Buffalo Boys (2018) - full transcript

Two brothers named Jamar and Suwo came back to the land of Java to avenge their father, who was a Sultan, after years of exile in America.






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by broth3rmax

For centuries,
the ancient lands of Indonesia

were colonized by the Dutch Empire.

Accounts of suppression,
brutality and tragedy

are often lost in tales of folklore.

This is one story where
the worlds of fact and fiction collide...


Let's go, that's it, put it all in! That's it.

Three to one on the little man.

Three to one on the little man.

Trust me, you could triple your money,
all right?

Triple your money, that's something crazy.

This is a fight of biblical proportions.

Are you guys ready for this fight?

Anyone else?
/ He gonna put the money in.|

Come on.

Might wanna kick a little harder, brother.

That's it.


Better quit now while you still got
all your teeth, brother

Keep taking those bets. I ain't done.

You sure?
/ Oh!

Favor has just changed, seven in one.

Feel good?

That's the way!

Now I'm done.
/ Good fight.

All right.

Don't forget my share.
/ We made a killing.

You darn cheats. That fight was rigged.

You know as well as I do
that we won that fight fair and square.

Sweet bullshit story.
Give us our money back.

Relax. It's just a game, son.

We give your money back.

But leave us to continue
our journey in peace.

Oh, no, chief. This is my train.
/ Your train?

I've been working
this railroad with my boys

since you were sucking your mother tits.

You darn son of a...


Uncle! Dammit, Suwo!

Let me see, let me see!


Just a graze on the skin. You're good.

/ Good.

I am sorry.

It's time for us to go home.

I don't wanna die...
before we set things straight.



Hey, Suwo.

I though I'd never return
to kiss the earth of my homeland

that I had left behind.

Boys, remember why we're here.

No one is to know who we are,
and where we come from.

Trust no one, blend in.

And remember, use our mother tongue
like I thought you.

Come, let's go.


Boat won't be waiting all day.

Come on.

Come on, boys.

First, we must pay our respect
to your father

at the final resting place of all Sultans
and their families.

This is your father's grave

and this... your mother's.

God bless her soul.


Forgive me.

I should have never left you.

A long time ago,

ancient kings ruled this land.

Civilization here flourished
a thousand years before us.

We come from a land deep with heritage.

And part of it runs through your blood.

Both of you are born of noble heritage.

Raised in foreign lands,

united by extreme circumtances.

That day, your father and I
managed to escape.

We were lucky,

so you survived.

I thought
if we could negotiate with them

they would leave us in peace.

How naive.

They need to pay.


We've already lost
many of our people today.

Let's not lose our future too.

They're here.

Just get in! Get in!

Get in, Hamza.

Go now.

I'll delay them.

No, Hamza, we move together.


Get as far away as you can.

Bring my boys up as your own.

Save them, Arana.

They are our only hope.

I see you survived my dagger,

Sultan Hamza.

My death shall only
strengthen the will of my people.

Van Trach.


As the eldest son,
you have to shoulder the responsibility.


As the youngest

it is your brotherhood bond

that will strengthen the both of you.

Don't ever forget that.

What are you doing?
/ Huh? Oh, I...

Quit playing around.
/ No, I was...

Stop pissing around.

Boys... knock it off.

You still obsessing over that map?

What if he's not even there.

We will find him...

wherever he is.

And this time, we'll be ready.


What do you want?

Do you guys need...

You came from over there.

Heading towards there.

So why are you stopping here?

Everything OK?
/ What are you looking at?

Everything is fine.

That's my wife. She's in labor.

She's in labor?
/ Yes.

I can help.
/ How?

What's that?
/ I have medicine.

What medicine?

This is for the pain.
/ My wife is not in pain, she's just in labor.

/ Move along!

Sorry, sir.

We'll move along.


Don't move!

Or Fakar will kill her!
/ Calm down. Calm down.

You want to die?

Get back!

You think Fakar's messing around?

Think again.

Get back!

Come here.


It hurts!
/ Next time, mind your own business.

Wait, wait.

Where are you heading?

Please come to our village.

There, you can bathe, eat, and rest.

That would be my honor.

