...what happened to you?

I didn't liKe bringing
him to our home.

Who is he?

Last night a man tried to Kill boss,

boss has brought him home
and giving him medical treatment.

Is it? Where is he?


LooK at him!
He's liKe a full grown bull!

This man? I Know him!

How do you Know him?

I met him few times on the road.
I hate this man.

I'm furious at him.

Didn't I tell you about bus
hero RajiniKanth? That's him!

This man?

How can he be RajiniKanth?

He looKs liKe a villain.

Sister,Let's Keep him.
- Keep him?

I mean raise him.

Why is he giving shelter
instead of Killing him?

How do I Know?

Moreover he said he loves him last night.

Is it? Whatever you may say?

Giving him shelter is liKe building
a home on a landmine.

Why is he so tough?

Is Sivanna dead?
- No, he's not dead.

How can you say it?

Jail won't be so peaceful
if Sivanna had died.

TV channels will run scrolls and
state would be agog with the news.

Police wouldn't be so casual.
He's not dead.

Brothers in jail are useless guys,
they just boast, do nothing.

If Sivanna wants, he can come
into the jail and Kill them.

Nobody fears them anymore.
Their time is over.

They can't do anything other than yap about.
- Yes.

Leave me.

Are you scared of us?

Fetch a pail of water.

Where are you Bujji?
I'm fed up searching you.

I'll start shouting your name.

Bujji...Where are you?


Yes. Do you Know him?

Feel? I'm fed up with him.

Bujji is mad rush!
Bujji is happiness.

Bujji is lightning!
Bujji is an inspiration.

Bujji is a Tsunami.

Bujji is a fruit.

Bujji is...
- What?

Bujji is great! Something really great!

Didn't get me, right?

I'll explain if you pay Rs.500!

I'll pay Rs.1000 also
for Bujji, taKe it.

If you come to Ravindrabharathi
at 6 pm, you can meet Bujji.

What is he doing there?

Not him...

If you come to Ravindrabharathi at 6 pm,
you can watch 'Bujji', a play.

I created the character Bujji!

What about my Rs.1000?

You can get only two ticKets for this,
a cool drinK free,

come to the counter and
tell my name Sarparaju Kaatre.

What's my name?

Audience will not come to us,
we must go to them.

I'm trying his number
since last night,

the phone is switched off.

I felt Bujji is just a small timer,

he has sent dozens to the hospital,
he's a worthy henchman.

We should've supported him,

he would've Killed in the first attacK.

Do you thinK they have Killed our man?

What is your name?

Where are you coming from?
- Chennai.

Telugu or Tamil?
- Telugu!

Why did you say Chennai?

I'd a love affair in childhood,
ran away to Chennai,

lived there for 12 years.

Love affair? At what age?

About 11 years.

Love affair at 11? Bloody!

Who sent you?

Can't you see Machi Reddy in his face?

See it.
- Give it to me.

Boss, Machi Reddy's son.

Let him talK, let's listen.

Switch on the speaKer and talK,
head will be blown if you act smart.

Tell me.
- What happened?

Failed to Kill Sivanna.

I missed him.

When will you Kill him?

I'll Kill at the right time.

OKay, meet me once.

I can't. I've gone underground.

Underground? You mean...?

Underground means I'm also hurt.

Somebody has broKen my leg,
I'll meet you later.

He's a mad man.

I feel liKe emptying the
magazine into his mouth.

Kill me if you want to.
Don't raise my tension.

What's the price Machi Reddy
promised for my head?

Rs.1 crore.

I Know you agreed for money,
we don't have anything between us.

You're not a professional Killer
but you've great guts.

Such men liKe you must
live for sometime,

that's why you're still alive.

WalK out on getting well
or join my gang.

I want men liKe you.

Darling? You fool!

Send him out at the earliest.

Don't Know when you'll get Killed.

Your gangster business has left
our parents and your wife dead.

That's why I'm scared to live with you.

I didn't come from London to live here.

For Bujji!

I'll go away as soon as I find Bujji.

What are you doing here?

This is my house.
- What?

How dare you try to Kill my brother?

Sleep, I'll Kill you tonight.

Kill me? I'll Kill you right now.

So many twists? Who is she to you?

My elder sister.
- Is it?

Uncle! Who is this Bujji?

Chitti told me about him.

Our neighbour when we lived in Vizag.

They both were very good friends.

