Bugged (2019) - full transcript

Enter a micro world of colors and fun! Join butterflies, caterpillars, spiders and all the amazing creatures that inhabit the marsh. When a new frog shows up in the swamp the bugs welcome ...

[upbeat music]

[motor revving]

♪ I was just sitting
up in my tree ♪

♪ In my tree, in my tree

♪ I saw her beautiful face
was looking up at me ♪

♪ Up at me, up at me

♪ Oh, she had a cute smile
so I asked her name ♪

♪ Asked her name,
asked her name ♪

♪ Oh, we got to talking
said she felt the same ♪

♪ Said she felt the same


[Joe yawns]

- So tired.

Oh, Cosmo! [laughs]

Oh hey, where are
you going, Cosmo?

Oh yeah.

- Oh, Flutterby is really sick,

and I'm taking her some
of her favorite food.

- Oh, favorite food?

- Yeah well, I gotta
get going, see you.

- Hang on, Cosmo,
I'm coming with you.

I'm coming, I'm
coming, I'm coming!

- So, Flutterby, do
you feel any better?

Here, I brought you some of
my special reserve chocolates.

Come on, try some, they're
good for your health.

- Oh, thank you.

You are amazing for
doing this. [cries]

- Oh, don't cry,
Flutterby, it's okay.

- Whoa, there's tons
of food, yummy for me.

I guess there's one
advantage to being sick.

Being sick, I've got
an idea. [laughs]

- Time for some
dumpster scavenging.

[Joe coughing]

Hmm, Joe seems ill.

What's wrong?

Hey hey hey, Joe.

[Joe gasps]

- Achoo, achoo, achoo, achoo!

- Are you all right?

Hold on, you're sick too?

- I am.

- Really, I can't
imagine you getting sick.

Okay, just lie down, I'll go
find you something to eat.

- Oh, thank you, Cosmo.

[Joe laughs]

[Joe coughs]

- Oh.

[Joe coughs]

Oh, Joe Croaker,
you don't seem well.

Is it a bad cold?

I've brought you some
of my best pollen.

You're going to love it.

- You are so sweet,
Flutterby, yeah you are.

- Joe, you better get some rest,

and I'll come see
you again tomorrow.

- [laughs] The sick one
gets the worm. [laughs]

- Hey, Joe, I told everyone
at the marsh that you're sick.

They're coming to see you, okay?

- [laughs] Oh yeah, look
at all this wonderful food

just for Joe Croaker,
all for me! [laughs]

- Oh, it's no fun
without Joe around.

Huh, that's it.

I've gotta find a way
to cure that sick frog.

[Niddy singing]

Well, hey there, Niddy.
- Hmm?

- Joe Croaker's sick,
can you help him out?

- Joe is sick?

Well, I think I can.

I've got something right here.

- What is that thing?

- It's an herbal medicine.

Now, you run along, and
give it to him right away.

- Oh, thank you Niddy,
I'll see you around.

- [chomping] Oh,
this is delicious.

- Hey, Joe.
[Joe gasps]

I got some medicine
from you from Niddy.

She says it'll make
you feel better.

Soon you'll be on
the road to recovery.

- Oh? [chomping]

[Joe gags]

[Joe spits]

That's just bitter!

- I can see you're much better,
maybe you don't need any.

- No. [coughs]

I feel awful.

- Well, maybe I'm wrong.

So, just in case you
should take your medicine.

[Joe chomping]

[Joe blubbers]

I don't think these herbs
are working too well.

I need another cure.

- [coughs] Oh, oh, oh!

For the sake of all of this
food, I must remain sickly.

[spits] I don't like medicine.

- Oh, what to do.

Hmm, McBroom knows
stuff about stuff.

McBroom, McBroom!

It's Joe, he's really
really really sick,

and the medicine I
gave him isn't working.

So, maybe you have an idea.

- You should've told
me this earlier.

Sure I've got a better idea.

Let's stick a dung
ball in his mouth.

- Huh, really?

[Joe snores]

[Joe murmurs]

Hey, Joe, Joe, wake up,
come on and sniff this.

Sniff it good, Joe, it'll
bring you back to health.

- [screams] What are you
doing with that dung ball?

- McBroom told me this
is a legendary dung ball

that has great healing powers.

Come on, sniff away!

- Cosmo, that's something
I just won't do.

- Oh, Joe, just ignore the smell

if you really wanna get better.

Come on, Joe, just sniff it.

- Get that away
from me. [groans]

- Joe, it's for your
own good, hurry up.

Joe, look, what's
that over there?

- Huh?
- Sniff it!

- [gasps] Achoo! [groans]

[Joe coughs and spits]


- Oh, but don't you feel better?

[Joe groans]

- Cosmo, I'm all dizzy. [groans]

- [sighs] Maybe the
dung ball ain't magic.

[Joe laughs]

[Joe snores and murmurs]

Hurry up, man,
it's Joe's inside.

[Joe screams]

Joe, Mantis here is gonna
perform surgery on you.

- Say what?

- Oh yes, surgery.

- Surgery?
- Yep.

- Yeah, I'm the best saw
bones in town, ha ha ha ha ha!

- Trust him, Joe,
his arms are sharp.

- Oh no, no, no!
- Come on, trust me.

- No, no, no, no, no!

- One slice and you'll be nice!

- All right.

- Don't worry, Joe,
I'll be here with you

through the whole operation.

[Joe groans]

- Oh, right about here.

- Don't panic, just relax.

[Joe groans]

- No, no, don't do it, Mantis!

I'm not, I'm not sick, I'm
not sick, I'm not sick!

Leave me alone! [cries]

- [Cosmo and Mantis] Huh?

- Oh, Cosmo, Cosmo,
you pesky fly!

How dare you leave
this disgusting

stinking thing in my house!

It smells so bad! [screams]

[Cosmo laughs]

- [groans] Ow, that really hurt.

- Cosmo.
- I'm really...

- Cosmo.
[Cosmo screams]

- Oh, Joe, I'm sorry,
I'm really sorry, Joe.

Please, please don't
hurt me, please.

Would you forgive me, please?

- I won't forgive.
- Please forgive me.