Please, come.




What's happening there?


That man knows how to ride.

I've never seen
a man ride buffalo like that.

And shoot like an Apache warrior!
/ Yeah.



Earlier, I noticed crops burn.


To grow opium.

It's more profitable for them.

If we don't burn the rice

the Dutch will burn us.


There are the farmers
who chose to plant crop

because they though

feeding their families was more important.

But they had to pay the price.

What's that smell?

This is the stench...

of hatred.





Come here, sweetheart.


What happened to your head?

I had a fall.
It's just a scratch.


my grand daughter, Kiona.

You are an excellent rider.

For a...


Hold my hat.

Your riding was spectacular.

I'm Suwo.

Suwo, the hand that you kisses

is the hand that wipes her...
/ Ass.

Your beauty made them
forget their manners.

I am Arana.

How's my riding, Grandpa?


You stole my buffalo again?

I only borrowed him, Father.

Your father is the head of the village
while you ride buffaloes as if you're a boy.

You embarrass me.

Excuse me.

You should be proud of her.

Who are you people?
/ Kiona.


Father, don't...
/ Silence!

What do you want here?
/ Sakar.

These men are our friends,
not our enemies.

They are...
/ They are strangers.

And all strangers are enemies.

If the Dutch finds out
we'll be the ones who pay the price.

Have you no shame.

These men saved me and your daughter Sri.

That's two lives you owe them.

It's true, Father.

If not for them, both of us would be dead.

Forgive me.

I misjudged you.

Come join us for dinner tonight.

Would you like to freshen up?


Boys, stop showing off.

The ladies are getting over-excited.


We've met before.

/ In my dreams.

I wouldn't forget
a dashing man like that.

Maybe you'll remember
once he takes off his sarong.


Let me help you, handsome.

It won't take long.
/ Boys.

These men saved my family.

Henceforth, we will treat them
as our family.


Sir, with all due respect,

your father and daughter
should not be travelling alone.

I would have sent men to accompany them,

but all our men are assisting
to re-plant the crops.



It's forced labor.

Forced labor?
/ You've seen what happens if we dare to oppose them.

Why doesn't the Sultan do something?

We haven't had a Sultan for a while.

It suits the Dutch just fine.

The Dutch control everything now.

Father, Kiona!

You say too much!

Don't you dare silence me, Sakar.

Our villagers will starve
if we don't have rice.

This is hell on earth.

Ever since Van Trach returned.

Van Trach?
/ He and his men kill, rap

and pillage, without fear of punishment.


And none of us dare to fight them.


Don't pay attention
to my daughter's words.

There's a lot
she still doesn't understand.

As long as we live by their rules

we'll live in peace
and they'll leave us alone.

"As long as we live by their rules"

"we'll live in peace".

I believed that once.

But the consequence was...

a life was lost.

Damn it!

I don't need help.

I can manage.

What are you doing here?

Shouldn't you be inside
with the other men

making important decisions.

I don't usually get to participate

in making important decisions.

Oh, yeah.

It's tough, not being taken seriously.

What would you know about that?
/ I mean, I know how you feel.

I can relate.

Can you really?
/ As the youngest, I am also at a disadvantage.

No, you have one huge advantage.

You're a man.

You can do whatever you want

whenever you want, however you want

and with whomever you want.

You're not seen as an embarrassment

nor evaluated,
and not judge.

And all that is because...

you're a man.

You don't think
there's pressure being a man?

I was born with a set of rules.

Don't show your feeling.
Be braver, be stronger.

Fight, be a hero, win.

As if those are the only virtues
that make you a man.

The key is timing.

You're rushin

and therefore, your aim is off.

Are you saying you have better aim?

Of course.

I'm a man.
/ Arrogant!

Like this.

I only want to help.

I'm so happy to see you.

You've been gone for so long.

Distance has forced me to grow up.

Father, Kiona.

I'm tired of hiding.

Moving from village to village
is really tough.

I only want to come home.

We just don't want you to experience

what we had gone through here.

Though I'm glad you are here.

I also fear for your safety.

They are coming! They are coming!

They are coming! They are coming!

Let's go.

You must leave now.



