Brothers (2015) - full transcript

Aslaug Holm follows closely her two young sons Markus and Lukas in their everyday life, while being sons, close brothers, as well as being kids having pleasures and disappointments.

There was nothing in space.

There was one thing that came.

It was God.

Then he created the Earth.

And he created two people.

- Well, come on.
- Huh?

If I jump in, you jump in.
Or else you're chicken.

Okay, Lukas.
Are you coming? Get ready.

- I'll go first.
- Let's shake on it.

- Maybe.
- Maybe?




Take off your T-shin first.

Take off your T-shin and wait here.

I'm gonna dive, I'm gonna dive.

Are you ready to jump more than once?

I don't know yet.

- Jump!
- Alright.

It's great!

Want me to jump?

- Was it nice?
- Yeah, incredible.

Just jump a bit further out,
so you don't hit that.

- What do you mean, "hit that"?
- It's not dangerous, but...

If I were you, I'd jump out there,
as far as I could. Come on.

Come on!

Come on, Lukas.

- I don't know if I'll jump.
- Come on!

Hey, Lukas! Where are you going?

Jeez, you're such a woos.

If you're not afraid,
you can't be courageous.

Or brave. Be brave.

You have to be afraid to be brave.

It's a good thing to remember.

If it can help you to go further,
it's great.

You do stuff you don't dare at first.

One day you just do it.

Okay. Rolling.

Mom's making this movie.

She's filmed me since I was born.

Markus? What do you think about mom
making a film about you and Lukas?

It's a lot of work.

But in like ten years,
when it's done...

it'll be fun to see ourselves as kids.

But what do you think it'll be about?

How we're friends and so on.

And brothers.


I remember thinking, when I had
children, "Everything starts now."

"This is the beginning."

I used to travel the world,
capturing important events on film.

I discovered it was more interesting
to film what was right before my eyes.

That the small moments
contain everything.

And now I can see that the whole
world lies within this tiny universe.

A river.

A school.

A kiosk.

A football field.

A backyard.

Small spaces that contain
an entire childhood.

And though time is endless for a child,
for a mother, -

- it passes far too quickly.

For which days do we really remember
when we look back?

Hello, hello?

- Are you filming?
- I'm just recording the sound.

- Why are you doing that?
- So I can hear your thoughts.

It's my first school day.

I'm a bit shy.

Shy about the principal.

But playtime is sort of exciting.

The big kids...

They walk around with headphones.

Njord Kåsason Fossnes.

Aisha Mahfooz.

Even Fallet.

Katrin Lankova.

Lukas Holm Buvarp.

Hi, Lukas.
Welcome to Sagene School.

I'll just show Lukas...

- ls the first grade up here?
- Yeah, it's weird.

- All the way up'?
- It's on the second floor.

Lukas will have a hard time
getting up there.

Here it is.
It's either here or there.

I have to leave you.
My class starts in a minute.


I'm honestly a bit excited now.

And I know that many of you -

- know this letter.

It's just a straight line.

A vertical line going downwards.

- Lukas, do you remember?
- "I"

it's the letter

And so many of you knew!

'What does Siri see?"

"Fly a plane."


I've finished this
homework assignment.

Now there's this one.

I don't know how to do it.
It's so hard!

It's hard.

- Homework has to be hard. This is too.
- No, not really.

It is.
Maybe not for you, but for me.

I can't do it.

We'll get plenty of homework in sixth,
seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth grade.

You'll have to write
a whole essay in just a week.

And it has to be like 200 sentences.


I don't think it'll go that well.

Here it is.

Wow, it's big!

Look at how big the tooth was!

First your mouth.

- Put it in there.
- Finish your homework. I'll put it...

By your bed.
That's where it'll be.

I dream of...

I dream of being a football star.

Right, after...

"I love Liverpool," that's an...

Exclamation mark.

I'd like to join Liverpool, but its
hard to get a place on that team.

When I'm twelve,
I'll start practicing really hard.

He wasn't offside!

One, two, three...

I think it's important that
dad thinks I'm a good player.

Maybe he thinks I might have a shot.
Unless I hurt my knee like he did.

No squabbling during the game.
I want a good mood. Do your best.

That's the recipe for success.
A good mood and doing your best.

We also have to work on passes.

You have to shoot,
have to dribble, but also pass.

- Don't touch the ball outside the line.
- I know that.

