Bug Buster (1998) - full transcript

A small lakeside resort community is beset by roaches. Big killer roaches that reproduce in dark moist places, and can grow to 10 feet long. The local sheriff may or may not be using them as part of his land-grab scheme. The locals eventually call in an over-the-top bug exterminator to relieve themselves of their problem.

As governor of this great state,
sometimes I'm forced to make

difficult choices, for which
there are no clear-cut


Given the crisis
we are now facing,

with the rapid multiplication
of the medfly,

I am hereby ordering
the spraying of the chemical

pesticide Phythyon...


...in order to save
our crops.


I am Dr. Hiro Fujimoto of
Animal Research Institute

and I must
respectfully point out

that my studies have shown

not only to be potentially

with respect to any animals that
it may come into contact with,


to certain types of insects
as well.

I have reason to believe that
chemical can lead to abnormal

and hyper-accelerated
growth rates

and even potential mutations--

Dr. Fujimoto,

while I am completely familiar
with the possible

dangers of spraying with

the risks of not spraying
are far greater.

We could lose our entire food
crops from one end of the state

to another putting thousands
of workers out of a job.

Now I ask you, Doctor,

what could possibly
be worse than that?

You have no idea.

Hi, folks.

General George here.

From the jungles of Vietnam
to the jungles you call home,

I've seen the same problem


Hate them all.

Roaches. Ants. Fleas.

Scorpions and snakes.

So, the next time the minions of
Satan declaring war

at your door, don't raise
the white flag.


Call for General George,
Pest Eliminator!

I'll kick some bug...

General George, he's the man

♪ If he can't do it
Nobody can ♪

Call 1-500-KICKASS for
the Pest Eliminator in your

battle field and tell them
the General sent you.

As you were.

I still don't
understand why we have to move.

I love living in Newport.

Oh, honey.

You know losing his job,
wasn't the best thing

for your father's
heart condition.

Here we go.

Look, we can all do with a lot
less stress in our lives.

We're going to be fine.

Well, Dad couldn't you just get
a job that was less stressful.

I mean, I'm sure there are
plenty of places

that would hire you.

Honey, getting fired--downsized

was the best thing
that ever happened to me.

It opened my eyes to
what's truly important.

Buying the lodge
is something I should've done

a long time ago.

I'll finally get to relax.

We'll have a better
quality of life. All of us.

Want to go swimming?

What, here?


Nah, I didn't even bring
my trunks.

Who said anything about trunks?

Come on, silly.

I'm glad you
could join me.

Your swimsuit' s a little long
though, isn't it?

I feel safer that way.

I won't bite.

At least not yet.

Come on, you've heard
the stories about this lake.

Oh, please, you don't believe
sheriff Carlson's old wives

tales about people getting
their legs gnawed off

in the water, do you?

What about the Johnson kid?

I heard he partied
too much with his dad

and got caught in a
propeller or something.

And his daddy covered it up so
he wouldn't have to go to jail.

The sheriff seemed
pretty convinced.


Well I am convinced that
we would make the most

People Magazine-looking couple
in the entire county

and the children
we would have...

it would be so hot.

- Jesus.

I've never had
quite that reaction.

There's something in the water.

- Get out of here!

Did you see

It never came up from
under the water, but...

whatever it was it was big,
I'll tell you that much.

You think it was the same thing
that mangled the Johnson kid?

I don't know.


let's get that leg of yours
cleaned up.

I don't want to risk
any infection.


Bo, first thing tomorrow morning

we search the lake.

Until then,

it's off limits.

Yes, sir.

Well, this is it.

This sure is a beautiful
peaceful place, isn't it?

Yeah, so is a cemetery.

Doesn't mean
we have to live there.

Oh, come on Shannon!

I know, I'm being a brat.
It's just...

my whole life was just
pulled out from underneath me.

I didn't even have a choice.

And I didn't have a choice
about losing my job,

but I dealt with it

and made the best of a
bad situation

just like you will.

Now look,

I know that we've come here
for a reason

and I just know that
our moving here

it's going to be a blessing
for all of us.

Don't you think that
some things just happen

for no reason at all?

I don't mean to be difficult,
Sheriff, but don't you think

you're being
a little bit hasty here?

I mean, just because some girl
got a scratch on her leg,

you want to shut down the lake?

You saw Jaws, didn't you?

Sheriff waited too long
before doing anything.

That's a movie.

Look, we haven't even
moved in yet.

I've got my life savings
sunk in this place

and you want to shut down
the lake.

We'll go broke.

It's only for a few days

until we find out what's
going on out there.

Then everything
will be just fine.

Nice meeting you folks.

Alright doc.

I've never seen
anything quite like this.

This laceration wasn't made
by any animal I've come across.

You said this happened
in the lake?

Yeah, last night.

It was probably a fish or
water moccasin or something.


Look, I'd cover it, but I think
the wound needs to breathe.

I've done all I can,

but I'm going to send a culture
to the lab for testing.

But, just as a precaution.