Quick! Guide them to the forest.

There's no time.
/ I'm going with Sri.

It's worse if they find her with them.

/ Go.


/ Ready.


That's enough.

Cover it with leaves.

Yes, Uncle.

Hurry up!


these are the people,
along with three others

who attacked Fakar.

Sir, this is not true.

Not true?
/ He attacked us.


Where are the others?
/ Sir, he tried to rape me.

Who will you believe, sir?

Fakar, your loyal servant

who lost an eye for the company.


this cursed whore.

Let go!

Don't! Don't!


She's not even registered.

No stamp.

It's true, sir.

There were three other people here
but they've gone now.

Fakar was right!

Fakar was right!

Please, sir

don't harm her.

She has nothing to do with this.

What are you waiting for?

Register her.
/ Help, sir!

Don't, sir!

Step aside!

What's happening?


For what?

Their stamp on us.

We didn't register Sri.

She was too young.



Hurry up!

Where's the little boy, come?

Who's that man?

His name is Drost.

Van Trach's right-hand man.

Don't run!

Take the old man and the girl.


Just leave me.


Leave her be.

Take the bags.

Forgive me, Sri.

Tomorrow we'll explore the town.

I am sure, Uncle.

Van Trach will be there.
/ Hmm.

The time for reckoning is here.

This is it, boys.

That's all the rice you get
for that little opium.

Go get some supplies.

I will scout around.

Where are you from?
Come in.

Many special goods inside.

Come in.

Come in.

Welcome, gentlemen.


I have something very special for you.

You are sure to like this.

Try this, Scorpion arak.

Makes you strong.

Makes the ladies feel good.

If there's one thing I don't like,

it's that.


Relax, sir. Relax.


This just came in.

It is a bit pricey.


You can use this over and over again.

You pay more

but you can last longer.

Count this.

Sir, come buy some chickens.

How much?

This flower only bloom at night.


What are you doing here?

Besides breeding bulls,
Father also grows flowers.

Any news about
your grandfather and sister?

No news yet

just that all the headmen
have been summoned to town.

Will Van Trach be there?

He should be.

He summoned my father specifically.

Come with me.

I was about to go to the town square.

What's going on?



Van Trach.


we all agreed to maintain a society

based on justice and prosperity for all.

But one of you has let his village down.

One of you has been disloyal.

Sakar... step forward.

Your daughter evaded registration.

And she, and your father
conspired with foreign criminals

and robbed one of my men
during a routine inspection.

Criminals, whom you harbor
in your village.


I have not toiled all these years

to see you all plunged back
inti the anarchy

from which I have saved you.

The law, is the law.

And it must be upheld.

I find the accused guilty.

And sentence is clear...



Now as you all know

I am a merciful man.

As Resident, I can grant a pardon.


I can only pardon one of them.

tell me, dear friend...
/ Grandpa!

...who shall I pardon?


I have serve you well.

Tell me, Sakar.

If you are loyal,
you wouldn't hesitate to tell me.

Please, Sir.

I did everything you asked.

I cannot make this impossible choice.

They are my family, sir.

They have done nothing wrong.

Quiet, Sakar!

Why are you bargaining with the devil?

I am ready to die, Sakar.

But why you have to beg to this dog!


Hey, devil invader.

Just kill me!

No, grandpa.

You will rot in hell soon enough.


Is the burden of leadership
too much for you?

Shall we relieve you
of your duties for a while?


Sakar, you should know me well by now.

You've served me far too long
for me to do this for you.


Not here! Too many people.




All of you are cowards!

Kiona, in the eyes of the law

your father committed
a serious act of treason,

I had no alternative but to execute him.

I would have liked to see
some how of gratitude

for sparing your dear sister's life.

Are you not grateful?


Don't force me to revoke my pardon.

I am thankful.

Can't hear you.

I am thankful, sir.

Take the new girl to the house.

We have to follow him.

Train the new girl.


It's risky, hiding out here.

It's still the closest we can get to him.

Have you found us a way out?

Don't worry.
The cute girls downstairs told me this.

There is an exit, at the back.


Now we wait.

Sit down, Suwo.

I want to speak to the two of you.

