Brotherhood of Murder (1999) - full transcript

Based on a true story, it is about a struggling young father (Baldwin) who can no longer support his wife and family, falling in with a beginning group of white supremacists led by a man (Gallagher) who is obsessed with the "takeover of the Country by whites." All goes well until the shooting starts and this moves Baldwin to turn against the group.

I, Tom Martinez,

as a free Aryan man,

hereby swear an unrelenting oath

upon the green graves

of our sires,

upon the children in the wombs

of our many wives,

upon the throne

of god almighty,

sacred by his name,

to join together in holy union

with my brothers

in this circle.

From this moment,

I have the sacred duty

to do what is ever necessary

to deliver our people

from the Jew

and bring total victory

to the Aryan race.

Let me bear witness

to you, my brothers,

that should an enemy agent

hurt you, I will chase him

to ends of the earth

and remove his head

from his body.

Hail victory!

When I was a little girl,

I used to dream

that I was a Princess

dressed in silk and satin.

I dreamed about castles

and magical white horses.

I dreamed about love,

true love,

and I imagined that my life

would be like

a wonderful fairytale.

Tom was going to be

my knight in shining armor,

and our love, pure and strong,

was the only thing

either of US would ever need.

Wasn't sure you'd meet me.

Told you I would, didn't I?

You gotta have faith.

what about, bora bora?



I mean, come on,


Look at that beach.

You ever seen sand so clean?



Is that water blue

or what!

This is where we go

on our honeymoon.

You ever gonna finish

this thing?

Got any plans?

Get a job, I guess.

I was thinking...

My buddy ryerson,

he could probably

find you a spot.


Good enough for you,

it's good enough for me.



Come on, I need

to talk to you.

What's up?

I gotta let you go.


Business is off.

I'm sorry, Tom.

Man, who didn't check out

Celia at that party, man?

You see the way

she was looking at ...?

Whatever, man.

Later, man.

Hey, check out this dude.

Yo, white boy be buggin'.

Damn, he's running low!

Yeah, nigger need to be

hooked up to a new game.

That's what

I'm talkin' 'bout.

I spoke to your dad today.

He can't wait

for the baby to come.

A-and I looked

at some cribs.

I found one I really like.

Yeah? How much?

It's too much.


Things will get better.


You'll see.

When the baby comes...

When the baby comes,

it's just gonna be

another mouth to feed.

Don't you get it?

Y-You want this baby,

don't you?

Don't you?

Susan, what do you want

me to say?

It's not like we planned it

for chrissake, right?

Susan, come on.

What do you want from me?

What do I want?

How about we talk

once in a while?

How's about we talk

about the baby's name

or, like, why don't we go out?

I can't even remember

the last time we went out

to see a movie or...

it's work, Susan!


Get it?

For chrissake,

I'm a goddamn janitor!

I'm sorry.

I know you don't like your job.

Like it?

Try hate it.

I hate the way they look at me.

I hate their eyes.

I hate what my life has become.

Well, you're not having

too much luck, are you?


Getting drunk?

I guess not.

Well, you're not

the only one.

Who what, can't get drunk?

You're not the only white man

who's getting a bad rap.

Look, pal, I don't know

what you're selling, but...

I'm not selling nothing.

I'm just trying to explain

to you it doesn't have

to be that way.


It's all bullshit.

Tell you what.

There's a bunch of US.

We're having

a little get-together.


Yeah, just some regular guys,

might have a little something

in common.

What do you got to lose?

Hey, Tom, glad

you could make it.

I want to introduce you

to all these guys.

Just one thing...

your name, Martinez?

What about it?

Yeah, what is that?


Family's from Spanish nobility.



Okay, I want you

to meet these guys.

Guys, I want you to meet

Tom Martinez.

He's a friend of mine.

Reverend miles and...


Robert, Larry.

Charlie, Richard.

All you guys.

How are you?

Reverend, I'm sorry,

I didn't mean to interrupt you.

