Bugs (2014) - full transcript

What should we do. What should we do.

Let go.

l'm gonna sue the airline.

Wait till we land.

But, they are trying to kill us all.

They are just a loving couple.


What went wrong?

Downaloded from the internet.
You thought l have not seen it? Boring.

Hey, You fly often. Have you ever
thought of experience plane crush.

Shut up!

Experience plane crush with love one.
Let's take a picture.

Your love?

Don't break our deal.

at 13:1 7:58, on 12th
We broke up in peace.

Now we are just colleague.

You are my assistant not my girlfriend.

Oome on. You are like
reading the line from

Wong Kar-Wai's. Like 3 years 12 days,
13 hours, 1 7 minutes and 58 seconds ago

l'm having ice cream
but l didn't get vanilla.

- Hey, buddy.
- What?

Excuse me can l borrow your magazine?

- Take it, it's yours now.
- Oh, no need

- l just want to take a glance.
- lt's ok we published it.


You work for a magazine publisher?
What do you do?


- Mr. Editor
- Oome here.

Wow, must have made a fortune.

My BYD is a used car And you know what.

This is Kevin's rent car.
Other cars were sent to pick the VlPs.

Not the bestjust deal with it.
l thought you two broke up.

Even your BYD is a used car. So how
could l afford to hire a real assistant.

Nothing could be done without money.

Why do you always talk about money.
Look around

with this environment. Right?
Take it as a vacation, OK

l'm not making much.

- You gain weight.
- Really?

l thought l'm fine.

Fei, Didn't you two...

break up? Why back together again?

We did break up. Again.

Again! Fei, l really don't understand.

Say, for a girl like you even though
you're not an outstanding beauty

but still Why do you still going out
with this poor photographer.

Today full of silver spoon kids.

lt would be easy for you
to grab one or two billionaire.

- Are you sure?
- Of course.

They like brainy girls, like me. Right?


because they don't use their brain.

l'm not asking for your advise.

l prefer man who made
their own fortune.

l say Don't be snobbish.

- Kevin should be taken by us.
- Ok, say no more.

Now, l'm a rich guy
who makes my own fortune.

- And l'm proud.
- l am.


Anytime up to you.

Sure, No problem.

No problem, OK.

All right.

All right, see you later. Oall you later.

Bye bye.

Grandpa Oome over here.

What is that.


Don't take it!

Don't take it over!

Yes O M G.


Dick, OK ok.

Dick lt's fine, it's fine.

All right, Hey!

Let's get the party started.

You take charge of the machine room

make sure all the communication
is dead for at least one hour.

No problem.


Oan you look more like a theif.

What! lsn't it obvious.

Grandpa, hurry up!

- Not too loud.
- Grandpa, you act like a kid.

No wonder you can't find a wife.

We really should be going
it's almost time.

Move away, move away. Move away

What is that?

Grandpa, come on

Hurry up! We are late.

Oome on.

l told you to get ready early.

See! Now we are gonna be late.

lt's not like you are attending
a beauty pageant. What's the rush?

But l'm the guest.

Besides, there are free wines
and food and hot guys.

We can also take a sunbath.

Look at your face, so pale.

- What?
- You need some tanning.

for the calcium.

You stink.


You really stink.

Am l smelly.

Don't you just like it?


Wait a minute.


Hurry up.


Proposal is very important.

Okay, Okay.

- Watch yourself.
- l know, l know.

Ohampagne pow.

- l'll do it myself.
- That's for red wine

- That's for champagne. Got it?
- Got it.

What now?

l've decided to capture
your engagement proposal.

No. lt's my own business.

Relax, lt's gonna be very meaningful
And good memories. You...

My dear Fei. l...

- Are you done now?
- Ah, it dropped off.

What are you doing?

The organizer told us to go to the scene.
Please change your clothes.

What is that?

lt's given by the organizer.

Ladies and gentlemen.
Guest of honor. Welcome.

Let me introduce you to a very important
person an investor of this event.

The humourous and generous Mr. Kevin.

Seems that Kevin can't wait
to speak to us.

So, Mr. Kevin, tell us
what are the criteria for Z girls.

Only one criterion. Men's attention.

The girl that manage to attract
most guys' attention.

And that girl is the winner.

The winner will be crown as the Beauty.

What are you doing?

l'm looking for something.

Don't waste any time, get changed.

Hurry up.

And the party begin!

Let's party.

- Lao er.
- Yes.

People say thieves also have their
code of conduct This is my lastjob.

After this l won't steal anymore
You will then marry with your girl friend

and travel around Oalifornia.

- Hey!
- Yes.

Remember don't be too greedy
Get enough and go.

But how much is enough?

- No stealing from old people.
- Yes.

- No stealing from children.
- Yes.

- No lDs.
- Yes.

What about driving license.

Shut up!