We have to switch sides. The sun
gets in my eyes. It won't be fair.

We'll switch later.
Do your best, Markus.

Okay, Skeid. Come on!

Cover one opponent each.
Look out, Iver.

Guard the goal, Markus! Good!

- Back to defense!
- Great, Markus!

Help him, boys!

Out, Markus!

It's okay, boys.

I'll tell you why
I let so many goals in.

Because the sun got in my eyes.

- Will we win or lose?
- Win, I think.

Now we've switched, their keeper
will get the sun in his eyes.

Oh, but he has a cap.

Too bad. Nice try.

- Home!
- Come on, come on!

- Yeah!
- Shit!


Cheer up. It's our first match.

We should have scored.

But like, the main thing is
to be there, to have fun.

That's the point.
Winning isn't everything.

Tomorrow I'll wear
these football underpants.

Then I'll win tomorrow.

Mommy? What...

Will you cheer for me?

Do I have to be even faster
than a police car?

What if I'm faster than a police car?

When you grow up, you might
get a place on that team.

I know.

Wow! A dog!

You know what that dog did?
Look, a dog! A dog!


The dog scratched itself.

Which team are we on?

- Why...
- Let's go over there.

- I don't want to.
- Come on, Lukas. We'll go together.

- Come on, Lukas.
- But running makes me so tired!

Lukas... Come on.


Hey! Cut it out.

Hey, I'm stronger than you.
I'll knock your ball down.

No, get back in line.

- I was in front of you.
- But you dropped the ball.

I was standing here.

I'm tired of this!

I'm fed up. I didn't say anything.

Hey, what's this?

This... is mud.

And what's this?


Come on, Lukas!

No, I can't do it.

- Did you get upset?
- No.

I got angry because I didn't want
to be at football practice.

I couldn't score any goals.
That's why.

The most important thing
is having a family.

It's good to have a brother.

Then you're not lonely.

Summer. Wind.


Diving into the waves. That's Smøla.

The island where mom grew up.

What I remember best from
my childhood, are the long days.

We had so much time.

Everything was ahead of us,
all our adventures.

I remember the rhubarb
in grandma's garden.

The stormy gusts that hit us
no matter what season.

Maybe the memories I have
from my own childhood -

- are being relived
through the camera.

We used to go to the photographer to
be immortalized, to hang a portrait-

- on the wall for future generations
to remember where they came from.

I remember nothing
from when I was four.

When you get too much to think about,
they fly out without you noticing.

Every year new thoughts fly out of your
head as you get more to think about.

Do you know why mom's filming?

Because... you want me
to remember you -

- when you die.

What do you think happens
when we die?

We meet God.

He's everywhere.

He's there and there and there...

He's even bigger than me.

Lukas? What's it like to be
a younger brother?

I get a bit fed up of him wanting
to decide everything.

Then I don't know what to do.

I don't want to be here.
I want to leave.

And besides, I hate football.

Hate Rosenberg.
Hate Vålerenga.

Hate Lillestrøm.
Hate Skeid.

Hate Norway.
Hate everything.

I even hate everything!



- What's your greatest dream?
- My greatest dream... revenge.

That's what I dream of.

I only care about myself.

Nobody but myself.

I can't push him.

But... it'd be weird if none of them
played football when they grew up.

I'd think that would be very strange.

And we were a bunch who spent
all our spare time playing football -

- from about the age of seven.

The funny thing was that nobody
was pushing me. Nobody at all.



Put your lips to it.

It's healthy.

- I've done it more often than you.
- I did it this morning.

- Huh?
- I did it this morning.


I've still done it more often than you.
I've done it like ten or twelve times.

Know how often I've done it?
Ten or twelve times too.

- Not from the same bottle.
- Sure, you don't know...

- Liar!
- I'm sorry.

I get up every morning before you.
You never notice. I'm so quiet.

I do push-ups and take cod-liver oil.

Then I put it back like this.
I'm sorry.

Hello? Leander?


I just wondered if
we could be friends again.


Yes! Yes!

I played it yesterday.

This game.

It's bloody.
You know what?

It's got these ninjas.

- No, I need...
- You can stop.

We're done.
Do you hear me? There.

We always have to stop!

I think Lukas should
sit there with Noradin.

I'm walking on the bench.

That cheeky, cheeky teacher.

Do you remember the homework
I gave you? Birthdays?

But why are you like this now?

