Brotherly Lies (2022) - full transcript

After a nervous breakdown and suicide attempt, Lex (Pano Tsaklas) has moved into the family's vacation home in Northern California to recuperate. His best friend Kenny (Jose Fernando) has come to stay with Lex for the summer for e...

(gentle music)

(computer keys clicking)

- [Kenny] Okay, so I
just add account, right?

- [Harry] Yeah, just
hit the little plus sign

in the upper corner there.

- Now this is where I get into
trouble. Configure settings?

- It's not a scary
thing at all, I promise.

Just click on the other
open tab where we found

that server name, good.

Now copy that.

(keys clicking)

- This one?

- Yeah, now just paste
that in the server name

on the other page here.

And enter your username and password.

(keys clicking)

Now just hit import.

And, voila.

- Harry, you're a lifesaver.

I can never get these damn email settings.

- Oh, sure you could.

There's plenty of videos online that would

walk you through it.

- It's not the same, and by
the time I would have figured

it out, there'd be another software update

and then I'd have to start all over again.

- My dear Kenny, you
should know by now that all

of life's questions have been
answered in YouTube videos.

You do not need people
like me around anymore.

- YouTube would have
taken me at least an hour.

With you, it took minutes.

I think that's incredibly valuable.

- I should get going.

- No, it's so early.

I mean, what do you have
to do at your place?

- Nothing special, I guess.

- Exactly, I mean, how much
Farmville can you play in a day?

(soft jazz music)

- My brother is just...

- Lex.

- No. This is ridiculous.

He's pretending to be
Shane's friend so he could

Hollywood hustle him into
writing that miniseries

about his stupid life.

- He's not gonna be here much longer.

Couple more days and he leaves.

- That's what you said last
week, but he's still here.

Look at this.

He turned the AC on even though
it isn't even hot inside.

No wonder I'm getting headaches.

The barometric pressure in
here is all over the place.

- Stomping around with a negative attitude

isn't gonna make the time go faster.

- Whenever I ask Shane to go
see a movie or go for a hike,

he's busy writing a screenplay.

But of course he's got plenty of time

to lounge around the pool with him.

- So is that when you
auditioned for "Jurassic World"?

- I didn't audition for "Jurassic World."

I turned down the part when
I asked for script rewrites.

I refused to sully my brand
with substandard writing.

Lex, I invited Ed and
Bev to come over tonight.

Thought we'd have a little party.

- Fine, but Shane and I won't be here.

- We won't?

- We're going to see the silent

Warhol film retrospective downtown.

- Why didn't you say something?

- I did.

- That's okay. Lex and I
can see them another night.

- Whatever.

It's only playing there tonight, though.

- What was I saying?

- You were telling Shane how we met.

- Ah, it was like an '80s sitcom.

We were both reaching for the last package

of gluten-free pasta at Whole Foods.

- It was a hard-fought
battle, but in the end,

the rigatoni was mine.

- Only on the condition she
was to have dinner with me,

even though I didn't know a thing

about the Office of Foreign Missions.

- What did you talk about over dinner?

- Talk?

By the time he was grating the Parmesan,

I had my tongue in his ear.

- I still see it as a
sign from the universe

that we stop in to visit Lex

and he has a screenwriter
renting the guesthouse.

- Well I'm trying to write.
I'm mostly flailing, though.

- There is a lot of
interest in my life story

to be adapted into a miniseries.

Could even lead to a bidding
war with the studios.

- Do studios still have bidding wars?

- Of course they do,
if the material's good,

bulletproof good.

- [Shane] That's very true.

Lord knows you have plenty of stories.

- Some of them are even true.

- Okay then. Off the record.

Did you really go skinny dipping with, uh,

what was her name, the
right-wing congresswoman,

just so you could tip off the
press to take photos of it?

- What a memory that was.

Calistoga Hot Springs, one of
my favorite places on Earth.

It's where Laura and I were headed

when I decided to drop in on Lex.

I haven't seen him since he,
you know, took the pills.

God, that was

six, eight months ago?

I had no idea what Lex would do for love,

or the lack of it.

I don't know.

I guess if you never had
something, then you experience it,

and it's taken away...

Is it

that hard being gay these days?

- Now you're gripping
the cue way too tight.

Try and relax it a little bit.

- But now it feels like a wet noodle.

- Well just try and keep a
smooth motion with it then.

But don't take your eye of it.

- Kenny, this is good.

Darren thinks he can get
me an offer on the house.

- Really? That's great.

- It's below my asking, but
after everything's paid off

there should still be enough to put

a down payment on a condo in LA.

- Lower than asking.

I mean, I could get your
asking price for my place,

and it's half the land you've got.

- Can't afford to be picky in this market.

Just happy someone's interested.

- I would hate to see you
just give the place away.

I mean, I can lend you what you need.

- No, Harry. Thank you, though.

You know you've been so
good to me through all this.

But I have to try and get my own life.

- Back to LA? What will you do there?

- Well, I don't know.

I maybe get back into acting,

or voice-over work.

Or sometimes I even think
about going back to school,

to be a therapist, but

I don't know.

- Lex, did you get a chance to read those

new pages I emailed to you?

- I did.

They're wonderful.

- Eh, I don't know.

The more I think about
them, the more I hate them.

- You're wrong.

The story's vivid. It
makes me wanna read more.

- I just wanna start over, again.

- You can't delete everything you write.

No wonder you're running outta Xanax.

- It's just that I was
supposed to be finished by now.

Labor Day is next week.

I have to be back to work the day after.

(lid closing)

- You need to stop letting
my brother seduce you.

- I don't know.

His life could be a compelling
miniseries for sure.

- That's crap.

There's nothing compelling
about a superficial existence.

You know, he got into the
industry through our mother,

who married an abusive psychopath

that used to beat us up all the time.

You think that's original?

Was it the shooting?

Trust me, that wasn't
compelling. It was pathetic.

It's a CSI episode at best.

- Maybe it's that he came
through the other side.

He's a survivor.

The screenplay I'm writing
is about surviving.

- Nice that he can get on with this life,

but I got stuck with the nightmares.

- Excuse me, um, David was
just gonna jump in the pool,

and I was wondering where
I could find the towels.

- Sure. Fresh out the dryer.

- Thanks.

David had a lot of trauma
over that awful event.

He doesn't show it, but

anyway, thanks.

- Hearing loss in his
left ear from the gunshot.

