Buffet Froid (1979) - full transcript

Black comedy about solitude and the dehumanization of the modern world, through the adventures of three men. First introduced is Alphonse Tram, an unemployed young man. His only neighbour is the police chief-inspector Morvandieu. Then a third man appears: he is Alphonse's wife's murderer... Bizarre and unreal.

What you lookin' at?

Who? Me?

Yes. What is it?


You're lookin' at something.

At your ear.

What's wrong with it?

Are you a doctor?

- No.
- Leave me alone.

You look like a bookkeeper.

I am a bookkeeper.

- Are you following me?
- Yes.


I need company.

What for?

To talk. People don't talk anymore.

I don't want to talk.

And I don't like you.

I'm worth getting to know.

I doubt it.

You look like you get odd ideas.

- What kind?
- Leave me alone!

Don't you get odd ideas?

About what?

Do you ever want to kill someone?

Pardon me?

I said, do you ever want to kill someone?

- Who?
- Anyone.


No reason. On an impulse.

- No.
- Never?

In the subway?


Not really.

It's easy.

It is!

You have a knife.

You pull it out.

You click the blade. His belly's open.

The nobody drops. No one cares.

They think a bum's asleep.

What's a... nobody?

An unknown.

An unimportant guy
whose death upsets no one.

Ever think of doing that?


What do you think about?

Your knife.

Like it?

No. Put it in your pocket.

It's dangerous, playing with that.

You're right.

Here! It's a present!

I don't want it!

It's a good one! Make me happy!

I don't need one!

If I keep it, I'll screw up.

To hell with it! There! It's not mine!

Don't let it lie around.
Someone might get ideas.

Been a bit tired lately?

I'm out of work.

You're lucky.

Not at all.

Doing nothing is tiring.

You think work is restful?

Depends on the job.

Mine's a pain in the ass.

I fall asleep with the TV on.

If I go to sleep,
I get horrible nightmares.

What kind?

I dream the cops are after me.

- For murder?
- Of course.

They catch you?


The police!


They don't! But they tail me all night!

I wake up in a cold sweat. Exhausted.

That's no reason to carry a knife.

I always have a knife on me.

- Why?
- To cut my meat.

- You took it?
- What?

Your knife.

- No.
- It's gone!

I told you it might tempt somebody.

Stay out of my train!

Why? We were becoming pals!


But I said it's a nightmare!

You can't leave me alone!

What are you doing here?

I got a knife in my gut.


It's mine.

Of course! With all these ideas.

What bastard did it?

A young guy in a coat.

- Like me?
- Yes.

You should run.

It wasn't me! It can't be!

I just got here!

- It wasn't you.
- Then who?

I wasn't paying attention.

Keep your eyes open!

Will you leave me alone?

I'm dying! Beat it!

I can't go!

I've seen worse situations.

You won't see much more!

It's just a bad moment to cope with.

Are you in pain?

Not really. But I don't feel so hot.

What's it like?

A bit like... draining a wash basin.


Want my cash?

Got much?

No, but I won't need it. Wait.


And drink to my health.


Bon voyage.

Thanks. I'll try.

Taking your knife?

Should I?

It has your prints on it.

A piece of cake for the cops.

Plus the fact you might need it again.

It's an efficient one.

Can't close the door?

I saw a murder in the subway.

Wipe the table off.

A bookkeeper with a knife in his gut.


What worries me is...

I wonder if I killed him.

Stop talking nonsense.

Here. Look.

The blood's still wet.

If you were smart, you'd find a job.

Keeping your coat on?

I'm cold.

You're like a visitor.

We're all visitors.
Just tourists, and then we leave.

Why should I take my coat off? What for?

To die from a cold? Prematurely?

I don't understand.

I do. That's what's important.

How was your day?

Like any Monday.

Want more fish?


I forgot the important part.

- What?
- Guess!

Go on, tell me!

We're not alone in the building.
A new tenant!

No kidding. What floor?

I don't know. Upstairs.

I'm on the fifth floor.

I want to welcome you to the building.

You're my first neighbor.

I'm glad. We'll feel less lonely.

Are you a bachelor?

A widower.

My condolences.

I'm unemployed. And you?