Just go ahead, reverend.

Now, is anything wrong

with being proud of your race,

your religion?

No, sir.

Of course not.

But when we say it,

we're called racists,


When they say it,

it's called black pride.

That's right.

Why, they're going to be

teaching it in the universities

before too long.

Now, I say it's time

for the white man

to stand proud.

Yes, sir.

I say it's time for US

to tell the zionist-occupied

government that we won't pay

for drug addicts to get high.

No, sir.

We won't pay for their women

to have one baby after another.

And we won't pay them

not to work.

We won't do it

because it's not fair.

You listening to me?

Yes, sir.

It's not complicated.

Say to yourselves,

"it's not fair."

It's not fair.

Tom, what are you doing?


How's your...

How was your nap?


What's all that stuff?

All that and more.

All that and more.

The baby is kicking

up a storm.


Here. Feel.


I felt that.

All right!

Hey, come on.

Sit down here.

You all right?


I want to tell you something.

We're going to be all right.



We're going to be all right.

How you doing, Mrs. Holcomb?

Making ends meet.

Here, this is for you.

Great. Thanks a lot.

See you soon.

Where's Mr. Potter?


What you want, man?

You got a difficulty, man?

You better believe it...



Aw, sweetie.

It's all right.

Hey, Walter!

Hey, hey, hey!

How you doin'?

Wow! What's this?

Here they are.

Hey, Susan, how you doing?

Here you go.

My god,

is that beautiful!

I don't know how

to thank you guys.

Aw, don't think me.

It was Bob's idea.

Bob mathews, right?

That's right. Great.

My wife Susan.

Hi. Little girl Diane.

Susan, it's a pleasure.

Well, hello, Diane.

You're a lovely little girl.


Because you're

a good man, Tom.

You raise money

for the movement,

recruit new members.

You and your family deserve it.

Bob's starting a new group.

A cell.


Wrong with the one we got?

Well, the reverend miles

is a good man, don't get

me wrong, but he's all talk.

We need action.

We need action now.

You gonna join?

Yeah. Lot of others, too.

Hey, buddy, you want

a better life

for your little girl?

You know I do.

Well, then come on

up to god's country

and see what we're building.

I promise you,

you won't be disappointed.

Aw, Tom, she's beautiful.


That's how we came

to metaline falls

in Washington state.

Bob Matthew's father

had bought him a few hundred

acres of land,

and that's where Bob began

to build his private world.

You like this place?

Ha! You kidding?

What's not to?

Well, then, you'll join US?

Moving a little fast, Bob.

Well, we have to.

Things getting

any better back home?


Your job?

My job, that's funny.

Just got fired.

What happened?

Affirmative action.

There's nothing affirmative

about that.

I'm sorry.

Well, you see why

we're in a hurry.

Bob, what would I have to do?

Take an oath of allegiance.

W-With the group, though.

I mean, what are you gonna do?

Stand up for yourself,

protect your family.

Anything wrong with that?

Let's go. Let's go.

Batter up.

Come on, guys,

let's get it together.

No guts, no glory.

In the beginning,

there were the core members...

Larry Martin, he was amazing.

There wasn't anything

he couldn't build or fix.

Robert Maxim, he was

an expert counterfeiter.

Charlie Higgins loved guns,

totally crazy.

There was no telling

what he would do.

Richard Parker, they say

he read every book

that was ever written.

Of course, there was

Walter west.

Tom said that Walter

idolized Bob mathews,

thought he was god.

Go get 'em, Tom

go get 'em, man!

And there was Jean Craig

and her daughter, zillah.

She was always reading

the Bible.

And Bob mathews, our friend.

Martinez, up to bat!

He's got nothing!

He's got nothing!

Here it comes, now, Tom.

Get ready.

Play some first!

He's got nothing.

Back! Back! Back! Back!

Whoo! That's my man!

Rest of the way, Tom!

Rest of the way!

Come on, come on! Tag him!

Throw it! Come on!

