Brotherly Love (2015) - full transcript

Set in West Philadelphia, born-and-raised basketball star Sergio Taylor deals with the early pressures of fame. Alongside older brother June, who lost his own hoop dreams to the streets to provide for the family after their father's death, and sister Jackie , whose own musical ambitions are sidetracked by love, Sergio faces life-altering decisions on the tough streets of Philly.

(music playing)

Hey, yo, that's the, uh,

food, oh? Go grab that.

Give me the money.

Go grab

that, man.

What 'bout Chris?

He in the bathroom.

That's your


He's not my blood.

You back again?

How much money

you trying to lose?




(alarm clock ringing)

RADIO D.J.: Wake up, Little Joe

here. Rise and shine.

It's your host

with the most.

JACKIE: This is my

older brother, Eric,

but we call him June,

short for Junior.

He's been taking care of us

ever since our dad died.

He thought he was gonna

be a ballplayer

but life had other plans.

Our dad used to say,

"We do what we have to do."

Well, he's been holding down

at our house since he was 15.

("Lovely Day,"

by Jill Scott, playing)

JUNE: Serg, get up,

you know what it is.

Time to go.

Hey, I know

you heard me.

Get your ass up.

SERGIO: Oh, man.

JUNE: Hey, boy, you can't

sleep your dreams down, man,

you got to chase

it. Get up, boy.

Hey, I'm putting this money up

here on the dresser, all right?

JACKIE: His dreams are now in

my twin brother, Sergio.

Our mom says, Sergio's

first word was "Kobe."

Our dad was a musician,

but he was the biggest

76ers fan ever.

Doc, Barkley, Iverson,

they were our heroes.

Sergio was ranked one

of the top ten high school

players in the nation.

Which brings us to me, Jackie.

JUNE: Wake up.

6:00 and I don't wanna be

in that bathroom all day.

Jack, get up!


heard you.

I'm up.

I grew up listening

to all the Philly greats,

Jill Scott, Boyz II Men,

Musiq Soulchild.

Our dad used to play drums

for a lot of those groups.

When I was a kid I used to sit

in on some of the sessions.

I've been hooked

on music ever since.

("Lovely Day,"

by Jill Scott, playing)

Damn. Jack.

Jack, come on, man. It's

been a half hour already.



Get some money from June

for me before he leaves.

Please. Like 50.

Thanks, baby.

Jackie needs

some bread.


How much?

Half a man.

I just gave her

50 yesterday, yo.

Well, tell her I

said, "Get a job."


Hey, look, let me get

half of that apple, though.

Where your hooping gear?

You know we got practice,


JACKIE: Sergio's best

friends, Sean and Dez,

were always getting

him in trouble.

He knew better, but to

tell you the truth,

he probably would have been

bored without them.

Hey, bro. So, look,

it's a girl in there,

so when she come out, you're

going--you're going run in.

What she look like?

DEZ: Chill with all that. Be

worried about these snacks, bro.

All right.

All right.

Here she come.

Hey, cutie.

No hoes.

All right. Go ahead,

go for it. Go, go, go.

Hold that.


Grab me some

Skittles, dog.


Okay. Got some

barbeque jawn,

some Skittle jawn.

Oh, dang.

(music playing)


Come on!

Come on!


Our neighborhood was divided

into two sections,

the hilltop and the bottom,

where we're from.

The kids on the hill always

thought they were better

because they had

a little more money,

but we had all

the same problems,

drugs, crime, and

everything else.

Even though our

neighborhood was divided,

we all attended

the same school.

Overbrook High,

the castle on the hill.

It's located in the center

of all the drama.

We were always beefing.

There was a constant war

between them and us.

My two best friends

were Trina

and my brother June's

girlfriend, Simone.

Simone and June

have a son together.

TRINA: You don't have

to do that.

SIMONE: They'll try you.


They will shoot

all the time.

Hey, Jack, you do

your math homework?

JACKIE: Uh-huh. Why?

Let me see

that jawn.

I'm glad we ain't

got cheerleading

practice today.

I am not in the mood.

TRINA: Oh, that's right.

Girl, you better start doing

your own homework, Trina.

Why? I know you're

gonna do yours.

Ain't that what

friends are for?

Jack, I need

you to babysit

for me tonight.

I'm trying to go

to Peanut' party?

I love my nephew, but

I do not have kids.

Plus, I might be busy.

Yeah, right.

Never mind, I'll

ask your mom.

Oh. Y'all see

Chris' new car?



Girl, that boy is fine.

Last I checked

he was from the

hill, am I right?

So what? I will

break his ass down.

Right? But the dance

is coming up.

I'm thinking, date,

Jack, huh, Moni?

Uh-uh. Nope.

No. Uh-uh. I ain't

co-signing that one.

I ain't thinking

about no dance.

I could care less.

All right. Whatever.

I'm just trying to look

out for a sister.

I'm going to the

library where some

of y'all need to be.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Meet me at my locker

after school.


Yeah, and call me

if you could babysit.

CHRIS: What you

reading, sis?

You wouldn't

know it.

Well, try me.

Makes Me Wanna Holler.

By Nathan McCall.

You're spending all this

time in the library

and you're still judging

a book by its cover.

I just thought.

CHRIS: What?

That I was lost?


I read it and a few

others like it.

You're June's

sister, right?

Yeah, that's me.

And you and Sergio,

y'all are twins.


You did your homework.

You know, I be

seeing you at the game

doing your

cheerleadin' thing.

I always thought

you was cute

but I don't never

see you with no dudes.

You got a boyfriend?

These little boys

right here?

Yeah, right.

Plus, they all act like

they' scared of June.


Don't you live somewhere

down the bottom?

Yeah. And?

Not like that, but...

I drive that way

when I go way home.

I'd love to give

you a ride.

I'm asking

if you want.

I'm literally parked

right in front

of the school.

So maybe we

can meet there

and finish


Yeah? No?

I'll see you later.

Let's go.

Let's go.

("What We Do,"

by Freeway, playing)

JACKIE: Serg has always

been special to me.

As divided as our

neighborhood is,

Serg is the only thing that

seems to bring us all together.

("What We Do,"

by Freeway, playing)

Yeah, that's what

I'm talking about.

COACH: That's what

I'm talking about.

("What We Do,"

by Freeway, playing)


Man, I'm tired

as hell.

You better

get your rest.

It's going down

tonight, cousin.

Hey, you all going

to Nut' party tonight?

MAN: Hell, yeah.

So what you're

gonna do, Serg?

Yeah, I'm going.

You kidding me, man?

No, man. I mean, like,

after we graduate.

No, I mean, hopefully

go to a D 1 college.

You know, everybody

say I'm good enough,

but you never know

what can happen

between now and

then, you know

what I mean?

Yeah, you right.

Crazy thing

is though, man,

you're gonna get so

much better by then.