I'm sorry, Joe, you're the boss.

You can easily break
my sweet fragile wings.


- [sniffs] Oh yeah.


Huh, what is this?

[sniffs] Ah, that's lovely.

- Joe Croaker, you
found something good?

Would you like to
share it with me, huh?

Oh, isn't that a... [groans]

- Hey, Cosmo, I'm not
sharing with you, beat it!

[Cosmo whimpers]

[Joe laughs]

[Joe screams]

- Huh?

[Cosmo laughs]
- Huh?

- I bet that's the first
time you volunteered

to have your mouth washed
out with soap. [laughs]

[Cosmo screams]

- Ah, wow!

- Help me! [groans]

- Ah, that's great.

That soap thingy makes
everything so shiny.

Yeah, I love it.

- Hey, Flutterby,
how about coming over

and giving my place a once over?

- Hmph.

- [laughs] I'll pay you
back somehow, a massage or--

- Cosmo, can you please
just be quiet already?

- Well, I just
wanted to tell you

that Joe found a bar of
soap and I was thinking

you could do yourself
a favor by using it

to spruce up your home a
bit, not that it needs it.

- Cosmo, I said be quiet!

Cosmo, I...


A stain!

[screams] Cosmo, you
tainted my flower petal.

- Really?

- Look!

Oh no, what will I do?

Trust you, Cosmo, you didn't
wash your hands after eating.

And wherever you go, you
leave your nasty print.

- I think you should
go pay Joe a visit.

He still has that bar of soap.

Not only will it
remove the stain,

but it'll make your place
smell even more wondferfuler.

- Is it really that special?

- Trust me, it works
like a piece of magic.

- So, while I go ask
Joe for the soap, Cosmo,

you can stay here and make
my flower look extra pretty.

- Not a problem,
whatever you wish.

Oh, that girl.

[Joe singing]

- This soap turned
out really useful.

I better hide it.

- Joe Croaker.
- Huh?

- Oh, Flutterby,
how can I help you?

- Well, I was wondering if I
can borrow your bar of soap.

- What, my soap, how
do you know about that?

- Well, it's--
- Cosmo told you.

- I see, but I promise
to give it back to you.

- Hmm, okay, I'll let
you borrow it. [coughs]

But I warn you, you
can't keep it long.

- Yes yes, I know.

- All right here, take it.

- [laughs] Thank
you, Joe Croaker, you
can be quite lovely.

[Joe laughs]

[Flutterby singing]

Wow, this soap is
unbelievable. [laughs]

- I wonder what
she's doing with it.

- Joe Croaker, here's
your soap, I'm all done.

- Thank you.

Oh, why is it so small?

- Because I cleaned my petals.

- Oh, my lovely soap.

It's all Cosmo's fault anyway.

He's such a gossip around here.

Oh, my cute little soapy woapy.

- Joe Croaker!

What a lazy frog, wakey wakey.

- I'm not sleeping.

- [laughs] Hey, Joe,
I was just wondering

if I could borrow that soap.

- No, you can't, Mole Cricket.

- Oh, come on.

You see, look what Mole
Cricket's got just for you, huh.

- One?

No way.

- But wait, there's more.

- Ah!

- Just look at all
this nutty goodness.

So, can I borrow
the soap bar now?

- Fine then, here.

- Oh, thank you!

- Now bring it back, yeah?

I do love peanuts. [laughs]

[Joe singing]

- Joe Croaker, here
you go, take a gander.

- [screams] Stinks bad!

- Hey there, Joe, thanks
for the soap, smells great.

- Oh no, Mole Cricket's
contaminated it,

and it's so small!

Now that's better
than it was before.

Ahh, why is it getting smaller?

[sniffs] It does
smell good though.

[Joe groans]

- [Flutterby and Mole Cricket]
Can we borrow your soap?

- Pretty please. [laughs]
- Oh Joe. [laughs]

- No way Jose, I'm
not lending it again.

- [Flutterby and Mole
Cricket] Oh, come on.

- Later, dudes.
- Huh?

- I'm out of here.

- [Flutterby and Mole
Cricket] Oh, the soap!

- [Joe] Aloha, bugs.

- Joe Croaker.

- Oh no, I gotta
stop him. [screams]

- [laughs] I got rid of them.

Huh? [screams]

- Oh.
- Oh. [laughs]

I'm sorry, but
finders keepers, yes?

- Not fair.

- Hmm, that was
pretty easy. [laughs]

[Flutterby squeals]
- Give it.

- No way, it's mine.
- It's mine.

- Give it, you better let go.
- Give it here.

[Cosmo singing]

- Huh?

Is that a lover's tiff?

[Flutterby and Mole
Cricket grunting]

[screams] Ow! [groans]

- It's my soap!

Huh, my poor soap.

[Cosmo groans]

- [All] Huh?

- [hiccups] I've had better.

Or have I?

[all groan]

[Joe Croaker yelps]

[Bartle Bee singing]

- Huh?

[Sparkle grunting]
[rock thudding]

[Sparkle screams]

- Oh, that hurts. [screams]

- Oh hey, Sparkle.

- Huh?

- Hey, Sparkle, are
you all right there?

- Just look.

- [gasps] Oh boy.

So, where's your brother,

and why are you building a
house here all by yourself?

[Sparkle grumbles]

What's going on with you guys?

Come on now, you've
got to tell me.

- Bartle Bee, look here, help
me build my house, come on.

- What, Strobe will help you.

- That guy's a
total loss, sheesh.

Bartle Bee, how about it?

Look at this hand.

- Oh, all righty.

- Wow, all right,
thank you, Barty!

[Bartle Bee grunting]

- Now it's all done.

- [laughs] Wow, hey
that's super, I love it.

- Sparkle, Sparkle,
where are you?




- Sparkle.

- Huh, Bartle Bee.


I thank you for helping me to
build such a fantastic house!

Wow, am I ever happy.

- Sparkle, you don't
look very happy to me.

- Hey look, I'm
fine, really yeah.

- Sparkle, you
haven't told me yet

why you're striking
out on your own.

Why don't you want to bunk
with your brother anymore?

