Buffalo Bill (1964) - full transcript

Renegade Indians, led by Yellow Hand, are being sold guns by Donaldson. Buffalo Bill is sent to stop the arms trading and avert an Indian war


Can you make those horses run faster?

No, they are already tired!

May I ask if we are close to Indian Creek yet?

I'll buy a beer in the Saloon before dark if all goes well.

How if everything goes well?

We may lose our scalps, but don't worry.

�Eh!... Bill!

Bill... bloody Indians!

Come back and show that you know how to fight, if you are not afraid.

Watch out, Snack! The Indians can believe it.

You know Bill, you came at the right time, a little more...

and those rascals, they rip out my hair and my heart.

Old brown bear!

I wonder what will happen now.

Wise Fox has broken the truce.

Wise Fox did nothing.

We have been traveling for a month through Apache territory.

And nothing has happened until the Yellow Hand appeared.

It began by attacking soldiers, and now civilians as well.

Yellow Hand, again. She must already know.

Colonel! Yellow Hand and many Sioux.

Refugiémonos en la Monta�a Sagrada.

The Indians will not dare rape her.

Why did our Father, the Great Spirit allow...

the white hunter, escape the vengeance he swore?

Why did you make him cross my territory,

after so many moons, and let it slip away again?

Soon it will be dark. It is better that we camp here.

I hope the Great Spirit Manito is not offended.

We are in your territory.

Alright, Snack...

It seems that the new commander of Fort Adams is not to your liking.

Not exactly Bill. You already know me well enough.

I know, spotless soul.

Hey! You'll change your mind as soon as you know what Colonel Peterson thinks.

Colonel Peterson naturally understands nothing about Indians.

He only knows how to use force.

Come on, Snack, don't freak out, you know I usually joke around.

I don't get it, Bill. You worked so hard to get peace...

in Creek territory, and now you're taking sides...

by old Peterson, who started it all.

He only talks about his bad food.

Do you want to know what the Colonel did with his peace treaty with Wise Fox?

No seas vulgar, Snack.

It is so, he said he would wipe his feet with it.

Come on, sit down, partner. You know I respect your opinion.

Calm down a bit!

Do you want a cigarette?

Do you want me to believe that it's all Peterson's fault?

And which Yellow Hand is an angel?

I didn't mean that! But among the Sioux...

there are many discontented and Yellow Hand

he is taking advantage of the situation.

Colonel Cody, food is ready.

Great. I'm hungry as a wolf.

What are you, cleaning the trumpet?

Here is the yellow sand.

Don't forget your promise to bring me more rifles.

- Many more. - All that you want,

As long as you have gold to pay.

Tell your boss, the great Buffalo Hunter is back.

Buffalo Bill? where is he? At Fort Adams?

The road is long and winding

with many dangers for the great buffalo hunter.


Damn Indians, they don't stop!

To the horses, quickly!

Yellow Hand!

Once again against my father's orders. You will have to face...

to the wrath of Chief Wise Fox when he returns.

Moonbeam, do you want to try Pale Face whiskey?

Where did you get that poison...

and all those guns? - Don't ask questions, baby.

If Moonbeam weren't a woman...

I'd regret the insult.

To arms! To arms!

What the hell will I be after the bunch of savages?

Well, let's exterminate them like worms.

Sergeant, round up 7th Company.

But Colonel Peterson...

Company! To form!

The danger is over, Mary, you have nothing to worry about.

Colonel Peterson, may I express my opinion?

- Say it. - It's not wise to attack...

under these circumstances. - You must be kidding, Hunter.

A company of cavalry against Sioux armed with bows and arrows.

But the colonel attack is absurd, it worries me a lot.

His long time serving at the border weakens his ability

to make a correct judgment on the Indians.

- However... - I'll do what I tell you!

S , s or.

Compa a! Adelante!

Why are you arguing with my father again?

It's an old story. Once you make a decision...

wrong, goes to the end. He is stubborn as a mule.

He risks too much in all the things he does.

We can't be dramatic. Could have been more...

prudent not to go on the attack but your father is a brave man...

officer, able to solve any problem.

When will you tell him about us?

I have to admit that this worries me.

- I think he doesn't like me. - That is not true. why not..