I'm thinking about

trying to go to

college too.

That's cool, bro.

And you definitely

could do it.

You think so?


I bet you could

do anything.

But first

things first.

Look, I already

know, man,

we got Bartram

this Friday

and you got to worry

about it.


You got Bartram

to worry about.

I don't worry.

I win.

Come on, man. And I

know you heard

about Nate Richards

committin' to Georgetown.

You better step

your game up.


He's 30

and he's

a senior.

It's his third

year as a senior.

All them scouts that's

gonna be there, bro,

I'm getting in my bag,

I'm dropping like

50 on 'em, count it.

"He's 30 years old.

I'm getting in my bag."

Look man, he gonna bust

all of us up and drop 50

if you don't lock him up.

That's all I'm saying.

("I'm a Hustla,"

by Cassidy, playing)

JACKIE: June has been

best friends with

these two brothers,

Peanut and Bunch

since he was five.

The three of them were

always up to no good.

But June takes care of them

like he takes care

of Serg and me.



You get my stash from Ty?

Yeah, yeah.

He said he needs four

a half by tonight.

Word? That's

what he said?

All right.

Yo, is this my CD?

It was.

Shit, you had my Drake

joint so we even, man.

Man, sit down.

Nigga, you drawin'.

Wiz for Drake?

How the fuck

is that even?

I'm bringing your shit

over tomorrow.

Yo, you seen that

boy Chris's car?

Hell, yeah,

that shit' dope.

I'm gonna take

that shit.

Word. I think it was

the eight cylinder jawn.

That was that

six cylinder.

He just had that

AMG kid on that.

He didn't spend no

60 "Gs" on that.


I can say if anybody

know, you know, huh?

You know I know.

Say, what's the word

on that homicide

last night?

Same shit.

Niggas on the hill

tripping about it.

Yeah, it's about

to get crazy out here.

You know all they like

to do is rumble up there

but niggas don't

got no heart.

No shit. But they can do

it however they wanna do.

Man, I say, we just stay

focus on this cheese.

Everything going

smooth right now.

We don't need no dumb

shit fucking it up.

You know what

I'm talking about?

Yeah, don't worry

about them nerds, man.

Let's get this money.

That nigga June over

there is always

trying to act like.

Oh, whoa, this nigga always

waving a gun and shit.

This crazy motherfucker.

Trying to act like he got some

important shit to do, right?

Nigga, that's

because I do.

I got responsibilities

to handle.

Shit, I'm trying to get

us to fuck up this

block, ASAP, nigga.

Jackie got to go turn

the music school

downtown next

year, you know?

I heard about

that school.

I might fuck

with it myself.

"Heard it myself,"

this nigga?

You know what,

I'm trying to make beats,

motherfucker, like, shit.


(music playing)

("Hush," by L.L. Cool J,



Just like I was saying,

you know Muhammad Ali

may be my pops that's why

I got them hands, son.


Dude, you got to stop

talking about your

mom like that, bro.

I'm just

joking, dawg.

Where's your



What, you ain't

had no homework?

Yeah, yeah.

I go to work

when I get home

from school.

Man, they better

be lucky even

go to school

anymore, for

real, brother.

The only reason I go

is because that's where

everybody else

at all day.

Yeah, but real talk,

man, you heard what

happened to Omar?


Him and some

dudes from the

Hill got hit up.

They dead?


Deader than

disco music.

And, now, it's gonna

start a war.

Yeah, y'all

better be ready

to knuckle up.

Huh? First up, you

better be ready

to knuckle up.

There you go again,

man. Look.

That's all I'm saying.

I'm out.


Why are you

so quiet?

What do you want

me to say?

You can say whatever's

on your mind.

You do know it's

dangerous out

here for you,


with me?

You didn't know I

wasn't into this

whole war thing?

You didn't know

you didn't have

a choice?

Ah, this is my

jawn right here.

What you know

about this?

That's you.

That's you.


Well, guess what?

Actually--no, I'm not

gonna say nothing

because you're not

gonna believe me.


You're not gonna believe me.

Never mind.

Fine, I don't even

wanna know.

My dad manages her.

Stop lying.

I know you wasn't

gonna believe me.

For real?

For real.

And I helped

write the song.

Okay. Now, I know

you're lying.

I'm serious.

You wanna

meet her?

Yeah. And while

we're at it,

let's meet Beyonce

and Jay-Z too.


Pull over right here.

All right.

So this is where the

magic happens, huh?

I guess so.

Look, maybe I could

really help you

with this

book report

and call me

if you want.

What are you

trying to do?


Come on, now.

You know we can't do this.

Honestly, I really

don't see the problem.

Look, it ain't gonna happen.

MRS. TAYLOR: Who was that?

Who was who?

Who the who?

What are you an owl

or something?

Who was that man that just

dropped you off just now?

It wasn't no man. It was

just some boy from school.

Okay, boy.

I don't know what you're

doing running around

with that boy but he

ain't sniffing around

your ass looking

for no roses.

MAN: What?

ZIP: Five hundred, nigga.

MAN: Bet that, bet that.

WOMAN: Let's go today.

MAN: You gonna blow on my dice?

ZIP: That shit out

of here. Today.

All right. Today.

That's what it is.

What's that? Seven.

JUNE: Where's my money?

ZIP: Damn.

JUNE: Where's my money?

Hey, nigga, you owe me

some money or what?

(crowd chattering)

MAN: Where the dice at?

Where the dice at?

What up, Zip?

What's up?

Where the dice at?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Zip, who this?

Bunch, you know

this nigga right here?

I never seen this funny

looking nigga in my life.

June, this is Kram,

this is my cousin.

He just moved out here.

Hey, what's up,

Mr. June?

I've been looking for you.

This nigga been

looking for me.

Y'all know that?

You show him.

BUNCH: You need to tell your

cousin somethin' before he get

fucked up out here, man.

ZIP: June, seriously?

We all here to get money

and have a good

time, that's it.

Listen, you ain't

got to explain shit

because this is

our neighborhood.

MAN: Who?

Yeah, what's up, little man?

Oh, this is your hood?

KRAM: Yes, sir.

Look, Zip, you better get your

cousin because this his hood

and we don't even

know that shit.

We been out here

all year nigga.

We ain't seen this

fat nigga yet.

ZIP: June.

Let me explain

to you how this

it's gonna go now.

What's gonna

happen right now?

From now on,

this shit is dead.

None of you bottom

niggas is coming

out here at all

until we find out who

killed my boy, Omar.

You hear me? Tough

Tony, pretty boy?

Little man?

MAN: Yes, sir.

KRAM: You hear me?

All right. Cool.

Look, let me tell

you something,

you don't run shit.

All right?

Don't get me fucked up,

man, coming out here

like you're all tough,

Chinese beard looking

mother fucker.

(crowd chattering)


(crowd chattering)

JACKIE: When my dad died,

it was like part

of our mom died too.