Do you Know Bujji?
- I Know.

Is he in this area?

I'm searching for him
thinKing he may be here.

If you Know Bujji,
then you must Know Chitti too, right?

Why not?
My aim is to unite them.

Why did you slap me?

Don't shout, people are watching film.
- Why did you slap me then?

Tell me everything you Know
about Bujji and Chitti.

They are eternal lovers.

Are you their pimp?

I may looK liKe one
but I'm not a pimp.

Bujji lived my next door,
do you Know who I'm?

Chitti's husband.
- Is Chitti already married?

She's married but Bujji eloped
with her from my first night.

Tell me where is my Chitti?
- I'm searching for Bujji.

Where's my Chitti and that Bujji?

AsK me any thing liKe coffee or
health drinK, I'm ready to serve you.

You've that facility here?
Wait then, I'll be bacK in a sec.

Give me a phone,
I've to call my people.

Give me the phone,
I must call my home.

How can I trust you?

To my father, you dial it.

Tell me the number.

Dad, it's me Bujji here.

Chitti called on phone.

Really? When?

She gave her number too.

Do you Know she's eager to meet you?
How she's longing to meet you?

Wait, first give me her number.

TaKe down.

Give me a piece of paper and pen.

TaKe it down.

One minute, wait!

Bloody fool! Give me a pen!

Are you taKing it down?

Wait...I found one.

Tell me dad.

Have you taKen it down?

ThanKs dad, I'll call you later.

Give it. Who are you calling now?

Do you Know what will happen if a tipper
lorry bumps into a scooter?

It'll be just liKe that if I punch you.
Give it.

Get me a vehicle.

A scooter or a car,
why are you all staring blanKly?

Who broKe my leg?

Can you get me the address of a number?

Next table please.

I've number, I want the address.

Number please.

Is Chitti's real name Meghana?

Forget about address?

You taKe photo before
giving connection, right?

TaKe it out.

Are you my Chitti?

Am I staying in your house?

My heart is pounding...
I'm giving in to temptation...

Why not my Babe?

In the line of love firing...
I'm all tensed...

I didn't recognize you
though you were before me...

Today I found you but
I still can't believe it...

You'll not spare my tender lips
or my hot body...

Bright cheeKs or lustrous sKin
will never leave me...

Is it for the first love?
My heart is in pleasant pain...

Don't let my yearn to last...
I can't hold it for long...

I've gone crazy after seeing you...

I'm on cloud nine in the
excitement of meeting you...

Is it necessary for the hot
and passionate hugs?

Hold on the passions,
don't give in so easily...

Your Kisses are changing
me forever...

If they sticK on to me...
Won't the world watch with awe...

I'm coming liKe a typhoon
seeing you...

I'll drown you with giant
waves of my love...


- Get lost.

Come here.

How dare you call my sister
by her name \x22Chitti\x22.

I must tell you something. Come with me.
- What?

She is my Chitti.
We were neighbours in Vizag.

My name is Bujji.

I came from London to meet Bujji.


I lived in exile for 12 years
because of Chitti.

I didn't Know that your sister
is my Chitti.

I came to Kill you but you offered
me a shelter in your house.

Where is Chitti?

Do you really liKe me?

You are a good man.

Will you listen to me?
- Order me.

Never tell Chitti that you're Bujji.
- Why?

My sister was angry
with me from childhood.

She never lived with me.

She grew up in her uncle's house.

Later, she went to London for studies.
She came bacK just now.

If she Knows that you're Bujji,
she might go away with you.

Let her be with me for sometime.

Hope she will change.
I've none other than my sister.

This is something impossible.

I can't stop myself telling
that I'm Bujji.

You won't understand my pain.

I Know how bad your father might
have felt on your separation.

You would've never thought about
your father after leaving home.

Will you leave your father?

Similarly, she only thinKs
about you & not me.

Even after seeing Chitti infront of me,

I stopped myself because of you.
I feel liKe crying.

OKay. I waited 12 years for Chitti.

I will stop myself for 12 days
for your saKe.

After that, I can do nothing.

I won't tell her that I'm Bujji.

But I will ogle at her sometimes.


Let me show you.

Who is this?

Your voice is very sweet.
Say something.

Who are you?

Sing a song.

I'll breaK your teeth.
Hang the phone.

Just this & nothing more.

Do you Know how she sounds
in this phone?

Even you shouldn't tell Chitti about this.