Go, Tom!

Get him out!

Whoa, Mr. Martinez

packs a wallop!


Your little girl.

How was your meeting?



Just great.

All right, fellas, come on.

Get a bat.

I'm off. Mwah.

Did you hear that piece

of vermin on the radio?

Who? Berg.

It's time to splash

some yid blood around.


What gastronomic delight

can I bring you fellas?

Apple pie

and milk all around.

No, I don't like

apple pie. How about...

apple pie?

It's an American tradition!

Well, yeah, but...

No, no buts about it.

We're all gonna have milk

and apple pie.

Well, how about I bring

some cherry pie, instead?

Well, how about you do

just like this man said

and bring a round of milk

and apple pie!

Thank you.

Think of it as part

of the discipline you'll need

to carry out your missions.

But apple pie makes me sick.

You need training,

west, lots of it.

Hell's bells.


Poor guy. Hey, maybe

I'd ought to go get him

a napkin or something?

Sit down.

But in the old days,

I think in tombstone,

they had what they called

a vigilante committee.

They solved their problems

all by themselves.

It's just not viable, Robert.

We can't just go out

and do what we please.

There are local and federal

authorities that have

that jurisdiction.

You sound like a Jew lawyer.

Richard's not Jewish.

He's insulting me, Walter.

The point is, we don't

recognize local

or federal authorities

because they're illegal.

They're tools

of the Cosmopolitan.

Yeah, but what can you do?

I mean, they're there

and they're powerful, right?

That's right, so we have

to build our base,

organize cadres cell by cell,

undermine the power structure.

There are millions of white men

waiting for the call.

I say we just kill

every cocksucking kike

that gets in our way.


k.o.a.'s Allen berg.

It's a zionist


Here we go again.

It's always been that way.

Who do you think financed

the world between the states?

The rothschilds?

That's right.

And why, pray tell,

would they do that?

Because the Jews wanted to

undermine slavery in america

and let the niggers loose

on this great country.

I thought you just said

Jews were the main slave


Well, of course.

Even the niggers know that.

Even farrakhan agrees

with US on that.

So, if they were

such big slavers,

why would they

destroy their own trade.

Doesn't make sense.

No, Mr. Berg, you know why.

I just told you...

it's some conspiracy?

Pretty complicated,

big fella?

Know what you are?

You're a moron.

Probably can't even get it up

with your white trash wife.

Listen, you big-nosed

Jew boy, your days

are numbered.

Round-trip ticket.

This will cover your expense.

Thank you.

Be careful, Jean.

The lord is with US, Bob.

You're supposed to kill,

not tickle.

Not much of a shot, I guess.

I guess not.



What's going on, Bob?

Tom's a good man.

He's got potential.


For what?

Hey, Walter.

You recover

from that pie yet?

Yeah, I guess.


What's this doing here?

Well, Richard said

I ought to read that,

said it's essential.


But I tell you something,

Tom, this damn book is boring.

I wouldn't know.

I haven't read six books

in my life.

Richard, that kid,

he's read everything.

You know something?

All these guns make me nervous.

What you got

to be nervous about?

You ain't getting shot at.

Yeah, I know. I know.

Tell me something.

You think you could do it?

Do what?

Kill somebody.

Well, don't worry.

I don't think I could, either.

Well, amigos...

What do you feel like seeing?

Hey. Are you a member?


And your name?



Give me all

the fucking money.

You like watching niggers

fuck white woman?

You like that?

I... please don't hurt me.

We're not going to hurt you,

but we are going to be back,

and I don't want to see

any more of this race mixing

you understand? You understand?!

Buenas noches, seƱor.




Ooh! Yes!


You're it!

Basically the way

like it, you know?

Like mama's.

Tom, could I have

a word with you, honey?


What's up?

Well, when are we leaving?


Tomorrow, next day,

next week?

What's your rush?

You don't like it here?

Yeah, but we have a home.

Th-this is...

Money for you.