Can't you behave properly?

You know?
Not be cheeky all the time.

Today is Tuesday 14 October 2008.

What's our first lesson today?

- Which group are we going to?
- Math.

I don't wanna go.

I hate school.
It's the worst thing in the world.

I'm going home now.

I'm going home.

- I'm going home.
- You can't do that, Lukas.

Then we'll have to see the principal.
You can't do that. It'll be...

I'm fed up with being here. I'm fed up!

Cheeky, cheeky teacher.
Cheeky, cheeky.

Come on.

- I won't go.
- Why not?

I don't want to.

You have to attend every lesson.

But I hate school.
Who invented groups and all that?

I wish I was home.

But Lukas, they're
waiting for you in class.

You can't run away every time
things get difficult.

Sure I can! I can!

I can just drop out of school.

But you have to go back in, you know.

You can't just stand here.

- Let's return to class. Come on.
- Never.

- Mom will get the blame.
- That's okay.

They'll blame me for your absence.

Right? That would be too bad.

- I don't mind.
- But mom doesn't like it.

- What'?
- That you don't return to class.

It's bad for me.
They'll think it's because I'm filming.

- They'll be angry with me.
- But then it's the teachers' fault.

Then the teachers are shitheads.
I hate them.

If they chew you out, -

- I'll kick them in the dick
and say, "Fuck you!"

Before I had children, I thought,
"if we raise them well," -

- "they'll be good people."

My parents probably
thought the same thing.

And my grandparents.

Growing up in a small coastal town
meant that we soon learned to behave.

I was the sensible big sister.

My little sister and I did
as the grownups told us.

I was surprised when
I became a mother.

Because I discovered that you
were complete from the start.

So strong and independent.

It's about finding your place
in the world. That takes courage.

I'm so shy.

But anyway, I'm fed up.

There's nothing important in there.
It's just 1+1, 2+2, 3+3 and so on.

I know how to do that.

A sentence always starts with...

A capital letter!

What do you need
at the end of a sentence?

A full stop!

Eight times one is eight.

- Eight, sixteen, then I don't know.
- You must practice multiplication.

There's nothing to practice.
There's no point in it.

I forget it, and then
we have to learn it again.

Forget it, then learn it again.
We keep having to learn it.

- That's why you have to repeat it.
- We learn it at school anyway.

But homework will help you remember.

Shit, I need a calculator.


I hate it!

I don't get it.

It's something you have to learn.
When you get a difficult question, -

- you mustn't give up.
Sit down and think.

I think, "What is it?
What is it? No." That's all.

- But...
- But what is it?

- You're just one step away.
- No, I'm not. I practice every day.

Every single day!

I don't have to do it now.

- You're just exaggerating everything.
- I'm exaggerating?

Nobody else has to do
what I'm doing now.

I keep thinking about it all the time.

'You have to do your Norwegian
homework, your math, your English."

"Now you have to do social studies."
I think about it all the time.

The thoughts keep bouncing
around and around.

Many thousand thoughts.

- You think there's too much pressure?
- Yeah.

There's not so much
pressure that I get sick.

When you're a grownup,
maybe forty, -

- too much stress can make you sick.

But you and dad aren't like that.

Maybe dad is, a bit. Sometimes he's
exhausted from working too much.

But not so much that he gets sick.

What do you think
the meaning of life is?

That's a good question.

When I was young, I thought you
grew wiser as you grew older.

It was true for many years.

I don't know exactly when it changed,
but at some point I realised -

- we were losing sight of
what was important.

But maybe it's not
too late to find it again.

One, two, three!

Use all your might.

- You have to help me.
- I'm trying.

But it feels like I'm
the only one who's lifting.

Feels like I'm
the only one who's lifting too.

- One more time.
- We have to make it firmer.

But this has to be
a ball that Lukas can lift.

Okay, grab hold here.
One, two, three...

- Maybe we should move it closer.
- Yeah. Don't drop it.

One, two, three!

Higher. Wait!
Hold it there.

Wait. Hold it there.
Can you hold it there?



It looks nice.

At least we think so.

I think about many things.

I know why we don't float in the air.

Because... You know...

There's like a magnet below us
pulling us down to earth.

There was this Norwegian guy.
I think he's from Trondheim.

He drew Mohammed.

Then he printed it in the paper.

"See the drawings here“.

Where the arrows pointing.
The first drawing. That's Mohammed.