Oh, I hate needles.

Won't take long, ready?
Here we go.

- There.

All right, Veronica.

I want to see you in a few days,

just to make sure
you're alright, okay?

It'll be fine. Thanks, Laurie.


All right, come on out with it.

I know that look.

Remember the Johns boy?

How could I forget?

This town did have a real MD
until that happened.

Scared old doctor
right out of town.

Yeah, I heard it was
pretty gruesome.

Damnedest sight
I've ever seen.

It was like something
rotted his flesh to the bones

and then devoured him
alive as he watched.

When we found him, his eyes were
bugged out like...

one of those old monster movies.

You don't think there's
any connection between that

and Veronica, do you?

I mean one's a flesh wound and
the other...

besides, that happened
ten years ago

and there hasn't been
anything since, nothing.

I'm sure you're right.

But, call me when
you get the test results.

I will.

Don't see anything,

I don't know, let's keep going.



Get a little closer, Bo!

Get a little closer.

Don't shoot me!

That was
one hell of a shot, Sheriff.

I mean, I wasn't scared
or anything, but...

Then you are opening
the lake up again?

I don't see why not.

Oh, honey.

What happened? Did he catch
the great white shark out there

or something?

Yeah, that's what he did.

He caught that big white shark.

I haven't seen you here before.

Are you staying at the lodge?

Actually, my parents
just bought it.

I'm Shannon.

Steve Williams.

- Hi.
- I work at the station

down the street.

Well, at least until
I get enough money

to get out of this town.



The demons amongst us!

Beware the demons.

Oh, go spook someone else,
will you.

It's over here.
There aren't no more demons,

you drunk old loon.

Armageddon is near.

Death is near.

Get out of here.
The party's over.

What was that
all about?

That was crazy old Jedediah.

Guess every town's got
a guy like that.

Not Newport beach.

Who is he?

People say
he used to be a minister.

One day a bolt of lightning
struck his church and

the whole place burnt down.

He says that the end is near.

Anyway, that was all before
I was born.

I guess this town is just
full of weirdoes

and old stories, huh?

No, just old Jedediah.

And the lake.


I can't believe anybody would go
into that water again.

Well, it happened
a long time ago.

I must've been ten years old,

and it hasn't happened since.

Not until the other night.

Have you lived here
your whole life?

Well, most of the part
I can remember.

I never really knew my folks.

My mom was raped
when she was a kid

and died a few years later.

And Buck, the guy who owns
the gas station

kind of took me
into his home.

I guess today, I'd probably be
an abortion statistic.

Don't even say that.

Everything happens
for a reason.

Steve, there you are.

Veronica, hi.

What are you doing here?

I was about to ask you
the same thing.

Who's your little friend?

This is Shannon.

Her parents just
bought the lodge.

Oh, how rustic.

I'm Veronica.

Steve's girlfriend.

I-- I'd better get going.

It was nice meeting you both.

Nice to meet you.


why did you do that?

- I mean, that was completely

uncalled for.

Like I have to tell you.

I mean, two seconds later
and she'd have her tongue

practically down your throat.

I saved you.

You saved me?
From what?

Mono, herpes, maybe even aids.

- I don't get you.

I practically save your life
and you're upset with me?

What are you talking about?

I mean, how to do you know
she isn't like a total slut

or something.

You don't know her.

You don't know
anything about her.

But me on the other hand,

I'm like honey,
and you're my Mr. Bumblebee.

We're just so sweet together.

I know you want me.

Every man wants me.

Well, Sheriff...

both lucky you're still
a pretty good shot.

This could have been pretty bad.

Exactly what kind of fish
is this?

Well, it's scientific name
is ichthyosis.

It's commonly known
as a scar fish.

The most tenacious fish there is
outside of the shark family.

The strange thing is

they usually live in very cold,
very deep water.

This is the first
I've ever heard of one

coming to shore before.

Let's see what we got in here.

It was pregnant?

Well, in a matter of speaking,

Looks like in a couple weeks
this baby would've given birth

to dozens more of these guys.

Do you mind if I study these?

Have yourself a seafood omelet.

Listen Laurie...

you don't think there could be
more of these?

I just don't want anyone
to get hurt.

I understand.


even if there are more of these,
they live thousands of feet

below the surface.

This is the first I have ever
heard of one attacking a human.

I just think this was
a very rare,

very isolated incident.

So you think the lake is safe?

Well, from bacteria, germs

and other forms
of contamination, no.

But from killer fish,

I think we're in the clear.


Ok, let's see.


Oh my gosh.

How on earth did this
get in there?


Dr. Fujimoto.
Hi, this is Laurie Casey.

I was one of your
graduate students.

Oh yes, pretty blonde.

Long legs.

Nice chest cavity.

I remember you very nicely.

Tell me, Lacey
what can I do for you?

It's Laurie.

Laurie... never mind.

Listen, we had an incident
involving a scar fish and

I found a roach inside
its digestive track.


how do you know it
didn't get in afterwards?