Buy stuff.

I'm afraid all

it's gonna buy is trouble.

What are you talking?

What's going on, Tom?

What are you guys doing?

It's not for you to know.

It's all right.

Relax, okay?

Come on, let's eat.

I'm not hungry.

You don't want any more?

Aw, put that down, honey.

Have a little pride in yourself.


The stew was

real good, Debbie.


How do you stay so skinny?

I'm just born this way,

I guess.

Just look at food, and...

No, you're fine.

No, I'm too fat.

It's like Bob says.

It's just... it's not right

for a white Christian woman.


I will not have this filth

in my home!

Just calm down,

dad, all right?

Calling my government,

what does it say here,

"jackbooted storm troopers"!

Is that what you think?

You're not looking at

the whole picture, okay?

I'm asking you

a simple question!

Do you think the American

government is a bunch of Nazis?

Sure getting that way.

You... you dare!

I fought those Nazi bastards

in the war!

You think just 'cause you

took some steel in that leg

of yours, you know

everything, right?

Know a damn sight

more than you!

Look at you!

Drop out of school, enlist,

and get drummed down!

They were supposed

to teach me a trade!

All I got was shit duty.

Poor Tom!

Niggers running the military

from top to bottom.

Decent white man can't get

a fair shake.

Army I fought in,

black man took a bullet

same as a white man did.

You were shooting

at the wrong people, dad!

What was that?

You heard me.

You were killing good Aryan men.

White christians.

I'm glad your mother's dead,

you hear me?

So she doesn't have to see this.

I think we should go.

Don't come back, Tom.

You're not welcome

under this roof.


You hold with what

your husband's saying?

We're going through

some hard times.

Let's go.

Don't you ever take his side

against me, you understand?

I wasn't taking a side.

I was just...

Just what?

Telling the truth.

You don't know the truth.

You may think you do,

but you're don't, all right?

You think what, I'm going

through some, some sort

of new phase or something?

Like I got some new damn hobby!

Shh! You'll wake Diane.

Now you're telling me

how to be a father?

I don't want to fight.

I love my country, Susan.

I do.

It's good to have

you back, buddy.

How's your family?

Good. Real good.

Well, that's what counts.

We all should have

at least several wives,

and that way, we could have

more and more babies.

It's the only way

to ensure our future.

Would you look at that.


I could kill people

who do things like this.

Bob, why couldn't we,

talk on the phone?

Too dangerous.

Is there a problem

with the recruiting?

No, no, nothing like that.

Maxim says you did a good job.

Problem is, Tom...

Everywhere you look,

there's filth.

There's filth on the ground,

there's filth in the schools,

on TV, in our government.

All I want is for our children

to grow up free.

Free of this filth.

That's what you want, isn't it?

You know I do.

I know.

What's that for?

It's for you.

I don't need that.

Yes, you do.

Every white man's

got to be armed.

Listen, Bob, there's...

Certain things I just won't do.

You're going to have

to understand that.

Well, you'd protect yourself

and your family?

Will you do that?

When the government falls

and chaos sets in,

who's going to build

the future?

Who's going to be left standing?

Good trip?

Lovely country in Colorado,

just lovely.

Gets home same time every night?

Pretty much.

Never really off

by more than ten minutes.

Nine, nine-ten.

Sometimes he stops

for groceries.

Just TV dinners, really.

Doesn't eat properly.

Smokes. Drinks too much coffee.

Very unhealthy lifestyle.

The street well lit?

Pretty much, but where

he parks his car, here?

Here it's dark.

You see, it's all the way

at the back of the carport.

Just one little

light bulb there.

Anybody else come home

the same time he does?

You did a fine job.


It was hardly an effort.

You will do it, won't you?

I promise.

With a cherry on top?

With a whole lot

of cherries on top.


Godspeed, boys.

Thanks, Jean.

God bless.

Here it begins.

Get a job?

I worked five years in a row

when I was in the joint.