- Hmph, I don't
even know that guy.

I want it back, come on.

- Well, it's right
here, come and get it.

- I want it back!


Oh no, I can't find it.

- Hey, look here.

[laughs] It's just
a silly marble.

- Hmph, well you would say that.

That toy was my favorite one.

- You're all upset
over some glass.

Now how smart is that?

Ha, fine then.

- You're the world's
worst brother.

- You little runt!

- And I never wanna
see your face again!

- Ha!

- Then he just
flew away. [cries]

Oh yeah, Bart, he was
worse than he's ever been.

- [Strobe] Sparkle,
where are you?

- Oh, I guess he's back.

Bartle Bee, you've
gotta help me.

Don't tell him where
I've gone, thank you.

- Well.
- Sparkle!

Sparkle, where have you gone?


Hiya, oh am I ever
glad to see you.

For a minute...

Oh, I thought you
were my brother.

Tell me, have you
seen Sparkle anywhere?

- He may be anywhere.

- Thank you anyway, guy.

Oh, if you see him around,

would you tell him that
I'm looking for him?

- Sure, I will.
- Bye-bye.

- See you.

Oh hey, Strobe.
- Huh?

- Maybe he's staying over
at a friend's house tonight.

How about you call
it a day, Strobe?

- Will do, Bart.

No way, that crazy kid's the
only brother that I've got.

- If you want me
back, well then,

maybe I should pack my
things and go back tomorrow.

But for now I need a pillow.


Look at what I found,
this rock will be perfect.

[Sparkle grunting]

- That's that, he just left.


Hey, Sparkle, leave
that rock alone.

- Huh?

[whimpers] What on
earth's happening?


[walls rumble]

- [screams] Sparkle,
are you okay?

Sparkle, come on!

- Bartle Bee, help!

- [Bartle Bee] Sparkle!

- Huh, Sparkle!

Hey, Sparkle!

- Sparkle. [grunting]

- Hey, Bartle Bee.

- Huh?
- What's wrong?

- Come help, there's
not much time left.

Oh please come here and help me.

[Strobe screams]

- Don't worry. [grunting]

Your brother's coming
to get you! [grunting]

[Bartle Bee groans]

[walls clatter]

[Bartle Bee cries]

- Oh, this thing
is all my doing.

I should never have let
Sparkle talk me into

helping him build
his house. [cries]

[Strobe grunting]


- You okay, bro?

- Oh, oh!

Hey, hey, you guys!

- Bartle Bee, what
are you crying about?

[Bartle Bee cries]

- Sparkle!

- Bartle Bee, you're
gonna break me in half.

Remember what I've
just been through.

- And Strobey was injured.

- Oh, you're talking about this.

[Sparkle cries]

It's okay, you got yourself into

a very dangerous
situation over there.

- But that's only because
you mistreated me.

- Huh?

- [Bartle Bee and Sparkle] Huh?


- Look kid, look I
found it, I found it!

- [Bartle Bee and Sparkle] Oh?

- Take it.

- What is it?

Hey, oh boy, that's great!

- Sparkle, forgive me.

I really shouldn't
have made fun of you.

- And I don't know how I
could have left our own home.

Now that we're all
together, let's play then.

- Okay, guys, I
love a happy ending.

So, let's play our
game now, okay?

- All right.

- [Sparkle] But I'm sleepy now.

[Cricket singing]

- This nectar is so sweet.
- That's true.

Because we care for our flowers.

Yes, they're the best.

- Good nectar means
top quality honey.

[Flutterby laughs]

- Hey, you guys!
- Huh?

- Flutterby.
- Huh?

Oh no, that annoying
cricket is after me again.

- Then let's get out of there.

- Hey, guys, nice day isn't it?

- [Flutterby and Bartle
Bee] [laugh] Morning.

[Flutterby and Bartle Bee groan]

- Hey, Flutterby, did
you get my flowers?

I called you like 50 times.

It's like you
don't even like me.

[Flutterby and Bartle Bee laugh]

- Well, that isn't true.

- [Flutterby] Yes, we're always
happy to see friendly faces.

- Huh, oh yeah!

For I second I thought
I was coming off

as a creepy stalker type.

- Of course not.

- I wanna enlighten you a bit,
do you know I've encountered

many scary and dangerous people?

- [Flutterby and Bartle Bee]
Dangerous people? [scream]

- Yeah, that's right,
malicious, terrifying. [growls]

- Hey, Bartle Bee,
isn't it about time

we took the honey back to
your comb, what do you say?

- Ah, that's right,
we better get going.

- Oh, bye, see you.

- Hey, wait for me.

- [singing] This
smells glorious.

- Flutterby.
- Huh?

- I'm coming, my darling.

Bartle Bee, Flutterby?

- It's Cricket.

[Cosmo gagging]

- Hey there.

[Cosmo coughs]

- Yeah, what are you doing?

- My goodness, what
is wrong with you?

Every time I see you, man,

you're just sitting
there eating junk food.

Hey, Cosmo, you really
don't look that good.

You're gonna scare the ladies.

I'm pretty sure I
warned you about this.

You need to think
about what's that stuff

you put in your mouth
and what it's gonna do

to the rest of your figure.

You're gonna end up looking
like Joe, you want that?

- What are you talking about?

- Hey, listen, you
oughta eat right

so you can have a
chiseled bod like I do.

Say, you dig it?

Hey, Cosmo, but wait.

- Would you just leave me
alone, you're annoying.

- Cosmo, you haven't
let me finish yet.

- Be quick about it.

- Well, you know how vegetables
are good for you, right?

Take cabbage for
example, it tastes great.

- Shove your cabbage.

- Come on, be a good
sport and give it a try.

It's rich in minerals
and good stuff,

and it'll give you a
fresh meal every day.

- Stop, cabbage are you serious?

Enough, I don't give
a darn about cabbage!

- Oh.

Oh, your poor tummy.

[Cosmo grumbles]

And don't get me started on
what it does to you downstairs.

- [huffs] If you
shut up for a day,

I'll give you all
the best food I have.

- Really?
- Really.

- Hi.

- Also, he'll be your
slave for a day, okay?