She changed so much.

She drinks and smokes

all the time.

I feel like we take

care of her now.

Hey, yo. My nigga Peanut

is crazy as shit, bro.

You all seen

him, man?

Hey, man, I got

to get me a gun

for real.

What you all think?

Man, Peanut was on one.

I think Bunch broke

down that one nigga's

jaw, though, for real.

Hey, I did see that, man.

The dude had that a little...

"World Star"!

Hey, hey, hey,

y'all trying to

make some money?

Shit. You ain't got to

tell me twice. What's good?

Yeah, man, as long as

it ain't one of your

harebrain ass schemes.

Man, chill will all

that. Now, look,

I was chilling some

kids from the hill

this weekend with

my cousins, right?

Y'all know what them

big ass houses be?


All right. So, my cousin,

he knows some kids

that stay over there.

Look, that house got

everything in there.

All right. Yeah, but what's

that got to do with us?

I'm getting there, nigga.

Look, so we're

playing 2K, right?

I go downstairs

to grab a soda,

you feel me?

And I see a key

that's in the shelf.

So, you know me,

I go to the front

to see if it worked,

you know what I'm

saying? It ain't

work in the front

but I bang to

the back, boom.

Green money.

Yo, you got a key

to the house, dawg?

What? And check

this, they

leaving next month,

so that means I found

the ultimate lead,

which means it's

about to be the

Grinch Stole Christmas

in that bitch

for everybody, man.

Yeah, I'm good

on that, brother.

I'm really not trying to get

booked on no B and E shit.

Hey, man, ain't nobody

going in no damn jail, bro.

Now, look, your

brother and them?

Peanut, Bunch, BSB,

Them niggas are getting

into it, bro.

They really getting

money and I'm trying

to do it like that.

Plus, I'm on a fixed

income already, man.

What's that?

It mean I got

to fix it,

so I could get

some income, nigga.

Now, look, man, I ain't

got no hoop dreams

or whatever like

y'all got, all right?

I got to grind for mine.

So I'm doing this shit

with or without y'all.

You know I could use

that extra paper, man.

See, now that's what

I'm talking about.

They leavin'

the same week

as the dance.

So the way I see

it, you know,

we hit it the

same night.

You really think

this could work?

Not only do I think

it could work,

we got the perfect alibi.

The dance.

(telephone rings)


Jack, what happened?

Where were you?

I waited for you and

almost missed the bus.

JACKIE: My phone

died. My phone.

You ain't gonna believe

who drove me home.

Jack, I don't care

if Lil Wayne

picked your ass up

and drove you home.

You just--you don't do

that kind of thing.

That boy, Chris.

Chris, who?

Chris, Chris?


Oh, shit. How'd

that happen?

I met him in the

library today.

All right. Well, how

the hell did you get

from the library

to your house?

Well, we talked

for a little bit

and he offered me a

ride home from school.

Mm-hmm. You ain't

got to wait until

after school

to let him give

you a ride.

You're so

damn nasty.

He gave me his

number too.

All right. Well,

did you call him?

You think I

should call him?

Jack, after I almost

missed the bus

for y'all,

you better call him.

Well, give me

one good reason

why I should

call him.

Okay. I'll give

you three.

Number one, you

ain't about to

be calling my ass

every half hour

this evening,

talking about some,

"I'm bored."

number two, if you

don't call him,

I'm gonna come

over there and

beat your ass.

Okay, whatever.

TRINA: And number three,

if you don't call him,

I'm coming over and

beating that ass.

As a matter of fact,

I'ma get Bunch

to come over and

beat that ass.

How about that?

TRINA: Yeah, uh-huh.

That's what I thought.

Hang up this

phone right now

and call that boy.

Okay, bye.

(telephone rings)


Hey, is Chris there?

Yeah, this is Chris.

Who is this?

Jackie from school.

CHRIS: Hey, what's up?

Hold on one second.


You all right?

Yeah, I'm cool.

You decided to call me?

It was the book

thing, you know.

You surprised

me with that.

You know what's

funny? I was actually

reading that book

since you mentioned

it earlier.

JACKIE: Oh, yeah?


I mean, know you

probably thought

I was joking earlier

but I don't know if...

How you wanna do it,

but I can...

I can always...

Wait, are you

allowed company?

Trust me, you don't

wanna do that.


I mean, you can always

come to my house.

Your house? Oh,

I don't know.

I don't really know

you like that.

I'm just trying

to help.

I mean, I know

it's the weekend.

You probably going out, right?

I'm not about to pull

your leg about it

but I'm just


All right.

Look, meet me at the

Sugar Bowl at like, 8:00.

Don't have me

looking stupid.

I couldn't do that

if I tried.


Yeah, yeah. You

know, I got you.


Oh, yeah, yeah.

I need that.


DEZ: Yeah, no, I got you.

What's up y'all?

Hey, what up, bro?

What's going

on, Serg?

How many y'all going

drop on Bartram, though?

You better come

out to find out.

Yeah. You're right,

you're right.

Hold on one second,

though. All right?

No, you good, man.

Keep that. You good.

Go ahead.

DEZ: You sure?

Yeah, I'm sure.

All right, bro.

Yup. No problem.

I better see you

there, though.

I will.


("Real One,"

by Quilly, playing)

D.J.: Oh, shit.

My man, Serg, in

the building.

Yo, Peanut. Happy birthday.

Let's turn up.

("Real One,"

by Quilly, playing)

("Real One,"

by Quilly, playing)


You live here?

CHRIS: No, we just broke

in somebody' house.

About to go

chill for a minute.

(laughs sarcastically)

Smarty pants.

I'm just saying

it's nice.

Thank you.

Appreciate it.

Where your peoples?

You know, my dad that

club or whatever

but my mom, who tell

her where she at.

You wanna, um, start

on this book report

or listen to

some music?

Oh my--what?

You do know her.

You wasn't lying.

Told you.

I wanna go to the


Music Academy

when we graduate.

How you start

doing that?

You know, my dad,

he manages groups

and stuff

so that's--well,

that's pretty much it.

You know, I'm around

the studio,

helpin' 'em write

songs, lyrics,

the groups end up

liking 'em.

Hey, and I'm involved.

They pay you?

Do they pay me?

You see my car?

Well, I'm impressed.

You know, I heard

you a singer too,

like a really

good singer.

Who told you that?

You know, how you

hear stuff about me?

I hear stuff

about you.

I guess.

That's what I wanna

do and I'm focused.

Well, why don't we

do a collaboration?

Like a Bobby and

Whitney type deal.

Okay, not Bobby

and Whitney

but you know what

I'm talking about.

Something like it.

You know, I heard about

your cousin, Omar,

and I'm real

sorry about that.

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, he was like

my brother.

I'm still trying

to figure how to

get it all together,

you know?