If I don't never work

no more in life,

I'm straight with work.

Hey, hey, hey.


Got a guest.

Spreading the word?

Always, brother.

How you doing?

Good. Good to see you.


You let that stuff in your home?

What are you,

what are you talking about?

Well, Diane's getting

her little brain laundered.

It's just a baby.

Not even watching.

It is time

to move on, brother.

Now, look, we value you

and your family.

I mean, we care about you,

and we need you to help US grow.

Need some time.

Big things are happening,

Tom, I mean, big things.

Here on business

or personal?


That's right,

a fantasy.

Did you know that

at the nuremberg trials

they didn't put one Jew

on the stand to testify

about the camps?

Really? Just made up?

That's right.

It's the greatest hoax

of the 21st century.

See, that way, the Jews

get all the sympathy.

How do you think they go

that Israel going?

And Auschwitz was a what,

a resort hotel?

A work camp, smart boy,

work, that's all!

The Jews died from their own

filthy diseases.

It's a documented fact,

and you want to know why?

I challenge anybody

out there, any of you imbeciles

to prove to me that

the holocaust never happened.

It never happened!


I'm surprised he lived

in such a sleazy neighborhood.

Is that what you want, Tom?

I don't know.

It's tempting.

Sure nice up there, isn't it?

Real nice country.

Yeah, I guess.


What is it?

I know what we have here

isn't all that much,

but it's our home.

Up there, it's like...

So isolated.

Well, you know, maybe that's

exactly what we need,

a little isolation.

Be with our own kind.

Is that what they are?

What are you talking?

Tom, I'm your wife

and I love you,

but, please, let's think

about this.

Think real hard.

This just in.

Late-breaking news.

A shocking murder stunned

Denver, Colorado.

Controversial Denver

talk show host Alan berg

was gunned down in his garage.

Neighbors claimed to have seen

nothing unusual.

An outspoken critic

of the kkk and other

white supremacist groups

was often the target

of death threats.

So far, Denver police

have no leads.


I got a question for you.

I need the truth.


Bob says we all need the truth.


Alan berg was killed last night.

You know anything about it?

Yeah. I know the yid

was begging for it.

Who did him, you know?

Did we have anything

to do with it?

Would it bother you

if we did?


I believe in the movement,

you know, but there's just

some things where,

I draw the line, you know?

You're a good man, Tom.

We want you with US.

So, we did this, or what?

No! No, we didn't do this.

You're sure?

Yeah, I'm sure.

Hey, I swear.

As god as my witness.



You should've been there.

I was, in spirit.

Is zillah home?

She's waiting on you.

Do I have your blessing?

It is god's will.

I told you big things

were happening.

Whose is this?

Yours, mine, the order's.

Bob said you got a lot of bills

to make, you're behind

on the rent and such,

so we all want you to have it.

Yeah, I know, but...

Bob says we all need

to stick together.

So, you pay your bills,

get out from under,

and you come on up

to metaline falls.

This is a lot of money.

In a manner

of speaking.


It's funny money.

Funny money?

It's counterfeit.

Tom, how's it going?

Not bad, Mike.

How you been?

What can I do for you?

Pack of smokes.

You don't smoke.

They're for a friend.

I got a friend in town.

What brand?

You don't know his brand?

Yeah, no filters.

He smokes those no filters.


For you.

So... how's Susan, the baby?

Good, good.

Thanks for asking.

Any luck?

Work-wise, I mean?

Nothing yet.

Still working on it.

Thanks, Mike.

Yeah. Tom?

Take care.

That wasn't so hard,

now, was it?

He's a good man.

Been going to this place

since I was a kid.

Yeah, well, like I said,

brother, it's time to move on.

Here you go.

No, no, no. That's yours.

We take care of our own.

Hey, it's not like...

He could get in trouble

or anything, right?

Of course not!

He just spends it.

Listen, the whole federal

reserve system

is a racket.

It's just wall street Jews

making each other rich.