Noise trauma, poor guy.

- The only point I was trying to make,

believe me, I didn't want to upset you,

is that some people are survivors,

and others get crushed
by life's tragedies,

and this is simply one of
the cruelties of living.

- I get that.

And in your screenplay,
you develop that idea

with depth and insight,
which makes it moving.

But the story of a
14-year-old boy who kills

his stepfather is sleazy.

The trial was sleazy, and
the lawyers were sleazy.

And my brother was totally disconnected

from what I was going through.

- I'm sorry. Really, I, I should...

- I'm sorry. It just hit a nerve.

I'll get you my notes on
those pages. And they're good.

I'm not gonna let you delete them.

(soft jazz music)

- I didn't know you were a pool player.

- It's all a ruse to hustle Harry here.

- Did you ever get a chance to listen

to that Spotify playlist I sent you?

- Yeah, yeah, I did. I loved it.

I listen to it all the time.
Just last night in fact.

- Did I hear you say your
screenplay was about survival?

- Yeah, I mean it is in the
metaphorical sense, I guess.

But really it's about, you
know, it's about everything.

- [Harry] Oh, so it's
Wikipedia in script form.

- I'm gonna read Lex's feedback
and get some work done.

- Harry, you're a better man than that.

- [Harry] We don't need
another story about survivors.

We have 40 seasons of
that damn reality series.

- Lex says he's talented.

- Well, if he's the next William Goldman,

why doesn't he have an agent?

What's he doing wasting his
time up here in Silicon Valley?

It's because writing 10-second quips

for social media sites
is more within his grasp.

- I don't get it.

You are the sweetest man in
the world, and you can't bring

yourself to say one
nice thing about Shane?

- Oh, he's okay. I don't
mean to say he's a bad guy.

It's just...

Just burns me that Lex gets
so wooed by his mediocrity.

Shane hasn't done a thing
to earn Lex's adoring gaze.

- Careful, you're sounding jealous.

- Oh, what's the difference?

Lex seems determined to move away anyhow.

- I thought that might be bothering you.

- I'm glad you didn't
see him at the beginning

of the year when he first came up.

He was in such a bad way.

Needed someone to take care of him.

That's how I remember it anyway.

- He's still fragile.

- All those long afternoons
together, cold evenings,

hot chocolate, Netflix.

I really loved watching him gain strength

and begin to enjoy things
more, even the little things.

I remember one night we
went to the movies and

I dropped Lex off and went
home and I was getting ready

for bed, and I realized that I missed him.

I mean, I couldn't wait to
see him the next day and

that's when I knew I never
wanted him to leave here.

- Oh, Harry.

- I never said anything to him, I promise.

I mean, he'd just been
through an awful time

and wasn't really over it and

I didn't think it was wise to let him know

that someone had become dependent on him.

I didn't wa...

I didn't wanna say anything
that would frighten

or confuse him, I mean, my God,

I'm old enough to be his father.

And I never saw myself as the daddy type.

So I just hedged and procrastinated

and obsessed over him.

Trying to find the right
time to tell him how I felt.

And I was really getting close,

when suddenly he's head over heels in love

with his handsome, sensitive,



Who's taken up residence in Lex's heart

in addition to his guesthouse.

- I could see how having
Shane here for the past six

or seven weeks, just the two of them,

even though he's in the guesthouse,

how he could fall hard for him.

- Never thought I could feel
this way after Robert died.

- [Shane] Kenny, your phone's
ringing. It's your husband.

(Kenny sighing)

(crickets chirping)

- Lex has changed towards me.

He used to look up to me.

Playing out scenes from famous movies,

his Gloria Swanson to my William Holden.

Told me I was the best big brother ever.

Now he's just so, angry.

What do you think?

Justin Timberlake? Pierce Brosnan?

- Brosnan. Keep it classy tonight.

- You're the boss.

- Oh.

I'll be your wife, but not your boss.

Or your mother.

(lips smacking)

- Man, am I lucky I let
you have that pasta.

You are the only woman
I ever met that I just

knew, knew I was going to marry.

- What about all those
models and actresses?

- Nothing. Just nothing.

I can prove it, because when they wanted

to get married, I said no.

- You are so full of shit.

- I'm serious. Ask my manager.

- Doesn't matter.

I still feel like the lucky one.

- Now who's full of shit?

David Frasier is a brand
that's disintegrating.

The acting offers are drying
up. Debts aren't getting paid.

- Uh-uh, uh-uh, I told you.

The whole is greater than
the sum of the parts.

- Thank you.

Maryann Williamson.

- Oh, sorry.

- No, come in. It's fine.

- [Lex] You were looking for this jacket?

- [David] Yeah.

Decided on a different look, though,

so I don't think I'll wear it.

You put it on.

That's a cool jacket.

Oh, looks good on you. Where'd you get it?

- You gave it to me, remember?

- I did? Damn, I've got good taste.

- I think David looks so handsome
channeling Pierce Brosnan.

- He looks great, always does.

- Try and have some fun tonight.

You've been living like
a hermit for months.

- I haven't been a hermit.

I leave the house.

- Oh yeah, Warhol Silent Film
Festival, a thrill a minute.

I just want you to think
of tonight as a chance to

put the past behind you.

What's done is done, right?

- It's easy to say.

- This will be more fun than
going to the movies with Shane.

Is he a good screenwriter?

Seriously, could he write the miniseries?

- Jesus, the miniseries.

- I've been offered good money for it,

which indirectly means
you're in for a taste too

if you play along.

- Here we go.

Shane's trying to write
a serious movie script.

You shouldn't be distracting him.

- I'm not.

He's the one who's always
asking me questions.

- I don't think you should
make your life story public.

- Why? I'm not ashamed of my life.

- It'll be done tastefully,

and David's not lying about the offers.

- Then he should find
someone else to write it.

And please, leave me and Mom out of it.

- I can't leave you out of it.

That's the part all the studios

are going to be interested in.

- Well, you're exploiting
in me in an ugly situation

just to keep what's left
of your career going.

- Jesus, you've become
such a drama queen lately.

You're in charge of your life, not me.

Take it by the horns.
Make something happen.

- I'm sorry, not everyone's as energetic

and enlightened as you are.

- David's done a lot of work on himself.

- You were such a promising kid.

Bright, creative.

You had my good looks.

I'd kill for your height.

And since being gay is a plus in Hollywood

these days, you could leverage it.

