Bugs (2003) - full transcript

An entomologist accompanies a team of commandos to prevent prehistoric insects from escaping from a subway system.

Dispatch, this is 42-15.

I'm pursuing armed robbery suspect
at tunnel construction and 32nd.

Requesting backup.

Damn it.

- Chief. Thanks for calling.
- Agent Pollack.

Check that number.
We think this could be your guy.

Tell me what you got.

The officer chased the suspect
into the tunnel, shots were fired.

When our guys finally got here,
this is what they found.

- Where's the rest?
- That's the question of the day.

Agent Matt Pollack, FBI, meet Deputy
Medical Examiner, Andrea Karthas.

I ran UVs 30 yards each way
on the tracks...

and I couldn't find
a trace of blood.

- You're after the Downtown Reaper?
- That's right.

This is not my guy.
It's not his style.

The Reaper is a neat freak.
This is too much of a mess.

Looks like
he was literally torn apart.

- What's this?
- I don't know yet.

I won't know for sure
until I send it to the lab.

- You let me know as soon as you do?
- No problem.

I'll drop down
Dr. Franklin's office later. Thanks.

- Matt?
- Yeah?

- Sorry to drag you here for this.
- That's all right, Chief.

We've been seeing a lot of copycats
in the last few weeks.

A lot of sick people.

I'll tell you what, I'll still
run a check to match this M. O...

- and have your guys do the same.
- For sure.

Be sure we're locked down here.
It's gotta be cleared in four hours.

We've got some VIPs coming through.
The tunnel's reached halfway point.

Petronovich wants to show off
his tunnel again.

Fortune 500s, politicians...

Yeah, my people.

- Thanks, Chief.
- See you, Matt.

I'll look forward to it.

Damn it! I do not need this now.

They want me to worry
about a dead cop...

when I have six strip mall complexes
that don't have the right permits!

Permit applications are already in,
and I don't anticipate any problems.

As for the incident in the tunnel...

you might want to postpone
the VIP tour till we clear the mess.

I might, might I?

Let me tell you a little something
about how business works.

Just like in war, when you're running
a Fortune 500 company...

occasionally you run into
a thing called "collateral damage."

Sometimes something
gets in the way...

and you just have to
push that thing aside.

- Sir...
- Listen.

It's a terrible thing that happened
to that officer today...

and I'm just sick, personally,
that it happened in my tunnel.

See, Dave...

sometimes even bad publicity
can be good publicity.

Where are the plans
for station nine?

- Dr. Franklin, what do you have?
- Massive tissue loss.

He was cut almost completely
in half. Lots of severed bones.

Whoever did this must have used
something incredibly sharp.

You see here?
What's left of the legs?

These are the strongest bones
in the body. Look how they're cut.

There are no splinters,
no evidence of crushing.

I don't know any man or animal
with the strength to do such damage.

What about a machine
or some other device?

There'd be metal residue.

Even a high-density plastic
leaves a trace.

But here, nothing.

The fluid Andrea collected.

What is it?

Based on tissue damage it caused,
I thought it was an acid.

After I ran some tests, I discovered
it's a combination of proteins.

- Right. Meaning?
- Well, it's an enzyme.

This one has a profile similar
to those found in some insects...

but never in this massive quantity.
I can't identify it.

What does an enzyme like that do?
What is it for?

Well, for digestion certainly.
It's similar to human saliva.

It's not something that could
immobilise someone immediately.

I'd like to send a sample to the CDC
consultant at the university here.

- Do you know Dr. Foster?
- Emily Foster, the entomologist?

I know her.
We've worked together before.

I'll give her a call
and see if she can analyse it.

You know what? I'll take it to her.
It'll be a lot faster. Thanks.


Matt, what are you doing in town?

- You going somewhere?
- To Whistler, for the long weekend.

- Skiing?
- Not me. I'm a snowboarder now.

- I should have guessed.
- What can I do for you?

I was hoping
you could take a look at something.

We found a fluid on a victim's body.

What do you need the CDC for?

The lab can't identify it.
Franklin thought maybe you could.

Great. Put it in the fridge.
I'll look at it when I get back.

I'd appreciate it
if you could take a look now.

Matt, I gotta jam
or I'm gonna miss my flight.

I think you're gonna
want to see this.


These were done
by something razor-sharp.

The scrapes
on what's left of the femur...

I think his legs
were cut straight through.