Let me see.

Do you know why he drew Mohammed?

He just felt like drawing
Mohammed for once.

But when the Moslems heard about it,
they were really angry.

Then there was this place
where people work abroad.

The Muslims trashed it completely.

Just smashed everything with crowbars.
Burned it.

Then they had like a message:

"if you do it one more time,
we'll come to Norway and kill you!"

But I sort of understand them.
Their god is very important to them.

Maybe it's the only thing
that matters to them.

Oh, there's no...

Lukas, do you want this?

- It's yogurt.
- Don't you like it?

I think it tastes good.
I thought you might want it.

Then you've got these.
Wait, I just wanna taste them first.

Why are you taking that many?

- You can't take that many.
- I gave it to you.

- Are you gonna eat all of them?
- No.

Then why do you go on eating?

- Markus!
- But I gave it to you.

I don't need any more.

- No.
- You can't tell me what to do.

You can't have cookies.

Because you can't just...
You're such a sweet tooth.

- Get back down.
- You're not in charge here.

No, but you can't have sweets now.

Why are you always so cheeky?
It's unfair.

It's not. I gave you a yogurt.

Why are you always filming?

- What did you do?
- Nothing.

I saw you.
Why did you do that?

You did it on purpose.
You have to mop it up.

I'm not going to do it.

You have to do it.

- Fetch a towel and wipe it up. Go on.
- No.

Show mom what a good boy you are.

- Shall we do it together?
- I won't talk when you film.

- You won't talk while I'm filming?
- No.

Will you talk to me if
I put away the camera? Okay.

I'll turn it off.

What's your greatest dream?
Besides making a good film.

My greatest dream?

- To make a film that...
- I mean besides the film.

Besides that, what's your dream?

I have to think about it.

When I decided to make a film
about you, it seemed like a great idea.

I can see my life now.

All the colours are brown
and gold and silver.

What an incredible opportunity!
To film them from the beginning, -

- when everything's ahead of them,
and everything's possible.

How big is a thought?

Is it bigger than the whole world?

Dare to think big.

Be brave.

Go out and discover the world.

There are so many stories
I should have told you -

- about my own childhood.

How good it was to just lie on
the pier and wait for life to begin.

"Make every film as if it's the last
thing you do," said Bergman.

What began as a small film
has grown bigger and bigger.

Sometimes I think you'll be adults
before I have time to finish the movie.

Where does it come from, this
irresistible urge to outdo yourself?

Lately I've thought about the story
of the great white whale, Moby Dick.

About the captain who pursued it,
knowing he risked everything, -

- including his own life.

But he did it anyway.

The pursuit became an obsession.

I recognise myself.

Like a hunter scouting for whale, -

- I pursued the perfect moment
as a photographer.

Maybe it's in our blood.

My grandfather hunted whales.
He and his twin brother-

- hunted whales that were
as long as their ship.

A relative documented the events
with a film camera.

That's why we have footage
of grandfather and his brother-

- hunting whales.

The dream of the great catch
kept them going.

The unique event that would
overshadow their everyday struggle.

But whose dreams do we chase?

Are they our own,
or our parents' dreams?

I was ten years old when
they filmed the whale on the pier.

Over 30 years later I see my image,
captured by him for a few seconds.

A precious moment that reminds me
of who I am and where I come from.

Now I'm an adult and a mother.
I have my own film camera.

I document our time, but
it will soon pass as well.

It's strange to think of
how little time we have.

What should we spend it on?

You're lucky to have experienced
so many things when you were young.

Do you sometimes think
you don't want to grow up?

But that's pretty...

That's how life is.
You can't stop life and rewind.

But I wish you could.

26, 27, 28, 29...

Is this 30 in all?

2, 4... 10.

Ifs 93.

I'll have some football cards.

What kind of cards?

- Football cards. The ones...
- These?

I didn't get
any Liverpool cards either.

Is this Liverpool?


I didn't get any Man U.
I got Brazil.

- Oh, golly!
- Is he that good?

You know how much he earns?
In one week, John Carew earns more -

- than mom and dad together
earn in a whole year.

Who's this?

Wait, wait, wait! Go back. Back.

That one! Frode Kippe.

My uncle.

He's good.

They're both really good.

No, I want to have it here.
It's my ball.

I'll take your cards.

- Markus!
- It stays there. As usual.

Then you can't have your gloves.

