Bugis Street (1995) - full transcript

Innocent and naive, the 17-year-old Lian is a maid to a rich family in Malaysia, whose sheltered existence is shattered when she is sent to work at a small hotel near Bugis Street in neighbouring Singapore. Having to live with the transvestites and transexuals who make her living on the streets, Lian soon learns about another side of life.

Hello can I help you?

Give me a room.

By the day or by the hour please.

What do you think? I am fast worker.

When the rain is over.

When darkness comes.

A long the wall of unending desire.

The butterflies spread their wings,
looking for true love.

Hi my name is Sophie!

I used to be a boy.

Now I am a girl.

I can tell you

about my sex changes.

I'll tell you later.

Bye, I gotta go to work.

Hi my name's Zsa Zsa, Like Zsa Zsa Gabor

I'll tell you my secret.

My tits are as real as my diamond.

Don't let others know my secret.

Oh so embarrassing.

Give way...give way.

Why do you follow me?

I am very busy now.
Go away, go away, go.

Wanna buy something?

Condom? Magazine? Love potion?

No? OK!

You wanna take my photograph?

It's only one dollar.

But, if you want more, I'll give you more.


Don't want?

Forget it.

The rain, I love the rain.

Where you taking me?

Be quick!

Careful dear.

You can go now.

Not you silly boy, come on.

In my room, go up to my room.

Come on ...Quiet

I'm gonna ride you.

Fuck me!

Oh fuck off! Go and fuck in your own room.

Stop making so much noise.

Every night so damn noisy!

Make me more horny.

Do you like it?

You like it darling?

You know sailor boy.
Just sleep a little bit longer.

When your ship reaches Vietnam.
You won't get to sleep at all

I'm so tired.

What's the matter?

He eats a snail.

What's all the fuss about?
The French man also eat snails

I came for pussy but
I got your faggot ass instead.

Where's my other fucking shoe?

Damn your fucking shoe.

Hey you know what you're playing with.

You got me from Bugis Street alright

I know you're a sailor good looking
and all that, But don't fuck with me.

Pay up, pay up!

Me pay up?
You're the one who should pay up.

You got what the fuck you wanted.

And all I got was a fake fucking pussy.

You have a lot of fuck in your mouth
don't you. Don't fuck with me.

Hey my pussy is as good as any other
and you enjoyed it OK!

You don't pay up I'll call the police.


You go fuck your police.

Help! He's beating me up!
Get somebody quickly.

Shut up you stupid bitch.

Your not getting any fucking money

I'm outta here anyway.

Where's my fucking shoe?

Hello Bong? Trouble here again.

Fuck Fuck Fuck. Where's my fucking shoe?

You know you were a good fuck.

We could even become really good friends

I might even buy you a present.

But too bad you are leaving Singapore.

But next time you
and your little dick comes back.

Come and pay me a visit sometime OK?

Where did you put my fucking shoe?

It's under there, stupid!


They are my police!

Do you still want to fuck them?

Money please!

Are you happy now sailor boy?

Thank you. Thank you.


Are you the new girl from Melaka?

My name is Lian.
Are you Mrs Hwee?

Welcome to Sin Sin Hotel.

It's not like this everyday!

Come! I'll show you around!

Dear Maria.

Now it is early December,
are you snowing now?

It must be beautiful to have snow.

Here is still hot

and I am in an exotic
new place called Singapore.

Quite unlike Melaka it's so cosmopolitan.

Here I work in a big hotel...

with lots of interesting people.

This morning as I arrived.
I witnessed a sad departure...

of an American gentleman
and a Chinese girl.

It was so sad, so touching but so lovely.

It's just like The World of Suzie Wong.

The future looks shining brightly for me,
but dear Maria

I still miss the simple days
I spent in Melaka

I have to tell you the secret.

The day I left the house my young master
actually cried for me.

Please keep this a secret for me.

Yours dearly, Lian.

What are you doing?

I am cleaning your room.

No need for that...


Ah! I beat you

I love you I love you.


I brought you
your water basin and a towel.

Thank you.

You must be the new girl
who just came from Melaka yesterday.

My name is Lian.

You're so cute!

Well if you need anymore
help you can call me!

OK, you like my plants?
Oh Yeah! Take a look.