- Looks like a bear attack.
- More like he was eaten.



Here, here, and here.

I've seen
these kind of lacerations before.

- I need a piece of paper.
- Here.

From the lacerations
on his remains...

and the marks evident
on the x-rays...

this is what the jaws
would look like.

Looks like an insect's mandible,
only a thousand times bigger.

- Right. From outer space.
- I'm not kidding.

The enzymes are definitely insect.

With the amount recorded...

that would have to come
from something over 80 kilograms.

That's huge.

- Emily, this is ridiculous.
- No, it's not.

Every once in a while,
a new species...

or an old species that
we thought was extinct, pops up.

Last year, in Norway...

a 20-foot section of a giant squid
washed up onshore.

The cross section showed that
it was over 125 feet long.

Nobody wanted to believe
that it existed.

Because you've never seen it before,
it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

You said that he was attacked
in the new subway station?

- That's right.
- We've gotta get over there.

If what I think is true,
we've gotta contain this thing.

- What about your trip to Whistler?
- I'm here, aren't I?

I'll call Lembeck.

Welcome, everyone.

My name is Jack Ball...

and I am a vice president
at Petronovich Enterprises.

Thank you for coming.

Today, you are the first to ride
the state-of-the-art system...

beneath the depths of Mount Airy.

This is one of the deepest tunnels
in the world.

No one believed it could be done.

Thanks to the determined efforts...

of Victor Petronovich
and Petronovich Enterprises...

we are halfway there.

- Yeah!
- Yes!

- Are there any questions?
- Yeah.

Once it's done, how long will it
take to get from here to Portsberry?

Once completed, the commute
will take under 45 minutes.

A vast improvement
over the three hours it takes today.

This will mean more commerce,
more business, money.

So how long is the track?

The total trip, city to city,
will be 38 miles...

though, today, we will only travel
the completed 19.


Come on, Jack.

The chief engineer-designer,
Mr. Yokoto, will also be joining us.

He's also happy to answer
any of your questions.

- Enjoy.
- And they're off.

Once Stewart takes the ride
this afternoon...

we'll have no trouble
securing the remaining vacancies...

for stations five and six.

Mr. Petronovich, I have
Chief Lembeck, Agent Pollack...

and Emily Foster from the CDC
here to see you.

Thank you, Hal.
We'll continue this later.

Before we head back...

I'd like to point out that we are
in the deepest part of the tunnel...

about 2 miles under the mountain
and 19 miles from downtown.

- Did you see that?
- See what?

I saw something moving.

Those are just the shadows
cast by the halogen lights.

Nothing to worry about.

No, that's not what I saw.


Stop that. Look what you made me do.
I'm a mess.

Mr. Petronovich,
we have to secure the tunnel...

and send a team there
to find out what we're dealing with.

This is potentially
a very serious problem.


I have spent years and billions
of taxpayer dollars on that tunnel.

You think I'll jeopardise
this project on a potential problem?

- An officer is dead.
- And that's a tragedy.

I've got a train full of investors
who won't be comfortable...

being greeted by a SWAT team
on their return.

It's not too good for business,
if you can understand that.

- The evidence...
- There have been crews down there...

for two years, day and night.

If there was something that big,
somebody would've seen it by now.

Do you have anything other than spit
to back up your theory, Doctor?

We're proposing to go in there
quickly and efficiently.

What wouldn't be good for business
is to have another incident.

The Feds control this investigation,
and I am required to support them.

I appreciate your candour,
Agent Pollack...

and I wouldn't want to interfere
with a federal investigation.

My people will be done in the tunnel
soon, and it's all yours.

We'll send a team there to make sure
that all your friends arrive safely.

Good day.

- Get me Reynolds.
- Yes, sir.

What's that?

- I don't know.
- Something's out there.

It's just a few kinks
in the system, folks.

No, I don't think so.

There's something
on the roof!

- Where?
- Get out of here.

What the hell...

As well as could be expected.
We're on our way to the scene now.

Okay, good. See you there.

He's a real charmer.

I wish I could say
his bark was worse than his bite.

- What are you talking about?
- What's that about?

What do you mean
there's no one left?

It's a massacre.
They're dead! Everyone's dead!

Calm down. Where is Jack Ball?

Didn't you hear me?
They're all dead!

I'm bringing in the CDC.

There's no time to mobilise them.