Do you try to see his side for a moment, without contradicting him?

It's okay, I'll do my best.

Compa ia Alto!

Dismount, forming a circle. The horses in the center.


The lords of Washington finally thought of sending us reinforcements.

When they come chase...

Yellow Hand to his lair.

- Order mount. - Yes, sir, mount!

�Coronel Peterson! �Es Buffalo Bill!

snack? Where are the reinforcements?

- You should ask Bill. - About the reinforcements, colonel...

I'll explain later. Now to the fort, quick!

before Yellow Hand discovers the deception.

Company, go ahead! Gallop!

Did they ask you?

Did they try to find out about the weapons?

Black Hawk knows how to keep his mouth shut.

I hope so.

Colonel Cody has been with the commander of Fort Adams for a long time.

Nothing good!

Sure isn't good for Peterson, sure!

I'd like something more direct, Colonel Cody.

I did not appreciate the strategy of the attack.

Excellent cigars, Peterson, where did you get them?

But even without his help, Yellow Hand...

would be defeated.

Do you doubt my military ability?

We do not understand each other.

The problem is not taking into account the...

political aspect. We have to control the Indians,

prevent them from going to war.

President Grant wants to keep the peace.

So you're going to send me the reinforcements I asked for?

To attack the Sioux? No. You are wrong.

Any retaliation will put other tribes on a war footing.

I'm sorry Colonel. From now on it should contain actions like today.

You dare interfere with my duties?

This letter from the President gives me full powers to...

put order in the territory.

- How do you expect to do it? - Wise Fox will be back soon!

It is a difficult task, but I know how to convince him.

He may convince Wise Fox, but not Yellow Hand and his warriors

who now have rifles.

It is necessary to discover who sells them to the Indians...

and kill that traffic. - I'm here for that too.

If you don't want me to pull your hair out,

You'll do as I tell you, you stinking mongrel.

Hey you! You are very brave against

who is not capable of coping.

A thug is created.

It's not the time for that, Big Sam.

- He tried to hit me. - What's going on here?

Nothing serious, Colonel Peterson. I think it will never change...

Big Sam always ready with his fists.

I just wanted that mongrel to help me...

unload the cart. - So, download it and get out...

from here, this is a fort, not to train boxing.


You finally take a bath, after so long.

Devils take it.

Colonel, I need to carry a load. With all those Indians...

I would like some to accompany me...

men of the fort as an escort. What does it tell me?

Okay, I'll see what I can do.

It's Buffalo Bill, isn't it? Nice to meet you. Or talk a lot...

from you in the west. - This is Jack Monroe, owner...

del Salin Gold and Indian Creek.

- How are you? - And old Ben?

He decided to retire and sell me the salon. I reformed it.

You will find it prettier now. I would like your visit.

- We'll have a drink. - There is also entertainment.

- You can count on me. - See you later, Monroe, we have...

business to deal with now. - At your orders.

Adi�s, Monroe.

Big Sam doesn't convince me. He's the type who would sell weapons...

to the Indians. Let's hear what Black Hawk has to say.

Sergeant, take the prisoner to my office.

- Yes sir! - Are you trying to interrogate him?

No, I doubt he knows anything.

- I think I can take care of that. - Great.

Big Sam's coyote makes me drink water.

When I always drank whiskey.

what? He is the Indian! Who shot him?

Black Hawk tried to run away, Colonel, Red killed him.

- Why did you do it? - I was going to shoot him.

Red, you better go.

I spent what I shouldn't.

Give me some soldiers, I have an idea.

- Hello, Dorothy, were you waiting for me? - Hello, Network.

Come on, let's have a drink!

Frank, dos whiskeys, r�pido, para m�,

and for my best girl. - Full, Frank.

Full house!

Are you cheating, George? It's the third hand you win.

You're luckier than a lady's cat.

Lucky in love, unlucky at gambling.

Feud al diablo, Ben!

If you want revenge, we can play another hand.

You earned your last dollar.

You know very well what we're looking for, Captain Hunter.

Search every house and store.

Who is supplying rifles to the Yellow Hand is not...

so idiotic to keep them at home or in a store.

Sure, but you might leave a hint or make a mistake.

Start at the Emporium, I'll be in the lounge if you need me.