You've such a beautiful view here.

Thank you!
You know I need this balcony...

to make my plants grow

I like to see small things grow bigger?

You didn't catch that did you?

Anyway if you want to
enjoy my view longer.

Clean my room for a longer time OK?

Come let me show you
how to water my plants.

You take a bit of this.

Hi darling I've bought some durian.

Baby you're back.

Lian this is my precious boy Ming

I missed you.

Right I'm going.

Lian can you please bring that
durian to the kitchen?

Hi! Hey you're new here!

Yah! My name's Lian.

Well you're gonna have a good time.

Thank you.

You need this?

Yeah! you are Mr Wong.

Go clean up my room now!

Mr. Wong from room 102.

He promised to marry me
and bring me back to Switzerland.

My dream has come true.

He's just a sailor boy.

What is it?

Did you see some fairy last night? Crazy!

What's going on?

He ate one cockroach!

What is it? Wake up! Wake up!

Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,

566 you again!

Hello, can I help you?

I want a room.

By the day or by the hour please?

How do you charge?

One hour three dollars

one day also three dollars.

In that case one day of course.

You must pay first.

No problem.

Thank you.

Toilet and shower on your left.

If you go out at night we close the door.

But not lock just bring your key!

Because if you go too late
we all asleep already.

And you're too busy to sign your name.

Room 203 key please?

Are you doctor Do?

Why? You mean I look different?


You have mail.

Thank you.

May I ask you something?

Yes, What do you want to know?

If someone eats a cockroach
what should he do?

Well he should join the Gourmet Club.

And no more question thank you.

Wake up!

Give me a room!

By the day or by the hour!

Shut up! Are you new here?


Get me a bowl of noodles.

And send it to me in half an hours time.

More sesame oil understand.

Keep the change.

Cocky bitch!

Bless you to be a whore
for the rest of your life.

Did you just join the Gourmet Club?

Oh you are doctor Do!

Ding -a -ling.

Come in!

Your noodle with more sesame oil.

Put in down!

What's the big deal?

What is going on here?

Lian, what're you doing? What is it?


What about Linda.

She She's a man!

Oh dear, She's a man? I am a man too.

Lian, wait Lian!...

Lian where you going?

I don't know, back to Melaka.

Don't go, you have to forgive them.

You know some people
are not the same as others.

And I promise they're harmless.

Come back with me please!

Are you coming?

You can go now!

Dear Maria.

The letter I sent you yesterday almost...

became my last letter in Singapore.

So many things happened in one night that
I couldn't even believe it myself.

But I will have the courage to face it

I tell you.

All the ladies in this hotel are men.

Don't you think I really need the courage
to face them. You'll like this place.

This is my home
and it will be your home too.

Don't be upset
I frightened you yesterday didn't I?

It's alright.

You know sometimes...

we over do it.

Don't be angry.

This is for you.

This is uncle Chan,


Give her some money for sweet treats.

Thank you uncle.

Good morning Lian.

Good morning.

How are you today?
You look so happy.

We got more for you to do.

Do it nicely please.

What is this strange underwear.

It's Lola's.

No it's Lola's boyfriend's.

You know how to blow?


I mean BLOW.

Fuck, will you hurry up
Taking all day!

Fuck you, quick!

So long,
all this play play play play play,

Go play with yourself!

Hurry UP!

Ladies and gentlemen
deep friend carrot cake.

Oh my favorite.

Why you guys so fucking slow
Just play the fucking card.

What card you throw?

It's a little

Maggie, Maggie Maggie!

Tailor Fong is here.

Don't you know how to play

I'm quitting.

Go, go, go.

You take over Lian

I don't know how.

Never mind, I'll teach you.

Sit down

I can't play.

We'll teach you OK?

Throw this one, throw this one!

We'll teach you how to play

Maggie I can't play! Maggie.

Hurry! Come on Lian!

You've ruined my trump card.

Please wait

Lola, Don't do anything silly!

Fuck off!

OK I'll go I'll never come back!

Shit! Shut up!

Dear Maria

I tell you surprise news this time

Maggie gave me a gift the other night

I was so touched
and it was so beautiful that

I never wanted to open it.

It is my first gift in my life

I should treasure it always.

But of course, the gifts
that young master gave me doesn't count.