Gotta do something about all that.

And there are still
certain casting agents,

you could make abandon
their ethics, you know.

- Even if that was meant as a compliment,

I don't exactly feel ready
for prime time these days.

- Shane thinks you're adorable.

And he's right.

- No.


- Oh yeah, always complimenting you.

- He's just being polite.

- No, I've heard him over
the last couple of days.

Said your notes have
been, incredibly helpful.

Where you going?

- I'm going to make
sure the hors-d'oeuvres

are put together.

- [David] Nothing too weird, okay?

- No weirder than us.

(door closing)

- You're really into Shane, aren't you?

- I don't know.

Yeah, I guess I am.

- Well, just, play cool with him.

Don't let your desperation show.

- I don't think I have.

Wait, you think I'm being desperate?

- I just remember with the last boyfriend

where you constantly texted
him, sent him little gifts.

- That's a total exaggeration.

- I don't think Stephen would
have ghosted you so quickly

if he hadn't felt so, smothered.

It was pretty obvious.

- His name was Scott.

You were never around, so
you don't know what happened.

- Don't get so defensive.

Just basing it on the time
I saw you two together,

and I'm not saying anything different

than all those high-priced
psychiatrists have said.

When it comes to guys, you
probably self-sabotage,

trip over your own feet, you know?

- I probably am.

- Oh man.

Look at me.

40 years old, and might as well be 400

as far as the studios are concerned.

When I was younger, times were good.

The offers I could turn
down, the phone calls

I could ignore, all the agents wanting me.

I couldn't tell you
when the hustle started

to get so, tough.

When you know you still
have passion and ability,

and you have to work so hard to get anyone

to give two shits about you.

Sometimes I look at my face in the mirror

and I can't help noticing that something's

(sighs) missing.

Then I start to really sweat thinking it's



You're my younger brother and that's,

that's why I bust your balls about getting

your shit together
while there's still time

for you to make a life for yourself.

(bird calling)

(crickets chirping)

(Kenny sighing)

(storm brewing)

(phone clicking)

(phone pinging)

- Hey ya.

- Hey.

- I didn't mean to interrupt.

- No, it's nothing.

- I guess I'm early.

- Ed and Bev aren't here yet.

- You look good at
least. I love that shirt.

- Oh, well, my husband hates it.

- Well I respectfully disagree with him.

- Normally, you can see
a ton of stars from here.

It's getting cloudy, though.
I wonder if it'll rain.

- That's fine by me. It
might cool things off.

- Let's hope.

(thunder cracking)

Wow, that's really thundering.

- It's nothing to be scared of.

- No, it's just unsettling.

- Well, you look great at least,

and I said that already, I'm so sorry.

- It's okay. I thanked you already.

(flames crackling)

- You know, I...
- Kenny, I...

- Oh, no I'm sorry.
- No, no, please go ahead.

- You looked like you were gonna...

- No, it's nothing.

(thunder cracking)

Sounds like it's getting closer.

- It does.

(flames crackling)

- So, who's the, um, influencer?

- The influencer?

Wow, how'd you know that?
Did we talk about that?

- I remember you said it might be

the title of your screenplay.

- No, it's just a working title really.

- Oh, I'm sorry. I thought...

- No, you're right.
That's the current title.

The influencer was my dad.

He was a mortgage broker
who lost everything

in the Great Recession.

He had to do all kinds of
things to keep us going.

- Like, what?

- Oh, like, he assembled products at home

and he sold them through Amazon.

He even played poker in Reno casinos

when money got really scarce.

- Sounds like an amazing guy.

- Yeah.

He was.

- Makes sense about what you said earlier,

being a survivor.

- Kenny, this summer went by too fast.

I mean, I know everything is fast now, but

I just, I was so excited
to finish this screenplay.

And between you and me, I
have made no progress on it.

- Is this the first time you've tried

to write a screenplay?

- No, I've written some spec
treatments for a few producers.

Published a few short stories.
Nothing very good, really.

I'd love to be able to
do it full time, but

that just seems like a pipe dream.

I get so distracted.

Other obligations, you know.

You don't wanna hear about all that.

It's draining.

- That's okay. Really I...

You know, Lex showed me
some of the short stories

that you wrote and, I loved them.

They were wonderful.

(soft jazz music)

- It's weird. I've wanted to talk to you.

You know.

Really talk with you.

But, I think this is the
first time we've been alone.

- Nope. We spent that
afternoon together, remember?

- Oh, when I ran into you
at the farmers market?

Wasn't exactly private.
You can't count that.

- It was just you and me.

We walked around a whole
afternoon together.

You didn't say anything.

- No, didn't, did I?

I was babbling about metaphor and satire,

all the pretentious writer cliches, huh?

I felt awkward.

- Didn't, didn't show.

- Huh.

At least it inspired me to put together

that Spotify playlist for you,

so the day wasn't a total loss.

- It's interesting because
I used to be totally in love

with this guy that just
idolized '90s modern rock.

It was a few years ago in Amsterdam

when I was visiting for the first time.

He was a DJ at this club
called the Queen's Head

in, uh, Zieg, Zieg Sta, Zieg, whatever.

And he was, so sexy, I just

had to go and talk to him.

(chuckles) It was my luck, of course,

he didn't speak a word of English.

And so we spent the next couple of weeks

trying to make each other
understand how we felt.

It ended up not even mattering

that we only knew a few words.

- Was it worth it? Even for a few weeks?

(soft jazz music)

- Absolutely. I'd do it again.

- If you weren't married, of course.

(soft jazz music)

(door opening)

(storm brewing)

- Is that thunder I heard?

- Yes, still rattles me. I
don't care how harmless it is.

- We need the rain.

- We can have rain without thunder.

- Where is everybody?

- Do we count?

- So, how do I look? Nobody
say age-inappropriate.

- You look great.

- You look fine.

So, what time are the guests getting here?

- Any minute.

Let's get the outside lights
on and the pool lights.

Laura, the hors-doeuvres.

- Yep, coming up.

Where were you two earlier?

- Nothing, excuse me?

- You weren't out by the pool, were you?

That thunder's getting closer.

- [Shane] Ooh.

- Won't catch me out there tonight.

(footsteps fading)

(footsteps approaching)

- You guys, uh,

feeling adventurous?

Just some low-grade MDMA.

I took two.

Probably the last time I can let it fly

since I'm getting married.

Thought I'd offer it
to you guys and Harry.