Sergeant, one man with the horses, the rest with me.

Dismount. move!

Let's have a beer, Snack.

Two little ones.

This is.

- I come back soon. - Every time I come to this place...

there is the same notice. - Big Sam's sponge must...

be drinking in the Saloon. Let's start over...

by the end of the street. Let's go.

- Hello, Bill! - Hello dear!

Every day that passes you are prettier.

I tell you they are on the hunt, but because...

ordered the soldiers to go to the Emporium?

If you come to ask for the keys you will have a good welcome.

You will not think of messing with the soldiers, I hope.

Be careful, you can end up in jail.

With Buffalo Bill it's different...

He's a colonel, a scout, and not a regular.


- To your health! - To yours!

They're insulting me, by searching the Emporium.

I'm going there to tell you some good...

Be still and don't mess around. The problem is mine.

There is a deep stench of buffalo here. And they all have the same smell.

To buffalo and Indian. This smell suppresses the appetite.

Frank, give me a whiskey. This Lounge is for whites only.

Who let in, the stinking mongrel?

Sam, you shouldn't drink so much. Come on, Captain Hunter is you...

looking in your warehouse. He's going to inspect it. Let's go there.

Meanwhile, you're getting sober.

Here I come, Bill!

Quiet everyone!

Everyone out of this! It's a personal matter between Bill and Big Sam.

Excuse me ma'am, I'll be back later!

- Do you want more, healthy ox? - So it's Sam? Go giving...

soon the key to the Emporium. - Okay, let's look.

I have nothing to hide from anyone, let's go there.

Boy, that sure is a good fight, looks like the...

old times are back.

What was it, a cyclone?

Oh, Mr. Monroe, what a good fight you just lost.

And Big Sam ended up going out the window, Bill was great!

I know, calm down!

Let's go.

- He still hits hard. - I invite you to have a drink...

separate wreckage. - Make a list of damages.

- Monroe, you'll be compensated. - I was playing, Colonel.

I have already been paid. It's the first time that Big Sam has been rigged...

for a single person. Let's have a drink.

Some other time, thanks. I have a date with Sam.

Will you invite me for a drink?

- What are they doing, checking the place? - It seems.

Get your hands off, you're damaging my stuff.

You have no right to enter and mess up the goods.

We have orders from the commander of Fort Adams. Do you want to see them?

I know, it's because of the old whiskey story, Colonel.

Ask whoever you want, I don't sell to the Indians anymore.

This time it's more serious, Sam.

If you would tell me what you are looking for, I could help you.

You see, there's nothing but corn, take your hands off the sack now!

Treat the merchandise with care.

I say leave me alone.


�Capit�n Hunter!

Come up and see this.

- What are you looking for, gold? - Open it!

- Now you're going to explain yourself, Sam. - Explain, what do you think...

hid those rifles in there? I did nothing.

This is a trap. They want to ruin me.


You dirty rat, do you know what you did?

An entire company was massacred with your rifles.

I said I have nothing to do with it.

- �Canalla! - �C�lmate, Snack!

Come on, Sam.

Take those boxes, we're going to take them to the fort.

Si no me enga�o, Big Sam est� en problemas.

Nothing beyond what was expected.

You two, take him into custody, and be ready to go.

- What is that? - They arrested Big Sam.

The soldiers found rifles in the warehouse.

Big Sam sold rifles to the Indians. Let's hang it!

You bastard killer! You deserve to be hanged!

We're going to hang him, call the rest.

- Calm down, stay calm! - Jim, get the rope.

What are you waiting for? Hang him!

We want to put the noose around his neck.

Colonel give us that man, we want to have...

the certainty that justice is served.

What do you mean, hang him without trial?

What justice is that? I want to honor enduring laws.

Make way, let me through.

Shame on them.

Is there something I can do? Captain, can you...

count on my help.

I appreciate it, Monroe.

You're welcome, Colonel. We should all be on the side of the authorities.


- Your Qui n ah ? - Rat n Corredor.

I have news for the colonel.

Open the doors!

- Where is the colonel? - Follow me.

Hey, Big Sam, are you asleep?

Captain Hunter! You owe me an explanation. What is between...

you two? - We've loved each other for a long time.