- Great, deal, from now on
I won't say a single word.

- Really?
- Yeah.

- So then she was
like, "No way."

And I was like, "Well,
that's the way it is."

- Uh-huh, and then
what happened?

- Huh?

- Huh, what's going on?
- It's him again.

- Hi, oh!

- Skedaddle before
he gets started.

- It's all good, I heard that
him and Cosmo have a bet.

Yep, he has to keep silent,
and if he talks he loses.

- Huh, seriously?
- Yes.

- I highly doubt he can keep
his mouth shut for a whole day.

- Oh yes, I totally
agree, this'll be fun.

- Aww.

- Hey, McBroom, pretend I just
told you a hilarious joke.

[Cosmo and McBroom laugh]

- Uh.

- Huh, what was that?

- Um. [grumbles]

- Ah, silence is
golden. [laughs]

McBroom, wouldn't
you agree with that?

- Aye.
[Cricket grumbles]

- Oh hey, McBroom,
you must be hungry.

Come on, dig into this, okay?
- All right.

- Cricket, indulge yourself.

Fancy a piece of this?

It's good.

If you want a bite, speak.

[Cricket grumbles]

[laughs] This is
way too much fun.

[Cosmo and McBroom yelp]

[rocks clanking]
[Cricket grunting]

[grumbles] Irritating!

- You cut that out.

[rocks clanking]

- Put those annoying rocks down!

[rocks clanking]

[Cosmo and McBroom grumbling]

I'd rather hear his voice
than those stinking rocks.

- But then you'll lose
all your tasty food.

- That's right, I almost forgot.

And you will have
to be his slave.

- I guess that is a bit worse.

- That's right, one whole
day, think about it.

Think about how many dung balls

you'll be missing out
on if you're a slave.

We ain't got all day, make
him talk, it's all on you.

- Hey.

Hey, Cricket, you better
start talking or I'm gonna...


- Put a dung ball in your mouth.

- Right right right.

- Open your mouth and
start talking, buddy!

[Cosmo grunting]


- Cosmo.
- Huh?

- I got the good.
- Perfect.

[Cosmo and McBroom laugh]

They're the exact
size of the pit.

Now he's gonna have to talk.


[Cricket singing]

Let's go hide somewhere quick!

[Cricket singing]

- Huh? [screams]

- Hey. [laughs]

- Mission success.


- Cricket.
- Cricket.

[Cricket groaning]

- Huh, huh?

- Cricket, I'm guessing you'll
need a little helping hand.

[Cricket moaning]

Well, ask then, let me
hear you shout it out

loud and clear for us.

[Cricket laughs]

Oh, but I still can't hear you.

Come on, Cricket,
as loud as you can.

- [Cricket Voiceover] Hmph,
how stupid does he think I am?

- Cosmo, look there,
the sun is going down.

- Huh?
- We're running out of time.

I'm going to be a slave soon.

- Not a chance.

There must be a way
to get him to speak.

That's it.

- Huh?

- Hey, let me tell
you a real joke.

You ready?

Why do seagulls
fly over the sea?

This is a really funny
one, come on, why?

- Seagulls?

- Because if it was the bay,

they'd be called be
called bay gulls, right?

- [Cosmo and McBroom] [laugh]
Yeah, we won the game!

[Cricket grumbles]

[Cosmo and McBroom laugh]

- Who's a wee loser, huh?
- You are!

- [screams] I knew it
was some kind of setup.

I should've kept my
mouth shut, right?

I was this close
to paradise, you.

You would've scrubbed
every inch of my house.

I was this close, it's not fair.

[all screaming]

- Oh please, for it is to
laugh, you got nothing on me.

- Oh, oh, that's awfully high.

- High, it ain't high for me.

Check out these legs
and the gun show.

I'm the stuff that
dreams are made of.

You admiring, you jelly?

[laughs] Look here, short stack.

Now check the premise out, okay?

We race, you lose, I win.

- How dare you talk
to me that way.

[Locust laughs]

Locust, you schmuck!

- What, you really
wanna mix it up, huh?

[Sow Bug groans]

- Yeah, that's right, I'm
calling you out right now.

I'll show you.

- Contest, why do you
want to have a contest?

- [laughs] I know,
it's like the guy

has a death wish or
something, right?

Well, I will indulge him.

- Bartle Bee, how about
being the referee?

I wanna show little
stick legs here

pill bugs are tough as nails.

- Hmph.

- Okay.

Hey, let's start now.

Whoever is the first to
jump over these hurdles

and get to the finish
line, that's our winner.

Right, so we're all
clear, then let's begin.

Gentlemen, on your marks.

- I'll show that loser.

- Right, not on this
planet, you little squirt.

This is what I do best, and
I brought some insurance.

- Ready, go!

- It looks like the
sow bug and the locust

are pretty well matched
here in the early stages.

They've made it over
the first hurdle,

and now they've just
cleared the second.

The third seemed a breeze.

And now they're
going for the fourth.

Hey, I'll follow them.

[Locust panting]

They cleared another hurdle.

[Sow Bug screams]

[Locust laughs]

[Sow Bug groans]

- Just what's going on?


- My work is finished
here, so now I'll go.

Wow, I really earned those
peanuts Locust gave me.

- Locust, hmph!

- What's taking Sow Bug so long?

Hey, you made it!

- Bartle Bee, he cheated,
Walking Stick helped him out.

That's sabotage!

- Huh?

- [laughs] No one said I
couldn't have a friend come

and help me out, right?

And the point is I won,
deal with it, nerd.

- Oh.
[Bartle Bee groans]

- Now let's get started,
this is round two.

And look, hey you, quit
cheating, all right?

[Locust grumbles]

Now what have next
is the hill climb.

Clear that hill.

Ready, set, go!

[Locust panting]
[Sow Bug groaning]

[Locust laughs]

- [laughs] Hey, Pill Bug.

Enjoy the sweet taste
of my victory. [laughs]

- I'm gonna make it.

[Sow Bug groans]

- Huh?
[Sow Bug groans]

[Locust screams]

[Locust panting]

- Hey!

[Sow Bug groans]

[Locust groans]

The winner, that's you!