- Well I mean it's been a while.

But what the hell?

- Uh, among friends, right?

- Let's party.

- [Laura] We should turn on some music.

- Good idea.


Ah, okay.

Darling, would you play DJ this evening?

- Oh, I don't know how
these smart houses work.

- If you can negotiate trade tariffs

with the Federated States of Micronesia,

you can figure out a Spotify playlist.

(storm brewing)

Have you thought about
writing my miniseries?

- It deserves better than me.

You know, the money people would never let

a fledgling screenwriter tackle it anyway.

- That's a lame excuse.

Come on. Be honest.

You think my life is superficial.

- What makes you say that?

- Lex told me.

Said you think it's
trivial and beneath you.

- I never said that.

- David, it doesn't seem to be playing.

- Duty calls.

(cork popping)

(wine pouring)

- You know, we should probably keep away

from this with the MDMA.

- Oh, yeah, it's just
for appearances really.

- I, uh, I had

so many things that I wanted to

talk to you about.

- Well, it's, you know,
there's people here

and there's people coming
over and there's...

- I don't mean to be pushy.

- I know.

- You know, I just wish that you'd spent

the entire summer here.

- Yeah, there was no
way. I had obligations.

- [David] What song is this? It's great.

- It's "Slip Away" by Lost Fun.

Okay, be honest.

I mean, I made a complete
fool out of myself, didn't I?

- No, you didn't.

- I don't know.

I felt like I was just
desperately trying to impress you

with literary shiny objects.

- Honestly, I...

Honestly, I thought you were so sweet.

You reminded me of Axel,
the guy from Amsterdam.

- Really?

- Yeah.

- Well that makes my night.

The MDMA hasn't even kicked in yet,

and that makes my night.

- [David] What year was this album from?

- 1994.

It's just, I felt so stupid
this entire time because,

you know, I was very
struck by you, right off.

- [David] I love '90s music.

Is there any Green Day
or No Doubt on here?

- Not on that iPad.

Now I don't want you to
freak out when I say this.

- No.

I won't.

- But I just think you are incredibly

attractive and wonderful.

- Shane, don't.

Please don't.

We have to stop this. I can't.

I'm feeling anxious already.

(knocking on door)

- [David] Ed and Bev have arrived.

(soft upbeat music)

(door opening)

(thunder cracking)

- [Laura] Well, hello, Harry.

- That thunder is sounding
foreboding out there.

- We thought it was Ed and
Bev because you knocked.

- Well, formalities die hard at my age.

- Can I get you a drink?

- Yeah, Scotch.

- [Lex] Hi, Harry, let me get your jacket.

- Thank you.
- Mm-hm.

- Ed and Bev must be running late.

I'll be right back.

- Look at this. Our old Ouija board.

- That's the analog version.

Download the app, then you can just text

any dead person you want.

- Try and spend some
time with Lex tonight.

Flirt with him. He's
got a big crush on you.

- Oh, I doubt that.

- Just show him some affection.
He could use the ego boost.

Do it as a favor to me.

- It doesn't have to be a favor.

I care about Lex.

- Lex, Shane was just telling
me how cute you look tonight.

- Oh please.

- Lex already knows that.

(phone ringing)

- It's Ed. Just a sec.


- Is he bothering you?

- No, I like his energy.

- I didn't know you
liked '90s modern rock.

- Well you like System of a Down.

- Yeah, but not to dance to.

- Ed and Bev aren't
coming. Bev has a migraine.

- Really? Maybe we can catch
the Warhol film series.

- We'd miss over half of it.

- I wouldn't mind.

- Consider ourselves lucky.

Ed and Bev have become total neurotics

since their Nexium group shut down.

(thunder cracking)

- [Laura] You didn't
have to kill the power

to avoid eating my hors-doeuvres.

- A.

(soft saxophone music)



(soft saxophone music)


I don't know anyone named Amy.

(soft saxophone music)

Oh, shit. Wait.

There was that Delta
flight attended I hooked up

with about five years ago.

(ice jiggling)

(soft saxophone music)

(game piece sliding)




Huh, one more try.

(soft saxophone music)



(soft saxophone music)

(game piece sliding)


(game piece sliding)


(game piece sliding)


Oh shit.


Are you in this room?

Is your ghost in this room?

(soft saxophone music)

You were so cool to us.

And so caring.

(soft saxophone music)

You just had to go and marry
that sociopath after Dad died.

(soft saxophone music)

(ice jiggling)

(soft saxophone music)

Was the money that good?

(soft saxophone music)

Uh, money's no good if you
aren't around to enjoy it.

(soft saxophone music)

It was confusing.

(soft saxophone music)

Was dangerous.

(soft saxophone music)

Until it ended.

(soft saxophone music)

(crickets chirping)

- [Harry] Looks like the
thunder has moved on.

- [Lex] I hope so.

- Taking a psychotropic this evening

was in bad taste, wasn't it?

- You know I'd never judge you.

But this.

- Yeah (chuckles).

Please don't move away from here.

- I have to.

(soft music)

I should never do drugs at parties.

It's so, disorienting.

- How are you gonna drive home?

- The same way I always
do. Thinking about you.

(soft music)

- You know, all this time
we've spent together,

and I've never seen you high.

- No.

Although for a year after my husband died,

I was never sober.

Fortunately, at the tech
company I worked for,

it was hard to tell.

I'm gonna miss you so much.

- I'm gonna miss you too.

But we'll keep in touch.

Email, FaceTime.

- You know what I'm saying.

- Aw, Harry.

- I have to.

I mean, when you got that offer
to sell the house, I just,

I hate the idea of not spending those

winter evenings together anymore.

- I told you I was only
here to get better.

It was always temporary.

Never permanent.

- Yes, yes, you were
always clear about that.

- I'm being clear now.

I need you to believe me.

- Of course I believe you.

The age difference.

I know age isn't supposed
to matter anymore, but

is it awkward for you?

- It's not that.

(Lex sighing)

I'm in love with Shane.

Isn't that the most stupid thing?

Especially because I don't even think

I have a chance with him.

I used to.

And, I'm trying to keep
a positive attitude that,

maybe, it could still work out somehow.

(soft music)

Why Shane instead of you?

No reason worthy of you.

- How often I've wanted to touch you,

be intimate with you.

- Please, I can't.

- Especially now that
I've embarrassed us both.

- Don't say that.

You're a good man. You know that.