Those are the secrets between us right?

Well, I forgot to tell you.

Lola's boy friend showed his body to me.

It's so disgusting

I think I still prefer poet to muscle man,
do you agree?

Sin Sin Hotel!

Yes we have rooms!

I've one secret to tell you girls
about sex change.

After my sex change the next morning...

I woke up suddenly
I realized my cock's gone.

Oh my god, and I shout "Doctor where's
my cock I want my cock back,".

The doctor said
"your cock's gone,

gone forever!"

"I have one good news to tell you."

"You gonna have sex everyday
for the next 6 months."

"To keep your vagina hole open!"

And the most boring is I had
a big equipment. It's so long 7 inch.

Can't throw it away,

Just throw it away.

And my boy friend all the time had sex!
So boring.

Then I discover the paradise here,

right here Bugis Street
I can earn a lot of money...

and have sex with a lot of men.

Every nigh, every night oh so good,
so lovely.

And then I realized,
I'm still a good girl

I was told by the doctor to do so.

Now, I want to tell you
my darkest secrets

I want to be queen of the queens.

To be beauty pageant queen
To be a movie queen.

And to get married to a prince
to be a real queen.

It's not easy to be a queen.

You can't leave home with make up.

So no one can see your ugly face.

You can put a lot of jewelry.

See like mine
It's fake and nobody knows.

Every year I join beauty contest in
Bugis Street. And every year I lose

I'm fed up to join beauty contest.

But trust me,

one day I'll be queen of Bugis Street.

And I'll be queen of the queens

I've always admired...

Sophia Loren's big tits.

So I started to save up so that

I could have a pair of big tits like her

I went to the doctor

I ordered the biggest pair
of tits they have.

After I returned home
my friends saw me and.

They said what beautiful papayas
you got there.

Then they said shall we play mahjong?

Alright so we started playing mahjong.

We played and played &
I was totally excited.

Then suddenly I heard "Bam"!

My breast had collapsed!

And my white dress turned red

I looked at it and my god!

And the next day
I went to the doctor to have it fixed.

But this time I didn't want it big

I wanted small ones.

Come in!

More tea ladies and gentlemen?

Oh so beautiful.

Come on in.

Thank you.

What is it?

Oh this is a movie camera.

Since you are in this room you know what?
We are going to dress you up.

And you have to tell us
your deepest secrets OK.

Oh so beautiful.

Your new boy friend give you?

Yes, now how shall we dress you up!

Anyhow you like!

Tell us your darkest secrets.

So many

I'll tell you one.

In Melaka, young master.

So young. So handsome.
So rich. So many women.

But young master's only crazy about me.

Other maids got jealous.

That's why I come here.

Do all your dirty laundry and underwear.

Oh you don't like being with us?

No! I like you all
You are very nice to me.

But, when young master comes

I'll hire all of you to be my maids.

And do my dirty laundry and underwear

I don't believe her story.

She can go home! She's lying.

Maid? No way!

Ya! Lola,
you tell me your deep secrets huh?

My darkest secrets?

I'm afraid I'd wake up one morning
and my breasts would disappear.

Just joking!

My secrets! I hate Ming

I hate him so much
I'm so happy he's not around!

Yes! He lies to me, he cheats me
Sometimes he beats me yeah.

Even goes out with other women
I'm not stupid

I picked him up
when I was 18 in Bugis Street

I was such a flower then.

Everyone wanted me.

You know there was this rich gentleman
from Switzerland who wanted to marry me

I would be living in his big house
with lots of servants

I'd be so grand.

Not only did I give up
everything for Ming

I even educated him.

Yeah! I taught him
the finer things in life.

Everything he wears I bought him

I bought him jewelry, I paid his bills

I paid his gambling debts

I hate him!

I hate him so much
I'm so happy he's not around

I miss him so much

I forgot my sunglasses!

Damn your sunglasses!

Get away. . .get away.

Sin Sin Hotel... Yes we have rooms...
Thank you.

Anybody here.

May I help you.

This is my passport.

Don't be surprised,
the sex is male...

and my name is Drags.

And I'd like to have a room with a view.

By the day or by the hour.

It's timeless.

It all depends how long I will stay.

And by the way these are my luggage.

Do handle with care. They are from Paris.
They are Louis Vuitton.