I'll be all

right, though.


So where your


I don't have

a girlfriend.

I was hoping

you would be

interested in that.

With all those girls

that'd be chasing you?

I think I might

save myself

the trouble.

All those girls,


Whoever you're getting

your information from

is really spinning

you in this wrong

direction about me

because it ain't

even like that.

Look, don't get

me wrong.

I think you're

cute or whatever,

but I have plans

and I don't have time

to be sidetracked

by some gaming

ass nigga.


Jack, I think you're

a really cool chick

but it's like I

see you around

and I'm like I really

wanna get to know

this girl.

I mean, to be honest,

I got a lot of stuff

on my hands as well.

But all this name

calling you're doing,

I really don't think

I deserve all that.

I don't. And I don't

wanna even hold

you up either.

You ready to go?

I thought you was

gonna help me with

my book report.

I was up there

slaying that ass.

I want you all

to call me Conan

from now on.

Oh, this dude

Conan, huh?

Well, Conan, if you

focus on your work

more than you do

these hoes, we'd

all be driving

Bentleys out this

bitch, man.

Man, just because

you on lock down,

don't be

hating on me.

Nigga 22 acting

like he's 35.


Man, You got to realize

what we got, man.

Shit, I'm out here

making sure we eat, man.

While you all motherfuckers

out here running around

and acting like

y'all rich.

Come on, man. Y'all

got to tighten up, man.

These motherfuckers

out here want what

y'all got.

They want what

I got, man.

But they can't

get that shit

and I ain't

gonna let them.

But y'all got

to remember,

shit just got

real, man.

Well, shit, all right.

Keep my blinky on me.

Oh, that's

what you do?

Don't give a fuck, nigga.

Put that shit up.

You'll shoot

your damn self.

MAN: June.

You know that boy

from the center in here?

(music plays)

(music plays)

Hey, nigga, why you

turn the music off?

Nigga, what the fuck?

Nigga, that.

MAN: Talk that now, huh.


MAN: Yeah, talk that now.

Talk that now.

Cut my party?

Well, I hope you

get a good grade

on this book report.

I think that depends

on if you knew

what you was talking

about, right?

I guess so.

So, what are

you, uh...

what are you

doing tomorrow?

Our game is Friday.

Okay. What about

after the game?

You know my brother June

gonna be there, right?

What that mean?

Fuck. I'ma

call you.


(basketball bouncing)

JACKIE: By the time

Friday rolled around,

all I could think

about was Chris.

I figured if Chris

didn't care

what June would think seeing

the two of us together,

let him take the chance.


by Freeway, playing)

(crowd chattering)


You want this?

What's up, sis.

You all right?

What up, man?

What's going on?

How's it going?

JUNE: Real good.

You enjoy the game?

Game was all right.

Serg did his thing.

Y'alls' boy right there.

All right.


Let me talk to

you outside for

a second, pal.

Come on.

We'll be right

back, J.


by Freeway, playing)


by Freeway, playing)

So what you got

on your mind,

young blood?

What you talking


You want me

to spell it out

for you, man?

I heard you came

down to the house


Oh, yeah. I drove

Jackie home.

Is that right?

That's it.

Okay. Look, you should

be more careful

coming down

here, you know.

It can get a little

dangerous, man.

You know I'm

a big boy.

I'm just...

I figured

I could handle

anything coming

my way.

Look, I'm just saying.

It's a whole different

vibe going on down here

than what's going

on on the Hill

or whatever.

You feel me?

And I know you know

there's a war

going on right

now between us

and y'all.

Yeah. But, you know,

I don't have nothing

to do with that.

Look here, man,

I'm gonna keep it 100

with you right now, yo.

I'm not really

feeling this

thing you got

going on with my

sister right now.

(indistinct chatter)

I don't know if you

know enough but I

respect you, man.

I'm not trying

to start no

shit with you.

I got three words

for you, okay?

Don't get comfortable.

You got that?

Hey, baby,

I heard about

your game last night.

You're gonna

be a star.

But I knew it

when the doctor

handed you over to me.

I said look at

those long arms,

and I said to myself

I got me a ballplayer

to save this family.

You should have

been there.

I got you some eggs.

Why don't you get

something to eat

before you run

out of here?

I'm late.

Gotta be at the shop

so I'm gonna

just eat this.

Well, get some money

from you brother.

Tell your uncle

I said hi.

SERGIO: All right.

MAN: Look man,

all I'm trying to say

is everything ain't that easy.

You can't control

everything in your

life, Ron.

Things come at

you sometimes


UNCLE RON:That's true

but you can control

how you handle

the situation.

You ain't got

to be no fool.

You ain't gonna

go ahead

with your head

all cut off

and hollering

at people.

You can control

that, huh?

That's easier said

than done, Ronny.

Oh, man.

Come on.

Oh, hey, hey,

hey, hey.

I got no change.

That's you, man.

All right? I'll see

you next week.

All right,

black man. Okay.

Thanks, man.

All right.



What up, young bull?

You do your thing, man.

I appreciate it.

You stay safe, love it.

Yes, sir.


Look what the

wind blow in.

Look what the

wind blow in.


Man, what are you--

throw it up, man.

What's up?

What's up Uncle Ron?

What's up, man?

Ah, look at that hair.

Look at that hair

blowing up.

What are--your


this mother


I know you saw

me last night.

Ain't gonna miss no game,

no, you know that.

Your daddy'd be

proud of you,

you know that.

I know.

I wish he coulda seen that game.

Boy, that was gold can.

Yes, sir, I know.

I ain't seen you

in a while, man.

You know, where were

you? Are you busy?

No. It's just school

and then

basketball practice

and then school

and then basketball

practice. I'm just busy.

You know how it it's

like when you

young, Uncle Ron.

That's what I'm trying

to tell you.

See, the foundation

you're making right now

is for who you gonna

be in the future.

So when you walk down

these streets in Philly,

they go, "There he go,

there goes Sergio."

Went to college, pro ball,

bought his uncle

a Rolls-Royce.


I done walked

by a college

or two, now.


I get it. And I

appreciate the fact

that you concerned,

you know,

but we got this, like me

and June got a plan.

We got a map and

it's working.

Is it not working?

I understand all of that.

I done seen this hood

take down the best.



or Pretty Tone...

Frog, huh?

Will Smith.

And Will Smith went

to Overbrook.

And he stayed focused.

You see what I'm saying?

The hood ain't nothing

but a breeding ground

for young

black talent.

There's talent


There's a Michael Jordan

down the street.

There's a Mike Tyson

over here.

There's a Biggie Smalls

working at (indistinct).

But the hood has

a way of knocking

you off your square.

See, the hood got

a way of catering

to your wants.

Just like your brother,

for instance.

Your brother can be

anything he wanna be,

what he wanted,

he gonna go get it.

Not the right way

by earning it, he

gonna take it, huh?