- Just not, good enough.

(soft music)

- I'm gonna make sure you
get home in one piece, okay?

(footsteps fading)

(balls colliding)

- I don't shoot pool
that well in the light,

let alone in the dark.

- The clouds have really cleared up.

The moon is so bright.

- It's bright, but not that bright.

- What are you saying, Laura?

- It's obvious Dr.
Feelgood, aka my fiance,

probably prescribed something to

enhance things?

- I'm sure I don't know
what you're talking about.

- No, of course not.

Things left unsaid seems to be
the theme for this gathering.

- I wouldn't bet on that.

- I'd be happy to lose
that bet. Believe me.

(soft jazz music)

- So tell me.

Is it true that you worked on the Iran

nuclear deal under Obama?

- (smirks) No.

Did David tell you that?

- Yeah.

- Not at all.

I privately briefed Secretary Kerry

on a small, unrelated
project around the same time.

But when he describes me to people,

I am the architect of the JCPA.

- So what branch of the State Department

are you involved with?

- Good question.

Depends on the day, I guess.

- I hope you're kidding.

- I wish I was.

Democracy keeps getting heavier to carry.

(soft jazz music)

- I can't imagine anything worse

than the collapse of democracy.

(soft jazz music)

Except for the A bomb.

- Oh, there's worse.

When the people who can
actually do something to save it

decide it's not worth the effort anymore,

they just collect and
horde their own resources

and ideas in preparation
for when it all collapses.

Full-on John Bolton stuff.

And I'm not just talking
about the United States.

I'm talking about the world.

Key people. Capable people.

They don't see government
structures are useful.

Imagine the Hoover Dam collapsing

and I'm getting paid
to put Band-Aids on it.

- You sure of all that?

When you look out onto that bright moon,

those millions of stars,

and none of it matters,
and it's all just darkness?

- I think it's just as
beautiful as you do.

And calming, and inspiring.

Maybe even a symbol of some greater truth.

Something bigger than all of us

that'll keep us functioning
as a human race.

(soft music)

But I can't ignore my
professional perspective.

And I can't just magically
think it all away.

My clear and logical mind
sees the world leaders

for who they really are.

An apathetic power elite
preparing to save themselves

while the rest of us consume ourselves.

(soft jazz music)

- We shouldn't have this conversation.

I have to sleep alone tonight.

- Well that's why I'm with David.

Even with all of his issues,
I'm lucky we found each other.

He's passionate, vital.

And he holds me while I sleep.

Keeps me from dreaming
about tariffs, sanctions,

dwindling resources.

(Laura sighing)

- Mom, I know this sounds
weird coming from me

since I was never one to talk about my



But I, uh

need some advice now.

(David sighing)

My brother hates me.

Your son, he

hates me,

and I

love him.

He's the

only family I have left,

and I want him to be,



he never got over the shooting.

Now I'm a

tough enough nut that
I can file and forget.

Can you make a sign if
you're hearing me, Mom?

I want him to forgive me, so if you could

talk to him, that'd be great, yeah.

You two were always so close.

He loved you so much.

Make a sign if you're hearing me.

Any sign.

- Between the music, the
moonlight and the MDMA,

it feels like we're in
some kind of exotic place.

- Yes, the MDMA is
stronger than I expected.

- Here.

You need to be drinking water.

- Thank you.

(soft music)

Shane, what are you doing?

- I've wanted to touch your face

since the first time we met.

(soft music)

- What do you expect from me?

- Just to listen.

(soft music)

We're going to be going in
different directions soon,

and I need to tell you...

- Shane.

You have to know that this isn't possible.

Lex is my best friend,
and he's crazy about you.

(soft music)

I can't do this to him.

(soft music)

Do you know how emotionally
attached he is to you?

- Yeah.

Of course I do.

(soft music)

I already feel guilty for
leading him on. I, I...

I didn't do anything on purpose.

(soft music)

I just wasn't thinking
about anyone except myself.

- Lex told me about all the
time you spent together.

All the

walks and the hikes.

That night at the lake under the stars.

He's told me about all that.

(soft music)

- I was very lonely.

I just wanted company after
my relationship ended.

(soft music)

I got insecure about finishing
this screenplay, and Lex,

Lex just kept me from panicking.

- Lex said it was the
best sex he ever had.


- I didn't realize how vulnerable he was

until it was too late.

I know it's all my fault.

(soft music)

- Would you have gotten serious
about Lex if we hadn't met?

(soft music)

- I don't know.


(soft music)

When you feel empty inside,
anything is possible.

(soft music)

- Look, I'm married.

I'm trying to adopt a kid.

(soft music)

I have a life.

- I know, but is it the life you want?

I'm serious. You've been
flirting with me for weeks.

- Don't.

My husband is a good man.

He was a little suspicious as to why

I would wanna spend the
summer apart from him.

I don't think he bought the whole

Lex needs his best
friend's support excuse.

He's a software engineer

who thinks he can just solve every issue

by writing an algorithm.

(bird calling)

I keep my inner

source code behind a lotta firewalls

because if he saw what was written

what was programmed,

he'd be very critical.

He'd be very hurt.

I've just been going through
the motions of living,

and I don't know when that happened.

- Kenny.

- I want to respond.

You're saying all the right things,

but I need to just, run.

- No, don't run.

- I have to run. It's all I can do.

I knew you were into me. Of course I did.

That's why I avoided being alone with you

because I felt so guilty.

- Let me kiss you.

- I can't.

We can't.

Because it'll be a ticking
bomb waiting to go off.

There's just no way.

(soft piano music)

- [Shane] Well, it's
time for me to pass out.

I'm sorry about the Warhol films.

- I'd pour you some lukewarm
coffee if I thought it'd help.

- It wouldn't, and I'd rather stay


(soft jazz music)

Yeah, on second thought, I'll
take that lukewarm coffee.

Man, I have to work tomorrow.

- You've been in a weird mood tonight.

(soft jazz music)

- Did you know that there's
an apathetic power elite,

preparing to save themselves,

while we consume ourselves?

(soft jazz music)

- Shane.

What happened to us?

- What do you mean?

- You know,

we were getting so close.

All that time we spent
together. The night at the lake.

Did I read too much into all that?

(soft jazz music)

- You might have.

I just can't get involved right now.

And I'm still rebounding
from my last relationship.

My life and my work are still a mess.

And I'm hardly a catch right now.

- How, how can I help?