Well, that's possible, but

I don't think so.

Would you mind
having a look at it?

Very disgusting.


Professor, you there?

Sorry, Lacey I was seeing
which insect would survive.

The short powerful one
I call Tyson.

The tall fast one
I call Holyfield.

Tyson just bit
Holyfield's antenna!

I see.

Don't worry, Cammie

everything's going to be
just fine.

Hey, Norman.

Hi Norman, this is
my wife Cammie.

Cammie, this is Norman,
our manager.

I'm so happy to meet you.
Gill has told me

so much about you.

How's business?

It's busy now
through the end of August.

Then it's packed again at the
start of ski season.

- All 18 rooms full.

I think you made a real
quality investment here.

Well, we're just looking for
some peace and quiet.

My husband tends to get
a bit nervous.



- Honey, I'm not stressed.

Yes, he is.

Well, if you need anything,
I'll be right here at my post.


I hope they sing
better than they look.

Black cat, full moon.

All I need now is
to walk under a ladder.

Get out while you can.

Save yourself.

Armageddon is near.

Death is near.

- Hi, honey.
- Hi.

Hello, sweetheart.

Well, what do you think?

They're actually
kind of colorful.

I think they're very... real.

Yeah, regular Hootie
and the Blowfish.

She sure is nice.

Sweet, you know.

It's like you can just

just talk to her.

A girl you wanna talk to,
instead of doing the wild thing.

She must look like dog shit.

I'll be right back, okay man?



Town song?

Practically the anthem.

I guess our music is
a little behind here.

- Not quite top 40.
- No, I don't think so.

Hey, I want to apologize
for what happened at the diner.

It's not your fault.

Just because you're involved
with someone

who's a little possessive...

I'm not involved with Veronica.

She's not my girlfriend.

She's a little... crazy.

She said that you guys were--

She says a lot of things.

I've known this girl
my whole life.

Everyone in this town has
known her their whole lives.

Well, we're not exactly
in Kansas anymore.

But, we're pretty damn close.

You know what, this place
grows on you after a while.

There's some good things
about it.

Do you wanna dance?

To this?


Yeah, sure why not.

All right, come on I'll show you
how to two-step.

You know,

I'm beginning to think that
moving here was a good idea.

I think I'm going to like it.

I think you may not be
the only one. Look over there.

Good morning, Norman.
You all right?

Still a little shaky,
Mr. Griffin.

That incident last night sure
scared a lot of people.

It scared the hell out of me.

Did they check everywhere
for bugs?

Checked and sprayed everywhere.


Did my daughter come down yet?

Haven't seen her.

She's probably still sleeping.

I'm sure she was up
most of the night.

The kid's just
terrified of bugs.

I'm more than happy to help,
but don't you think

this is something
the county coroner's office

should handle?
I am a veterinarian--

And more qualified than any MD
I've ever known.

You know how it is when
something goes to the county.

It'll take months to hear
back anything.

Look, I don't know.

Once you've taken a look,
we'll send it there anyway.

I just want to play it safe.


Oh, god.

What do you make of it?

Larvae living in a human corpse?

I know it sounds crazy,
but I think the larvae somehow

killed him.

Do you remember that
strange insect I sent you,

the one I found
inside a fish?


I just found another one alive

inside the corpses mouth.

Very peculiar specimen
you sent me.

Why is that?

Although it closely resembles
a member of the genus Blattella.


Yes, Blattella.

Better known as
the common cockroach.

But this fellow's genetic
sequence is unlike that

of any insect on record.

It's an entirely new species.

What are you saying?

I don't know yet.

I don't know.

I don't know why
I keep having the same dream.

The funny thing is,
the room in the lodge

I dreamt about it before we
even thought of moving here.

It's like déjà vu or something.

That's pretty weird.

Kind of freaky.

What's freaky
is that guy last night.

I hate bugs.

Who doesn't.

I'm sure it's one
of those things that happens

once every thousand years or so.

Hope so.

I can't believe I actually have
to live there.

Yeah, did they check for more?

Fumigated the whole lodge.

I made them
do my room twice.

That's good.

Do you have plans tonight?

There's an old movie playing
in town and I thought maybe...

Anything to get out of my room.


General George here!

Pest Eliminator!

From the jungles of Vietnam
to the jungles you call home

General George kills them all.




Scorpions and snakes.

I hate rats too.

So the next time you see
Satan's minions attacking

your door,

don't raise the white flag.

Call General George.

Pest Eliminator!

I'll kick some bug ass!

General George he's the one

- If he can't do it
- Yeah...


Call 1-500-kick-ass
for the Pest Eliminator

in your battlefield and
tell them the General sent you.

I also hate rats.

Isn't there
anything else playing?

These movies scare
the shit out of me.

This is a classic.

Anyway, it's just a movie.

Effects aren't even that good.

This is too scary.

It's just a dream.

Vincent Price is playing
with the guys' head

so he's got him
right where he wants him.

At least I'm not the only one
having nightmares.

There you are.