Don't you think this place is high end,
magnificent and classy.


Grandpa Every time l see this,
i can't believe my eyes it's my work.

lt's stunning.

- artificial it's all artificial.
- Grandpa

Oan't you just praise me, for once.

- Man Qi.
- Yes.

Do you know what is the greatest
achievement of mankind?

- Greatest achievement?
- Yes.

Only you yourself
can answer such a question.

Reporters are waiting for you there.

- lnterviewing me?
- Yes.

But l'm not a contestant.

But you are guest of honor. And later,
We need you to give a speech later.

What are you doing?

Don't touch me.

Boss is having fun there.
Better don't disturb him.

l've taken some good shots.

Move, move, move.

Zhang Ohen, l made an
appointment with Kevin

Will be conducting an interview later.

- Get going.
- Wait, wait!

Who would read his interview?

This... And this...

Rich people that invest in such events
just to get some exposure right?

- They just like it. Get going.
- Wait!

l'll be interviewing the contestants
back stage later no time for him.

lt's easy Fei, Fei, Fei.

What size are you?

90 My size is 90.

Let's take a picture?


You know squeeze a bit

Man Qi lt's you time to be on stage.

OK, l'll be there.

Actually, l'm not a contestant.

Ah, Olose the door.

Bro, there is a camera.

Olose the door.

What are you looking at?

Bro, With your temperament

a pair of golden framed glasses

Match with a Patek Philippe watch
and an Armani suit

You really look like a waiter.

- Shut up!
- There is a camera.

Actually my dad always wants me
to be a government officer.

For sure There is no betterjob than this.

Oome here!


- Kevin
- l like you.

Excuse me, Kevin.

- You are beautiful.
- Kevin.

This is the famous
photographer and reporter.

who took pictures of Olinton's wife.

Steven S... Steven Zhang.

Where are you going for dinner

No idea yet.

Ladies and Gentlemen
Let's put our hand together...

She's not a contestant. She's an architect
That designed this hotel.

Let's welcome, Ms. Man Qi.

She is my grand daughter.

Hello. l'm Man Qi.

Ah... Mr. Kevin what makes you decide

- to sponsor this event?
- Hello. l'm Man Qi.

How to say!

l think Today we have
beautiful sunshine, the beach

and also these beauties contestants
behind me and let's have fun!

Who's that girl?

Man Qi

She's not your type.

All women are my type.

Wait for me.

Wait for a moment.

Mary Disa from South Africa
Purity reaches 99.9%

l don't know much about that
l only know it cost me 2 million.

Oh, you are a rich man?

l am not. My dad is.

We have an interview for VlPs
and you are invited.

You won't turn us down, would you?

No l'm a guest, it's my duty.

Plus there are so many
free drinks and food.

Let's go.


Where is the interviewer?

Boss is calling for you.

Zhang Ohen!

You two knew each other.

That's great Oome on,
let's do an interview with Man Qi.



- Man Qi
- What's the smile about?

l never thought about this.

Thought about what?

- Ah, Never thought that...
- Never thought that...

She is a famous architect.

Nice to meet you again.

l heard that you are now
a famous photographer.

You became diligent
Don't sleep all day?

Need to sustain a family. Huge pressure.

Oh, you have a family?

Almost. What about you?

What do you mean? Which aspect?


Are you married?

We are the warrior of the 80th
and every time we had gathering

we are discussing about
marriage at our age.

l think you have better figure
compare to two years ago.


What's the secret?

Being a vegetarian. Workout
and sleep naked.

Oh, talking about sleep naked
l like it too.

Do you know,

he must wear his Teddy bear
pajama otherwise he couldn't sleep.

He is afraid of catching a cold.

Do you like sleep naked?

l like it too.

Oareful, don't catch a cold.

You two Really know each other well.

Some guests complain that
they got no signal on their cellphone

- Go to the machine room and check it out.
- Yes.


Lao er, Lao er.


Lao er, Lao er.

You're too perfect
How can you be so perfect?

Don't act like a kid.

lt was two years ago.
Everybody's got his past.

But why didn't you tell me?

What do you want me to say?
l've even listed out all the ex-girlfriends?

That means you had a lot.

OK, list it out.

No, not a lot.

Not a lot.

l'm just making an example

- just to let you know
- Um.

Don't fight for sake of fighting, OK

lt's no fun for keep getting
the upper hand right?

l let you win this round. Who are you
dating before and after Man Qi.

And me who else before or during me?

What do you mean during you?

How many relationships you
werehaving at the same time?

Just one.

Oould you not always use metaphors.

You sound like my grandma?

You think l'm old then.

Listen to me.

l want to sail into your harbor
but you didn't give me a pier.

Do you have a ticket for the boat then?

Where is the ticket?

Don't move. What are you doing here.
Don't move

Throw it away

Stop picking up stuffs off the ground.


l'm staying in 1601 .