- Lex, these are my problems.

I don't wanna go dragging you into them.

You got it so good right now.

It's time you start creating your future.

- I know. I know.

You're right.

It's just, I've been having these dreams

that when we're both in
LA, that we could...

We see things the same
way on so many subjects.

That's rare and special, and...

(Lex sighing)

I'm sorry.

I'm exhausted.

Don't even know what I'm saying anymore.

- You know,

the funny thing is,

I'm probably gonna up end
calling you at 3:00 AM

from Mulholland Drive so
that you can talk me down

from jumping off the Hollywood sign.

(lights buzzing)

(David groaning)

(David sighing)

- [Laura] Going to be able to sleep?

- Oh yeah. Been here before.

- You know you can be
honest with me, right?

- Where did that come from?

- If we're going to be married,

we should be able to
tell each other things.

- Of course.

Why would you think otherwise?

- I already live with too
much deception at my job.

I won't have it in my marriage.

- I told you all about the shooting.

- Yeah?

- I don't like that tone.

- Everything you've told me,

I could have read in the press coverage.

- There was nothing more to tell.

- The studio developing the miniseries

seems to think otherwise.

(David scoffing)

- Hey, can I give you
a hand with anything?

- No, I'm good.

So, I had a talk with Shane.

And he doesn't want a
relationship right now,

which is totally understandable.

He's got a lotta issues to work out,

like most of us, I guess.

But, maybe things can be
different down the road, you know?

I'm just happy things
are out in the open now.

I do feel better.

We'll both be in LA.

Anything could happen, right?

(soft music)

(phone buzzing)

What the hell is that?

(phone buzzing)

(phone buzzing)

(soft music)

(phone pinging)

(vehicle passing)

- I just told you.

The power was out, the WiFi was out,

and there's no reception up here.

I know.

(soft jazz music)

I'm not sure.

I might go to LA and
help Lex get organized.

I can't talk about that right now.

Okay, it's late and I'm tired and...

(soft jazz music)

I'll call you tomorrow, okay?

(soft jazz music)

Get some sleep.

(soft jazz music)

Good night.

(soft jazz music)

(gasps) Jesus, you scared me.

- [Shane] I heard your voice.

(soft jazz music)

- Shane, people are still awake.

- Kenny, I'm in love with you.

I have been since that first day.

- Shane.

- We could be alone, you know.

- We can't spend the
night in the guesthouse.

- It doesn't have to be the whole night.

But we can share some of it together.

(soft jazz music)

- If this means anything to you,

I really want to, but...

(soft jazz music)

(footsteps approaching)

(soft jazz music)

(light upbeat music)

- All right, so taking a
look at the roof, looks good.

Should hold up for at
least another 15 years.

- So the roof passed?

- Home inspections
aren't a pass or a fail.

You know, my job here is
to find structural defects,

identify any potential safety
issues, that kinda thing.

When did you get the offer on the place?

- Oh, uh, I don't have
an official offer yet,

but I have someone interested,
so I'm just trying to...

- Get in front of any issues, yeah.

- Right.

- No, that's smart. You want
the purchase to go smoothly.

- Yeah, I just really
need it to go through,

so thank you for fitting
me in on short notice.

- Sure, sure, no problem.

Um, taking a look at
the foundation as well,

and you're good on the termites,

meaning you don't have any.

Is David Frazier your brother?

- Yes.

- Yeah, he was really good
in that television show.

(faucet running)

Okay, so I still need to check out

the master bedroom and bathroom.

- Oh, well, my brother's
still sleeping in there.

- Really?

- Yeah, he can be a bit of a late sleeper,

but he should be up soon.

- All right, um.

I could check out the guesthouse,

make sure that's up to code.

- Let's hope.
- Yeah.

- You saw it when you came in?

- Yeah, yeah, I'll just
make my way over there

if that's all right?

- Yeah, sure. I'll follow you in a minute.

(light piano music)

- Hey, how's the inspection going?

- Good so far. No issues yet.

- [Kenny] That's great.
Did you get Harry's text?

- No, I left my phone in my room.

- He said that stand that sells

those avocados you like opened up again.

I told him to bring some over.

- Okay.

- What's wrong? You seem depressed.

- Shane. I just think
about him constantly.

- Lex, just don't. It's
not healthy for you.

- Think he's gonna write
that miniseries for David.

- Oh God.

- They're all supposed to go
out for lunch again today.

If he ever gets up.

- He's up, shaking off last night.

(light piano music)

- Lex.

- Yes.

- I did find some issues
with the guesthouse.

- What kind of issues?

- Well, there are clearly
some code violations

that would need to be disclosed,

unless they were brought up to specs.

- How much is that gonna cost?

- Why don't you come outside with me,

and I'll walk you through
what needs to be done?

- Okay.

(faucet running)

- [Shane] Good morning.

- Hi. David's running a
little late from last night.

I'll let him know you're here.

- Why are you avoiding me?

- I'm not.

- No?

Because you're acting
like the straight friend

from high school who's regretting

what happened the night before.

- I think you need to just
leave and go back to LA.

- No, not before you
tell me what's going on.

- I'm having a really hard time.

So is Lex, even though
he's trying to hide it.

- Don't tell me that.

- He can't stop thinking about you.

- And you?

- Of course I think about you.

- But you still avoid me.

- Are you really gonna
write David's miniseries?

- Honestly? I'm seriously
thinking about it.

- Why? What happened to the
screenplay about your father?

- Well, I...

It just isn't coming through.

I've told you how exhausting it's been

trying to make it happen
this summer, and I d...


It's lifeless.

You know, David, he tells
me all these stories,

and he's got actual interest
from real producers.

You know, it's a powerful story.

The shooting alone is a movie.

- But Lex doesn't want it written.

- Kenny, someone is going to write it.

You know that.

If it's me, then I can protect him.

- Shane, my God, just put
yourself in Lex's place for once.

Here's this 14-year-old
boy desperately struggling

with his sexuality, with a
sociopath of a stepfather

who constantly beats up his mom,

who turns to beating up David and him

until the fateful night
that Lex shoots him.

It completed wrecked his life,

and you wanna put him
through it all again.

All the people staring and the horrible

social media memes and hashtags.

- You're naive if you
think Lex can avoid that.

- I don't...

I'm sorry, I just,

I'm confused, and I feel guilty and...

Took Lex.

(light jazz music)


Please don't.

(light jazz music)

- Let's go to Amsterdam together.

