Bugcrush (2006) - full transcript

A small-town loner's fascination with the new kid in town leads him into something much more sinister than he could ever have imagined.

-- See you.
-- See you.

Young, smoking is not allowed here.

I said turn it off. Now

What is your name?

You won an afternoon detention.

How about that?

-- Name?
-- Grant

-- Surname

-- "Idiot"

-- Well, Grant "moron" ...

... I see him in his punishment in the room 120
after the seventh period.

And also like me in detention
this afternoon, Ben Holcum?

What an idiot.

No. Thank you.
The smoking corner is out there.

Thank you.

Hey Ben Holcum ...

... know where the offices?
-- Yeah, right inside ...

... you can not miss, is the first floor.

Thank you.

Well ...

... we see ourselves.

I told you. Impossible

Hit you if you know what you think.

Do not know. Do you believe?

Yes, I do. He is not.

Maybe you should start
wear lenses.

Had you heard a prayer
complete before?

Hello ...

Hello ...
-- Hey.

What happened to your arm?

-- What?
-- What happened to your arm?

It's my tattoo.
It is not yet over.

I have to go.

So do I.


Do not know.

Media are rare, especially
high with the coat.

As if they were addicted to drugs.

-- You think you go in our school?
-- Oh God ...

Shannon is the coat.
I know him.

So, my mom knows her
Mom made.

-- What do you know him?

-- Nothing never really talked.

-- Hey, Who is the other, the bass?
-- Boys are boring me.

Also know that I've seen out there.
His name is Keith

You think ...
-- What?

Did they are sucking each other in
the forest while we talk?

Forget it!
You need to shoot.

You know, you'll be kicked by a
fucking weird if you're not careful.

-- You may also like.
-- Ch?pamelo.

-- Can not find it attractive?
-- Oh, God ...

You're a stalker.
It is totally pathetic.

The scares me.

Got a light?

So ... How do you know
Shannon and Keith?


They look quite nice.

-- Do you believe?
-- In other words, do not even know.

Hey, check this out.

-- What is it?
-- It's a bug.

-- Shannon did for me.
-- Dalo laps.

-- Do not you like?

Okay, I guess.
What is Scarab?

It's just a bug.

How your tattoo?

-- My what?
-- Your tattoo.

Yes, it's like my tattoo.

You know it's weird ...

We were talking about you last night.


I, Shannon and Keith.

Why talk about me?

They wanted to know where
I knew you.

You should have seen him around.

What you say?

That really did not know you,
but you're nice.

Really? Is not
We have gone or something.

We should sometime.

So ...

What the hell do you like?

-- What do you mean?
-- To be high.

Oh ...

I smoke marijuana.
Ecstasy, sometimes ...

All right. We also
While we have some rare shit.

How Crystal or something?


Will you come tonight?

So, no ...

Come on, man!


Do you know these guys, right?


Can you take or what?

Yeah, right. Come on.

-- So, where do you live?
-- Me?

Yes, you.

Near the river there.

-- You have a girlfriend?
-- No. ..

-- Do you like women?
-- Shut up, Keith.

-- Your radio is not working.
-- Yes, it's bad.

Mommy and Daddy do not be bought
a new one?

Got a job?

Why you're fucking?
Let handle.

Your parents will be home?

No. My mother is in
Texas divorce.

Not return for awhile.

When you get just keep right

Keith, do you remember the girl
in that cabin?

Her body was so hot.
Great tits too.

Dude, you're a fucking pervert.

If I am, ...

-- Ben, do me a favor and stop at the shore?
-- If ...

-- Are you okay?
-- Yes. I have to pee.

Grant already told you ?
that he came to live here?


It is a story well fucked.

What happened?

You should ask yourself.

One quickly loses here.

You can run miles and miles
and not see any humans.

A boy lost in the woods.
He was found two months later.

His stomach was
completely devoured.

Shut up, Keith.

What is it?


-- Do not worry, okay?
-- Sure.

Come on.

Nice place, huh?

My mother wanted
to unpack everything.

That was five weeks.

Take off your jacket, Ben.

-- Health.
-- Health.


What about Ben?
I thought you liked the Vodka.

-- Yes.
-- I know.

I could smell it in your
breath this morning.

-- That's pretty strong
-- I had a bad day.

Relax, friend.
We're just starting out.