A police inspector.

- That's good.
- What?

Being a police inspector.


I just saw a murder in the subway.


A poor guy got knifed in the gut.

- Yeah?
- Yes.

The trouble is, the knife's mine.


It makes me ask myself questions.


I wonder if I killed him.

You don't look like it.

If you want, I can show you the knife!

It's in my dishwasher!

Listen, I've got crimes
and killers all day.

I'm off duty. I just moved in.
I'm tired and you're a pain.

So go back downstairs and forget me.

Not coming to bed?

I'm smoking.

It's late.

Going to smoke all night?

Why not?

Aren't you sleepy?

Yes, I'm sleepy.


I'll have a nightmare. So I can't sleep.

So I'm smoking.

Want one?

Inactivity makes you edgy.

You need a good, boring job.
That'll calm you down.

Why'd you stop looking?

Why look? When I do, I can't find one.


if you come to bed,
I'll take off my nightgown.

I don't feel like that at all.

Me neither.
But once in a while we have to try.

What are you thinking?

I'm scared.

About what?

Know the new tenant's job?

- No.
- He's a cop.

- So?
- Don't you see?

I dream about cops.

I wake up and who do I find? A cop!

In my building!

Isn't that odd?

You've done nothing.

That's just it.

That's what I'm wondering.

I didn't marry a killer.

That can be better than nothing.

Ever see how many folks look like
they should be killed?

- No.
- It's crazy how many do.

Do I look like I want to get killed?

You should be careful.

- Think so?
- Yes.

Shit, that scares me.

Don't worry. We all go one day.

That's for sure.
The problem is how fast we're going.

You again?

I'm worried about my wife.

She gets off work at 6:00. It's past 9:30.

I did the potatoes
and she's still not home.

Maybe something's happened.

It's quite likely. Come in.

Morvandieu here. Gardane?

Tell me,
have you had any assaults tonight?

Only women.

I'll wait.


Hold on.

A brunette, 5'3", mole on left breast,
appendicitis scar.

Ring a bell?


- Her husband?
- Afraid so.

- Got a good stomach?
- Go on!

Over here.

Watch the broken bottles.

Is it her?

Yes. It's her.

My condolences.

Is she in one piece?

Yes, as usual.

Have you noticed
the expression on her face?

Like she felt a great relief.

Who knows what goes on at that moment?

Alphonse Tram?


I'd like to talk to you.

About what?

Your wife.

You knew her?

I killed her.

Come in.

Had your dinner?


Want some leftover soup?

I wouldn't mind.

Isn't it good?


So why look like this is a funeral?

I can't swallow.

Upset stomach?

- I think of her.
- Who?

Your wife.

Be like me. Forget her.

I can't.

If I let myself go like you,
we'd be in a fine mess.

Get a hold of yourself
or I'll throw you out.

Could I see her room?

Sure that's a good idea?


Okay, but I warn you.

It'll hurt.

Don't mind the mess.

Anything personal?

A minimum of things.

There's her eye makeup.

Might be something better in the bathroom.

She was unhappy.

I didn't have time to do much for her.

- Her clothes?
- Hardly any.

A wedding?


Plus two New Year's Eves.

Plus a friend's wedding.

She sweat a lot.

Well, when brunettes dance...

She liked to?

Like all women.

Poor kid.


It's a good picture of her.

Thanks very much.

You can see her sad eyes.

You let her roam around at night?

I said to be careful.

Who's that?

Don't move.

I'm interrupting?

On the contrary.

I brought a bottle.

- It's a friend.
- Sure?

Yes, a police inspector.

Really? That's better.

My wife's killer.


Had a good day?

Just routine.

Lots of murders lately?

Things aren't bad.

- Got the guilty guys?
- As few as possible.

They're more dangerous in prison than out.


Inside, they contaminate the innocent.

I've no idea who that is.

No doubt a mistake.
People get lost in these towers.

Maybe it's a girl.

I'm interrupting?

- Who are you?
- You don't know me.

I'd like to discuss something you do know.

- Me?
- Yes, you.

Come in.

- Gentlemen.
- Some wine?


I was in the subway the other night...

when you stuck your knife
in the poor, defenseless man.