I'm going to kill you.

I can't watch this.

This is great.

See the whole thing with the
dream is that he's finally

facing his fears

So now he knows who
the true enemy is and

he can confront the guy
or go insane.

I'll work on that.

- Can I have some popcorn?
- Yes.

Last night the small,

very small resort town

of Mountain View California
was rocked for the second time

in as many days when
two people watching

a horror movie inside
this movie theatre

died sudden, inexplicable deaths
that can only be described

as gruesome and disgusting.

Right out of a Freddy Krueger
movie only way gnarlier

commented one young movie goer

that was in there.

Apparently authorities
are baffled as to the cause

of these bizarre deaths
and inside sources are saying

the town may be quarantined
until the causes

of these deaths
can be found.


Katie Cunning, FU2 news.

We understand that
your grandson

was actually one of the corpses
identified inside.

Well, that is what
could be identified

from the ghoulish,

- bug infested

rotted flesh that was once

- your son--
- That's enough.

Quick, zoom in on the old lady.

In an FU2 exclusive
in mere seconds,

those of you at home
may witness

- for the first time--
- Get the camera off--

...live on national television

a living corpse as it rots
and oozes right before

your very eyes.

I'm Katy Hennig from FU2 news.

What the..

March 3, 11:57 am.

The outer membranes of the shell
seem to have experienced

a growth of what appears to be
100% in just two days.

The strange thing is these eggs
don't seem to be exhibiting

any of the characteristics
normal for their species.

There've been three deaths.

Larvae infected each
of their corpses

along with a live roach-like
insect being found

in each of them.

I just can't help but wonder if
there's any connection between

the roach I found in the fish

and the ones I found
in the humans.

The answer may lie
inside of the eggs.

Hi, Buck.

Miss Veronica.

Would you like
yourself a fill up?

Actually, I need a man.

Is Steve around?

Hey Steve, get your butt
on over here.

Ms. Veronica wants
to talk to you.

What is it Veronica?

I wanted to see you.

I haven't been feeling
very well lately.

You've seen a doctor?

I don't need to see a doctor,

I need you.

I keep thinking about you.

C'mon Veronica,
you're a beautiful girl.

You could have
any guy you want.

Then why don't you want me?

Is it that plain-looking girl
from the lodge?

Because I can look
more ordinary.

if that's what floats your boat.

I can't do much about these,
although I must confess

no one's ever wanted me to.

They seem to like them
just fine.

C'mon, you know that's not it.

- It's just that--
- What?

I mean, I'd do anything for you.

I cook, I clean.

I make love real good.

What else is there?

Veronica, don't do this.

I just don't want to be alone.
It's depressing.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Processing data.

Analyze DNA.

What exactly are you
my little friend?

Searching database.

One moment Dr. Fujimoto.

No match found.

- No match found.
- If you're not anything


maybe you're
mostly something.


Warm blooded.




- Impossible.
- Blattella.

- It's an insect.
- Blattella.

It can't be warm blooded.

What are you gonna do?

You want to close off the town
like they did in the outbreak?

I don't know what to do.

Forty years of sheriff and
hardly a problem and now this.

You think the bugs
could be intelligent?

Maybe like aliens,
trying to kill off

the human race so they could
take over the planet.

You know like in one
of those old movies.

And they're starting
their planetary take-over

with Mount View?

You have quite an imagination.

Well, you have to living
in this town.

I mean imagination and booze,
there ain't much else.

The autopsy results
should be back in a few days.

I don't have to be a coroner
to know the bugs caused

these deaths.

Question is...

what do we do to stop them?

What about spraying the town
with bug spray,

like from a Cessna.


You may just make sheriff yet.

Hey Sheriff,

you sure you want to use
this stuff?

I heard it did some terrible
things with the rats they

tested it on.

And it killed the net flies?

Averted a major crisis.

Let's just hope
it does the same for us.

Good luck.

We just don't have
any options, okay?

Buying this place
cleared out our savings,

so like it or not

we're just going to have to
wait this out.

Oh Gill, couldn't we just go
to my parents' house

for a couple of weeks till
this all is over.

Yeah, I'm up for that.

Then we can come back
and you can sell this place

when it's safe.

Aren't we maybe overreacting
just a little bit?

I mean they're not even sure
what caused all this.


I saw it with my own eyes.

I'm really scared.

I can't sleep.

I can't even turn my lights off.

Oh, honey...

are you having
the nightmare again?

The on where you're covered
by giants bugs?

Sweetheart, you've been having
that same dream since you were

a little girl.

You're just afraid of bugs.

It's a common phobia.

Well, this place isn't helping
the situation any.

Mr. Griffin,

there's a press conference
the sheriff called

- to talk about the problem.
Good afternoon

As I'm sure everyone
in Mount View is by now

painfully aware,

there have been three deaths
in recent days.

While the cause has
yet to be determined,

there is reasons to believe
the Larvae found at the scenes

may somehow be linked.