- Go to Amsterdam together?

Jesus, you really are a screenwriter.

This is why you're so dangerous to me.

You just make my head spin.

(light jazz music)

Shane, I can't, I can't do this.

(soft jazz music)

(both breathing hard)

(soft jazz music)

- [Lex] And there's a
circuit breaker in here.

- [Kenny] Oh my God.

(door sliding slowly)

(soft jazz music)

- [Inspector] I can check
that circuit breaker later.

I'm not really too worried about it.

Did you say the pool is gas-powered

and not connected to solar panels?


- Yeah, the gas powers it.

- [Inspector] That's
still probably really low

on the electric bill, I'd think.

Uh. Hey, Lex.

- Yeah, the solar panels keep
the electric bills really low

for a house this size.

- [Inspector] Um, is
it okay if we check out

the master bedroom now?

(Lex sighing)

- Yeah, I'm sorry. I'm
getting a bad headache.

Can I meet you there in a minute?

- [Inspector] Sure, no problem.

I'll have some more
questions for you, though.

- Sure. Sure.

(soft music)

- Fuck, I can't believe
that just happened.

- It was my fault.

- Oh my God.

Lex, Lex, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

- Has this been going on the whole time?

- No, no. Jesus, no.

- Are you in love with him?

- It's not what it looks like.

- What does that mean?

- I don't, I don't...

I don't know what I'm doing. I'm not sure.

- [Lex] A lot of things
are making sense now.

- Lex, I swear, there's
nothing to make sense of.

Absolutely nothing.

- [Lex] All those times
I saw you and Shane

checking each other out.

- Don't do that. Just don't do that.

- Lex, this is all my fault.
Okay, don't blame Kenny.

- [Kenny] Shane, leave us alone.

- I just, I hate that
you found out like this.

- [Kenny] There's nothing to find out.

You're making things worse.

- Okay, well there's not nothing.

There's everything that's happened.

I mean, we might as well
get it out in the open.

Lex, I want Kenny to come with me to LA,

or Amsterdam, or wherever he wants to go.

- Shane, the summer is over.

I'm going back to my life in Seattle.

I can't play these games.

Maybe 10 years ago I could, but I...

I don't, I don't know who I am anymore.

Clearly not the person I thought I was.

- I'm thinking that wine
tasting is going to be packed.

- [Laura] Oh, David's wimping
out on going to Rutherford's.

- I'm not. I'm just saying
today might not be the best day.

- We can go tomorrow instead.

You and Shane can work on
the miniseries around here.

- You know, Shane, I was thinking.

We could do a whole section on Las Vegas.

What happened in Vegas
doesn't need to stay in Vegas.

- Did you tell Lex about our plans?

- Oh that's right.

Lex, Laura and I decided that

we're going to live here.

This house is just perfect for us.

- I was hooked the
moment I stepped inside.

Felt like home to me.

- I know you're moving back to LA,

but whenever you wanna use
it, consider it your home too.

Weekends, summertime, whenever.

And don't feel modest about
bringing someone with you.

We're all adults.

- [Laura] Are you bringing a jacket?

- [David] Uh, no.

- I don't understand.

- I'm thinking one of my first projects

will be to retile the pool.


Greek, like at Caesar's Palace.

- [Laura] I love that pool.

- What are you talking about?

- Uh, we're going to move back here.

Laura and I discussed it, and we're

moving in permanently.

Laura loves Northern California,

and I have always loved this house.


- [Lex] You can't move back here.

- Why not?

- Because I'm going to sell this place.

- You're selling it?

- I told you.

- Since when?

- I've told you three times at least.

- You have?

- Don't you ever listen to me?

Do you only care about
what you have to say?

- Whoa. Why are you getting so freak-out?

- I have a house
inspector here, right now.

He's going over everything to make sure

it can be ready to go on the market.

- So?

Wherever he is, find him and tell him

his services aren't needed.

I'll pay for him coming
out here. Don't worry.

- What?

- You can't sell it. This
is gonna be our home.

- [Lex] You can't be telling me this now.

- Lex, think. This is the family house.

How can you sell it?

Do you even know how to sell a house?

Hell, do you know if you even own it?

- Who do you think owns it?

- I do. Well, we do, you and me.

Mom bought it, and the trust transferred

it to us when she died.

- Which is when you gave it me.

I said then I'd probably sell it

and we could split the money.

You said fine, you could use the cash.

- I was probably high when I said that.

- You said it was mine.

- Yeah, to live in, not to sell.

- To live in? What does
that mean, like a caretaker?

- (sighs) Said too much
without thinking it through.

Being practical has never
been my strong suit.

- I can't afford to move
without selling this place.

Being sick put me in debt.

- No one is throwing you
out in the street, Lex.

- I'm counting on this money.

I haven't worked in two years.

I spent my savings. I took out loans.

- Well, sometimes things
change. It's as simple as that.

- What?

- Laura and I are getting married,

and we want to get settled.

Mom acted in a lot of junk movies

to be able to afford this place.

She'd have wanted it
to stay in the family.

- We should discuss this later.

- You are such a fucking phony!

I kept the house going since she died!

- Lex.

- Why didn't you just stay away?

- Laura and I are getting married.

We want to start a family.

Who knows?

Maybe we'll hate living here
and in a year we'll move.

- My life isn't worth all this trouble.

- Everyone just stop this.

David, you know how much
Lex has been through.

- He doesn't give a shit
about what he says to me.

Just blames me for everything.

- You are to blame.

- Everyone calm down.

- I'm perfectly calm, Laura. Shit happens.

Life isn't fair, and if
your life didn't turn out

the way you wanted, stop accusing me.

- At least I didn't pull the trigger.

But I sure as hell said
what the lawyers told me to.

Right, David?

- That's, uh,

t-total bullshit.

- It's not bullshit. It's the truth.

I saw what he did to you,
what you let him do to you.

- You goddam faggot.

- I woulda been there for you.

It was self-defense.

But you had the future. You had a career.

- This is totally inappropriate.

- And I'm just wrecked.

And you just go through
the days with no guilt!

- Everyone, please.

- It's his excuse for wasting his life.

Throwing it away to hurt my career.

- That's not true.

- Yes, it's hatred, pure hatred!

- Maybe things coulda
been different for me

if I wasn't forced to go through that!

- All right, if you could just show me

how to get to the attic.

- Get out!

- Excuse me.