Shannon, I saw the bug that you did to Grant.
I liked it.

Yes? Thank you.

I also did one for Keith.

I have also one.

What do they mean?

What do they mean ...?

Grant, Do you want to tell you?

I think Ben is very smart.
You can understand it.

We're, right, Ben?

I do not know, really.

I really like Ben.

I like the first time
told me about when you get here.

You were ...

... you were the first person
I knew.

When I lived on the coast
with my mom ...

... was always
to take as long walks ...

... and behind our house was a forest.

And I ...

well, it was the only place in the
I could be alone.

The guy pulled my mom
was a fool, I slept on the couch ...

... so I do not want to be in the house

One day I was walking through the woods y. ..

and I realized that I was
far away and alone.

He was lying ...

... In the leaves ...

I stared at the sky
and trees, and began to masturbate.

When I was about to come to me ...

... I felt like a little bite.

-- Do not hurt right?
-- No.

I want to show this.

I felt this bite on my leg
and saw it was a fucking bug biting.

Like a worm or something,
this big.

Before you know it was happening
my leg fell asleep and scared me ...

I was thinking:
'Shit, this guy is poison! "

"I will die here and nobody is going
to find. "

"Let me think about my mom
found half naked with a peak outside. "

Luckily I found you.

Anyway ...

I could not do anything because
whatever it was was very intense.

And without realizing what it was
I was having the best trip of my life.

I realized it came from the bug.
That little bug.

And I started thinking:
"Shit if I die here is good because ...

... this is the best "

You can not be serious.

Ben, I'm talking
totally serious.

The strange thing is that it was still hard.
And you know what I did?

What did you do?

-- Suit the worm here.
-- It's really enjoyable, Ben.

I hate bugs,
but these are worth it.

In the meantime we will
to your room and get high for a while.

Come now, Keith.

I do not want to do this.

Do not force him to do
nothing you do not want, Ben.

I promise.

I promise.

-- Do not want those things to bite me.
-- Nothing will bite you!

You do not have to go if you want.
You can stay outside.

I just want to see them.

Come on, you want them displayed.

I just want to see them

Are not you afraid that your
mother find?


Just wait a second, okay?

-- Ben, come here.
-- No.

Come on.

Come on!

Come on, man!

Where are the bugs?

Them away.

Do not get them out if you do not want.

Hey, take this.

Not to come to you if
hold the flashlight.

Grab the flashlight!

Come here, sit down.

-- You okay?
-- Yes.

-- Are you cold?
-- No.

-- What the fuck fuck you, bring them out of me!
-- Just calm down.

Grant, bring them off.
Please do not want to do this, please.

-- Relax, Ben! Relax.
-- Please stop, please.

Let him control you
Just calm down!

Let it control you.

I did not want ...

I do not want that to happen.

Please ...
Let him take control ...

Ben, do you do well with this?

You're fine.

Come on, you're fine.


Can you feel it?

It feels good, right?

-- Do not want to do this, man,
I did not want to do this -- I know

I know.
All is well.

It feels good.

You see this?

It's beautiful.

You should not scare you.

Hey ...

You're right, man.

You see ...

You're fine.

Oh, man ...

This is ... good.

-- This is ... good.
-- Are you?

Are you still drive.

-- Dude, this is good
-- Are you?

You were so scared ...

Shannon Altira endured.

With Keith took a while.

But at least you ...

... at least you know what you want.



That's what I like about you.

This is what you wanted, right?

You look frightened.
Look, I'll show you how.

I already did many times
I became tolerant.

I wish I could feel
what you are feeling now.

I love these worms.
I did all this myself.

You know all books
I had to read for this shit?

I really like you, Ben.

Just wanted to share
this with someone.

Now I'm drugging
and you're lying there ...

... I can now do what I want ...

... I can do what I want.

Hey Grant.
How are you?

-- Cool, man.
-- Get out ...

Just try it. Seriously.

Benny did not want to play.

I think someone ...

... Need another bug.

-- Where is the other bug?
-- Back of her neck.

-- These are many.
-- Do you want one?

-- Let us take him first.
-- We will shoot it a little.

Look at his face.

What the hell are you looking at you?

-- Hey, what the fuck are you looking at you?
-- Oh shit.

It feels good.
You're still hard.


Do you feel this?

It feels good, right?