With your permission... - I don't want to hear any more.

Wait for me in my office.

- It's an order! Yes, sir!

- As far as I'm concerned, I forbid you to... - Dad, I'm your daughter, you must listen to me.

You can't order me!

I haven't done anything wrong and you can't change my feelings.

All right, we'll see.

- This is a rebellion! - Dad, don't use dramatic words.

I'm trying to tell you that I love George and...

I want to marry him.

You will never have my consent.

You won't be able to stop it. We love us.

He is a good officer. A true gentleman.

- Why are you against it? - I don't want to discuss my reasons with you.

- No? Well, you'll have to discuss it, sooner or later.

You are not the only one in the family. Remember that.

A tough bear, the girl.

Without a doubt!

�Capit�n Hunter!

Tomorrow morning I await your transfer request.

You can choose your destination.

You have no right to impose that on me, Colonel.

You know that my promotion depends on my service at the border,

which ends in six months.

In that case, you're forcing my daughter out.

Please, Colonel, listen to me...

We have nothing more to talk about.

I have the right to an explanation.

Captain, do you forget that you are talking to a superior?

No, colonel, I don't forget, I don't think he's missing...

to respect. But beyond being a soldier, I am a man...

And I say it to a man, not a father.

Well, let's put our differences aside if you prefer.

Speaking as Mary's father, I forbid you to continue having...

something with her. - I can't promise that.

I am in love with your daughter and intend to marry her.

It is a formal request from your hand.

I reject it, it is my right as a father.

Don't you ever want her to get married?

Not with a military.

I'm going to explain it to you. My passion for weapons made me continue...

military career. My wife was very fond of me.

As a companion she was incomparable.

He was always opposed to staying in Boston.

He preferred to follow me everywhere.

He knew the horrors of the civil war.

The sorrow of the places abandoned by men and...

also by God. At the end...

She was killed by the Indians, in one of the attacks.

I'm sorry, sir, for reopening an old wound.

Mary is like a mother. If they got married, I would never forget it.

and decided that I would have a different and quiet life.

Hunter, do you give me your word that you will leave my daughter forever?

I'm so sorry... I love her.

Captain Hunter, if you don't request a transfer, I'm warning you...

that I will use all possible means

not to have him in my presence.

As for my daughter...

I am going to send her immediately to Boston.

I have nothing more to say, you can go.

That's funny... I'm sleepy.

I don't doubt it, you drank the whole bottle.

I'm going to take a nap.

Try not to snore.

Coronel Cody...

We have news.

I hope they are good at last.

A few minutes ago...

I have been informed that Wise Fox has returned to his camp.

Are you in the camp? Well, I'm going to tell you what happened.

When you know what Yellow Hand is doing...

everything will return to normal.

Well, I'd like to share your optimism, but I'm afraid...

put a lot of trust in that old Indian.

He is a great boss and an honest man.

For me, the honest Indian is the dead Indian.

Why is he so violent towards the redskins?

Do you still ask me? They are killers, totally...

merciless in battle, scalping prisoners...

Every man is ruthless in war. But I didn't answer...

my question.

What have the Indians done to him?

- I'd rather not talk about that. - We have a task.

We have to do everything we can to warn Wise Fox so that...

do not declare war. If the west does it, it will be...

a great bloody battlefield.

All the tribes will join forces with the Sioux, Apaches...

Cheyennes and many others.

How do you plan to get to the Sioux camp? how many men do you need?

- Ir alone. - S lo?

A man can only handle himself better

The Great Spirit Manito listened to the prayers of

Yellow Hand.

The mighty buffalo hunter is dead.

Now you will be the great chief of all your warriors.

- What's for lunch today? - Same old soup.

Se ahorc !

- All good. - See you soon.

- Tell the boss I'll be back. - It's okay, Red.

AmSam, Sam, para, no! No!

What are you doing, Sam, have you gone crazy?

You dirty skunk, why did you hide the rifles in the Emporium?

No... I don't know what you're talking about.

Why do you hit me?

We thank you too!

I'm going to kill you!

Habla! Habla!

Now you're going to tell me who paid you to ruin me.

Speak, speak, you weeping coward.

You are the only one who has another key to the Emporium.

You are the only one who could have done that.