Just like his daddy.

You can stop me

when I'm lying.

Are you gonna stop

when I'm lying?

But I'm not

that naive

and I'm doing

what I got to do.

I understand that.

That's why I'm talking.

I don't talk to these

niggas, I don't talk

to your brother like this.

Your character is gonna

determine your fate,

not your talent.

("Throw it in the Bag,"

by Fabulous, playing)

("Throw it in the Bag,"

by Fabulous, playing)

JACKIE: June thought

Saturday was like Christmas.

He always said,

"What's the sense of money

if you're not gonna use it?"

He loved seeing

everyone happy,

especially if he was

the one making them happy.

He wanted to make sure

we all had everything

we need and more.

He thought of his crew

as his brothers.

And he wanted for his brothers

what he wanted for himself,

to live good.

("Throw it in the Bag,"

by Fabulous, playing)

("Throw it in the Bag,"

by Fabulous, playing)

I don't know. You just

don't seem like

the boyfriend

type to me.

You really think I'm

this player type?

Can we hang out

for a little bit?

I wanna take you somewhere.

I really should

stay in.

Things are getting

a little crazy out here.

But you'll be safe

with me, I promise.

I got to get

dressed, though.

All right.

I got to go ahead downtown,

so how about

you meet me

at the store

by the theater?

Why over there?

Can you just

meet me there?

What time?

JUNE: I run

these streets, boy.

Look at you.

Look at you.


Who do you think

taught you?


Check this out.



All right. But

you still slow.

Look, you're too small.

Get back, Serg.

Get out of here, boy.

Look at that

three, boy.

You too old.

Oh, I'm going

to Baja!

JUNE: You got lucky, yo.

SERGIO: I didn't

get lucky, you drawin'.

You got lucky.

Come on, stop it.

What? You drawin'!

Whatever, man. I taught

you well, baby boy.

Look you can go as

far as you want

with this, Serg.

You really

think so, though?

It just feels like

a dream sometimes.

Shit, nigga

this is a dream

and you living

your dreams,

so keep living.

All right?

I ain't the only

kid waking up from

this dream, though.

Like, you know how

many kids is working

as hard as I am?

Look, I don't give a fuck

about them other kids.

I don't care.

How many them

other kids

made the front page

at SLAM Magazine, huh?

Or the cover

a story on ESPN

at 16 years

old, hmm?

Look, you work harder

than everyone else

so you better

than everyone else.


That's it.

Then what

about you?

I'm invested

in you, baby boy.

And when you go

to the league,

we gonna shake

up the world like

never before.

And then we're gonna leave

these bullshit streets

right where they belong

in the fucking wind,

you understand?

All right.

Show me some

love, man.

Yeah. I heard your

shopping with my boys.

I just drop them off.

Yeah, we can meet up

as long as you look

your instagram.


Moved out

the way, dickhead.


Just like that.

Then you're good.

And then you're

gonna be real good.

Yeah, yeah,

I know.

Yo, you can't sit here.

You got to move, bro.

Serg, go!

MAN: Get him. Get him.

JUNE: Shut the fuck up!

MAN: Take him in the house.

MAN: Fuck into the house.

(indistinct chatter)

MAN: Where the fuck is that

money at, nigga?

Where that money at?

JUNE: Hey, you need

to calm down, man.


Where the fuck

is that money, at?

JUNE: Relax, man.

MAN: Hurry up.

Where the rest at,

nigga, huh?

That's all I got, man.

You think I'm playing

with you, huh, huh?

Feel that? We want

the rest of that

money tonight

or you're gonna

die tonight.

I said that's all I got,

this right here, man.

If you gonna

kill me, nigga, do

what you got to do.

Come on, we're

gonna bring this

nigga in the car.

They gonna give

us something.

(indistinct chatter)

Hey, what's going

down here?


JUNE: Ma, ma, ma!

(indistinct chatter)

MAN: Drag his ass up stairs.

MAN: What the fuck, man.


MAN: Fuck up, come on.

Man, I'm not getting

in the car.

MAN: Hey.


MAN: We'll see

you again, June.

We gonna see

you later.

(wheels screeching)

Do you know how

long I've been

waiting for you?

I had to put together

something, I'm sorry.

I should have

called you.

Sorry. I'm sorry?

You think you

can just say

I'm sorry and

it's fixed.

Can you please

chill, Jack, a

situation came up.

I just got a

little tied up.

And plus I'm

trying to take you

somewhere, babe.


It's a surprise.

What surprise?

Ain't that why they

call it a surprise?

Yeah, whatever.

JACKIE: What is this place?

CHRIS: Just keep

walking, please.

I can't see. I'm

opening my eyes.

No, look, keep

your eyes close,


Do not open.

Keep going.


Keep walking, keep walking.

We're almost there.

Okay. Now open.

What are we

doing here?

I got you

studio time.

We gonna record

your demo.

What am I

gonna sing?

Wrote you a song.

Yo, Paul, you

almost ready?

Yeah, I'm ready when

you are Chris.

All right.

You all right?

All right.

Paul, this is my

girl, Jackie.


this is Paul.

Hey nice to meet you.


He's gonna be the engineer

for the night, all right?

I can't

believe this.

Look, we're just

gonna practice

these lyrics,

it's gonna be easy,

you gonna knock

this out, all right?

(music playing)

Oh, love is the song we sing

It's all love

Till we failed

and lost the key

Oh, love

Such a game

Where I have no luck

No luck

It was so perfect yesterday

Out of the blue

you walked away

The story I keep

living over again

I pray

Having love would

be all we need

But it's not true, no

Never true, no

So I don't want no love

Gettin' my heart

wrapped up so tight

Then crash to the ground

from way up high

I don't want no love

You fall in love

It's not our fate

'Cause whatever

falls break

Ooh, love

Baby, you sound

so good.

You really think so?


Paul, how'd

she sound?

You sound phenomenal.

It's not even

mixed yet.

It's gonna be great.

I'm telling you.

Paul, let me get

a little bit,

I just want to

talk to her.

Sure. I'll be

the lounge.

Honestly, you

like it?

I guess so.

What do you think?

I mean, your voice

just riding over that

beat was perfect.

You sound amazing.

No one's ever done

anything like this

for me before.

You really

believe in me.

You know, that's

not my voice over

that track,

it's yours because

you're pure talent,

I'm telling you.

This is what

you're supposed

to be doing, Jack.

Yeah, but this ain't

my studio and that's

not my song.

Don't look at

it like that

because I'm gonna

do whatever I can

whenever I can

to help you

out, okay?

So what do

we do now?

I'm gonna get

it mixed,

You gonna put it

out, keep it pushing.

You gotta start

living your dream

someday, right?

I wanna tell

you something.


Never mind.

Tell me.



I just really,

really, really care

about you, a lot.

I care about

you, too.

I never did

this before.