You are the most well dressed
receptionist I've ever seen.

Especially in this kind of place.

Where you come from?

I come from a land
that you can only dream of.

What kind of men do you like?

The kind of men that I like

would not like someone like you.

By the way this is my name card.

There's a lot you can learn from me.

What a queen!

Sour grapes! Luggage please!

Oh whenever I come back to Singapore
It's the monsoon season.

Today I'm going to teach you
French cooking -Es-car-got!

First you have to wash the Es-car-got.

Make sure it's clean
so you won't have tummy upsets.

Listen here stop playing with food
It's very rude.

Next you have to grind the garlic,
mix it with butler, into a rich paste.

And then you shovel
it into the Es-car-got.

It's very Parisian.


Very Parisian! People from Paris.

And now I'm going to make mussels while

you wash the Es-car-got.

Tell me something about Paris


Paris! Oh Paris, it is the end of dreams
for people like us.

There is freedom, Glamour,
Spirituality, Physicality.

And there is this big boulevard
called Champs Elysees.

And there is Arc de Triomphe
It is L'etoile.

The star, it shines so
brightly throughout the whole of Paris.

Sometimes, when I look at Bugis Street.

It reminds me so much of Arc de Triomphe.

Shining for people like us
Over the whole of the Universe.

When do you know your were like this?

Like what? Beautiful?

I was born beautiful!

Not everybody has the opportunity
to come out of their closet.

Some don't.

These days, it is sad people
don't live life for themselves.

Are you a lesbian, Lian.

Be careful!

Are you OK?

What's the problem?

I don't know!
I don't know what's the problem.

Why always must be me!
Why am I always the unlucky one?

It's so difficult to survive
It's enough,

it's enough I got enough already.

Girls we have all been men before!

We know it is so difficult
to battle the women for their men.

That is why I'm here to share
with you my beauty secrets!

Today it will be Beaute du Bust.

You are so beautiful
like my long lost sister from Africa.

And for you, your eyebrows,
they need polishing.

And as for these, they have potential

but with Beaute du
Bust you reach the stars.

As for you my child you always looks glum.

You are the epitome of oriental beauty.

What a beautiful ring!

But with this your exterior comes alive.

Girls we are all born beautiful

but we need beauty aids.

And the two of you
You are so obscene.

Pay attention if you want to be ladies!

Is it very very expensive?

It's never expensive to pay for beauty.

But if all of you are interested
I have a cheaper range.

It' Beaute du Bust Two.

It serves the same function
But it takes a long time.

You want quick results don't you girls?

That's why I recommend Beaute du Bust One.

In one month you get breasts like mine.

Do you like my perfume?...

Yesterday I saw a gold chain at Po Hing!

Want me to get it for you?

You like it?


You like my scratches?

I give you more!

Go to the bank
I want some money.



You don't be naughty while I'm gone OK?

Remember to ask Lian to change
the light blub

I come to change the light bulb

I'm coming!

I've come to change the light bulb
I've come to change the light bulb!

Where's the light?


Light bulb's OK,

Please you're leaning too close.

Do you like my body?

The lightbulb's OK I'm going.

What a sight!

What a pretty leg and ass!

What is doing now? Look!

Look at those legs

I'm gonna make them naked tonight.

It's a sin.

Very easy. You don't believe it?
Let me try it!

It doesn't work at all

oh so sad they're gone!

The face so handsome
The body is just right for me.

Ah they're gone.

No! they're coming back again

I'll make some black magic.

Which one do you like Sophie?

I am not cheap scale as you

I love them all.

Don't forget we promised to do
a lesbian show for free

I won't do it for free!

Please just once
and for all please Sophie?

I always think of your big strong arms...

wrapped around my body.

Your broad chest your tight butt against
my face,

lets go upstairs again.


I want more of you!

Hi Lian! Hey we're going shopping
you want anything?

See you later!

How are you today you look beautiful!

Can you please prepare my mother's bill,
I'll pick it up later!

Thank you!

Hi! Can we take a picture with you?

No problem, hold this!

Position girls!

Smile, 1 ,2.

Thank you.

Don't you want my autograph?

No, next time!

Then next time, right?

Basket please!

Hello missie!

Hello it's you again,
you brought life here.