I don't know anything, I swear! You have to believe me.

Liar, if you don't talk, I'll kill you.

No, don't shoot, talk!

It's you, boss... you're on time.

He tried to force me to say his name.

But I didn't get it.

I have to kill you, Red. You were telling him.

how? I just wanted to buy time.

He tricked you with false leads.

By the way, do you know the news, boss?

Buffalo Bill took a good dip...

from the waterfall.

I killed him.

Are you sure?

If you don't believe it, ask Mano Amarilla, he will confirm it for you.

He wants to meet you in the same place.

From the beginning I was sure that I was right.

And this is what we've been waiting for, Red.

Now I'm selling the salon and we're leaving.

This is going to be on fire.

What will he do to get rid of our friend?

As soon as it gets dark, I'll send someone to help you.

Is well

Let's hit, don't forget.

This is further proof of what I am saying.

He tried to kill me to prevent my arrival. I pretended I was...

dead and saved me. - No doubt, Yellow Hand...

I didn't respect my authority. But before my friend...

Buffalo Bill leaves the Sioux camp, justice will be served.

The great buffalo hunter will be cured later.

Rayo de Luna grew up and learned many things.

Many moons passed. The little bush blossomed

and the trunk of the tree became old and wrinkled.

But the friendship continued unabated. if it is sincere

will continue until eternity.

Let's go to my store.

I apreciate it.

I was informed of everything during my absence.

Although the white colonel has committed an atrocity...

attacking my warriors

by force of arms to hunt

in the territory where the great river of the beaver is.

It may be, but it was Yellow Hand who broke the peace treaty.

And for that he will be punished.

But you should know that since his

commander in the fort defied the wrath of Manit�, persecuting his people.

You will see him back to his land.

The great white father in Washington has told me:

Go to Wise Fox and help him. He is a great boss, respect him.

He is a good friend.

Make a new peace treaty with him.

But peace for a brave man must have dignity and justice.

The Sioux are also prepared to die for honor

If they can't live with it.

It will be so, I promise.

In the end, I failed to kill him.

You are nothing more than a bunch of incompetents...

mainly t.

I didn't ask you to come here just to grieve like a woman

but to tell you that I accept the conditions and payment

your price for a large number of rifles.

Yes, it is true.

Let's forget about Bill.

Business takes precedence.

When do you want the rifles?

Soon, when the moon is high.

Understood, we'll meet at dawn.

- See you tonight. - Hang on a minute.

I have an idea. If Moonbeam was kidnapped

now, his father will have something else to think about...

If not, I will ask you things that you can answer us.

Yellow Hand is a warrior. To a Sioux, that's a disgrace.

You're not getting it.

Buffalo Bill is with Zorro Sabio.

I'll be telling you everything. How are you going to justify yourself?

I've already said it, Yellow Hand is not going to disappear with a woman.

Then I'll kidnap her.

In the meantime, he'll do what I'm thinking.

He convinces Wise Fox that the raptor is his white friend...

and his soldiers.

It is a magnificent tribe

and it needs peace to prosper.

It is true, but happiness also needs food.

Hunting is scarce.

The great white father will send an agent to Indian Creek.

Every month you will receive provisions.

I know that my people will happily receive

that wise decision. I will announce it immediately.

Wise Fox!

Wise Fox!

As long as you received the great buffalo hunter in your store,

the pale faces took Moonbeam away.

- What story is that? - I saw the soldiers with...

my own eyes on top of the Red Mountains.

They wrestled with your daughter and dragged her between their horses.

The soldiers have not kidnapped her.

Yellow Hand is lying.

No, Yellow Hand does not lie. You can see the horseshoe marks

on the floor. White scouts know

Sioux horses don't wear shoes.

Don't believe what they expect.

Get out of my camp while my hospitality protects you.

What do you intend to do?

Get out immediately.

Wise Fox is going to convene the War Council.

I need time to investigate.

I will bring your daughter back and punish the culprit, whoever he is.

- You know you can trust my word. - Don't listen to him.

My daughter, Moonbeam, is worth more than my pride

as chief of the Sioux.

I'll wait until tomorrow. Then we will declare war.

Can you give me a horse?

come here Why are you afraid of me?