I have waited for this day.

This dagger belonged to your father.

This dagger has been
handed down for generations

to each successive Sultan.

And now, you are its rightful owner.

The Javanese carry them for protection.

Bring it with you everywhere you go.

Always keep it with you.


All these years, I've kept this knife.

It serves as a reminder to me

of the sacrifice and the pain
I've endured.

This is now yours.

We all have the same purpose.

We must work together

to reach our goal.

Remember that well.

I have him.




Then be sure.


Be sure.

There's a servant in the way.

I can't get a clear shot, Uncle.

I'll do it.

Die, you son of a bitch!







/ Uncle, hey.

What's wrong?

Suwo, go to the Chinese store.
Get medicine.


/ I'll look for another way.


I'm so sorry.

Your father and grandfather
were brave men.

You see that old lady over there?

Van Trach's gang killed her son.

Or rather, hunted him down for pleasure.

They returned his bullet-ridden bod

but without his head.

The bar owner likes keeping it
as a trophy.

She can't rest
until her son is whole again.

But no one can help her.

This is our life living
under Van Trach's rule.

You're the pretty girl Fakar talked about?

I want to introduce you...

to some of our hungry boys.



That's your boyfriend?


Long time to see.



Cyclops. What are you doing?

Looking for lice. Why?

If you plan on blowing
his brains out all over my bar

you better think twice.


Fakar is watching you.

I've been watching you.

What do you want here?

Suwo, watch out!

See, you see?

You have balls of steel.

Coming into my bar like that.


I'll leave.

But first...

How about that trophy...

and the girl over there...

In exchange for your lives.

You're funny.

But it seems, the collection on my wall

will be much better...

with another skull.


What's happening here?

You must be ready.
He might come to you tonight.

Why are you still here?

We can find a way to escape.

Many have tried.

They are always captured

and hung on the Banyan tree outside.

How can you stand this?

My husband

and my entire family have vanished.

I have no one else but myself.

No one else.

You know,
I've always had a soft spot for you.

You're the only one
that never tried to run.

Maybe that's a smart trait I can admire.

Beautiful, isn't it?

I took this one necklace

because it was given to my mother
by a secret admirer.

She never wore it
out of fear for my father.

But she cherished it,

because it was the closest thing
she ever had to happiness.

And, because of that...

I want you to have it.

I'm not your mother.

I do not want to be linked to your past.

You bitch!

Where are you going?

To clear my head

get some air.

Wait, Uncle. Look.

We got the foreigner.

Go find Suwo.

Aren't you coming, Uncle?


Meet me at the village later.

Van Trach?

Find your brother first.

Come with me, all of you.


Tell me what you know about these men?

Who are they?

You won't get anything out of me.

I think her registration
needs some renewal.

Fakar will get the brand ready.


Use the knife.


Wait! Where did you get that?

It's not Fakar's.

It was on the table.

It belongs to him.

Where did you find this?


Think hard.

Where did you last leave it.

Sultan Hamza.

Who are you, boy?

I am his son.

His son?

I remember that day very well.


there's an intruder in your house.


Deal with him, finish him.

Thank you, sir.

You stay here.

You're not in hurry, are you?

Leave him! He's had enough.

Stop torturing him.
/ I see, you want one too?

Where do you want Fakar to put yours?

How about here?

Or should Fakar go for your forehead?


The forehead will do.

Are you all right?

Thank you.

Always bailing you out, huh?

What took you so long?

You good? We gotta go.

I thought
Van Trach had surely killed you.

He might as well have.

How did you find the strength?

With every beat of my heart

you were there with me too, Arana.

You were my hope.

There has not been a single day
when I don't regret.

And ask God for forgiveness

for leaving you.

My love.


Van Trach.

Kick it in!

They're gone.

Come! Hurry.


Thank you.



Are you all right?

You must be Jamar.

You have your father's eyes.

You're that woman...

at Van Trach house?

It's OK, Jamar.

She's his wife?

I am Seruni.

Your uncle's wife.

But we thought you were...
/ Yes.

We all did, but...

Seruni is alive.

You look just like your mother.

/ Yes, I'm your aunty.