Nice job.

Discreet, quick.


I said this boy knows how to do a job.

I'll follow him to see where he lives.

I didn't kill him.

Ah, yes.

My knife was stolen.

Is that so?

Then why is it on the table?

It's the same knife?

Hands off.

I'm a police inspector.
Try blackmail and I'll arrest you.

This isn't blackmail.

My friend just lost his wife.

- I'm sorry.
- Continue.

I want you to do me a little favor.

What kind?

Use your knife again.

With the same discretion and rapidity.

- You scared me.
- Sorry.

We're distrustful these days.

You're right in being careful.

- The victim's a man or a woman?
- A man.

So it's not for me.

He came to see me.

I was concerned.

Gentlemen, please.

If a wife's not happy--

Leave my wife alone.

Only if I want to.

That's enough. Shit.

These gentlemen are a bit edgy.

Please, go on.

This is for a parking garage...

where the victim parks
each night at 7:30 sharp.

A green Volvo. License plate 292 BX 74.

33 Amadeus Cousin Street.

You know the street?

I'll find it.

You'll be ridding me of a nightmare.

The bastard's poisoning life
for me and my wife.

He'll lose his taste for it.

Do you want money?

No. Let's keep things clean.

Let me shake your hand.

I never saw a man die before.

Me neither. I'm usually too late.

- He's late.
- Traffic.

It's a Volvo?

Looks like it.

What's this?

You have a contract to fulfill.

A dupe's job.

I drank with you.

Too late.

It's under way.

I want your knife.

Quiet. You'll die later.

- Help!
- Asshole.

Quiet or I'll shoot!

I'll remember this.

He's dead.

Get his ID.

"Eugène Léonard. Amadeus Cousin Street."

- Here?
- Yes.

Follow me.

Léonard. Fourth floor.

Good evening, Madam. Police.

Your husband was just killed
in the garage downstairs.

I expected you. I'm ready.

My suitcase is ready.
I'll turn off the meter and follow you.

Where to?

You'll have to tell me.

My husband said,
"They'll get me and come for you.

Be ready for them."

Here I am. I'm ready.

What'll we do with you?

You killed my husband.
Now you must see to me.

I'll mourn, but I won't fast.

Calling all cars.


We've found Kramer.

Heading for Botrel, on Blanqui.
Top priority.


- What's up?
- An emergency.

Hands up, Kramer!

I'm here!

Hold it, Kramer!

It's Morvandieu!

Shit, it's not Kramer.

Inspector Cavana.

Shit. A slipup.

Good night.

Going already?


More wine?

I've had my fill.

The last one?

It's getting late.

Wait for me!

Now what?

Got a bed for me?

- What?
- I'm afraid.

Don't expect the Ritz.

I'm sleepy.

My life's Topsy-turvy.

I need to recuperate.

I won't keep you awake.

Where may I put my things?

Do you sleep with your coat on?


No. I mean...


I hope you don't snore.

No, I don't think so.

Good night.

Good night.

If I yell in the night, don't worry.

I have nightmares.


Me too.

Oh, yeah?



Take me.

Yes, I will.

- Make me your mistress.
- Right now.

I'm so excited.

I'm getting there.

If I scream in your arms, don't be afraid.

Sometimes I'm very far away.

As you wish. The building's almost empty.

My God.

This is going to be so beautiful.

So beautiful that maybe we should wait.

No. Let's do it now.

- Now?
- Yes, now.

- Expecting someone?
- No.

- Your wife?
- She's dead.

- Then who?
- No idea.

We could pretend we didn't hear.

Keep going. You were kissing me.

That's right.

Not like that. We're not machines.

Sorry. I was elsewhere.

Hearing someone at the door upsets me.

So go open it.

Shit! I'm coming!

You can have your pal back. Keep him.

I'm sick of him wandering around.

I need my sleep.

I was busy!

Do your damnedest.
I get up at 7:00 to go to work.

How long are you gonna bug me like this?
Can't you go home?

Who'll see me home?

You can't go alone?

In these streets at 3:00 a.m.?
With all that's been going on?

- Afraid of your own shadow?
- Exactly!

Alone, there's no trouble.