Go away, don't touch me!

What is so funny?

The big boss has a little problem.


You are worse than a wild cat. But I know how to tame you.

Quiet I said!

I think the filly is rearing.

You know, boss, that woman has fingernails like claws.

Shut your mouth! Collaborate.

Listen to what I tell you

You are responsible for the Indian girl. Don't take your eyes off of her.

Open the door, Colonel Cody is coming in!

Colonel Cody, what happened to you?

- Did someone attack you? - Waiting

Did you talk to Wise Fox?

Tell me Peterson, did you send any patrols out?

No, no one left the fort today. Why do you ask?

The chief's daughter has disappeared.

Yellow Hand accuses the soldiers of her kidnapping.

That's ridiculous.

I already told you that no one left the fort today.

It is not me who must convince, we are before...

an act of extreme gravity.

I bet my bottom dollar that Big Sam is the author.

- Did you say, Big Sam? - Yes, he escaped.

Now I understand it all.

I think I saw a white man when they shot me

from the top of the waterfall, it was Red, I'm sure.

Now everything is clear.

La banda de Big Sam,

and Yellow Hand,

They managed to lure me into the trap.

As soon as it gets dark we will go to Indian Greek.

I was going to say the same thing.

Do you need an escort?

I don't need an escort.

If we want to find Moonbeam, it will have to be by surprise.

His life is in danger.

Do you think it's a good idea to find the Indian girl?

That's right.

I forgot to tell you one thing.

Wise Fox gave us an ultimatum.

If your daughter doesn't come back before tomorrow, we'll be attacked by the Sioux.

and all other West Indians.

Are you going to spend the night?

I do not have to work.

Sorry dear.

I'm sorry too.

Look, I'll be back sooner than you expect, it's a matter of days.

Do not worry.

Another double whiskey.

It's up to you. What are you going to do, bet or pass?

50 $ ms.

He passed.

I also pass.

I cover your $50 and raise $200 more.

I see them.

four aces.

There's our man, he might take us to Big Sam.

I wanted to win the last hand before getting rid of my enemies.

- Can you tell me again? - You know boss, tonight...

I'll be hot as a gun. I can keep my word with $300 more.

Do not freak out.

It will be better with the Yellow Hand gold.

- Is everything okay? - Correct.

I admit it, Big Sam used that old cabin to hide out.

And por ah�.

Did you think you'd be alone?

Don't worry, you're not my type.

Come on, eat up, Moonbeam. This is how your strength increases...

for the next boss encounter.

Let me out or I'll kill the Indian.

Drop your weapons! Don't move!

It was the Great Spirit who made you find me.

Are you okay?

You can bet your boots that was a nice surprise.

Red got what he deserved.

Now Big Sam will pay for the kidnapping.

But... it was the owner of the Salon who kidnapped me.

- Do you mean Monroe? - Yeah, that one.

- Yellow Hand is with him. - By the legs of the deer...

all the time I thought that...

Monroe... �vamos!

Henry, move over here.

Take my place, Ralph.

Who knows if Mrs. Luck will treat you better.

- I open with ten. - Twenty.

Chirakawa, take Moonbeam to the fort.

- We'll be back later. - But I want to stay with you.

Do what I say, don't protest.

Hurry, let's go.

�Full house!

Stay where you are, don't move. Hands up!

What joke is this, Cody?

You four, stand up!

What is this nonsense?

I want an explanation.

Do you think it necessary, Monroe?

He is accused of trafficking arms to the Indians.

And the abduction of Rayo de Luna.


Vuelve aqua ! vuelve!

Monroe! I hope he breaks his neck.

Why have you disobeyed me?

Do you know what would happen if they had killed you?

Moonbeam does not abandon a friend.

Don't stand still, both of you, for the horses!

Bad news, Moonbeam is free.

My men are dead.

Things are going from bad to worse.

Yellow Hand has not yet said his last word.

Where are the rifles you promised me?

They are not very far. That's why I asked to come here.

Come on, bring them.

Wait a bit. First pay the gold you promised me.

We're going to have to fix it ourselves.

No! Your fight with Wise Fox and Buffalo Bill is not my problem.

Either the gold, or you will have no weapons.

Before the mess I want to be far away from here.