[Sow Bug laughs]
- Huh?

Ah shoot.

- So, we've arrived
at the last round

and that is the
thicket of thorns.

All right, there's
just one thing though.

No flying, okay?

- Huh?

- All right, go!

[Locust panting]
[Sow Bug groaning]

- No flying, huh,
then I'll jump.

- Huh?

[Locust screams]

[loud thudding]

[Locust groaning]

- Huh? [grumbles]


[Sow Bug groans]

I can't let him win.

[Locust groaning]

[Locust screams]

Okay, at this rate I'll
never catch up to him.

But now the judge
ain't here. [laughs]

Ah, that's the ticket.

[laughs] You silly old pill
bug, go ahead and eat my dust.


[Locust screams]

[Locust groans]

[screams] Somebody
get me out of here!

[bird coos]
- Huh?

[Locust groans]

Somebody get me out of here!

- [groans] Now I
can take a break.

- Pill Bug, get me out
of here, it's a bird!

- What?

[Locust cries]

- Somebody!

- Oh, gee, I gotta
get him out. [yelps]

- Please, Mr. Bird, I'm
not that tasty. [groans]

Pill Bug, you came just for me?

- Yeah, I'm on it,
now don't move.

[Locust groans]

No, he's coming back.

Hurry up, hurry up!

[Sow Bug and Locust groan]

[Sow Bug and Locust laugh]

- Oh?

- Huh?

- This is your fault, you.

- Bartle Bee, okay, I
lost fair and square.

And the winner is that guy.

- Me?

- Oh yeah, I'd be
lost without you.

[all laugh]

- [Locust] No, seriously, I won.

[Joe yawns]

- It's so hot, the
sun's really scorching.

And my mouth is dry and
my throat is burning.

I need to drink some water.

Oh wowee, orange!

This is just terrific!

Mmm, I love you, and
now I'm gonna eat you.

I love you, orange.

Huh, come back!

Oh please, come back, oh orange.

Oh, what's this, one
little piece left.

It's better than nothing.

Such a tiny piece of orange.

[Joe groans]

Please somebody get me
out of here! [cries]

- Oh, I'm exhausted,
it's break time.

[Bartle Bee snores]

- [groans] I need to
get back on my feet.

I need air.

Oh, honey!

[Bartle Bee snores]

I love honey. [laughs]

[Joe groans]

- Huh?

Maybe I'm just
dreaming. [snores]

- Oh, I love honey, yeah!

[hiccups] I'm so full.

This orange peel's
turned out to be useful.

I even outsmarted that busybody
honey-making Bartle Bee.

I better make full use of it.

- 1, 2. [grunts]

I'm tired.

Wait, I've only
got these few left,

and then I'm done for the day.

1, 2, 3, 4.

[McBroom grunting]

[Joe laughs]

Oh no.

[Joe laughs]

[McBroom grunting]

Finally rolled all of my
dung balls up the hill.


What happened to my dung balls?

- Red, yellow, and purple.

I really enjoy categorizing
flower petals in the morning.

[laughs] Monday, I'll put
the green petals in my bath.

On Tuesday, I'll
use the purple ones.

On Wednesday, yellow
and on Thursday, red.

Huh, just look at
all of them, come on.

[singing] Oh right, I
need to go get a bottle.

- A pretty pile of petals
to play in. [grunting]

[Flutterby singing]

[Joe grunting]

[Flutterby singing]

- [laughs] Huh?

Oh no, my petals!

It took me half and
hour to sort them!

What's going on here?

- [laughs] This is totally cool.

[Cosmo grunting]

- Oh, it's heavy.

- Ooh, Cosmo's got some
chocolate over there.

I told him to share
everything tasty with me!

He should not have ignored me.

[Cosmo grunting]

- Huh?

Who's there?

Probably just the
wind or something.

- [laughs] Chocolate.

- Well, it's time to take
this to my can house.

Huh, my chocolate,
there's a piece missing!

Hmm, I must've lost it
when I was dragging it.

Oh well, just get home.

[sighs] I should
be more careful.

[Joe laughs]

I'm exhausted,
I'll take a break.

Huh, what was that?

Ahh, another piece of
chocolate's missing!


[Cosmo growls]

A little detective work
will solve this case.


[Joe laughs]

Huh, what's going on here?

That's weird, it
came from over here.

[gasps] The
chocolate, it's gone!

Oh, this is crazy,
come out, thief!

You come out here right now!

You took all my chocolate,
and you're gonna pay!

[Joe hiccups]

Huh, was that a hiccup?

Oh, it's Joe Croaker down there.

- [Cosmo Voiceover] So, he's
the one that's behind this.

Oh well then, all
my chocolate's gone.

I'll go back home and grab
my secret stash. [laughs]

- [laughs] What a silly fly.

- [laughs] Peanut.

And a beverage.

[Joe gagging]

- [laughs] What a fool.

Now it's time to make my
special mud-filled drink.

[Joe gagging]

- Give me a drink!

[Cosmo laughs]

- You deserve it, Joe
Croaker, it serves you right.

Joe, did you really
think you could trick me

with a plain old orange peel?

How'd you like your rock
peanut or your muddy beverage?

- You're the one behind
all this, fly? [screams]

- You come back here, fly.
- Course it was me. [laughs]

[light music]

[Cosmo groans]

You'll never catch me.
- Cosmo, get back here.

[Joe groans]

- [laughs] Joe, you're
just a big meany.

- Cosmo, this isn't over yet.


Ah, my favorite!

Yes, peach is the best
flavor ever. [laughs]

- Yoink!

- Huh?

- [laughs] Joe
Croaker, you don't mind

if I take this away
from you, do you?

After all, you gotta
learn to share.

- Yeah well, the
boogeyman's behind you.

He looks pretty bad too.

- Oh really?

Do you really think
I'd fall for that?

Your days of
tricking me are over.

- Oh, Cosmo, leave
my candy alone.

Now you've done it!

Frog tongue!

[Cosmo screams]

[Cosmo laughs]

What are you doing?

- I'm leaving your candy
alone, right here on this rock.

[laughs] See you!

- Hey, you get back here,
you stinking fly. [screams]

You come back here!