Passing out money

is just part of the struggle.

I guess so.

So, where to next?

Right up here.


Almost $1,000 there.

Where did you get it, Tom?

Where would you?

Bob mathews.

They're our friends, Susan.

But where do they

get the money?

Tom, is there something

you're not telling me?

Just take the money,

all right?

I don't want to just

take the money.

Gotta pay the bills,

don't we?

This money, did you have

to do anything for it?


Anything illegal?

Did you?!


Swear it.


I swear.

This chicken pot pie

is real good, Tom,

you're gonna like it.

Hey, man, good to have you back.

How you doing, Walter?

Real good, real good.

You know, there's some

big things happening.

What was that all about?


He talks too much.

Come on, it's only talk.

He's a security risk.

What are you saying?

I'm saying he's an informer

and he's mouthing off

to the feds.

That's crazy!

I've been watching him!

That's my job, right, Bob?

I'm head of security?

You are, yes, you are.

Yes, and I'm telling you

that Walter west is a traitor.

I guarantee it.

Walter's my friend.

This is no time

for sentimentality.

Come on, Richard, where is it?

You'll see.



Do it.

Do it!

Do it!


Do it! Do it!

Do it, you pussy, do it!

Do it! Do it!

Tom, when are you

coming home?


Yeah, but when?

Tomorrow. Day after.

Is there anything wrong? Tom?

You were on the phone?

Yeah. Susan.

Is she ready to move up here?

Listen, Bob, I...


All you have

to do is spend it.

Bob, where's Walter?

He's gone.




He was a traitor.

That's not possible.

He was selling US all out.

He got me in the movement.

He introduced US, you and me!

I just can't believe

he was a traitor.

It's true.

We all would've

ended up in jail.

Now, there's $5,000 in there.

Get Susan and little Diane

something special,

some new clothes, jewelry.

And get 'em on up here

to our new little Eden.


I'll walk you to the truck.

All packed and ready?


Hey, Tom.

There's talk.

About what?

About the level

of your commitment.

You gonna kill me, too, Bob?

If you turn renegade.

Like Walter.

But you wouldn't do that,

would you?


That's what I told

the others.

F.b.i. This call

is being recorded.

Yeah, listen.

A man was killed

a few days ago.

His name is Walter west.

He was murdered.

Your name, please?

No, no, I can't give my name.

They buried his body

in the woods, all right?

Hold while I transfer

your call.

No, I can't hold, all right?

What are you doing here?

You're going to miss

your flight.

Seven people were wounded

in the blast.

Fortunately, no one

was killed.

In Seattle today,

over $2 million was stolen

from an armored car

in the northgate shopping mall.

So far, the police

have no leads.

Thank you, lord,

for giving me the strength

to smite thine enemies.

Bob mathews was ready

to begin what he called

the second American revolution.

He wanted terror to strike

the heartland, and all this

was just a prelude

to a bloody uprising,

a war of extermination

against the blacks and Jews,

against anyone who didn't

agree with Bob mathews.

Is that the sofa

for Martinez?

Yeah, ma'am.

There's just a few flights

to go up.

Are you sure we can afford this?


What's wrong?


Sign here, ma'am.



Ever since you got back,

you're like...

Susan, I don't want

to talk about it, all right?

Well, what happened up there?

Don't ask.

I have to ask, Tom!

I'm your wife.

Susan, stop, okay?

I said don't ask me

about it anymore.

You understand?


Hey, Susan, it's Bob!

Is Tom there?


It's Bob.


Hey, pal, how you doing?

Did you catch the news?


That Robert in Seattle?


That was something?

Listen, Bob, I...

I gotta go.

I can't talk right now,

all right?

Anything wrong?

No, no, just, you know...


If there's anything wrong,

you know we're here

for you, don't you?

Yeah, I-I know, I know.

We care about you, Tom.

Yes, you do.

Okay, listen, I gotta run,

all right, Bob?

All right, then.

I'll see you, buddy.