Therefore, I have ordered
the spraying of the pesticide


Due to the toxic nature
of this chemical,

I'm requesting that everyone
honor a curfew of 9 o'clock

this evening.

To reduce the risk
of human contact...

You see, the Sheriff's got it
all under control.

Everything's gonna be
just fine.

I reckon that spraying
killed off all of them

little critters.

I'm a hell of a lot bigger
than they are and

that shit sure affected me.

Gave me one whale of a headache.

Don't you worry, Buck.
It's all gonna be over soon.

I'll take it.

Laurie sounded frantic.

Hope she's okay.

Oh, god what are
you doing here?

You scared the hell out of me.

I'm sorry Laurie,
but I guess we're all a little

bit on edge.

Yeah, from your call
it sounded like trouble.

Yeah, look at this.

Damn, bugs ate the fish eggs.

I don't think so.

What are you saying?

I'm saying, I think the bugs
evolved from the fish eggs.

I thought these were
the fish eggs.

The fish was the host.

She was just carrying the eggs,
sort of like a surrogate mother.

Who's the lucky father of
these slimy little children?

I don't know.

Well, let's get rid of them,
before they cause more trouble.


Don't look at me.

You're the Sheriff,

I mean, you got
seniority in this, experience.

Careful, Sheriff.

Yeah, don't let them slime you.

Lacey thinks Larvae
hatch in water.

Computer says
your DNA is Larvae.

So if Larvae is born in water

and Blattella is Larvae,

then Blattella should survive in
water, right?

There you go.

I guess Mark Spitz is not
a very good name for you.

- Steve?
- Yeah?

There's a young lady
on this phone whose voice

is as sweet as sugar on honey.

I wish to hell I was
young again.


Hi Steve, it's Shannon.

Hey, are you okay?

I was a little worried
about you.

I barely slept last night,
but I'll be fine.

I wanted to see you.

Can you come by?

Yeah, I get off about seven.
Is that okay?


I miss you.

I miss you too.


What's with the pins?

It represents every time
there's been an attack.

I'm trying to see if
there's a pattern.

Very professional.

Hey, what do you think about
old Jedediah?

You know Shannon, the girl
whose family bought the lodge?

Her family filed a complaint and
said he's been outside her room

the last couple of nights.

He do anything?

Isn't being a peeper enough
to haul him in?

I mean the guy scares
the bodily waste out of me.

We just have to wait until
he actually does something.





Hello, Shannon.
Shannon, you there?



Did you just call?

No, why is
something wrong?

No, no I'm sure it's nothing.

I'm almost ready, are you
on your way?

Yeah I just gotta go
home and change

then run an errand so I'll
be there as quick as I can.


OK, just don't be too late,
I'll be waiting in the lobby.


Business isn't exactly thriving.

The lounge act died,
what do you expect?

Honey, that act died a long
time before we ever got here.

The... sheriff came by
this afternoon.

Yeah? Is he gonna do something
about that psycho old guy?

Yeah, he said he'd do
what he could.

He also presented an offer
on behalf of someone.

What sort of offer?

A real estate offer.

Someone is willing
to buy the lodge.

You're kidding!

That's great!

When can we leave? I can be
packed in no time.

Hold on, before you
get too excited,

you should know the offer
isn't a very good one.

In fact it's barely
25 cents on the dollar.

But... in light of all that's
happened here,

I'm not sure we have
much of a choice.

Look, I can only stay
a minute, alright?

You just got here.

I mean...

Have a little drink with me.

What is it, Veronica?

What is so important you had to
see me right away?


Jesus Christ,
what happened to you?

I don't have the foggiest idea
what you're talking about.

Don't you just love this song.

It's my absolute favorite.

Veronica, your skin, it's all...

It's all festered.

I don't know what's
wrong with me.

My skins it's all funny.

I think maybe I need
to see a cosmetologist.


You know... a beautician.

I think there's one
in San Bernardino.

Oh Jesus, what is this?

You don't like it?

It's moonshine.

My great grandfather's recipe.

They say it'll
cure anything.

Even better than chicken soup.

Look, Veronica, we've gotta
get you to a doctor.

I mean a real doctor.


It'll be OK.

I mean it's probably just a...

Just a 24 hours bug or

What is it?

What? What is it?
Is it your leg?

I got bit.

I think it's maybe
a little bit...


Let me take a look--
- No!

My legs don't look very pretty.

It's OK, I'm just gonna
take a look, OK?

Oh my God.

Oh Jesus!

I'm scared!

- Oh God.
- I don't have anybody left here.

I didn't know
who else to call.

Veronica, we've gotta
get you to a hospital, OK?

No, I don't
wanna go to a hospital.

People die there.

I just want you to hold me,
please just take care of me.

OK, you're gonna be fine.

You're gonna be fine, come on.

Everything's gonna be OK,
just like that.

You really think so?


- Yeah you know, doctors can...

can do anything these days.

Yeah I mean

I guess if they can put
a man on the moon

they can fix a few silly little
bumps on my leg, right?

