Buffalo Rider (2015) - full transcript

A rebellious Thai-American girl, sent to live with relatives in rural Thailand, clashes with an entire village when she befriends a mute peasant boy and inspires him to compete in the annual buffalo race.

She would have been 34 today.

You remember Grandma
Somjai in Thailand?

She really wants to see you.

I said, she really wants-

I said, she really wants-

Anyway, just so you know,
I made arrangements.

You're gonna go spend the summer
in Banglamung.

All right then…

Tell you what.

Here's how you get your way.

You don't wanna go?

Just talk to me.

Tell me you don't wanna go.

God gave you a voice.

Use it.

You're so much like your
mother was when she was a girl.

So beautiful,

with your mother's
big eyes and silky skin.

And just like her, quite
a little bitch.

Oh, wait!
Hey, wait!

Hello! Stop!

Hey Boonrod.

You know this is my
grandfather's property…

…and those are his fish.

Hey Boonrod,

where you going?

Look who is here!


Come on in!

This is my granddaughter Jenny.
Isn't she cute?

Good morning, Mr. Nun.

This is my granddaughter.

Coming through! No brakes!

Good morning, Grandma Sai.

In your seats. Now.

Today I have the pleasure of
introducing our new student

from Los Angeles, California.

Her Thai name is Janthanee
but you can call her Jenny.

Take a seat here.


You're late again.

Come to the front.

Give him the cane!

He likes it!

You will step outside and stand with
a ruler in your mouth for 15 minutes.

When you're done,
you'll come back

and write the exact time our
class begins,

one hundred times. Understood?

Go on.

All right then.

Open up your books and go
to today's lesson.



They say you don't talk.

It's OK.
I like girls that don't talk.

Hey Boonlua, where's your son?

In school.


No reason.

We need to do
something about that.

Hey beautiful,

my beautiful girl.

How about a little refill?

Your tab is full.

Come on, you know me.

That's the problem.

Tomorrow. Promise.

Is that how you run my business?

He'll get the money, Mr. Chun.

Oh, I have no doubt of that.
He'll steal it from his wife.

Like he always does.

Alright. This is
it. Take picture.

OK, You guys bunch in together.
Don't be shy.

You, monk, would it
kill you to smile?



I don't think monks are even
supposed to touch women.

Really? Listen, it's no problem,
men want to touch women.

Shut it!

You know if you need decency,
you'd be in that thing.

Because this is
the Christmas Card!

How many chances do we get-we
have come a long way to do this,

and you're gonna screw it up!

Check this out…

Derek… What…

Here, I'd like you to meet my
grandson, Archit.

He practically runs his school.
If I don't watch out,

he'll be running me soon.

Grandma Somjai.

Oh, hello!

Have you met my granddaughter,
Jenny yet?

No, I haven't.

Go on, say hello.

Nice to meet you.

She's very shy.

I can see that.

OK, let's go.


We will pray that you meet your
mother again in the next life.

- He must be in school…
- But he is not!

I can't watch him all the time, I
have to take care of the house!

This is all your fault.

I can't watch him every
second of the day.

Get back here!

Complain, complain!
He is your son!

Hey, Boonrod!

Why weren't you in school?

Answer your father.

I'll tell you why.

You were fishing on Phooyai
Chun's property.

Admit it! Those are his fish!

My son's a common thief now?

Answer me!

Where else can he fish?

Phooyai Chun owns all the
best fishing spots.

You stay out of this!

Boonrod wouldn't need to
steal if his father had a job.

And I wouldn't have to beg for food
at the temple in front of our friends.

We are not thieves!

And we are not beggars!

We are not beggars!

What are we then?

…out came the sun
And dried up all the rain,

So the itsy-bitsy spider
Climbed up the spout again!

Baa baa black sheep,

Have you any wool?

Yes sir, yes sir
Three bags full.

One for my master,
And one for my lady,

And one for the little girl
Who lives down the lane.


What do you need?
I don't understand.



Give it to me!


Come on, come on!


Perhaps Jenny would like to show
the class where she lives in California.


Come here.

Come here right now.

Hurry up.

What am I supposed
to do with you?

What's that? I didn't hear you?

I want you to look at the time.

Now hold it up and
show the class.





What time does it say?

We all know you can talk.

Talk, Boonrod!

What is the time?

See what you've done, Boonrod?

You've brought shame
upon this family.

You want to live like an animal?

Is that what you want?

I'm gonna teach you what it
means to be an adult!

Are you ever going to become
a normal person, Boonrod?

Here, this will teach you!

It is delicious.

- Take some more.
- Thank you…


Listen, I -
I didn't know her name…

I didn't know where
she was going.

I mean a young girl
out like that…

that time a night, traveling
alone is very dangerous.

I got a niece about the same
age… and anything could happen.

That's why I brought her here
for you to figure this thing out.

- Thank you mister Barrow.
- Thank you, and I mean it too…

I just wish you would…

try to communicate to her that
I did not mean to frighten her.

Anyway… Thank you very much.

Hey, there he is. Listen,

I was just wondering if you know
where I might be able

to score a cheeseburger
around here.

Maybe not.

Dear girl…

Dear girl…

I need you to affirm that she is
back in your custody.

We were worried about you.

She had this in her possession.

What is this?

Let's go.

Your mother.
By the time she got pregnant,

the doctor said she was too
sick to carry a baby.

I ordered her not to
go through with it

but she was so stubborn.
Just like you.

The doctor was right.
The strain was too much.

Over the years, she just got
weaker and weaker.

She was alone with her baby.

No husband.

Too sick to work.

By the time she met your stepfather,
they both knew she was dying.

Still, he insisted
on marrying Jenjit.

So that you would be loved
when she was gone.

If only you could understand
that this was meant to be…

…your mother
would be at peace.