Yes I'm hereto see my mummy!

How are you?

How are you?

You look gorgeous!

I know! You must use Beaute du Bust.

It'll help you in your career.

Look what has done for mine!

What is Beaute du.

Beaute du Bust I'll tell you later,

hello mummy! Hi my dear

I brought you fruit!

Thank you.

And how have you been keeping.


Have they been treating you well, mummy?

Yes, you look so pretty today!

- Thank you mummy it's the latest makeup.
- YSL, Yang Shiao, Ling!

Your so popular here my sweetheart

I know mummy,
each time when I come and visit you

they want to take pictures with me.

It makes me feel like a movie star.

Come in!

Coffee de Paris?

You can put my coffee on my dresser.

Come and have a look.

What's that?

A picture frame, my mother gave me!

So pretty!

Isn't she lovely

I used to hear people say...

she is from a wealthy family.


I used not to believe that
Pictures don't lie, do they!

And your father?

Don't talk about him.

He left us when I was six,

such a wicked man he was.

And my poor beautiful mother,
suffered silently.

She just don't tell.

A lot of men came for her, many big cars,

beautiful faces in suits and hats,
she didn't want to go.

Silly woman! She chose to suffer.

But it's all for a good reason,
she gave birth to me.

She didn't mind me, for what I am,

she said "Mother knows best".

And I said.

"Well thank you for you."

So cute!

That's me, and that's my little sister.

Don't you think I'm prettier.

Let me tell you my secret.

When I was young
I used to like to look at men.

Men with muscles, like Hercules,
Tarzan, Steve Reeves.

Don't you like muscles?

Why not?


Let me tell you of my first love.

When I was 16, I fell in love.

In love not with a muscle man,
but with an old man.

To me it was love.

To him.

He wasn't sure that a younger
person could love an older person.

He said, "Go back and think about it"!

So I went back and thought about it,
and I came back and I said

I love you!

And after 2 months, he dumped me.

That much for love.

And that much for older balding men.

How do you know you're in love?

When you in love, it's like a butterfly
flying non-stop in your tummy

I don't want a butterfly in my tummy!

Yes you do someday!

And it's not everyday
you get that feeling.

Today, I'll show you the paradise...

of budding young creatures.

See anyone you like Lian?

I forgot, you're a real girl,
shy and demure.

Not like us, a little fake

I used to play a game, a secret game.

If you see a boy that you like,
and make a wish, count to three.

If he turns back and smiles at you.

He is yours for the taking!

Go on!


Go for it!

Oh come on let's go somewhere!

Have you ever been in love before,
little girl?

Is that a yes or no?

What kind of man do you like?

I used to like the romantic, poetic type.

But now I think muscle man
like Tarzan is OK too.

You learn fast & competition.

No! You know in Melaka my young master
is still waiting for me.

Very lucky girl!

Do you like what you've see today Lian?

Very interesting!

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

Hello beauties,

more beauty tips for you?

Beauty tips?


What have you done to my breasts?

What happened to your breasts?

Are you going to cheat us.

Oh I won't dare!

Gimme my money back you bitch!

You have to be more lady
like with the girl!

You think you are a lady? Go away!

How can I be a beauty queen...

when my breasts...

are like this.

Oh my god, what the hell.

Mrs Hwee, Mrs Hwee, come on Mrs Hwee!

I am bleeding lam dying.

Who hit her. She did

I'm sorry I'm sorry.

Lian, Lian how old are you?


Has she come before?


Your big auntie!

I got no big auntie.

your big auntie has just arrived today!

True love,

dear dear Maria,
I finally found it!

He smiles at me he talks to me,
he dates me!

I tell you more some other time.

This is just a shod note
to tell you I'm in love.

And to tell you from today onwards,

I'm a woman
But don't think anything wicked

I'm still pure as a lamb
You just have to take my word for it.

Come on boys come on!

Sisters, your friends have arrived

I am going to play my favorite song.

Lian, let me help you,

Lola, Mrs Hwee.

Mrs Hwee I am working

I'll give new life to your face

Rouge, mascara and luscious red lips.

My face!

Calm down,
I'm going to give your body a new body!

A new corset

I've got no cloths on.

Calm down! And now I'm going to
give you a new hairstyle.