Oh Jesus!

Veronica, I'm gonna call
an ambulance, OK?

Just hang in there.
Help me, please!


It hurts!

What's happening to me?

You're gonna be fine.
Come on!

Please help me!

Help me!




I don't believe this, he's
over an hour late.

He's standing me up.

Oh honey, I really don't think
he's doing that.

He seemed like such
a nice young man.

Yeah they all seem nice at first
till you get to know them.

I'm going to bed.

Daddy, I'm really glad you
decided to sell this place.

I can't wait to get home.

Good night.

- Good night, sweetheart.

Good night.

Good night, darling, sleep well.

I worry about her.

I do too.

But you know what, I'm proud
of you for selling this place.

I know it's not gonna be easy,
the money and everything.

But, honey, we're gonna be fine.

You're a good husband.

And a good father.

And I love you.

You know...

I think our daughter had the
right idea going to her room.

What do you say we go to ours?

Oh yeah?

What do you have in mind?

- Something nasty.

We'll be right
back after this message

from our sponsor.

- General George here.

Do the soldiers of Satan
have you by the short hairs?

I'm talking bugs, my friend.

And I don't mean bunny.

Are bugs infesting your life?

Making it a living hell for you
and your loved ones?

- Well it's time to fight back!

It's time to bring out
the redeemer!


So when you wanna rid your
life of irksome insects,

call on the one,
who does it best.

Call for General George.

Pest eliminator!

- And I'll kick some bug...


♪ General George he's the one
Eradicating the insect scum ♪

Call 1-500-KICKASS for the pest
eliminator in your battlefield

and tell him the
general sent you.

As you were.

♪ All day long ♪

♪ I keep neglecting ♪

♪ Things I have to do ♪

♪ That people
Are expecting... ♪


What do you think of this,
Mr. Griffin?

I don't wanna
have to think.

Did you remember to take
your heart medication?

With the way you look tonight
I better have the whole bottle.


Look at you feeling frisky.

I feel like a whole new man.

I like the way this man feels.

Oh my God, mom!

Oh yes.

Oh, Gil!


You're the king!


Don't stop!

You're the best!

It got worse.

What in the hell
happened to her?

They... they just started
hatching out of her.

I called the medic over an hour
ago but he's still not here.

There's nothing more
you could've done.

You did all you could.

Could someone
cover the body?

She wouldn't want anyone to
see her like that.


I ain't going near that thing.

No damn way.



Shannon, are you in there?

What is it?
I'm coming in!


Get them off me!

Don't move.

Get them off me!

I got it.

I got it, OK.

I got it.

- No problem.


Oh my God!

I'm sorry
about Veronica.

I know we weren't
exactly friends.

But nobody deserves
to die like that.

Are you OK?

Yeah, I'm fine.

So what time are you guys
getting out of here?

If I had my way as soon as
my parents wake up.

What time do they
usually get up?


Last night was a special
night for them.

They didn't get to bed
till kind of late.

I'd better wake them up.

They'd be mad if
they blew the whole day.

Can you ring my parent's
room please?


Oh my god.


Oh God!

Come on, Shannon,
we've gotta get out of here.

Come on!


Come on, baby.

Gil and Cammie Griffin

who recently
purchased this lodge

were the latest victims
in these bizarre deaths

as they're naked bodies were
just rolled away moments ago

and I for one can
tell you

it was not a pretty sight.

Also last night the rotted,

bug infested corpse
of Veronica Heart

was found inside her home.

Now sources say that the
busty town babe's death

was different than the others

in that Veronica Heart was
incubating roaches and larvae

inside what was once her body.

Excuse me sir, Katie Cunning,
"Fu2 News".

Now, first the lounge act,

then your boss
and his wife both naked.

Very gross, very dead.

This cannot be
good for business.

I'm not sticking around
to find out.

Well there you have it.

We have five dead humans.

One dead bimbo,
bugs are everywhere.

Rumors are rampant--
excuse me, Sir?

Katie Cunning "Fu2 News".

Now everybody is talking
about that Mount View

is just one giant
bug infested nest

with alien insects
incubating inside humans

to launch an attack on mankind.

Can you comment on this?

Armageddon is near.

Death is near!

Aren't we a ray
of sunshine?

Well word is that world renowned
pest eliminator General George

has been called in to help
eliminate the problem.

Until then all roads in and out
of Mount View

will be closed off.

Well, as you can see
it's sunny and breezy now

but the town's population,
what's left of it

wait in terror

- for night to fall.

The unspeakable question on
everyone's mind is

- who will be next--excuse me!
Come on!

I'm Katie Cunning,
"Fu2 News".

Due to technical
difficulties beyond our control

- we now return to...
- night.

The attacks all
happened a night.

Or near moisture, that's it!



What's she saying?

Just a minute.

Until we find the source

everyone in this town
should know one thing.

Don't even think about
turning out the lights.


It's just like Laurie said,

they're pretty much
everywhere, dark or with water.

The lake, the lodge, the
theater, homes.