- I need your SWAT team.
- Done. Benton's team is ready.

- I need everything you've got.
- Anything you want.

We need lights. What we're looking
for has been living in the darkness.

Lights can give us an advantage.

How about a train? There's a lot
of ground to be covered.

- The surveyor car.
- Stay out of this.

Tell me about the train.

It's well-equipped,
self-contained, self-propelled.

It has communications
and a close-circuit video.

- Good. What's your name?
- Dave Reynolds.

- I built the tunnel. I know it well.
- Obviously not well enough.

- Can you drive this train?
- Absolutely.

Let's go. Come on.

Mr. Petronovich, do you want
Jack Ball's home number?

- What the hell for?
- So you can call his wife, sir.

We've been briefed.
Come on, Matt. Is this for real?

- I'm afraid so.
- Now I've heard everything.

- Officer Benton, SWAT leader.
- Emily Foster, CDC Field Supervisor.

- She's coming with us.
- Garcia, another vest.

There you go.

Yeah, that's standard issue.
You'll get used to it.

And it'll be your best friend.

- Matt, you seen the ride?
- No.

Let's go. I'll show you.

Titanium construction.
Powered by a hydrogen fuel cell.

And we rigged the exterior with
high intensity lights, as requested.

You've met Dave Reynolds, right?

He'll drive this thing. He knows
this tunnel better than anybody.

How deep does this thing go?

Can we maintain radio contact
with the command centre?

The track's 19 miles long,
and 2 miles below the surface...

at the deepest point
of the mountain.

So the radios can communicate
with each other in the tunnel...

but they won't reach the outside.

However, the car has
a dedicated com system.

It uses the rails as an antenna.

- Ready on the line, sir.
- All right, we're good to go.

- Let's get them together.
- All right.

- You sure about this?
- What do you have to worry about?

Listen up.

This is Agent Pollack of the FBI,
special advisor on this mission.

You answer to me. I answer to him.

What we're dealing with here
is nothing we've ever seen before.

It is not to be underestimated.

But we do know it's very aggressive,
fast, and powerful.

This is Dr. Emily Foster from CDC,
in charge of managing containment.

So please listen up.

Based on evidence, I can speculate
as to what this thing looks like.

It's about 2 or 3 metres
in length...

insect or reptilian in appearance,
and moves at the speed of light.

We know it's strong
'cause it can cut through...

a 1-inch piece of stainless steel
like it's a tin can.

So be very careful.

Are there any questions?

Our mission is to find this thing
and kill it.

Under no circumstances is it to be
allowed to the surface, got it?

Yes, sir.

- Let's move out.
- Let's go.

- Reynolds, slow it down.
- You got it.

I want you guys to use the green-tip
armour-piercing rounds.

I guess no warning shots
for this puppy.

We've got enough ammo here
to start a war.

All this over a bug.

- This is a wild-goose chase.
- Hey!

Come on, man, you heard the lady.

We're dealing with
a dozen people mutilated...

by something stronger and quicker
than anything logic can explain.

If I've learned one thing
on this job...

it's never underestimate
your opponent.

I hear that.

This is a hell of a machine
you got here.

We lost two men in a cave-in...

so Petronovich built this
for Yokoto and me.

With its own power supply, oxygen,
food, provisions...

we figured we'd last
until someone could dig us out.

That's uncharacteristically
nice of him.

Not really.
He couldn't afford to lose us.

Though he did find a way to have
the taxpayers pay for it all.

Yeah, that figures.

I want you to stay on the train.

This could go bad.

Don't do this.

I'm just as qualified
as the rest of them.

If you don't let me go in,
they're gonna know something's up.


I just don't want
anything to happen to you.

I can take care of myself.



Reynolds, what's this?

That's the bypass
to the staging area...

where the construction equipment
and supplies are.

- What was that?
- Slow it down.

What is it?

I think I saw some movements
in the shadows.

No, I don't see anything.

But I guess it's worth a look.
Let's go.

What's that?

The refuelling station of this car,
liquid oxygen and hydrogen.

Lock it down.

Benton, what's the plan?

I'm taking an eight-man team
down the tunnel to check it out.

All right.

Riley, Porter, Cohen,
Johanson, Green...

Howsam, Lu, Garcia.

Bergstein, Manning, you'll stay here
and set up a defensive perimeter.

Remember to keep your radios turned
to channel four.

Let's go.

First team.

Stay low.