(music playing)

MAN: Fucking Jack,

Little Jack right there.


What's wrong?

What's wrong? What

happened to you?

JUNE: Some guy

robbed the house.

Mom got shot, Jack.

What? Where is she?

JUNE: She on the way

to the hospital.

It's gonna be all

right. Look, you just

stay right here,

we're gonna go up

there after them, okay?

What the fuck are

you doing here, man?

Just dropping

Jackie off, man.

You're dropping off

my sister, nigga?

He took me to the

studio today.

I don't give a fuck

where he took you.

Yow, June, relax, man.

Relax, nigga? What

the fuck are you

talking about, man?

I will break your

motherfucking neck, nigga.

Nigga, don't fuck

with me, nigga.


Chill, chill, chill,

chill, chill, chill.

JACKIE: You need to

go. You need to go.


JUNE: You think he's cute. Huh?

This shit is over.

This ain't no game.

Take your fucking

ass in the house.

But June.

Look, I don't care.

Whatever y'all had

is over, okay?

I ain't playing

games with you no

more, none of y'all.

What's going on?

Oh, shit.

Oh, hold on,

hold on, hold on.


MAN: This is dope.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, what?

Slow down, man, slow down.

No, you're bullshitting

me, right?

Who did it?

All right, bro.

June, what's up?

Let me see your gun, man.

Shit, for real?

All right, what we doin'?

Give me the gun now.

Now, give me the gun.

It's your brother, man.

They killed your

brother, man.

Killed my fucking

nigga, man.

Fuck! Fuck, man.

My gun, man.

Give me my

gun, man.

Give me my

fucking gun, man.

JUNE: No, man.

No, I got this, man.

My fucking

gun, bro.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, man!

(music playing)

Where are you going?

Sit down, Serg.

I gotta talk to you.

Sit down. Sit down.

I need to talk to y'all

about a few things.

Now, look, I don't no extra

shit going on around here,

I want y'all to stick

by the house for a

little bit, all right?

What you mean?

What you mean what I mean?

I want you all to stick around

the house for a little while.

I know what I'm

talking about, Jack.

But what about practice?

I can't miss that

because of this.

I got you. I'm gonna

take you to practice

and I'm gonna pick you up.

All right.

Two things,

money's tight

around here

so we can't be doing

this extra spending,

look, not on everything.

Why? Because

of this war?

Look, it's not

because of that.

We just gotta let stuff

simmer down, okay?

I got to get my

money back up, Serg.

I can get a job

after school if

that's the case, bro.

No, you can't get

a job after school.

I want you

to concentrate,

focus on what I

told you, basketball.

And last, I don't want

all them people

in my house, Jackie.

That means Chris,

too, yes.


Look. I'm usually down

to take your advice,

but I feel like you're

going a bit overboard.

I mean, I don't feel

like hearing none of this.

The Brook Ball

is coming up soon.

That nigga is

from the hill

and you know how

it get down.

I don't want to

even play that shit.

You can't blame your

issues on somebody else.

Oh, my issues.

We got to hold

it down, okay?

I'm taking care of shit

around the house right now.


All right now, y'all

got to listen to me.

I know what

I'm saying, Jack.

Look, Serg and

I ain't got

nothing to do with

what's going on.

You can't stop our life

because of your problems.

Look, I'm not gonna

argue with you,

Jackie, okay?

You heard

what I said.

You heard

what I said.

You're not

my father.

Oh, I'm not your father,

but I can buy

you everything

like I am your father

though, right?

Let me tell you

something, girl,

as long as I keep

the lights on up

in this motherfucker,

I am your


I don't need

your money.

Come on, Jack.

Jack, get back here.


Jack, get in here.

DEZ: Hey, look, man,

I heard about what

happened with your moms.

Is she all right?

She'll recover

in a few weeks,

so the doctor said

we got to wait

this whole shit out.

You know, they, um,

they cleaned June out.

They took a lot

of bread, bro.

See, this thing we got

couldn't have came

at a more

perfect time.

I mean, shit, man,

maybe it could be you

helping out for once.

Look, bro, I'm

just trying to look

out for you, man.

Think about it,

all right?

Hey, Serg,

hey, we need you, man.

(bell rings)


Well, well, well,

it's not

Ms. Jackie Taylor.

Oh, shut up.

Hey, girl.

Hey, girl.

How's your

mom doing?

She's doing

better, stable.


That must have

been scary.

You don't even

want to know.

Wow, Jack.

Why you ain't riding

home with Chris?

He wasn't here

today. I haven't

talked to him.

Y'all are so

cute together.

Someone should

tell June that.

I wish this whole

"Bottom and Hill"

shit would stop.

Me too, girl. Don't

even worry about June.

He'll get over it.

I never met anybody

like him before.

He really cares

about me.

Real comfortable

with him, you know.

OMG, did you

let him hit it?

Shut up.

Are you serious?

Can you calm down?

I can't calm down.


I'm sorry,

I'm sorry.

At least you picked

a winner for your

first time,

you know, someone

who can help you out,

buy you some clothes,

take you to K.O.P.

No, it's not

even like that.

Is that all,

you know?

I mean.

We just get

along good.


I could care

less about that.


you going to

care if your

ass get a box

of CVS candy and

a little plastic

rose for Christmas.

So silly.

I'm just trying

to cheer you up.

I know.

Look, with all

the craziness

with my mom

and June,

Chris is just


Trust me, Jack,

it's gonna be okay.

Everything's gonna

work out just fine.

Doesn't it always?

I guess.

Where's your brother

and sister?

They were here.

They went to school.

You're always

looking out.

I don't know. This time,

it just--it didn't

go so well, ma.

Well you can't control

everything, baby.

I'm sorry.


not your fault.

These boys are

out of control,

it's just one

of those things.

I'm fine.

But I don't want

you going out

doing nothing

stupid, okay?

What happened to Bunch

hurt all of us,

but God...

has a way of settling

things, okay?

So, you let

him do that,

all right?


I remember when

you were seven,

and I took you to

market with me,

we must have had

four or five bags,

four or five

heavy bags,

and you walked

all the way

to the top

of the block.

All them bags. And

after a while,

they got too heavy,

but you wouldn't stop.

So, I had to

convince you

to give me the

smallest bag

by telling you

I had to get

something out of it.

I remember

that, Ma, yeah.

Look at me.


she's such

a smart girl.

I want you to let up

on her a little bit,

let her live

a little

or she'll grow

to despise you.

Trust me when

I tell you.

All right.

I'm gonna do that.

So, you go on and

handle your business now.

I'm all right here.

I've been through

much worse.

I love you.

I love you, too, ma.


you take care

of yourself, too, okay?


COACH: I got you. Good

job, good job, good job.


We got 12 seconds, okay?

That's an eternity

if they score a point.

Do not let Richardson

get the ball.