- Get outta here! Just leave!

- David, calm down.

Fine, take the house.

I had no idea it meant that much to you.

- Okay, that's enough.

- I said he could have the house,

so let's get packed and get outta here.

- That's enough!

- Maybe there are some
things I'd do differently

if I had them to do
over again, but I can't.

(footsteps fading)

(door slamming)

(David sighing)

Sorry for all the drama.

The past is the past.

No changing it.

(knocking on door)

- Lex?

Can I have my Xanax pills back?

- I don't know where they are.

- They're not in my nightstand.

- Who cares?

- I care. You know this.

Don't be stupid, who cares?

Where are they?

(drawers sliding and closing)

- I have no reason to get up tomorrow.

- Then you need to make up a reason.

What about, what happened
to LA, getting an agent,

doing voice-over work?

You're so damn angry.

- If I haven't made it as an
actor by now, why would I?

- I don't know. You'll have
to try harder, I guess.

(drawers sliding and closing)

- So, you and Shane are a thing now?

- We just became physically
attracted to each other.

It happens.

- But you knew how much I was into him.

- I didn't instigate it, I
mean, my God, we're all isolated

from the world up here,
weird things can happen.

The truth is

I did flirt with Shane.

I wanted him to think I was


I didn't expect it to go anywhere.

I just needed to feel wanted and

Shane was a challenge.



Busy with his screenplay.

Outta my league.


slowly I realized how
vulnerable and uncertain

he is about so many things.

I fantasized about him.

I even started dreaming
about him, and then it just

spiraled outta control.

- So, what are you gonna
do, go away with him?

- I can't. There's no way.

I'm married and adopting a kid.

- That's something I wouldn't know.

- Give me those pills.

Tomorrow will come, and
you'll find some distractions.

You'll sell this place.
You'll move back to LA.

Get some work. Fall in love.

Maybe it'll be great, and maybe it won't.

But there's so many
things to keep you going.

Things that

at times seem petty and annoying

but are crucial to keep
you from focusing on...

- The truth?

- The truth. I don't know
what the truth is, do you?

- I just wanna swallow all the Xanax.

- You'll need a lot more
than what I brought with me,

like 10 times more.

- I'll still take it all.

- Stop it.

You're behaving like
one of those characters

from a Ryan Murphy show
that you hate so much.

If you really wanted to die,

you would have done it eight months ago.

- I'm so lonely (sobs).

- It's okay.

You know, you need to stop
and give me those pills.

(Lex exhaling)

Look at me.

I know you.

You don't really wanna die, do you?

- No.

That's the problem.

I've always wanted to live.

(Lex exhaling)

- Where is everybody?

The going gets a little rough,

and everyone vanishes into the woodwork.

Lex? We're heading out.

Oh, I hate these pants.

Look like I should be
working at a gas station.

- You look fine.

(David sighing)

- You know, I'm

really gonna miss the place.

Forgot how pretty it was up here.

Nice and tranquil.

Been in our family for a long time.

Closest thing to

roots for me.

- Mm-hm.

- Woulda been nice.

God, I sound like my
grandfather or something.

(Laura chuckling)

Oh well. Wasn't meant to be.

- Border ranch will be fine.

I could live in a storage container,

as long as we're together.

- Careful. By marrying
me, it might come to that.

(both laughing)

Lex, we're heading back to SoCal.

If you need anything, we're
staying at the Brookshires.

Let's not dwell on what happened earlier.

It's in the past.

Life's too short to
just focus on tragedies.

I know we all said things we're sorry for.

We're all, complicated.

Otherwise we wouldn't
all be so interesting.

Seriously, though,

I'm sorry if I hurt you, okay?

I just wasn't thinking.

- Like you said, it's
over now. In the past.

(birds singing)

- Hey, uh, I called that
housing inspector back,

smoothed things over.

Scheduled your appointment for tomorrow.

- Thanks.

- Kenny, this is for you.
Saw you checking it out.

It's yours now. I'd love you to have it.

- Thank you.

- Can I help with the bags?

- There's Harry.

Perfect timing to help with
the bags and say goodbye.

- [Laura] I'll unlock the car.

- Uh, let them get that.

So remember, we're going to be
staying with the Brookshires.

I'll call you when I have an official

wedding date locked in, okay?

It would mean everything
to me for you to be there

as my best man, tell me you'll do that.

- You know I will.

- If you need anything,
just text me, okay?

And tell Shane I need to
rethink the miniseries.

If I hear back from the studios

with a fresh approach, then I'll call him.

Love you, Little Brother.

- I love you too.

- Harry, you left two.

(birds singing)

- You aren't even gone yet,
and I feel like I've lost

something that'll never come my way again.

I just keep failing at everything
that's important to me.

- Time will pass.

You'll move on from this summer.

- And you?

Will you simply move on?

- (sighs) Now he flies away
as if nothing had happened.

- I really should be going too.

- House inspections.

Open houses.

All these little details.

- Lex, I wish I could
tell you not to worry.

- Harry.

- That I'd take care
of you and that nothing

would make me happier.

You've become a part of my
life, and a treasured part.

You're the only thing that
gives it meaning anymore.

- Harry, don't.

- I know that when you leave here,

we'll never see each other again.

But believe me, I really
did grow to love you.


- Lex?

I just wanted to say goodbye.

I, I think it's better for everyone

if I go back to LA tonight.

- You haven't finished your screenplay.

- It's finished.

(birds chirping)

You know I loved all the
time we spent together.

I mean, you were, you were
supportive and encouraging.

(birds chirping)

I'm just sorry I didn't live up to it.


take care of him, Harry.

(birds chirping)

(light piano music)

(coffee pouring)

(light piano music)

- Hi.
- Hey.

- Want some coffee?

(light piano music)

It's getting chilly.

- Yeah, it was chilly when
I got up this morning.

(light piano music)

- All this is coming in fast.

- I know.

(light piano music)

There are so many things when
it comes to selling a house.

- It'll keep you busy. It's a good thing.

(light piano music)

- When do you have to go back?

- I'll go back in a couple of days.

We have to meet with the adoption agency.

Prove to them that we're a
nice, stable, homosexual couple.

- That's gonna be wonderful.

- Yeah.

(light piano music)

(Lex sighing)

- Kenny.

- Soon you'll be outta here
and starting over in LA.

There'll be a million
things to keep you busy.

You'll be okay.

(light piano music)

(jazz music)