But that black thing follows me
and screws me up.

So stay away from lampposts!
They make shadows!

Thanks for the advice. I'll go now.

But if you read about me in the paper,
don't be surprised!

Just accept your responsibilities
and I'll be on my way!

Wait a second!

- What?
- Just a sec.

Hold it. I'll see what I can do.

No! No!

Okay, I'll see you home.

- Wait.
- No, let's go!

This is really nice of you.

Guys like you could reduce accidents.

So hurry up, if you don't mind.


Not at all.

But I got a new friend
and she's waiting for me.

Locked your door?


You should have.

- Much further?
- Five hundred yards.

First left, second right, and I'm home.

Move it.

- Not so loud!
- Why?

Ladies are asleep around here!

Can that crap. Nobody's here.

- Here?
- Yes.

- So long.
- No.

- Wait a bit.
- Why?

- Are you home or not?
- I have to go in yet.

You're worse than a broad.
Want me to tuck you in?

Don't be a bastard.

Hurry up. I'll count to ten.

You'll keep an eye on me?

I'll kick your ass if you slow down.

I'll give you a caress or two.
I'll even tickle you!

Sorry, sir.

I took you for a lady.

I look like one?

No, that's not it.

But in the dark, under the sheet,
a shape, the curves...

When you grope somebody, look twice.
Or you'll come a cropper.

And it might explode in your kisser.

Take it easy. That's enough.

He apologized.

We can all go to bed
and forget about this.

Come on. We gotta talk.


Care for a drink?

No, thanks. Really.

Any single women alone around here?

Single? Let me think.

There's one next door,
if you like 'em mature.

What do you call "mature"?

The kind that makes jelly and jam.

- She's single?
- A divorcée.

She has a dog?


She did, but she had to get rid of him.

- Why?
- He bit her.

- He was put down.
- That must've been hard on her.


Now what?

You've been really nice to me.

So this woman's yours. A present.

- No, thanks!
- Make me happy.


Or I'll never see you again.

And where'll you go?

- For a walk.
- With your shadow?

I'll keep my hands in my pockets.

Halt, or I'll fire!

He just came in with a knife!

Quick! My husband has him!

You're not divorced?

We were.

But we're back together for good.

Where is she?

The widow's gone.

- So what?
- Seen her?

I'm sleeping. Or trying to.

Go see to your women.

Call the precinct.
Maybe something's happened.

I can't spend my nights in vacant lots.

Here I am. I'm here.

Hold me. Tight.

I'm here. Don't be afraid.

Sleep well, darling?

Not bad.

- Any nightmares?
- As usual.

And you?

Rather excited.

- Milk in your coffee?
- Black.

It's early?

7:00. Hear the traffic?

Love me?


I disappointed you?


- I yelled a lot?
- No, no.

I had quite a trip.


In your arms, my love.

Yeah, okay.

I nearly died ten times.

Some jam?

- Yes.
- Orange?

The red.


- What is it?
- She's feverish.

A problem?






Quite a fever.

- You gave her poison?
- No.

Why are you here?

I had a feeling.

- Got a doctor nearby?
- No.

Then call Emergency.

Who's sick?

This way.

Patrick. Steven.

Pierre. George.


Eric. Patrice. Emil.

I'm here.

Her heart's beating?


Seems to be.

Steven. Louis.

Is it serious?


I'll have to see the patient alone.

She'll pull through.

She's pretty solid.

I'm lucky you two are here.

Bitch. I'll really give it to you.


You bitch.

Just a viral fever. Nothing serious.

Give her cold baths
and some mustard plasters.

Keep her warm a few days.

Lots of liquids. Verify her urine.

150 francs, please.

Thank you very much.


- It's locked.
- Yes, it's locked.

Do you mind opening it?

Yes, I do.


Care for a drink?

- Of what?
- Red wine.

Not thirsty?

You can keep your dough.

It's the first time I ever did that.

I couldn't help it.
I can't say no to a widow.

You know I'm a widow?

You'd kill a doctor?

You never killed anyone?

Yes, a few mistaken diagnoses.

Today you're the patient
and I'm taking care of you.

- Okay?
- I'm not sick.