Second team,
keep those lights in front of us.

It's not smart to send the men in
without a preliminary video feed.

Benton wouldn't have gone
if he thought he couldn't handle it.

We've reached an elbow
in the tunnel.

Looks like it goes on
about another 8 or 9 yards.

- Roger that. Proceed with caution.
- Sir!

We found a hole
near the end of the tunnel.

Looks about 16 inches in diameter.
We're moving in to check it out.


- It's negative on the night vision.
- Howsam, go thermal.

Insects are cold-blooded.
They won't read on thermal.

The fuel cell.
Does it give off any heat?

No, it's cool to the touch.
It never gets hot.

Tell them to stand down.

- What are you saying?
- We're in a dark, damp tunnel...

a breeding ground for insects
we can't even see.

- Negative on the thermal.
- Benton, keep your distance.

- Get a video read ASAP.
- Video.

We're still
getting negative here, base.

Can they go infrared?

- Can you go infrared?
- Illuminate with infrared.



Come on!

Back! Porter! Cover!

Back! We've got a man down!

Requesting permission
to go after them, sir.

Negative. Hold your position.
Benton, pull back!

Howsam, come on.

They're behind us! Open fire!

- Sir?
- Get my helicopter ready.

Get back! We can't stop them!

Get aboard. Hurry!

Come on, get aboard. Hurry!

Reynolds, get it going!
Get it going now!

Give everything we got.

Get us the hell out of here!

Base, we need an immediate evac.
Do you copy?

- Help me!
- Get it off!

Emily! We need a med kit!

- Shoot it.
- I can't get a shot.

What the hell was that?

There was only supposed to be
one of them.

They're dead! There was
only supposed to be one of them.


How the hell did they get through
a Kevlar vest like that?

Bug saliva adapts
to anything it's eating.

It's how they hold their place
in the food chain.

I don't believe this.

I need an inventory of the weapons
and ammo we've got on board.

Now get to it.

Bergstein, I want you to check
every inch of this train.

Bergstein, come on. Get to it.

- How you doing?
- I'll live.

We need to figure out
where this train is going.

We need to establish communication
with the outside. Can you do that?

- I'll check on it right away.
- Good.

What now? How do we get back?

There is no "back."
The tunnel is sealed.

- Where does that leave us?
- I don't know, I'll figure it out.

Emily, come with me.

- How are we getting out of here?
- That is the least of our problems.

The explosion must have damaged
the rails, severed the hard lines.


So that means
we get to go 10 miles an hour.

Not to mention,
all the power is out.

At the moment, this car is running
on its dedicated fuel cell.

That is an O2 warning...

which means the explosion must have
damaged the ventilation system.

How much air do we have left?

That depends on the fire.

If it keeps burning, it could
consume all the air within an hour.

What are our options here?

There's only one way out of here.

There's a bypass route
8 miles from here, at T-48.

It leads
to an old staging supply yard...

near the quarry at Mount Airy East.

How long till we're there?

At this rate, 40 minutes.

But the track isn't set
for the bypass.

We switched it this afternoon
for the VIP tour...

so we could take everyone to the end
of the line. What a ride that was!

Can you switch it back?

Normally, I'd be able to do it
from here, but the com is out.

We'll have to stop at T-38,
and try the computers there.

- Will there be a radio?
- Yes, and a phone.

- Can't guarantee they will work.
- Let's go to T-38.

What about your men back there?

- What do you mean?
- What about their bodies?

There's no bodies. There's no men.
They're gone.

Think there's any more bugs
ahead of us?

Based on the number behind us,
I'd say we stumbled across the nest.

It's a good bet they were down there
because of the water.

What water?

The hydrogen fuel cell
creates water, right?

Yeah, it converts oxygen and
hydrogen into electricity and water.

Normally, the water is pumped out.

Petronovich never paid to have
the drainage system completed...

so we just let it
absorb into the rock.

And that's the only source
down there, right?

If you're right, the only bugs in
this tunnel are the ones behind us.

Theoretically, but I won't know
until I look at that bug.

Can you tell me where these things
came from? What makes them tick?

- How we can kill them?
- I'm on it.

All right. Good.

Reynolds, you get us to T-38.
I'll take care of the rest.

- Garcia, anything on the com?
- Nothing yet.

Emily, what can you tell me
about this thing?

It's very primitive,
almost prehistoric.