Have you seen a red box
by the cupboard of the bed?

Man Qi!

Man Qi!

lt's very important.

You are legally responsible if it's missing.
Do you understand?


Let's go!

- There is one more here.
- Are you insane? Go!



l'll take you to your mom.

Fei! Fei!

Oome in quickly! Quick!

Fei! Fei!

- My daughter, thank you very much.
- Zhang Ohen!

Where were you?

Where were you l thought you...

Man Qi!

Excuse me, Are you Professor Man?

l am You are...

l'm Zhang Ohen.

- A friend of Man Qi.
- Have you seen Man Qi?

l saw her before but...

That lady architect sail with Kevin.

What do you mean
the world is going to be destroyed.


Hey! You...


Under your feet.

Let me...


l found that these bugs
when they are full they stop attacking.

Where did they go?

Mantis would become
the food for their own kind.



They are obviously not mantises.

When mantis is full it would offer
it self as food for it's own kind.

Then there is reproduce.

This is the circular of food chain.

What does it mean?

Look! Did you see?

- Dick!
- Yes.

Did you see a ship over there?


l guess on the ship, there should be
the beer that Man Qi wants.

l'll sail our yacht over there.

Do you know how to sail a yacht?

No. Go get the yacht
and we can have a look.

Let's have a look.

l'm staying with Man Qi.

Then who's going to sail it?

You, swim over.

l'm swim over. l'm gonna die.

Swim over.

You are serious?

Swim over now.

Anybody here?

Answer me.

Where's your manner?

Robbery. Pirate.

Respect the pirate, OK.

Wow this ship it's...

Did the ship sunk before?

Are you OK?


Let's go.

l'm going to look for Dick.
Are you coming?

- Hey! hey! What?
- What?

Why are you going there?
lt's too dangerous. You can't go.

How can l let my fans down?

Don't go!

- Oome back!
- Qucikly!

What is that? Get off! Don't touch me!
l have Amulets. l didn't bring it.

Anybody here?

Anybody here?

l knew that the lights wouldn't
come on themselves. Oome out.

Let's do it together.
Don't drink alone it's so boring.

l'm a tourist here. l have a yacht.

Let's have fun together.

l'm coming in. Don't be afraid.

Give me your hand.

No need.

- Ok Let's take some pictures.
- Ok.

Let's go.




All right, come here

and take a picture with me. Here. Ok.

Smile. Perfect.

Another one. Bigger smile.
Another one. Ok.



l'm telling you don't ever let me
go down by myself

lf my Armani gets dirty
you can't afford it.



- Yes.
- Oould you hold the reflector for me?




Look at here. One more.
Good. Another one.



Ok, One more. Nice, nice.

Help me!

Look at here. Here. Ok.

All right. Another one.








Where is you?

Which way?

Over there.

Oome here.

- lnside here.
- Um.

Slow down!

Man Qi!

Man Qi!


Hang on!

Help me!

- lt hurts!
- Luckily it's not bad.

lt may hurt but let's bandage it.

Man Qi!

Man Qi!

Man Qi!


Man Qi!

- Man Qi!
- Grandpa!

Man Qi!

Grandpa, don't come over!

Man Qi.

Man Qi.

Man Qi.

Man Qi.

l'm here!

Grandpa, how did you get here?

- Are you ok?
- Yes, grandpa,

don't come here. lt's dangerous here.

Stay away.

Where is it now?


Are you insane?

Wait here.


What are you doing?



Throw it away.


Go up. Quick!

lt's stuck!


- Quick, quick. Help me!
- Run!

Quick! Run!, run!, run!, run!


Don't go there!

Where is the power?

Where is the power? Where is the power?

Zhang Ohen, here is the power



- l can only reach here.
- lt's too short!

Zhang Ohen.


Take this basterd. Go away.

Electrocute it

Oome on,

Quick! Quick! Quick!

- Zhang Ohen!
- Zhang Ohen!

You scared the hell out of me!

My fans are hardcore. lf l don't give them
something strong how can l get popular.


Grandpa, slowly.

Let's take a picture.

Here, here, here.

Stand closer.

Man Qi. Did he really wear
a Teddy bear pajama?

- Let me see. Let me take one for you.
- Nope!

This girl why didn't the bugs eat her?

l've something to tell you.

Well, as we said before the ticket
for the boat l found it.

Kneel down.

lt's so stupid there are
so many people here.

That's how a blockbuster should ends.
You have to kneel down.

l'm so happy. lt's a ring.

Diamond, Diamond, Sparkling diamond.

Great, great this is real.

This is for me. Yes, yes.
Oh, l'm so happy.

Do it again.

How can l do it again?



Slow down.

Be more emotional.


Red eyes. Cry, come on.

You should be so excited marrying me.

- You know Proposal shouldn't be this way.
- Come on, cry.