I got the job done after great hardship.

Inform Machi Reddy that
his sons are coming.

Welcome boys.

On your arrival, I've got the
strength of an elephant.

And power of a mountain.

A name we shouldn't forget
in our life time.


I combed entire Hyderabad.
Won't I find him?

Bujji...Where are you?
Where the hell you are?

Who is Bujji?
- Bujji is my friend.

I'm looKing for my friend.

Do you live in Vizag?
- How do you Know that?

Is the Bujji you mentioned from MVP colony?

Is he Raju's son? Aren't you Sathi?
- Yes.

I'm Chitti.
- Chitti...?

I was looKing for him
but found you.

Do you Know something?

Bujji has come to Hyderabad.
- Really?

Knowing that you're in Hyderabad,
he also came here.

I came looKing for him.

You gave your number to his father.
I'm here to give that number to him.

You love Bujji very much, don't you?

Did you see Bujji?

It was me who brought
him to Hyderabad.

How is Bujji now?

He is very active.

What is his qualification?
Computers or MBA?

Do you expect so much from him?

Will he be of your height?

He's taller than me.
Very solid body.

Did you recognize me?

I remember very little.

Because I used to play
in the next street.

Since that Engineer had 4 daughters,

I used to play there
most of the time.

ThanK you very much, Sathi.

You're troubling yourself to unite us.

Not just trouble,
but I will unite you both.

Give me your number.

From today, let's search
for him together. OKay?

If I don't tell you both,
you won't Know who Bujji is.

My dear Chitti, where did you go?

What are you doing now?

Say something.

I love you.

I will breaK your teeth.
Hang the phone.

Chitti abused me!

Sister,I've a doubt.

I thinK it's RajiniKanth
who lives in our house

Hey, is it you who call me?

Wrong call? What?

I will tell you.

This is not my mobile.
- You rascal.

PicKup the phone.
Say something.

- Sing a song.

You rascal!

How dare you ogle at me
living in my own house?

I will send you to flsh marKet.
- What will she do now?

I feel liKe Killing that
Tamil man in that room.

I am waiting for a long time.
Just say yes.

Let's Kill him once your brother leaves.

No. Let's Keep him.

First learn the language properly.
Then, you can Keep him with you.

Boss is coming.

Hey Brahmaji, let's go.
- You go. I will come. Go.

PicK the rods.

Close all doors.
We must Kill him today.

What are you going to do?

Why have you come with rods?
Such a big sword?

Are you here to Kill me?

He is ogling at me.
- How dare you ogle at her.

This is just a sample.
LooK at my shoe.

Hereafter I will KicK with this.
Kill me if you want.

But I'm sure to taKe atleast
one man with me.

Will you Kill him?

Leave him alone!

Why are you carrying a sword, sister?

Get out. Get out I say.

Fool! Control your tongue.
They might Kill you.

You changed my entire storyline.

My own Chitti wants to Kill me.

Have you Killed anyone before?
- No darling.

Shit! Then, why did you agree to Kill me?

Even I don't Know.

You're foolish.

You're right darling.
My foolishness is saving my ass.

That's why I landed up in your house.

You guys are acting too smart
under the shelter of Sivanna.

We will Kill each one of you.

I wish to see this happen to Sivanna.

Kill Sivanna's men
wherever you see them.

Plan well.

Stab him in his eyes.
Where is he now?

In the land of pearls,

she implants the sweetest
thoughts in us...

The golden girl came to me...

Who came? Let's see!

Gave me money & jewels...

It's him?

The golden girl came to me...
Gave me money & jewels...

Honey drips from the stage
decorated with flowers...

- Why call him?


AsK hlm what he wants.
I can't tolerate hls Tamil songs.

Send this \x22Sambar\x22 out.

If not, tell him to shut his gob.

I'm not Sambar.
You are a 'Golti'.

Get lost you PusKi.
- You Chinese face.

If you taKe advantage of the
liberty I've given you,

I will rip your sKin off.

Why have you changed sides?

You go.

It's alright. I don't feel bad
for slapping me.

Don't worry.

After so many years,
she addressed me as \x22brother\x22 today.

It has been a long wait.

If you're happy, I am also happy.

Where are you?

Didn't I tell you that I am \x22Underground\x22?

Hang the phone.
- You fool.

Tell me, darling.
- It's true.

Whom do you want?
- Is Chitti at home?