Jointed legs, segmented body,
tough armour-plate exoskeleton.

- I've never seen anything like it.
- Just cut to the CliffsNotes.

Its eyes are underdeveloped, so it
probably can't survive in daylight.

It could be easily blinded.

But it is impressively armed.

Look at the extensions
from its claws.

They're razor-sharp,
shaped like a grafting scalpel...

except these are 10 inches deep.

Take a look at this.

- What is it?
- Dormant bristles.

They're born predators.
And they're also hatchlings.

- We're almost at T-38.
- Right.

What, they're babies?

In some suspended animation.

Locusts come out every seven years.
These come out every few million.

It's incredible.

Certain organisms can hibernate
for extended periods of time...

even reaching a level of stasis
through water depletion.

Didn't you ever have a Sea-Monkey
as a kid?

You mean, those little crystals
you add water to...

and creatures start floating around?

Yes. They can survive
in a package for years.

Just add water, and life.

Which would validate your theory
on their quest for water.

What sealed them in,
in the first place?

An environmental
or atmospheric event.

What, like a meteorite
hitting the Earth?

That would do it.

So these things wake up
after millions of years, pissed off.

And hungry.

Yeah. And we're lunch.

- So, why did they wake up?
- Something to do with this tunnel.

- Reynolds.
- Yeah?

You know anything about this?

We were blasting a section of tunnel
and we hit a pocket of iron ferrite.

Three drills broke
trying to get through.

But once we did,
we exposed a fossil bed.

And you didn't report it?

Of course I did.

So what happened? This place should
have been closed up and excavated.

- Money happened.
- Come on.

Money changed hands.

Enough to make people
look the other way...

when it came
to the demolition permits.


It's too bad Petronovich
can't buy us out of this mess.

- How much further to T-38?
- Five minutes.

Let's get ready, team.
We don't have much time.

All right, this is the plan.

Emily, Bergstein, and Reynolds,
you come with me.

Garcia and Manning, stay by
the train. Keep your eyes open.

- Got it.
- Sir.

Let's concentrate
on getting a message out...

- and switching the track.
- Let's hope the explosions...

didn't take out
these computers as well.

What, you think it went that far?

That's hard to say.
It was pretty big.

Could have shorted
the entire system.

There's only one way to find out.
Team, let's go.

- Is this it?
- Yeah, all right.

The computer terminals are here.

You guys hear anything
a little bit suspicious, sing out.

We'll be back in a heartbeat,
all right?

Let's go.

- Where's the generator?
- Down the hall, to the right.

You guys stay here and I'll go.
Bergstein, cover.

- The phone's dead.
- Batteries are low.

We have to wait for the generator.

The computers are up,
but the network is down.


There's gotta be something else
we can do.

No, this is not working.
This is not working.

I'm going to reset the parameters
and override the default.

Why don't we try a different server?

We can use any server
to reset the drives.

I got it. I got the CDC server.

As soon as I can ping the server,
we are there.

We've got company!

You all right?

- This is crazy.
- I'm all right.

Let's get out of here.
This place is crawling.


Get it off me!

Oh, my God!

We have to leave now.

- What about Bergstein?
- He's dead.

He's dead. Let's go.

Now, let's go. We gotta leave.

Come on.

Let's go.


Where's Bergstein?

You said hatchlings
don't venture far from the nest.

These are different.

- Scouts, maybe.
- Scouts. That's beautiful.

Bergstein is dead
and you come up with scouts?

I'm working in a vacuum.
You can't immediately identify...

the tendencies
of a 65-million-year-old species.

No? I'd say they got the tendency
to kick our ass.

Garcia, that's enough.

- 65 million years old?
- Yeah, the Carboniferous Period.

That's the last time
there were bugs...

with dormant bristles
in their exoskeletons.

- English, please.
- Wings.

You mean these things can fly?

They haven't evolved
to that stage yet...

but they certainly have
the capacity for it.

The news just keeps on getting
better and better.

What's the difference?

They can run 20 miles an hour.

Keep your eyes on the back.
Shoot anything that moves.

- What's wrong? Why did we stop?
- The computer override didn't work.

- So what do we do now?
- We change the tracks manually.

There's a switch key
just down the tracks.

Let's go.

Garcia, you and Manning
hold the fort.

I want you to set a perimeter
behind the car.

Do the best you can
to hold them back, all right?

Let's go.
Emily, you stay on the train.