I'll tell you this

I'm sure glad I don't own any
real estate in this town.

At least not if I had
to sell it.

This whole thing
has gotten way out of hand.

Practically an epidemic.

Well I did something
about it.

I called General George.

He said he'd welcome
the challenge.

He's on his way as we speak.

You called who?

You know, General George,
the bug guy on television.

General George?

You may as well have called
one of those TV ministers

to exorcise the town
from the bugs.

Wanna get out of here.

Just gotta get out of here.

Thanks for coming with me.

It's not like I
have any reason to stay.

What the hell?

What's going on, Luke?

What, are you a deputy now?

The sheriff,
he deputized all of us.

Town's under quarantine
till further notice.

That's why we even
have the Highway Patrol.

Sheriff's orders.

So what are you
saying, we can't leave here?

If you leave, the bugs
may leave with you

and we can't have that so...

you're gonna have to
turn around.

When can we get out?

General George's coming in.

It should be no time at all.

TV bug guy?

Due anytime now.

Well I'll be...

And they said pesticides
wouldn't cause side effects.

Looks like they were wrong.

The question now is...

what are you?

What in the Sam Hill is
going on with you two?

I thought you were leaving town.

We were but they shut off
the whole highway.

Nobody in or out.

Well it looks like
somebody got in.

General George.

He's real?

I thought he's just an actor
from one of those commercials

like Colonel Sanders.

That man
is a living legend.

He was a war hero
in Vietnam.

What did he do?

He survived.

General George.

General George!

General George?

I hope you don't mind me
interrupting you like this, Sir.


I just wanna say what a great
honor is to finally meet you.

Fill it up.

It'll be my pleasure.

I'm a military man myself.

Served in WWII
in the Motor Pool.

Served under the command on

General Dwight D. Eisenhower

My one regret in life was

that I never really did have
the chance to meet that man--


I'm sure you would've made
quite an impression.

Listen, Sir.

You're just gonna
have to forgive me but...

I gotta go and
use the facilities.

It's all right Buck,
I'll fill it up.

Hop to it.

I understand your town
has a little... problem.

Things have gotten
pretty bad around here,

so I hope you're as good
as you say you are.

Shannon's parents, they...

Casualties of war?

Come here, dear.

Come here.

It's always a tragedy

when innocent civilians
lose their lives

fighting a battle
that wasn't theirs to fight.

I'm sorry.


I just hope you get
the rest of the bugs

before anyone else... dies.

I leave nothing to chance.

I want a full comprehensive
all-inclusive briefing.


Everything you know,
I wanna know.


You do know the war's over?

The war's never over son.

Not as long as fine, God fearing
people like yourselves

are subject to the
dark shadow of tyranny.

What's your plan?

First and foremost

you have to know
and understand the enemy.

Learn their strengths.

Exploit their weaknesses.

I've still got the good stuff.

So tell me.

Have you seen
the face of the enemy?

I never want to see
another bug as long as I live.

Don't you worry.

When General George opens up
his can of whoop ass...

there will be roaches in Siberia
feeling the heat.

Uncle Buck!


Stand back son.

You two sure
you wanna do this?

This is personal.

For both of us.

Then lets kick some bug ass.

So this is where it all started?

A postcard of serenity
to the untrained eye.

What do you mean?

Do you see something?

Bug tracks.

Lots of them.


They appear to be amphibious.

That means they can live in
water and on dry land.


as we learnt at the
good soldiers grave.

They have a particular
aversion to... daylight.

What are they, killer roaches?




What started out
as an ordinary insect

is now a toxic killer

that thrives once inside the
bloodstream of human beings.

So you're saying that once they
get inside the body

they spontaneously lay larvae
which destroy human tissue

as they multiply at
hyper-accelerated rates?

That's exactly what I'm saying.

The larvae metamorphoses
into mature insects

which then continue
to lay more larvae eggs

until they enter their cocoon.

The Blattella undergo

What do they become?

It's amazing, Lacey.

It's unlike anything
I've ever seen.

Can you see it?



What is it?

- It's a--





What is it?

Talk to me!

Oh my God! Professor!


You say this is where the
dead girl was fish bait?

Yeah except it was at night.


That's always when
they attack in the dark.

They have the advantage
of not being seen.

- Yes


How do they spend their days?

And where?

Somewhere dark?

Where it's damp or wet.

Very good!

You guys are very good!

I'm very impressed.



What's dark and damp?

With bugs all over?



What happened, are you OK?

Dr. Fujimoto's dead.

Dr. Fuji-who?

A scientist in Palo Alto.

I sent him a roach

and the roach turned itself into
something and killed him.

Look, we have to
take action now

because the bugs are going to do
the same thing to us.

There's nothing more we can do.

Bo, listen to me,
you don't understand.

The people we have lost
so far that's nothing

compared to what will happen
if we don't do something.

We are all in grave danger.

Don't you think I know that?

The sheriff told me
to stay put.

Someone's got to be
at the station.

What is that?