[Joe groans]

I won't have any problem
getting that candy down.

[Joe screams]

[Joe groans]

Why you! [grunting]

[Joe groaning]

I'm a genius, this
should do the trick.

Okay now. [groaning]

That does it, I'll get you!

[Joe groaning]

[Joe screams]

[Joe groaning]

It just might work.

[Joe grunting]

[coughs] I'll never give up.


Right, the most painful thing
in the world is having a snack

and not being able
to take a bite.

Well, I guess I'll
just keep trying.

Where is that bamboo?

Oh my, that's it.

- Hey, Joe?
- Huh?

- Joe Croaker?
- Huh?

- Joe, over here.
- Huh?

- So Joe, listen man, what are
you taking me to the movies?

- [screams] This stick's
talking to me. [screams]

- What are you doing?
- It's a talking stick!

[screams] Monster,
monster! [screams]

[laughs] Oh, hi.

- Why did you need me?

- Well, I am looking for some...

Oh, that's right, pole vaulting.

- Pole vaulting, you?

- Right.

Ooh look, Cosmo put
my candy up there.

And I'm pole vaulting to get it.

- Oh, I see here, pole vaulting.

Frankly, Joe, I don't
think you can do it.

- My word, is that a
challenge, twig man?

All I need is guidance, yeah.

- Well well, you've
come to the right place.

I can help you.

- Really, that's just
so awesomely nice
of you, twiggy man.

- Okay first, I need
to get you a good pole.

Wait right here.

- Okay.

- Just make sure you get
a really firm grip on it,

and then hang on for dear life.

Do you understand?
- Okay.

Can I jump now?

- Back up, okay, back up.

Croaker, you gotta run up.

- Is this far enough back?

- Joe Croaker, hold
your tailpipes.

Now, if you don't wanna die,

I have to do some
calculations first.

- Huh?

- Well, I think it'll do.

And with the Moon
in the second house

and Jupiter aligned
with Mars, well...

Since peace will
rule the planets,

I guess in the end you
should stop about here.

Stop at this point before
you jump, all right?

- Okay.

[laughs] Right!

[Joe screams]

[laughs] Hey look,
sticky dude, I'm here!

I made it, I made it, I made it!

- We did it, awesome!

I'll see you later, gotta go.

- Catch you later, and thank
you so much, sticky. [laughs]

He's such a nice insect.

Now for you, yeah. [laughs]


Here I come.

Huh, no don't leave!

[screams] You've got
to be kidding me.

That's far down.

[Cosmo singing]

- Hey, Cosmo!
- Huh?

- I dropped my candy down
there, can you get it for me?

- You want me to
pick up your candy.

First you yell at me for
placing it on the rock,

and now you want me to
put it back up there?

Huh, why don't you
go get it yourself?

- Cosmo, I wouldn't ask if
I could get down from here.

- [blubbers] Ain't
my concern, see you!

- Come back, come back, come
back, Cosmo, come back, hey!

[sighs] It is a pretty
view from up here though.

- Yummy food, yummy food.

[grunting] It's so
heavy! [grunting]

Finally, I bet there's
something tasty inside.


It's completely empty.

Why is it so hard to get a
decent meal around this dump?


- I'm not the young dung
roller that I used to be.

Boy, I'm pooped,
time for a wee nap.

And dream of days of old
when dung was plentiful,

flowing like lava from the
back of every cow hide.

Good times.

- Hey there, lazy.
- Huh?

- I couldn't help but notice
you napping on the job,

which is frustrating
because I work so hard

and have no food to show for it.

- It's the same for me, I've
been working around the clock,

and I barely have enough
dung to last a fortnight.

- Huh, don't try and
fool me, McBroom.

I work much harder than you,

and I don't even know
how long a fortnight is.

But I know it means you
have more food than me,

and I'm a growing flyling
who needs nutrition.

- Cosmo, there's no way you
can work harder than me.

- [Cosmo] Scavenging
is as tough as it gets.

- What are they
doing over there?

- [Cosmo] That's not true.

- You have no idea what
you're talking about.

- Stop, stop fighting.
- I work 24/7.

- So do I.
- 24/8.

- Come on, guys.
- That makes no sense.

- You don't make sense.

How dare you.
- How dare you.

- [Bartle Bee] What is
going on with you guys?

- Hey, Bartle Bee, you tell us.

Which one of us is
the harder worker,

that dung pusher or me?

Huh, tell us!

- Well, Cosmo is, but then again

actually I work harder
than the both of you.

- [Cosmo and McBroom] Huh?

- Collecting nectar is the
toughest job in the marsh.

I mean I'm up at
the flower patches

before you two even
roll out of bed.

Haven't you heard of
the term busy as a bee?

- Utter nonsense.
- Huh, Flutterby?

- Huh, you are all a
bunch of lazy slouches.

Compared to pollinating flowers,

you guys are just part-time.

Isn't that right, Bartle Bee?

- Well. [groans]

- Hey, stop arguing, I
dig tunnels every day.

A job too tough for you all.

- Flies are the hardest workers.

- Dung beetles are.

- You both mean butterflies!

- Enough!

Hey, we can't settle
anything by arguing.

Let me see, why
don't we trade jobs?

- [All] Huh, trade jobs?

- That's right, that
way we can experience

each other's jobs firsthand.

We can draw straws.

It's the only way we'll be able
to tell whose job is harder.

Trust me on this one, guys.

- Yeah!
- Yeah.

- All right, so I've
written everyone's jobs

on these straws, so let's
take turns drawing them.

Who will be first?

- [All] Hmm.

- Me!
- Okay.

- This one.

- Great, congrats, and your
job will be rolling dung balls.

- What, I don't want
to roll dung balls!

The smell alone makes my
wings wilt, it's disgusting.

- [Bartle Bee] Okay, next one.

- It's my turn, me.

- Here you go.

- This one.

I guess this means digging?

- Okay now, next one please.

- Huh?

- McBroom will collect nectar.

Mole Cricket will gather pollen.

That leaves me to scavenge.

- Hey, Bartle Bee, when
does this contest start?