You'll be cold.

Why did you put snow on them?

What shall we do now?

Why did you do it?
You want me to do like this?

Don't take it!

No, no, no! Don't hit him with...

- Are you okay?
“No! '

- I'm sorry.
- No! He's a shitbag!

Is it okay if I just
move away from Markus?

- You want to do that?
- Yeah.

But you often play well together.

But I hate having a brother.
A mean brother.

I won't be mean if you just say yes.

I want to be your friend.

It's not easy to be a big brother.

I mean, it's easy to be strong.

But when we fight,
I'm much stronger than him.

It's not very fair to Lukas.

Because he isn't as strong as me.

It's a Christmas present for Lukas.


Which moments do we remember
when we look back?

Is it important events,
when you know you're witnessing -

- history being made?

Maybe we'll remember
this December evening.

Marching through the streets
of Oslo, full of hope.

President Obama has received
the Nobel Peace Prize today.

The first coloured president
in the history of the US.

NRK is covering it live. Knut Olsen,
one of our best journalists, -

- is the host.

A year later,
he's no longer among us.

We never know which days will come.

Markus and Lukas
are invited to the studio -

- to be interviewed as brothers
of the new generation.

But there's not enough time
for the interview.

But we have a good view of the events,
and I wonder -

- if my children will remember
this evening when they're my age'?

Or will they remember
the gravel pitch better?

Okay, come on!

Great, Lukas!

- You're much better!
- I know.

Come on, Lukas!

We can stay here until eight.

This is really fun.
Practicing and so on.

It really hurts
when you do like that.

It really hurts.

I'm impressed by the way you take it.

That's good, Lukas.

I love football.

I like Rooney.

Manchester United.

Rosenberg is okay.

No, it's no use.

Just stop filming.

- So what's happening this evening?
- It's a party.

Our first class party.

It's... Why is it so important?
You got to see me prepare.

It's enough. Enough.

- Okay, are you nervous?
- I can repeat it.

It's our first class party.

Are you nervous?
What are you most nervous about?

Whether there's food there.

You got a girlfriend, Markus?

- I don't know when that'll be.
- You get embarrassed.

- I'm not afraid of girls.
- But embarrassed.


I don't get embarrassed.

I haven't been shy.

But have you thought
about your first kiss?

I think it'll happen soon.

But not quite yet.

It'll probably be in junior high.

Sorry. It was too fast.
I got excited.

Okay. We'll take it from here.
Do your best. It's a bit hard.

Look what happened!
This one snapped.

I knew you'd snap a string
sooner or later, Markus.

Oh, how do you do this?

- Can your dad fix it, Ådne?
- Yeah, I guess so.

- Markus, join in the chorus.
- Check the sound.

I'll give everything for football
and everything for the band.

Playing guitar with
Adne and Magnus.

Playing rock.

But you have to choose.
Will it be football or...

I'll decide soon enough.

I've already chosen football.

I know who they are.

They're Green Day.

They're cool.

This guy is Billie Joe Armstrong.

He plays the guitar.

He's got cool hair.

I might colour my hair like that.

- Are you gonna copy his hairstyle?
- Yeah.

But are you gonna shape it like
he does, or keep it like it's now?

I guess it's up to me.
But I could have that colour.

And in addition I might get -

- a tiny earring.

Just a tiny one. Maybe.

But dad... I don't know.

He might not be
that keen on earrings.

- You'll have to hide it.
- Why'?

I have to tell him.

Okay, MW-

I'm gonna comm my hi“.

I think that guy in Green Day
has a cool hairstyle.

- What colour do you want?
- Black.

- It'll be much darker than now.
- That's what's cool.

He wants an earring as well.

- He's just awesome, that guy.
- He's planning to get an earring.

An earring?
We're talking about a tiny one.

But you're not planning
to get one now, are you?

- What about a big one?
- No, I'm not.

But I... I'd like to.

I'll only do it if I find one I like.

The point is that it's ugly.

What do you mean, ugly?

- I mean what I say. it's ugly.
- What if I was a girl?

I don't think it's suitable for boys.
I have to say what I mean.

Alright. I'll forget about it.
I'll forget about it.

I mean, people change.
You grow older, want to try new things.

That's what I'm doing.

If you imagine me with
black hair, with like -

- short hair and gel, it'll look cool
when I'm playing in the band.

It'll look mean on
the football pitch loo.