Here is your payment for the weapons.

- Now we go there. Follow me! - Go ahead!

Come. It is there.

They're down there.

Here are your rifles.

And here the ammunition too.

With this you will be able to solve your problems.

Solved mine very well.

At dawn I want to be away from here.

Okay, good luck. See you soon.

- Captain, I will go in command of the escort. - Yes sir!

Sure, Colonel.

His soldiers will goad them from the beaver fort.

- Is it a good idea? - Yes.

If the Sioux are on the hunt for our uniforms.

Here comes Rayo de Luna.

Good morning Miss Mary.

- Are you ready to go home? - Whenever you want.

- All right, ready to go, captain. - At your orders.

Sioux on the Hill! To arms!

To arms!

Mary... take her to the shelter!

The horses to the stable!

Take ammo.

Soon! To your posts!

The truce is not over and the Indians attack us.

Wise Fox never broke his pact, this is Yellow Hand thing.

No guests ammunition. Apunt bien, antes de disparar.

Stop the attack! Stop!

Take care of her. Heal the wound.

- Is it wrong? - I think not.

The bala only the roz .

Put out the fire in that tower, quick!

Colonel, I want a box of those cartridges.


Don't be alarmed, they are not for the Sioux.

Let me take as many as I can.

- Here are the cartridges. - Thanks.

Hurry with that.

Snack, pass this on to the soldiers.

Take these sticks of dynamite

and hand them to whoever is smoking.

Quick... now... now!

They opened the door with dynamite, quick!

Oh my God! Leave me, leave me!


- Mary! - Socorro!

Chirakawa! Chirakawa!

They've taken Miss Mary!

Sewer rats!

George! George!

Brethren, hear my words.

The Sioux, protected by the great Spirit Manito,

they will take up their axes and take to the war footing today.

We will fight the enemy

until the last pale face

be led to the bitterest defeat

and taken out of the lands of our country.

Death to pale faces!

In my blood there is a cry for revenge.

Yellow Hand attacked the fort to free my daughter,

But it was in vain.




�Ay�dame, George!

Go ahead.

George, George, �ay�dame!

- My dear daughter! - Father!

- I kept my word. - Thank you my friend.

I shouldn't doubt you.


Death to the pale-faced enemy! Death to the buffalo hunter!

Stand still, lower your weapons! Stay there!

And you, too.

He helped him kidnap me and then he tried to kill me.

This woman is lying. You must not listen to her.

Moonbeam renounced his people,

he sold his soul to the pale faces.

He is a liar!

Yellow Hand has a tongue like a snake.

Don't be fooled again.

How can you believe what he says?

Moonbeam's words are clear as water,

those of Mano Amarilla are dirty.

For many and many moons

I have fought against the Indians

but my enemies always respected me, and you know it.

Many scalps of my Indian brothers are

hanging on your war belt.

I want to torture you until you die.

And the hair of the great hunter will be hanging

from the stick of my store.

If you want my hair, come get it.

Challenge Yellow Hand to a duel.

I let Manit judge us.

The great spirit will decide.

Yellow Hand was challenged by the white hunter.

Is Yellow Hand trying to dishonor our people?

�George! �Oh, George!

It is suicide, but that fight can save us.

But how can he fight with one of his hands tied?

- Do you believe in God, Miss Mary? - Sure!

Then start praying.

If Bill loses this fight, it would be better if we weren't born.

Vamos, m tame!

Why don't you kill me, white hunter?

I came to keep the peace, that's why I spare your life.

Do you really think they will release us after Bill

humiliated one of your bosses?

Bill fought fair, and the Indians

they also admire courage and generosity.

The traitorous Yellow Hand, because of his attitude,

that bewitched the prairies,

I will be disowned by this people forever.

Colonel Cody, we are grateful to you.

We will never forget that we owe him our lives.

Well, I finally accomplished my mission.

It's in your hands now, Colonel!

I owe you a lot, Bill, I learned and understood many things.

What can I do, Bill, to show you my appreciation?

Nothing for me. But for your daughter, maybe you can do something.


If my pale faced friends follow me to my store

we will be able to proceed to the renewal of the peace treaty.

When will Moonbeam see his great friend again?

in his father's camp?

I'll be back soon.