- [laughs] So, now that
we've all got our new jobs,

I say we start
right away. [laughs]

- [whimpers] Ew!

[whimpers] Oh my, drawing
jobs was a lousy idea.

It's all Bartle Bee's fault.

And just look at the
state of my hands.

[screams] Oh, it's so
disgusting! [panting]

But I've got to roll as many
of these dung balls as I can.

There's no way I'm
losing this one, hmph.

[grunting] Come on, come on.

[Flutterby grunting]

That really hurt me.

Huh? [screams]

[Cosmo grunting]

- Digging tunnels is tiring.

I've been digging all
morning and this is it?

Oh man.

Oh, a spoon.

This spoon really came in handy.

[Cosmo grunting]

[laughs] Digging ain't
so bad just as long as

you use your mind and
not your... [groans]

- There are so many flowers.

Huh, so which one of them
has the nectar deep within?

Well now, that's a
pretty shade of brown.

Reminds me of my very first
dung ball, that's the one.

All right, time to collect
some nectar, easy as pie.

All right, all right,
all right, all right.

Oh, keep your balance, McBroom.


[groans] I should leave
collecting nectar for the bees.

- Well, at least you can fly.

I have to climb my way
to the top of the flower.

This is gonna take forever.

Oh, better get started.

[groans] I can't let go
of it, I'm losing my grip.



- Junk, junk, all
there is is junk.

Ugh, there's nothing
edible here for a bee.

Scavenging is much
more difficult

than I thought it would be.

Ugh, I can't eat
anything that I've found.

Candy and cheese not for me.

- Bartle Bee!
- Huh?

- [All] This contest
is over. [sighing]

- Oh, Cosmo, it's about time.

I don't know how
you do it, buddy.

Scavenging drove me crazy!

- Oh yeah, digging tunnels
is practically torture!

- Nonsense, rolling dung balls

is absolutely
positively repulsive.

- Oh no no, I'd like that
stricken from the record.

- Don't think so,
gathering pollen is hard.

- [McBroom] Gathering
dung is even harder.

- They're the same thing.
- Look at my poor hands!

- [McBroom] Cosmo, you've barely
worked a day in your life.

- No, me!
- I'm the hardest worker.

[all cross-talking]

[Joe groans]

- I sure am bored.

[Bartle Bee singing]
- Huh?

Bartle Bee!
- Huh?

- Hey, Bartle Bee,
hey you look happy.

- I just found the
most aromatic flower.

- Aromatic flower?

- I've never seen such a flower.

- Hey, Bartle Bee, you've gotta
show me that flower, yeah?

- Look, isn't it just
the prettiest flower

you've ever seen in your life?

[sniffs] Oh, and it
smells fantastical.

[Joe sniffs]

So, what do you
think of it, Joe?

- I'm in love with it.

Right. [grunting]

- Joe Croaker,
what are you doing?

- I'm gonna take it
home with me, Bartle,

to mask Cosmo's smelly cheeses.

- If you do that then
you might kill it,

so please leave it alone.

- Oh, everything dies, Bartle.

It's relative, you should
know that, you nosy bee.

- Huh, hmph.

[Joe grunting]

Joe Croaker, leave
that flower alone.

- Buzz off, you.

[Bartle Bee groans]

- You'll regret this.

[Joe grunting]

- I say the smell of flowers

can help one's sleeping ability.

I feel a bit itchy, I should've
had that shower this week.

[laughs] Perfect.

[sniffs] That's delicious,
it's the perfect addition.

[Joe groaning]

Achoo, achoo, achoo!

I should've brought a tissue.

What's going on?

- [laughs] I hit the jackpot
today, I love cheese.

- Cosmo, Cosmo!

Hey, Cosmo!

[Joe groaning]

- What's up with you?

[laughs] Hey, Joe, you
look like a children's

connect the dots book.

- Huh?

Achoo, achoo!

I don't why.

I saw this flower, and I've
been feeling sick ever since.

Hey there, you gotta help me,
this itch is driving me crazy.

[Cosmo chomps]

- Don't worry,
I'll check you out.

- Huh?

- Ah, I've got it!

Cosmo thinks you're
allergic to pollen.

So, the cure is to expose
you to even more pollen.

It's called fighting
fire with fire.

The more you sniff,
the better you'll feel.

- Huh?

- Absolutely, trust me, why not?

- [sniffs] The more I
sniff, the better I feel.

- [Joe Voiceover] You know
I feel better already.

Give me more, I want more!

[Joe screams]
[Cosmo screams]

- Why is it getting worse?

Cosmo, I'm itching all over now.

- Did you sniff, did you
sniff as much as possible?

- Of course, I did
what you told me to do.

- Oh no, that's strange, huh?

Maybe Grandma Niddy can help.

- What are you waiting for?

- I'll be right back.

- [groans] Cosmo,
hurry up, come on.

- Hey, Joe.

Why are you sneaking around?

- 'Cause this is a
secret operation, Cosmo.

Didn't you know?
- Secret?

- Grandma Niddy said the only
cure for my allergy is honey.

So, I need to steal
some from Bart.

- I'll just go ask Bartle Bee.

- How many times do
I have to tell you.

I took that flower from Bartle
Bee, he's not gonna help me.

- True.

- So, now he's out
getting nectar.

You go in there and
get the honey for me.

- But he'll be mad
if I, well, you know.

- That's why I'm
on lookout duty!

- Okay.

- If Bartle Bee comes
over, I'll cough two times.

You grab the honey and fly away.

- Okay.

- Whoa, it's itchy.

I gotta scratch! [groans]

[twinkling music]

- Wow, so much honey.

Oh wow!

Let's go. [grunting]

[Cosmo groaning]

- That fly is really slow, he
should've been back by now.


[Joe gasps]

[Joe coughs]

- Did someone call me?

Never mind.

[grunts] That'll do.

[Bartle Bee singing]
- Cosmo!

- Oh?

- The last one. [grunting]

- Huh?

How dare you!

Stop it!

- Well...

Bartle Bee.

[Cosmo screams]

- Cosmo.

[Cosmo groans]

Are you all right
there, little buddy?


- Oh my gosh, what
happened to you?