To be like queen of Egypt, Cleopatra.

My head is itchy!

That why you have nails,

you can scratch it!

The night comes alive for you!

So come on little butterfly!

Quiet please, quiet please, quiet please!

We have something to announce.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present,

Snow White of Bugis Street.

Don't be shy! Tummy in, breasts out!

You don't have to be jealous
of beautiful girls Zsa Zsa.

She's s witch.

Yes isn't she!

Look at her,
she's such a pretty little girl.

Isn't she? Just like us.

You ought to make a lot of money
in Bugis Street.

We'll make a lot of money.

Come with me.

Remember, Cleopatra.

Left, right. . . left, right.

Girls girls girls,
I want to be raped tonight by six men.

Quiet! You and I have the same dream.

You say so, not true not true,
and then we'll become lesbians.

Naughty boys again, come let's go!

I'll see you later.

You guys have potential, Very good,

if you want to know more
about sisters of the night.

Look for us at Bugis Street

I have to go now! Bye!

Now you should pay me some money!

I'm sorry.

Come on, take a photo with Snow White
at Bugis Street.

How much did you make, Lian,

Who do you think you are?

Who is she?

She is my sister.

Go, Lian.

She is my little sister


Zsa Zsa What's happening?

Lian, my dreams come true.

How's your night?

Very confusing.



Well it's not finished yet!
Go up and fix Lola's lightbulb!

Not again!

No more bulbs!

Find one!

Oh it's you!

Who are you?

I came to change the lightbulb.

You are Lian?

Oh you look different!

May I help you?


Give me that.


I like you in black.

It's real this time.

Why is it that every time I see you
you are always in your underwear?

Do you like it?

Like it or not it's none of your business.

And now, I know the rewards of make up

and the price I have to pay.

It gives me the courage to do the things
I've never done before.

Somehow, after taking off that mask

I am never the same simple girl anymore.

How strange it is to be mature,

and how wonderful
it is to experience new things.

But sometimes, later at night.

There are still moments when I long
for the sunny breezy days in Melaka.

They seem so far away now!

Dear Maria

I'm so happy to tell you
that he remains unchanged.

Enchanted, infatuated.

My true love is a hope for me to lean on
My guiding light, a way to survive.


What happened to you?
You dressed like a man!

But I am a man, or I was a man!

Meet my fiance Lian.
This time it's a real girl!

How many fiancees have you had?

The kind of fiance you want to
get married to, and have children!

Don't tease me!

After so many years,
I got used to having a daughter.

And now I have you back as a son!

Oh I'm confused.

Don't be!

Sit down!

Where you from?


Isn't she a doll, mummy?


I really like your mother

I think she likes you tool...

If it wasn't for her,
I don't know where I'd be

I've traveled so widely,
done so many things.

But somehow I still feel very lost

I spent all my money
on expensive clothing and fake jewelry.

Not even had enough to stay
in a decent hotel.

Not that Sin Sin is bad.

After all, I'm just a traveling salesman.

Sales man!

It's more like a sales woman!

Have a look!

Are you a lesbian, Drago?

I visit Drago's mother
many times afterwards.

Sometimes with Drago,
sometimes by myself.

Her inner strength amazes me.

To bring up a child born as a daughter

but embodied as a son.

What courage it takes to break
all the traditional values.

It takes a lifetime to fight.

And now she's tired.

How we gonna do it tonight

I really want it rough and I want it bad

Lola! Lola!

You alright Lola?
Talk to me, Lola talk to me!

I want to die!

Lola, Lola clam down!
You wanna die? You wanna die!

Even I don't do things like that
How could you, how dare you!

He'll me!


Oh Maria Dear
I don't know how to tell you this

I'm so curious about life,

but I'm so ignorant
I want to learn

I want to see things clearly.

But I feel a hopeless
destruction within me

I want to be good
I want to be free.

Free from all the lies I told you

Maria, forgive me

I've never seen a girl as pretty
as you in Singapore

I bet you do really clean laundry.

Will you do some for me?


Then I'll take them off!

Don't take them off here!

Then where?

Put them back on!

So clean!

The black magic has no effect on Ming.

So Lola turns to Buddha instead.

The morning before she goes to Penang,

she prayed so beautifully

I'm praying for true love.