Actually, we need her.

It takes two people
just to operate the key.

And a third with a flashlight.

- It might go a lot faster.
- Let's go then.

Good luck.

- Tell me about the key.
- It's a preventative measure...

so no one person
can sabotage the trains...

and cause a head-on collision.

When they show up...

we might as well
show them our stinger.

I do love a woman with firepower.

- How much more further?
- Shouldn't be too far.


So it should be
just around this corner.

Get back.

- No, wait.
- What?

They're dead.

How do you know that?

They are not responding
to our presence.

Looks like
they've been dead awhile.

Hope you're right.

What is it? The heat? Lack of water?

Maybe both.

- Where are you going?
- Give me a hand.

I think they are trying to moult.

Remember how I told you...

they needed to adapt
in order to survive?

- Right.
- They almost succeeded.

Are you kidding?

The bugs will eat
right through that.

Not if it's electrified.

Emily, that one looks different.

What is it now?

It moulted.

Like a snake shedding its skin?

Like a caterpillar into a butterfly.

A butterfly from hell.

Let's get this thing out of here
quickly and quietly.

- Got it?
- Yeah.

Here, hold this.

- All right.
- Yeah.

I'll hold the top.
You undo the bracket at the bottom.

Damn it. I dropped the keys.

I nudged it
with my boot accidentally.

I'm sorry. They're dead, see?

I'm sorry.

All right. Come on.
Let's get this thing out of here.

Get the lift.

Go see if you can run power
from the car to the third rail.

Yell if you see any bugs, all right?


- Hey, boss?
- Yeah?

Manning and I blocked the tunnel
with a metal fence.

If we can get some power
to the third rail...

it could keep these suckers away
for a while.

- Is that Garcia?
- Yeah.

Garcia, the auxiliary switch
is to the right of the monitor.

But do not switch it on...

until we've switched the tracks.
Otherwise you'll fry us.

You got that?

- Copy that.
- Right.

Okay, we'll just be a minute.

Garcia, we've got company
at 100 metres.

Hurry up, the bugs are coming!

- What's wrong with it?
- It's jammed mechanically somewhere.

50 metres. Is there any way
we can speed this up?

- Come on!
- Maybe it's the servo unit.

20 metres.

10 metres.

Hurry up.
The bugs are coming through.

- Ten seconds.
- We don't have ten seconds.

Hold my light.

Come on!

- Done.
- Okay, switch it!

Keep working. Get more ammo!




Don't touch her.

Garcia, we gotta go. Come on.

It's gonna hurt.

I'm sorry about the others
and Manning.

All right, if you need us,
we'll be up front.

- How's he doing?
- Physically, he's okay.

Emotionally, I'm not so sure.

- He's a tough kid.
- That's not always enough.

- So, how are we doing?
- We're going home.

- Tell us about the staging area.
- It's a large facility...

and it's pretty much shut down...

now that the crews have finished
the Westside Terminal. Why?

Because these things can't get out.
This has got to end here.

What do you have in mind?

I hoped to blow this,
like the other one.

But at 50%, it won't be enough
to bring the tunnel down.

No, it won't.

But despite what we have
been through, Agent Pollack...

this may be your lucky day.

The staging area is where we store
the demolition surplus.

It's where we store the dynamite.

- Fuses and blasting caps, too?
- The whole nine.

How about wiring the dynamite...

to the fuel cell of this car...

and destroying
everything you've worked for...

- for the last five years?
- Okay, but keep in mind...

to get this car
back down the track...

to meet our friends from the fossil
world, this car needs power.

The same power that
the fence behind us is draining...

from this fuel cell.

So we will have maybe...

ten minutes to get back
to the staging area...

before we cut the power
to the fence.

Otherwise we won't get the car
into the dump.

The bugs will get through.

No doubt.
But how fast do they travel?

So, hopefully, we'll have 15 minutes
before they get to us.

So if we can pack and wire this car,
and send it in immediately...

even if it meets them halfway...

We should be far enough away
from the explosion.

It sounds good,
but how do we get out of there?

We get out at the north end
of the terminal.

There's a staircase
that leads to a Medi-Vac helipad...

and a fire escape route.

- Garcia, what is it?
- Something's following us.

- There's nothing out there.
- It's back there.

Beyond the shadows.

Watching. Waiting.

If the bugs were close enough
to hurt us...

I think we'd see them first.