I was just trying
to figure out

if there was some sort of
pattern on the attacks.

The lake.

They all started at the lake.

You think they're spawning
under water or something?

Underwater or underground.

Where it's dark and damp.

The old Esther mine.

When was the last time
somebody was up there?

It's been a long time.

Place has been
shut down for years.

Ever since old man
Jonathan got drunk

and killed his kid
in a boating accident.

Boating accident?

Yeah. Jonathan's son got
all mangled in the lake.

Everyone thought it was
from the boats propeller but...

Jonathan's been a drunk
ever since he found out

there's no gold in the mine.

That ain't the gold
we're looking for.

What do we do now?

- Hang on.

- Hey!

What is it?

I'm not sure.

Is it... bugs?

What the hell is it?

Vampire bat.

Vampire bat?

Its bite's deadlier
than the king cobra.

Kill you like that.

Holy shit.

Come on.

I sure hope we're doing
the right thing coming here.

- Well if I'm right...

Try it again.

Damn thing
won't start!

Great, now what do we do?
How do we get up the hill?


Wait a minute.

You ever rode a horse
before, Laurie?

Oh no.

Do you see something?

I sense something.

What? What is it?


The walls.

It ain't the walls, sweetheart.

Oh my God!

I think we hit the mother load.

It's time to put these bugs...

On ice!

Damn I'm good!

You sense something?

I see something.

Oh it's you.

For a minute there I thought
you were the enemy.


You know,
for an old abandoned mine

this place sure is crowded.

General George!

I love your commercials,
I'm a big fan.

Are you?

Oh well, thanks.

Which one you like the best?

You know the one with the
rope, where you're swinging?

The Tarzan thing.

They wanted me
to wear a harness for the thing.

Then they wanted me to wear
a little skirt there like a--

Will everyone
cut the crap!

Why don't we all
get out of here.

- Good idea.
Let's go.


Do you see something?

Do you sense something?

I hear something.

Well I'll be a larvae's uncle!

Oh Jesus.

The eggs.

Stand back everyone!

These bugs are gonna
feel the heat of hell.

I'd put that down if
I were you, general.

I said drop your
weapon, general.

What is this?

Now, everyone
into the shaft!


Son of a bitch.

You knew the whole time
about this place.

The Blattella,
everything! You knew!

Why, sheriff?

Why in the world
are you doing this?

Why do you think?

You think I'm going
to be broke my whole life?

Sheriff in some hip town
pushing 70?

And can't even afford
new dentures?

Not this, yoko.

This whole damn town

is standing on a billion
dollars' worth of gold.

It's going to be mine!

All mine!

The Jonathan's kid.

The mother bug got him.

Only the old Doc
has figured it out.

Stupid old bastard
wanted to kill the mother

that laid the golden egg.

I knew it was only
a matter of time

before she struck again

and people would want
to get out of town.

Sell their property... cheap.

You made the offer on the lodge.

And if they'd taken it sooner

your parents might
still be alive.

You're a twisted old bastard.

You have no idea.

Um... sheriff?

What is it, General George?

Mommy's home.

You don't actually expect me
to believe that nonsense?

Do you?

It's nightfall.

She's in the lake!

Oh yeah.

I forgot.

Now, into the damn shaft!

Or I'll shoot every damned one
of you starting with the girl.

Do as I say! Now!

If you're gonna shoot someone,
shoot me.


If that's the way you want it.

No, no!

Get her out of here!


It's just you and me.

Let's get ready to bumble.

You messed with the wrong
exterminator, sweet cheeks!

Your head's gonna look
real nice on my wall.


All right, cold war's
over, baby.

Let's see what you
look like as a firefly!

- Oops.


I hope General George
is gonna be all right.


- What are we gonna do?
- Let's wait till he comes out.

What if another bug
comes out instead?


Let's see how you like
a little hot lead!

It's just you and me.

Mano y mano.

Come on!

Come on! You want a piece of me?

You wanna piece of me?

You're really...

pissing me off!

I'll see you
in hell!

Wait here, ladies.

I got me a bug to rope!

Come here, buggy!

Oh shit!

Come on, horse,
get me out of this!

Watch out!
Give it to him!

God, General George!

Where is she?


Where is she?
She's right there.

Hurry, please.

Oh God!

I'm good, I swear!

Die you hairy bitch.

I kicked that bugs...




In the news today,
General George S. Merlin

remains in satisfactory

after a life and death
struggle with the mother bug...

it's nothing really.

I was looking
for you both everywhere.

Stopped at the police
station and everything.


I'm sheriff now, got me
a little more responsibility.

There was a little disturbance
in the lake, that's all.

I was just checking
some water samples.

I'm sure it's nothing.

Well I just wanted
to say good-bye

and thank you both
for everything.

You sure you don't wanna
stay with us?

Well, after everything
that happened, I'm sure.

All right.


Bye, bye.
Take care

- OK.

- Bye, see you later.

Armageddon is near!

Death is near.

You're all gonna die!


See you later.