Are you going to tell me

what's going on, Tom?

You don't understand, Susan.

This is bad.

Real bad.

The police.


Tom, listen to me.

You don't understand.

I go to the cops,

I could be an accessory.

There's no other way.

They'll kill me.

Your friends?

The money...

What about it?

That money!

We have to get rid of it.

We have a drop.

I'm scared. Scared.

I'm sorry, baby.

Real sorry.

Tom Martinez, open the door.

This is the f.B.I.


Hands on the table!

Special agent piercy.

Are you Tom Martinez?


I have a warrant

for your arrest,

issued and duly signed

by federal judge Martin Kelvin.

Don't do this

in front of my family.

You have the right

to remain silent.

Anything you say may be held

against you in a court of law.


We just want to know

who's doing the press work.

Who else is involved?

Look, you play with US,

we'll cut you a deal.

I can't.


Just can't.

Look, this is getting


Believe it or not,

I'm a good cop.

You people.

You want me to die?

No. Tom...

Let's lose the melodrama.

I won't talk.

Your wife seems like

a decent woman.

I told you.

She's got nothing

to do with this.

But will she wait for you?


Counterfeiting, 15 years.

Susan would wait

50 years for me.

Ha! Men.

Your daughter, Diane...

She'll be a big girl

by the time you get out,

a stranger.

Think how proud she'll be

of her daddy.

Fifteen years.

That's 108 months,

5,475 days.

We have federal and state

charges against you.

I promise you will serve

a straight sentence.

No early release, no parole.

You will do nothing

but time.

I never wanted

anyone to get hurt.

I just wanted a better life

for my family, that's all.

What are you saying?

That I'm scared

of going to jail,

scared of everything

you're saying...

But I've even more scared

I turned into something I...

Never wanted to be.

What's that, Tom?

A criminal?


Something much worse.


Know things.

It's a lot more

than just counterfeiting.

Yahweh, bless this day

and these men

who fight for their freedom.



Out of the vehicle! Out!

Down on the ground.

Down on the ground!

Just a second!

What the hell's going on?

Keep moving. Keep moving.

Go! Go! Go! Go!

What's this?

Three point six million?

That's real?

And the gun?

Registered to, get this,

Robert mathews,

metaline falls, Washington.


Hey, Susan!

It's me, Bob!

How you doing?

Fine. Hi, Bob.

Listen, how's that precious

little girl of yours?

Well, she's really growing.

Aw, I'll be she is.

Hey, is Tom there?

Yeah, he's right here.


Well, hey, buddy,

how you doing?

We miss you up here.


I want to talk to you.

We need to plan.

We need to talk

long-range strategy.

I can come to you, no problem.

No, no. Not here, Bob.

That's no good.

Someplace else.

You'll come up here, then?

Yeah, yeah.

All right, all right,

that'll work.

Great, great.

Hey! Hey, listen,

I got great news.

We're gonna have a baby.


I didn't know Debbie

was pregnant.

No, no, she's not.

Debbie's barren.

No, it's zillah!

What are you talking about?

Jean's daughter, zillah.

Bob, she's just a kid.

No... she's my concubine,

and we're having it at home,

natural, just the way

the good lord intended.


Well, thanks.

All right, then.

I'll see you.


Where is he?

Where is Bob mathews?

In the beginning,

god created the heavens

and the earth,

and the earth was without form.

He got away?

And I'm supposed

to trust you people?

You're gonna protect my family?

Tom... what do you think,

you think Bob mathews

is stupid?

He's going to know

I turned informer!

Maybe not.

Maybe not? Who else?

The gun.

You're forgetting about

the gun that mathews left

at the brinks job.

He still trusts you.

You want to use me

as bait, don't you?

We had a deal.

I already kept

my end of the deal.

I acknowledge that.

Now I need you to go

the extra mile.

Are you going

to be all right?

Gotta have faith, right?

Everything's going

to be okay, you hear me?


Where are you taking US?