It's there. I can feel it.

You're right, Reynolds.
This place is a tomb.

The power box is on the way.

This area has its own fuses
and generator.

All right, let's juice this place up
and move fast.

We've only got 10 minutes.

When the fence goes down...

we send the train
and get the hell out of here. Ready?


Garcia, we gotta go.

No, don't. The acid.

You go ahead.

I'm gonna stay here...

and keep an eye out
for my new friend.

All right, we'll be back soon.

We need you to help us
load up the train, right?

Take your time.
The welcome committee is on the job.

Come on.

- Man, he's losing it.
- He's just in shock, don't worry.

He's hallucinating, Matt.
His whole team, all of them, gone.

He's trained to be an army of one.
He's going on instinct...

which is what guys like him
survive on.

I'm not gonna give up on him yet.
Now show me where it is.

This box.

Pull the ones on the left-hand side.

"Let there be light."

- Jackpot!
- There's a phone.

- It's not working.
- There goes the distress call.

- There's a problem.
- What?

At 100 pounds each,
it will be tough moving the crates.

Hold on.

- What about this?
- Start it up.

Can you drive it?


The battery is low.

- We've got five minutes.
- Okay, that's it.

What would you give
to see Petronovich's face...

when this whole thing blows up?

I'd give $60 million
to keep everything intact.

Unbelievable. How'd you get here?

Same way that I assume
you're planning on leaving.

My helicopter is right outside.

I was beginning to worry
that you wouldn't make it.

Why does that not sound heartfelt?

You can't buy your way out of this,
like you always do.

How dare you!

I bring you on board
when you're nothing...

and I give you supervision
of the biggest building projects.

How can you
point your finger at me...

when I've been
buying your silence for years?

How many times have you looked away
because I said so?

You see, that's the thing
about corporate success, Dave.

It trickles down.

You know that all of this
is gonna get out.

You're doing what's right.

- You can, too, Petronovich.
- $20 million. Each.

Everybody walks away happy.

Everybody walks away?
What about the SWAT team...

and those people on the train?
They don't walk away.

What, you're gonna buy off
their families, too?

You can't make an omelette
without breaking a few eggs.

Yeah, arrangements will be made.

The four of us walk out of here,
and seal the place up behind us.

Dr. Foster of the CDC,
announces that some kind of...

pack of rabid, carnivorous animals
attacked those people down there.

Agent Pollack says...

that while there were
multiple human casualties...

the animals were contained
and destroyed.

I send down a team
with heavy-duty chemicals...

to exterminate and incinerate
the insects, and bingo.

Before long, we are up and running.

What if it doesn't work out...

and you end up
killing another team of men?

That is a risk I'm willing to take
for as long as it takes.

No, it ends here.

Nobody walks away, least of all you.

Garcia. Stay here. Watch him.


We don't have time for this.

What are you doing?

- It's coming now.
- What is?

- What has been chasing us.
- Have you lost it?

I can hear it.

I can feel it.

I'm not letting it past me
without a fight.

I need your help to load up the car.
We're gonna blow up this tunnel...

and the fence is coming down
in a minute.

Don't worry.

I'll protect you
for as long as I can.

- But when it comes for you...
- What are you talking about?

When what comes for you?


Don't fall apart on me.
I need you, man.

I'm sorry, sir.

I can't leave my post.


Just think.
When my men kill the bugs...

you're gonna have a sample to study.

You're gonna be the one who made
the discovery of a new species.

But you'd have to say
it came from another location.

Is everything that you do dishonest?

Mr. Reynolds will tell you
I'm not so bad.

I give to lots of charities.
I donate to several institutions...

including one with which
you'd be very familiar.

Of course, he that giveth...

can easily become
he that taketh away.

- Really? What does that mean?
- It means, Dr. Foster...

that I am
the largest anonymous contributor...

to your fine university...

and that philanthropy can stop
at any time.

You know, you can keep your money.

I think you should save it
for lawyers.

- What was that?
- What?

I thought I saw something
up in the pipes.

Oh, my God.

Get under here.

What's going on?
We've got to get the train running.

We're not going anywhere right now.
There's something out there.


There was nothing in the tunnel.

We only saw one.
But, Matt, this one is different.

- Different how?
- It adapted. It flies.

- If these things get out...
- Yeah, I know.

- We have to leave now.
- Just be quiet. Shut up.