Do not let Richardson

get the ball, all right.

We can do this.

MAN: Panthers on three

y'all, one two, three.

ALL: Panthers.


Come on, fellas,

you're blowing it.

Now do you wanna win or not?

Do you wanna win?

MAN: Yes, sir.

COACH: Now we got

nine seconds to score.

Taylor, you're gonna inbound

the ball to Dawson.

They gonna double team you,

you pass it back to Taylor,

you take the shot

to tie the game,

we win in overtime, all right?

We can do this. Let's go.

Let's go y'all.

Panthers on three,

one, two, three.

ALL: Panthers.

MAN: Let's go.


Come on, baby. Take it home.


I love you, bro.


Yeah, you heavy

as shit, Sean.

Yo, why are we always

taking this route?

Because I'm always

doing pedaling

so I take a shortcut.

You know, I'm gonna let you

slide. You did hit 60 points.

That came out of nowhere.

I know. They probably wanted

to hit into tomorrow.

Yow, we're the

state champs, baby.

I know, right?


Oh, I know. I was like,

"Oh, my God."



Shit, baby.


What you think

about this whole

breaking and entering shit,

with Dez and them?

Man, I ain't

even gonna lie.

That shit sounds

stupid, dawg.

Dez be tripping.

He watch too many movies,

like he think we Robocop

or Batman or something?

But real talk,

I could use that money.

Me, too.

Money tighter

than a frog ass

around my house

these days, bro.

I'm serious, bro.

But kill that shit.

June catch wind about

this, he'll kill us,

all right?

Good, man. What you got to

eat though?

Because I'm hungry as hell.

Nigga, I don't know.

I hope she cooked.

I'm star-- I feel

like Dez right now, dawg.

I need some damn food.

Why is it so dark in here?


Shit. Oh.


You the man, fool.

I love you.


We got you. We got you.


You almost peed

on yourself, boy!


What's up,


Come on.

(indistinct chatter)

(music playing)

(glass clinking)

Come on, come on. Silence.

Listen up, y'all, hold on.

Look here, y'all,

not every day

we come together like this

especially not for nothing

as great as this.

Look, as a family.

We came a long way

and we still got

a long way to go.

I just wanna say

I love y'all. I do.

We love you, too.


Serg, I'm so fucking

proud of you, bro.

You've been working on your game

since you were six-years-old.

And if anyone knows, I know.

I taught you

all your moves, man,

left hand, right hand,

you know, that's me.


Uh, hold on

a second, I mean,

I may know a little

something too, you know.


Sean was there, too.

My man.

But look, hard work pays off,

and I just need you

to stick with it

and be patient it's gonna

happen, all right?

And, Jackie,

baby girl, you so beautiful.

Damn. Not once around here

have you gave me

any problems. Not one time.

I took all of that for you.

I took it all for you. Yeah.

But keep up the good work, okay?

And don't ever give up

on your dreams,


So cheers. Keep the party going.


Give it up, y'all.

Come on, now.

One time for Bunch, man.

(music plays)

(indistinct chatter)

(music plays)

I'm gonna get the door.

I'll be back.

What's up, June?

Can I talk to you

for a minute?

What's the trail,

young blood?

I just wanna say

I'm sorry about

everything that

happened with your mom

and everything that night.

Is she okay?

Is she doing good?

Yeah, she'll be all right.

That's good.

You know, I didn't mean...

Look, I didn't mean...

Go ahead.

Look, man, I know shit got crazy

around there that night, man,

and I ain't mean

to flip the lid on you, but,

you know I had to, you know,

put it down, man, but, um...

It's kind of crazy, man.

It's real crazy.

It's kind of crazy,

but I know it was all

about nothing, so.

It's all about nothing, bro.

But I did talk

to some people

about what happened.


I kind of came up

on some information.

CHRIS: They usually do

a little hustle thing at...

that bar, you know,

on 63rd and Lebanon.

How much I owe you

for this, man?

You don't owe me, man.

I just thought

you would like to know.

And that, I'd like to know.

Well good luck on this man.

I owe you something.


Look, anything you need,

you know, I want shit around...

JACKIE: June, who is it?

Y'all just gonna

stand there?

Gonna stand right

in the doorway?

Get in here, man.

We're having a party.

Talking about you,

you know you're happy now.

All right.



All right, bro,

I'm gonna see you tomorrow?

Hey, thank you.

Got my baby.

Thank you. No, no, no.


Okay. It was nice

having you. Okay, baby.


Serg, I am so proud of you.

Don't let this go

to your head, okay?

Thank you. Hey.

All right?

It's already big enough.


I'm gonna do your

make up when you graduate.


Yeah, we miss you.

Enough already.

You're too much. Once again.

You 'bout to pick up the rug.

Mom would kill you.

You ready to put the bite

down on these niggas, man?

That's what

I'm here to do.

All right.

I don't give a fuck

right now, dawg.

I hate these cop shows.

All they do

is lockup Black kids.

Who else they gonna lockup?

That ain't funny.

I wasn't trying to be funny.

And I bet you didn't know

that most of these prisons

are privately owned anyway.


And that means that

the jails are companies,

which means

they make a profit

so the more people

go to jail,

the more money

they make.

And the fucked up thing

is that the government

is the ones that's

giving them the money

and then they get these

contracts from these

other companies

and they get the inmates

to do all the labor.

That almost sounds

like slavery.

No, no,

that's definitely slavery.

What was you and

my brother talking about?

Just basketball stuff.

He is in love with the Sixers.

I'm like I'm an LA guy,

it's the Lakers.

I'm not talking about Serg.

I'm talking about June.

I mean, June is cool.

We didn't talk

about nothing.

Do I look like I'm stupid?

Well. Oh.

Let me tell you something

about my brother.

He'll do anything for you,

but as soon as you

piss him off,

you got big problems.


Don't get me wrong,

I love my brother,

but you don't to be

hanging around with him

and his friends.

You ain't nothing like him.

They're gangsters, Chris.

And he takes care

of his business

and us by any means.

They don't fuck around.



(indistinct chatter)

WOMAN: Hey, girl.

MAN: Hello, Serg.

("Best of Me,"

by Anthony Hamilton, playing)

("Best of Me,"

by Anthony Hamilton, playing)

("Best of Me,"

by Anthony Hamilton, playing)

(upbeat music plays)

Attention, attention, attention.

Students, no more

of that dirty dancing,

young man, I'm watching you.

I'm watching you.

All right. I hate

to disturb the fun

but as we celebrate

the 25th Annual...

Brook Ball.

All right?

Twenty-five years,


we've had an awesome year

starting with

the accomplishments of our...

basketball team.

(cheers and applauses)


I'm very, very proud

of these young men,

but undoubtedly they could not

have done it without...

focus, lots of focus, right?


without any further

ado or delay,

ladies and gentlemen,

let's get right to...

our Brook Ball...