Someplace safe.

See you in a few days.

I love you.

Love you too.

Tom! Hey.

Car's right here.

Hey, buddy, how you doing?

I thought we were

meeting Bob here.

Yeah, we're gonna

go there now.

Jump in.

This isn't right.

You think his cover's blown?

What the hell's

that about?

You tell me, Tom.

That you don't trust me,

for chrissake?

Why are we stopping?

'Cause if that car

turns down this road,

one of US is a renegade,

and it ain't me.

What are you doing?

We can't lose Martinez.

If we show, Tom's dead.

You don't know that for sure.

No hard feelings, right?

No hard feelings.

Well, it's good

to see you, buddy.


What's wrong?

The airport.

What was that all about?

Well, can't be too careful.

Yeah, well...

I don't like being threatened.

Of course not.

Sit down.

Have the feds paid you

a visit?


Tell me if they had.

I need the whole picture.

They haven't.

'Cause if they do,

they'll try and turn you,

make you an informant.

You know I wouldn't do that.

Nothing worse

than a turncoat.


Meet US in room 304

in ten minutes.


You're with friends.


Talk to me.

Ten minutes, room 304.

Okay, just stay

in your room.

Don't come out.


How'd you know not

to come down that road?

I didn't.



Lay back.

You have the right

to remain silent.

Anything you say

may be used against you.

Slut! You white whore,

your nigger fucker.

I'll remember your face, bitch.




The order had

a safe house on whidbey island

where Bob hoped

to reorganize his uprising.



Bob, listen.

We need to talk now.


This house is in a bad spot.

It can't be defended, Bob.

There's no line of retreat,

there's nowhere to run.

The fed will stake out

a perimeter and put

gunships out on the water.

We're sitting ducks.

We hereby declare ourselves

to be a free

and sovereign people.

We claim a territorial



Which consists of

the entire continent

of North America.

North of Mexico.

This is nuts.

This is war,

for blood, soil, honor,

for the future of our children,

and for our king Jesus Christ

we commit ourselves to battle.

To death.

I don't want to die.

It's suicide.

The best we can do

is become martyrs

for our cause.

If we die,

the future will be ours.

Bob, come with US.

That's Martin driving.

The other guy is Parker.


Still inside, I guess.

Take him.

Get out of the vehicle

with your hands up!

Get out of the car!


Get on the ground.

Get down.

Tell me something.

When you killed Walter,

how'd you feel?

Walter who?


My very own Judas.

It's all over, Bob.

No, it's just beginning.

No, you should give up.

Never. I'm not like

the others.

There's about a thousand

feds out here.

What are you doing to do?

Are you going

to fight them all?

My time has come.

Your treachery has brought me

to my destiny.

Is that woman there?

Special agent piercy,

Mr. Mathews.

You have five minutes

to surrender.

As for the traitor,

Tom Martinez, we will

eventually find him.

If it takes ten years

and we have to travel

to the far ends of the earth,

we will find him.

And true to our oath,

when we do find him

we will remove his head

from his body.

What the fuck?

You think mathews

did himself?

No way.

It's Turner.


The book they all read,

the Turner diaries.

They had the main character

surrounded by a bunch of feds

just like this.

So, does he kill himself?


Goes out in a Blaze of glory.

You're gonna make a martyr

out of him, you know.

It's not my concern, Tom.


Come on! Come on!

The Aryan brotherhood

put out a contract on Tom,

and the f.B.I. Carried

it out, separating Tom's

head from his body,

just as Bob mathews

had promised.

Take off his shoe.

I'll get it.

All right, let's try that.

We assumed new identities

and moved to a place

where no one could find US.

Tom was back to being

what he called a nobody,

but he was okay with that.

He realized that being

with US, his family,

that's what counted.

As for me, I don't think

about knights in shining armor


I don't dream

about that Princess.

What I do dream about is Diane,

that now she'll have the chance

to grow up good and decent,

and that's all that I

could ever ask.