- I...

- [laughs] So, that's
the story, huh?

If you needed my honey so
badly, you could've asked.

Come on, this way.

- Really?

Bartle Bee, I'm really sorry
that I took your flower.

- It's okay, come on, follow me.

- Okay. [laughs]

[Cosmo laughs]

- Yeah, you look better
now, have one more.

- Yum yum, oh this is aces.

[Cosmo and Bartle Bee laugh]

- Guess it worked.

Congratulations, you're
back to your old self.

[all laughing]

- I feel all right
now, this is amazing!

Oh yeah.

I'm so happy, I
don't itch anymore.

This is really
wonderful, oh yeah!

[Cosmo coughing]

No more itching!

- Huh, Cosmo?
- Huh?

- Something's wrong, achoo!

I think I'm allergic to honey!

Achoo, achoo! [groans]

[chomping] Delicious,
epitome of awesome!

[Cosmo coughs]

- Cosmo, are you
being a sneaky fly?

- Hmm?

Hey, Flutterby, can I help you?

- Actually, Cosmo,
you know what?

It was my birthday two days ago.

- [laughs] Well, happy
belated birthday.

- I was expecting
something more.

Usually my friends
all bring me presents.

- Presents?

Well, I'm sorry I
didn't get you one,

but that doesn't
mean that I won't.

In fact, my girl, sit tight
in your little flower house,

and I'll bring
you one real soon.

- Really, that's so sweet!

Cosmo, see you around, yes?

- Perfect present,
where are you?

Oh, this ain't good enough,
this one might be good.

She'll surely like this one.

Well, she better.

Flutterby, are you inside?

I come bearing gifts.

- Huh, a gift, here I am.

So, Cosmo, what sparkly
gift have you got for me?

- Ta-da, happy birthday!

- [screams] What is that
thing, it looks filthy.

- Huh, filthy?

Looks like sparkles to me.

Flutterby, I personally
went through the dumpster

and chose this just for you.

The holes remind me of
the spots in your wings.

- I'm sorry, I'd
really rather not.

Just imagine all the germs
living on that thing,

and I don't want to catch them.

- Hmm, yeah, I get you.

- Oh?

- Hey, Flutterby,
give me a moment.

I can do better.

Honey breath, I'm back.


- [screams] What is that thing?

Get it out of my
sight right now!

[Cosmo sighs]

[light music]

- [sighs] Ladies are
sure hard to impress.

I never knew it would be
so difficult to please her.

Huh, a flower?

Wow, gorgeous, she'll love it!

[Flutterby singing]

- Oh wow, still
no wrinkles, yay!

- Flutterby!
- Huh?

- Hey, Flutterby, come on
look what I've got for you.

- Wow.

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

- What do you think, cool, huh?

- Wow, there are so many colors.

Cosmo, where did you get this
multicolored flower from, hey?

- Where you ask?

I searched high and
low all over the marsh

to come across this beauty.

Here, specially for you.

- It's really very pretty,
but it has no scent.

- Huh, no scent?

Hey, that's easy,
I know just the way

to make it smell absolutely
amazing and delicious. [laughs]

Well, that was a lie.

Why do I make empty promises?

[McBroom grunting]


[McBroom humming]

McBroom, he'll know what to do.

- Huh?

- McBroom.

I ask you what smells good?

- What smells good?

Hey, I bet it's the sweet aroma

of this wonderful dung
ball here, great aroma.

- [sniffs] Well, it
does smell really fresh.

Would you do me
a favor, McBroom?

- What's that?

- Can you keep this in
your house for the night?

- Ah, you betcha, all right.

- Flutterby, your birthday
flower has its own smell now.

Come and get a whiff.

- Wow, that's terrific.

What the?

Oh, it's vulgar, it stinks!

What kind of scent is that?

- Well, it's dung
ball scent of course.

Both me and McBroom love it.

Give it another sniff,
come on, Flutterby.

- No, get that gross
smell away from me!

- Come on!

Oh, personally I
think it's pretty neat

to have a dung-scented flower.

Way cooler than those
boring old flowers

that smell like flowers.

Ugh, and the pollen!

Yeah, pollen gives
off a sweet smell.

So, if I just put
pollen on the flower,

it'll smell sweet like me.

She loves me, she
loves me not, achoo!

She loves, achoo!

Flutterby, look.

- Oh, it smell amazing.

This is the best
flower that my nose

has ever had the pleasure
of sniffing. [laughs]

How can I thank you? [laughs]

- Hang on, achoo!

[light music]

- Wow, how beautiful.
- Wow, that's gorgeous.

- [Sparkle] Gee,
Flutterby, this is the most

beautiful flower I've ever seen.

- [laughs] Wunderbar!

[all laugh]
- Wow.

- Cosmo, you must
come and join us.

- Huh, oh yeah!

[all laugh]

- Whoa, hey, what
are you guys up to?

- Hey, Bartle Bee.

[all groan]
- Hey, watch it!

- Oh?

- Ta-da!

- Amazing!

- [laughs] It's a birthday
gift, isn't it beautiful?

Oh yes yes, feel free to gather

some nectar from it any time.

- Good idea. [sniffs]

This flower...

- Huh?
- What's wrong?

- Well, it's actually a
fake, so there's no nectar.

Well, my job's done for the day.

- It's fake, what do you mean?

- [All] Huh?

- This.


Bartle was right.


Why would you give
me a fake one?

- How was I supposed
to know it's fake?

- Hmph, I don't want
your rotten gift!

Cosmo, I need some time
to be alone now, hmph.

- Oh, I sure am sorry,
Flutter. [groans]

- [Sparkle and Strobe] Huh?

- Oh, a bean.

- Huh?

- What you got, it looks pretty.

- Oh, it was Flutterby's gift.

That was until she discovered
it was just a fake.

Then she dumped me.

Oh, I give up on love.

- Wow, it's so cute.

If she didn't want it
could I have it, pal?

- [laughs] Sure, it's
covered in pollen,

and pollen makes me
itchy, so you can keep it.

- Thanks.
- Ciao for now.

- Ah, I've been
looking for a way

to keep that butterfly
from hassling me.