Bugs and Thugs (1954) - full transcript

When Bugs calls a cab he doesn't know it's the getaway car for a couple of bankrobbers (he does know the capital of Nevada).


[music continues]

[drum roll]

[light violin strings]


(Bugs Bunny)
"Rabbit season opens today.

Hundreds of hunters
swarm the countryside."

Boy, am I glad I live
in the city where it's safe.

A guy could get killed
out there in a country

with all them
guns goin' off.

[draw clicks]


Oh, uh. Taxi!

[tires screeching]


Yeah, couple of times
around the park, Mac.


[gunshots continue]

Okay, take off, Mugsy.


I don't mind
sharing the ride.

But, all this laundry!
After all..

Stop right there, rabbit.

How much do you know?

Who me?
Oh, I know a lots of things.

Two and two is four.

Carson City
is the capital of Nevada.

George Washington
was the first President.

Cut it.

This guy knows
too much, Mugsy.

We'll take him for a ride.

Okay, boss.


I just love rides.

Especially, on
a lovely spring day.

There's nothing
like a motor ride to relax one.

Through winding roads, past the
meadows and down shady lanes.

- Shut up!
- Shut up?

Certainly. You don't think I'm
the kind that keeps blabbing?

Some people
never know when to stop.

When I'm told to shut up,
I shut up.

'Shut up shutting up.'


Hey, you Mugsy.

If you see a nice, clean gas
station, would you stop, please?

[car braking]

[light music]

Oh, uh, I'll need a nickel.

(Bugs Bunny)
'Hello, Police Department?'

'I've got the bank robbers.'

'We're on Highway 55.
Headed West.'

'We're driving a '52 Acme,
straight eight.'

'Overhead valves!'

'With California
license plates!'


Operator, we've been
disconnected. Oh-ho.

[bell ringing]

Come on, rabbit,
get out there

and see if the
coast is clear.

Okay, boss.

[ringing continues]

Okay, all clear.


[metal clinging]

Hey, how about
a break for lunch?

Keep working, rabbit.

Yeah, keep working, rabbit.

Shut up!

What did I do, boss?

I said button your lip!

okay, boss.

[funny music]

How's this, boss?

Well, here it is,
all done.

But there's a wheel missin'.
I'm afraid you're stuck.

We're not stuck, rabbit.

You're stuck.

Yeah, we're not stuck.

Shut up!

[fast beats]

Hey, Mugsy.

Let's take the scenic route.
Ha, ha, ha.

[mysterious music]

Mugsy, take this rabbit

into the other room
and let him have it.

Okay, boss.


Alright, Mugsy,
let me have it.

Come, come. You heard
what the boss said.

Let me have it.

but uh..

That's better.


I let him have it, boss.
Just like you said. Hm-m-m.


'Get off!'

I guess I'll have to take care
of that rabbit myself.

[door clicks]

[imitates siren wailing]


Alright, Clancy, take the boys
and surround the house.

(Bugs Bunny)
Jiggers, the cops.

Hide me! Quick, hide me.

Here, hide in here, quick.

Hide me, too. Hide me!


It's not fair.
You've gotta hide me, too.

I must be dreaming.

It couldn't be this easy.

Okay, quick.
Hide in here.

[orchestral music]


Now, don't move
until I tell you to.

Alright, open up.
This is the police.


Alright, where's Rocky?
Where's he hiding?

He's not in this stove.

Oh-ho, he's hidin'
in that stove, eh?

Now look,
would I turn on this gas

if my friend Rocky
was in there?

You might, rabbit, you might.

Would I throw
a lighted match in there

if my friend was in there?


Well, alright, rabbit,
you've convinced me.

I'll look for Rocky
in the city.


The coast is clear, fellas.
They've gone.

[door clicks]

[cars approaching]

(male #1)
'Okay, Clancy, take the boys
and surround the house.'

Jiggers, fellas, the cops.

'Open up,
this is the police.'

Alright, rabbit, where's Rocky?
Where's he hiding?

He's not in this stove.

Oh-ho, he's hidin'
in the stove, eh?

Would I turn on the gas
if he was in there?

You might, rabbit. You might.

Would I throw a lighted match
in there if he was in there?

Oh, no you don't!

Take me with you!
Don't leave me with him!

I confess. I did it!
Arrest me! Arrest me!

[telephone rings]

Hello. Bugs Bunny,
Private Eyeball.

Thugs thwarted,
arsonists arrested

bandits booked,
forgers found

counterfeiters caught,
and chiselers chiseled.

[orchestral music]