Just wait.

I've given ad in the newspaper.

\x22Come BacK Bujji. Chitti Waiting\x22

ThanK you Sathi.

I am yearning to meet Bujji.

Do you've any photos together?

Yes, but the camera wasn't ours.

OKay. What should we do next?

I've many more plans.
Come with me. Come.

After a gap of 12 years,

Knowing that Bujji is in Hyderabad,

and not Knowing how to find him,

Chitti, \x22Bujji's heart beat\x22
and his friend Sathi...

Hey Bujji, where are you?
It's me Sathi.

Listen to Radio Mirchi once.
Don't worry about chitti.

She is with me. TaIK to Chitti.

Today is our wedding anniversary.

I & my wife went to a temple
on one such anniversary.

Since my wife died because of me,

my sister started to hate me.

LooK, it's Bujji.


He has joined Sivanna's gang.

Kill him first.

It's well set!

You idiots!

Why didn't you inform me about
their release? Tell me.

Cool. Leave him.
- You get lost.

Has Bujji joined hands with Sivanna?
- Yes.

This is a new twist.

If he wasn't around with him,
we would've Killed Sivanna.

Call him & find out why he
switched the sides?

Find what?

Whenever I call him,
he says he is underground.

I didn't Know that he was
busy digging our graves.

We bought him for Rs.1 crore and
made him a bodyguard for Sivanna.

I've cheated many but never so blatantly.

We shouldn't spare this guy.

We must Kill him before Sivanna.

Where is Machi Reddy?
- I don't Know.

Tell him that I will Kill him when I find him.
- OKay.

Dance liKe that...
- I hate you.

I Know. The reason?

But today, I liKe you a little.

I heard that you saved my brother's life.

I will tell you something.
But you must hit me.

Tell me.

You must hit me.

I won't hit you. Tell me.

I love you.

Say something. Yes or no.

Say Yes. Say Yes.

You aren't dead now because
I am in a good mood.

You escaped. I'll finish you.

LooK at your stupid face.

You're better as a lame.

You idiot! Come here.

What were you doing there?

I'm doing what I can.

I'm trying to maKe her say \x22I love you\x22.

What would you do if she says
\x22I love you\x22? Tell me...

I will Kill her.


You heard me right.

If she says \x22I love you\x22, I will Kill her.
- Why?

She must wait for Bujji.
Bujji is her husband.

If she falls in love with idiots liKe me,
should I Kill her or not?

You're absolutely right.
You can Kill her.

LooK at me, Subbu LaKshmi...

Touch me everywhere...
TicKle me a little...

Pinch me a little...
Kill me a little...

Crush me a little...
Kiss me a little...

TalK to me a little...
Hug me a little...

Enough of your romance...

I'm not used to it...

Will you get me?
Can't you stop my ebulient youth?

Would you ever get me?
Won't I give you a slip?

Don't scare me...

Don't frighten me...

Will you trap me?
Will you sparK the fire in me?

Will you stop your non-sense?

Kill him. Klll him.

Don't give them time to thinK.

Leave none.

Bring Machi Reddy's sons to me.
- Brother...


I & sister are going to Chennai.
- For what?

To my friend's wedding.

TaKe someone with you.

- Yes boss.

I don't want anyone.
We will go by ourselves.

We have threats.
We never Know what will happen to us.

How can we be so careless?

You must be careful, not we.

I'm going to Chennai,
you've any worK there?

Sambhar! Don't act smart.
I don't need any help, I'm going alone.

Your sister is high end model
in women,

it's not so easy to convince her.

Is everything ready?
- Waiting for you.

Did you call her on phone?
- No, not yet.

Come on call her fast, you fool!

I'll leave home at 10.
- Stupid, don't miss it.

Push out anyone and walK out.

We are getting late.
Has she come?

Come...come...we are getting late.
Get in.. Go.

Come fast!

Stop the marriage!

Vamsi, don't get scared, tie the Knot.
- They are coming!

I'm scared.
- Don't get scared. Tie the Knot!

Catch them!

Boss is here!

AII your bottoms will get shattered!

How dare you marry him!

Who are you man?

Whosoever I may be,
the marriage will not stop.

Showing your Andhra rowdyism
in Tamil Nadu.

Andhra is mine,
Tamil Nadu is mine,

I'm not new to T.Nagar or Anna Nagar,

I'm a local goon who roamed
every street here.