Because when you grow up,
though some guys still look good -

- with blonde hair, even when
they're over twenty, it's like...

Most guys prefer to have darker hair.
It looks cooler, more grown-up.

I can see the outline of what's ahead.

Not long ago, I enthusiastically
recorded his first steps.

The first independent steps
to the future.

But freedom requires responsibility,
the ability to choose.

How hard is it to go against
your parents' hopes and dreams?

You must decide quickly:
left, right or head'?

It's vital to get a powerful shot.


Meet it.

Years of filming from the sidelines
has helped me understand -

- that the hours spent
aren't just about football.

Football is an approach to life,
a way to understand -

- solidarity and friendship,
learn to see things through.

You might be on Skeid's first team
in a few years.

It's up to you,
and nobody else, to decide.

Good shot.

He doesn't shoot that well.
He rarely does.

If you colour your hair red,
it's not that easy.

You can't make it in football
if you colour your hair.

Mom says you have to go back
at least two generations -

- to understand who you are.

My grandmother grew up in this house
more than a century ago.

It's a long time ago,
but also a short time.

The contrast to everyday life
in the city is huge.

I often wonder what it would have been
like if my children had grown up here.

A completely different life.

We lived close to nature,
to serious things.

We had to learn to be
responsible early on.

I'm named after my grandmother,
who was christened Aslaug Bergtora.

She had strong hands,
and was hard-working.

My great-grandmother
had seven sons.

And they all worked at sea.

Her sons worked as fishermen
from the age of 15 years.

They grew strong.

My grandfather was
on a boat that sank.

They had to act quickly
to save their lives.

I remember dad telling me
about the dramatic shipwreck.

They couldn't save any possessions
when they abandoned ship.

They barely had time to film the boat
before it sank beneath the waves.

My sisters and I were disappointed
that dad didn't rescue the jacket -

- mom had knitted for him before
the fishing season started.

We didn't understand that
if he'd tried to retrieve it, -

- dad would have vanished
in the deep along with the boat.

Four decades earlier, my grandmother
lost her two brothers at sea.

Mom says the ocean has
done something to our family.

We've become strong,
but also hard and obstinate.

Come on, Lukas!

Come on, Lukas.

Rah, rah, rah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

Come here, everyone.

Lukas will join us for a while today.
Play with us a bit.

You played a good match yesterday.

We won 6-4.
It could've been 10-4.

But we have a weak spot.
We have to work on reception.

Cushion a high ball like this:

Try stretching out your foot instead
of cushioning it with your chest.

You know, Ole Gunnar Solskjær
scored 132 goals for Man U.

90 were on the first touch.

Now turn.

Good attempt.

Now shoot.

Meet me when I'm about
to throw. Meet me first.

Make it instinctive.
Solskjær scored that many goals -

- by taking the keeper by surprise.

Come on, Lukas.
Jog toward me.

Good, Lukas.

Great, Lukas!
Skeid's new striker.

Beautiful goal, Lukas.
How did you manage to hit it?

- I just hit it.
- Nice try.

Wait until it almost hits the ground.
Remember what we've learned.

Upper body forward.
Lean over the ball.

- Oh shit.
- He broke the window.

- Boy, I'm in trouble now!
- Lukas!


- Lukas! What's the matter with you?
- I don't know.

Oh gosh.

Someone has to pay for it.
Talk to the people at the office.

I don't know exactly what they'll do.

Could you go to the principal's office
and let them know'?

- You'll have to hear what they say.
- Okay'?

Okay. Oh dear.

I've never been to
the principal's office before.

Oh, shit.

I bet it's in there.

"The office“.

- What happened?
- I broke a window playing football.

You want black hair
and an ear piercing?

Well, I don't know.

- Uncertain'?
- Yeah.

If you want it, you should have the
piercing before you colour your hair.

- You want the piercing?
- Okay. The left ear.

You can just sit down.

Just lean back
and breathe with your stomach.


It's a bit red now, but it'll
pass in a few minutes.

If it hadn't been an accident,
even if you told us, -

- you'd have to pay 250 kroner.

It would have cost you 250 kroner.

I've got more than that.
I've saved more.

- You've saved more than that?
- Yeah.

But it's no fun spending
your savings on something like that.

I'll let it pass this time.
You've understood -

- that you can't play football
in the schoolyard?


But I don't have to pay.