Just a sudden chill.

Don't fuck around.

We should end this slaughter.

With more tenants,
there'd be more murders.

We'll drop him in a vacant field, okay?

We're lucky we're in the suburbs.

Some kids will find him tomorrow.

Get in back. You got short legs.

Calling all cars.

Morvandieu here.

Heart attack. Third class.

14 Rose Villa. Top priority.

- Right.
- What's up?


And it lands on us.

- We go?
- We're busy.

- He might die.
- We're not docs.

We'll call an ambulance.

Why didn't he?

Too weak.

- He called us.
- He didn't realize.

Then he can wait.

Heart attacks can be pretty serious.

First the left arm,
then you're on the floor.

We gotta go.

Medicine's not my bag.

- Scared?
- No, but I'm almost home.

Hurry. We got a dying man.

I'll get some exercise.

Don't hit a snag.

- Shit. Music.
- So?

I hate chamber music.

Let's go.

This smells bad.



If you'll kindly come up...

Brahms. Like it?

Not at all.

- Where's the patient?
- This way.

But who's sick?

- You.
- Me?

I'm afraid so.

But I'm fine.

You look quite pale.

- Not at all.
- I assure you.

You're starting to sweat.

Lie down.

You shouldn't be on your feet.

Lie down if you feel ill.

No. No!

- Stay with me!
- I'm here.

A pain in your arm?

- No.
- Lie down.

- Weak heart?
- Lately he hasn't been in great shape.

Get me out of here.

Breathe deeply. Relax.

A tranquilizer?

I've seen to everything.


I know you like chamber music.

Close your eyes and listen.


Not that music.

Come have some champagne, my friend.

Soon it will all be over.

You should choose your friends better.

I hardly know him. Just a neighbor.

He's done so much wrong.

Oh, I knew it.

Soon he'll hurt no one ever again.

Morvandieu not dead.

Morvandieu defending his hide.
Ghosts, watch out.

You've flipped.

I'm not finished!

Come on!

Bitches. Shit. The bitches!

And by the way...


Your apartment will soon be empty.


'Cause you're a bitch too.

You dropped me like an old turd.
Crossed me off your list.

- You wouldn't.
- And why not?

I shot five musicians.
Why not a jobless guy?

Nothing's better than a knife.

You wouldn't.

And why not? Among friends.

Get over here!

Hands on the wall! Legs apart!

I'm Inspector Morvandieu.

There's been a murder.

Right, Chief.

Calling all cars.

Increased violence in the 14th precinct.

Wanted: blue Renault. Doctor, SOS.

License 7246 GW 75.

Driver in rear trunk.

Killers are young, long-haired,
wearing black leather jackets.

When will they fix the damn elevator?


Don't crap your pants.

No more ammo.

Don't worry. I got my knife.

Kill me. That's all I deserve.

- Why?
- My old impulse.


My God. Geneviève.

Each time I find a dame, you kill her!

You left her here alone!

Pretend you're me!

The dynamics of murder.

Or the extra chromosome.

No! It's the cement that drives us crazy!

The vacant fields!
The dehumanized universe surrounding us!

This monstrous city! With no soul!

I want to see trees
and hear birds singing.

That's why I kill lonely women.

The moment they die...

I feel like I hear a bird cheeping.

It's like walking in the woods.

I'm getting some air.

Shut up.

The elevator.

It's running.

Someone's in it.

- Who?
- No idea.

Now where?

Nobody got out.

- It's empty.
- So it runs on its own.

A guy rang for it.

- Who?
- No idea!

We're alone here.

- Maybe not.
- Can we take a rest?

Are you crazy?

Let's settle this.

It smells like smoke.

Where there's smoke, there's fire.

I don't like this.

Search the tower.

He's hiding. Got your tear gas?

- Yeah!
- Get to work!

My pals and I will stay here
to cut him off.

Barthelot, gimme some ammo! I'm out!

- How many?
- A handful.

- Chief.
- Go ahead.

We found a woman strangled
on the fifth floor.

Skip it. She's with us.


Go ahead!

We got a suspect.

Bring him down here fast!

Why are you here? To plant mikes?

- I'm a tenant.
- Since when?