Every town is mine! Tamil Nadu is mine!
RajiniKanth is my leader!

A Telugu dog! How dare you
get my sister married.

Languages mean nothing,
there's trouble here,

let's fight it out, come!

Tie the Knot!
- Tie!

Don't tie...
- Tie the Knot!

Bloody bitch! Come with me.
- Leave me.

Remove the auspicious thread!
- No!

Catch them!


Never split the lovers!

Their love is not new one,
they love each other from childhood,

childhood friendship turned love,
don't separate them,

I Know the pain they are going through,

let them live!

Why are you staring at me?

I was after you for 12 long years,

I'm still after you liKe a donKey,

but you don't Know I'm your Bujji,

you Know to watch with big open mouth,
foolish girl!

He talKed to a Tamilian in Telugu
and in Tamil with me,

Neither they got him nor I got him.

I heard him say Bujji between the lines.

- No?

But whatever it is, I did liKe him today.

There's an unKnown love feeling in him.

Your time is good,
going on honeymoon.

It's all your grace, brother.
- You're lucKy!

Please call your sister once.

Sister is in bathroom, brother-in-law!

Did you call me as brother-in-law?
- You're so sweet!

Don't pinch liKe that,
sister may get disturbed.

I'm also upset.
- Really?

You're not any less beauty,
don't feel for not seeing you,

Your sister and me,
we don't need anyone else. OKay?

Where is your sister?

Did you see how she went past?

I don't Know about you,
but she's not ordinary to me.

What's the matter?

You go liKe this once,
caress hair liKe this once,

your necK is seen fully,

I don't Know whether you left
the door open wantonly,

or giving me positive signals,

I'm getting charged up here,
I'm dying.

Honeymoon couple is in the next door,

bloody what a terrible atmosphere.

Go out...go...
- LooK, how enthusiastic he's!

Any idea about me?

What idea?

I mean what's your idea to do with me.

What should I do?

You can do anything if you thinK.

You liKed me the other day,

you told your sister you liKed
me little further today,

you can say I love you also.

You're trying to maKe me say it.
Isn't it?

I'll never say it.

I'll not say these words to anyone
in this world other than Bujji.

Do you Know who is Bujji,
my heartbeat.

He's my breath.

You told just now not to
split childhood friends,

he's my childhood friend.

He left home and spoilt his
life for my one word.

He left his parents.

12 long years, I'm waiting for him.

He's my love, my friend, my parents,
my brother and my entire world.

I never slept without
chanting his name,

I never dreamt any dream without him.

I want to shout so that he can hear me.

Squeezed my heart with dart liKe looKs...
I liKe her...

I liKe you and came to
you to give myself...

I'll spread all over you..

Slowly and steadily I'll reach you...

Once...only once...

Do it again what you did only once...

There's a turmoil inside me...

It's taKing a heavy toll of me...

Accept my love for you...

My dear, I've given my heart to you...

My heart slipped away from me
and reached you...

If you call me,
would I dare refuse you?

If you're on me,
won't I become your pillow?

My love, you're my life...

Come, let's live together...

I desire to be with you...

My heart is going all out for you...

Bujji! Where are you?
I'm fed up searching you.

No patience to piss too.

Why everyone looKs similar
in Hyderabad.

You want Bujji?

Do you Know Bujji?
- Yes.



Six pacK below!
- Yes.


I'll adjust.
- ThanKs sir.

How do you Know Bujji?

I had Bujji once...

You mean...?

If you promise to do anything for Bujji,
I'll give you the phone number.

I'll do but I want to Know it first.

I'll give a hint, you'll Know it.
- What will you do?

I got you, I don't want Bujji!

I want.
- I don't want Bujji!

Anyone is same to me.
- I don't want anyone.



If you say yes, I'll sensationalise
your sensitive parts...

How did the marriage go on?

Why don't you answer your brother?

Went off well.

Can't you tell him that?
Why are you so proud?

She's my sister.
That's our style.

By the way, where is he?

Who are you? Why?

Escaped from Vizag jail and
asKing questions, come.

Get in!

Got scared?
MistooK them for Vizag police?

My boys, come and sit here.

I want to talK to you.

Why did you change your loyalty?

Did Sivanna pay you more
or got scared of him?

I can't Kill Sivanna,
if you want I'll return your money.

If you return the money,
do you thinK we'll leave you?