I can't be here.
This cannot happen to me.

I cannot die like this.

Maybe you should
make the bug an offer.

Both of you, quiet.

- I don't hear anything.
- Maybe it flew away.

Yes, it flew away. Let's go.

- I don't think it's flown away.
- No, it's right above us.

- Garcia was right.
- About what?

- Death is coming.
- We're screwed.

I think it's gone.

What do we do now?

You okay?

How far is the room
with the fuses and blasting caps?

It's just across the hall.
Do you think we can make it?

Now I'm out. Let's go.

It's locked. Now what?

I have a master key.

- It's one of these.
- Give it here.

- Hurry, please.
- Try another one.

Come on.

Come on.


Get the fuse and the blasting caps.

Garcia, do you read me?

We need your firepower here.
We're in the dry goods room.

It's across the way
from the demolition room.

Got it.
Detonator, cable, blasting caps.

I'll load the train with Garcia.

You go to the chopper.
Get some help.

Garcia's lost it
and you know it, man.

- You're gonna need our help.
- Go outside and get some backup.

Look, I'll load the train.
I know how to rig the fuel cell...

set the timers
and then the auto pilot.

And I don't have time
to explain it to you, so...

- Don't like the sound of that.
- No!

Petronovich, you son of a bitch!

- Keys.
- Damn.

You son of a bitch!

- Matt, you all right?
- Yeah.

It's time! Bring it on!

Bring it on!

See you in hell, you son of a bitch.

Come on.

- Emily, you all right?
- Guys, we got a bigger problem.

- What bigger problem?
- It's the queen.

- What about the queen?
- Once she gets out, she'll multiply.

It just ain't a good day, is it?

We have to stop Petronovich
from getting on the chopper.

But he's got a lead on us.

Don't worry. He only runs fast
when he's chasing money.

Can you get the explosives
on the train by yourself?

I'll figure something out.

All right, good. Let's go after him.

Come on.

Damn it.

Wait. Go up here. Take this route.
See if we can cut him off, okay?


You had your chance.

- Come here.
- Matt!

- Get off of me.
- The bug!

- Let me go.
- I'm locked in!

Bastard. It's your lucky day.

Survival of the fittest.

Come on.

Let's go find Reynolds. Come on.

- Reynolds?
- Up front.

- Petronovich?
- Didn't make it.

What, he couldn't bribe the bug?

So, what's happening?

The dynamite's loaded,
and we're all wired up.

We're just about ready to roll.

I lightened it up for more speed.

That's great.
So when do we get out of here?

- You go.
- What?

I can't go yet.

- What do you mean?
- It's the auto drive system.

It won't run on less than 5% power.
But we've only got 2%.

I'm gonna run it manually.

No way. You're crazy.
You're not gonna make it out.

Of course I am. Trust me.

After all, I mean,
who built the place?

Wait, I don't believe you.

You said that there's
only one way out of here.

There's always another way.

Now look, whatever happens,
we have to make sure...

that they don't get out of here.

I don't like it.

Come on,
you said it yourself, Matt, right?

It has to end here.
It has to end now.

Go on, get out of here.

Get out of here.

The high beams
will slow them down...

but it won't be five minutes
before they're here.

- You smoke?
- Cigars, once in a while. Why?

Keep it. It's my lucky charm.

Who knows,
someday you might need a good light.

Thanks, Reynolds.

- Let me take a look at that.
- Not now.

- It's getting worse.
- Not now, we've gotta run.

It'll only take a second.

Not now. We've gotta run.

All right, I got an idea, okay?

- Just stay here, okay?
- No, wait.

Just trust me, stay here.

Watch out!

It's jammed.

- It's over.
- What about the rest of those bugs?

They can't survive
without the queen.

Let's get to the chopper.

- Reynolds should be with us.
- We couldn't have stopped him.

He made up his mind when he offered
to take us into the tunnel.

He couldn't have known
what was down there.

He felt responsible.

So what happens now?

Lot of debriefing and paperwork.

And the tunnel?

When the CDC looks at your report,
they'll be down there in no time...

to make sure
we didn't leave any surprises.

So, you're gonna go back
to chasing serial killers?

- I was thinking of a vacation.
- Really?

- Maybe even taking a new hobby.
- Like what?

Maybe snowboarding.

It's difficult in the beginning.
You're gonna need some help.

- You know anybody who could help me?
- Maybe.