I've got like 27,000 kroner
in the bank.


it's easy to see that you're
a bit unhappy now.

- Yeah. I had to see the principal.
- Right?

- You were scared.
- How can... How would you know?

You were scared.

It's easy to tell, Lukas.
It's not that hard to see.

I wonder what dad's gonna say now.

How he'll react.

It's dad.


Suddenly, like "bang“,
you were there.

I just have to take off my glasses.

- I think it's an improvement.
- It looks reddish to me.

- But are you happy with it?
- Yeah.

Well, that's good.

No, give me a break.

Yeah, okay. Sorry.

I knew it.

I can't pretend to like it if I don't.

You've never played in a band either.
You don't know anything about...

Time never stops.
It just goes on and on.

Even if everything else ended,
time would continue.

Time just goes on.

We don't know
what'll happen at the very end.

Each year is like a breath of air.

Blowing past.

38, 39, -

- 40, 41, 42, 43, 44...

Mom's 44 years old.

I think reaching 44 years is scary.
Turning 50 is even scarier.

- You shouldn't think about death.
- I shouldn't?

It's not the right thing
to think about.

- What should I think about?
- Good things. It'll work out.

In the end.

- Are you nervous?
- A bit.

Which subjects do you
hope to get at the exam?

Social science, Norwegian, English...

Do you look forward to it or dread it?

It'll be strange, though.


Fredrik will get French.

Well, I bet Fredrik will gel...

Almost everyone gets French.

I'll now read the names
of the first group.

They'll get the oral English exam.

They are Emil Bolle Lyngstad,
Sanne lversen Lurås, -

- Silja Furset,
Markus Holm Buvarp, -

- Victor Fæster,
Sol Esperanza Pellicer, -

- Sophia Adampour
and Mohammed Mahnin.

I think it's a relief to get English.

It's kind of good to know that
it's English and not math.

This is it.
The final test, like.

- Markus?
- Yeah?

Can we have a band session?

I've got football practice.
Can't skip it because of the exam.

- Is the spring season over?
- Yeah.

We've got one game left.

If you skip practice,
you're out of there.

It was a tough countermove.
I was alone.

I just got to out off the keeper.

But I really wanted to score, right?

Shit. I was so close.

You've studied here for many years.

Seven years at the same school
as your brother.

Now he's graduating.

How do you feel about
being alone here?

Well, now we meet each other,
talk and so on.

I'll no longer be able to talk
to my brother at recess.

Because he won't be here.
So it'll be different.

If you look a bit further ahead, what
are your thoughts about the future?

Well, I'm not sure.

I'd love to be a football player, but
I wouldn't mind being an engineer.

It's harder to become a football player
than an engineer.

What are your football ambitions?

In time, in maybe five or six years, -

- I want to play in
the Norwegian Premier League.

My brother plays there.

It takes a vast amount
of rigorous training.

I respect your goal. I had dreams
as well when I was your age.

I wouldn't be here if I'd made it.

Everyone wants to be great.

The ones who invest the most have
the greatest chance of success.

I'm sick of your filming.
It's driving me crazy.

You're just as neurotic.
You can't finish it.

I mean, it's a decade
since you started.

It's like a nuthouse.

- Enough.
- It's the end of the project.

Sure, but I can't take it right now.

You can do what you want.

I'm going to football practice,
so no can do.

Stop it.

Once and for all.

Oh dear.

I'm trying to finish, identify the end.

Sure, but you just have to find an end.
You've got enough material.

Why haven't I been able to complete
my project? It's been almost a decade.

Maybe because when the film is done, -

- it means that an era is past.

And the next stage
is you moving away.

What excites you most when
you think about the future?

Basically everything.

It's a bit strange, but...

it's like a new chapter.

I've always known that
the day would come.

But I've kept on hoping that
it would never arrive.

Because I thought it would mean
that the best days were gone.

How to end a journey?

We arrive.
But is that the end?

Or a new beginning?

Don't ask me
all those existential questions.

But aren't the existential questions
the ones we need to ask, Lukas?

Because that's what life's about.
And the film.

Come on, Lukas!


Two... Will you go after me?


Come on, Lukas!

Wait, wait.

I'll jump-

Lukas, Lukas.

You're not a coward.

- It's cold!
- It's not cold.

A bit cold.
I'll try one more time.

It's a bit cold the first time.
The first time...

- The second time...
- ls much better.