I'll wait outside.

Be careful.


Van Trach probably knows we're here.

We should go.
/ Yes.

We still have a chance to kill him.

To avenge our parents.
/ Your father was a warrior

but he fought for justice.

He would never let his sons
waste their live

for the sake of vengeance.

Have you forgotten? That day,
father set out to negotiate peace

but instead he was murdered.

Jamar, don't.

I won't be so foolish
to make the mistake.

Revenge is a right.

He robbed us of our family.

Revenge may be a right

but forgiveness makes you stronger.


I'm wrong.

Your father never acted out of hatred.

He always chose to forgive, if he could.

If not for revenge, then why are we here?

To serve justice.

For our people.


Halo there.

Van Trach.

I see the family's reunited.


How happy you all must be.

I find it rather rude

that I'm not included
into your merry gathering...

considering how much...
/ Hey

...of a family we really are.

I mean, for the last 20 years your wife

has shared my bed, Arana.

I spent many a pleasant evenings
understanding her pleasures

and her pains.

Let my wife go, Arana...

and I will allow you all
to have an honorable death.

We're surrounded.

To die with you

would be my greatest honor, Arana.

Burn the house!

Flush him out.

Shoot every one of'em down.

Every one.

Let me go.


She has made her decision.

She will burn with the rest of them.

Animals! Get back.

Stay down.


Everyone all right?



we can use the smoke to escape.

/ Clear the way first.

Are you mad?
/ You clear the way.

I'll help uncle.

No way, we have to stay as a group.

Please trust me.
I will bring them out in one piece.

Promise me
You'll bring them out.

We'll be right behind you.

Trust me.

Come on!


Uncle, we need to cover your wound.

Bear with it, Uncle.
/ It's just a scratch, Suwo.

Just bear with the pain for a while.


our time together is at an end.

/ It is time

for you to take hold of your own destiny.

I'm not leaving you two behind.

Indeed you aren't

because I'm the one who has to leave.

I have always loved you

and Jamar

as my own sons.

Your father
will be so proud of both of you.

I'm sure that's what he'll said

when the wind carries me to meet him.

Don't worry, Suwo.

I'm very much at peace.

It is time for you to leave now.

Jamar is waiting for you.


Where are they?
/ They're not coming

What do you mean?

They're gone.

You told me... to go first...

and you'll be right behind me.

I tried.
/ You told me to trust you.

Say something!

it's not fair.
/ Fair?

You wanna know what's not fair?

Uncle is dead because of you.

You left uncle to die.

Go to hell!

You're the only family I have.


Uncle told me to tell you he was sorry.

Now he'll be watching over us

alongside with father.

And that whatever we do next...

we do for the people.

Our people.

Come on. Go.


we didn't find the bodies.

You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?

I'm gettin' tired of watching people hang.

It just takes too long.

Your boys are going to be late.

Sir, our guests have arrive.

well, I'll be damned.

And right in time, too.

Close the gate!

Shoot the down.

You ready?
/ Ready as I'll ever be.

I think they want a face-to-face.

Van Trach, let's make a deal.

A deal?

Take your men, leave this place

and don't ever return.

As you can see,
we are all quite comfortable her.


In that case,
be prepared to face judgement.

What are you?
Cowboys of the Wild West?

Cowboys ride horses

not buffalos.

And if I can't call you Cowboys

I will call you the Buffalo Boys.

So what's it going to be...

war or peace?

I think this is what
they call a showdown.

Fire the cannon!



Jamar, no, no. no.


I'll give you one bullet.

What are you going to do?

You are just dead leaves

blown in.

You tough son of a bitch.

Are you ready?

All ready.


Uncle was right.
This dagger saved my life.

Look, this is where
the bullet bounced off it.

I'll get the horses ready.

I know that you must leave.

So must we.

They will be back for more blood.

We'll meet again

when the time is right.

Tell the rest of our people

that there's still hope.

And there are still people
who are willing to fight

for justice.


This belong to my uncle.


And now it's yours.
Take care of it, yeah.


Thank you.

We'll never forget you.


We'll meet them again.


How are you so sure?

Because when the legends are born

they will never die.

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