When she got home,

she was severely
punished for her disrespect

to Teacher Ratree.

That's all you get.


Missed you in school
today, Boonrod.

I guess you'd rather be stealing
fish from my grandpa's pond.

Come on!

Down you go!

- Not so brave now, are you?
- Are you, eh?

Come on, get up, dirty head…

Why aren't you fighting, eh?

Come on, fight!

C'mon, Boonrod. Get up.

Look at me.

You need a little
lesson in respect.

I said look at me.

Do we have to beat it into you,

Just like your
stupid-ass buffalo…

Hi Jenny!

What did you draw today?


Wow… like manga.

Look at this!

Look… ahhh…
Manga! Manga!


Want it?

Here, here!
Give it to me!



Look at this girl!

Ah… ouch!

You crazy bitch!

Hey, stop her, now!

Hey Khiew, how bad do I look?

You hardly notice.

Take care now, see you tomorrow!

Well, that was exciting…

Hey, what happened to your face?

Don't worry about it…

…please accept our offering,

for helping our girl
find the right path.

You have no need
to worry, Somjai.

Your granddaughter is fine.

She is in the company
of a kindly spirit

that will protect
her from all harm.

Hey, she is back!
Our girl has come back!

Are you all right?
Thank heaven she is all right!

There. Now you are as clean as
nature intended a girl to be…

Now, who can tell me what
this means?

This will be part of the…

Janthanee, you're late.

I'm sorry to hear that your
grandmother is feeling unwell.

Please give her my best.

Take a seat.


OK, any questions?

Hey, wait!


Hello, Kamron.

Hello, Boonlua. How do
you like my boss's liquor?

I haven't forgotten.

I can see that.

I'll have the money
soon. Very soon.

I promise.

How much does he owe this time?

Thirty thousand baht.

Thirty thousand?

I don't understand.
How could it be thirty thousand?

That makes no sense.

Interest on your account.

What? The interest
is fifteen thousand?

Are you crazy, Kamron?

Shut up.

If you don't pay up this month,
it will double.

Got it?

And it doubles every
month after that.

There's just no way I can come
up with that kind of cash.

That's why you're going
to settle up now.

What do you think?

Whatever you think, brother.

Huh? Hmm?

Can we talk about a…

…repayment plan?

Don't hurt him…


Not the face. OK?

Wanna stay pretty
for the ladies?


Come on!
Pull! Pull!

Hi Jenny, hello Boonrod.

A buffalo race. That's me.

You should come. Tomorrow.

Listen, Boonrod…

If I were you,

I'd go home and say
goodbye to your buffalo.


Boonrod, I can't
let you do that.

I had to give up everything
to Phooyai Chun.

Even the buffalo.




Stop it!

I hate to do this.

Just for tonight.
Until they pick up Samlee.

What are you doing here?

You can't be here!


Come back here!

Listen to me!

No one is allowed here without

Hey! I'm gonna kill you when
I catch you!

Come back here, you hear!

Take her home.

Yes, Boss, but what
about punishment?


Good point, Kamron.

Try to think of a proper
punishment for a bodyguard

who can't even protect me
from a little girl.

Let me know what
you come up with.

By tomorrow.

Do you know that you have put
me in a very unhappy position?



…and your foolish
friend, Boonrod.

A son is supposed
to love his father.

To trust him!


When did I lose that trust?


When did I lose that trust?

It's here.



The buffalo was stolen,

while I was sleeping.

What could I do?

Boonlua, where's Boonrod?

With Samlee.

Where's Samlee?

With Boonrod.

Dowruang, did you hear?
Jenny had run away with Boonrod!

What? We have to
tell Grandma Somjai!

Grandma Somjai,

Boonrod ran away with
your granddaughter.

They took the buffalo.

They ran away with the buffalo.

The new owner came this morning.

Don't worry, Jenny will do
the right thing.

How can you be so sure?

Because she thinks like me.


Buffalo Racing Festival Best
Riders and Fastest Bulls

Grand Prize 15,000 baht

In the final qualifying heat,

we have Number 28, Mr.Khaokor
Bhanudej from Lampang,

riding Galaxy.

Number 38,

our very own Mr. Archit
Phoonsuk riding Typhoon.

Archit! Archit! Archit!

Archit is only
fourteen years old

and already a
championship rider.

Stop, you can't go up there,
young lady.

We have a late entrant
requesting approval to race.

He's first-time racer

Mr. Boonrod Kerdphol
riding Samlee.

Our last entry is not registered but
has been granted a special exception

by the honorable Phooyai Chun.

And now, all riders to
the starting line.

As always,

the top two finishers
in each heat

move on to the
championship race.

Next time you steal one of my
grandpa's buffaloes,

you should pick one bred
for racing, not dinner.

Number 20,

you have ten seconds to get your
buffalo on his feet or be disqualified.

Starting now.










The first two riders
advance to the final

where they will compete for
fifteen thousand baht

and a brand new irrigation pump.

We're still waiting on second
place. It was very close.

Very close…

One moment…

Yes, yes, it's now official…

Second place goes to Mr.Boonrod
Kerdpholriding Samlee.

That completes the
qualifying heats.

The final race is
in thirty minutes.

Did you see that little freak?

If his buffalo hadn't been spooked
by the whistle, he would've beat you.

He was like crazy fast…

That old buffalo's
on his last legs.

What if he's got one more kick?

Hey Boonrod, guess what,

I hear they're giving you
5 to 3 odds. Same as me.


I just wanted to say "good luck."
And may Buddha be with you.

Ten minutes to race time.

See you at the finish line!



There he is!
Go, Boonrod, go!

You are not a winner.

So stop acting like one.

He is getting up…
he is getting up!

I have something for you.

It belonged to your mother a
very long time ago.