- I just moved in.
- Move out.

- Why?
- 'Cause I said so!

I got a lease.
I paid three months in advance.

We've had some murders here
and that's enough.

No more new criminals.

I never killed anybody. I am an artist.

I'm a violinist at the opera.

- What?
- Just a musician.

An unimportant violinist.

- Cuff him.
- What'd I do?

No violinists in this tower.

No musicians allowed here.

No scales or arpeggios.

You and your bow,
scratchin' four hours a day for 30 floors.

I'm allergic to violins!

Know Jacline Pradel?

She was with the Marais Quartet.
A fine artist.

She was my wife.

She was always playing scales.

I was a young cop on the beat.

Roughin' guys up, interrogations all day.

And I'd always come home to her scales.

Never any rest!

One day I plugged her violin
onto 220 volts.


But I was crazy about her.

Not dead in her tub?

Of course not.

I filled the tub afterwards.

Lock this guy up, work on him,
and make him talk.

Right, Chief.

Get to work!

Lookee, Chief.

Me and the boys,
lately we've been worried...

about you.

You're sort of reserved
and unenthusiastic.

It worries us.

Maybe you're building up to a breakdown.

Just shy of retirement, it'd be a pity.

You should take it easy.

Take a break.

Shift gears, Chief, or you'll crack up.

I'm cold.

Me too.

Breathe deep. Get some oxygen.

Make the most of it. It's not raining.

My feet are numb.

Mine too.

Got your wool socks on?

Two pairs.

A walk will warm us up.

No, thanks.

I don't like the woods.

I prefer open fields.

Forests make me nervous.

We said we'd go picking
if the weather's good.

- To pick what?
- Mushrooms.

Nobody can make me eat those.

And it's gonna rain.

Want some red wine?

That vino's so green it burns my gut.

- You're assholes.
- No, we're not.

Nature's an asshole.

All this greenery's a pain in the ass.

If the chimney drew good,
we could make a fire.

To get smoked out again?

- The wind.
- It's a lousy chimney, that's all.

a fire is supposed to make us warm, right?

Of course.

How can we get warm...

with all the windows open
to air out the smoke?

It's the wood.

- The wood?
- It's damp.

Everything's damp.
I never knew a place so damp.

My sheets are damp.
I wake up and I can't bend.

What a cure. I'm getting moldy.

It's better in summer.

- Count me out.
- It's winter and my balls are frozen.

You're really great companions.

You like it here?

Why not? I can breathe.

Fresh air, the quiet, I'm relaxed.

- You think it's quiet?
- Yeah.

All these damn birds
and he says it's quiet.

- You prefer cars?
- Maybe.

Birds get on my nerves.

You're a pain in the ass.
I'm going for a walk.

Stay here. Don't screw around.

- Why?
- Stay together.

- But why?
- I got a feeling.

What kind?

An omen.
We gotta stay together. I can feel it.

Senior citizens.




Notice anything?

- Where?
- Listen.

What is it?

The birds are quiet.

You should be glad.

If they are, it means somebody's coming.

- Crap.
- It's not. They've shut up.

Stop tryin' to scare me.

Damn humidity.

I'd say sabotage.

Wait for me.

Wait for me!

My door's stuck!

Wait for me!

Thanks, guys.

You're real nice. Thanks.

Shut up.

Act relaxed.


Maybe you can help me.

I'm looking for Alphonse Tram.

I hear he lives nearby.

Sorry. We're not from around here.

That road leads to a town.
Someone there can help you.

Thank you.

You're very kind.

What do you want...
with this Alphonse Tram?

I just want to kill him.

Why didn't you say so?

That's him.

You're mean! Shit, I got kids!

Sorry, Tram. I got a contract to fulfill.

Thanks for saving me the time.
Now I can catch the 6:00 train.

Save your thanks.

- Why?
- It was a joke.

- It wasn't him?
- No.

Shit. What'll I do now?

Slowly put your hands up.

- Know who I am?
- No.

Inspector Morvandieu from Paris.

The Resistance hero?

- In person!
- Shit!

Stop blubbering.

Get going. Hands on your head.

- And my bag?
- Confiscated.

Shit. What lousy luck.