King and Queen for this year.


My boy Serg.

So ladies and gentlemen,

please put your hands

together for this year's

Brook Ball King,

Mr. Chris Collins.

(cheers and applauses)

And this next young lady,

I'm so proud of her.

She's been through a lot, but...

she has shown

tremendous character,

tremendous intelligence

and Stick-to-itiveness

most importantly

ladies and gentlemen please

put your hands together

for the Brook Ball Queen,

Jackie Taylor, baby.

(cheers and applauses)

All right. Give it up.


Did you push her back?

Give it up. Give it up.

So in the illustrious words

of our Lord and Savior,

party on, dude.

(cheers and applauses)

Yeah. Hey, give it up.

Give it up. Come on, give it up.


All right, look,

if we leave right now,

we'll still make it back

before it's over.

Are you ready?

I don't know. Really--

I really haven't even

thought about this shit.

I really don't, though.

Look, Serg, I know

you don't wanna do this shit.

I don't wanna do this shit,

but we need this money.

All you got to do is help us

carry some things out the house

and we'll still split

the money three-ways.

All right.

We good?



Let's do this. That's what

I'm talking about.

I'm not--we got

to--we got to be...

I got you. You know this.


Dez, don't fuck

this up, bro.


Let's get to this

paper, man.


Yo, just hurry up

so we can get out of here.

Hey, look, Serg,

you gonna run upstairs

and grab all the money

and jewelry.

Me and Sean will go downstairs

and grab that flat screen.

Probably get like

two brands of everything.

Let's do it.


Let's get money.


Get to it.



Hey, yo, come on.

Hey, don't drop that...

Keep that shit down,

the neighbors, man.

We good.

Hey, look, watch the car.

I'm go in there

and grab the bag.

I got you, dawg.

Hurry up. It's cold.

(police siren)


There's a cop.

Come on. Come on. Come on.

Don't, don't shoot.

COP: Let me see

your hands. Do it now.

COP: Up.

Hey, hands on the car.


Anybody else in there?

No, sir. Just us.

Sergio Taylor?


What you say,

Williams? Are we clear?

Anybody in there?

No. It's all clear.

(music playing)


Hey, Jackie,

congratulations, baby.

You look beautiful.

Thank you.

As ever, you're welcome.

Oh, you're the man, huh?

Congrats, sir.

Thank you, man.

Right on.

I appreciate it.

Y'all seen Serg?

you know he shoulda

won that, right?

I thought he was

gonna win it.

He should have won.

Right? Look, check it out.

I got something

for both of y'all, all right?

So, Jack, look, you

wait right here, okay?


And let me holler at you.

All right.

Come on.

Can you hold

my drink, please?


when you come back,

I have something to tell you.

(upbeat music plays)

JUNE: D.J. turnin' it up,

Brook Ball King.

CHRIS: I see you.

JUNE: Hey.

CHRIS: Thank you, brother.

CHRIS: I'm gonna go

and give Serg my crown.

CHRIS: He was supposed

to took that.

JUNE: No, you earned that.

CHRIS: I appreciate

it, bro.

JUNE: I should have won.


(laughs) Well, this about

to be over. What you 'bout to

get into after this?


Oh, I'm f'in to

have some fun.

Some fun?

'Bout to have some fun.

Some fun. Can I have some fun?

Hey, whatever, man.

All right. But I got

something for you.

What you talking about?

Hold on. Let me show you.

I got something for you.

Wait right there.

(sigh) Just goin'

get right...

Remember you looked out

for me at the house?

Now I'm 'bout

to look out for you.

No strings attached.

You know, June, when I...

first started

this whole thing,

I thought it would be easy.

What you mean, man?

I ain't plan on falling

in love with your sister.

No, man. That's cool, man.

I ain't trippin' on that.


But you got to pay

for what you did, dawg.

(groaning) No...

MAN: Hey, kid. Hey.

JACKIE: The choices we make in

life all come back full circle,

good and bad.

And with all

the things June did,

he never saw this coming.

JUNE: And I'ma take y'all

money while I'm at it.

MAN: All right.

JUNE: Yo, yo, yo,

yo, hold up, bro.

What the fuck y'all

doing under the table, man?

Y'all think I'm slow, man?

What the fuck

is you talking about?

Look, you know what the fuck

I'm talking about, bro.

Y'all niggas'

cheating, man.

(doorbell rings)

Nobody gotta

cheat you, dawg.

You on our

side of the bridge,

stop acting like

a little bitch.

Fuck y'all little

card game, nigga.


Hey, yo, June,

when you come back,

make sure you bring

some more money, all right?

You back again?

How much money

you trying to lose?


Come on, man,

we was just


You June's sister, right?


So this is where

the magic happens, huh?

I guess so.

Do you know how long I've been

waiting for you? Where were you?

I had to put

together something.



(sirens wailing)


I love you.

I love you. Oh, June.

Please, please, please.


I couldn't believe it.

Our brother was gone.

All I could think about was,

"God, please wake me up,"

but he didn't. It was real.

People make choices

that we know aren't right,

but we still do 'em.

And we live with

the consequences.



You okay?

Yeah, I'm good.

You got some mail.

From who?

You know who.


Hey, hey. We gonna

go see grandma.



I'm proud of you.

We all are.

I love you.

I love you, too.

Let's go see grandma.

Let's go see grandma.

CHRIS: Dear Jackie,

it's been two years,

six months, and four days

since I last seen

or heard from you.

I've written what seems to be

hundreds of letters and...

Not even sure if you've

read one of them, but...

I'll still write them.

Every night I replay

the chain of events

that led me to where I'm at.

When June killed

my cousin Omar,

I knew I was supposed

to die right there with him.

He would have killed me

with no hesitation.

I was so upset that

I vowed to get him.

I know you won't

understand, but...

Omar was like my bother.

I loved him so much

just as much

as you loved June.

The more I replay it,

the more...

I know I shouldn't

have done it.

At the time,

I was so caught up...

with all the hurt,

oh, just crazy I ended up

bringing the same pain

to you and your and your family

and I'm sorry for that.

I know I can't do nothing to

change my situation now, but...

I hope you can move on

with your life.

I dream about us

all the time, Jackie,

us getting married,

bein' successful,

and maybe even having a kid.

But I know it was just a dream,

which is all I have in here.

That, and, of course

the time we spent together.

I see Serg went to the league.

I knew he was gonna make it.

I saw his first

game the other night.

He killed it.

But I'm not gonna

hold you up much longer.

But before I go,

I wanna say, Jackie,

live your dreams, baby,

live your dreams.

And know that

I'll always love you.

I know I never

said it before,

but I always meant to...



("Wake Up Everybody,"

by Keke Palmer, playing)

("Wake Up Everybody,"

by Keke Palmer, playing)

("Wake Up Everybody,"

by Keke Palmer, playing)