You're in Sivanna's house,
you must Kill him.

We'll not pay you anymore,
if you refuse you'll die.

You don't get it, who is Sivanna?

Chitti's brother.

- Yes.

Chitti is our target.

If you don't Kill Sivanna,
we'll Kidnap Chitti.

Don't talK about Chitti.

I'll maKe her stand nude.

I'll get her raped by the entire gang.

Oh God! He's dead!

Why did you talK about Chitti?

Neither I Know I'll beat you
nor you Know you'll die.


Let's settle the matter, bye.

Why is he running away?
He's leaving, brother.


I never came upstairs,
very large home.

Sit here, I'll come in a minute.

What happened?

I Killed the lawyer.
- Who?

Machi Reddy's lawyer.

Why did you come Killing
just one not all, bloody fool?

Where are they?

Bloody cowards!

Unable to touch me,
they are attacKing indirectly.

Are you here?
Wait there, I'm coming.

Do you Know how Chitti & I are
frantically searching for you,

this is Chitti's house,
atlast I got you,

Chitti, your Bujji is here...
- Shut your mouth!

Don't talK, come out.

Just now I heard Bujji's name.

Is Bujji here?

Where is Sathi?
I heard him call his name.

You're hiding something from me,
you saw Bujji when Sathi called him.

Who is Bujji?

Brahmaji, tell me who is Bujji?

Is he the guy in our home?
Tell me!

I heard calling his name.

Bujji is here only.

Bujji is with me.

Fear of losing you made me
hide him from you.

Do you Know my Bujji?

Do you Know Bujji?

Come dear.

Are you mad?
How can you give up for her brother?

He's your Bujji!

- Find them!

My sister!

Sister! Sister!

Encircle them!


Go fast...get a doctor! Go!

Brother, let me see Bujji for sometime.

Kangana is with us,

exchange her for Sivanna.

Give them my brother and free my sister.

Later free my brother too.

I want my brother too.

Free my brother...
I want my brother...

Where are you Machi Reddy?

I've come without arms.

Where are you and your sons hiding?
Come out!

Bloody cowards!

Bloody coward!

Why do you want to avenge?

Kidnapped a girl?

I came to your home to behead you,

I didn't Kidnap your wife, bloody coward!

Time is not in our favour,
finding no other way,

our time is running bad,
so we had to resort to this,

I got you at last,

I and my sons swore to sacrifice
your head to Goddess.

6 years have gone past since then,

It's festival at my home today.

Bujji, accompanied Sivanna?

Bloody turncoat!

Leave Sivanna and taKe her.

I don't mind what you do with Sivanna,

I'll leave if you give me one man.

Who fired the shot at Chitti?

I want him.

I'll go if you give him to me,
otherwise I'm not giving you Sivanna.


Who fired at Chitti?

I'm very happy...I feel liKe
meditating while Killing you.

Get up!

Would anyone survive with so many
bullets inside the body?

But my brother-in-law survived.

LooK at his smile!

It's not good to arrest us
at these happy moments.

But it wasn't good on your part
to escape from Vizag jail.

You must spare us.

Why should we spare you?
- Just a minute.

Let's set them up.
- Apple polish brother-in-law.

Don't pull.

Brother-in-law, they are sending us
bacK to the central jail.

If you don't bail us out,

I'll be in jail and Chitti,
it won't be good.

I Know it but can't avoid it.

You're my brother-in-law.
- Yes.

I've a small doubt.
- Go ahead.

You had a fight with Chitti in childhood,
you ran away from the home,

what was your fight about?
- That one...I'll tell you.

I'll tell him.
- No, I'll tell him.

No, I'll tell.
- No, I'll tell him.

Anyone of you please tell me.

Once she...

One day she was playing.
- Where?

On beach sand.
She was building a big temple.

Chitti, your birthday gift.

Do you Know what you have done now?

You trampled on my temple.

Sorry Chitti, I went to get
a guava for your birthday.

I don't want anything.

I wanted to visit a temple
after taKing bath.

You spoilt it.

Temple? I'll rebuild it for you.

TaKe off your legs.

Do you Know what is this? My God!

You stamped on my God.

I swear on this God,
I'll not talK to you.

Chitti, please don't say it.

Please, stop. Don't get angry.
- I swore on God.

Don't go away.
- Never show up again.

This had happened.

This looKs liKe very foolish.

Will childhood fights be intellectual?