Little guys shouldn't try
to nail big ones.

Now let's hitchhike.
My feet are killing me.

Nobody'll stop
once they see my mug.

You like trains?

I got my rights, okay?

- You like big houses?
- What kind?

Made out of stone with barred windows.

- Woods are nicer.
- So enjoy your last day out.

Who said kill me?


I found a letter in my mailbox,
that's all.


With the dough and the target's name.

- Alphonse Tram?
- Tram or whoever.

Lots of Trams get shot.

Right this very moment.

But who wanted to have me rubbed out?

- You're Tram?
- Yes.

Okay. You got enemies.

Who? Where are they?

I'd like to know my enemies.

Never mind. He's an amateur.

Pity. He'll fall for any ambush
that comes along.

Hello, miss.

Excuse me, but I'm under arrest.

Could you take us
to a nearby police station?

If you wish.

Does your car often sputter like that?

Yes, due to dirt in an empty tank.

No more gas?

It'll soon be empty.

Far from town,
you take a deserted road with no gas?

- Got a jerrycan?
- Not at all.

Bravo. Bravo.

Fine. Right on the bridge.

We can't stay here like this.

If a truck comes, it'll ram us.

Come on!

- Now what?
- Why don't you push?

The asshole dived in.

He won't go far.


Shit! I am!

Shit! There!


The bastard made it.

We gotta catch the killer!

- How?
- Cut him off!

- How?
- Find an idea. You never have ideas.

Maybe he'll drown.

He's swimming better and better.

He's a guy who'll go all the way.

Once on shore,
he'll go after Alphonse Tram again!

Can't I have a little rest?

Use a boat.

There's no boat! This is a desert!

There's a beach with boats upriver.

How do we get there with no gas?

Don't get excited.

Don't touch me!

The lady surely knows a path.

- You get dizzy?
- No.

Follow me.

No guns.

- Your knife?
- I got it.

This is your chance to use it.

To the right. The left.

Straight ahead. Left.

Faster, damn it, faster!

I'm goin' full speed!

Shall I take over?

No, I'm okay.

Go, go, go. I got him.

Throw it!

I got him in sight.

See that? No slipups. Nice and clean.

Back up so I can get my knife.

You don't need it anymore.

Hurry! He'll sink! My knife!

Buy a new one.

It won't be the same.

Move. Let me row.

Careful. I can't swim.

- You can't?
- No.

That's bad.

- Why?
- In you go.

- No.
- Yes.

Well, that's done.

That makes things clearer.

I had no choice.
Otherwise, he'd have pushed me in.

- You can't swim?
- No.

Everything I try to do goes to pieces.

Should I row?

It'd be better.

Here, take my seat.



You row and I'll watch you.

- Okay?
- If you wish.

We were a bit shook up
by all that's happened.

I didn't have time to tell you, but...

now I can say it.

I like you.

- Yes?
- Yes.

I think you're marvelously beautiful.

What are you waiting for?

- What for?
- I don't know.

If a woman's lovely, you hold her.

Yes, of course.


But you intimidate me.

- Really?
- Yes.

I usually take the initiative, but...

It's rather strange.

There's something serious about you.

Something sad that impresses me.

Are you sad right now?

I'd rather not discuss it.

But you can tell me everything.

I understand things.

I'm a friend.

What's wrong?

I'm cold.

Me too.

I have been for weeks.

Are you in mourning?


For my wife.

For me, my father.

- Really?
- Yes.

He was stabbed
in the stomach in the Métro.

You know who did it?

Yes. If not, I wouldn't be here.

Shit, not again.
I'm fed up with guns and nightmares.

I want a normal life. Just five minutes.

I didn't kill him.

It's not my fault.

- I swear!
- In whose name?

Miss, listen.

Be reasonable.

You'd shoot?


No, I disagree.

I don't want to die!
I'm too afraid of death!

It's nothing at all.

People make such a fuss over it.
Just relax.


Listen to me.

You're lovely. We're about the same age.

Let's try to get together. Hand in hand.

English Adaptation: Jaib Warner

Thanks to the French Ministry
of Foreign Affairs

Subtitles processed
by L.V.T. -Paris