Do you want true love?

On day you'll find it too!

True love, what is true love?

She doesn't want it and I don't have it!

Are you leaving?

Come and sit down!

My mother wants you to have this.

She likes you a lot.

How is she?

She's gone!
My business here is over

I'm going back to Paris.


Oh how I miss her!

I'll be alright

I'll survive. You'll survive.

Live goes on you know.

Can I send you off?

I think it's better that
you stay at the hotel.

What a surprise!

My sweetheart
I bought something for you.

Thank you,

this is Choi, Lian!


This is Lian.

Here comes the bus

I have to go now

I'll write to you, and you write back.



That was the last time I saw Drago.

She's truly remarkable.

She can go anywhere with her...

Louis Vuitton and find a helping hand

I don't mean bad

I think she has love within her.

What's your name?

Lee Man Kit? You must be very rich.

You wear expensive clothes

I love your hair. It's trendy.

Look at him, he's cute.

If you are jealous you should get a man.

How did you come here?

Came here by boat!

You've eloped?

Lian, young master come all the way...

from Melaka to see you.


He's so handsome!

Do you miss Lian?

He must be from a rich family.

Ah Kit, what are you doing here?

Lian, I came here to see you.

You go back tomorrow.

No, I miss you
I just want to see you

I'm OK here
Master will worry for you.

This is for you, I made it myself.

It's pretty.

Thank you.

Do you like it?

I got Chinese tea leaves for your father
Give it to him please.

Oh thanks.

These are very expensive Chinese
herb especially for your father.

Oh thank you.

It is very healthy.

By the way
there's a beauty contest tonight.

Make sure you come OK, support me.

Zsa Zsa.

Yeah, yeah, we will!

It's great fun!

We'll be there tonight.

Don't worry I'll take care of you OK?

Oh but where's Bugis Street?

Bugis Street? Bugis Street is a paradise
It's beautiful! It's great tun!

Take care!

I will.

Take care of yourself

I will

take care yourself.

Take care of yourself

take care yourself

take care yourself.

Go home don't come back!

No, I want to come back, I miss you!

Stay home!

I miss you! Bye Bye!

Bye Bye, take care!

Bye Bye!

Lian, Don't forget to prepare
some hot water for tomorrow.

Ship's coming to town.

Don't forget!

Are you OK Lian.

This is my boy friend Singh!

Sure you're OK?

More sesame oil!

Nobody's here!

Dear Maria.

This is my last letter to you.

Because I am so sad, that writing letters
no longer has meaning

I must admit throughout our penpalship,

I created a fantasy world of my own.

But now I realized the only real thing...

that exists for me
is the one person I detest.

Even he's gone.

Please forgive me again.

Come let's go! That's OK.

Morning, sister.

My water's boiled!

Your figure is fantastic
I'll stitch more tight.



Thank you!

I miss him, especially his body.

Please, he's gone forever!

Hi Lian! Come on tell you some secrets,

Lola's lover's gone.

She is very sad inside.

By the way if you see him,
send our regards to him.

We miss him very much, OK?


Come in!


Your water basin and the towel.

Thank you.

Lian what's wrong
Are you out of love?

Are you OK?

It's love yeah!

Let me tell you about love.

Love is like this hotel,
people come in and out all the time.

Sometimes there's long term guest like me.

But nothing stays forever.

If your good they'll come back.

It they don't come back don't worry,
it's not because you're bad.

Sometimes they just want to try
something different.

Hey baby!
I brought you some durian.

Darling your back I missed you.

Hey Lien, come here!

I want you to meet Wah Jai.

He's got such a nice body yes!

Could you please bring the durian
to the kitchen?

Thank you!

I'm going to the market.

Alright don't be late!

Can I have a room for 3 days please.

Course you may!
I'll give you 103...

this is our most special room here.

Oh thank you.

By the way where you from

I'm from Bangkok.

Oh welcome to Sin Sin Hotel
Hope you have a good time.

Dear Maria.

Forget about my last letter

I have to tell you finally that...

I discover
that life is just like our hotel.

People come in and out all the time.

Sometimes you come across nice clients...

who treat you really well.

And sometimes you have nasty ones...

who mess up the rooms...

and takes you hours to clean up.

But ups and downs,

that is what life is promising you.